06/12 - Pat Mahomes Sr Interview

The Drive
Tuesday, June 12th
Pat Mahomes Sr joins the show to talk about his son growing up in the sports world, why football over baseball and the decision to turn down endorsements 

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Right on the drive had a very special gas. He was yesterday at the urban youth baseball at a he's part of USA baseball and the green breakthrough Ceres development of anti Kansas City. For the first time he is the father of the chiefs' starting quarterback is a former Major League pitcher himself. Patrick Holmes senior joins us on the show mister Holmes. Are. We're doing pretty good as you very important question. Do you have a nickname for your son because can't say he's been called patty cake make it shake does know what you were nickname for me. Well it was done very so if coach chose but most as a look. Low fat. Europe Herbert we can do that let me ask you this showtime why don't you nuts on showtime why as a kid. We're this goes it here is let her order guys that memo was realist there's as shields that little hole. Shall I go people look ominous. If you in it is. Talk we don't gamble today show that kind of until. You get to go. Political the college have a different name in college now. I don't exactly know what they're confident. Well ever since the room Ian Blair you know let I don't know via rear and original. Now you tell first round draft day. There are. Let's start there with you. Patrick what was it like. And as a father to see your son taken. Tenth overall in the NFL draft and now he's going to be the starting quarterback in city. Well those in the real villain. Alvaro. Is black but bodies of baseball player. You know it for him to. I considered good because like we'll follow it they have. Yeah its chance to you know real terrain created a trail of injured LP and the first. And their bird now. Cheerio. So so so what happened I guess in and he certainly had options he's a good basketball player in high school good football player and a good baseball player what happened to make him choose football over baseball. I don't know whether I mean could it got to a always played very well so while it looked Bravo. And you know pay him LT club. Do the Gary glitter. We'll both suffered due to an effective it gave them. A lot more stuff through to merge it and he. Berrian who you know won't repeat coat it and it is that like sort of the new thing for and so. I just thank you so low with that'd be ebitda poll editor. It's a specially given how dangerous football league is did you guys ever have the conversations may be pushed into play 888 safer sport in baseball. Given how dangerous in the conversations around football. Now. As an athlete we don't neglect. It basically large play the game as whatever happened. Increase before the game. You know you get hurt in order to earn. We all have that confidence it's absolutely blown do weird. And it is due to the theft of the ability to play or you. We could build well. We're talking a factor bum senior father of pat Patrick bones that she's quarterback. Mr. Bo was in town for the breakthrough series development of an advocate it at the urban youth academy put on a Major League Baseball USA baseball. She there's always that moment when you when you see kids. You know like okay he's got something special there was that moment when he did he like throw baseball in the head was about eighty miles an hour at least four years older. What was that moment when he knew he had it can't and for our. Well what's the World Series. And 2000. He was years though. No greater bat on the ball real well but what about a year. Or be an error vote here that it. You know hardly about advantage. But he never called cult or adult around and you know that they consider all here and tell him you know. That record you know that it is beautiful and it was pat Bradley democratic vote bit but it is also well. We got two World Series you know Burke folic. Although the fact you know first thing you know. These five usual war. All the people if you know they're on the move Rick started to follow its regular. It's not the special but you. It was the first obviously it throws hard. Patrick. When he when he noticed that he can't meaning Kansas City and we marvel at his arms are. If you got me in the equal work well vanity goes great law. And you know on whispers strong enemy it was after what he is first to you both here and well first new ballpark is you well autism source. Over. If the first medical. Supplies. You can order we have available. I don't this year because we America seat belt. It. Well right now we're talking to the father Patrick Holmes of the cheese quarter talking vaginal senior year. I wanna ask you this because to me every father has the story I remember there are the first day I beat my dad in a game of one on 1111 to nine and I let him know about it ever since. When was the first time that your son beat you in something athletically. Are you never be muted during a letter goes on whether or. Not. Well would love it. So easy either to shut it out before it could be your I've. At this hour. You know we re Joker out here I mean it may hurt this guy Bo Jackson little baseball in Kansas City. Way back in the day we always joke and in. I'm a huge fan yourself that he's going to be terrific here in Kansas City so there producer Steve inspector says Garrett and we joke about. Your Sunday the next Bo Jackson you think it document it maybe. Doing both you know but he into the stadiums are right there it's very convenient if he wants to hop on over the royals can really use some pitching right now. Well actually I deflated him well no well. Snuggled right here every year or be able to do. The idea of Italy gave let I think we're all luck. A over we can do that but it. It. I got to ask you this do what you think of the George that he was wearing those Jean shorts at the NASCAR of that. I don't know what the it OP side of that is impressive they work. But I thank you look look. Sort studio with a objective sure. Know that that's something that's certainly is I ask you this thumb he was and the new is about not taking endorsements. Obama was that use decision was that an agent decision to become a decision is on you certainly know the endorsement side of of being a pro athlete. How did you guys come to that decision. Though you know collective decision for all the Patrick. You know always. Is the right way. The right word is thank Allah what order they are here. And Trevor Booker workers of these come here local others ourself like if you go. Play the game like it's old and although they are spiritually. The moral support regular respecting the great. Well it's yet. We'll start acute. This holds four chatty one last question tells about what you're doing Kansas City and here to see yourself but at the same time here at the end of the USA baseball. Breakthrough series development of that year a youth academy tells what's going on them. A little weird side do. You know develop young bear that mean we you know the last two years baseball is sort. Blunt about it is that it is in in in the black community. We will be at an opportunity Brady you know we've cute we the other. It gives them. Lately. Instruction. And also lifted the excuse that they're great of all. Want that here. All of saying rather rather build a black racist they BR here though. Libya is the director of acute there plain as day also we eat there is the ultimate Lama they'll develop as two. Thickly layered. We can do very well back in the. We'll keep doing that he deal and I follow the baseball as a kid with. Willie Wilson and John Mayberry and and you know Washington and frank black and all those guys and certainly remember you played so appreciate you doing that thanks for joining us today. Or.