06/12 4p - KC Villain HOF, Mahomes Recruiting, Pat Mahomes Sr Interview

The Drive
Tuesday, June 12th
KC Villain HOF Week 5, using the QB as a recruiting tool plus we're joined by the father of the Chiefs QB, Pat Mahomes 

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Coming up in thirty minutes. We'll talk to the father of Patrick homes passed are homes senior Patrick Holmes the birds. Whatever you call mister Holmes we'll have him all at. For thirty very fierce dogs him about what Patrick is like if you know to learn more about the background history. Of one paddy cake make it shakes. Here's what he does he have a nickname for. Patrick you know everybody is an intricate and wonder what the I wonder what he calls we need one more caller I'm 357676. And somebody just dropped off. Every Tuesday at 4 o'clock we do became the city sports normal because due this summer you know and it's time for us come together in sports. There's athletes out there that you guys dislikes and athletes out there that you guys hate is it time for you to put them into the Kansas City sportsmen all anyone calling 91357676. These are the people. That are currently. The rivers. AJ Pierzynski. Madison Bob Gardner Jason lock and four chiefs PR. Manning the Pittsburgh Steelers Al Davis you get Alexi. You would have been bitten Davidson and John Elway. Me and Elliott are three people in the Kansas city's what's the hall of fame and end the looks. The bullets are also move the kings are moving the team the city kings and he said and I am very happy that Philip Rivers finally got and if we ended as right now. I'd be perfectly fine but there are more people to get into the can't easily words villain all of Specter if you can't let's illegal. Why would like to nominate today. Is somebody that I think has a very special place in all of our hearts. I am not going to make it candidacy this person I let us. Beat Texas Rangers play by play. May be candidacy for the spurs. I'm not gonna make candidacy I can't make it any better than that. Jose Batista got the worst in our picked the wrong person a pickle one yeah you did. Rove nano or was not with it. Wanted all the smoltz put that tees that did get the worst of that exchange that was not a royals highlight with Jose Batista but you guys know. Jose Batista is more than deserve. To be included in the candidacy sportsman involved. See that my pick this week. Had it up again career. At what really did a year in Kansas City in 1995. Also lost a few three picks in the others three picks in the playoffs. After going thirteen to three the Rangers and I'm outrageous quote I guarantee you don't know who it is quote. The worst show on C averages it was better than the best restaurant in the city and quote. This week's nominee. Is one Steve Mona you can't come to Kansas City start cracking on our food restaurants here and expect to get away. Steve Bono. HR restaurants love San Francisco. Ceballos mind numbing. Steve. You look below. Going into the sports villain all of it. Certainly it smells really bad outlook guy's name was that his name was Steve Bono but he was gonna be a great quarterback at that kinda thing. Steve bona there was somebody that but it hasn't heard that and thought that guy had experience. Whole forty retread quarterback that I mean I had a great way to win. They're able take their wounds that will take their tattered yet the chiefs in the nineties. There are I mean they basically treated the San Francisco you can huddle like it was played those losses that was just go there every rummaging through and taking the best. Specter and it is on to you where you nominating right now we have to be able nominated so far Jose Batista and Steve Bono. Who are you nominating for the Kansas city's sports villain all things. We have a royals were. World Series in the last three years. We have all the excitement in the world with a new quarterback. Given up and coming program in Missouri. With a new coach. Give a consistently good football program with Missouri. We have a good basketball program meet in the state. A top ten program there at least top ten team in 2018201918. To win 789. Games every year in the state football. Yeah final fourteen. K you when it comes to basketball. Sporting Casey always in the playoffs always an MLS championship contender. Who's missing from this that Kansas football delegates in this football queen. Or forty minutes from Lawrence. We're ninety minutes to hours of Columbia over two hours from Manhattan. I would love to drive it to warrants and see Texas. And Oklahoma OK I can I don't want you what's the point. Kansas football sucks. And it would be great if we could round out our community. And be good across the board and everything but now. They are the war on Kansas City sports. I would love to go to dean but I have never been duke game for good reason in six years that I've been here to Kansas football. Is Mike he sees sports build whole fame nominee. For weeks by the entire program the program everybody's everybody behind it. Deeds like those kids the kids is on the jobs were against those guys are those guys are are very good thing down. Everybody involved at Kansas football as part of BBC don't home. Everybody's. A bit so capable and it's actually the experience. I don't Michael what's the JU levity in games. I'm Michael Lindsay you are asked other 11 AM and because the 11 AM when you go to the game most time its not close in the fourth quarter he can lead can still get home by 230. In this whole I sleep I not go and sit at the KU football was built in all of a about about bad. It's at the line persecuted used to drop off number one line expect doesn't know how to hang up the phone properly night well. You get to nominate one person for the Casey's what's the little thing only and they. Beyond what I've finally going to feel that book the new format out any who I'm surprised that you guys I don't know how it. It's despicable that got speaking. Individual candidates in these sort of course I'm with the wind and I thought about that and other. This novel that you can't pickle ball a bit late not only for the effort on skis but also for all bigger guys talk about why this. They don't Roman how. Do you know announcing soon is this girl when night out that's a strong when he puts don't hold its struggling. Gary in the OP. You better come. A pretty strong. Field below I voted today and we're gonna go away economy's not doing more. Well or they're just typical roles in the sort high art. Okay all right he puts you on hold there. Certainly appealing sustaining legacy pick right there Jesse in the OP bill last for the callers on this team. Politics. Got hurt. John Jackson like that why you put Jon Gruden is in the sports villain whole thing. Upgraded him that he thought about acting like well there it. That that he feels he's always. Okay all right this just in the GO PR right sunny and Casey today. You come in and pinch hit right now that we need one person. We. I'm I'm really really surprise you guys have been through this guy out there yet. We are gonna go out here Scott fuel. Scott Pioli neighborhoods and not EP yeah that is that I have an argument that's that he did and I got it thanks Johnny and Scotty V. All right we got bill Roman oust. We've got Billy Martin. We've got Jon Gruden. Only got Scott Pioli will go round pick one of these to be on the ballot. Being where you think you'll the world and not to get back on this guy appeal. The gold cup deal Specter right now ski I couldn't stand Romo. The spit on I'm going to go head. And outside staining on this one and I'll pick Scott Pioli. I think he's more hall of Famer that little room announcement I would I would not announce it the old on the ballot. I got a boat peel these I think he's didn't and I think it's definitely skating and thanks to everyone that called. Before people on the ballot how we do it is he goes on Twitter. Top four people. Jose but he's done. Steve Bono. Kansas all. Scott still. The top two vote getters are inducted into the Kansas City sports villain all of Spain. Is now time for the legacy pick Bryce being at DOG. You get one legacy pick who can vote. Like I can't believe it to be like this long to get to this guy but I think he deserves to go and he's the general manager of the traded Johnny Damon Carlos Beltran Jermaine Dye. He sighed want Gonzales to four million dollar deal I still think it would have been easier Gonzales came in with a paper bag. In his ski mask and a gun and just held up the royals' front office and take the money in last. I've got to put Allard Baird. Former royals general manager he's my legacy pick this week we can use paper is for Jermaine Dye. No fee per is urging Jermaine Dye was kicked around like. Ozzie Allard Baird does weaker maybe Emil Brown is can't we shoot my girl and going back in the hotel again in the locker room. But that's not cool that Allard Baird yet again Johnny Damon Carlos Beltran germane to I don't get nephew terrorism tar. Allard Baird distillate. Can I make one objections Allard Baird share. A shift is only as good as utensils in the groceries you allow them by. Woody we Bill Parcells it's not like David lash out at is grocery it's not like David Glass in 2002. Was Britain and a lot of money here really solid Allard Baird. The resource that he needed nitty date the same resource they get out this year it would be that good at his job either so. A so. Did that and now but it sure Ager got nasty pariahs in return I'm not saying out there was that all these different we all know friends everywhere crawling. If where all Holler if we're out there David Glass he's holed some of that stuff to work every time frame David. With the kids in sports villain from 1999. Until 2000. Really and fourteen and then he saw the light the league is so I think that we did more release you like to do about it and well. Troop they serve Obama system before that. And that he realized that he can you can't run a Major League Baseball team like Wal-Mart and you'll lose it's terrible the fans hated the virtual in this town and figured it. David Glass is on the record of saying I didn't know how good of a baseball town McKinsey wasn't so all star game yeah it's okay. Out of date it was Jerome and reported all alligator that's when he saw and that's I think he is real data to really try to make good based. That before I was told to change your job down multiple times until we want and what he wanted was. When India and Latin American span built academies and be able to pay your traffic and there are times royals team. You know guys out until days like this that that's not gonna sing our policies glass that figure that out before 2012 when he hired debris would come. I'm the same for Allard Bayer and us shortly at a team is used for the guys saying he was good. It could be a small market and they're not gonna give digital resource politically based he's got to be due to be the apps they don't the good baseball team. 11 last thing on that though like that of stock and his guys because they had electric cattle and it's nice that it's only 500 bucks like illegal use that. He goes well it's it's it's a body mines ex wife he's more critically and standard. So we got a hell the deal Cadillac but he still Cadillac he could've sold for more 2000 cattle. And they sold it for nothing itself for an athlete for a UN had. Johnny David Carlos Beltran Jermaine. You got next to nothing in return for those out there you're you're the feelings. Coming up in twenty minutes we'll catch up taxable Holmes senior but first you think that is going to be the best tool for the chiefs and a former chief. Is visiting a another NFL team so you next. Some want him Las Vegas. Just back. 12100 dollars or one Tiger Woods in the US open at 221. If Tiger Woods wins the US open. He will win 24. Now. Now that aspect is such jerk with a blood. And now being. A decade since Tiger Woods last won a major tournament in 2008. He won the US open on really want like one of the most incredible sports feats we have ever. Seen tiger was when he 2008 US open he's going back to try to win it this year his first major win it would be in king. Years yeah when he beat Robert elder it's yet play one extra eighteen and the with the extra day to museum Rocco Mediate were leave so he played five rounds and one way. It was a flagrant more I thought I thought he played really really well the couple opportunities. They're really take control attorney didn't do me yet that tied for lean heavily on Saturday. And then he three putted sixteen and eighteen so. On our teachers to attack condition calculus it would be the most tiger like thing ever. If he wins it is. First major ten years after he won his last night I think it's a possibility I think it's possibly. Coming up it's ten minutes who talked to Patrick Holmes senior the father of the chiefs quarterback Patrick Holmes senior. Will be on with us in ten minutes we'll also get to a former chief HE shell saver is visiting and other team in the NFW Holmes could be the best recruiting tool the chief. Ideal I think three things. If if a free agent receiver I would want three things don't quarterback with a candidate young. I want another receiver on the other side of me or tight and it's gonna draw a lot of attention it's gonna enable me to have one on one coverage. I want a truckload of cash. And I think it's like sandy lock in ended up in Kansas City is checked all three of those boxes quote. Our partners' website Errol had pride so glad peacefully and Angell former those guys are involved thus an earlier private here's the quote from Sammy Watkins an Arab pride he should quote it would be with an older quarterback. I came here to view the young guys that I can grow beyond he's really young two young team in general. I think he got a quarterback like homes you've got to coach like in theory that's of course and other recruiting tool. But if you have. My homes his age his talent his ability with the other weapons they have on offense and what a great way to draw in a really talented young receiver. As much as I like yeah it's been a defendant I'm not expect all had a lot of respect for Alex Mandel. Know. Nobody's as much of haters would you call yesterday would you call out with the trash that's well that's a little much. But. She's hit it free age lines Jeremy Maclin who was okay. A decent maybe in the handshake you the meal standards can be Kansas City but he. Renee done that would suit went to Denver because Peyton Manning was there which I don't blame him and wondering. Can get to the football you've got guys on the other side. They require a lot of attention from secondary. What a perfect place for sandy wanted him as a magic got to cash got 48 million I'll guarantee but the majority so. I take it you've got a kid who what the complete with that you're wide receiver I think it's album recruited to. I certainly think that you wanna get to a point with after more homes that. Obviously you'll take the big time receivers like Sammy Watkins at least on paper that make a lot of sense. But we see happen all the time god it's gonna sign a two year deal that maybe some has a little bit left and take a guy like Jordy Nelson maybe more examples of good. You know left Green Bay looking for spot. I would hope that she skip told it would taxable homes that guy is maybe willing to take is that it's taken its is that taking its two year twelve million dollar deal will take two years ten million dollar deal because he wants to be apartments office that he think to get more opportunity to think sim lock is arguably portals. And that that's homes over recruit and I think you also want to get to the point where guys signs that she's such as how many times we see guys sign with the patriots. Guys I would you know Seahawks guys I was certain organizations. Because a chance to win a super ball I think this team this organization this quarterback can help get you there then that's a place she won a ball to as it at advocates she's been as an organization you wanna beat the team that looks at a guy and you can look at the same way that Smith has told the story. About Steve that lot of review books and ebooks is eyes Neil Smit and says you're missing piece and if you come here weakened when the suitable. You want to get to that image she's organization you can look at offensive player or defensive player and say look quarterback. We're one of the eight best teams in the NFL averaged you're going into we got just a good chance as anybody when a suitable come play here and you can be that missing piece. I certainly think that is part of the pitches any Watkins made if you come here. We can arguably the best offense for the next three seasons we put you on the other side tire retail we've got Travis tells you we got our solid running game you've got injury you can certainly be craving get the ball. We've got a quarterback that we think can be top five in the next two seasons but had to be a big selling point and certainly beach and reed were selling him on that we try to site where he wants. And get as much like Alex Smith. I get a seller receiver coming here when your quarterbacks that it was kept in check out racers. In the that the royals in the two thousands of the terror and they're awful. What was was Kansas City destination for god wanted to win absolutely not but it became that that's who don't choose to be. And I Patrick Holmes kitchen at that point to come to Kansas City as you think you can win and I think a lot of it has to with a quarter and incoming yet auriemma. Not mean Travis Kelsey navy. Tyree killed possibly. But if you've got the quarterback he can get you the football. And what do guys get paid old Jim Lockett I was 25 reporters at 24 so his deals up to 28 feet. Plays at the whole entire deal which remain on problems is not so so more than likely sealock has got more contract and after this so what you want you want numbers. You know you get paid on numbers that's out works and if he comes here. They see as the quarterback and the offense to get him those numbers and Alex can you win and get paid but. It can set you up for another contract if you're if you stay healthy I think I I think having the homes as the quarterback in Kansas City can just. Just that alone. Agents are gonna take the call when it comes to a receiver that's a free if you. Guys missed the news of the day Jamaal Charles is visiting the New Orleans Saints the news with him is Mark Ingram is out for the first four games. Of the seasonably be tested positive for PDs it was just going to be. Our album Camara who was a rookie of the year last year certainly an argument between him and three month as a really good place for Jamaal Charles a really really good place and asking to be number one. You're only gonna ask you the number two for the first four games in your certainly a really good third option with whatever they give you you can carry the ball fifty times this year maybe help the bank field. Be a change of pace back in if you're the saints try to keep out and Camara healthy who's done and just. Based on running backs you've got a great value right now top in top twelve running back in the NFL. All of that rookie contract I certainly hope the Jamaal Charles ends up in a place like new worlds I think to be a really good fit for. Coming others that we talked to the five other chiefs quarterback Patrick alt senior joins us on the drive. I had a very special guest. He was yes today at the urban. Youth baseball at a he's part of USA baseball in the neighboring breakthrough Ceres development of anti Kansas City for the first time is the father of the chiefs' starting quarterback is a former Major League pitcher himself. Patrick Holmes senior joins us on the show mister Holmes. Are. We're gonna pretty good as you very important question. Do you have a nickname for your son because can't say he's been called on patty cake make it shake his mental or nickname for me. Well he we've garnered so if coach chose but most the look. Will that. Your prayer group we can do that let me ask you this Joseph somewhat relieved that nuts on showtime why as a kid. Or this goes it weird beard was there for the united auto services national. Little old. She'll circle we look ominous. Did you hear he it is got vote shall all we know Campbell dimensional. Kind of and feel he's got to count. What we call the college of the different game in college now. I don't exactly know what they're confident. Rather than the number audience where you know let I don't know via Brit had an original. Now you tell first round draft day. Yeah there are. Let's start there with you. Patrick what was it like. And as a father to see your son taken. Tenth overall in the NFL draft and now he's going to be the starting quarterback in city. Well those in the real soon. All Mala. All his life but but he is if baseball player. You know it for him to. I consider that don't conflict of fallen. You're its chance to you know really during the are thrilled at it and just felt being in the first. They're bird though. Cheerio. So so so what happened against him and he certainly had options he's a good basketball player in high school good football player and a good baseball player what happened to make him choose football over baseball. All right whether I mean. You're gonna go flawlessly they also love it love it though. And you know they you know the club. If you would get a glitter. We'll follow up and you're gonna figure it gave him. A lot more due to lower it and he. Berrian who you know won't be coasted. It is bit like sort of the new thing for and so. I respect you fell in love with ebitda poll editor. It's a specially given how dangerous football les did you guys ever have the conversations maybe push into play 888 safer sport in baseball. Given how dangerous in the conversations or affable. Now. As an athlete but we don't recollect that made it if you go out play the game and whatever happened. Increase before the game. You know you can get hurt daughter's earnings. We will have it comes without a terrible that we do weird. And if you look at the that it is built in player or you that. We beat bill well. We're talking a factor on senior father of pat Patrick bones that she's quarterback. Mr. Bo was in town for the breakthrough series development of an advocate it at the urban youth academy put on a Major League Baseball USA baseball. She there's always that moment when you when you see a kid. You know like okay he's got something special there was that moment when he did he like throw baseball in the head was about eighty miles an hour when he's four years older. What was that moment when he knew he had a cannon for our. Will want to the World Series. And 2000. He was five years old. A bit later about all the ball real well but what about a year. Or they ended their vote here that it. You know ugly out there an advantage. But he never call waiting or call one we're and you know that I make it simple here. And so him you know. Bad record you know that it is beautiful created. It was apparent that he got recruited the followed bit but it is it real well. Well we got to the World Series go first all right I'll. Although I'll bet he's over those first thing though. All the people here you know they're on the move it started follow their regular. If Douglas special but you. It was the first time that you throw hard. Patrick. When he when you noticed that he can't meaning Kansas City and we marvel that is Armstrong. If you have me in the equal work well maybe I was great. And you know ball whispers draw alternately it was after one week it Percy well yeah. Well first new ballpark is via dark oil quality to a source. Our over. If the first race run between. Coaches who are. You people are currently available. This year because we try to seat belt. I. All right now we're talking to the father Patrick Holmes of the cheese quarter and that's it on senior year. I want to ask you this because to me every father has the story I remember there are the first day I beat my dad in a game of one on one alone eleven to nine and I let him know about it ever since. When was the first time that your son EU in something athletically. He never be muted during a letter to little letter. Outlines. Well our outlook now live. Either to shut it out before it could be here. At this hour if you know Joker out here I mean they heard this guy Bo Jackson played little baseball in Kansas City. Way back in the day we always joke and in. I'm a huge fan yourself that he's going to be terrific here in Kansas City so there producer Steve inspector says Garrett and we joke about. Your Sunday the next Bo Jackson you think it's document it maybe. Do both you know but he into the stadiums are right there it's very convenient if he wants the hop on over the royals can really use of pitching right now. Well actually active way to vote no and well. That would make you happier will be able to do. Look the idea of Italy gave let. I think we're all luck we'll. That's. Over we can do that for the next victory. I got to ask you this do what you think of the George that he was wearing those Jean shorts at the NASCAR of that. I don't know what the it OP side effect is it cursed state work. But I thank you look look. Shorts suit you know with a little chip sure. Know that that's something that's certainly is I ask you this thumb he was in the new is about not taking endorsements. Obama was that a huge decision was that an agent decision becomes a decision is on you certainly know the endorsement side of being a pro athlete. How did you guys come to that decision. Though you know collective decisions when it although. After. You know always. Is there is light layer. The right word is thank Allah or third year. And Trevor Booker works as the terms of these companies and local others ourselves like. If you go. Play the game like it's old and although they are spiritually. The moral support regular respect that you the majors and sell. Your jet. Will start cute they're. This well for chatty one last question tells about what you're doing Kansas City and here to see yourself but at the same time here at the end of the USA baseball. Breakthrough series development of that year a youth academy tells what's going on them. How little they're trying to do. You know develop young bear that mean we you know the last two years they closed door. Little doubt that the senate you do it in in the black community. We will business opportunities. Operating you know to be cute we the other. It gives them. Tightly. Instruction. And also let you see that there are select few that they of all. Wanted to hear. All of saying rather rather velvet black races that we are here though. Libya is the director of acute that they're quiet day hopefully we keep period. Open Islam that developers to. The great player. We hear you very well back in the black. We'll keep doing that he Dylan and I've follow the baseball as a kid with. Willie Wilson and John may vary and and you L Washington and Frank White and all those guys and certainly remember you played so appreciate you doing that thanks for joining us today. I god that's Patrick Holmes senior father of Patrick Holmes chiefs quarterback is like the questions we talked to former athletes are people that played in the game of light wind did you know. All of us as she aids had a goal of wanting to play professional sports what was realize at a younger age at that was going to be very realistic some people were able to play college. Somebody listening plated a and at some point you realize this professional thing isn't gonna work out yet. Member of the barely select very special view group of people they were able to be athletic enough will vaults. Like. You know yeah could be in Major League Baseball on some people realize that. If it LeBron you realize well I'm gonna play into at some point. All of that happen at a later point but if you were always ran a big and you always realize according to the Barbara's father. You realize that fight is all you're more athletic than everybody you were eight. It is set at five years old the outfield. That a Major League ballpark catch a fly ball during batting practice. And they hit in the face he threw so hard as Tebow game that's when you kind of know a regular part of that too that that the majority does have no idea about. I mean I think that life was normal. Patrick owns you know grown up he's on. The Major League diamond's pro athletes and that's normal and I am for I'm sure for some kids that are coming up in the system is fairly intimidating. To go into locker room in Ireland and did you you don't have that in your family don't have that experience and he's got tackled for a two. It tacos and I said I hear from Patrick on scene. Tex on 69306. Bucks us on the tax I have all made it to the big right I forgot everybody was it right now. Well good against her like coach and I I think everybody actually they actually me a pro team. Yesterday you said there are four major sports I'm still not really sure but I think it's only three but maybe we can do some investigative Europe bigger dollars Kelvin buzz Killington all right that's there. It's something you just said and I don't know we talk about this enough with Patrick Holmes. In how easy is it just it's going to be to be the quarterback the chiefs are more on this coming publicized. Back all the drive. You guys like to ask the list of those questions I've got a question to ask guys moments here. But if you missed it. We'll play the best stuff it was 55 if you said Patrick Holmes senior moments ago. If you miss it will play was coming up in about 03035. I say this all the time. Nick nick was a terrible person to learn from like the craft of doing guard. Nick was not somebody that was gonna be like here let me break down and really show you how to do XYZ. It was a great person to sit back and really learn from it got to soak it lost most his word org are Romeo kanell. But in terms of the nuts and bolts this is what you need to do nick was a terrible personal or from. It was a really good particular problem but technicality in the skillet. I bring that analogy of the says Patrick Holmes of I think he has a really good advantage for the fact of he had a father who was gone through literally everything he is about to vote yes maybe not the height. That he went through at the very beginning of his career I doubt his father was the touted prospect that we've seen so far. More homes coming into the NFL has adding you might be the most hyped quarterback prospects and Andrew Luck this data like seventeen frantic but. He made it may easily trigger yet it got bloody years he's got played ten years in the major weeks that's not a career to swap that weather how great or. Not great at us. Italy baseball player for double digit years you're a great act. So that's Holmes had the benefit of being in a Major League locker room of asking is dead questions of when I'd wait. Aging you've been hiring an agent for you go on the decision of trying to decide where you're going to go to school debt college acting that happened the person that you can lean on for information that has been through everything that you were going through is an invaluable. Resource to have. Mitch risky and it's not shot oxen as. You ready dad that played in the major leagues that is active life that is trying to help you lower and you can go to make collective decisions. That is a huge advantage at this point in your life. And I was mistaken it was a six round that was my back absolutely and you're not intimidated by go to go pro clubhouse or pro locker immediate grew up that. You know exactly out or you know exactly out operates it's comfortable it's one less thing you have to adjust to. When you come to the NFL I think the one thing it did his debt probably can't tell about. Is the hype and everything that's going on with the sun right now because. I mean we've looked. Everywhere right. I can't find anybody with the exception of buzz Killington you know. Did thinks that this kid is against entered up relegate a mean the hype surrounding him is unbelievable the exception of what Kerry dinners and has this. I just want for the record I said that I think he's going to have a rookie season like dairy car. I've said that multiple times and just trying to state that Derek call or his rookie season had 21 touchdown passes in twelve interceptions. That's a good rookie season that's like homes under this year I don't think you don't or touchdown as the other people do I think will be well. Is a durable goods large Carol mental wise character and I just wanna Olerud ball out of I'm on the I think he's gonna future and I I think that is incredibly valuable I remember. My parents always told news I've been your age you've never been mine yet so a lot of other career things Holmes is gonna go through. You have some idea it has been through all of his dad pitched in a World Series is dead changed teams like. There are many scenarios that his dad has been going through ads in Major League players someone brings up while minus your Albert Almonte is he still yellow let's let's see. 728 years old baseballs into the football team is completely. So I guess I'm looking at the sport of the images that's they Bible I'm not saying that the in dolby all in terms of success what. We talk about all the resources he has inside the chiefs organization. That's a pretty Bible resource to have outside that she organization. If you need to talk to someone who you know is going to be honest with you and be straight with you. About XYZ you have that as were filed and. Credible resource in easily ask the question about why he's not taken the endorsements that's something that we've been talking about and his dad sits on that I thought. You know Reza emails. Right. You need to have first and foremost be a really good teammate inside that locker room for the guys your team. You think is that those little bit about that being in the big leagues for that long about what a good teaming that team made a bad team is that he knows exactly what it's all about. You know and so he's gonna push in the right directions you'll write things and I agree with your biggest. His. Agent Leigh Steinberg is is put together a terrific campaign. But as Patrick alt senior told us that that was a family decision as well we're all involved in making that decision regarding the endorsements right out of the gate. And he would tell his that would know is that has been there he can probably run and give you a long list of guys that were crappy teammates and nobody respected they'd want in. And he'd say exactly what you gotta do to be great teammate and when your quarterback the NFL you better be good teammate. And your great teammate and your winner. Things people said about Smith after lap. Terrific teammate loved him I mean mark is Peter's defended him you know Peters was on NFL network. So being a great teammate is another thing he can get from your father who spent all the time the big. I got a cautions that listeners. I mean this. In tees are like comedies. Ever going to be this way when I get older I'm taught as the older listeners out there. I'm talking that the people are saying date yet to be this way when I get older is I served in the Internet ready for the show. And I seat to headlines and debt as we know if if anything goes wrong it's decidedly moment it was like America was founded in 1980. It just it just started as a nation in all the problems that we have in the nation. Just started with you in 1980 with it with the current crop of kids that abort them. So all of Forbes dot com or read a headline that says millennial aren't having kids here's why that's a problem for the baby boomer real estate in retirement age. And IC another story that says. More than one in four millennial drink alcohol home because quote it takes too much effort to go out in 55%. Of all Americans prefer staying in so I'm re edits talk about how it hurts the bar industry because my only mules and people I much rather go to the store and buy alcohol and go back to their house and repeat in the comfort of their own home. The ghost pay nine dollars or boulevard read somewhere out of something or read a story because I'm going to be. When I turn 45 yeah old am I gonna sit here and blame the younger generation for all the problems that today I got my life is my future. Yeah I think so yeah now because the shooters is I mean college and once we Atlanta. We'll get one vote that was it and to see somebody ordered as of yet he goes toward doing. Three step kids that they are addicted to that device in their hands at all times to go anywhere to communicate that. I think that's part of it that's the biggest part of it but here's the thing that's he's got an it'll defend your generation. We're in the same way. Real little kid I mean Atari was the day it's are in the dinner that's who had attacked that that will my grandma's Wii but take a little TV. You know plug that thing and hook up lights are we played video games. And the cell phone to get the biggest thing that ought to go anywhere to communicate with anybody not to talk to anybody face to face if you don't want to I think that the court to me. Is kind of a dangerous part of it's not about you guys really industry it's the fact that nobody wants to have. You know actual human. And Iraqis say that but every Internet article. We can read to them we could find every but that's you clicked on when they find every profession. Malia is blamed for quick blame you saw generation is blamed for everything to get blamed for him that's what I'm asking is this by you yeah yeah it is the generation wireless bills and acts and blame and is this my future then I'm gonna be your age and I'm gonna do is blame these young kids it's. I is it like I see my old unlike. Is this I. Student loan debt. Problems nights over it and what does and you talk about Alves down and MI and public yes eventually yet will be parties will. Believe parties I got a racing past the break that cycle it's yeah there is cycle that America going on since since the beginning of time it's that dangerous cycle and my generation I think we have pushed by culture and society was hurt or adults currents like cave man parents there were blame them like the that the jet you know the generation that to them and it's just the way I just wanna be part of the people that break the cycle Specter would have a better. We can break the cycle is not like the younger generation specs like he acts like he's part of the greatest generation he so he's looked just like my part of his own generation I don't know if he's really among lady or early July her baby boomer like Specter is his regular break in the wild and he's 81. Coming in one under two seconds will get to the biggest stories in Kansas City coming up its drive.