06/12 3p - Dynasty, Tamba Juice, Nagy Loss, Rodman Speaks

The Drive
Tuesday, June 12th
GMFB talks Chiefs dynasty, Tamba releases an album, the loss of Matt Nagy for the Chiefs plus Rodman breaks down on CNN 

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He threw school football that's good news. Andrew Luck. Somewhat healthy even though the football to doing no limitations by July but. Told you Jim Irsay to throw a little toll football's so important to. I was Saturday that he. All the football weasel is yes sizable problem. Andrew Luck makes same breath look like counterfeit U. There's been two years he's been unable to throw a regulation football ideas I don't. Let me know and it looks ready to participate in the NFL season and we can go to high school Obama you let me know he's very different with the affiliates was at the college troubled zones they said no limitations by July so I mean we'll see. We'll see what happens odds plus what was present about its repressive dungy brand today's pop quiz was able respect what was it. Raiders of the lost target premiered in theaters 37 years ago today June 12. 1981. For raiders of the lost are the best of CE. The third was due to and I was shocked me yeah. The central sterile it's the best of the Indian Jones John Connors are very good one to you but I think lost if that's. Look the more you watch the fourth one though the crystal skull it's pretty that's pretty good. But more. The more equal she had the better Shia LaBeouf was on screen for raiders lost art that's. Cannot read to you guys the tax line now from this one gentleman from the U 16 Specter I don't know what you've done to upset this gentleman. This is every text he sent to the radio station in the last 24 hours that's protects our right and you text the show. 47 times and a route will be that's it for hours of resets in the to delete all your tax. Yesterday at 452. Somebody fires back. Again at 452. This jacket at 453. Who in the hell hate solid French toast. Four people spec you're missing outlaw life a G-8 at 455. Well suspect you this up half the listeners I'm sure at 505 it's a little bit of break he was driving it. Our rights back is legit. A legit and knowing right now hole lead now at 252. Today so yeah that's. Obviously not fast pace if it's X that settlement with the port drive we appreciate it he's back data. It all cats do you expect that hell of the air. Right now. 252 double tax UWT. Exclamation exclamation explanation exclamation point to fifty Torre. The rest. Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot but that seven text messages and the last was I on a year to do so. On this show yes you were on the air 252. Ot what that star worse I assume that's what he had hands on what what. While he said I'm mark finalist last confused. And you know I don't go your save mart sales were set. Yeah I mean he's a terror black and it's not like it in my view that's on and if you now start our nation and your intro in those people who cannot. And light sabers and analytic stuff. Yeah I satellite star or maybe it is generally in agreement you know crack at him listening you're cracking alludes to Iowa. Egyptair lakers' great character though. One of all time great characters I'm this year yeah I appreciate that gentleman and a murder for two for two days I've pressure W a great idea wondering if I use. You an apology I'm not really sure you apology for blood you this you said let's revisit it. This is run April 26 I think you have mark let's play what I should apologize for. And coming to the end of four. Pretty remarkable. Three really remarkable dynasties with the spurs the patriots. And LeBron. If you're forecasting kind of what's the next across sports. Patrick my homes in the teeth are on the short. List of potential. Dynasties. Because it also the quarterback. Right. It it it always starts at quarterback in it you're talking about hype surrounding young quarterbacks. If not Mary go to. It's not Winston. Yeah maybe it's golf in Los Angeles maybe it's wins in Philadelphia eighty it's explicitly indeed this year behind him but he. He's in year two and east were disease yell already so again. He's really good I not seen Napa on the shore was I'm not saying he's he's. The sure fire next dynasty but it you're talking dynasties moving forward. Patrick behold the chiefs have to be at least on the short list of considerations. For one of those teams among the four major sports. Okay. There's something in there that now more confirmations and that I need to apologize you left in me you called hot take expert. Right guys on the floor that's nice to the logical in the tax that's fine you called I take expert who laughs my face. You basically. Said get out here. But I guess is it was and I realize that it get out here I've answered that but I think so. Arrested in April 26 because you have unmitigated gall the state seats and dynasty. So it collects the April Tony success at that we fast forward to June 12 in Carrington comes in here all fired up. Watching one of his favorite television shows that morning football. He's addicted on NFL network aid really really good show I just worry my it's really get shot again at a lot of content they have a lot of fun. Parenting comes in my office at 1045 saying we have got to play this audio opera. You don't audio and wanted to play and I him and he wanted to play. Something from one of his favorite at a fellow analysts and Peter Schrager just what Peter Schrager said six weeks after I said it would. Young quarterback of young running back. Wide receiver all under the age of 25. The Kansas City Chiefs I think that she's taking it up to a good start with Patrick long's this could be a team that can keep together yes I curricula that the round pick. Korea I was the third round pick long look version of it all these guys are under the age of 25. King city hasn't won anything yet I mean on doesn't want. A single thing in his career there's nothing you can hang his hat on I think I'm worthy of this. I'm looking at the next true the next group the guys are going to be excited about that got a bunch of prime time games it is going to be put up percent of this year MacKenzie chase. And I know I. Yeah all in our house off and I'm so let alone as we talk about the next dynasty I mean more than just a quarterback. Good I need a cold group and I look at that offense they're young they're hungry and their explosive. Kansas City and everyone in the playoffs much of the task of leaders I think my homes get some of them. All right so I was six weeks ahead of good morning four ball York one of your favorite shows. Are you going to laugh at Peter Schrager yes I'm laughing at everybody involved in this conversation. Couple of like a bunch Kelvin buzz Killington at ops the average. Everyday that's. We're having a conversation. About nine is the yet know the X has the potential diamonds. Okay all right still the best or even go out there for any team it's not the Eagles instantly enemy. I don't. Conversation thing. All's. Understand Eagles I don't know they want the Super Bowl last year in some sense why you had this conversation about the I disagree. But how would it please understand that. Peter's record and say that it's all of the G this year and put up or shut up. Really what a what are we all it's all and put up or shut this year. So let me get the chiefs go 97 this year all the really good but they missed the playoffs I'm supposed to be discouraged by what I solve their rookie quarterback. It won't solve real quick about all I can't take a small moos odd year old got byes Carol when buzz Killington are saying that the bears are potential next dynasty. Use and Jackson's young quarterback with a blown ACL. Cleveland Browns didn't got a new QB AM much else what about the jets what do they Arizona Cardinals. San Francisco reported out of its qualification to being in the conversation for next dynasty years. You have a young quarterback who we haven't seen they added that only qualification you need to game. It's a little bit extreme I mean I think what he's saying is you get this the pieces around the players around him in the situation in the coaching in Kansas City. I don't think. Mean she's a couple of back to back division titles and I throw a better a more talented quarterback. And that wide receiver and Sanwa. Mean I shooters I see what he says he sees point. And listen potentially. This could be. A potential dynasty. Can we admit this one thing about. If that's Holmes was drafted by the raiders she stands to be fighting every single reason to April oxygen. Every region if we talked about every day a good morning football every just not the Els did have five coaches in his career. The different organization. At the same quarterback talent and we were talking about the other team. Everybody in the city say it breaks let's out of the raiders haven't done anything. At all the reason that. I shouldn't be about all having the conversation on national television. In the choke point applaud used to treat the fever shows it's Smart all conversations go. This summer time honored those dark days could not talk about right the guys not showing up to working got a leg football Olympics right now in shells and and T shirts and shorts. But we're having conversation about. The conversation about next dynasty sports and the Eagles to Abbott courier or quarterback who would want it EP and they just want to a we have a conversation about not chiefs. Not used in the San Francisco. Not lead and the jets in these other teams yet but he's had that conversation yet Egan. What's that what you say in those important law that you. All hype and all the buzz or in my week settler raid into battered old. Dear Linda and Eric are. I assume her. Shane got a basal Sala. My opinion on their car has changed because. Still exits out quarterback of these have a big year this year. Yet swap of its accord is on the struck swap velocity in agriculture and I. I don't think it changes the channel level Derek Morris I think we got us out of the right stuff though you know and and that I think that's what Peter Schrager static that's what spec is saying. Is it premature absolutely. I considered stated that she is she going to be the next it can't be more mature than a guy never seen throw a regular season I had a can't yeah I just can't. Understand part of what you can't say OK this looks pretty good. But this is pretty good this looks like it might have a chance to be really good for an extended period of time I think that's fair to say they can't say that leave. It gets hit in Cleveland you can't say that some of the other kids at Chicago my opinion. Not so I think it's I think what's fair to say is that the chiefs have a chance to be really good for extended their dynasty probably strong. But the way they're set up right now it looks pretty damned better than as a along to I just. It it it looks good from the outside looking in because the amount of information we have it's like when you go on dates with girls we've all been in a relationship before. It right now it's like the first two because of a new relationship. Is hard and not have problems did arts are having problems in the first two weeks relationship because it up like yeah. Yeah a relationship doesn't start until you're fight for the first time and then you see how you deal with the buy it if it's worth keeping up with the most the new relationship it's the first week the sex Phillip makes you just don't wanna break. Now at this point. Let's that we seven pledged a that you fought and not easy more her flaws and a witness or all of whom who got out Bay's still leave a note still open in the card or still do at all Greg bigs are all I. No lights at eight or a date yeah but now talk about seats dynasty. Topic. Or they were talking about a sheets dynasty. Port it was I wanna play all day then expect a playoff game. And now that they're young quarterback yeah girl. I can't do I I can't do is obligated summer bird does bomb although I didn't get along just as you say the ride out yeah. Wish I can't do this every day it's basically Patrick Brady everyday I can't lose everything debt. Coming up on the other side armored sheets and as a result I think it's fair to say Tom holly. But his first. And you want to be signing talent that's what we got into a buzz cut it's anybody's success got Paula Abdul this that it. To be Jimmy Jack's got these Ajax coming up on the drive. Banking and drive. We'll get some hotly moment. But every once in awhile. People text the show. Things this year. Sometimes it's by mistake sometimes it's true. I can't. Really tell you which one this next one within. You'll get to the Tom how Lee Stewart moment there's. Some text that we've gotten in the past. Are as follows. Tax on success. Hey beautiful. I'm sorry your husband found out about us but I can't go without seeing. I want to see you this weekend somehow someway and what about. A position and I cannot say on the radio. That should cheer you. I still have that saved in my own continuing down. From may fourteenth. Back in twelve and thirteen. I can't wait to get home so I can eat chocolate syrup off of you I love you so much. That was attacks that someone texted to this radio station. We got an island and I have some other ones. That say. Wipes at a town of win you heading over bay. And in twenty speculators. It said blank I sent back to the wrong person. So this happens. All the time I have some really good sports without like albums they've in my iPhone on effort at the time someone accidents in the shows Specter and you do in and said what has coach K done it seems like sub that you could very easily lookup on Wikipedia. That's needed and there. So some on the tax on. Just a bit ago. Texan and said. Dude I'm not showing you her underwear. She just left here because after waking up without glasses there are a lot larger than I remember. LO LO type of our entries were a lot that's that's what are my goodness remembers he did not come back and says sorry. I sent that to the wrong person yeah you did this and that's the wrong person. I don't know how this happens. Where you accidentally Cindy's text messages to the radio station. Or if you. Accidentally text there is based in per hour enjoyed it so we can laugh and make fun you can share with the rest of the city while rest is their relatively speaking. I'm here for so if you wanna do is Andy you call it maybe over share I am you know I. Airport just fire that number in the my phone just to see if I knew the guy that context but I doubt. OK I just one cents a share that with you guys that's the rule which a lot of rules on the show. Some moments excellent. Said. Kerry so I'll love you but the sad truth is that you need to get in and out bird the chance now look at. Our idol in numbers someone else and why do you guys block as we correct to prove you wrong durable. Your your your. I only block you if you say something racist or homophobic that's the only way you can get block that you call it every day at the same time. Your big denominated but I wouldn't is blocked you for having an opinion that's different the mind that hasn't seen very. Democratic. Is starting it's transition the next phase of his life. For the Selig he he played football that much this year doesn't seem like somebody that is too occupied with playing football and trying music throughout the ground and I support. I thought that some plenty of times off the record about music in is very passionate about it I'm happy and sees dream come true. You wanna go into the next John Paul and you wanna make all the Caribbean songs or not aren't at some obsolete I'm fort. I haven't heard you haven't heard Specter had hurt. Impact. Specter is gonna place and saw. Some cuts all. Signing cannot be rainy Jackson. The house Jimmy Jack it's rainy Jackson out. Maybe you'll be ready port sea ports it ain't yeah. Right now Specter I don't know who you are in this analogy maybe Ryan Seacrest. I'll take Ryan Seacrest Seacrest Tom highly came out with the album called public juices with. Treat and things but I Zoellick tomba Jews here is. One of his first songs. It's called every day. Every now and things got him. Oh. One. Week I go away. Billions would do me a little too. He. Time. And during. His message out. That was a that's not that bad that's a nice little Thursday night. Little rate ignite you got overpriced. They'll no lights dim all the pretty little run like that. Not bad does not bad at all is this is the name of my love them in China's that the name of the song song is called every day every play. And that's a long time a woman one. That comes pretty good I don't have that and a relatively. Surprisingly good in college athletes you know that are like really good artists. And I can't think of any I can deal with the acting and some bad movies whose candidacy of that's pretty good. I'm. It. At a and I saw a seven. I mean we got it oh it's it's Tom Holley said. Cancel song number two on tomba Jews. Oh my god another treated single tree it. I guess that's. At the same song has the same song and I think there's going to be theme to this whole album without the same song is saints now visited this this is it but once so you with a text to dividends until I know you more time. It's. Mingle. Pretty like Dell but it is the first allied the first more of that and it sounds like the same song to me. Doesn't does not want to miss that sounds like the same sunlight like there's I think being a musician you should have an idea you should make same song twelve times on this album as we shall grow as an arms in the so diversity is our his sons' names are every day almighty god you know I'm I'm just you know at that song is. I like like the first 1 thought I am more upbeat vibe now and then but that's not a band in don't date party guys like that will part of. Got a lot more so on to choose from is called is the song is called samba. Somebody from Tom samba from tomba off the top of albums attacks like autumn a page out ranks. Is that it's a Jamaican is. Well here's tomba. Seen samba. I like that puck he just drop the little as she. She gimme to county. You little long holiday for our honest I don't. He said I can't understand a word he's saying I don't like what audit tune that yet and his editing person as I'd like I was and I was usually island. I liked the first in the bass the seconds it the second one was okay. It is very suit techs I say I dated suit it to you sound like a transformer. Is better. I thought it was and yeah I'm. Not split up and I like ants are just you know. The first one kind of work. Until it's too late yeah it'll do me a little ones you. I think there's something about cheese we are not discussing minute any problems because it's. Added. It makes it's special announcement now. Coming up in one hour Patrick Holmes senior will be on the show us the work and get to. Patrick Holmes the second time on the show but. The father all of future hall of fame quarterback will be on the show coming up in the one hour Patrick Holmes senior former Major League Baseball player review on the show coming. But for their delegates for that speculate here he says the best part about he's out of the reach and she's BR polar and so. It's up completely up to him to come and talk to us he's he's in town. How many years he pitched in the big leagues he's content to your views. That Jamie quirk an early. Coming up at. At 4 o'clock we will also put three more people into the Kansas City sports villain hall of fame will do that coming up at 4 o'clock and again if you miss that our special announcement that Patrick Holmes senior the father of the chiefs quarterback Patrick Holmes. Will be on the show coming up in one hour. Any Reid did an interview in Chicago yesterday and was talking about magnate. Mandate is the new coach for the odds for the east Chicago Bears have a young quarterback image as he introduced he was drafted last year's draft he was elected at a packed homes on a tell all you guys this. Is there any war. Any fear about losing somebody who believe he thinks is really good quarterbacks in Matt eight. Certainly is a bit of fit to have a guy like Andy Reid is certainly a benefit to have eight odds avenue running game the way you do with three month as prince aware it's of benefit to have weapons around in the passing game might Travis Kelsey. I read kill and Sammy Watkins or young quarterback development I would say having as many great quarterback mine in as many Smart people in the room as possible. I haven't heard too many people having the conversation about is it going to be a big deal for the organization to lose Matt Nagy and Brad Childress. Two people that I think the league would say are really good helping and developing young quarterback. Would that she's due after Doug Peterson. They went to division titles but it I think he comes down to the got its they had head football coach on Tennessee office and weeds. I think we've all sat around alert who's really call the plays his nanny what's going on who's it was a Doug Peterson certainly didn't seem like it at times within maybe it was in Munich I went on when a Super Bowl in Philadelphia quarterback who wanted to. But I think when you have the continuity of any region head coach. I'm not awfully worried about it I'm not I'm not concerned about that at all with it but the European union first quarter. Am I do think maybe I got this call a little bit of fears it is. You solve the best year from Alex Smith not under Doug Peterson it was with Matt Nagy. But is like Doug Peterson wasn't a brilliant. Her off at the bottom and it would just audit Philadelphia's bus with the balls is called we saw the Super Bowl Doug Peterson is the next big great coach in the NFL. And that makes you sit in coach the game and let's see if he can go on his own at the success that he had. Under and you read. I wonder if there is a fear at some point and you keep recreating and finding the next new got it seems like big he could be the next new god. It aired the enemy be the next new guy because if that's homes it is it is successful. There again he's going to be golf course for what 23 you're a lot of apple think he could have been annexed that coach you take the jump up for being a running back coach you didn't take the next jump to be an offensive coordinator. If this offense doesn't think it's gonna do in the homes develops the way that he supposed to do. Especially because the coaching tree that you find yourself in aired yet he will be a head coach in the next three seasons no doubt Obama. Yeah I'm glad you brought that up in this I'm not worried about brought up the the coaching tree of any reason in the stood on the list yet John Harbaugh in Baltimore won a super ball Ron Rivera. Carolina went to once these Spagnuolo announced the much with the giants. Todd Bowles New York I think they over achieve last year Doug Peterson won a super ball Sean McDermott in buffalo Matt nagging Chicago. You know you've got former head coach Childress Leslie Frazier pressure. Again I think this I think the common thread with all that has a degree as always if you read is there a few confidently office Allegheny read -- a lot about the you know obviously. I don't think he cares to know. And I figured that about the first three or four times yes and defensive questions. You know on media availability and that's really not his thing you'll oversee it but he's not a defense of guy he's not this guy so. I mean we should be more worried about are the enemy being new office coordinator but I am not and in the one simple reason is because Andy Reid's head coach. And allies say that I think people should be worried or that they shouldn't be war that is don't think we know because we don't have a lot of information that I don't think he felt really confident with Matt Nagy certainly everything every once set about a -- Doug Peterson you felt the exact same way. Got to play quarterback in league got an a bit under Indy Reid's system for awhile knew the system and now we see with his developing the Eagles hired him because he could help develop Carson Wentz. Any help develop Carson went into one to ten miles Bible plays in well let's see what Matt Nagy can do which Robiskie. Who was at least in a lot of NFL circles a better prospect the Patrick Holmes. You've got yogurt and George young quarterback let's if you develop him let's see if the chief can do the exact same with aired the enemy Andy Reid and the pieces they have around. Yet we it was an obvious coordinator Colorado means that an owed its college is different and use their 20112012. It would knowledge successfully be like Colorado State. Arizona Utah I think the only ones and you know in in 2011 so it's like in double for I. It doesn't worry much about are the enemy is me. Get out worked at dude you know I mean he's passionate guy cares about offense and he seems to get it and again he's under Andy Reid so. And I'm not worried and and and maybe it's because of the talent level to that that the chiefs have right now I think I think he's overloaded with talent just bedeviled him. To manage that office but I think we all agree that. When it comes down to the back home play's going to be angry. I mean would you agree. And you recently when the guy he didn't plays for the Kansas City chief Joseph Max where are worried about a word about what you're talking earlier today about another office are not. Another national coach that you got it. There's three things that I was kicking this around earlier today three 23 biggest things to me that happened. In the Osce the three Biggest Loser and a number one outs of being traded. Number two was Mike Smith being outside linebackers coach number three Sammy Watkins I think a little crazy. I've got an outside linebackers coach in terms of a move or decision or change that was made. Above Sammy Watkins and I don't understand lights that chiefs along I mean he worked really closely those guys what the last half of the season Celek had ten sacks last four games. You actually have an outside linebackers coach dedicated to those guys and he gave just used under one million bucks to 55 knowing guarantee for reason. Right Thomas got his deal with John Dorsey utility said Gary Gibbs coached linebackers. And ask that you had. You know when they bring in speaks he got a few things a little bit of a hybrid you can do both of those things that now you actually have a guy dedicated to that position. Here outside linebackers you run your edge rushers I think that. Is sort of a sleeper move and we call up and players in and and went in the homes is the quarterback and Sammy Watkins was acquired when they edit the agent. And they got this guy cut that guy that brought him and but I think a lot of times. The really organizations figure it's not just the players mean it's that's like the majority of that she got coach about to. And I think Kevin Mike Smith up they're focusing on the outside linebackers and this and if you go to companies that that kind of money on one thing in the league. You don't put the other resources toward. Now that Jesus finally figured out. We are 29 in in pass defense toys that the quarterback not very good urged you'd be 25 stop the run and Africa to get the quarterback we've got a puts an emphasis on. We spent money on these guys. We dropped to deep Ford we they just in Houston. They got past it was a project they got Braylon speaks it's time actually make that an emphasis and I think it's a really good thing. I certainly can't argue that having a guy that specializes in coaching one of the more important positions on the field certainly a worthwhile investment in my opinion. Coming up on the other side the biggest story in the country nationally. And one of the bigger stories in sports has completely flown under the radar will get into coming up on the drive. Back in on the drive coming up in fifteen. Into the team the city sports billable payment every Tuesday at work clock coming up at 430. Home senior the father of the team's quarterback. Will be on the show he's at he hit the city urban youth academy. Is that for Major League player any gains the father of the chiefs quarterback will be on the show coming up were third. Very excited very happy to talk to Patrick Holmes is he the first Patrick Holmes C I believe he's Patrick Holmes senior but I could. But I don't know the answer back you know I know our Patrick Holmes Patrick Holmes said he is the second so I would assume it's his Patrick Holmes. I would think. It makes perfect sense of wanna be correct whenever I address mr. Patrick Holmes we'll talk him coming up at 430. Able to Eugene to induct someone's against these ports the whole thing coming up at 4 o'clock. It was not watching yesterday thank the lord. But. What I told me yesterday. But CNN at a special. Now I'm here to debate politics anybody I don't really care what they're talking about yet the Williams. But the top Tex right now I think goes to my point. People expect or are still really mad you. Excellent 6906. Are you kidding me mark Hammel is a terrible actor here with that nonsense camel. Happens to have one of the best Joker which trails ever on pat Meehan urged super sick to sports do yeah. Some of you have got a thing that people should stay in their Elaine words in my got marble. And then. Your sports guys being a sport slave your entertainment person Spaniard and it came in late. Somebody scenic. Who makes all our money that I had a brilliant idea yesterday. The talk about a very important and serious thing and we should have on when Dennis Rodman. That's what to do that to Obama and Obama didn't even give me that type of update I asked him. A step I have something to say from North Korea he this broke the law but that it took me. I still could get one back to point that I kept going back. Actual warlord too much was worth it to this country and our six everywhere answer the door will open. I remembered you saying if I remember you Sega master of his defense and his English is what is the main thing. If something isn't. I'm it was trying to ask it has requested. The liberal once you get is take sought. Back to Dennis Rodman. And definitely if and when I set those things. Let's say owes them the youth. When I would Beck called our house alternate Bill Frist. Let us all predict what was what was it that protect it everything. Not believe that what we have. And alcohol treatment go home he couldn't go won't be dot I'll put both days. I couldn't blow a hole. But she'll play a lot of public. Knew things were changed I knew what I all the the only what I've never know what they accurately and wanted to see me. Well a couple bullets took all but what's the thing I want. OK let me and I'm still standing but today it that clicked it but everybody single port. So he'll try to do everything that's a great day it is a group they as a historic bill people. So now he's put it together. And talk to this date big run at all but that hot hole missed around it. I'm not a high rise. It would blow smoke was still posting it I'm not gonna lie to you in the know have been problems talking about what Dennis Rodman's role in all this. Am I gonna city lied to you I'm not on anybody's side in this argument just the jokes I didn't want off the bat you look at him. What about I don't know I don't I'm interested in me about your talking about. I just wanna know hot dinners rob and speak about this whip with a pass. No you don't anything else outside their leg Dennis Rodman who is the great re. It is now in this position. Does if it. And can shake a stick the sports model. Embrace the mole. The scene and talking about sport there. NB changing the world does Rodman could win the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to this country what he's going in creating dialogue. If dinners and can shake the mold it be someone that can be on CNN. The same guy that was. In address Mary lecture at the same guy and movies seem kicked camera people the same guy who used third. Spray paint is weird colors. The guy has nineteen piercings on his face and body on its base to its. I can break the mold a goal once he ended and talk about what ever he wants to talk about bears hope for all of. And it young man in the top and knobs appropriately. Humble you know hold on I got traded and got him out to. Let Jericho yeah yeah it's not. Yeah you got a lot to do it helped. You at all I can. Gillick was welcome island game he made it possible to do it might actually bit wanna make it possible. I don't really care issue I honestly all I don't care on the tax -- attacks at night there isn't any I don't care. I wanna say it this rot you know ball to the point. But Dennis Rodman to point C and talking about or in a payers. Then you can be anything you wanted to be in line say he is talking about it he was actually the dunes now. Threats. It got the reds couldn't hold but it's. Added that the. That's what to do that to Obama. And Obama didn't if it came to that kind of day. To be barrier the Gaza was the I girl and this. Anybody empower listening to Dennis Robinson just only paid. Yet not to meet somebody where. Dennis Rodman had an idea like. I'm doing it I've got it. Asked him a step I have something to say from North Korea he just puts the ball but that it took me. I still could get one back to point that I kept going back. You know that that's that's inspirational for about perseverance. Just because somebody tells you know doesn't intercom. And he was told no from the Obama administration. Any kept on backing to go back because he knew one day his work was done at new York and now it's being on CNN. So what do what do much was worth it took this country and I six every class at the door will open. I remember you saying if I remember you singular message and it appears Sundays and englishman was what. This is urged president Ike as it did report. Like this debate inside Yates I'd radio and you guys don't care about this like it would have been important you know the best player. And it's not apply. Watson yeah. Like in their opinion on Allen and didn't rob these questions it does it questions. Questions acts of unity. It may think it was anything differently than when I say those things. Let's say owes them the youth. Well we're back home about us already built brits. I don't know Slobodan dealt with what was it up protect it everything. And I believe that ought to review and applicable could go home he couldn't global. Thought this was due home let's early Austin as do dozens wants to go home and rest. Or go home. The war to go home. The yeah. It was due to the fugitive and go ahead of. I could you won't eagle. But she'll play a lot of public. New things never change I knew what I all the the only one I've never know what they hear me I'm in order to feed me. But at the old bullets took all of Latin but just the thing I want. Okay let me of students study that could dampen Clinton did what everybody single port. So he'll shock and everything that's a great day it is a great day as a historic beautiful happy. Dennis is give speaking English. English. He's led to lower than in Pyongyang camp in German. Route they're just riveted. That's an excellent Kalus. North Korea he's coats them with you but I mean these are the club and it's a meet him on the sets of rules that ultimately if you want the book club. He goes big prize and. A North Korean TV I want series yesterday they were doing some promotion for come visit north Koreans are beautiful beaches may use shots of Miami Beach. You see it yet they just lifted like. Aerial coverage of Miami Beach and passed off as North Korea lock with people outside North Korea have no idea that no ideal until idea. It's like the Dennis Rodman had surgery. We're not really acknowledging that Dennis Rodman had a dream. He had a vision he did. Real underdog story about persevere notice I'm just here to tell you man I think he's weird is el con it's sold as you can live do anything of magic made it I'm telling you. You can have an opinion on anything you wanna have an opinion on a Dennis Rodman came interviewed Bosnian. And talking about foreign affairs. Talking about the NBA finals. Or we are LeBron should goal. Or the NBA dragged. There talk about the relationship between Donald Trump get done and their meat so you can all be any annual summits that he's like oh okay. Absolutely brother that you would repeated a macho man Indies captain and let me tell you brother I believed. I'd say go home. I don't know who's up or go home and as soon as well. And hanging out with miles cam and island ot all problems from anybody and then here's. Your. Big bird. And of every bad thing I want absolutely no part of it. We did haulers not on 35767610. As we do every day is time to when Doug. Members into our chain as any sports hall of fame. We let UN helps control who goes able to use it it will you are nominations coming up in two minutes for college next drive.