06/09 - Chiefs wrap up OTAs

Chris Uno Cero
Friday, June 9th

Daniel Sorenson, Allen Bailey, and Steven Nelson address the media following OTAs. 


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All we didn't radiated to OTAs here in a couple of minutes brought to by the seventh street casino wanna hear us on the oh data source and we're gonna hear from him first attempt at resetting it was a year from right now. Yeah I love this coming year snubsie get better hone your craft and and just. And her. The volunteers are hundreds and that everybody has to. Here. I don't think you she changed much but we are running. Everything bowls eat up here and assuming you didn't expect the same. It was just. We hear from coaches and players that is heard why is this. It's more reps is more opportunities is to practice to get better. Are I. I saw that quote years and still training a lot of different fundamentals techniques and you're not training. That tackling part but there's a lot of other you know aspects and skills that you need to hone in on him and get better. I still stand source he British. That was very brief. L.s neighbors but he says you know we're going full speed and hands like my honeymoon or did a lot more reps. You get a lot or what of course especially Gaza on the defense side of the ball there any other Gaza and get a lot more rats when it's. Know mark is Peters here when there's no you're period here and there is no just in Houston. I suspect. He'll data source and he's he's ones whose retirement Dorsey drafting fining players and it's an undrafted guy actually turned out to be good what are the key. We really even had these at the annual swords and being left here where is easily the MVP chief aide in the offseason. They like give it back and safety like in different roles actually ago linebacker role be in similar coverage which came wasn't that he was. So good there was a saint. Robert get a sack. Beauty in a pick six. Of forty yard touchdown return six tackles. Daniel Sorensen. Ice game may let's go to las Stephen Nelson right now at Puerto. As we go real well for me ma'am filing comments alone are with the guys and player goes you know everybody zones. But are gave me a lot of confidence man experience is everything in this we can't. Which would have been my second here last year Basra so Iraq. Think. It's not really I mean I criticized our disaster my game up a little moreover I've always been our workers. So. They're all these. Here. This is. Yours and it's. Just. And I really on the absurd a Muslim view excited everybody coming back I Muslim descent standardized to my word. I'm just making more plays there's just my my instincts and our a second guessing myself. Oh yeah yeah. If you are. And they're making him fear a legitimate and now their moved to sink quickly today you listen to live coverage of cheese OCA. Our budget by seventh street casino here on success Sports Radio Casey a speaking at a city they are BZ hasty to Kansas City. It talked him enable rapid fire relinquish. Little breeze. What you can talk. There they shut down more dispute but no thanks then toggle being Beck oh yeah. Do they always like barges that is gonna say it's a big controversial even on the side rigmarole but don't let it look what is the assailant took great state. Swords in the dignity opportunity. You Dudley an upper cut it does. Stephen Nelson would ask the words that eaters period the hour. I want to ask a question of all Steven Nelson. With talk over the last. Couple years a ball mark speaker Peter's right we talked about Philip. Before the injury and after the injury. The guy that we haven't talked much about though has been Steven Nelson. Again he's at peace forum and a nickel slot and he actually at a DC your lesser nagger accident that turns Mitchell's better than Stephen Nelson BS he's become. Daily bucked the trend do is what it was a dog that we did that they drafted do it and again we surprised a little bit about let's go to Allen Bailey he's a board. Okay. Running back. Here. Office they took both boost thanks beat. Notes is really an. And you don't have those are the I don't lose those ID you know we've sort of flew out of nine weeks. You especially towards him. It. If you give Greg you know if you don't vote for parliament do so you know it's an active patient. It starts. Glued on numerous different this this we don't move like camps. And OK okay. And the questions for Alan. Don't let it can be relied on that surprised no one asked and he wasn't alum by the way right you would love to be injured. A lot of free time in the thing to do.