06/08 - Mavericks Announce New Affiliation

The Day Shift
Thursday, June 8th

Lake & Bink talk to Kansas City Maverick GM Brett Thiessen & Calgary Flames Assistant GM Brad Pascall to discuss the team's new NHL affiliation. 


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All the hockey fancy Kansas City has been revealed now that the Kansas City mavericks have a new affiliation with the NHL and join us to discuss his bring peace and GM of the Kansas City mavericks. And Brad Pasco. Assistant GM of the Calgary Flames in GM of the Stockton heat. Guys thanks for joining us not congratulations on the connection that you've made in a wanna start with you Brent what is it about the Calgary Flames that makes this such a great fit with the mavericks. Well first and foremost thanks for hot and today it's not an exciting game clock you'd mentioned in Kansas City. You know I think when we started this process. You know we really wanted you to look at a team that. I agree vision. Really one victim was committed to developing players. One net saw. The keys to city mavericks. Pretty organization that we were written and it was going to respect that and I think bit. You know we were in a fortunate situation do you look to be able up several conversations with with different clubs. But it really stood out that that Calgary was. A team that that is first class that you being the right way and obviously it could be huge aren't due out to be affiliated with them. If Brett I guess the same question to you. What was the allure of the Missouri mavericks came to remember. While David Brett you know we looked around it and trusted it's. You look here can't Xenia don't let me just first clutch franchise quality when ownership and management and a lot of the same principles that. That we got for for player development and slots Ian and having successful seem successful franchise that. They're the winning tradition and you know for our young players that the do you make a great year we think it's it's it too greedy garment meant the end. And it's going to be winning apartment but agreed to bar for developments. Continue to pursue their dreams that National Hockey League career. And Brad what is your view of what hockey is becoming here in Kansas City do you view it as up. May be somewhat of an emerging hockey town. Slot absolutely and you know I think her problem Robert standpoint. You know it is something that you know we've been trying he would keep growing. He that you look at our ownership with Lamar Hunt junior and his commitment to. Are you doing just that and I think it. Two gave ticketed big day for that you know the relationship with the Calgary Flames didn't. And and and Brad being here. Seeing these communities seeing you organization. It going to help you grow even I think in that. That's what we're here to you that our long term vision. And I think picked up hopefully we've been able to share that would Bratton and the Calgary Flames. You know it is so interesting that you say grow the game and what's best for the game and I think that one of the great things about everything that's going on with what hockey in general right now. Is something we're seeing with the Stanley Cup finals in in what's going on with Nashville. You know what when I think about Kansas City and what this city can become in terms of the interest in hockey don't you think dead calm maybe story mines along that way have really helped up the sport. Well I think it it didn't travel you know you look at you look at the coverage. And and old schemes. Not only at the hockey just absolutely outstanding but I you look at the energy the atmosphere is not in Nashville. You know those insurgent. Just just. Lack of a better term their party to me it it's been great energy and atmosphere inherent and and the play excel at street. Being what it is. It it it would tie the series then and hockey just can't copy so he not speak up again not goes a long way to grow the game that you look alluded you. And and obviously we hope that we can secure some of the momentum and you look into next season with our new affiliate. Do one thing about it is I'm a big football Fabian a big NHL fan. And I found it you'll people say that hockey is a working in football markets and I've I've seen the opposite of C Dallas in what Henry said with Nashville. You need Terrell I believe can be come hockey market but I see your real translation. Or core relation between football and hockey. It's horse hockey working in football towns in we've seen the success with the mavericks I think these do go way he Indian nanny actually. Absolutely I mean you know I think you. Would you look at that he's fourteen bit they're there is a little bit of buddy. A legal created beaten air but you know primarily. You know week we obviously kicking up I geared. In the later in December January February. March Ed and I think they've yeah we outlawed in and they think that there's there's a lot of all and appreciate the hockey. Appreciate. The activity indoors during a winner. For the most part. And I think their you know we've got a very high yep female demographic lull. And I beat the best. Something that the game itself is very proud of operatic again you know you look into other teams and we did it except well you know you look at gallon Americans. Suburb of Dallas. Of course people all marketers well. And and and we don't know the exact at the French are not so I think two Leah you can you can be successful and I certainly don't think that they're mutually exclusive. Well I know my daughter when she had her birthday she's fourteen was birthday she won the mavericks game. Every year federal by senator rice she's mad so it it does work OK this bred a question for you. I see were the US stock in the eurozone G in the stock in the DHL affiliate of the flames I guess they play a few less games. Sort could be more ice time potentially for mavericks is he some prospects. Yeah definitely they're actually commissioner when we play at 68 you incurred 76 the rest of the Leonid in the primary focus of of bodies is that player development and were more time. A pocket he had an off site conditioning and what our missile. It will go through the process and you don't courts awesome players down here we walk first play and we think that's part of development rather than. Indian in the stands are being healthy scratched and and we think there'd that your kids you provide agreed environment for players that the plate here and you know they'll be pushing. Pushing their career and pushing for call old ball wobbled clarity here we don't they're gonna excel. We know they're gonna developed under agreed management coaching stuff and in fact optic market. Both those I can't think you enough and Brent. Just watching what the mavericks have been able to do every year's an organization is relieved info on the lodge in. With these NHL affiliations especially here with the Calgary Flames Mann that best of luck in the future and it's really some see what's going on out there. Well really appreciate guys appreciate you're not a sport garden go mavericks.