05/25 Vern's Postgame Show

Friday, May 25th
In tonight's edition of Vern's Postgame Show, Josh Vernier talks about the Royals' 8-4 loss to the Rangers, takes calls from listeners, and addresses the trade value of Royals' players

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Sitting here six. Insider Josh Verniero. And while the men. Royals dropped game channel in Texas senate. Like we talked about earlier today at the pre game show. The margin for error. What it comes to this 2008. Team edition of the royals the margin for error is slim Muni golf five facets to be. Good if not very good. And tonight's. The offense. Good. Cass and it wasn't very good old for seven with runners in scoring position. Short moves and so layer came through win. Big hints. Ramon Torres had a nice night from the ninth spot in the lineup. But yes one for four with an RB I double that alone constitutes a nice night from the nine hitter. Especially at nine hitter making his second big league start of the season. So the offense was good. The defense though to air. The bullpen now I know what Brian Flynn did allow it to that. Blaine Boyer gave up a pair of runs. The rotation you're starting pitcher tonight give up six runs. Recorded thirteen counts. Base running not too much action on the bases tonight. Thus the royals dropped game two in taxes final score. Eight of 42 more remain in Arlington and I got you tomorrow beginning at 2 o'clock with pre game. Not 1357676. And as our phone number that's not 135767610. Brian Flynn yes he is. The MVP of this one. I believe that's Bryan twins. Third or fourth game MVP of the seas. Which means. He's had to. Bail out the starting pitcher Eddie's done. Three or four times already that sees 51 games into the season and Brian Flynn has more game and BP's. Then salaam. Big time names on this team. Sub par rads. John. LC is Escobar. Chancellor copper. Brian Flynn its third game MVP of the season. That's does a lot that's does a lot about where this team is that. Not the last Brian fully in the game and BP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax. It's MVP. Tomorrow woods Ian Kennedy as we sneak repeat with our friends from twin peaks Ian Kennedy opposite Bartolo Cologne. And the finale Jason Campbell and Cole Hamels square off Sunday afternoon at 205 of course. Right here at your home for royals baseball for more than a decade now. 610. Sports Radio. The team that returns home they take on the Minnesota Twins for three that starts on Monday it would June this Tuesday night where it Duffy. Spoke. Back on the bomb at Kauffman Stadium. On Wednesday. Sneak a peek would twin peaks the ultimate sports lodge you've been searching for. Are not. 1357676. It's our ball number what are your thoughts on the game if you want Google exits in no small port if you wanna talk big picture you go on here that. But what I really want a dive into it that this after we get your thoughts. I broached that topic. Of the trade deadline. I got started today. I don't a deadline is on July 31 but the trade action. The cork. Is out of the bottle. The pop has been popped. Tampa. And Seattle may move today that will make all royals fans. Ready. Ready for the trade deadline ready to see what Dayton Moore can do. This 2018 ballclub get to that trade coming up in a moment but first I want your reaction. Two tonight 84 loss at the hands of the Texas Rangers royals now seventeen and 34 on the young season. Fault lines are open 9135767610. That's not 13. 5767610. We start off with Mike in Kansas City. Mike you're hitting leadoff go hat. Mike. Looks like we lost Mike all right 913576. 7610. To your thoughts coming up just a moment text line is they're freeways well Tex lines 693. 06. Kids you're responsible do so right after this. Brother of. 124. Or by jaguar American motorist Brett voters the city of green valley. We're excited are. Where. Post game show deal by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 Kansas City and seventh street casino covers the red Mercedes-Benz. CM VP electric heat. AC route Randy electrical. Here's a drive by authorities a letter and he gets all of this one hits and no way back and away guy. Home run that number six crucial player. And the royals are back in front 322. Randy. 444. Feet. Bolt of lightning off of the bat of Jorge so Larry's solo shot in the fourth inning. Gave the royals a 32 lead they would want to lose though by final score of eight of five series is even up game three and sexes tomorrow. 305 for the first pitch pre starting at 2 o'clock put Andrew in Kansas City and through your next up on that. It out. He's a low yeah. Yeah it is a lot about that and being straight with. Alec. Aren't they I think they are like called it earlier. They amber does. Or Arab. Now it whatever you even lower. Rate by Allah will read that paper out. And. Yet drag Egypt got a Gatorade Elop in the background you can hear yourself on the podcast later you can tell everyone about it at a at a later date I need you focused on the radio. Wide open for a 9135767610. Will get to that trade coming up in just a moment but first we get to. JT in Kansas City JT god. Favor actually my call us there. Yeah I wondered too little bit about Dave island and is that since and the transition to tell ordered. So I'm looking at the stats in the other and the raiders were given the most front in the league. We're playing cough and Africa or is that on six and this week that we maybe you know most prominently as well to. Yet we have the force that defense in the league. So I think. It's squarely on the pitching. We knew the bull and was going to be. A project. But I can help deny Brad Keller denied. Kevin McCarthy and I Brian Flynn denies. And countless. The yen into the rotation. This'll be sol Campbell. Kennedy in this Duffy. Or want taking that back he said. And I think he was gonna take that for all. I don't know coaching I'd. Don't get it a little bit JT and let me ask you this real quick because he went through all the relievers that are performing well a lot of them including Jason atom. Throw him in the mix as well. All those guys you named are either in their first big league season. Or on a 25 man roster for the first time in years all of very malleable arms young. Immature. Green. Arms pose the kind of guys that coaches and the fact. Kennedy who stinks so far. Hammel who stinks so far Blaine Boyer who stinks so far bowl. They are all set in their ways they have eight track record of delivering. Bates and me are the ones hold accountable to look to the coaches say. Use should be fixing unit and it Jason Campbell these veterans that have been in the game long and up know it's up to the player it's up the veteran. To get rights that coaches like it now outrage that you brought in he was brought in to develop the young arms and as you pointed out. The young arms are pitching their tails off. Doubt. So what are bow. Adjustment I mean how are these guys taking such a step back. From where there were housed Nazi taking such a step back animal can't. Because he's pitching poorly. It's not rocket science. And in if you listen to Duffy earlier today and the pre game after any of those garbage starts that he throughout there. He's throw lollipops lighters. No faith and his changeup so it's that middle middle. Not throw his fastball with conviction that's why he had an ER rate north of six. Ian Kennedy works up in the zone fastball up he's been missing. When you miss and he would try to go. Back it hit over the wall. Jason Hammel short he's had some tough luck in the air he's had some nice outings in the air you know out of three Hamels and the vast. Or at least has had more quality outings then Kennedy the band Duffy. Just poor execution. That's one. In my opinion that's why not coaching. Acts acute should get the job done. Now with these kids that are in the bullpen these chips that are in the rotation. If they are getting progressively worse and I think you would beyond assault. Don't these young impressionable arms have come up here looked good early and then began and it started to struggle okay. Then we can talk about coaching. But when I look at the back in the bad bullpen. Help her rarest pitching his tail off. He's act security. But after perera your trust. It trust bill was a rookie. Keller who's a rookie. Jason Adam who's a rookie. Who after Kevin McCarthy. Knee it doesn't have a full season of big league baseball under his belt. Now guys you hold the veterans accountable. You hold the guys that have. Extended time in the big leagues. And let's be honest Ian Kennedy was. Terrific in its first year in Kansas City last year was marred by injuries. And this series has been pour execution so it ought to to fall back on his track record of one les usually great and always now. He's been great in two of the last five big league series. Page for the folk album let's not do this again. Well we do this every year with one of the coaches. It last year was Dale's Wayne's fault that Eric Hosmer didn't hit in April. The year before that it was Dale's Wayne's fault that Lorenzo Cain got hurt in September in the offense couldn't get out of its own way. Final score Rangers aids royals four. You heard it all right here on 610 Sports Radio Casey ESP Kansas City KR BC HD two Kansas City. Daimon a certain. I love this. Little tidbit this notes. From David Holtzman a fox sports Kansas City. Mike most doctors had a two run first inning homer on his. Personal brought in fifteen games. Jorge soler. Hit a home run solo shot of the ports that this first home run. In fifteen games. Not nervous arsenal player had hit a home run since may eighth in Baltimore. Neither of those dorsal there had hit a home run in their previous 57 at bats. All of them. Snapped their home history. In the 58. Add back. Can't make this stuff up. Diamond notes. Are driven by alpha male of Kansas City aristocrats motors legendary performance wrapped in today's luxury. Eric's Oakland. Final line says it all for a third. Innings six runs on seven hits and as weak. Heard from Ned Yost when we went inside the clubhouse with our friends at red or grilled Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grill. You heard Ned Yost had to say abouts. In every game being its own entity. You've heard the cliches. Abouts. Momentum. And I've talked about the importance of consistency in sample size and you know we're all very excited with what Duffy did last night oh we need to see it again. We need to see it's. Or something akin to the back trying to performance. They need to see it what four times in his next seven trips to the hill. For the next six. As the game a consistency game a sample size and Eric's Oakland. I'll tell you what made when. This stuff isn't good enough to miss in the spots he was missing. I mean that's already gave up to chew in the first inning that was hey hey gained her I think was on IT. And not as much as the homer to give up to do was months in the fourth inning. That was. I don't know feed dual. That hangar was common but boy oh boy he treated that pitch like he knew what was common. Eric's Copeland now one in five on the season royals seventeen and 34. On the season. We get right back to your thoughts right after this. Reveal internal. Tony for a Kansas City empowered by Dick Smith sports Kansas regenerative medicine center. Turns post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 120 Moore of Kansas City and powered by Bob and AC Ruger and electrical dire events and vital stake. Now while ground ball from station closures on it stepson church to Indian. One hit one lesson ended June royals to an end Texans who have. Streets are you doing. And it's a 104 mile per hour ground ball right undergo your head removal. Guys like. I thought hundred closure. Release it in all nine starts that I thought the kids held the zone at first base had a nice night. Played a solid first base. Went two for four at the plates. Nice all around night 400 Dozier but but tonight the blue collar player of the game is Jorge so layer. Every night I expect him to be an intimidating facts and did not make any stupid plays in the outfield tonight. He did just that was with outs. A stupid play in right field. Because he was the DH. He went two for four at the plate and hit that no doubt home run that solo shot in the fourth inning to give the royals a 32 lead. Jorge is so last year. The blue collar player of the game presented by this sheet metal workers local union number two. Let's go to the tax line 69306. Spike writes and burned Boyer Sox. And that goes on to say give us your take on whom to keep and who to trade. Well speaking of that. Trade anybody prices. But boosted Pereira and John. Hopefully. Can be treated. I know career. And OJ stand. Mozy got to find a dance partner. And if someone makes the right offer for Witten airfield on down. Salvi I'll listen but that better be one hell of an offer. June Nestle there I'll wait on that I think their trade value could be more next season. A but I do want to mention in this the first big trade of the season went down earlier today. The Tampa Bay Rays. Sent outfielder Denard Span. And closer Alex Pullman. To Seattle. For a pair of pitching prospects now neither the pitching prospects were in the Mariners top twenty. Of there in the top twenty prospects according LB dot com neither one of them were topped one. One problem though a twenty year old right hander pitching it able. Added 245 ER rated nine starts. The other one is at 23. Year old right hander pitching in double. He had a 304. ERA in fifty innings. So nice numbers. You'll like the age twenty and 23. Like the fact that the bulls starting pitchers as well. Now again what did it take for the rays figure to all pitching prospects in return. Well ahead of their clothes. Alex Oldman. Who is a year older than Alvin perera. But. Is under team control for the next two years her rare. Is a free agent after this season's over a team trades for perera the big hit him for the final two and a half months now that it. Colin may you'll get the rest of this year all of next year at all of the year after that. Tell the error has been fantastic all the is that anything bought. Not only did the rays have to send all the labor and also Denard Span span as just a year older than John Zhang. There bolt on one year contracts. And their balls. Average hitters out spans having the better offensively. A 749. OPM's. The judge is still respectable. Let's 686. Prior to tonight's game it's now spills 686. So John Jake held at her rarer. Alex all the made Denard Span. Spin and all the may bring back a pair of right handed pitching prospects. Will C wood Dayton can do with L. And with John Zhang. Tonight the royals state Morse royals fell by a score of eight to four phone lines are open for you 9135767610. Let's go to heaven in Kansas City Kevin go bad. In an ambulance. I'm doing good I've got a couple things are gonna work on murder over on the night game which give brief comment and never organs straight thing here. You know itself. I didn't mention these religious radio is now they could have waited. And walk. What would happen after that OK. And it's a little sloppy because you have to make a lot of secondly the illustrate that. What's going on in the division. Where is everybody in this division. Internet that that doesn't that your your seventeen games below 500 I don't give a darn what's going on in the division. Yeah probably gonna make trades. Everybody else below 500 do most part. You gotta make yourself available to get out the basement. In the division. Lie. Because then if you think about it if you make the right trade you got a chance to actually break out. Once. Right got it got to watch it into fourth place finish the season are there plans. And the whole point of matter is we have enough here working right now. There you just got to apply to it. To do. You talked about winning the division guests are now. The whole point Tex lines 69306. From. Stop it you're seventeen and 34 you don't talk about winning the division until you're. Ten games below 500 how about that. Do you realize. That in this seventeen wins this season. Royals pitching. Is allowing less than a run per game that's what it takes to win. In those seventeen wins the royals offense is averaging more than six runs a game. That's what it takes to win six to one. I like the optimism. I love the optimism. Let's not lose sight of what the organizations themselves has been telling us for months now. Rebuilding development. Future. Minor league system prospects. Trade at our. Mentality. Lesson though. I'd slide 69306. JC in Casey writes burn your caller sucked tonight like the AL central that. It. I'm from the 816 Byrd why is Salvi going to require a larger return that win. Which is cheaper younger more personal and a better. Hitter. He has not younger Salvi is younger than would merit. Wit mayor feels the same age as moves the ball could be thirty next year. Salvi plays a prime position catcher. How many really good. Second baseman are there. Is is where merit field of one of the five bass second baseman in baseball. I would say no. Saudis one of the three best catchers. The catching position as one of the three in most defensive positions the three most important defensive positions baseball. Selby is a franchise changing player. Which merit field takes a good team that makes some very good what their field takes a very good team and make some great. Salvador apparatus has the ability take a good team and make them great. So he has a chance to make good franchise. A great franchise a good club house a championship clubhouse. I know Selby cost more. But he's worth all whole heck of a lot more as well. In my opinion. Tex lines 69306. They've earned this is not. Outlets are royals fan of the ninety's and 2000 ever one needs to realize were rebuilding again and we'll leave it just doesn't make a decade. Three decades this time. I'm with I'm with Tex lines 69306. We go to Kathy in Seattle at the god. Payback opened the promise that can do about women. That they got an app earlier. It. And I'm bored and went out and out here like our recipe in between them and hopefully Alex how they are going to be better and and how much of what it means you will hear it hit it pretty dark here. I. Know. Climb back. You know it happening how many died that day. That bonding that they elect there. Yet they've they would all for seven with runners in scoring position and I'll let you cap the as far as Oakland is concerned. But has he ban good. For the better part of the season now knowing how news ERA he has six points out. But you know he studies he's giving yet he's giving it more innings in other rookie in all of the American. They haven't been great innings but you gotta finish these games. Your league baseball forces you. To play nine innings someone has to eat up the outs and thankfully. Eric's skull that would not have been able to give you. 47. Innings in. Ten starts nine starts last year. You would have crumbled. Weathered out I'll up there on the mound. But he became a lot more mentally off this offseason he's able to withstand. The beatings at times. To fight back and give you a chance. He's giving you a chance at a handful of those starts it'll take. Eric scope and again tonight for the third innings six runs on seven hits four strikeouts to walks his record is now one. And five. Here's swinging for the fences. Yeah I don't play first inning Mike whose stock is in place don't want one slider from. Mike Minor. A 108 miles per hour. It is lined it over the wall in right field his eleventh of the season his 135. On the career. He becomes the eighth player in franchise history to reach that mark. And that could afford that it or hate it's only fair to destroy. A fastball from Mike Minor for a month and 44 themes. A 111 miles per hour off the bat his sixth of the season made it three royals. So Eric was doctors given out. To swing for the fences with the dire threats. It just makes sense to get it dire events. Seventeen and 34 that's the record following this one tonight's. The three game winning streak comes to an end Orioles have to start anew. Tomorrow afternoon. Ian Kennedy opposite the ageless wonder that 45 year old Bartolo alone. 305 for the first pitch. I got pre games starting at 2 o'clock. Dexter Chris it'll Sarah for the help. Thanks to all of view. I thought the phone calls were tremendous and I don't know what JC on its excellence talking about. A check out the notebook gets extend sports dot com. Thanks for listening into the rest of your Friday night Kansas City take care. Billed by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. Kansas City for more coverage go to burns notebook it's 610 sports dot. Use our town 610 Sports Radio.