05/25 - Vern Joins Pick-A-Player

The Drive
Friday, May 25th
Vern takes on the callers with some great categories and one caller almost shocks the world! 

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One more. Movies it's the tee and second time today didn't you guy who's running backs. How you handle two turns your accountant didn't Roger. Julius east and play yes that's slider for help on the drive. Halfway home on this drive thank you so much publicity parents there is Steve inspectors on Levine taking up until 6 o'clock. To drive in the late. You drive into the grandparents' house the law's house drive safely travels states. Hopefully we'll get you there in an entertaining fashion coming up it's 430. In this like quarterbacks in areas that we just kind of stumbled upon if you want you voted I think you go on our Twitter page right now I'm vote. There are two games for you to press. One button on the left. Is Matt Ryan. Patrick Holmes to become man I met mine is a really good quarterback has gone to a suitable but has not won a Super Bowl on button right. You can roll the dice and that's homes could become any other quarterback what would you do. You wanna vote on a Golar Twitter page you can vote and it's ordered Comdex last 610 sports. Dot com continue to update you. And will let you know how the people are voting right now it's time for pick a player and will it play ago first off shame on you for not listening to listen and pick up as terrorism. Did you category let's say it's baseball teams so you go royals cubs Indians tigers you get fifteen seconds name is me baseball teams whatever category that aids. Did you go against the player spektr's today's player is one Jasper here. The correct. Yes that is right over here is today's player. He has four categories the winner. What does they liggett's parent riles eighties tickets for June 2 all right well the next six and Saturday royals in a replica of the future sales he has meant to actually it might be this year ails us Massa when you really think good to me to team right now that their organizations are heading in the absolute right direct absolutely are. We got four columns on the ball right now Paul Bob Neal and Alex. On the full line we head to Paul ended Pittsburgh's Paul iTunes and men. To have fantastic all right 123 or all which when you pick. Curry are right brewery how many different kinds of sodas can you name in fifteen seconds Paul William mark Dietz that go. Coke Pepsi doctor pepper or Mountain View should teach me. Art teacher he seven spurs series. Terry cove. Wild cheers let's see code red Mountain View. All right but she'll hold their he's a big fan of the they're all in my goodness what's that you guys doing this over the years eighteen I think Sean Smith former chiefs cornerback. The year is you record holder for pick a player item now for four and fourteen also. He was a big fans cheer I mean it's adding share it been like the first person added serious bright. Great purse genius yeah I mean now that's a as a former waiter who would be a doubt that coach Unicode diet drug mountain difference. Astros Brian like all the don't have that problem I would you know I asked for his team this year has not. Not that big of a different steps to actually know it's this thing we're just off I I. If they said noticed right here mess not to hear all yeah I just always a song. I don't know it's just right. And I guess the point is they apple we're gonna crush street to a different restaurants to choose right now odd and I just would get it. Different drink but I'm not I don't want this here mess all I don't want the lemon lime fizzled drink a fake I wanted to strike. Yet the stakes broke and it's let's see if burn those sodas and expect. Right Diet Sprite Coke Pepsi Diet Coke Diet Pepsi Mountain Dew diet Mountain Dew code red. Mountain Dew slice. Barks ANW. Squirt they scored. I now for our team that Baker's dozen I got him now for thirteen ball not to only taste good soccer -- it doesn't taste good in any other circumstance or play video. Ultimately you're eating Taco Bell nobody has our name off brands so does that group doctors thunder mister fees went late. Just since were there distressed at smaller and you don't know anything about this I don't know I don't know anything about that are so independent what they'd lost one that was a great game of pick a player. Will head down the line to Bob Casey about white men. We've got one to enforce it. Are harder or our rightful how many different kinds of birds and you name in fifteen seconds body got birds take flight. One to break. Orioles cardinals brigade. Chickens that are east. Birds of a better. If it's. Ravens. Like the strategy there just naming sports teams out of very very good strategy stars or Eagles Eagles he's listed chickens and geese I am down for the Kobe Bryant and Anthony like no one's been through that again announce that he pack all right let's see you bird that. Is a bird last year. I've been eagle cardinal blue Jay. Oriole. Belkin. Crane. Pelican. Looming go. Sparrow. And I don't count would sit at least it. What's the name if you're a bird watcher and others who worked ornithologist let's look in his own good work for you I didn't know. I didn't know that's what it was our ports and comfortable film watcher that it ornithologist. Neil in case I don't you have a sound good idea at Air Canada I think you've got to out. So mobile when he. I don't know I try to. Try to keep my head down and keep plugging away Neil Lane Kansas city police say laws are right we got blind and zoo which when you ticket Neil. Go number two. All right number Sue Bird had Disney character is how many different Disney characters can you name in fifteen seconds your mark get set go. Worked up. Disney characters how many different are Disney characters digging David fifteen seconds when your mark get set go. So why urgent aid. Cinderella. He. Aladdin. Beauty in the these. Elba. I'm. Professional here when he's a Beauty and the Beast a stunning and the beauty in the absolutely those two separate servers. That's yet aspect. Sheer Beauty and the Beast. I don't I said beauty. They'll be assistant at a dozen these at 101 dalmatians and converted from all the 101 yeah Alex and I. I don't Reid's strategy I don't think that counts and you want mine doesn't have a movie to show us that error CT does know about graffiti. I it weaker open the same time those edges and were set to he. Is movies yeah you the same Smart tags here and dividend. I've got 123 and I that it comes to Beauty and the Beast that's okay dividend beauty and these are the very generous off Friday before the holiday let's it burn those Disney characters. Clad in just far earth the Cinderella. Alice from Alice in Wonderland that Cheshire cat. Seemed not all. Woke up. John Smit was an excellent bull. Nobody go in the goofy and Donald Pluto those dues on his ankles before time in group in the ninety's or else movies be making houses movies was at Disney character I editors busy anything at Disney you think like. Me and made it a million anyhow its denizens and little army I would not I would not they just. I really think it's time I'd I'd I'd think if you grew up the same time that it was group and I like under 35. And when people say Disney that the associate ads out there. I'm saying is I think it normally you grew up watching Disney that you grew washing lad. They'll all that's like those the Disney characters and that's because it accurate obviously I think it's a millennial those were our -- entered a little bit older that they would say those characters but those ones you grew up opensocial a generational Tuesday's starting baseball players let's start with Babe Ruth and acumen and Joseph Dumars. There have been 2000 and pony. Yeah 123456. To nine we did see who's who who want. A boon. Let's go to the all. Item. All right you've got more famous Tom's. Very tough category I believing Alex all right you've got fifteen seconds how many famous people named Tom Keene Amy fifteen seconds a mark get set go. Tom Hanks Tom little and bookie from vendors. You. Alan everything I know you do let something go famous people named Tom is a very very very tough category pretty. Crews. Commentary. All right let's see if bird knows. It's. Brady Tom Seaver. Com. Joyner. Morning talk. I need him. If. Tom Celek in there. Great I mean that's I'm sure are polls any theories don't today sales Tom Joyner he knows all the joy he's loyal he's a morning show most easily the most popular black coast in the history on the work very very very popular radios. Who is a we've all independents as the winner of the game put you in charge of the counting in this was maybe a terrible strategy about the case of double digits it'd just decline when you are when you for bill as it is it. Ball and independence you all the winner. Of cities pick a player in the prize ease yours.