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Friday, May 25th
The Hits, Mahomes button, Junis' value plus Ask Us Anything 

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In on the drive tanks in years. Banks here solid team is taking you up until 6 o'clock. Congratulations again for the week enjoyed it predate week and I'm looking outside. And the roads are looking that stance just trying to get out of here and it's looking very scarce. Can't say he's given about 80% work effort. It feels like the first day of the NCAA tournament that's like not really focused lower it is shutting down the days until you're off work. I looked at the parking lot I had to go get some water looks the parking lot like the only three people still work. Will the downfall is right sales underinsured. Silly thing of 543 doubt it odd to some unsolicited hits the drive. Begin privileges royals that it's an hour got forty article give you chance to win the parallels to get to get a chance to ask this question. We'll do some Patrick Holmes stuff of these Memorial Day stuff hopefully we make it laughable when you make it pink. And hopefully I'm not your excitement for Patrick Holmes that's what lead to do every single day or you're so excited that your alms but now I've made in my life's mission. You makes you less excited about your quarterback every single day it was according attacks like they called buzz chilling to. Equality buzz Killington you know like I can't win you know. I try to provide the service recharge it all people do was put it out is killing a buzz Killington spotless. Are you not talk with bits. He's a little bit is there any day now he hasn't been really. But all my life we talk about them every day at 5 o'clock. Today the number one it is Bruce Weber. I think in Kansas City today is. Proves lever a suit no. Everybody as they get the week at all they hips are brought to you by the Broadway Delhi mostly Jewish deli brain mostly not Jewish city is now open in the crossroads and as the official Delhi. A 610 Sports Radio speaking I wanna. I'm going tomorrow morning we had popped out of special detail. K state has announced a contract extension for basketball coach Bruce Weber is his deal now runs through 2823. He was set to earn 2.2 five million dollars salary this season under the new terms of his new deal he's gonna make 2.5 million so. More than a quarter million dollar raised one Bruce Weber sat next year 2.5 when he 22 point six. Back to two million and when he when he won one million in 2000 when he too. After April 30 of 2000 when he Q it is 500000. Those last four numbers or is buyouts ever so I would. Waited to sign this contract extension to Bruce Weber but in the N a you know you wanted to be your coach. He did have a successful season last year they finished fourth in the big twelve they went to the elite eight in the returning as many players they are. I understand why case they did it I'm old days they do an expectation the season. Finishing sixth in the big twelve not good enough. Being the ninth seed in the NCAA tournaments not gonna know the expectations for me for the Davis bailout yet. Finished top three in the big twelve B eight top sixteen seed in the NCAA tournament. Make it to dissect it we can essentially be Texas Tech this past these. That's a very well. Realistic expectation January team that I think on paper is as good as Kansas State if you cheer for programs like K state. BK you would do if it's not he's not realistic. It's once every four or five years you have a group of juniors and seniors. That can break through would have a really good and really good season and that's the position in case they find themselves until it why you're in a position. Does a short while guys I'd have a that your. There's this weird disconnect out Manhattan this ebony five he stayed fans and alumni where. Clearly the case state brass and athletic director of the people actually make the decisions on who we're going to be head coaches. Think the Bruce Webber's really good coach they see him as the guy that. Has been at the NCAA tournament most of the time was like four of the six years he's been there had his team in the lead eight last year a guy that. Quote unquote coach and national championship game the brass at least eight tees all the policy. That's what they did a contract extension a couple of years ago that's what they give the contract extension today. So I think that they believe Bruce is all we would have been better because he has. And that's the case they'd fans who can't stand Bruce Weber. Who yell things that Bruce Weber who think that they deserve better than Bruce Weber all this guy has done is repeatedly taken them to the NCAA tournament book players in the NBA yet and relevant and as you just mentioned. Is bring back probably his most talented teams since that Illinois team. It was in the national championship game associations weird disconnect where. The people in short of extending his contract think he's a really good coach. In the face of the team that he coaches think that he's a really bad though there's I think. Is exactly where he should be OK state and Bruce Weber should be a much half your mayor that is. K state fans got used to having Bob Huggins in bobbled it's I was under achieving when he was in Manhattan it could've gotten a better job and he did. Same thing with bright Smart. Just there was old junker thing to do with the South Carolina so long enough to underachieving. There was a Bob Huggins ultimately left his first opportunity as website. So I think he's state fans got used about what he's got used to break mark in the thing they Bruce Weber showed or could be that guy is not. Danny Duffy has been one of the major story lines through the first. A little less than two months of Major League Baseball season but he can't city royals. They get an 82 win last night over the Texas Rangers they are now seventeen and 33. Danny Duffy. Eight bounce back starter at least a good start in game and mired in a bunch of other bad start 73. Or tips. One earned run five strikeouts and two walks he improved to two in six on the season. And now owns a six point one or ER AA. The great applause Jay-Z told. But a broken clock is right two times that. I don't see any Duffy I'm not buying into the one good start from any doubt that we've seen the last six. Big up he might turn things around problem that daddy when they get when he asked three straight good starts and now start to listen and made since the need of I just I'd seen buying and I he would be really excited about one good start when it's been as bad as being AW has been portal. Seven. Starts. I believe that same philosopher once had money in the thing greeted states they've got a what are those numbers Socrates but. The show anymore they need to be good old man I would labels on to a contract to do before last order that was I was all about it. He might be the single most important player on this baseball team now saying that really probably not gonna make that much of a difference in the final statistics. Has somebody at the top your rotation. I can't remember the last time that Kansas City we had a true peace recalled James Shields Ari Gold Ervin Santana our ace for a while we call your armament or arguments. Don't go all the way back to exactly keep. I'm not suggesting that I think that any doubt he can become debt than you or any point that body's going to become and what Danny Duffy is. Is this team's number one in he's pitching like this team's number five. That's a problem what we saw yesterday is certainly encouraging but just because he went seven and two thirds gave up one run. Consider what he did his previous six and wolves are pretty much this entire season. I think it's against that got through 34 star general or once again certainly in the off. And that includes a hit for today. Tax on 69306. Parents and we don't need you to bring us down about homes when the reality. It likely will happen at least we will have time this time I was joking about trying to bring down Patrick Holmes. I only bring that up because yesterday we did this poll question maybe you missed the poll question. There's two buttons placed in front of all the last. There's a button that if you press that he becomes Philip Rivers. Philip Rivers has never been to a Super Bowl the super bull but has been a very successful quarterback. In my opinion if you add someone as talented as Philip Rivers is. If you've put him in the right situation you can't win a super bull. Other chargers haven't been in the right situation at least in the last ten years. And maybe some of that is because of their quarterback insular easily nasty part of it if you've been a quarterback for the charters. As long as he's been. On the other side you can roll the dice aimed at literally any other quarterback you could. We in the quarterback lottery get some great you could with the quarterback lottery aimed it. Brad Gradkowski. Or you could do it. Just short you can do it Christian Ponder did you get Jake Locker they're certainly it wide spectrum you can do it in the quarterback. Which blood would you press and a lot of people said I think he could be better the river I'm gonna take my chances and roll the dice so we played the exact same game from right. Has had six seasons in which she is thrown 25 or more touchdown passes he won rookie of the year 2008. He's been the global four out of his nine seasons he won MVP in Tony sixteen. Offensive player of the year in 26 say once bowl appearance and we all remember that one. What he has a losing record playoffs and into the NFC championship game two times. If you add choice. Of pressing the button for after homes to be met life. A really talented really good quarterback who has not won a Super Bowl. Or you can roll the dice in pick any other quarterback. Which one would you pick because I bring because not talk about rivers it was able bus bus got to go to a suitable. So today. Well it's it's about answer that's eighteen different quarterbacks have won its Wilson's 1990 was overtime since 1990. So the last 28. Years. Eight teen different quarterbacks have a suitable. But all the quarterbacks have started in the NFL since 1990 only eighteen of them have won a suitable. And 33 have gone to a suitable that's got like Matt Ryan at a golf but wait guys like seemed to guys like Donovan McNabb a guy like Jim Kelly. Are some really good quarterbacks that have not won a super bull. I can't sit here from Holmes HAB to a bus doesn't Javed ship if he's not a successful quarterback or not a good run. Right so you press the button on Matt Ryan and I wouldn't think twice about it. Outtakes for the next 1012 how long lines in the NFL. Every single season you have a chance because your quarterback and it's just the right combination of guys being healthy the right combination that you being able to put good defensive parts and pieces around him. And had a really successful on the way Matt Ryan. I love these fictional exercises opened its battle lot of on the last couple days but one thing just to clear up which a problem issued on seven hours ago as we've been talked about the last couple of days. You're talking about the results. Or Philip Rivers or the results for Matt Ryan as far as winning is aboard were talking about. You're going to get a guy that don't have that type loans yet he's got that type of all that's got those type of statistics but you're setting pitcher going to hit the button no. The Patrick Holmes is going to win the Super Bowl as Matt Ryan public docket was horrible Philip Rivers can almost guarantee you at this point as it's not going to outlive. Owners say right Georgia say a guy that's that talented with what the chiefs have around them would you take a guy as talented as Philip Rivers has been in the or would you rather push the league's I think it's a little confusing most importantly get all of that Oprah Obama taken that ran those guys don't have a suitable and my hope is that Patrick Holmes wins the Super Bowl. There's 15% of people up there. It would rather probably have Matt Ryan or rather have Philip Rivers they're just a little bit confused that he blows directed with a suitable so I don't want to. That's what's cool about that most people if they realistic about it it was number format right right pretty damn go into a Super Bowl. Thrown for thirty touchdowns a lot his career was. MVP but I at ideal to be by any poll I think there's some people but even. Would that even hosting the question think he'd be much better than either one of those quarter but it's still old I'd one guide me back and said. He set I would pick the right to the other side election give me Brady or Aaron Rodgers I think the belief with Holmes is if we asked right now. Who do you think will be a better quarterback taxable homes or the rivers I bet 7% of people picked at the bulk of the same poll with Matt. I think 80% of people pick that the homes over not right. Imus saying it I think Matt Ryan is the forty best quarterbacks in the history of NFL based on the numbers I think Philip Rivers according to the numbers. Is one of the fifteen to twenty best quarterbacks in NFL that the expectation protect homes have got to such a point. That someone like Specter die hard she state. Thinks it bit problem Borger Aaron Rodgers for the baseline level of expectations for Patrick. This has got to become Joseph flat. It has got to become. Russell Wilson where year in year out he gives you a chance to win double digit games you win the division based Al Smith did an and the differences. Got to the post season. We all agree Alex Smith was not going to wind was gonna throw for 400 yards for a touchdown you probably more. Advanced deep in the post season because of Alex. Alex didn't cost me tonne of gains in the post season games. It comes to mind the Tennessee game comes to mind that if the quarterback of just on a little bit or. And that she's would have moved on to the next round that's all I expect for Patrick Holmes to be in chief you know. Take the team to the post season and then once they get there. Be the reason that they get over the hump and win those games in the past they've lost because got Joseph Flacco is not normal thing. Russell Wilson let's play a few years that's it right now a really really really good quarterback but probably not hall of fame quarterback what those guys have in common. Or in some of these other guys you mentioned his meeting to be consistent guy who once you get to the post season he's the reason they win football games is when I'm a quart bag in the city. We can say that not my lifetime. You haven't been in the situation that's why this entire time. I've continued to say that I think he will be a better version of Matt Stafford mass effort is a good quarterback. I think we see more more that quarterback is about situation. Carson weights is a really good quarter adding Carson once the next five years to be the best player in the NFL if he's not really close to being your right now. Always saw the Eagles didn't really miss a big beat whenever he was out and they put in Naples and in other really talented quarterback that it was in the right system. The right coach offensive weapons the right defense he was able to get the team noticeable. It ultimately win the super bull but I sort of Shuler more more. That there are some quarterbacks that are the system to me Brady is the system to meet air lockers it's the system to me Drew Brees of the system. Then there's that next level quarterbacks guys like Russell Wilson. Guys like Carson once guys like Gerry off Betemit are really good quarterbacks that are just in favorable situation to have the right pieces so. Who hold B a one of those guys who holds in the quarterback it's maybe a little bit inflated by the weapons around him. I'm cool with him being the quarterback it is with a perfect coach that can. Build up his skill set and get the most out of the same way Sean Payton did for Drew Brees. Drew Brees career there's a clear line of where Drew Brees what you good quarterback in San or San Diego. Vinny got teamed up which I'm taking Eddie came on the ten most our ten most dominant offensive quarterbacks and history Italy. I think it could be very similar for Patrick Holmes. I think he is paired with the right coach I think he's there with the right up until weapons and he is paired with the right structure around him too had a really good career where maybe some like Philip Rivers wants. In his first full three seasons Philip Rivers threw for 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions. 44 touchdowns and eleven interceptions. 28 touchdowns in nine sessions and any up that. In his fourth full season story touchdowns and thirteen interceptions. Knowing that and pairing him. With Travis Kelsey Sammy Watkins Tyreke killed and Korean -- you can throw Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers in for this particular example. You think that he wins a Super Bowl. I think for sure you insert a quarterback that's that good and consistent with that much talent around remember talked about through 34 years from now. Payton and a retired a couple of years ago. Big Ben's gonna be gone a couple of years so has Tom Brady. Somebody asked to be the next great AFC quarterback I think that's what the teeth did. They hide their guy in there are gonna be your right or wrong but they all these guys are retiring and so it's it's ripe for the picking. On today Ned Yost was on MLB network radio talking about the royals buying and selling at the trade deadline. Here's what Ned Yost had to say on MLB network about the royals at the deadline. Now we have spoken very little about it you know. You know the draft is coming up and you know we've got or five picks here in the first 100 and that our our group is extremely focused in the draft room going over. Players from all over the country area. You know make insured that you know we get these picks right so. Ye you know the majority of our focus and intensity is then and that draft room. I talked today about. Since we've been on the road once or twice but it hasn't been about buying or selling that. You know just make injured that day he'll he'll call and make sure but he's good too I need any thing. Well what do we wanna do do it and it is donating that we want to do not not not anything on the buying selling and yet. That was excuse me that was Ned Yost on MLB network radio I certainly don't think the name yes is gonna go on the radio and say hey we talk much trading ties all the time. I don't think that's what Ned Yost is going to do. I don't think that net in Dayton to talk about that much because we all know what's going. Kelly are rare is not going to be on the team come August or you're gone. John Jay's not ideal team Kellogg efforts if he's healthy field. I'd like just one other key guy on the team whether it's most whether it's Lucas go to one other guy that we know was not going to be with you maybe galli would mare's field. What does don't think there needs to be that much of a conversation about Jeffords landing it was on the day shift. Here's what he had to say about the royals in the trade deadline and who could possibly be available for you or Kansas City Royals. Everybody that felt like beyond and I go back to date more well that would be. I'll let the numbers that. Look at me there in full rebuild mode and are the other open for business development for sale will portrayed them and that's not change. Or do. Is establish who the young call war is going to be moving forward and at least give them 12 years to try to establish themselves. I'm going to include Whitman air field in this young core even though I know he's 29 years old because I don't know if you can really have him more team friendly contract with mayor field. So we understand it they move off at 89 years old we know we're not gonna get a second contracts or when his contract so we know we're gonna lose them. You can't really ask for better player if you were trying to win a World Series this season. Then a guy that can do as many things here I wish there you can do would be consistent hitter. Can back up or you can place or is he can do everything force eyes understand they Trey what mayor the but to me. Some prize is not it's great piece for me. Let's face organization that you can't really find a better a better catching contract when he asked in one who want to help develop acknowledging that June is better than him. Ticket Jonas is not a piece that I'm willing to raise 2.5 years old he's best pitcher argued that Jacob does is the best player and your sister is Jacobs in his. I'm training. Obviously if I get a climber or like at the top prospect and that's what they urgent it's got to get back I think he's more valuable to you need is to anybody else. Outs or race. He's 26 years all he's got hit for power and he has club control. Like those. The guys need to be a part of the core and you need to try to establish a winning culture with this group and try to be compatible the next couple years and I hope you know graphics. Hope to free agency was in contracts come off the books you could pick up a couple other pieces that's what I would do if I was. I would say that's less complimentary objective you know as more of an indictment on the organization Jacob June news. 3.5 two here really do of one point five to 2.5 two is really good player young players got a from the contract no question about it he's played Kirsch also. I don't think the one point 25 is it realistic that is nightly news Odyssey and if you're going to build. The future around a few guys in the answer to those you guys is with married field. And Jacobs Eunice. There's not a team in baseball. Building going forward with their worst nucleus than that now or those some of the better players on the team absolutely but you know what else they are. Guys that other teams would walk which is why unfortunately. One of those two guys Jews or Whitner fueled perhaps both in some guys were not talking about maybe even as high as doubtful Torres. Or not going to be on this team I wouldn't be surprised. If by the time the trade deadline camera in the all star break rules around in July rolls over and August. We're talking about a completely different rotation Andy completely different lines were talking about right now. And I mean a total you said John. I guess when you talk about Junius. I don't think it's now unless the base Chris archer covers all the way down to build back like Chris archer for the Tampa Bay Rays I think that's who Jacobs units as a shown to be so far in his career now he's having a good season this year for Chris archer. But Chris tortured age 25 of the had a sub four ERS up three failure it was 33. And gave you 200 innings it's a really good foundation in a really really good piece and we'll see what happens down the line but to me the trying to keep as many players that are in there when he three to 25 year old range. In a show that they can played a Major League level not trying to get. I don't so weird twist about. What you don't want Jacob Jews on the team right now you wanna trade Jacob juniors for a guy that you think is going to turn into Jacobs who has three or four years on the lot while would you order got him under contract naturally friendly. Because the team's only going to win somewhere between sixty and seventy games what you want is to build toward the future it sucks is affect. To say you have to Bridget completed this was the Red Sox and get to see him there Ramirez twenty million dollars a year whatever you're not playing well we're gonna touch it bring somebody also. With the royals they don't have that option they have hit on every single move and those moves have to begin at the minor league. I got a question for you if that's it if that's the strategy because in my strategy they would keep alive these pieces and try to be good as quickly as possible and your strategy they trade these people. I'm curious salt if they're gonna trade Vick a June at the top prospect with the issue think they can be good I'm really Jersey your answer now on the other side and what did you read at the holiday week. All that coming up on the drive here. A Mac but it isn't. Is that good songs back. I'm not saying it make you happy my all time it takes I don't that is what is great songs in America is an ozone by British guy. But now is worth. It isn't all that settlement of all time. In awful. So again it's like I'm not saying it's not an in jewel songs. We like something that what was that like. So that all was. Like Sylvester Stallone stopper my mom will shoot. Tell people enjoy it since 19100 there has not been a better song partners. Really got it and do you agree to song and host nineties under. Other kids what's okay it was agrees honorable under. He's got his I've got mein what say you are pricing let's go on the market. Aren't. Original can argue. I'm closet reduced and the Butler. As usual he's an incredible artists the body guards is one of the best placed through albums amends the chronic 2001 sublime forty ounces freedom and completely open. Royals question Allen as you coming up on the other side and we'll get to a moment here right now gotta give you your last chance during the drive to win this thousand bucks there might argue anymore about return of the Mac that is awful goods. It's a thousand. Thirty text the word. DR AE GO and dragging. 272881. That's dragon. I was so nervous in his own words you can meet the thousand dollar cans were no inasmuch as gods as. Six cents Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance at 121000 dollars each weekday all you gotta do. It was an and the 37 a seventy your next chance to win their final chance to win this week is coming up. In line powerbook and chart when Mac without bugs right now. Complete rules that listings at six and sports dot com. One more time for those in the back that article here watch dragging DR. GO and dragons in 72881. It's too little holiday stuff fear pre weekend coming up momentarily. Say it is about the role as we removal. Strategy is try to build it down straight as many Bible these days you can't try to get as many prospects replaced on system young guys Purdue down to build them. What's the do you think the royals would be good with that definitely not this year definitely not the year after that. Probably not Europe it's point point. I think they can be good in the next three seasons. I don't expect praise the rules that the next three years. Jig of June this ends up being a really good pitcher on the top twenty points up pitchers and made it is all creeds and you've seen enough of Jacobs used to say that Allred a I think I think it's once I mean. On the glass half full. I don't say it. Your scenario and maybe the prospects they get a bumps like the Bruins get receipts he's about how are they helping them win at this point. Jacob Judas ends up working out port so in that working out modesty maybe he's a better player the same way that Whitman or he'll just. Appeared out of thin air another player to appear is that an air. You Dick Gordon's contract all the books you get into any covered up the books you get a TV deal you can go for it does it make a couple more moved in a different financial space in a couple of years. Competitive team in the next recede and I think they have what could be a decent core of players. Any scenario. Anyway there for the next five. Yours because if we're gonna count for the prospects to develop an all court at the same time let's say they opened three years these guys hit the ground running we just solve it. It hit the ground running in the prospect now all the the one time it's at the royals. Four years five years to get their prospects to the point where they radiate the grass Arctic blast targets the World Series. Well they're good the next five years in Nash. We saw this coming you sound surprised we knew that they are mortgaging the future when they decided to trade away for Johnny Guido and then a couple of days later for bends over. We knew we said it now it's come to fruition. You're basically selling the future for the now. Thank god that ended up World Series ring in World Series parade because if it didn't we got to have the conversation looking back on it wasn't worth it. We all agree. But it was worth it up a lifelong Kansas City and in world span. We will have some very unique times and sportswear for a thirty year period when every other professional sports organization in all four specials board made the playoffs. The royals still been so when things got bad here they got awful and I certainly don't think it's going to be ten years or fifteen or twenty or 25 or thirty years. Of a playoff drought like it was last time but I also don't think you can turn things around as quick as you can if your argument is a core of Jacob juniors and with mayor. All of the royals as much as the next guy but that's a pretty damn bad goal. I just don't know at this point with those guys can turn into. Does the same way with the prospects who don't know bigots or it's. It's possible that they trades out operate as they get the next big prospect it's really good at 24 point five certainly possible loss and it's impossible. It's fair to think you can trade Dick June this in the prospects not work out I think we're really fortunate that when they had a big prospects like go are a good player like Zack Greinke worked out. Or and they got Lorenzo Cain and they got us to be dust ball. We see those trades up volatile and you don't get. We see it happen all the time at the deadline would you trade a piece you trade in you get that prospects it though and work with. Trade Jacob juniors I think what you get back is definitely a risk I think the type of player you would get back. Would at best Jacobs used to three years from now which is the world's hope. When they're competitive again and the case of self rule Torres I completely disagree that guy is going to bring back king's ransom. Eddie knocked out the first month of the season he'd be on pace for thirty home brought ordered RBIs he's. A guy that has been to a couple of world's here's a guy that is as good in the clubhouse as anybody out there still one of if not the best defense of catcher in baseball pro active instead of reactive if you say it all the other teams right now okay Salvi is up on the trade what would you give us back. You're going to get back to the gym or jams of somebody else's my league organization. It's totally different they re talking about what you get back herself or Torres vs what matters if you're projected to. The holidays is almost upon us or you're maybe drive into the late. You got some plans this weekend the last time we did one of these little toss ups. Sex line almost got me fired it's Friday's it Nike card won't work on Tuesday when we get back. But as time to do a little but I holiday toss it back in Italy. My first one isn't it toss ups I'm not gonna Playboy's guys tossup and the issues that everybody. Loves here in those sweet sounds of the good humor truck driving around your neighborhood. What is your goats you. Good humor man entry. That's a good question but a monsoon teenage mutant ninja turtle pusher. Stronger. I like those old. Though had a religious rival. Those little chocolate things with a little crunchy things follow from that when you buy attitude it's got the Vanilla ice cream in the middle at some of Oreo bar and tell me what it is on the being at I don't know the name Tom my head. Either one of the us. For everybody loved Tweety with a golf ball it's yet much of gum balls tees. Crap I mean that means this is double double lead to double bubble will break your T dropped to a double bubble now. You'll mole being in the all evening. The snow cones as a kid can do you remember the reason that I cavities now. The blue was really blew in the red with The Who faced the red for weeks I was team chip which. Watered it chipped it in that case Chaka talked I want JOJ drama I'm chuckle chuckle. Toss up. Five. Pounds per pound who is likely to get more drunk at a family event he crazy uncle or of the wacky hands. In my opinion it's the uncle. That's what is democracy I can't speak nobody else mafia alum on death. I've only seen local dream. Dark liquor and Crown Royal. Mondello or otherwise I'd never seen him drinking water I've never seen him drink orange juice or any other beverage in my entire life of one of those three things. My answer more about the buffet line or more importantly they can put down the grow a law and order a bully was the work which some sort of stuff and roll or. Spell hole all right leave me alone orders. I think some of my aunt whether misty I don't know if you wanna play this game but writer but here play a Russian roulette with people I got and that. It's been injured the last impairment weddings and have answers twisted ankle. And broken the bad actor winners of that as you know who's drunk and getting portly affair on this thing in my. Talks and fifteen minutes we'll get to Gary Parrish. A tornado touched down outside the Kansas City area ultra anywhere at that next on the night ship you get on the for ms. Allen honey and god forbid that I deserve all the jokes are the people turn their radio hit a bad habit everybody stayed tuned to see the tornadoes but that's it. Money ain't no change money. And almost putting holes. Barak and so talk to me it's a good seniors graduate. You know I got republic in Kansas City. For the conversations. Be centered around excitement for Patrick Holmes. Or depression about the royals as we always royals the royals. It's the other way I did later all once we get close the book all season it's certainly my homes. But no conversation people happy and wants them online activities and yes you're right people are already having an act adversity and here really argue. It's got to be about the royals I think Patrick Holmes about one month from today so we'll call it June 25. I think from that point until the football season kicks off it's going to be all Patrick Holmes certainly turning countered that it's going to be all that holds all the time. And out. There's been no did you expect that type act honorably. Ellington over here is telling him there's sixteen games under right now moments from now most likely they're gonna be 22 games under two months from now the vehicles to thirty games under so. I guess this'll likely the last weekend before talking about the. Tossup somebody's got to assume that's got you and I'll be corn on the cob. Or Mac team sheets as a side. I look back and see them going back and these give you know I don't mean much in my plea. Does give me a couple signaling. A rib. So McEntee a single rib and wondering. Some she hit emirates is one rip we ran with it dude where she lives. Maybe a little green beans are green beans olive green beans. And cut out though short game is that lays chips you know or is pleased to. Not Mac and cheese on the go it as bullying duck my favorites. Portable food to eat is the core on the cup. If you're toss up and fought. Beer pong or bats. I'm a bags got myself. Example working thinks he's one of the top ten days I've players in the signal I'd I didn't say Thomson first let's put some respect of my name would you say aisle bickering and the James Horton hit to. I'm top three. I'd be top suing not to brag about Jersey's top three I studio. I'm that James Harden of bags I'm Kevin Durant under us and I'm lover on. But I'm certainly top the worry when it comes to this game bags in any of you don't want smoke. Follow me on Twitter. At he'll Facebook and I'll pop up. That's a cook out when there's six pack of Lima readers Brady do about smoke to anybody wants. All sick people that think that they're really good at beer pong ball we all are but people that are really good bags. All really really really good bags and I'm talking about don't miss a shot you think you can hang that can't at all so I. I think I've got a better shot at beating random dude beer pong and it. Toss up but I don't line mobile alcoholic that we. So excellence excellent resistance. Mac and cheese trash text box not 306 our reds delays the worse I mean. We're gonna keep allowing you to privilege texting incidents radio show you why I'm opinions that are going to be on the thanks you don't like Matt keeps us. He knows Kerry dogs this that the original. News news again. Players were you guys moving quickly if you miss the story. The Washington Post. Which may or not. Our mayor may not be fake news we're telling me about the new food trends sweeping the nation. The nation they're taught about good old USA today but this Washington Post tells me people hire eating. The new hot thing this Memorial Day weekend is Kerry dogs. This plant based take on hot dogs gives carrots a roast at red pepper treatment chart and steam them and then peel off the skins. They end up nicely cooked in lightly smoked tinged making them perfect for a cook out. Choose the largest thickest carrots you can find they shrink during cookie and and you can always trim the narrowly and to put the bunt. Surveys carried dogs nestled in bonds with the toppings such as vegetarian chili chatter chopped onion sauerkraut Kim Chee. Pickles relish catch up and spicy mustard. No I mean listen all seers. If you bring. Those cared dogs. Around me or my family or the people that I love. We're gonna the fight. I mean now and I'm dad's or yours I don't war you. Are these Vijay and hot dogs are your vegetarian chili. Any where near me who seedings. The people that are going to Trader Joe's and whole foods in go when he grabbed the terror dogs. If you care to those little party trade the people get when they graduate got the cauliflower in the cellar in the care if you do it by. They enjoy a nice vegetable right. Let your telling me that they are living breathing adults that are getting the care dogs and topping it off with a little viewed in Chile and for me. Kim Chee that was about it not figure this should she can't she was the name of the agency to take care my great grandmother reported past Saturday was Kim -- removal. No once this cheese my Mother's Day and never called the showed her name was Kim chi apparently it's also some sort of a topic but. On the boards in the car and forced to stay in their own lane and not combined each other has there been a couple times in my life pop of biting into pizza chicken and it was tofu. And that'll ruin your entire night so I don't know man I'm. Arms firmly against the cared dog but if I'm being completely honest I'm from it has almost. Era does little low duties it looked like ice cream sandwiches but they have the total food city ice cream though I made that mistake one time without looking to its thought it was. And ice cream sandwich one of the worst bites in the entire my entire life has written a paddy of border off the table Clinton's peace award chocolate. Now the middle of that room this bodes for the evening for what it's like butter not to go through. I mean I it is yeah I mean this analysis of your bringing care dogs around me this week in you got to go. I'm going to be just like Tony Rizzo was that they were gonna though that rate for the O and sixteen Cleveland Browns. If you want it and people better play in this parade you can't stay away from me. So in my mail it's not like. I swear to god I'll have I'll say out loud or go get 101000 marbles before you at that rate out column. With that machine. What was that machine McCarty at at. They eat me mobile I'll be there and I will always. You'd down under by tires I promised that I brought you have to upgrade its good and ugly. If you bring those care dogs around me in my Loveland it's going to be ugly I'm ready to grow pants. I'm ready by anybody now once. Why keep energy away from me. Text like 69306. This cycle will be let you pick that topic going get your questions in ask us any day for the final show Friday. Holiday on the drive you choose I mean I think I'm entitled to. Answers. I want the true that would be anonymous strategist and Jack Nicholson at least this would have been a lot better. Handle the truth yeah. Yeah. Tax 969306. Stitches west and Travis Lay. The grandparents aunts cousins out. Drive safely at a great Memorial Day inning safe Memorial Day we gain heavily memorial day's first this. So it was a magic. Specter earlier today this might come as a shock to some youth skating on Memorial Day because he just hates anything and it. Specter is the only person I know that it's birthday parties like I've never met a person hates for. They've parties and inconvenience or I is a couple more ice agree or afternoon. But Specter basically hates evenings and Republicans wants to do with me then later cared to collect the younger. I didn't look at dangerous products there's the lack of celebrities therein I'm trying to bluntly that I don't blame him. Unlike Canada two part question from the tax find is Sammy Watkins a creature from the TV series being. Erickson he's seen the latest saint Watkins ideas and actually told the counselor said that it's his responsibility does that mean he citywide next week. I'm Mike violence and consult our here's the bad news to beat them two hours to reach homes. Are you say it. Cycle looks weak spot when it opposed Twitter account as any. Sounds good C got you feeling about Daytona and testing I heard test listen to Daytona probably three times are likely to. Big fan I like it. It's only seven songs like six albums on quality product. Seat shots back weather machine could you stand at the forty yard line and throws a ball through the golfers. Through the heavy chains. It made me. Not good NFL football players you've only got through others that may be due to the Golan and I said. I think I'm not my statement that it's big it's got a good shot of three I with a healthy shoulder. Courage to open I'd probably in his shoulders him right up or dusty Jacobs Field. I hit from fourteen hour slew of staff to twelve doubles and twelve holes in my friend in that app girls and early twenties alive so. We do a lot of podcasting game one on one competitions. Back at 42 I'm Bret consistent. But I've done it you know what I expected from an easy it out of war of course member of the long black pickup column Frederick Douglass. God they were just talking about it and doing line you talked about health insurance benefits. I just. Divert any. But he's going cheddar Bob. Yeah and not a game it phone chatter about soda for sure he's he's that guy like it's about it in Bentley is that not only that. We knows that has to win accidentally. It was a quick look like a real nadir. With that the negative do. Yeah life is about back we have we don't have holes to play life as I had a everybody pounds. I get starstruck at interviewing an athlete it's so blue book at. Adult. What do you wiz with so much that the wallet I've grown that you that was in the past. I can only say I've been prize star struck three times in this profession. First time I saw Bo Jackson. Jackson. Cam Newton and AA and at some Chris Teague the soup books and democracy teacup and it goes a bit much. I'm Scott Scott van pelts number from ran amok there's no he's gonna come on the show called five minutes with him on the show before I asked him a question. Yes you might or need that kind of put me on skates thrift way. By the way I'm bleak Stearns liquidity. And you're. This is the stadium is so this is Wednesday Malaysia. It picnic it's up and not blur and bars summer long in today. There at the top final one he hit peak on homes. A year. But I wanted to be. When he sixteen when he said. Yes those contractors if not he host Biden play in uniform other than achieves sudden yemenis say. You war which is really only three years from now. I mean I'd be really surprised even the lowest levels when you if you didn't get it's like I did lose your old Philip Rivers 44 touchdowns eleven that. Not a bad you're saying. Check the budget has made six and sports dot com also available hide so why read the boat or the dog out check out the podcast page but we will be back. On Tuesday. Drive safely enjoy the holidays yet here's the driver.