05/25 4p - Vern Joins Pick-A-Player, Ned, Mahomes, Beer Pong Partner

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Friday, May 25th
Pick-A-Player, Ned on the deadline, Mahomes button plus picking a beer pong partner 

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One more. Movies it's the tee and second time today didn't you guy who's running backs. How you handle two turns your accountant didn't Roger. Julius east and play yes that's slider for help on the drive. Halfway home on this drive thank you so much publicity parents there is Steve inspectors on Levine taking up until 6 o'clock. To drive in the late. You drive into the grandparents' house the law's house drive safely travels states. Hopefully we'll get you there in an entertaining fashion coming up it's 430. In this like quarterbacks in areas that we just kind of stumbled upon if you want you voted I think you go on our Twitter page right now I'm vote. There are two games for you to press. One button on the left. Is Matt Ryan. Patrick Holmes to become man I met mine is a really good quarterback has gone to a suitable but has not won a Super Bowl on button right. You can roll the dice and that's homes could become any other quarterback what would you do. You wanna vote on a Golar Twitter page you can vote and it's ordered Comdex last 610 sports. Dot com continue to update you. And will let you know how the people are voting right now it's time for pick a player and will it play ago first off shame on you for not listening to listen and pick up as terrorism. Did you category let's say it's baseball teams so you go royals cubs Indians tigers you get fifteen seconds name is me baseball teams whatever category that aids. Did you go against the player spektr's today's player is one Jasper here. The correct. Yes that is right over here is today's player. He has four categories the winner. What does they liggett's parent riles eighties tickets for June 2 all right well the next six and Saturday royals in a replica of the future sales he has meant to actually it might be this year ails us Massa when you really think good to me to team right now that their organizations are heading in the absolute right direct absolutely are. We got four columns on the ball right now Paul Bob Neal and Alex. On the full line we head to Paul ended Pittsburgh's Paul iTunes and men. To have fantastic all right 123 or all which when you pick. Curry are right brewery how many different kinds of sodas can you name in fifteen seconds Paul William mark Dietz that go. Coke Pepsi doctor pepper or Mountain View should teach me. Art teacher he seven spurs series. Terry cove. Wild cheers let's see code red Mountain View. All right but she'll hold their he's a big fan of the they're all in my goodness what's that you guys doing this over the years eighteen I think Sean Smith former chiefs cornerback. The year is you record holder for pick a player item now for four and fourteen also. He was a big fans cheer I mean it's adding share it been like the first person added serious bright. Great purse genius yeah I mean now that's a. As a former waiter who would be a doubt that coach Unicode diet drug mountain difference. Astros Brian like all the don't have that problem I would you know I asked for his team this year has not. Not that big of a different steps to actually know it's this thing we're just off I I. If they said noticed right here mess not to hear all yeah I just always a song. I don't know it's just right. And I guess the point is they apple we're gonna crush street to a different restaurants to choose right now odd and I just would get it. Different drink but I'm not I don't want this here mess all I don't want the lemon lime fizzled drink a fake I wanted to strike. Yet the stakes broke and it's let's see if burn those sodas and expect. Right Diet Sprite Coke Pepsi Diet Coke Diet Pepsi Mountain Dew diet Mountain Dew code red. Mountain Dew slice. Barks ANW. Squirt they scored. I now for our team that Baker's dozen I got him now for thirteen ball not to only taste good soccer -- it doesn't taste good in any other circumstance or play video. Ultimately you're eating Taco Bell nobody has our name off brands so does that group doctors thunder mister fees went late. Just since were there distressed at smaller and you don't know anything about this I don't know I don't know anything about that are so independent what they'd lost one that was a great game of pick a player. Will head down the line to Bob Casey about white men. We've got one to enforce it. Are harder or our rightful how many different kinds of birds and you name in fifteen seconds body got birds take flight. One to break. Orioles cardinals brigade. Chickens that are east. Birds of a better. If it's. Ravens. Like the strategy there just naming sports teams out of very very good strategy stars or Eagles Eagles he's listed chickens and geese I am down for the Kobe Bryant and Anthony like no one's been through that again announce that he pack all right let's see you bird that. Is a bird last year. I've been eagle cardinal blue Jay. Oriole. Belkin. Crane. Pelican. Looming go. Sparrow. And I don't count would sit at least it. What's the name if you're a bird watcher and others who worked ornithologist let's look in his own good work for you I didn't know. I didn't know that's what it was our ports and comfortable film watcher that it ornithologist. Neil in case I don't you have a sound good idea at Air Canada I think you've got to out. So mobile when he. I don't know I try to. Try to keep my head down and keep plugging away Neil Lane Kansas city police say laws are right we got blind and zoo which when you ticket Neil. Go number two. All right number Sue Bird had Disney character is how many different Disney characters can you name in fifteen seconds your mark get set go. Worked up. Disney characters how many different are Disney characters digging David fifteen seconds when your mark get set go. So why urgent aid. Cinderella. He. Aladdin. Beauty in the these. Elba. I'm. Professional here when he's a Beauty and the Beast a stunning and the beauty in the absolutely those two separate servers. That's yet aspect. Sheer Beauty and the Beast. I don't I said beauty. They'll be assistant at a dozen these at 101 dalmatians and converted from all the 101 yeah Alex and I. I don't Reid's strategy I don't think that counts and you want mine doesn't have a movie to show us that error CT does know about graffiti. I it weaker open the same time those edges and were set to he. Is movies yeah you the same Smart tags here and dividend. I've got 123 and I that it comes to Beauty and the Beast that's okay dividend beauty and these are the very generous off Friday before the holiday let's it burn those Disney characters. Clad in just far earth the Cinderella. Alice from Alice in Wonderland that Cheshire cat. Seemed not all. Woke up. John Smit was an excellent bull. Nobody go in the goofy and Donald Pluto those dues on his ankles before time in group in the ninety's or else movies be making houses movies was at Disney character I editors busy anything at Disney you think like. Me and made it a million anyhow its denizens and little army I would not I would not they just. I really think it's time I'd I'd I'd think if you grew up the same time that it was group and I like under 35. And when people say Disney that the associate ads out there. I'm saying is I think it normally you grew up watching Disney that you grew washing lad. They'll all that's like those the Disney characters and that's because it accurate obviously I think it's a millennial those were our -- entered a little bit older that they would say those characters but those ones you grew up opensocial a generational Tuesday's starting baseball players let's start with Babe Ruth and acumen and Joseph Dumars. There have been 2000 and pony. Yeah 123456. To nine we did see who's who who want. A boon. Let's go to the all. Item. All right you've got more famous Tom's. Very tough category I believing Alex all right you've got fifteen seconds how many famous people named Tom Keene Amy fifteen seconds a mark get set go. Tom Hanks Tom little and bookie from vendors. You. Alan everything I know you do let something go famous people named Tom is a very very very tough category pretty. Crews. Commentary. All right let's see if bird knows. It's. Brady Tom Seaver. Com. Joyner. Morning talk. I need him. If. Dot com Celek in there. Great now I mean that been Tom Joyner polls any theories don't today details Tom Joyner he and a wall he joined the royal museum morning show most easily the most popular black coast in the history on the burden very very very popular radios. Who is a we all independents as the winner of the game put you in charge of the counting in this was maybe a terrible strategy about the case of double digits it'd just decline when you are when you for bill as it is it. Ball and independence you all the winner. Of cities pick a player in the prize. Coming up one minutes we'll give you a chance of 1000 bucks national gas contest both first. Net. On the trade deadline will save at the end of the royals had to say about a coming up on the drive. You know on the drive coming in fifteen minutes with a good chance of 1000 bucks in the national has contest. Ned Yost manager Joerg Kansas City Royals on MLB network radio. Decimal question about the trade deadline nears what Ned had to say it. Now we have spoken very little about it you know. You know the draft is coming up and you know we've got or five picks here in the first 100 connect our our group is extremely focused in the draft room going over. Players from all over the country via. You know make ensured that you know we get these kicks right so. You know the majority of our focus and intensity is then and that draft room. I talked today about. Since we've been on the road once or twice but it hasn't been about buying or selling out. You know just make injured that day ill ill call mature but he's good too I need any thing. What would we wanna do it we look at is donating that we want to do not not not anything on the finance talent and yet. That was Ned Yost on MLB network radio. I obviously don't think that Ned Yost is going to go on the radio and say date and I talk all the time about trading guys were going to do it as quickly as possible. But I don't think that Ned indeed need to have too many of those conversations because it seems very obvious what the royals are going to do. Where is not going to be on the team come August 1 John Jay is not going to be on the team come August 1 boring injury. The royals are going to be one of the more active teams at the trade deadline and I talked and acted like acquiring pieces I'm talking activated in getting rid of players. So they say they don't talk about all that kind of stuff but Johnny Damon who isn't sourced in baseball as anybody is not coming up with those rumors or his own. Other oils are openly taking phone calls and openly making phone calls about players to get a gauge on the market. And I think the royals are going to be one of the first teams to make moves now the last teams I think the wells could be the team that sets the beginning of the trade deadline in and is one of the first team to unload. He's considered an objective that you for clarify that you mean they're going to be sellers and biologists trying to make sure you know you'll appreciate that bush used the draft there are momentarily and I thought to myself. Talk about just uncertain science in the NB a if you draft a guy at the top ten top three pick you don't just expect to be good expectant and up and all of me. In the NFL draft a quarterback number one number two number three overall expect the current franchise for a decade. In baseball. There's been one and number one pick ever. To end up in the hall of fame and that's kindred between the keys hitters and so my point is this. As many times is in the draft you've got you mentioned five of the top 100 picks that you brought you five to micro stock auditor called her. Just as often you end up with a Raul Mondesi junior or Bubba starling who thought to wrote a turnaround. Organization. That being said. It's really the only thing that this organization can do. You third instantly pointed out earlier today and leader Mir is essentially the Red Sox that you know in the orphaned when he plus million dollars a year. We don't eat tomorrow because we've got the money available. The Red Sox in the royals are playing two different games even though there both called baseball so for the royals they got one way to win the world's leaders in its what they did. In 20142015. You build from the ground up because they don't have assets in the morning some of these other big organization tat. We will get back to that point momentarily right now the royals lineup is out there. Into the Tennessee bureau John. Puncher docent policies Escobar Miguel Oman today. In Ramones for us. Would consider rules that sounds like you'll love Bronx bombers points. I play this for you momentarily because. I. A little bit confused on what fans want the royals to do will play his personal it's all on the other side as Jeff is planning an accommodation it's about who is available for the royals trade. Everybody that felt like beyond and I go back to Dayton Moore well the quarter beating. Last December's. Look I mean there in full rebuild mode and are yet open for business development for sale well portrayed them and that's not change. I think one of the best things that major league baseball players have been able to sell old who Spain ends of their organization. In order to be really good we have to be really really then. About the culture right now that's in baseball think about the free agency market. They were due to the message is we're trying to win at all cost and our pocketing his money I know right now we're still argue the same thing or charge you with your good but I this is in the best interest of you that were really bad the season. But I do think that some ails main have a little bit of a defeatist attitude and we won World Series and now. If that's what you think is best picture right everybody. Trade Saudi trade or racial or treat their putrid Jacob Jones to meet at some point the royals have to establish who they want to be as the new core of the team. What mayor field I understand he's 29 years old he's a really good player and UK have a more friendly contract or Don your team the Whitner you'll. Gonna trade him do it now but don't wait to hear betray what are you if you try to that you think you gonna hold improve the royals demo line. I mean I'd rather keep what mayor fueled by understand the business aspect of miss ticket June destiny is a I'm not trading Jacob Jones. Obviously it goes without saying. If you get the right deal you tragic June as what do you could you get that that could be better than having it 25 year old Barry how to starting pitcher what the other oils giving that they can have something better than Nick Jonas what deal could you get better than a guy like you have more race a layer but it's 4526. Are all popular that it hit 300 and hit for power. And those guys need to be part of the core I understand you got to move ball from a guy like John. At some of these. These guys are not willing to entertain the conversation several reds is hard so the team he's the face of your organization. And he's very early contract Eddie just somebody. That's a big contract you're willing to absorb. The goal in baseball shouldn't be let's build our team down is what was it would hope that we're good at 57 years and keep some guys you wanna have when your team at the core of the team and build around those pieces and trust date either hit on the draft. Portillo you're ordered to open up the pocket books and go make good free agent signings to make your teen can edit it shouldn't be let's build our team down two with 61 wind being. And all that for years now we can hit the draft like Chris Bryant. And get out your body is indeed good years later I can't believe that Iranians have allowed baseball billionaire owners to sell them well and paid for the next for years let's keep all the money that you guys give us and maybe will be good in four by. OK that is the nucleus of the team you brought object computers you brought up with America are those the guys that you want to close to build around for the next few years just to me. The alternative and again cancer the second welcome to soap operas we had burned here about half hour. And he was talking about where he's the face of the franchise in the glue that held together in the reason people come out better. Yeah any might hit thirty home runs at a hundred RBIs he might do that next you're in the Europe that still with the best defense of catcher in baseball. On a team that wins sixty games so what's the point of having one or two really good players on a really crappy team when the alternative when the vice Versa that is. There's still look crappy team instead of maybe being a 65 win team building win sixty games if you don't have self if you don't have Judas who don't have it. What you do that is a model organization that right now. Is considered the 28 best minor league organization and all of baseball the royals after replenished at the same way that when they brought up. Don't know Ventura when they're brought about Eric Hosmer and brought up Mike whose stock is he can't just wanted to guys in the model organization. -- the Red Sox Yankee yankees don't just bring up a couple of guys mentored him with a bunch of free agents to be an entire wave of guys which is why I disagree with you and I say break it down completely happy to have any assets that other teams would want to Jacob Jews bring back trade value. Because he started this season route to weld is gonna from the contract. Don't get out here bring back somebody younger and and that's the same thing with will add to the same thing with governor at the same thing to sell corporate. Jacob Genesis 2.5 years old. Is Jacob Jones. The guy we want to acquire like if they trait acknowledging good if they're ready to win absolutely but we're not ready to win for two or three. Point. You. Analogy to break it down younger and cheaper players can do getting younger and cheaper than Jacob Julius he's five years old and easily contract it's absolutely nothing immigrant baseball. You mean. Are we talking about it the royals are going to do just that what may be breaking it down to hopefully acquire a guy like Jacob Jones he's wanting nothing contract. One thing if he was on into any kind of contract you're trying to trade him. Not paying him absolutely I think he's 25 years old. And you by the time he's 28 he's in the of his career ending he beat and he's only team it's go to. But Jacob Jones is making 550000. Dollar this year. And you got control of victims between now in 20/20 two. Why give that to hopefully acquires somebody exactly like Jacob because you're. It would be good until 20/20 two so you might as well have quarreled quote Jacob Judas type of pitcher got it's gonna happen you are right in the low three's that's going to eat up innings. Goldwyn Mayer foods can play solid in the field always do chip to eighty batting average knocked in eighty RBIs those guys agree to especially are paying them pennies on the dollar. They're just not great to have right now that's what the was gonna need on the team three years from now on those twisted logic and it doesn't make a lot of sense to most people but that's exactly what you wanna do. You wanna trade wage he can juice right now to find the Jacob Judas three years. And I guess it it just it is very surprising to me. That we have let baseball billionaire owners convince us that the best team the best thing for their team to do is be as terrible as possible. For the next three years while they still charge the same amount that they were good there still charges Saber partners so it's hardly a hot dogs they're allowed to keep all the money. In hopes in any nineteen we can find really good prospects are wanted to I just. I can't believe that baseball fans have been at at at the walled old eyes you got to win fifty games for the next three years in order to be good. That is the most backward logic I didn't. But as affair it sucks but here's the number a couple of years ago in the world were competitive and everybody from the top of the ball and the organizations that yet go ahead and get rid of shaman I'll go ahead and get rid of a couple the gyms the marlin organization. To get Johnny quid to get bends over that's being called. All it and we all agree you have to go all in try to win a World Series. If you're not only in the martyrs will be all out there if you're not for somewhere in the middle of the road got a couple of good players that you pay money to or even if it or not. They're not really getting anywhere for teams losing a hundred games a season which is my logic. I'm being proactive opposed to reactive themselves or porous is he still a great player yet is he the face of this franchise it's the reason why I go to Kauffman Stadium absolutely. But he's going to be under contract a friendly deal for the next for years on a sixty win team was really get. Coming up five minutes we'll give you a chance that a thousand bucks in the national cast contest gambled get back to our poll question about Patrick Holmes will tell you what it is if you miss it next on the drug. Experts say it's not a 1000 bucks and ask a cast on since 2000 on the third to extort. Each seat at TET. 7881. That's pain you beat a thousand dollar has international desk and says. Six says Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City gives you a chance when the 121000 dollars each weekday to listen I'm a 378 to seventy. You are next chance to win is coming up in one hour at 530 got so more chance to win this week one I go and try to win right now complete rules and listings over at sixth and sports dot com. One more time to those you in the back that RG YPEC. Text the word. CEC. 272881. Our next topic kind of goes well we were just talking about because your philosophy and a wonderful words in your mouth this. You would move all guys like some parades removal from guys with mayor feud removal of from guys like Jacobs units because at least it would appear in the short term the rules or going to be very good to start to prepare for 20/20 one for to prepare for 20/20 two because there's no value in winning 75 games. You might as well go ahead and break the thing down and hole to. If that's the playoffs when the World Series in the immediate future. All the winning championships and it's about being crappy or really crappy this is walls of we've been doing this series for the last couple days and we kind of stumbled upon and I have been really surprised at what people of yes we did Phil rivers. So there's two buttons on the last. There is Philip Rivers you compress it and Patrick Holmes team being Philip Rivers. Who in my opinion is going to be in a pro football hall of fame and awesome you disagree but it's hard to argue the numbers with a guy who was tops in all time in yards passing and topped seven right now in touchdown passes. The rivers in my typing is gonna goes the pro football fame out argue about it. Or you can press the button on the right and literally had any other quarterback he could be. Joseph well he could be Kirk cousins he could be Tom Brady he can be Jeff George or any other quarterback Philip Rivers. I was surprised at how many people chose to press the button to pick literally any other quarterback. Agreed that chance you get Tom. But the only likeness of nesting area when you get a quarterback that is much worse and the rivers so today we did the exact same thing with Matt. MetLife is a barely barely good quarterback. Matt Ryan has six season which he's though more than 25 touchdown passes one rookie of the year for time global. He's won MVP offensive player of the year once a bowl appearance but a losing record in the playoffs to NFC championship game appearances. Would you take. That's more homes to be Matt Bryant. It's very split 5050 or alignment whether you take Matt Ryan or roll the dice and you come any other quarterback. Maybe this is my disconnect when it comes to other sports as it all come from different perspective Specter cheers for duke. You chipper can't sell success for you as successful as Missouri Pena are two completely different gods. The future looking at Brighton. When the championship every year I know you like to thank you with Richard now we don't want to. Judge you're not you agree wait more times than not that you had a good season and years you get knocked out in the second round NCAA tournament. Case you were once seen NCAA tournament. Guys in the league they get lottery picks you really enjoy the season to watch your team but look at the draw the Internet that the NCAA term happens and you get knocked out. I'm all eased supply is shocked at how many sports fans are so boom or bust. And maybe don't appreciate it enjoyed them at a time when the bulls were good in week fourteen everybody was selling into the Andrew Andrew. Everybody wants their team to win a championship but that is such a small. Percentage of teams that actually get to do. And all of us at your fourteenth at some point I guess other than eager K you basketball being are you seeing your team terrible. Like really bad if she's fan boy you've seen some really bad here in future for the cheese. So I'm surprised if it's hey if we can't beat the patriots I rather be the grounds. I don't you guys that you were the grounds. Or enjoying a whole lot adding a whole lot of fallen. I'm always surprised how many sports fans not just she's fans not just take you fans of sports fans in general. Are never happy with thirteen being good like if you're a pelting the chiefs' perfect example. Except that you sheets. A lot of Obama and it's a lot worse situation than that she's. Situations absolutely Packard that she's ready to steal cheat or that Seattle Seahawks are a team that's possible that's the goal of every team. And humid sheets. An organization that winds ten and eleven. Well gains host playoff games competitive relevant you have a good time. Pulling out of the game a good experience. There's a lot of value and that to me like I'm always surprised me the keeping up with the joneses mentality where if we can't beat the patriots I. I rather be the browns and hope that someday we can beat the patriots and maybe not content with being a good well run organization. Well it's totally different with the two teams insured from sports complex with the chiefs I agree and some at some point as a sports fan. It becomes as much about being entertained as it is about winning or winning a championship going deep in the oils case in point Dick for meals teams. Didn't I don't ever remember them advancing deep golden age of C championship game or anything like that every Sunday I was glued to my TV because. I knew it was going to be highly entertaining so. That's all I would say is. It's about winning championships in the case of Kansas City Royals the reason that such unique scenario Carrington when's the last time the royals besides the last couple of years. Or around 500 or around the 788082. In baseball in the answer is network it's all at least in my lifetime chronicle loves it. It's really hot like getting too and winning the World Series back to back seasons or really cold like managing a ways like yeah 110 games or 56 years and to me that's the difference and that's the disconnect where. From the royals perspective. We can only see one way we're there to be a really good. Or going to be really really bad and frankly the way that the baseball landscape is set up for an organization like the royals with a market size like the royals. Red Sox the Yankees the Rangers at about those teams can mess up time and time again on players on conflict and just eat the contractor in the next more money. The reason the royals got really good there for 456 are stretched. Was because Dayton Moore was able to pay guys cheap money on rookie contract and the ball to him that seat at the same times all of setting. That's the it would. For an organization like kinsey royals to get back to consistently winning games and being competitive in the playoffs and winning world's leaders is completely breaking it down to completely go back. And I guess they didn't we all come out from different angles and viewpoints because it would seem that we cheerful. I don't think there's anything wrong with being organ and mobile sort of Aldrin an entire run did not win a national championship. So better to be Alabama would have been better to be all. I saw you rather be organ beat you if the option is like can't be Alabama's rather be as bad as I guess I just don't understand a velocity I just resort. Of course I want my programs to be seems to be honest realistic. Eaten up in my lifetime is going to magically become kids basketball. We've got. Never won a national championship and one final four in this time really well run program but clearly on the wrong bull low all the other teams. I don't think it's anything wrong with being not a really good program that people respect you put guys in the league nationally respected but not one that here of all those other ones. Maybe that's the viewpoint that I can from so I royals and whom you I. You decided. It's either being incredibly hot or incredibly cold there's no value. You're winning 84 games but I remember it's not we all the clamor to win 84 games were open and back in the day all one that's all we want the world to do with the relevant in the summer. Or last couple years looking forward. The pipe dream what players do you see on this team in the pipeline Mon league organization on the roster right now. They're going to win 84 games in the next few years I think it's it appeared to be ecstatic the same way that after a fourteen and fifteen. 2016 and last year when the team was very average people definitely willing to deal with that because of how good it was a couple of years before. You look on the horizon you'll like him. It looks pretty dark going all war like just as well assume. Not to suck but really really suck for the next two or three years if means that you're going to get better players restock the marlin organization group of them are going to call to the big leagues college Donovan terror in my. And win together I think most people are willing to give up the difference between an eighty win season. And 868. Win season. Four World Series appearance 345 years we've we've got that same thing before. Text on 69 reserve's six nobody strives for second place. Maybe urging ending its CEO bird sounds really don't like being that being number two that's restaurant seems really good. I'm short urging would love to be McDonald's. All of them loved McDonald's but I'm sure Burger King is bear it was about what what interaction with Donald and into. A lot of Wendy's. Taco Bell and all these public because the race has already been warned of the U orbiting cheeseburger whopper record. While it's a little bit so I just always surprised to hear people say either it's championship boomer boss like I've seen in this poll of I I would take build rivers all take a boom or bust and we agree. Like this as the boss we dice fail all the time of professional sports. Andrew Luck he was supposed to be the greatest quarterback prospects and John Elway. Teen teams and cities that fan base is there organization to get it looked. Right now. That we see guys fail at this level bowl all the time it sometimes got to count your blessings and maybe it does the Missouri and I am defeat is an uncle my team in. Average or below yet you are sometimes that does look at it and I think that people always chase trying to be top when the top is just such a small percentage that has got a good read out of it and deal with what. And deal with the percentage of everything else coming up at o'clock we'll get to the top stories of the banking city coming up next. We asked a question that all of you have to deal with this Memorial Day we. You would tell you what it is an excellent draft. Ten minutes. We'll get to the top stories of the day is seen sitting. This weekend so you're heading to the lake if you got a barbecue and picnic cook out whatever you call it. You're going to be playing a little bit yard games I myself. There's a couple things that I think I'm the best person in Kansas City. Number one it's NBA jam at the arcade thing if you like to play. Send me a message text and I'd be happy to give you the buckets with Chris Mullin Tim Hardaway brought it up down or where wherever wherever there's India aging insisted you're trying to play and lose mean NBA don't graduate or grants Scottie Pippen no problem. I also think. I don't up on top fives. Bags in the city. Definitely top three in the city. Decent beer pong player its top fifty in the city and there's some things I think I'm you know pretty a lead that when it comes to people in Kansas. People are gonna be you know playing in the yard games this weekend. Got a little bit of toss that question. If you pick one local athlete. To be a long partner for the week in. Who are you pick you can't pick anybody nationally. I think the obvious pick could be stuffed her in. Stuck her apology the greatest beer pong player of all time you can pick one athlete. That you and that person are running doubles. Agile local barbecue. Sports machine shot levee is someone who looks like they have played a lot of beer pong in their date who you run and tunes within beer pong. Ironically. I'm sure that are pro athletes nodded as good as like some the best players some frat house bounties Stater UMPC that's actually who did it but it's gonna make you pick an athlete. Broken drink and who could also drop when he's not gonna get too drunk that they won't be able pockets. I guess some that say Mike Dukakis and the guy's got a good on something tells me that he could down emperor to. And his body type is one that could actually hold out on saying he's a bigger arms saying. After we beat you in your pardon whoever until you choose a couple of games and then your voice and justice and Austin and urban knows those type people you wouldn't want it becomes a best of breed that's going to be you and your partner being moves are gonna keep winning the question is how drunk is he going to be that he can hold his liquor on Jews and moves. I'm well as a sex line here momentarily. It's back. This week in you can pick any local player athlete. If you wanna mayors like James I guess you could pick anybody that lives in Kansas City, Missouri if you wanna have Lynne Dawson playing beer pong. I guess you can pick that you beat anybody. Who are you picking. I know I've got. I'll tell you guys at the end he's got Mike stock has been sex lies and Danny Duffy who right now it is accuracy I don't know why you pick him and they're all eyes that well either day and they really don't and that's it if you wanna pick. He seemed like someone that would consistently throw it all over the table. I picked up eagle at about what it's you gotta control your squad. You'll run into this year who you. It can anyone five. You meet at. Did you see that Marcus Robinson last year in the pre season Kohl holds that even drink at me Q we would have him as a partner even better. There are people later put more than. He's evil right there at guard Marcus Robinson summit it is based on the run into a small window will pop up ball. Sixty yards you don't think he can throw the length of a small table in to a small cup without ping pong. Jimmy at. That means that we know is accuracy Dak I mean he might be. That again and maybe a little too strong he's going to our big time players make big time throws and big time game we've all played with a guy and beer pong with treating it like he's shooting on a ten foot bass that's me in those kids. This. Have a little touch you gotta have a little but he adds steamy once five you guys. Have a little nasty to edit he throws a two party spills the cop that's still up point for us IT believe that utes who have left the the number one or oral and Elvis. Travis Kelsey has absolutely played over 250. Games would be your poll this week. They cal. Of the year all. Ample got to meet Travis Kelsey. He probably keeps. A setup finish strong and he is at any. Tell me in this game I it's just else. Absolutely beat your team and all that spirit I'll take a whole foods beat. Goods are brick and nine months ago. And I take my stock is and you can't meet track is Kelsey overrun and this game all night. Have you ever played beer pong with anybody here at the stations specifically to her and. I don't does does he says something tells Chinese artisans are boring Beers so we do doesn't know anything about beer pong. We consented and we can do that on FaceBook lie whenever you walk don't run from a challenge if you play on and senate and we can. I'll I guarantee better and you had this and I'm trying to beat. You're drinking I called the two of its records were never were a little bit unlike like Hillary is rather small and Arrington doesn't know the first thing about game seven. Six bud lights in your sit at a concert in ninety minutes you don't know the first thing about. Think about that scared him as my first pick at 610 as a beer pong are having not seen anybody play on taken basically something tells me that dude has played bet plenty of beer pong and if it hasn't playbook when he beer pong. After 1012 Beers can be just thought. Glee about a bit around when they invented beer pong I'm probably taken house. We can play in set this up when ever you guys all its not hard to do we have to space we have the equipment. And we can get the beer from viewers what you tell me when you got us which is the sixth tend to want to appear on. And give me downstairs. And I guarantee you we run and you did. Pat downs there's baltics too easy for sales and reaching three years ago resume and there are an artist and you can't handle his liquor. At a work event. Any respect for anybody at a work event that would take an ailing fourteen Beers and it'll take over all. Soul beat you once. I'm eighteen. Travis Kelsey. And we're running. Peru Amy body you all. I've only seen use sloppy ones. Ample cause he's sloppy ones in. Europe have gotten on a this event also spec would you say that this guy was sloppy winning is what. And did it. I don't I would say about that when it was character was under dressed and looked at. Yeah wasn't coming out I mean ivy app like. And you'll waters so I can't. Speak today of cold here yeah heart pounding that you remember right now it's forty minutes as I. I just well there. The way and then I'm only ahead now to pull apart as it is letting you off. That's why. You were super withdrew her gender dress I dress come out there. Because already. I ordered the khakis and I. All major lets viewers back all game out there all new iPad already navies and some banana republic. Have been under your bookmarks it's always. Were culpable somebody sweating wherever you know what was just accidentally ice is wedding biker shorts and I clubs I wrote in the elevator up with Chrysler was brought up and be elevated envoy I'll play gestured Mary appeared on the brighter the masters was and that was bought them to be in okay I was up. A does that get to the top stories of the day city and we helped get you into the light. If you're headed there in its program is headed for the holiday week and hits coming up in two minutes.