05/24 - We Love the Chiefs, They Don't Love Us

The Drive
Thursday, May 24th
Spec lays out a long list of reasons why its hard to love the Chiefs eventhough we always will but why won't they love us back? 

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Today. Coming into the station today. The first thing I'd. Heard from when I saw Steve inspector was there's only one thing I wanna talk about today's show us it sure you'd Hollywood talk about it we'll talk about it. It's we'll all find out together this is the one thing you're passionate about today outside you're watching capitals go to the Stanley Cup. It's not a hockey segment of this breakfast it's about the jeetz. Now. I want to preface this whole thing by saying I live and die with the chiefs of all I'm really upset after a loss on Sunday. I am in such a good move that mood after a win on Sunday so I can't speak for you but use strike is a big cheese and meat cheese. Make you happy or sad depending on whether or not having good bad season Sunday dame damn right absolutely OK you've you grew up here you've grown Batiste and all of that right now. Carrington I don't think you share the same. Level of you liked it g.s but you probably don't go with highs and lows that I George on Iraq. Wouldn't consider myself HE Spain and I'm an NFL they're the only team I consider myself as being in a business they're Oca. So for those you don't know I grew up in Washington DC but I came out to Kansas City once a year. Every year high school and went to a chief's game I grew up at seaspan Washington DC. But I was submitted Dan Patrick show this morning and they were to actually time at the National Anthem but it started making me think about the chiefs. And again I well the chiefs. I'm a big fan of the chiefs. I make fun of some of the people in the front office out here and then. But that's all side I love the football product and my Sunday's ride and die with sheets but it got me thinking. Why do we as she stands. And as a city. Love the cheese and ivory down some stuff that are not opinions these are just facts about the organization. That make me think why do we love this team and why should people like Sean at myself riding die with the or this organization we're gonna start wood just on the field stuff. They haven't won a Super Bowl since 1970. They haven't appeared. Any Super Bowl in nineteen city that's forty years. They haven't been to a AFC championship game since 1994. Three Faxon wrote and opinions. It took 34. Seasons. To invest in the most important position in sports. 1983 was tied black lynch 2017. Was Patrick Holmes birdied. For. Years. To investigate first round draft pick in the most important position in sports. That you recently traded one of the best young talents in the NFL. For a second and a fourth. Because their owner. Need to stand pressure. He's gonna why do you Indy Reid's gonna why do you that is not a cap situation. It was about and pressure and him being outspoken annually for the National Anthem and everything else. In the past five seasons. They've been part of who the story. Playoff collapses. And were part of a team at home in which the road team. One without scoring a touchdown. Those six acts alone. Should make you not like organization and these are just on the field right Johnny with me. Oca. Partially built chose to. It's going negative Nancy honest you're you're bringing up all the reasons why one would not want to begins each he's been opposed to focusing on. But glass half old like at quarterback situation you point out between Todd black legend drafting back home last year's been bad. But how many organizations had a run of running backs included Christian Okoye and Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes you and where all call Hitler what has that yielded them. Our spots that would be not a Super Bowl and not an aids Egypt each game to an end and one playoff but does that won a playoff want to attract those guys are you trying to make the point that there is uniquely bad organization that they winless in most organizations do know that she served there. Average organs. I think their Albert organization. With an above average extraordinary. Standings and those two things don't match up now let's go to law its third one no I just not drag us. The answer to your questions seems very very simple Tammy. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents that in them down. Some people get a till they get aired since their parents well enough that wing they die you get a house you hear X number I'll in my dad's and didn't CCR records that's it. A lot of people vote. Or handed down sports teams correct all. People's baseline answer is going to be because my dad cheered for acts team or my uncle cheered for Eckstein. Maybe all the other stuff I've certainly can't argue excitement maybe. That's certainly a 100% sure that she's haven't been very successful. Say if we all like right now asked very simple why each year for the chiefs I think the most popular answer would be this. Civic pride we saw what being proud city was never the royals were really felt about it how cool is that NFL city are down. Law to your town excuse me out of the thing that is in the proximity. And a second one is it was handed down to me. The only reason I cheer for Missouri is because my parents cheered for Missouri. In my parents can't as fans growing up even bought the Missouri I would be it can't as they like I think those are gonna be it's who popular it's it was painted down to me. Or civic pride. And and I completely agree with everything you just that and maybe I should change the question too why don't the chief slow bus. So I just listen all these on fuel things right. Let's go off the field. The all of the team doesn't live here. And he spends. One night maybe. During home games and he spends that night in the stadium. If he flies up on Saturday night sometimes he will fly and sunny morning and fly out after the team so our older. Has no connection to Kansas City plus commercial rights where is she. He does not all does not own a hole in Kansas City. That's. I I I asked and asked router and and is fours people told me he did not own a home in Kansas City you ultimately though the giant Condo that is actually located in gladly stayed. But you would think that the owner of an NFL franchise but on a property in Kansas City at the red for I he has the money for Ellis. I I'm a transplant I have a proper and I won a bit old. My wife and my roots here in Kansas City but I'm a transplant the owner of our NFL team can't own a home in the city which he owns the team. Seems a little streets and you can't. Furthermore the chiefs are increasingly. Making it more difficult to feel connection to the players. I think we can all agree with. How much of that is an NFL thing because I part of it because I do think we've seen and we've got to get back into the National Anthem stuff. I see time and time again that the NFL maybe doesn't value everybody's opinion is much and they think they're used to penalty. It doesn't matter. CT it doesn't matter if we put terrible games on Thursday that it doesn't matter how he handled domestic violence it doesn't matter that we sad that we have breast to Breast Cancer Awareness Month we'll get 1% of the proceeds. All the stuff the NFL does about the course of the year for. It's football you are going to watch it I wonder how much of that is the culture that the NFL has created more baseball is different they wanted to have the community with a because it's not the most popular sport in our country where the NFL's like and it doesn't matter. But I see seventeen million the app. Viewing for an NFL game is seventeen million people that. Matter it's the browns vs the bears in a matter that the cowboys against the patron the average number of people watch the game is seventeen million I. Not saying the chiefs are alone but they are part of the problem and I think they are there any in this six malls NFL market. There's probably more than need to connect with their fans in Chicago maybe don't need to because you got three other four other sports professional franchises in New York. Los Angeles Dallas all that. But Kansas City as to. And you got to connect with your most passionate fan base for average organization they don't see Amy Watkins it's a Graham last night did you see that. He put it up and it's a gram of him had made it one handed catch. The chiefs took it down out of movies you posted on social media anymore and democratic abuse mart stores and another time. You guys guys grew up here you knew on Monday night Derrick Thomas had a community show them. You could you could list or childhood. When certain guys had a show on what night I'm sure that was possible oh series. No longer able recovered on on a daily basis against that may be more media driven and you know that's more stuff Ross is opposed to fan. Also I think part of the free agency air not just who pulled all but with any sport. You really wanna become attached to a player that you know damn well is going to be playing and printer for different journeys throughout his career. A ticket I would say it helps but when I'll keep donor are right. I wouldn't complain about parking prices because they're lower than the rest of the NFL. But they keep. Raising parking prices. And it is an issue every August and September on either during their transit are there parking situation is terrible trash that's awful what is Kansas City law of the most. Are these games. Tailgate you failure here they are now limiting. This space that you can guilty of their bad but I thank our I certainly can't argue that using race and finally. Mean at a checklist or road. I wanted to make citizen yeah yeah hasn't read the G. They're getting into this state I live it jeeves. And again if you're just tuning it. I'm a cheese and I I can I guess there's thought I'd say like I bitter war and I live or on Sundays them finally just let me make my final point here Stephens and my knowledge is. Clark gave up that home game in London right to play the alliance merger. To my knowledge. We have not gotten anything back in return because that's what he said he's part of this committee. If he gives up an international gain the keys get back something in return beat they they did say well. Nineteen the draft is going to Nashville it's sounds like all the momentum in 2020. Is going to Cleveland for the draft. We know 23 in 24 is going to New Orleans and Arizona and others gap in between those years says the baby does come to Kansas City that's not address best it's a best suits liberal on it. On and we know and we know to go so court gave up. A home game for vendors to make money parking attendants make money she stands going to the games with their friends. They're still paying these still had to pay for that team as far as I'm concerned for their season ticket package. What have cheese and gotten in return for lacking and that's a small part of the high but I just wasted twelve. Name of the toughest you'll aren't ranting and raving and I agree but a lot. But she does this affect the Dr. Phil Ford doesn't answer splinters at twelve. I think and it's an issue inspect and I think that it's going across the Truman sports complex the last the last couple meters for the royals have been there average. But I could've never imagined in my wildest dreams when baseball got good in Kansas City Google would have gotten as popular. As it became it seemed like every single moved to that organization made. Whether it was at the bottom of the total all talking about us spans the players to the manager to the GM all the way up to ownership they've made right move after right move which ended up quitting. And back to back world leaders and talk about what you guys you wanna bring home mom my stock is Eric Oliver Lorenzo Cain Salvi the eighty Duffy all these dudes. It was really easy when things were really good across the Truman sports complex to compare. Was teams drafting tyrant you know this team doesn't have as much community you know connection as they once did but I think if you're comparing them to an organization like the world world for a couple of years. Always simple flat out wanted to. Saying it is conversational Ellis I would open of the fault lines not 1357676. Did. Specter has debuted well reasons. I'm very curious to hear other people's opinion. She's been enough like that or it makes me emotional the way that it does lose the respect like she's jobs are living in the city I guess we'll consider myself the only team I am a fan of still is the Missouri tiger a lot of you are she's Spain's. I'm very curious to hear what you have to say in regard to what's the inspector had to say and you guys by biggest question about the she's organization because I have yet to be able to figured I might almost thirty years on this earth.