05/24 - Rex Hudler Interview

The Drive
Thursday, May 24th
Uncle Hud joins the show live from Texas before the Royals-Rangers series 

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Is the all Sports Radio station in Kansas City give you a chance one of 121000 dollars each we do is listen and I'm 378 to seventy. The next she's the wind is coming up in one hour at 430. Why waste time there's no better time in the present they say complete rules and listings over six and sports that count one more time for those that are hard of hearing in black. Honey HO. EU why honey. 272881. Honey is one of the greatest movies of our time you've never seen Ali before. The performance that Jessica Alba delivers an on the ET's. All time I mean it's up there with. Forrest Gump Shawshank redemption. The Dark Knight. The town home. The departed mean some other great movies of this generation. Honey im wanna catch up with a Rex Butler right now on the drive hotline. And it. To a fantastic we're talking about some trade rumors at least. Involving the royals like to play with trade rumors or any team where guys are rumored to be treated. Well it that's a beautiful thing I that your. Outfielder Barry. I've seen a work in a situation like oil and and not really in order you know be there at all old senate where it. I'll be easier if they are offered. Speculation is that they're creatures rebels to report it is your players that are about okay. You're you're you're all that strangers to. Reform. Or. Even if you're in apartments in it doesn't always somebody at your job or you'll have to deal with all of you here you're water. Enter your thing and everybody wants you wanna beat if they secured. Know you're very right on that hunt I want it's ask you this because I was looking up. On on baseball reference point your favorite web sites I was looking at your career you never faced Nolan Ryan at one time. Your club or grandma who it was that yeah. He was in the nationally the American rate. Out certainly the record we what we swap we'd get caught up now that's not to say I would rate it because it. You know I had I had the problem is right edit their booty the could keep it inside the reckon ball to start. I our. Parties but it'll. Never wanted to delete data that's a bad thing show on the V near to death oxygen hood a look at the numbers for the Kansas City Royals and to meet. There's a warning glaring issue and that's the pitching a five point 39 ERA an opponent batting average of 282. Do you see that getting better or worse for. Are are getting better hopefully. The last two starts that the air travel on the it is I need help leaders on the issue that I'm aware of so help her track record there. You're over. But he is not on here. At that track where do we know who ordered copper are the main thing. Can you start to roll with any country. You're performing or you're out all the doctors are that ordinary orders are. He'll let you know that they would get hurt with a racket ball changeup. Lucky I have ever peaceful or so the were. You after she accused. They ignore you are out there and they're all related to nice little. What are. Your outlook argued that for later they're trusting work well also. You know it started here kids like it. Because they're healthy and it is after their there you make some adjustments or never they're terrible if he looked at a slower captors or out what. That would be able to walk down. Little things like that you're struggling but it's all there on liberty where it is it is on the effective. There hug you mentioned Danny Duffy 51 innings pitched it about 63 hits in your rate just under seven we know the numbers they're not good. As two losses royals fans did you ever find yourself in the kind of vague mental funk is I think it would Dini is just as much physical as it is mental between the years right now did you ever find yourself in a mental fog hitting point your career how do you just about. Or no. It the whole world that she figured if you don't want to. Or. It's it's it's really cute to be a such thing. Especially where oracle so that they like like yeah what they're well. There what's the word in order. A great guy. That. I'm afraid. Had a oracle where boats or. A prisoner changed a bit to get better. That you have to find a way we'll have a support system around all. All or some sort of support system but it how you look. I don't know if a lot of success with the little psychologists. Under her black coaches that Bristol coaches are out there what war they would what I needed. You know know their support system its huge spark help or you're hurting your. And try to top of the social media. Mean I'm lautner. The the destruction but the newspaper. It's television. And what you're struggled. Those were talking about. Regular shows on the football or go listen to you know keep your focus keep your focus on good pot here. Things that are here their health reform league urgent care. So will you eat. Stay positive Dutton will hopefully and I become. The daddy got beat tonight. Pupil we're seeing it. But it is always good talking to you have a good broadcast today and enjoy game. Off felt great here argued look at Fort Stewart and he got beat in the top rated. We.