05/24 - Carrington Wants to be Ronaldinho

The Drive
Thursday, May 24th
C-Dot goes WAAAAAYYYYY out on a limb here

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I read a story today on line. Inspector told me I was trees you kind of looked at me with a little. Bit like I was a little bit crazy. Ronald genial soccer star overall mood these unit. Dean you know soccer star he has importantly sets you married to women. At a private ceremony this August he's 38 years old. He started dating one of the one of his fiance he's into when he sixteen. In the middle of their relationship he continued relationship with a another woman. He proposed the both of them they all live at his house together I've never heard that were portal beyoncé seemed to meet my fiance is he. Gave both of them and engagement ring ethnic at the early part of last year and gives that little snippy about it. I don't propose at the same time I don't it has a lot of girls are there are particularly a and he gave that he gives them each month allowance of 2000 well. Everybody in this story is perfectly cool with. My question would be does does not sound like the absolute lie to me. And relationships and we all know relationships. Firm believer of 8020 rule the world and gonna give us a 100%. There's no. It's out there that you can feel a 100%. Of the most part we all make concessions all things are partner does that we necessarily don't like. Can you imagine a life in a scenario. In which the person you feel like 80% from. Well you get. Us and you can't be perfectly happy and everybody can department happy. I went to explain to me how this is a bad idea. Everybody in the war but this idea and out. We all come home. We all I know involved in this scenario you add a day at work and great day at work. Annual wife or fiancee your girlfriend your husband your boyfriend had a terrible day at work and it just ruins your mood instantly. I got a promotion part skipping got ice cream on the way it all mean I had an amazing. Day. And they knew and that person is in a terrible mood and it brings down on the rest of your evening. This never there and life. You know it's time apology be alone I was gonna globes Ayers. Aren't happy person should there. One of the most brilliant ideas I have ever. Horror in my taught us at regular Joseph smoke and this has got a 2000 dollar allowance of these women every month but you're telling me there was chance. That you could find this level of happiness and he would sue people. And everybody war it was cool. Do you yell out brawl on Leno did figured out like here I need somebody there to tell you the flaw in my strategy this sound like the wait till. I think I've found the flaw to one. I'm not sure it's legal. Were you have to do some research on that didn't think that you can actually have to why it's true this is clearly a unique situation because of all the people that I know that are married. Not one of them gives their wife or wives or Johnson's plural. An allowance so clearly it's a very unique religious values as duke. Get her out that you just don't know or assuming ago that if you've got one pissed off woman at home at the other one is automatically going to be happy. What happens when you got Jane to women home now you've got double the rest of the deal with to meet its not the greatest thing. First I think about the Boston's were both unmarried men. The move to mate is to have a girl. Then that you wanted to propose to her and maker wife and then you'll find out just a typical all the stuff the comes along with that is to me again as a single guy. Well it seems like twice the trouble. Okay. I I wanna ask. This question. I agree at some point it would be miserable because we've all been a fight with women and then you would have. Our arguments what the other ones you could have too angry women at some times. I would say the positive of living with sue happy women a majority of the time. What outweighed the negative of sometimes both of them would be in a bad. Cedar this sounds like the greatest. Thing I've ever her mind tile like a lot to chip code here this might. Ambulance is your budget relationship. Q do you explain to me why this the bad idea tonight about this earlier that this great idea and looked at me like I had three heads. You tell me how rod being you know her. The Euro who has who is married to women. He was date one. And then in the Miller relationship. He had all regardless of another woman you propose to both them they both an allowance so this is the greatest strategy of all time. It's batters and and it comes down to an. When you're single. A 100% of your time is short time. You wanna play video games on Saturday night go do it you'll wanna go out with your boys in the casino on Saturday night you can do it. When you enter our relationship. You think it goes down to 5050 it's. You probably get 18%. So now you'd take you'd want from a 100% your time to 20% or ten. You have been split again you'll want 10% of your life to yourself no. Thank you you wanna shoot for a quarter of collect yourself and if you get that you should be happy and I are trying to cut it down to ten or 12%. No. Thank you. My argument. Aids in what is perfectly fine you've got to do things that sure as wanna do. They are all ready understanding enough to ultimately. You being a relationship with another person. Understated units and you know it Saturday night. As you know let me and the boys are going out and you know I've taken a guys' trip this week it taught you know women who have a high level of understanding in the ones we normally do. Vinegar when I'm now at a higher level of understanding and don't you share a guy this woman had unlocked so they wouldn't do. I don't know how this isn't fair you don't usually about what those bugs that opens and that's out of strip under the program predict who ran the that's. That's that's pennies I says I I'm just I'm simply asking the question and I didn't wanna hear from people that mattered a lot of people are saying it's hard enough but my one life. I mean I get that I'm sick and there are a lot of people back to go along. Please come and payers also get a buy one get one that's really going to start a conversation. In the off Broadway but so you wanna take two wives to and it world's apartments and to buy one get one free ticket. All the sudden get some predict which of the watch you have David got into the parking lot once you didn't wanna read the timberwolves it's a two seat rock. Now what's your wives do you use this body issues and that's just at the injured in part. Let alone which you get to the reels don't like black tie dinner you're not bring into chipped to a professional black I did. Yes your raw genial yes. Vizio are bringing both and to all your heart and I like Google you can sit there and whistle blew you do I go to shake it salute you for unlocking its mystery. When someone came over and asked for it would ask and it's it's a sudden you. Right you would Hillary we're. Close with money right I hope that's close ally does no mean amid the roller rink and the Olympic. As a neighbor on pencil notes and one of our neighbors came over knocked on the door and say hey Ramallah until the paper I don't wanna runs the store Canaveral. And I went into the bathroom my game role opposite. They keep on mute couple blah you're cheap is that it. Hasn't done it. As John Kerry and asked for toilet completely fair let's wherever yeah. Nine dollars and eight. Who girls to a black tie event at an FBI the up late bright. Plus wardrobe. You wanna do that times hoop like you wanna ask two dollars for toilet paper you're taking your sort of gains. You can get a meal for fifteen bucks but now it's thirty bucks we're in the there may be they want an X maybe girl number two wants to side visit out. Entered into what did you I might help you wards and so perhaps leveraged and that he tells his two women you guys can do it yourself of people on board and split. It's a big announcement as well he's a Congo are no easy world our say Cameron and Gardner and you think I'm crazy. Jared Internet. Lesson I have been married that long. But from what I have. Experienced so for you know it it takes a lot of commitment. Around all. To make sure you see your side of the family you see your wife's side of the family. And if you got a double. Think about how much time that the paint and a couple out why get boat that your mother in law. That your partner ma. Both the Euro wives. Boat her wife's cousin. On camera camera Quebec that the American and appoint a camera people. Good point abortion everybody's got a grip on Tuesday at ground balls and grandma and me I gotta buy their cousin. That makes sense. 'cause engines now but people's. Accidents. Any inning Casey you'd think I'm crazy to god. And. And it can upgrade in Erie but you've got to women. And everyone knows everyone helpers including women what happens when they've all want alone time at the same car. Now you got a big fat on them. Did you see this is where I would just try to have a schedule you know you've got to have these big they tell relationships about communication. You know girl I heard a's got to be Monday Tuesday Wednesday on religion let's call it and the red. Other names and on the weekends midweek and that's just not as one big happy family here okay. And per cent a month we asked them to die time on the weekends you got a couple of words to his two wives number warned them to. And it for the vocal no I mean this doesn't mean you know. Allen is ready to go. Are studying you know these as telling you to sounds like an incredible writer and horrible at ivy. Brazilian soccer legend rod Nina is reportedly set to marry two women at the same time they're private ceremony he's been date and one of them. Yeah relationship with the other when he proposed the bulk of JB tuning it right bit short saying. You think of the best case scenario that could work out and that's like an evening type thing major mines are no longer want to do with these two lives yes that would be awesome. Not take yourself to the naked when things get really bad when there's a lot of anger it is from these women as you've got double the trouble pedestal that. I'm decider trying to help people and I'd you know I'd does it sound like a good idea that you guys that. Perhaps convince me that it's not a good idea and is not a utopia 'cause I'd envisioned it being but. You know why it sound like a really good idea good luck to him and his. Two lives I assume as long as the checks weekly as long as he keeps having to watch out loud and two thirds. I assume that it's gonna continue to work well.