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Thursday, May 24th
The Hits, Mahomes and lies you were told as a child 

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Congratulations on tonight at five date so let's listen to drive takes like 696. Net I just got in my car. Time to your tale of the buzz Killington pairs. That's that is the head wears the crown. I just want us to have honest conversations about that she's border you know I'm. I got high expectations bush skilling got a like this girl is today is he's the call me Killington all the time. Buzz killing them all the time it worked though so until the movement at a lot of what Mitt maybe she was bro is killing them all 5 o'clock out. We're giving away. A thousand bucks. National dance contest did change the 1000. Virginia dare royals think it's which some idea as a prize others may not at this point of their season. And you know that he thought about Patrick Holmes the entire time I mean I feel like I'm pretty positive when I say I think he can be a better version of Matt Stafford but that's pretty positive but. If you don't think he's gonna be Brett Favre that's obviously not good enough for the text line. Who is still mocking me for earlier I misspelled political words. Incidents. These are the biggest stories of the day keep the city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about it every day and bottled. Power's back on your sixth and Sports Radio. It's all those hot takes haven't given the pageant will hold a short putts short the radio station now. It is like eerily quiet for some reason is at yeah. We'll read outside the body the last hour of the show it is not even my choice Edwards you might. And so tomorrow fit into. That's a that's a nice to get a forty reaches into this we know we are outing here I OT. DA's today if he's finally addressed in the media after practicing all week in being closed off to the media. You miss seeing you read Patrick Holmes any of the team. All lies right here on 610 Sports Radio the only station that carried those guys live today in Kansas City. Just in Houston says. And Eric very. Need to stay healthy. I just heard we Beaufort Hilton is as little of it we've both covered by Hokies at receiver. Plus plus plus twelve election deserved for both work we'll have. A healthy just in Houston and a healthy Eric Berry certainly can make a big difference for this cheese defense Eric Berry also spoke for eighteen seconds. Let's see how many cliches it's okay more than that those eighteen seconds. An alert and that's one month is into the injury but I don't bear crawl and he stayed. It's still too if that's through your process more damage as far as I'm not entirely a logistics of the process plays out here. A 100% any day coffees they've when it. Discomfort are supposed to. 1010 and eighteen seconds and if you're counting at home that's cliche every one point eight seconds or so. So I g.'s OTAs in the books or week one in the offseason training program. I think we've given enough credit maybe to the residents of area bear in our conversations about the difference. I think the last time we saw healthy Eric Berry was one of the ten best offensive players in the NFL. You're adding that player back still relatively in his prime here NFL team. I think that changes things for everybody. Think about last season what will say it was the best defensive effort from the cheese I think it's the first game against the patriots and which they may Tom Brady looked pretty pedestrian human which is a very very difficult thing to do. And they did the exact same thing to rocker tells you what I think is the greatest timing of all time. And I was a lot to do with Eric Bayer read Poland and the defense. If you get Eric Berry back in he's healthy I think that changes things for Justin Houston and all you need that she's defense to do with the offense I think they can add. It's just the middle of act. It middle of the row if that she can have the seventeenth best defense that should they judge as the won eleven games I think they're going to be top eight offensively. First what Tony themselves as the greatest president of all time develop them as. It did Eric Berry awards aired Marie Baird Baird isn't healthy which leaves you with a secondary of polar Marie Sorenson and Nelson. Since Marcus Peta is now a member of the rams so. You absolutely need air fare to stay healthy I think that you could or you error there is not only most important but when healthy the best player on this defense and I think he's going to make a huge impact in who better frankly because. As good as I think that this all of its going to be and I said several times I think this could be the best offer to sheets of ever had that it's gonna look very different dealers last through the rams that he NFL with 49 point nine points per game I think The Chieftains or thirty days. Even Patrick Holmes isn't what we expect him to be I still think that the offense can be all worldly. That's the positive here's and they get. I think the defense is going to be just as bad as the offense is going to be good if just in Houston doesn't look like the 22 and a half sack just in Houston. And it looks like just in Houston we've seen last couple seasons if ever there isn't 100% healthy. I think this could be a bottom five defense in the league and his team better hope they scored thirty points a game they're going to win doubled it. Hits are brought to you by the Broadway Dell is mostly Jewish deli rain mostly not Jewish city is now open in the crossroads and crossroads to tease me. That is the official tally of 610 Sports Radio burdens pregame show coming up in about one hour from right now. First it's a little over two hours away as the royals are down in Arlington. To take on the Texas Rangers wells coming off winning two of three in Saint Louis. Rangers twenty and 31. Danny Duffy taking the hill one and sixth with a six point 88 ERA. He's going to be opposed by. And and go with Austen Dickens Turks is PR picture for the Texas Rangers. Light continued flickered here in the sixth and studios royals underdogs minus one and a half. Minus 105 those are not much of an underdog tonight for real. Officially allowed to. Legally gamble on sports and over under ten. Because some runs down off in Arlington tonight between the royals and Rangers he first deport all right here on 610 Sports Radio. Then I was born and raised in Missouri and I've spent every day in my life that he's living in the state in the at some point Nancy instantly. Any Duff you've got to show you gonna blockers have a good start over its last six starts is ERA is nine over thirty innings. He's given up thirty earned runs in his last six starts. There's no reason to think that they don't is gonna go out there and have a good start they actually does. Let's saying it's impossible sports they can happen. But at some point seeing is believing the data Duffy. Like someone that thinks he's gonna go up there and pitch really well in his next start against seem to believe you got to show meego. I'm with yeah with adult man team that gets between the years as much as it is with the oil has CRA's balloon all the way up to six point 880s allowed over one hit per inning. It's been a tumultuous season for him but it's not just go through the entire team ERA. Is five point 39 this might be the most nerds guys to. Quarter of the way to deal with this season sometimes in baseball I'll be getting 600 for the first couple of weeks and that they with a grain of salt but at this point. The statistics are kind of start to prove out to show what you actually all as a team and the world's are allowing their opponents. They hit 282. That is. Awful if you continue with an array of five point four and your opponent's hitting 282. It's going to get worse before it gets better and right now it's pretty bad talk about a team that's twenty games under 500. Number three. The big story yesterday was the UN FL's policy on the National Anthem. Now trump obviously speaking overnight. What event for three hours are going to continue to do so but sets quicker sham of ESPN he was the one you broke the Tom Brady TV twelve Bill Belichick Robert craft stuff was a great story great story what last November so. What's on what it was like Zeller gave it right of the players remember. The holiday season will call I quicker she holiday season as the broke that story on the New England Patriots while he was unseen outside the lines today. With the bearded Bob bleak and had this to say about. The NFL owners taking a quote. Vote. On the new NFL in a policy. All told no by people in the room without an official vote yes for the thing that you know look this has been going on that September they've been talking about some sort of resolution. Eight usually when they have you know official vote there's a process that they go through with this one I think that they knew how people were gonna vote they had testing they would essentially hold it. And they didn't do enough. And you wanna know why NFL franchises don't love us back set quicker should and that could. Could audio courtesy of outside the lines I don't really has put take on this as much as I have a question. Can't we guess the last time the NFL got eight PR situation right. Team fifteen years ago. Ray Rice Asif Ali all the other various domestic violence issues that happen in the NFL. How they've handled the Breast Cancer Awareness Month that you did not know the story line putting that in there the story came out a couple years ago that the NFL keeps 99%. Of the proceeds. From the breast cancer awareness stuff and makes people want or and they give away 1% to chaired. They've mishandled it. How they've handled CT because pilot handled it catch Ruth how they handled the replacement rafts. A couple years ago that the only reason they went back to the all the rest of the terrible call on Monday Night Football that we all locked the integrity of the league when Mac app. Last PR situation that the NFL got right. Let's. See what it is they keep these things pair are raw believe wrong every single. I said the royals were twenty games under five when they're actually seventeen games onslaught on tomato tomorrow also said that they're allowing other phones to hit 282 for the rest of the world's only had two guys that are getting to meet you John yeah. And Jorge some way or fried tomatoes I'll move on Bruce and haggard as far as the whole NFL thing goes many years at the timing correlated to put Paul Tagliabue step down and turned over the reins to Rogers had dale. It's kind of like talk but trump earlier right he says his dad gave a 1000002 million dollars he turned into whatever billion is that impressive feature but to me how much more impressed with a guy. Who start off with ten cents and permitted two million dollars my point is this the product was excellent. When Paul Tagliabue was commissioner. He charted over Roger Goodell instance then it's been like 1213 years to Dell's been the commissioners since then almost every single move he's made. Has made this or worse as it is or less popular and has made the viewing go way way way down to at this point. The go to an NFL game. Some people are turned off by the parking situation some before formal by the security in the frisking some deep or turned off by kneeling on the National Anthem some people from all the high price of the bigger so people promote the bathroom lines. What we talked about all these different issues adding up the source make a whole lot more sense. But what people to sit on their ass on the couch and watch games on TV instead of actually going out and dealing with everything that isn't an appeals on. And that concludes that hits for today. I was asked a question in my just burn your couple days ago and I thought he made a really good point NASA really good question. He's set in Patrick Holmes rookie season what would you classify it to be a good rookie season from home. Realize then that I had never put actual numbers beside it because I think Holmes is going to heavy really really good career so much sex on as wanted to say great I just. I think I'd suggest you're not going to be great and you can be a really really good quarterback and now we're just kind of Parse words of us and that's it and another. What you classify as a good season for Apache while Holmes is rookie years are put some numbers by. I think that your home complete 60% of his passes Iowa firm believer that 60% is the threshold you'd need to be at. Rustic consider you a good. Passer in the NFL what the way office is currently Iran with the schemes that we see. It is not that hard if you were a good passer to complete 60%. Of your passes. As a little bit of I guess a case study last year. 25. Quarterbacks in the NFL completed 60% of their passes of guys that qualify Alex like certain percent it's not that hard to do at this point I think that's the rushed cold. Of a good pass currently because the guys that are less than 60% last season that qualified you would consider good passers. Eighty adult mature this Camden Trevor seemed magical we respect CJ Beth hurt and dished and shot ties with the guys that qualify the completed less than 6% of their passes last year that it doesn't get past. So 60% needs to be the threshold in which I would like to see for one Patrick Holmes touchdown passes. Twice touchdown passes in a good number for you do throw at least the benchmark in your rookie season last season over half the league of guys that qualified through at least when he touchdown passes last season. That's a good starting point that's got to go thirty exceed announcing got a pro is meaning as Alex Smith. But if your quarterback that I think is gonna have the weapons that casuals will have around him. A baseline of owing to a touchdown passes is very fair to me and I would say. You know less interceptions thirteen analysts interceptions I don't wanna see your interceptions in the fifteenth sixteenth or higher. It will look at a season which homes completes 61% of his passes 22 interceptions. Are skewed towards him touchdown passes thirteen interceptions. I would consider that a good rookie season from homes once you could be really optimistic about and then one to build on for year three year for India. Or play in the compares in game you're talking about 20/20 2.3 touchdowns at about one and a half touchdowns bird note and write home about that but that's okay for a rookie quarterback. A couple of comparisons. Last the Shawn Watson a guy who had. Before he got hurt he's on pace to have the best rookie quarterback season in the history the NFL better than even that pressed I had a couple of years before. He is on pace probably 3839. Touchdowns and that's a very very lofty number that nobody expects Patrick Holmes to have his first year out the gates. Then you brought a fourteen interceptions. There's no way is due home throws fourteen interceptions and here's why. Maybe the most NFL ready rookie quarterback in the history of a McGovern was groomed isn't allowed to play the position Peyton Manning. In his rookie season 46 touchdowns let's go. To go along with 28 interceptions I think it's a pipe dream to think that coming up the gates as a rookie. Or guy patty cake shaken date is gonna have to interception that Peyton Manning the rose rookie hasn't happened. I'd use and Peyton Manning got his rookie season in 1998 it's reasonable little flawed argument Carson once that it I mean. We can find recent examples of guys that played sixteen games that were good quarterbacks that have gone on to be good quarterbacks we'll see what happens with Carson once come back from the injury. That through lest they intercepted that Peyton Manning did his first career are his his first season in the NFL. I'm not saying that Holmes is gonna throw or interception deceit and you know there's going to be some mistakes there's going to be some things happen. Just look at compare noble guys in there in a poker I think Derrick cars rookie season is a very good benchmark two used for Patrick Holmes. In Derek hard rookie season which was in 2014 age 23 years old. He completed 58% of his passes 58 point 120 want touchdown passes and twelve interceptions. Does seem like a very realistic rookie season for Patrick on. I think that it will put up numbers like that that they do what Patrick Holmes has in his corner he's got more offensive weapons at his disposal. Then maybe any quarterback in the NFL today. Mean Tom Brady doesn't have many weapons of course in Winston as many weapons the best teams in the NFL don't have as good of skill position players on the office aside of all as a Kinsley chiefs do the huge question mark. It's of course that rookie quarterback. But I don't think there's ever been a rookie quarterback quote unquote. Were your quarterback that had. A top running back the number one tired and you probably argued to top ten to twenty wide receivers and walked in entire deal. I think this guy's going to have trouble with is living up to the height because expectation in this city. Forgot and we've only seen played one regular season game which was against the Denver Broncos back ups. Reporting a lot of weight on this special for a way. Tax on 69 reserve's six by your standards while I should look at air riders his rookie season since he didn't start is for sure in the NFL. A-Rod rookies and he was 25 years old he sat for three seasons as you know. He completed 63 point 6% of his passes 4000 yards 28 touchdown passes and thirteen interceptions I would consider that at first season for any NFL quarterback. Is going into this I think realistic expectations modest homes you don't really operate in realism and he needs that go thirty touchdown passes with seven interceptions. But look at a guy like arsenal it's who took a pretty big jump from one double A football. You've been playing in the NFL and playing sixteen game and look at the career that he had argued the spark that he had his career. And then these huge jump beats looking year two I think it parcel with doesn't care is ACL I think Carson what was going to wait in VP in his second year in the NFL. I'm looking at Holmes. Is he should be a little bit further along he should be a little bit further advance the where he was a look at Andrew looks rookie season he completed 54% of his passes 23 touchdown passes eighteen interceptions. Not don't think. Holmes is going to be asked to do as much as Andrew Luck as looks never had the running games never had a consistent weapon certainly to have the off and the line. To really be good from the jump. Worse situation and he came into the won the pac Holmes is. I'm trying to look at it pretty comparable year Andy benchmark. What does homes need to do in season one but all the expectations we have. I don't know if there's any cheese fans that think in year one he's going to be eight global guy or all pro guy. I think the expectation that comes in your two year three who will be further down the line but we're starting the expectations that. That's starting you guys controller gonna start at 60% completion percentage because you look at the guys last year that didn't do that. Not guys I would say are great passers. If you broke more than twenty touchdown passes. Over half the league did last year guys that qualified yes well certainly helped him to be upper half when it comes into touchdown passes. In a seat those thirteen interceptions I can live with that senior want I just think because of office and how they develop short passes is certainly he can rely on our running game was not a lot of the rookie quarterbacks can do. From hold that when he intercepted the seasoned artist thing doubles. Having homes it re can find ways to scheme him where he won't have those kind of interception Roberts. Wanting to talk about these individual expectations and statistics and what we think Patrick Holmes is going to do if he stays healthy in the weapons as round him. But I think the war on statistical category that most cans each he's fans are an agreement upon of this. The win loss total. The patch or more homes as a rookie quarterback. Let's say he is Aaron Rodgers has a 27 touchdowns woman reception let's say he's more average like Andrew Luck was all these other guys that you mentioned. He still developing and when double digit football games you sort of take this into the post season ending festival there and win a postseason game in his first year is expectation from Kenzie cheese kids because if that's not expectation. Then why didn't you just keep out he had another option again because he's going to cost a lot of money. Heading into next season Alex it was quarterback. Everybody's expectation would be the team should be as good. If not better than them or the year before while they're not your expectation every year since he's been paired with Indy reading Kansas City they've won double digit games they won the division and last couple years and in the playoffs four out of five seasons. Why should we change our expectations as bands just because you've got a record. Specter I'm curious Olin you'll. Stance on that because maybe I am in the minority when it comes to this topic I guess she's made the playoffs this season and I hear they're really bad the season. The playoffs this year is not about eighteen are all about eighteen it's about being able to capitalize front. Showing that the Travers tells try selling that the Sammy Watkins tried showing that the Justin Houston ever bear these guys that are in the prime of their career right now agree but I guess I'm saying is. We know there're some teams that are Super Bowl or bust this season. I don't think that's the chiefs yet isn't going to happen in the next three years I can senators passable bus window what they need to be in the position to a suitable. While Holmes is on his rookie Tom absolutely we saw three RS for exactly what this season saying it in year one if it does get acclimated to offense. Eight in season one. Is other reasons to be excited in season one that's all year. Now and next year it's 119 I will sing a completely different too if we seem homes as good. Out be anticipating the Carson once jump. Carson once had a good rookie season and then jump to be a guy who I talk to an NDP and we know the Eagles one of the ball so next year when my expectations are for everything that you're saying. I'm just saying in year one. I'm perfectly fine if they do it if they finished nine and seven the defense isn't where it needs to be but we see. You gotta read you got pieces along opens to really go do something called a couple free agent acquisitions in the induce something in your to pat involved in the starting quarter. I'm just not holding into the play off for bus. Philosophy in Euro wanna touch while Holmes the same way I would be if it was year six and out. Is he to me they're not mutually exclusive hearsay and I'm willing to give up this force here first quote on quote false four years in being the quarterback it achieves. For the future in two or three years down the line and I expect expectations could be and results. Super Bowl championship game that I. I would say they're not mutually exclusive why can't this team when double digit gains next year due at 1011 wool when football team and west an extra mean this upcoming season and then also take the jump the year after that so. Expect as are my expectations sports machine right he may would ever today he has until and you. I think that Patrick home season will be considered a disappointment if this team doesn't win a playoff game based on the fact that they've been in the playoffs four out of the last five years and have been on able to do. Tex I 660. Last year saying long suffering she's fans have to suffer one more year no. It's your quarterback in the Percy he's meant. I'm the only one not taken the same crazy bills everybody else and were holding. Homes in a year or tries to change expectations are bears this out we sought to show on Watson why can't org got redact that president didn't wanna play in his first year it took us over the thirteen and three take that and they lost in the and they lost their first game everybody tells you the worst thing in the world happened Angela. A playoff game is like we can look at other great quarterbacks guys have been really good Carson once they. Pulling into that in your one year two boards and play Boston only won one role with you I'm on board battle and expectation in Europe or with only three years left that rookie deal. A year long and so that they got it bodes well for a playoff game. I just think that's a very unrealistic expectation fourteen next changing quarterbacks too young it's not like they got cousins. It's not like they got Casey given the Broncos legal expectation. It's that it takes to Euro quarterback that scene play a duty to the couple wrote in the priest does double into the same mentality that was hold onto an and Alex. Here's the difference you're talking about a 12 other rookie quarterback to compare him through which makes sense because this guys is good rookie quarterback all of those other examples have the same thing income. Thirteen so there were high draft picks I know that you know able to liberty out there that's how or sister team sucked the year before you get a high draft pick most on the other you draft the best quarterback. That's not at the chiefs ended up a packed homes. There were an eleven win football team the year before they would altered traded up to get this guy mortgage the draft for the next year I have all their quarterback so we can't compare his situation as a quote unquote rookie for your quarterback to all of the rookie quarterbacks because it's just not the same ram. Our commercial break I'd like to see your list of teams you feel have to win a playoff game and when the team. I would guess everyone you're gonna name has had their court at least five years every teen are gonna name is he's had it I guess they got Eagles they but it would certainly different example. Cures that list. Because I'm gonna either assume it's acumen it's been there for a little bit or established QB in the NFL that holding to that level of expectation. We go to our poll yesterday when we asked a question. Who is the best draft pick in the Carl Peterson air was a Derrick Thomas. Always it's going Gonzales and we got your opinions of people that played in the NFL but other commercial break we gave it chance to win a pair of royals take us whenever you hear this drop. Whenever you hear this drop though a more time. Well whatever yeah the commercial break caller number six and I want 35767610. I will give you that she is so when a pair of tickets and coming up on the other side cheers of 1000 bucks in the national cast doubt as. We got a busy 530 on the drugs. It's your chance of 1000 on the thirties and our national cash contest. Text the word don't night. 272881. And that's the thousand dollar. National code word in the national best assistant Sports Radio. Is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to one of the 121000 dollars each week day all you gotta do. Is listen in on the 378 is seventy you have one more chance to win today at 630. Why not try to win right now complete rules and listings over at six in sports stock now. A couple more times than those you in the back that hard of hearing what. Don't DO UR. Omaha about the mr. don't. Oh yeah. This island of lower balance so odd bit about our plate right now the load and he added that it. This bunker. You can play on it arrives back all of my goodness I I've gotten out about a. Every letter of the alphabet in your name gets all the word don't know I don't honey I'm I'm nervous Dick has third grade I messed up earlier and I'm thinking about misspelling the word that when you think about doing something wrong when you do something wrong and it is it goes really terrible the words don't the old. In the UT area. It's how you would spell the word donut in this hopefully someone wins and hopefully you're amused that. Here's in my eyes I just I can't spell anything today we learned in third grade and learned person and running the last ever used cursed at it was terrible. Home. So yes on the show we had to order poll that apple laws. Who does the better draft pick from Carl Peterson. Was that Derrick Thomas it's only exhaust it came because Tony is also going into the trees all fame in the ring of honor obviously very deserved. Billion dollars is one of the best tight ends of all time I argue second all time iiroc Murkowski I don't argued that science and so we asked this question and I said Tony Gonzales and the basis of my argument is. There are people that would make the argument that Tony Gonzales is the greatest time of all time. Those people are people that would make the argument. No one argued that dared Toms the greatest linebacker of all time saw some great. The greatest. Depicts a player and she's history but no one would make the argue that he's the best player at his position. Position about because if you're telling me he would rather and a peak JJ watt or peak Von Miller or. Ground. Take bundle odds to get why they impact the game in a different kind of way. That question. It's who's the better that would that achieves. I argued Tony Gonzales another big whammy it's on exiles who is appeared to Derrick Thomas given his passing but it is rumored in the context of talking careers. We know Tony Gonzales his career and two dollars from the time he got the lead 1996. At a time he decided to hang up his cleats and walk with me of global. Was always healthy. Football is the game of attrition it is big game in which you were not built to play every single Sunday. Putting in the house with the exception behind it. We also give I guess the benefit of this of knowing counseling and sauces rear ended but not the benefit of knowing Roger Thomas in to make it compares. His career ends up. Those that he beyoncé in the greatest entertainers of all time. British Shantee. Musical career but certainly not beyoncé. But she always frozen in time because she was in the league of her career. Thomas it'll little bit of the same. Thomas is Justin Houston. He's great pass rush at nine and a half sacks last season look at him in the same category as Von Miller jaded lot of guys I don't I could just based on the last couple of season. And is in abilities they L a certainly could've happened to Derrick Thomas. But I was a great player and and no I tried to despair Derrick Thomas's legacy memory he's the greatest of its chief player all time he's the greatest past the all time but it concerts this conversation who's the better play average by Carl Peterson. I'm a. I purchase they would surely compares and same thing with John Lynch and same thing with JFK these people to get their life cut short. It seems that we maybe make them out to be better than they were possibly who's to say that they were going to go on to be an all time for the school. Percent you were talking about Tony Gonzales and his games played out he was never hurt. Sir Thomas played the NFL for the cans he tees between 1989. And 9910. Year career. Would you played sixteen games 1516 games 686060. News fifteen games and sixteen games so he was a guy that was always out there also. You're going to compare the numbers in the position it toting installs is the greatest tight and of all time you would argue rob broadcast you would ever was putting players. I would say the reason you go and bring up Rob Gronkowski and bring up Jane sharp neither couple other guys Antonio Gates is because the era of the offensive hiding and being used like a wide receiver putting up statistics. Has only been around since Tony Gonzales got into the NFL or not comparing him to the linebacker position. Which is an important for the last well since the beginning of the NFL. Sixteen seasons Tony Gonzales played in the NFL which was six more years of compiling stats and Derrick Thomas was able to. Not to mention. Derrick Thomas. You brought argument that Tony Gonzales is the best at his position may be all talk and argue that. For 5678. Year period that you could argue that Derrick Thomas was yeah if not he. One of the topped with three elite linebackers in the entire NFL. You brought up in his life was cut short. I'm not saying the Derrick Thomas had a lot of good NFL yours left. As last year's the NFL he attends sex all sex and then seven sacks in his last regular a regular full season. Thomas played another 234 years in achieved uniformed retires as a Kansas eighteenth. He won't go down as the greens chief of all time and most likely on the short list at one of the best NFL defensive players. Ever so. As were splitting hairs to Derrick Thomas is the right answer to the question not to mention he has the individual single game sack record of seven sacks in one game. And the stat that's never going to be broken his senior year at Alabama they're Thomas had 27. Consent. It's so we talked to a lot of different people whose opinions I certainly trust all on said topic. This is our guide Matt Miller we asked in the question who is the better player that Carl Peterson draft with a Derrick Thomas and Tony Gonzales. The poor the hardest question I've ever. I have to go to their public domain is what you're generational thing. When I grew up played well all I remember demonstrate what all being addicted to their new L wanting to be that guy who Witten got quarterbacks because of their products and just I think you know that that line toward products to each cheek. I know you it will Bob Miller colonial Mac at all the athletic outside at structure. But they're getting word tiger because he's right past it I think they're comic as one of the two Ripley that's outside linebacker to ever play it again. So that's our guy Matt Miller act NFL draft scout would Bleacher Report sort of looking at it from a different perspective. Here's the former player perspective it's what show I'm Barbara had to say in our poll question. Bear Thomas Burke volleys and their Percival. All of the guys hold higher. Aren't glorification hired every one call that being offered there. What effect the ball goes. I believe their problems but don't change to me they've changed the way you could defend. The way you could blockade is secretly in they're structure. Told him in the name of lord still a pretty much. All the crude defined that they're standup Russia outside linebacker position. PG a very all time great he's probably one of the new great site is ever played with me. Outlook Derek Thomas. As admiring all and she greatest threat. Tex on 69306. It's been awhile since I've. You know block somebody in the sense like a does that apply your humble opinion I tell people all the time I will only block you if you're racist or homophobic. Personal attacks climb out of it like it occurs that affects him and without block word in my opinion. Text on six entries are six. Jared Allen was the greatest player that Carl Peterson ever draft and yet more sacks than their Thomas. If that's your opinion. You don't deserve to Texas. I mean it's either racist homophobic used to its dominant bloc that's as bad as the take the big guys said the coming to America is a terrible movie not that. That is an equally bad opinion. Some of the five best players. Don't play it on China's major outlets the products to your own now. That that's that's a block a bullet that's a block doubled this year downs are you know Percy snow. Just from a statistical standpoint your 406. Have been here now 42. That's the one that is just ate like eighty last close. Only like ten season short just pick up for the extracting user forum to overall. It's hurdles on the vikings he very well may have to look at their both pop and all time here now adds a record six surgical errors of except for the fact that he had eighty less taxes achieve and do you were talking to ship. So yeah like although there. But the statute does not bring the Tony Gonzales argument into a little bit we are to take out his statue in his last five seasons you season leaves on the Atlanta Falcons. Now. McChrystal think. I don't did you view that Tony Gonzales Atlanta Falcons aren't made that he's second graders tied and other boxes which drugs and I would be answered your outlook here is lightly either one's fine thank you and I can't argue that this bill moss had to say on this question. Kurt question. Craig quotient. DC was looking changer there are questions I mean Dirk commerce. One teams. Our second quarter say it's true or bowl program all over Cuba trivial offense. And you're going to order. Oh. Tony. Was an unbelievable player going to Alter. Most treacherous for traders nervous so. But their promise. Change of course it. And last will play for you guys would jolt the orbit of arrowhead pride lifelong G Spain had to say on this who is the better player drafted by Carl Peterson was a Derrick Thomas Tony Gonzales. It's a tough choice since both are all the neighbors or or at least its future hall of Famer. But toward Abdullah it yet search year. That's because he's not just a great trap they eat eat the great take ever at his position he's the greatest I'd and the medical history. Derrick Thomas is. One of the handful of B at the very very best pat structures of all time by it. Tony Gonzales is you know the best tight in the all time. And upstairs or just the best overall receivers of all time so I think considering his numbers and considering that he revolutionized. That higher position. Tony Gonzales says the actor here. Love Borman got the wrong moment because guys have been rushing the quarterback since the bears' first football game ever play the tide in position as forest. A glorified what receiver it certainly has oval. I'd say the timing for Tony Gonzales was perfect schematic towels or wrote the chiefs in 1997. 199720. Years ago was about with a tied imposition became. Gore replied what is he putting up statistics are talking. Comparing that's why would you compare Tony Gonzales and talk but the other greatest tight ends of all time it's all guys just when he hears your burden of Antonio did Shannon Sharpe. We start talking linebackers. Bring up like Dick Butkus if guys like that back in the day. Tax on 69 users six what about Junior Siavii as the best pick by Carl Peterson. We elected Jim Rome like segment about one summer aware. He just would rain only interview people named Kyle every day would see how many different is he named Kyle he definitely really important for three days and by the fourth in the dumps and we should do the same thing with light rain and chiefs and royals players. The and we get Bob and when you think that put the hammer it out my camera on the you don't hear a junior CB a you don't play here juniors he would be interview this summer. I held parole interview the top thirty in the drive Jonathan Baldwin and those who do not know. No it's minutes is up to life actually. The buy it was the new minutes is up too I mean for Justin at lockyer. But find out if it's a mayor Brandel has turned his round the bail more so on the show that he could do. I think that's due to collect all the they're gonna have to say I respect I think merits on that same. Same level. Against Brigham and down from prison so lose. I mean that he's. In them. Were huge in them -- that are among its allies say Chris gets in president's shall be art but that you just did some like random chiefs and royals over the over the summer like throwback Thursday Reid is targeted to failed chiefs players advisory amid a mixed in Iraq and a second round pick Chris Wilson on the show at three Saturday we got Jose Aaron is that does that go on the draft I think through time all star Jose result did you back off that such a lot of panel in Brokeback. It is game all day I'll let. Us take us out of the drive. We decided during the commercial breaks creating excitement. We just stumbled across the we're gonna start working on this adding next week we can actually make this happen. We're just over the summer. On Thursday it's just talked to random former athletes. Are you telling me you don't wanna Tyler Thigpen and our interview this summer. I do there's two guys that really wanna hear I really want her Bob Hamlet I know you're Bob Hamlin and out due since additions refute your season you're the stride. And I really wanted to from Jerod rush goes both fantastic and. And I don't know Jauron might be a little easier than it might be you know minor you know argued tried to do you don't like someone said Saturday biscuits LE. You guys only years at biscuits LE interviewing Tony C. Some cities have police open short I refer you royals fans remembered that guy is pat yourself on the back. Yeah can make a list of getting Michael Tucker. But such is the come out of his musicals on the air right Xia and he was my favorite as player. Michael soccer on the Asia almost a Michael Tucker is batting gloves and I cried didn't trade for Jermaine Dye we definitely got a final what do you brown is up to. There is alumni have to have numbers for some of these old guys rose to calling you on the show. They have to have a contact information on and you'll brown wasn't Michael Tucker good friends with Webster. After today. I'm pretty sure he was like Webster would always come to Kauffman Stadium with Michael Tucker I didn't know that I've missed out on the other yeah. I would have known. There's thousands of rules and back in the day and I've always loved Webster that was my views actually that and oppressor luck if Utley Nokia at school also watching registered press your luck. I remember him ever come up the ball or Michael Tucker. Unlimited have been so political McCorkle Michael Jackson situation. You were talking about this earlier and we can have this conversation now spec I don't apply ashes are not earlier but it that you would who's doing all right now. What's so we were told his kids about being an adult that was we became an adult figured out wasn't true. All told light rain and things this children. In adults like lied to us and made us believe that a dull it was it's like very magical thing and that became adults realize that. The adults that care about lied to is our entire time. They're thinking about this we can't all the time penal if you work hard and do what you're supposed to do everything worked out. But don't do that and why is terrible. And I. Dressed for the job you want a team in here the first day of the Paul roosters of the Boston fire. I just read this rosary some people think I'm crazy yes go ahead Tucker had a pretty nondescript two seasons in Atlanta where he befriended former child actor Emanuel Lewis. And so did this weird Michael Tucker's Frenzel Webster. I. Mean I mean I I knew a dozen current. You're right us some let's excise that Jimmy Gobble. Might have a Jimmy Gobble on the show. Out of it Jimmy Gobble is a suit. We got to figure that out spent what is art thing that we were told his kids that we whenever we became adults he realized that the adults lied to us all the time. Immersive. That's why haven't had the rights in person since fifth grade. It's a most of that stuff we learned elementary school level curse of handwriting has never been used at third grade. Like extended math what's the numbers cotton ball with Matt cool and tell you elect way to. What does this key in this X doing here but we're talking about numbers. Match you never really use real. They always tell us to your kids you know what you wanna always have a calculator around yeah we will that you will open our teachers didn't see the future very well at all. Because now a mighty duke met I never have to do it on my fingers into clothes I thought I always have a calculator on whenever I need dabbling. I all the time RT just like to us about that when you are right we split an entire raid. Not just like part of the learning experience. Is like an entire great and our elementary education. That was solely about writing in person. Still there's no way they still teach Ers have bright they have to realize that okay. I don't remember I'd also say teaching Latin nowadays probably wasting time any teachers out there 69306. Just yesterday they still teach cursed as I can't imagine it. I saw my sister all the time and it's a related to language I tell all the time did the one class she should pay attention to Spain. All popular if you could speak fluent Spanish you'll always be. Always be employed it. Make six figures if you really really want to. Mean if you really want to you can make six figures a year and you then. I was told them flat was gonna help me get a good SAT score if it. Two years and my SAT score to 1060 show on the radio you gotta pay more attention to history class Y like do you do with my friends were watching jeopardy together. Pools might say Jane Harvey. How did you argue as you could hear all the new debate by the step Brothers sixty Q percent Talladega nights 38 personal. To. We've got to figure out a way to get all these people on the show like this is this is too good of an ideal that died in the 5 o'clock. So our Stephanie 3% of the people are passing mean nine Philip Rivers left. Of course some people are so. But anyone but you pressed the button for the hall of baby quarter I don't know why you would do I have no clue like you would take a look. Patrick Holmes being a hall of fame quarterback. Back again tomorrow it's the podcast page also available hides in sports machine back again tomorrow the last day of holiday genetic. Actually showed more putts that address.