05/24 3p - Ronaldinho, Berry Back, Uncle Hud, Carrington Messes Up

The Drive
Thursday, May 24th
C-Dot wants to be Ronaldinho, hear from Eric Berry at OTAs, Rex Hudler joins the show and Carrington has trouble spelling the cash contest word 

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Expect to hear sports machine solid year coming up in about fifteen minutes. She said oh ths have a little media availability exists in Houston talk pressure on Holmes taught and read talk they're barely talked. All the heavy hitters out in. The NFL I got a question asked because I don't have the writing instrument maybe one of you who were much smarter than me have the right answer in thirty minutes we'll give you GS and a thousand bucks and that's the cast contest. And we'll catch up with the royals broadcaster Rex toddler. Spent what was today's pop quiz. Today's pop quiz what. Step Brothers John Steve Riley's birthday today. Our regulations on being born on happy birthday to John C. Reilly a mile Talladega nights is that those with one's better. I don't vote tally and answers that rather step. What's that opponents Poland pictures see what people would say about that I would vote Talladega nights was that bodes well and the times that pros with wanted to come back and watched it since then there in Iowa is about a couple years by and sort of thing is pretty fun I. All line 91357676. And I I talked to the mere people out there because. I read a story today on line. Inspector told me I was raised you kind of looked at me with a little. Bit I was a little bit crazy. Ronald genial soccer star around all these years that. Kenya soccer star he importantly sets you married to women at a private ceremony this August he's 38 years old. He started dating one of the one of his fiance he's into when he sixteen. In the middle of their relationship he continued relationship with another woman. He proposed the both of them they sell it at his house together I've never heard that were poor beyoncé seemed to be my fiance is he. Gave both of them and engagement ring ethnic at the early part last year any gives them all so I doubt it. Propose at the same time out of it it's interesting lot of girls are there a particular club. And he gave that he gives them each month allowance of 2000 now. Days everybody in this story is perfectly cool with. My question would be does does not sound like the absolute lie to me. And relationships and we all know relationships. Firm believer of 82 when the world. Gonna give us a 100%. There's no person out there that you can feel a 100%. Of the most part we all make concessions all things are partner does that we necessarily don't like. Can you imagine a life in a scenario. In which the person you feel like 80% from. Well you get. Let's and you can't be perfectly happy and everybody can you are happy I need someone to explain to me how this is a bad idea. Everybody in the war but this idea and pick out. We welcome home we all I know involved in this scenario you add a work. Great day at work. And your wife or fiancee your girlfriend your husband your boyfriend had a terrible day at work and it just ruins your mood instantly. I got a promotion art skipping got ice cream on the way it all mean I had an amazing. Day. And they knew and that person isn't a terrible mood and it brings down on the rest of your evening. This never been in his life. You know it's time apology be alone I was gonna globes players. Aren't happy person should just that your. One of the most brilliant ideas I have ever. Horror in my talked not us at regular Joseph smoking this has got a 2000 dollar allowance get over these women are remote but you're telling me there was chains. That you could find this level of happiness and be with two people. Everybody war it was cool it. Dean you know. Probably you know this figured out life here I need somebody there to tell you the flaw in my strategy this sound like the wait till. I think I've found the flaw to one. I'm not sure it's legal. Word but I do some research on that didn't think that you can actually have to why it's true this is clearly a unique situation because of all the people that I know that are married. Not one of them gives their wife or wives or Johnson's plural. An allowance so clearly it's in their unique relations largest has. Give her out that you just don't know or or assuming ago that if you've got one pistol woman at home but the other one is automatically going to be happy. What happens when you got Jane to women home now you've got double the rest of the deal with to meet its not the greatest thing. First I think for both the Boston were both unmarried men. The move to mate is do. Have a girl then that you wanted to propose to her and maker wife and then you'll find out just a typical all the stuff the comes along with that is to me again as a single guy. Well it seems like twice the truck. Okay. I I wanna ask. This question. I agree at some point it would be miserable because we've all been in a fight with women and then you would have. Or arguments with the other ones you could have too angry women at some times. I would say the positive of living with sue happy women a majority of the time. What outweighed the negative of sometimes both of them would be in a bad. Cedar this sounds like the greatest. Thing I've ever her mind I'll like a lot to chip code here slightly. Dogs is your budget relationship. Can you explain to me why this the bad idea tonight about this earlier that this is a great idea. And looked at me like I had three heads you tell me how rod being you know her. The Euro who has who is married to limit. He was date one. Andy and in the mil relationship. Yet all it's another woman you propose to both them. They both well now it's so this is the greatest strategy of all time. It's batters and and it comes down to. When you're single. A 100% of your time is short time. You wanna play video games on Saturday night go do it you'll wanna go out with your boys of the casino on Saturday night you can do it. When you enter our relationship. You think it goes down to 5050 it's. You probably get when he percent. So now you take you're going from a 100% your time to 20% or ten. You have been split again you'll want 10% of your life to yourself no. Thank you you wanna shoot for a quarter of collect yourself and if you get that you should be happy and I are trying to cut it down to ten or 12%. No. Thank you. My argument. Aids in what you're saying perfectly fine you've got to do things that you're partners wanna do Bayer already understand enough. To ultimately. You being a relationship with another person. Understated units ahead you know it Saturday night. As you know let me and the boys are going out and you know I've taken a guys' trip this week it talked you know women who have a high level of understanding in the ones we normally do. Coveted grand I don't catalog item level of understanding and don't you share a guy this woman had unlocked so they wouldn't do. Dollars a how a secret you don't usually about one that's bugs that opens the pats had a stroke under the program forget who ran the that's. That's that's pennies ides is I'm just I'm simply asking the question tonight is woman hear from people that mayor a lot of people are saying it's hard enough but my one life. I mean I get that I say and there are a lot of people back to go along. Please come and payers also get a buy one get one that's really going to start the conversation went off Broadway but so you wanna take their wives to and it world's apartments edited by won't get one free ticket. All the sudden it's predict which of the watch you have David got into the Portland once you didn't wanna read the timber wolf it's a to Z rock. Now what's your wise do you choose this body issues and that's just kept in your home park. Let alone which you get to the rules don't like black tie dinner you're not bring in two chipped to a professional black I did. Yes you're wrong a genial yes. Vizio are bringing both and to all your heart and I like a goal you can sit there and pencil you do I go to shake it salute you for unlocking its mystery. When someone came over and ask for it when asked for it's it's a sudden you. Right you would Hillary clear. Close with money right I hope that's close ally is no mean amid the roller rink and the open. As a neighbor on pencil notes and one of our neighbors came over knocked on the door and say hey Ramallah it's all the paper I don't want runs the store Canaveral. And I went into the bathroom my game role opposite. They keep on mute couple blah you're cheap is that it. Hasn't done it. As John Kerry and asked for toilet complete fairness where there yet. Nine dollars and eight. Who girls to a black tie event at an FBI the up late bright. Plus wardrobe. You wanna do that times to whoop like you wanna ask two dollars for toilet paper you're taking your sort of gains. You can get a meal for fifteen bucks but now it's thirty bucks we're in the there maybe they want an X maybe girl number two wants to decide this so. Editors what to do it's I might help you wards and so perhaps leveraged and that he tells his two women you guys can do it yourself of people on board and split. It's a big announcement as well he's a Congo are no easy world our say Cameron and Gardner and you think I'm crazy about. Parent Internet. Listen I have the married out. From what I have. Experienced so far you know it it takes a lot of commitment. Around all the to make sure you are the family easy your wife's side of the family. And if you got a double. Think about how much time that the play in a couple out why get a vote that your mother in law's. Both that your father in laws. Both the Euro wives. Boat a year wives cousins. Camera can record that the American and I know point a camera people. Good point portrait everybody's got a grip on Tuesday at ground balls and grandma and me I got to either 'cause. It makes sense. 'cause engines now but people's. Accents. Any inning Casey you'd think I'm crazy to god. At an eerie but you've got to women. And everyone knows everyone. Including women what happened in May 01 alone time at the same. Yet a big fight on and. Did you see this is where I would just try to have a schedule you know you've got to have these big they tell relationships about communication. You know girl I heard a's got to be Monday Tuesday Wednesday on leisure and let's call it at the other names and on the weekends midweek and that's just not as one big happy family here okay. And who can go in a month winning absent a duck time on the weekend to duck a couple of words to his two wives number warned them to. And it for the vocal no I mean this this I mean you know. Two down and are ready to go. Well studying you know these is telling you that this sounds like an incredible writer and horrible at the ivy. Brazilian soccer legend rod Nina is reportedly set to marry two women at the same time a private ceremony he's been date and one of them. Yeah relationship with the other when he proposed the bulk of JB and ray bit short change up. Do you think the best case scenario that could work out and that's like an evening typing Mitt your mind starting to wonder what to do with these two wives yes that would be awesome. Not take yourself to the naked when things get really bad when there's a lot of anger it is from these women that you've got double the trouble I just don't think. I'm decider trying to help people and I'd you know I'd does it sound like a good idea that you guys that. Perhaps convince me that is not a good idea and is not a utopia because I'd envisioned it being but it. You know I it sound like a really good idea good luck to him in his. Two lives I assume as long as the Czech ski Clinton's longest he keeps having to watch. I don't know to third. I assume that it's gonna continue to work well coming up odd minutes look at Celebrex seller also give you chancellor about the bus inasmuch as Don says. All the other side. Everybody of important spoke OTA's today. And there's about that she's defense that we are completely forgetting about olds say what it is an excellent draft. Coming up at about ten minutes we'll catch up with the Rexall we'll also. It's easy 1000 bucks in the national best guy. The league's some of the heat she's players and she's brands spoke at old CAA's. Is it just in Houston had to say about how he's feeling currently. I'm a great help those who know him closer than it was both a must have. News plus. That's just and here's and here's also what he had to say about he and another key achieves peace meaning to stay healthy this year that keep peace being one Eric Berry. I just heard we've mostly focus mr. love are we both covered by obesity receiver. Marcos well like she deserved for both of us we'll have the ability to. That's just and he used a lot more cut your Eric Berry. Who missed most of last season with an injury is saying only gets this he's taking a one day it. Put him working on things like his injuries are injuries you don't they're thrown on the stage. She still salute. Intuitive process a candidate this far so not entirely a logistics and process makes I gave a 100% every day coffees they've had wanted to top. Just comfort arsenals. So that was Eric Berry in Justin Houston as they met with the media today at owed CA's I do feel and our conversations. About the NFL and about the chiefs defense more specifically. We do not factory in May be the importance of Eric Berry and how big having him back on the defense is. In my opinion he last was healthy in the 2016 NFL season Eric Berry was on the ten best offensive players in the NFL. Maybe ten is even being a little bit too Jenner are a strict on it. Even the five best offensive players I think it Tony sixteen you could have made a very convincing argument for air Baird when defensive player of the year and when he sixteen. I would say their best offensive game last season they played really well the second game against the raiders but the first game of the season and it's a New England Patriots in which he was most lined up against gras. And they really slowed down Tom Brady. I would say that was the best offensive effort we Saul all season from the chiefs who was on the field who was a key member on the field in that game it's aired bear. Cannot look to go back and see the numbers were solid and have a lot of time this summer to look at the defense of numbers whip Eric Berry and with Al aired Baird because they certainly have a low enough to sample size or either side. I'm going to guess there are substantially. Better with aired bearing on the field that without. But yes you lose the guy's talented as mark is Peters and some other things that are wrong with this defense. But you're telling me and 2018 the chiefs are gonna add one of the 101520. Best offensive players in the NFL. Edges take a big step. All worked on deep or maybe I'm wrong but I am not too worried about this guy put him back leg injury considering he came back from cancer and had the best he's ever had. If you're never there and you've got their memory and nothing against their armor but he's eight he's definitely not aired Barry on his best they would and the secondary has a chance. To be bad. To be really bad you're talking about Nelson Sorenson Fuller and if you don't have a healthier Bayern. They're Emery you don't have Marcus Peters backed. The secondary it was a really good last year even with Marcus Peters. I think that this could be the QBs your heel he said for football team that I see most other levels of this team I'm talking. All the special teams is fine deepen the linebackers. If Justin Houston stays help you keep Ford does look at some point we expect him to do Reggie rag was also not a word about that level I like Allen Bailey I think Chris Jones has used to be really good heading into its third season. The secondary is really concerning because I'm not or about the office I think this is going to be one of if not the best often speak in city chiefs. But ever going to be buried Dick for meal passed but the problem as C dot if you got a bunch of dudes would look like Eric war fueled out there in the secondary that can't stop anybody but it can be outscored its difficulties and gates is secondary could be. Other secondary absolutely could be bad this season I'm not gonna make it seem like Eric Berry coming back is going to fix all the problems but the chiefs defense but it looked. Look this up tomorrow so would be very juries outlook to see that she's defense. In their last 32 games with Eric Bayern. And the last 32 games without air Baier in I'm going to guess they are substantially. Better with bearing on their team and without. So I I think with this chiefs' offense ranked. Asked in the defense to beat top team. And asked him to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars at that she is defense can get to a 1915. In the NFL on defense and chance to win 1011 game because I think they're going to be able to school work. I think with the weapons they have a defense are going to be able to be top. Five top eight in the NFL offensively. And you can do is get your defense that adequate and it adding aired vary and he freeing up just in Houston a little bit where he can get back to thirteen to fifteen sacks this season if you could just be competent defensively and a chance to do something with the off and at least on paper that we think they could have. You're talking about you know an ex girlfriend or something that the reality she probably before the trying to make drug to be an eight. This chief defense is not that his chief defense is closer to a four wouldn't over the names they don't really you know. Give it too much excitement I think Reggie reckons could be really good this year that if he's healthy just and use is going to be really good. But man that's a couple of answers here's my question marks a good Nelson going to be a good swords and going to be a good sport and beat it before didn't work as a good Williams going to be. A lot more questions answered on the. And I just more arm with your analogy I would say. I don't think you need them to be hit eight I think you need them to go to port six which seems very manageable with the return of aired or you don't need them to be. Eight top flight top level B. Assuming that the offense is as good as you and I both think it's going to be able to scorn towards of last molesters the rams led the NFL with 49 point nine points for all thirty. I think the chief condemned. If you could just be adequate defensively I think that she savage seems to be a really good team into when he eighteen despite changing quarterbacks coming up in five minutes we'll give you a chance of 1000 bucks a national cast contest. And we catch up. My favorite people in the world Rex Butler an excellent drive. It's time for the national pest tested the thousands on the 36 text the word money. 80 yeah. Funny the 72881. That's funny. You can be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national Castro says six cents or radio. Is the all Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance one of 121000 dollars each weekday it was an item 378 to seventy. Next she's the wind is coming up in one hour at 430. Why waste time there's no better time in the present they say complete rules and listings over six and sports that count one more time for those that are hard of hearing in black. Honey HO. EY honey. 272881. Honey is one of the greatest movies of our time you've never seen Ali before. The performance that Jessica Alba delivers an on the ET's. All time I mean it's up there with. Forrest Gump Shawshank redemption. The Dark Knight. The town home. The departed mean some other great movies of this generation. Honey in American classic if you've never seen able to make a second honey yeah they did make a second honey Jessica Alba wasn't in there are so I didn't really check for just now would not elaborate on certain Jessica Alba was high school Rios. I loved just the down so you've never seen the movie honey which is the code word today. I'm telling you right now. I will be in W three colors so you can see honey that's how good of movie that it is not written any positive and it's something that everybody. Should see coming up in a bowel it's ten minutes or so. We'll get to more people commented on our poll we all yesterday if you missed it it was it was the best player that Carl Peterson drafted. Carl Peterson. Our seeding Carl Peterson's drafted. Derrick Thomas or Tony Gonzales we've been asking various football. Experts all what they think about that. This is what bill moss had to say about our poll question who is the better player that that Carl Peterson traffic is it Derrick Thomas are joining in doubt. Kirk question. Craig quotient. DC was looking changer there are questions I mean Dirk promise. One thing it's. Our second quarter seasons. Triple bowl program all over Cuba to the offense. In Europe our daughter. Told me was an unbelievable player going to altered. Most churches for Detroit you know themselves. But their promise. Changed a portion. So that's bill moss we got a lot of people Chiming in on our little poll question how do you have Percy snow on yours greatest. In our list of people ought to judge Drexel if you miss the little bit of breaking news and how breaking it can be. From John payment affair exports the royals are said to be equal quietly letting other teams know. They expect to have a for sale sign up soon which don't count and that is not to say trades are expected immediately or that's not to say trades are expected immediately but royals people appeared very realistic about where the team stands. Quote one person who spoke to the royals people suggest they are all open to anything I want to catch up with a Rex Butler right now on the drive hotline. And to a fantastic we're talking about some trade rumors at least. Involving the royal like to play with trade rumors or any team where guys are rumored to be treated. Well it that's a beautiful thing to say that your. Our legal theory. I've seen a war in a situation like oil and and not really in order to date there are all old said the girl went. I'll be easier if they are at all. Speculation is that going to be certain of the two or is it your order to talk about okay. You're here you always did stranger to outperform. Even if you're in apartments in it doesn't always somebody at their job or you'll have to deal with all of you here you're why it. It is beautiful thing that everybody wants the water beat if they secured. Know you're very right on that hunt I want it's ask you this because I was looking up. On on baseball reference when your favorite web sites I was looking at your career you never faced Nolan Ryan at one time. Your club or grandma who lives in the yeah. He was a nationally thousands of artillery. Outlook and certainly you know where we what we swap we'd get caught up and that's not to say I would rate it because. You know I had a had a problem is right edit their booty the good riddance that the record ought to start. Yeah our party back in the left. Never want to booted data that's a bad day and show on the be near good at oxygen hood a look at the numbers for the Kansas City Royals and to meet. There's a warning glare and issue and that's the pitching a five point 39 ERA an opponent batting average of 282. Do you see that getting better or worse for. Are are getting better hopefully. The last two starts that the dirt animal on the it is I need the help leaders on the issue that I'm aware of so help you there track record there. In. But there are over. But he is log on you're there at that track where do we know ordered copper are the main thing. And these are literal predict any three you're performing executed at all. Doctors are all our borders are. He'll let you know that they can get hurt with a break it bothers changeup. Lucky app ever peace or so perhaps all up 2% bigger which you have to question his. You start out here since they're all related to little. For art. You know or argue that alt border they're trusting really well also. You know if it starts here kid you write it. Because they're healthy and if after their you make some adjustments and ever and Campbell looked up at lower after all out what. It would be over it all down. Little things like that you're struggling it asserts or is Margaret awkward it is it's an economic expert to. There hug you mentioned Danny Duffy 51 innings pitched it about 63 hits in your rate just under seven we know the numbers they're not good. As two losses royals fans did you ever find yourself and kind of vague mental funk is I think it would Dini is just as much physical as it is mental between the years right now. Did you ever find yourself in a mental fog hitting point your career how do you just about. Or no. It doesn't feel a little makes you think you're it's your walk into. For. It's it's really cute to be a tough thing. Especially where oracle so that they'd like like a cult. Jerry what's the word team player. A great guy stance that not a freight and they're. Had a oracle Wear clothes or. I think they're changed a bit better. That you have to find a way we'll have a support system around all. All or some sort of support system. I know now they have a lot of work with these little psychologists. Other the coaches that little coach he let out there won't work they would. You know so their support system that shoots the sports helper you're hurting your. And try to offer the social media and I went out there. The the destruction. But the newspaper. The or did it when you're struggling. Those were talking about. Regular shows on the football part bill that the two of you know keep your focus keep your focus are good part of it. Things that are there their health reform league that you can't. Sol. Stay positive Dutton will hopefully and I become. The daddy got beat tonight. Pupil we're seeing it. But it is always good talking to you have a good broadcast today and enjoy game. Off felt great here are just look at Fort Stewart and he got beat into the updated. The. That's our direct seller thanks god. And gives up I was gonna say Ayers on the I was expecting a buys from our guy Rex Eric antenna some. And bad news. You assay of this side you. I don't know you know of that is that does that is gonna cry. It's that it's really it's it's really a a black mark black guy and the whole thing. IE yeah I have an idea what it is it's best if David's based on the tax line. I would figure that you're gonna be afraid and and maybe you would you know and is now and scrub to the record it has been caught. But all right. And that's how we're gonna play we can play like I don't rigidity all night long that's how you wanna do it done messed up we'll get to this bad news. And again it's Specter continues to be humbled for people that only wanna bring the show harm on the other side is draft. It. Back in on the drive coming. 4 o'clock. Specter rein it in today for his car do you look to me and said there's only one thing I wanna talk about. We'll get to that coming up in fifteen minutes lost its chance to 1000 bucks the national cast nonsense coming up at. At 430 you got two more chances during the drive to win that loop. 1000 dollars. You listening to the show. While we've been doing the national cans and says you know the level and once a year. It's becoming a drop. I know but it's excellent operates. I don't callers operate out what are operates. And I know how the producers here at six in Sports Radio viewed. If you pass out all my goodness. It will be marked forever the same way my guys sports machine solid means he's the tornado. That. Say why don't know. If you. Do some thing. On this radio station that people in my can make fun of nobody in the other cheek. People outside a usual week isn't lowest moments against you are. Still not sure that the teasing you the tornado wasn't great but it tornadoes all over the place what they're teachers and 101 or what are your initial read your glasses you gotta you gotta keep the audience. So I went out there and I've read disorders torn. All over the place coming up next stay tuned to find out if your in the air. I mean play have pulled out right now but we'll play so inspector best as it is heist messed up the national code word this hour's code word. It's panda. Tax and a few yen the ante a bit so that's in our guy and Binnie nice messed up the code word. You've become which you've made fun of for so long that text line is zealot and stopped the hard. Let's hear problem I gotta be sure taxpayer money 80. I. They're spells audio and includes and that the money HOK. Money. Ain't ON EY just so we are clear ourselves with you know corporate. Honey is spelled HO NEY. Maybe she got talked about different kind of amused or one of those things above that you perhaps cold day the holidays holiday and and I got a regular by the colleges girl her name was Mallory and it was like expelled Allah and it was felt like Mallory but and the positive over not like. It's Mallory. Ought to. Be a little different so they call you Mallory you're name is now out but it's. It was funny but it is hope and money 80. I was tired remembered how low was saved in here when you tease the torn on who wins and when you when you seize the tornado while ago and it. 1115 minutes and did to Gary perish but. A tornadoes touched down outside the Kansas City area I'll tell you words that next. T asteroids. CDs are 55 Malcolm got nets. It's HOO. And H well. Every editing and spell your. Bieber movie right everybody here is the comedians today everybody got the jokes Jessica Alba a Al being. Most pissed off in my news in the spelling bee for missing grads there she did know the terms of you in the words you can't spill on her grown as me and. I mean I did the best hold that I missed art that I spelled it correctly later Roland. And I hope that the people. Today need the money. Are trying to win the cold added life to the word I hope the day realized Meyer. And moved on but expect what's don't think. That and Mike I don't mind I'm good and actively are looking in my system and now lives all are when I said the Benjamin Franklin was on mount Rushmore. That was tough to live day got this won the US weekly magazine which is us weekly magazine. I mean every if you if you've done this. For long enough everybody hand is one of those things like oh mark our days. Everybody has one it's like everybody has a I remember that part usually stink it up out there I remember the tax line used to Jews absolutely destroy me on whispering in interviews. I nonstop. And see what is absolutely destroy the all play. Those are not just talking about the weather is they want in this situation today. You're talking inches quarterback Chase Daniel I don't think them was really that bad fourth. About a little more at play well about a little more at age of puberty on the radio basically. Summing drop friend and that sect of the tax line today is big deal and you for everything I mean it's and I you know. Panic and spell Miguel Cabrera or San Miguel Cabrera. Does not have a chance to be better than mosquito. Miguel Cabrera that tape and I remember. When I got my wisdom teeth taken out inspectors. Set me up atlases and oh that he was a mole for the other team a navy still haven't stopped playing this. Yeah if you couldn't get worse like. Possibly you know porn movie UH British flag you can guard play. And then it there wasn't a bullet. This it must. Actually one of my top three days I ever had on the radio don't you have bad my career is gone but this is like a really strong straight ahead. I work that the mile why people don't feel book I I don't understand. Why ignore it and and law and I don't know I. Love the way we're doing the wave Friday night. The good now I don't know what we're Chandler have been doing away. Exe with the stroke take in a little sexist now in progress right. In retrospect. I heard that miss the days when it went all the Jewish people's third and how often do you it would lead to once you know what people are too. Portland is where you go to new missile threat. Yeah I. That is all did you insult. They got schooled in date it did look like the Jewish trail wasn't really trying to be disrespectful yeah. I dropped my vote in the skillet and I was doing the faced a lot monopolies trying to be judged yes. Fred. Know what won't. Full. If you've done this long enough everybody's minds and our money it's all his money. What you do about that phone situation by interesting I mean I was like shake it Polaroid picture trying to get all the prince added. I would sake of that date or a good fifteen minute study get all this up I had like stopped the video. I had to fix it and then I remember I was cooking chicken and that I cut ticket open and on baseball lives in it was not done. And I mean for twenty minutes the comments were just capsule. We did so that the project that you're dropping your cellphone and agree some scrutiny and just before the what the show today a toss out a loan no no no no drop. Us all of them yeah sure that it certificate files on and attacks on ask us to play and all I don't know it is not really sure what that is. I size six birdies or six wasn't honey written right written down right in front of having messed up you know Imus. I apologize though is that. It's all he. If you want the best you can spell metamorphosis of that was the day you weren't there are one. Bartlett letting you do it on anybody about anything when your teeth and tornadoes. 1115 minutes and did to Gary perish but. A tornadoes touched down outside the Kansas City area I'll tell you words that next on the night she. My national or state has no effect on the bodies lie aren't trying to push straight people do care. I don't run minutes would have figured perish the tornadoes touched down outside the Kansas City area are pretty alert that next on the night she turned to spoke cloud. Oh. OOD. I notice in retrospect. This take isn't as bad as we knew David. You add a platter and you. Yeah yeah. About. On this and the other parameters that you got in Erie Beazer head coach you've got a solid role in the game that you've got to pass catching tight end in the emerging tyrant you. That you got probably a top 89 defense in the leak in the east. These dapper and as you would want Andrew look what that's pretty. A guy like Alex Smith now there's a couple of league quarterbacks out there obviously we. You rather announcement that mess after with this team or at this time absolutely. Oh my goodness that is now in retrospect now. Yeah hi I sides definitely lately but that takes not as bad as it was even if we go back to them and take five years from other student wide yeah they're unaudited. Very very very very valid point coming soon minutes Specter came in today and sent I only wanna talk about one thing. We're gonna talk about that one thing next in the drug.