05/24 2p - Mahomes Expectation, Toss Up, Smarter than the Sports Machine, Gimme a Minute

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Thursday, May 24th
A statistical expectation for Mahomes, we ask people "in the know" a toss up question from Wednesday's show, Are You Smarter than the Sports Machine plus Gimme a Minute 

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Let's do this another day another dollar another edition of the job before we kick things up before we get some pleasantries. I was gonna ask you guys won favor. If you enjoy additional. If you like listening to life would be content. Just don't want your friends listening to a club in a dozen of them. Just don't want here for those 2 o'clock that would make a world of difference to meet everyone that I know. Business that judge there are seniors Steve inspector here. I'm gonna say is namesake and a little respect Tony yeah capitals are going to the Stanley Cup are. As an African American I don't really know what the Stanley Cup finals this nightly supplement I've seen apartheid and but. I am happy that you are happy about your hockey team what does that at some point throughout the course of the showed that team to a championship. We can't talk about it answer my right as banning is that the Kansas State baseball turn seven and dressed like Spain today in a golf shirt. The one the only sports machine Sean Lavin what was good today man. Yet it's nice that you didn't mention them stain on my short also I'm screwed due to strut my opponent. And if it's correct so bad that I can't even type in my code and girls here doesn't. Is recognized avoids guys on bella I don't. I got a bigger picture this will put it on the station podcast page it is our students what are page it is actually pretty miraculous. What she did your phone it's like you stood on the run and drop out bandage shattered. I'd like it was shattered before or not you're trying to use that conveniently maybe try to blame intercom for your mistake but I and let that happen on my watch we. It would today show at two. We will play well most popular games in America aren't you Smart in the sports machine you won the last three argues more than sports machines or nothing to do with me. I have a question out there it's of them Mary guys I've not mayor Specter is like mayor. But I got questions for the mayor gentleman out there that we litigate sue coming up at 3 o'clock because I don't know any better I'm young and single. Question for the Mary guys out there that I need your help that 330 today Rex Butler will be on the show enrollees at 3 o'clock but. He's on the road he's too it's the stuff he asked to be on at 330. Will happily do it we're gonna talk a lot of cheese a lot of ills a lot of life as we're trying to get you through. Don't closing a spring release in spring is about to end here very very quickly but let's kick things off by giving it chance when Oprah. Caller fourteen right now wins a free custom men sport shirt from Byron on the plot is valued at 149. Dollars or die your fabric and most importantly your perfect fit. Or fourteen right now with the free custom men's sports shirt. From Byron on the plaza. We'll give you a chance to win a shirt every day right at 2 o'clock in in thirty minutes we'll give your chance to win 8000 dollars in our national cast on says. I'll start today show by addressing this and having a conversation because he had a lot of conversations about Patrick Holmes. I think he's the biggest topic in Kansas City. I know it is not football season but with as bad as the royals have been. Let's talk about something that we're all on the same page with for the most part Padua homes being a good NFL quarterback. I was talking to John Burton your couple weeks ago that you can come of days ago. They asked a really good question he said what are your expectations. For Patrick Holmes in his rookie season. Expectations says hey let's put numbers behind what do you think that's Holmes is going to dual in his rookie season. What would you consider a successful rookie season for packed homes I'll take off. I always try to look at comparisons for other rookies and guys riled look at the numbers they accomplished their rookie season as somewhat of a baseline. Let's be realistic here I don't thinking your one patch while Holmes coming out here and going forty touchdowns and eight interceptions kinky do that in your to your pre. Let's see how packed homes the belts lets see how we translate to the NFL but in year one. With the offensive line I think you'll have guys can stay healthy with the running game I think you'll have with the weapons you have at the passing game. My expectations were packed for homes are as follows. He needs a complete 60% of his passes I think that's the baseline if you're worried good passer in the NFL. I'm not asking you complete 65%. Unique to be over 60% if I want to look at you as being a good pass down the line. I think that translates really well throughout your career. So 60% completion percentage is a baseline for me. At least one touchdown passes and fewer than fourteen interceptions. I'm not gonna call this a good year for actual home with 21 touchdown passes and fifteen interceptions. That's a decent rookie sees that I would qualify that as a good rookie season what do you. It 22 touchdown passes. Twelve interceptions he completes 60% of his passes and passing yards can fluctuate. I'm not really is awarded beat it beat those were 3600 yards of 3900 yards but doesn't really matter as much to me. 60% completion percentage at least twenty touchdown passes less than fourteen interceptions I would consider that a good rookie season for Patrick. So far for Patrick Holmes any time in the next four hours as a rookie don't send in the text and reminded its second year is essentially what we're doing is talking about it rookie quarterback. I'm I've I've got so far past that point he's at rookie quarterbacks and we we all understand he was on the team last year but it you made one careers are ended team told us that you were going to be red shirt essentially your first year. Rookie quarterback. The reason that Ted gardeners because we're going to compare him at times to other rookie quarterback and you wanna sit well it's his second year the as a rookie quarterback. A time for our generation and to there's an argument who's the best quarter. At least of this particular generation was Tom Brady or it was Peyton Manning did it's been proven over the last few years I don't produce much of an argument anymore the Purdue is number. Peyton Manning was the number one overall pick handful of years ago had a lot of hype he was the prototype quarterback that you want coming out of much much much more hype behind him. Then Patrick well. Here's his rookie numbers 46 touchdowns. Bad it's not even to a game I'll add or rookie. To go along with 28 interceptions in your account numbers expectations the least hopes. Detached homes only has fourteen interceptions. 28 interceptions Peyton Manning had his rookie season both guys ought to be done sling is not going to give me the argument that many didn't have as many weapons around him to begin his career. I really nor did because I think the Patrick Holmes has more weapons around him to begin his career. They're not just any quarterback in chiefs history but may be any quarterback in the history of the game you're talking about a top five running back and Kareem on talking about a top five wonders when entirely killed. The best idea and in the gave you throw in Sammy Watkins. My question is how good of the open sublime play because my expectations were patched homes are going to be even more. Than yours are talking about some realistic numbers. The chiefs had a pretty damn good option that they could have resign Alex Smith if they wanted to they would have resigned Alex Smith could pencil in probably 101112. Wins. We don't know what went totals won't be produced even my expectation for Patrick Holmes. Our that would come to the only stat that really matters the win loss category. Eagles are they're wins double digit gains this right away. What's that mean I guess that's more of a team thing I guess with my uncertainty of the defense I don't know of occupants look I get this team wins in nine games this season but that's homes or for 4200 yards thirty touchdown passes and eleven interceptions and I say this wasn't a successful year rookie quarter past the Shawn Watson type numbers and those exception to the rule do you really think he's going to throw thirties but I don't know I don't and that's why I try to look at quarterbacks and other rookie quarterback situation that I can say that was a good rookie year to build on the ones that I've been comparing it to the most. Is I look at what Carson winds did his rookie season now Carson once was a different situation obviously. But of course it's his first season completed 62% of his passes sixteen touchdown passes fourteen interceptions and that was a big jump that Carson once had to make up for one double A it's been starting every game for the Philadelphia Eagles. So I think completion percentage wise home should be about that I expect a little bit more production on the offense side is given the fact. You've been in the system for years you've had chance to learn that you should be along network Carson wins was if I think you're going to be that kind of player. What's the ten best players in the NFL. Everything we hear about tax and Holmes leads you to believe he could be a very similar kind of quarterback. But what makes you think that he can't be Mitchell produced you or neat and Peter may and other guys were top draft picks the same class the fall flat on their faith out of opening an account where Peter and I did when it left his interest was higher at the chiefs traded up in the stupid behind Robiskie so that tells with the bears thought of him. I'm not trying to burst anybody's book ball. All I'm saying is that I think we need to temper expectations. For Patrick Holmes because it's really easy to get excited you look at all the weapons that he has that you look at the past. Where we now five years of Indian read where there's been double digit wins every single season there's reason for expectations to be high. I just think that. The win range for this team is as big as I can ever remember I could see this team winning five games I could see this team won thirteen games everything goes. I would be really surprised that they won five games because I think they have to might I think they have too many weapons on offense and I think their coaching is too good if they went five games this year that something's terribly wrong. But he's vaginal homes even if you think to behold it's going to be average this season lets you think he's gonna be right Cheney note this is an offensive compares. May you have a top five running back in for inquiry month that you disagree top five top seven we agree got an above average good running game. Almost all the weapons you have around you that's hard to have a really bad season at quarterback when I'm gonna give the running game that you're gonna have the experience and head coach that you're gonna have which I do think we see more more in the NFL and the difference that a lot of these quarterbacks failing and succeeding is having a quarterback that can maximize were talent. And create an offense around the abilities that you have. I'm gonna give you a top tied it and drive is Chelsea I'm wanna go out there and get arguably the best wide receiver option in free agency in Sammy walking into an anti retail. I'm guaranteeing that she's gonna win ten games make the playoffs and I just find it hard for the chief to be bad given the fact that they get at a top it off it's in the NFL. If everything gets its 78 went just on the back of this team has the capability of outs scoring a lot of people. Edit it better be pretty headstrong and so forth and that's one thing we've learned about him is that he interviews well he seems like a really intelligent articulate guy and he can handle the pressure because. As much as I wanna talk about the weapons that this guy has coming out the gates as a quote unquote rookie quarterback. Sit at that you also ordered that there's more pressure and expectation on him as a rookie quarterback. Because most of the time here's how it works your team sucks get a high draft pick to draft the better players usually quarterback try to impact or French. That's not the case with the chiefs the chiefs were a good team the year before that when they're fifty. They went out and drafted Patrick Holmes they had two weapons at their disposal so the pressure on this guy is Paramount and I hope he's able to. If nothing else at least through the first 34 games do you use to NFL speed get used to the hype because he comes out the gates. And the chiefs don't want and through the worst quarter of the season. There isn't going to be any back up talk like we heard last year at times when Alex Smith struggled go to the rookie quarterback that's it man this is your. I got asked that question by Josh burn near a couple days ago of what are my expectations for Patrick Holmes of rookie season. I'm not as caught up as you seem to be on Wenzel losses obviously when the laws are very important. I do is think in this transition year I don't care that she's make or miss the playoffs. It's not about making the playoffs in 2018 and 2019. A lot completely different expectation and when he Tony obviously completely different expectation when it's when he eighteen. Is not make or break that this team needs to make the playoffs so I looked at other quarterbacks and guys that I think he needs to be like. I think Carson Wentz is a decent. Gauge of ID rookie kind of season. I think he needs to be close to what they're car was there are completed 58% of his passes one touchdown passes in twelve interceptions. I think at that than I think that's the year we're talking about with Patrick Holmes in year one. I think we're saying he had a really good rookie season something to be optimistic about and something to build up. I do agree with you at the core. There's been a lot of high a lot of expectations back homes and you have to prove it on the field. I think the big difference with me a lot of options that you brought up so far is. Oddest thing is in a situation that not that it's. Impossible to fail. I think it's hard to not I think it's hard to not have a higher starting round and a lot of quarterbacks if you're gonna start eighteen it just made the playoffs last season. You're gonna have a head coach we've seen as maximize the ability of every quarterback he's played with it you're gonna have the running game that he played with if you're gonna have the offensive options it can be very similar to debt Prescott's rookie got a season that you lean heavily on some other pieces but Hewitt has put in a situation that it was very hard for you to fail we'll continue this conversation. Throughout the course of the day Patrick Holmes is always on the top of mind. In twenty minutes we'll give you chance of a thousand bucks in the national cast contest. But favre's yesterday we had a poll question that divided the city. We give you the results and we hear from experts and excellent draft. Bags and on the drive. And it airs here and Stevens Specter here sports machine shop Levine is here. If you wanna competing in sports machine is shown being that the opportunity to coming up in fifteen minutes when we play are you smarter than the sports machine. You'll also have an opportunity to 1000 bucks and national gas contest you'll have or chances to win today's show. Your first one coming up in a balanced. Fifteen minutes yesterday. On the show. I asked it's awesome question. Who is the best player Karl years in his draft. Specter and I got very heated argument. Like most discussions on the show I emerged victorious inspector had to apologize worst transports opinions but we moved on. We put up to a poll. Last report Kevin Hart verses. Was he remember Mark Martin I don't settlement Morton was more billions had a problem yet I don't remember I gotta admit to that when I was game 5140. I'll Google during the commercial break I'll Google search and I'll find out our teams so we. It's a poll is the best player Carl Peterson is drafted. 58%. Of people participated in his poll. Voted for Derrick Thomas 42%. Voted for owning and solace. I. Think people wrong. My biggest argument for toning and dollars would be this. Derrick Thomas is a fantastic. Player. But no one considered Derrick Thomas to be the best player at his position. If we're arguing positional value and certainly you'd much rather have. The god that you feel can go out there and it's you fifteen to seventeen to twenty sacks. Maybe a modern day compares. If you're asking me at their peak at their best who would rather have. Von Miller gras and you guys you've listened to show you know I feel about rob accounts I think he's the best idea of all time. But they're gonna give me if he's healthy the best offensive player in the NFL and Von Miller. I'm sorry that is greater position his impact on the game is greater. I think that Von Miller is the best of but the player in the NFL. In this historical comparison Derrick Thomas great player he's not the best outside linebackers that the idea of all time that the best offensive player all time. People think it's going Gonzales is the greatest. Player and an offensive position. But it is still not talking dolphins guard I'm not talking left tackle not talking center I'm talking of all the tide and who ever played in the NFL. There are a lot of listening that thing toting Gonzales is the great is double time that's the better player in my opinion about vote with what's going and dolls but I was in the minority that's pretty much my life. Out of respect for Derrick Thomas made you got remembered that the guys like it was cut short only played a decade between 1989. In 1999 he racked up. A 126. And a half sacks that means over a ten year period he became the sixth. All time leading sack leader in the history of the NFL to compare. Longevity Tony Gonzales played. An extra six years compared to Derrick Thomas he played from 1997 at 2013. A sixteen year career so of course. There's numbers are going to be more a 111 touchdowns for Tony Gonzales which ranks him seventh all time the guys ahead of them. Not too shabby Jerry Rice Randy Moss two EO Chris Carter. And Marvin Harrison's second all time by the ways Tony installs in receptions are Jerry Rice. With thirteen hundred in 25 but the seated there Thomas isn't one of the is it may be the best ever played linebacker out Tibetans say. If he would have been able to play another five years now of course. He wasn't in his prime when his life was cut short used toward the back into his career but he was one of if not the best player on that she's deep. And that's why yesterday and graveyard restarted ritual and it you argue about the markets player and I think it's a fantastic player. We see all the markets where sport I think he eventually had a chance to get into law hall of fame but. I do think because Derrick Thomas's career was preserved in time it's kind of like only. That we never to seal is continued body of work we don't know how the restaurant is it would've sounded and how the rest of their Toms River goes maybe Kurt Thomas gets injured and all the all the clip. Or maybe and being Justin Houston is just news and at his peak was a tremendous player. Just he's gotten not exactly eastern no one is talking about at news and outside of 816913. Area so I don't. Like the argument somewhat penalized Tony Gonzales. For being done consistently. Was forced sixteen season departure really factor for towing and dolls. Meant well all the big game which were built to get injured in a big game that no one stays healthy over the course of time. It's owning dollars in 1998 until the time he left was available and playing at a high level every single book is that the count. Life's all about timing so's football also was the position that you play and obviously before 1998 the tide in position was basically a glorified blocker so the statistics are going to be with a linebacker position has been from the beginning of football back in those dudes played the leather strap helmet so. If you're trying to compare numbers were trying to compare longevity you're talking about he wasn't the best at his position in your ordering Tony Gonzales. It is was whatever you wanna say what's along with maybe Shannon Sharpe and Kellen Winslow back in the day he could throw Antonio Gates out there are very short list I would argue Tony Gonzales at opposite. But I also say on the flip side that for 56 year appeared when he was at his best. You could argue that Derrick Thomas was a better and more impact for players at least for the Kansas City Chiefs and Tony Gonzales several. We ask five different. NFL experts will place some throughout the course of the show because I want to get people's opinion outside of us. I'm pick and Tony Gonzales. Your pick entered Thomas speck who would you pick and that's our they're Thomas are you on the old arguments owning enough I heard in these Specter did these. We've gotten militarized sailor bill moss Joel Foreman is shot barber we all ads in the exact same question. Five different kind of ball in different generations different perspectives of the game let's start with the guy that played the position. In the game more recently lets you were shot barber had to say who is the better player than Carl Peterson drafted Derrick Thomas Tony Gonzales. Bear comes first volleys to defend your first of all all of the guys hold higher. Our goal altercation hired with every wanna call it you know often here. While a second of all because. I believe their problem and change to me they've changed the way you could defend. The Likud bloc is important and it's pressure. Told him in the name of lord still a pretty much. All the Kruger the firm that they're Spain and Russia are alarmed at a position. PGA they all time great he's probably one of the new great ideas ever played the game. Outlook Derrick Thomas. As it lying all and she greatest threat. See you back Shawn Barber. Everything you said about revolutionizing the position. There's no denying that they're Thomas did it. That's not Tony Gonzales. This whole wave of going to find basketball players and 65 athletic guys that can jump out of the gym and translate to the football field and it started zoning and really. Helped to revitalize the position what was translating sports and talk in baseball. Whoever was the first greatest closer Dennis Becker's leader Lee Smith and whoever was not an argument he's a better player just because he revolutionized that particular position than let's say the best center fielder that's ridiculous. I just look at Sony is all I'm saying is the argument if it argument is Derek has revolutionized position he was got infected cow when the field and Tony Gonzales was green and father for guys like Antonio Gates exit ramp up for guys like Jimmy Graham what you. To compare Tony Gonzales to guys from his error because that's only the only time deposition became relevant you're talking 34 or five other great to talk the linebacker position we're talking 253050. Other greats over the last. Let's hear bill moss had to say about this same question who is the greater your graphic is it Derrick Thomas Tony Gonzales. Good question. Creek pushing. DC was seeking changer or a question I mean Dirk promise. One teams. Our second quarter seasons. Triple double purple or give it to be offense. And you're going to order. Tony. Was an unbelievable player going to altered. Most characters recorded in the NFL. But Dirk Thomas. Changed course. That's built loss mean sue former players. Maybe skewed a little bit because both of them played on the defensive side of the ball the shot Barbara bill loss they pick Derrick Thomas over Tony Gonzales in bar. Imaginary two notable that. They're Thomas against David Craig single game sack record those seven and was seven or 77 sets he had seven sacks and it. Still record. Yeah. They aren't the only place it is at noon in college this that is ridiculous to so with my oral argument just crazy. His senior year Alabama Dirk comets had 27 cents. Consider. It is an and that is an incredible. Cystic I mean there's no denying you discount of one of those arguments that this the barbershop debate LeBron Jordan and two all time great players absolutely no wrong answer to guys in the hall of fame. Tony Gonzales gonna be a first ballot they're Thomas I think if you played longer if you stay alive. He would have been a first L hall of Famer too great all time she's Carl Peterson drafted three hall same quarter a hall of fame players eight. Career crawl Peterson is to get a great career as a general manager of the cheese I do think that the little bit to be designer Rory. That's what you wanna buy is great I won't bring up what that something else as. Coming up LSW two chances to wind things first we'll give you a chance to weigh. A thousand bucks national cash contest. They'll also give you a chance to go against our guys sports machine and argue smarter than the sports they're going down we need one caller to 91357676. Then if you wanna compete in most popular game in America. Are you smarter. In the sports machine next drive. On the drive. Thank you so much for listening coming up in just eight bit. We will get to. Are you smarter than the sports machine the game and test your knowledge and also test the knowledge of one Sean Lavin. The winner gets a gift cards you Byron along the plaza a fifty minutes also take a minute. Including a ninety's television show. That needs to return for right now it is 80000 on the thirties text the word chill. CH I LL as in share. 272881. That is 72881. And be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national cast on says sixes Sports Radio is the yeah well Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you machinists went up to 121000 dollars each weekend all you gotta do. Is listen in on the thirties and 78 is seventy your next chance to win is coming up in one hour but why wait for your next chance and just try to win right. Complete rules and listings are sixth in sports that count one more time for those you in the back the heart of your channel CH I LL that is chills CH. I LL 272. 881. And you can be the winner in north thousand dollar national cash process. I'm tune but we're Dielman penance it. We need a sounder when he does one have had little reason to do it does. How is it lives you could see in the face that's yeah inspect they would pay the price you pay I mean it was it was bad I mean it wasn't good you know they're building an ice left but it was like it's like heights never let he's just consumed or body like sing song for moral ground. The next day is very very easy. It is argues smarter than a sports machine it takes after the very popular television game show called are smarter than the federal. We have five categories. They go last month's big sex. He plays or I'll give you a player who played one of the three local schools. And I'll ask you who plays for professional. We believe it is. Tested here in new money and are not NFL MVP and LeBron. Vs Georgia our sports categories and it just at the good parts of the first school big sacks six that as many as the name of them. Thought he scholastic questions. First grade spelling. Second grade English third grade geometry. Fourth grade philosophy in fifth grade G geography we will go back and art. And we'll determine who is smarter then that the sports machine. We are met in the OP. Fourth machine you have won the last three times we have played this game plays every time that you're in. You. Have control of the board and c'mon you know don't big sexy sax all right. Thomas is first all time in chief sex. Who is second. Old guard question that's alliance. Oh where is this just keeps him this is this says this is she sent audio is very good friend of the show Neil Smith. Neil Smith is the all time in Houston. In general Alan Tom holly how no way he's second in that. Sex for you were in the city chiefs you. Are down. In the old T go ahead you had we've played we believe royals. NFL MVP LeBron vs Jordan first grade spelling second grade English third grade at. Yeah street fourth grade philosophy in fifth grade geography. The let's go with LeBron bird and Jordan Uga. All right in LeBron vs Jordan. Michael Jordan as the playoff record for points scored in a game against what team. Who let. Go wit the year. Utah Jazz. It is not that you saw it as it is the Boston Celtics he dropped 63. On the Boston Celtics were later bird said that it was like parting god in the game Bittermann YouTube. I never in the top note not loans is not a jazz don't need a good. Maybe there is not a place that playing infrequently and soon we get that. Up portrait the last fourth grade philosophy all right. Why is Murphy's law. Wall is Murphy's law. Yeah Murphy's law is. It's important Scruggs Murphy's laws. Something that's bound to happen to use. And when when when crappy stuff kind of is bound to happen. And I can accept that and it's Orioles it's Murphy's law is quote anything that Google will blow. Not an example I'd sit. Back on the fall here. Tell us back what you'd how you mean you need to question and then Europeans what is Murphy's law and I said when something would Nancy inherently a bad for him. Some of the extent. My short term are better off from college grant it. You are on. Back to men usually because you know that I know what it does look at Matt hill. I first heard it first grade spelling spill. Ambulance. Met in the LP spelled the word ambulance. A and BULA. And CB ambulance. That rants. And he'll eat you can tell and those stuff Kurds he. At an early lead in this bustle a lot of games ago the others let me get yeah. You GR a hundred yard geography. What is the capital. Of New Hampshire. We need to -- all New Hampshire did we decide the last time I was on the radio the New Hampshire is not real and we've never actually met somebody from New Hampshire Israel it's one of the -- eight camp and I think you president's vision of the president's better than anybody I know I'd do you probably the printed president's better than our president is it to hit a ball he definitely could name all of you could washing their hands of the -- -- woods -- objective and your is this win what does this Montpelier. That's my desk. Concorde the answer please do expect your smog and didn't it runs my what's popular capitol remind remind Iran. Yeah Vermont and stuff Kurt should be on the like gods gods don't need to go to that would be in the title showdown here. What we're. NFL MVP. NFL MVP who was the last player on defense to win NFL MVP the last defensive player to win NFL MVP. Home a little word. She be let go away. I aid. Don't even have a clear business sensitive and through the trek. Should Lawrence K. In 1980 pixel as the last NFL player. And defense to weaning in BP shock surprise you are still in this game. Who played for. The floor Martinis. Or. Mark you pushed for the Washington was march teeth more it's Washington. Wizard that is correct. I thought it would I thought that might do you off there. Right now yelled games tied clustered it's a really take control with the pitcher's duel today but you can't take the. Let's do look so. First when you sit back. The boards aren't you. We believe it's so (%expletive) great English in the burglary. G card geometry. It's what. Challenge roe. Caliber talent. And bet it is it's moderately this year he's telling them that it is curable. A palindrome. Is a word that spells something full hour in Akron Reid did calendar that is a radar no you are going to be listed on the shouldn't come. Out of 100%. For two albums and that is palindrome. I'm terrible. Terrible math of that yet try to talk figures predicted it. All right how many sides does a Rahm this. Rahm any size does any rom discs have. I know many triangle has no menus whereas I think a nominee and octagon as. But in Romania Hexion has around us that's a weird words what's got a bit awkward sided thing which eased him throws out their NC set. Bullying done. Full war toward the end so that's the way. The slanted squire. As I don't know square is a dying in this dude gonna be as Iran diseases that are are met in the opening. Well yeah Woodrow you know who do we have one. Category. Left. It is though we believe royals for the record we have an overtime question too so the tells me when I do have an overtime question that is ready. If you get this though we avoid overtime and UN regulations meant GOP are you ready. Palmer beat 2003. Hills at one position player. All star in one pitcher named to the all star team named one of them. Which. Gordy 2003. Chill index. Joseph and is asking her steal this one doctor I don't I am a battle. Great Kandahar. And might mean do I know Mike Sweeney much sweetly boxing fan zone and you video of them because. All right overtime this is where were. You know we always do prices right now you've got to get the closest about going over would you say this is the least dramatic overtime does and history of competition made in the worst game that we've ever played in every cent per mile everyone might be dummy for listening to you play and know more tomorrow. It's. It is my dumber for the give us the damn question are you cannot go. I'm tiger led the NFL this season and in rushing touchdowns. How many began. Close is without going over the head fifteen touchdowns. Fifteen at four. Sports machine shall Levine man I'll ask you the question. Closest without going over hot early lead. In rushing touchdowns this season how many did he hand. I think she's dead wood and fifteenth so. I'm going with one. Want to walk. That brought newsroom better he's. One dollar tied early. Head or team rushing touchdown this season and he'll be. You've got to give card from the Cameron all in the plans. I apologize to everyone who listens of that game eyes aware TU. We are smarter than those our show. Or better than the one we just did the last nine minutes. I apologize. Men Leo PUs should apologize that you need your friends that maybe you were texting him between turns listen you'll on the radio. Sports machine that's why we had to cancel the season anyway when the season to argue Smart strategy. I wasn't although budget where animal and like you said I've won last for your swore in a row. Partially by default because the caller was somewhat managed the last few times. You know coming. On the other side we'll take a minute gave you jazz went rock fest tickets there in the pop quiz and adds we already know the royals are all ready. In trade rumors will tell you who and who reported next on the drive. You lower especially on the clock. Thank you know the. It saves to win and a pair of rock a stick it. There's many times that I reach ounce at the callers for buys but I couldn't really under the user buys. At 3 o'clock I need help from the mayor guys out there. When the married ladies to discriminate. All encompassing. I didn't help at 3 o'clock and we'll get to it coming up in about fifteen minutes right now is time for us to take a minute. Back with bill. Nickelodeon as a now. That double dare the iconic trivia game show known for its famous ally in another sloppy prompts are coming back June 25. I'm all for the ninety reboots but there's one reboot that we need more than any of them. We did supermarket sweep the hell does he. I'm talking about you are back in the day yeah that Pete Sampras supermarkets. We need to see. Happy broke the next opponent that piles and grab and it milligram in the diapers. We've seen this a little late go out and you did it five turkeys all my goodness supermarket sweep was the greatest game show that ninety's cheap. Wheel of fortune keep jeopardy. Keep your family. Let's start the petition to bring back supermarkets will be as one minute for the supermarket sweep was great but you all time with your. Wasn't quite as good as no win you know win stuff. Press your luck with the great show there's a massive laden and his top supermarket sweep that was an incredible of love lingo lieu of cash to have Specter argument. Myself the best players in the NBA all time greats of also played for the all time great coaches which is. By the book that you captain obvious which came first the chicken or any. About LeBron James and I'm like yeah. You could or would your argument started become popular Jordan vs LeBron LeBron vs Jordan. This LeBron James is played for all coaches his entire career not just. Okay coaches not just add coaches went for all his entire career save Eric Spoelstra. And remember Spoelstra was a nobody nobody ever told him that was his first NBA gig in the guys turned out to be pretty darn good NBA coach here's the guys the bonds pleads for his. Paul Silas. Mike Brown Brendan Malone whoever that is David blatt. And now tie lose he's got maybe I'm crazy but I think that this guy could have been an even better basketball player that one even more titles and played for is somewhat company told some. Britain Malone doesn't sound like a real person. Brendan below Britain alone sounds like the coach of the knicks Celtics to don't the high school with a book about north what is Britain Malone so play and coach from a ball and I don't know him alone and Britain alone as a result. Insurance and liberty Brendan Brendan. And a chip. Okay expert Paul Silas O'Brien never below will never play a critical light brown entitlement of the Bruins look for an admirable aid or Brendan Malone picked it. President Malone scarlet coach from sunset park. Well like it was like coach Carter's opposite to the brink did a couple of OK is your plastic buckets on hang tap. Okay jobs created could go and bill Brenda melodious but I look at these other guys who waited you know Mike Brown Paul Silas. David black tie Lou. But it moves better coach and those guys now never heard. Brendan Malone he was a coach on the white shadow I'm not I'm not sure that's Cooper's. I'm certainly not real that's real person sped away let's going to check it out a way. There's no hate today sir it is John Walton you get part of my minute that. Pain and anguish. Let so many of us have felt. All the the last one ears that throughout the all registered airlock. Look what dropped Speedo window draw back out through center and. That is good doing good can't hang up a third owner. Thought the book I watch it did for apple holes Barbara what he's so good to create a 48 season. It is stern and not birds step. Yeah this John Walton on dead US TD there is a great night for me is a sports fan again it's been twenty years since the capitals were in the Stanley Cup. Finals but they've had playoff appearances around Iraq along the way. If that's the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference along the way I cannot. Believes. Royals fans who stuck around for thirty years kudos to you considering there was no playoffs. From 1985 to 2014 I can't believe he did it I barely hung in there and the capitals made the class a bunch in the last twenty years but kudos. The royals fans is it really put into perspective last night cal Roth. Those thirty seasons work. I'm not saying net. You guys didn't have things. Happened to you me and I'm I'd certainly an act like I can speak to because I've don't think I've ever watched the watched examples like hockey or mine and Ireland. But that's used the term pain and anguish when it's been twenty years pain. English. The Atlanta Falcons of the image let's sounds like you what's the Super Bowl. In the ninety's. And and you wind to it than Matt Ryan air speed to use that term pain and anguish. Not. Yeah I mean your answer questioners that you've never watched Washington Capitals game sought. How'd you know. 'cause you've gone on in your time that you can't remember I think. Which is what happened to choose which. Is also Donnelly at it on the mood all the logical answer on struggle earns all the technological. It but it doesn't like Charles boards that all that that happened. Since in 1960. At that. Time achieves twenty years and why single playoff did. To use this all we have to the Stanley Cup in twenty years has been pain and anguish again. The Atlanta Falcons of the ice that when you really think about it. And you never watched it. Hakim a foreigner light side and I'm gonna take that for one is worth and that's not always the general I'm not have been exactly sure that the last real estate. Yeah. Should pay it changed a lot of the attention of the yeah it's crazy to think that currently the royals are still into two of the last four world's leaders but it is it is recorder talk about the game shows chewy. Judge people off of how good they are at jeopardy and it's a good way to determine one's intelligence is what a different attic or not he always have to get on balls right. But a noble got beat with certain individuals if you've never met. No Liverpool Judas and about receipt patsy jackets bite on site. But upon is it's going down pat do you have an issue with and I say my sister of oral mis hitting six. Years ago months with my own little quarters it might. Mr. with young children could definitely use the money went on we will fortune's nomination that she won every single puzzle comes down to the final puzzle she pulls the envelope. They come back from commercial. Here comes the drama or STL and eat up your periphery out of wash your sister if you look I'll walk walks or she would Washington then run it through its cycle endure two more times loss position and looked outside you would destroy it until you patsy eject it my sister of the hoard his final puzzle of all time it was impossible computer wouldn't have got it right. And they opened a little envelope a million a 100000. Grain. That's usage echoes my sister on top of him on site almost issuing a stay with music thirteen ranked they take taxes and she never in a dorm vacations. It's a bit. I can't believe that you would wanna fight had saved Jack who was that it was one of America's treasures he's never done anything you also like eighty years old and I got a pretty good shot he looks great for his age but I really think you as a separate note patsy Jack and Vanna White have not aged in forty years she's no smoking good. It is both both and they both look incredible. Student. Today fans brag sports Jon Heyman who essentially works for date more like act. On airports take advantage payment. Is Dayton Moore right hand man like it goes. Jake Colo and John payment he is the mouthpiece burden for the media for the kinsey royals. Johnny Damon has swords it is says the royals are quote quietly letting other teams know they expect to have. A for sale sign up soon. That's not to say trades are expected immediately but royals people appear to be realistic about where things stand. The problem is though. One person who spoke at the royals people suggest. Quote they are open to anything which means it won't be just older veterans and players on the last year deals. But the problem the royals are running into is some of the pieces that would be very by our very Bible are underperforming. And they are very expensive. Mr. hard training Kennedy with his contract unless you're trying to eat a whole bunch of it's gotta be hard at this point trading Duffy Pletcher trying to ease someone that you'll. Are you got the treated like earlier which we agree is going to be traded or you're really trying to get a return. He put up for sale sign up for wit mayor. What coy about this like twenty games under 500 were obviously not heading anywhere wires is not bold letters on Craig's list thing I've got this guy I've got this guy. Good to get it to dinner or take on more. We tell. Errors trade value is oddly not going to be any harder than it is right now we're talking about. Statistically the best reliever in the day eighteen innings pitched only allowed two earned runs for an ER race. A point 96 usable striking out ten guys per nine innings. I don't think this team's gonna get better before they get worse don't seem to me that you don't need to hide what you're doing this isn't some sort of a smokescreen Hague. Wink wink were all legal and end up trading our players and support so if you want to get ahead of the ball noses teams such as president been fielding telephone calls or. Agassi the royal treatment the next month I could see Jimmie won the first teams to sell got a pro active instead of reactive and through this bad pop quiz. It's the top we asked her to the right surprise. Know your stuff. Is it odd bit of Chrysler dodge Sebring and the winner wins a pair of rock fest tickets days pop quiz in Zain. Movie take at least a big markets for. You do put. And actually. Only. If you know what that is because numbers six and Ireland 357676. Then columns so the movie in the prize Jewelers. Marry people may blend. I need your help. Coming up in two minutes because this next door sounds absolutely perfect but everybody is telling me I'm crazy I'll explain what it is next immigrant.