05/24 - 1 pm - OTA's

The Day Shift
Thursday, May 24th

We head back out to Arrowhead for Chiefs OTA's nd hear from Eric Berry and Patrick Mahomes. Pat broke Ryan Witkowski's heart. Our good friend Coach Coffin joins the show to discuss the new Hy-vee Arena and we've got some Beef. 


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Did give an update on business. Eighty revealed on live signal your brought to you by the end Chevrolet were waiting for page my homes. The stuff I'm sure is good who filled at this point but that. Couple things he reads that he clearly. Didn't wanna talk about beautiful policy where I widgets and organizational thing he would add time debt. That's that that bother me I'm on the tea Juan. Part of leadership in being a leader is addressing an attack in tackling tough issues when it tomorrow. This is not blind side injury today he knew dale well that the it if they'll stuff that came out yesterday it was the B topple all across this great nation. He knows that the organization knew that it did not address it. The once tutored man ridiculous. Bet this sausages sick and it's like now hear from aired very similar to what your last year but is this year. Install so everybody's body and just keep doing it. Refrigerator shipments of armored and the port it to her husband. Then good things come to work you know he's dedicated to the sport Nelson thinks I'm going by dedicated that game. Tony good or what so that was about. One indeed yeah how he came back from yet. Wrong I mean just put it where you know there is no injuries or injury you are several. Companies day. She's still so into it processing and just fonts though not entirely logistics process makes active. Behind the same every day coffees they've what is. Discomfort are supposed to be a year. It. Mean you me I'm dedicated. Appears Kansas City was panacea dedicated team if you'll pardon him and if you. I just want you to Vista would be best. That's more my focus. Dylan entries for the so it's not really marvelous aren't I not overlooking me just put him Howard I don't know if my team is dependent on the lieutenant and so is more accountability thing. I'll just handle my business and make somebody goes that we better do it. Or like look at you like it. And just I just didn't play last year are still do well and measured. It was anyway I don't Britain upcoming pleasure. But like us on this year I'm dedicated to my team when I was OK so much and that's what. So it's just here and now just ought to get to get a good start off game plan and move forward. Or. It was so what it in the days. I think he's. And the way of these stories. Everybody just not here noting that it workhorse. Keep those people. Just frustration. You know come doer I never really likes it there watching it was forced to watch I just I always get involved and help my team. I think this. Part of what carried over this year there was a scene you can make him pay even though you're not playing it still be canceled the game plan and so of the situations that's happening. Our got a lot of spears not just my night here. There's a lot of guys that are here are what I know so. Even with the young guys that does everything I know I just keeps the Olympics village and I was insulin does all of us as a team we're in the room. Okay here's your. Hello I'm not I'm not sure his nose in there but I'm I'm. But it's. Right there. Write them. We're back I'll. Could you mean his is where we are lower doses of work. And he's on his words you don't get better so nobody really drew is common in incivility are coming out on the field we know don't put an outward evidence. But just seeing the faces in enthusiasm. By some days you might not be feeling it but if you look across the ball he sees fifteen. We seek to Sydney seats and got a lot of energy economy bringing it and vice Versa we bring in an and I really of sort of the moment we just feed off each other and just pushed through. Mastery is this thing. Down. And exactly. It was old. And things. It's a little bit of everything I guess you say that can argue it's hard to tackle. On that as all. If you just aware we'll make Hussein's and a few other things is it could be harder for other people and he's of other people. That's what anything else as a suspected that it is clear isn't it essential so. Is this if this is worth it I think as possible. It's it's. Question issues. Much. Does that he's gonna do here this franchise. Incompetent components I don't know if he's doing coffee. Sure so fans can automatically so. I don't really just and I guess you're. Romo is excited. He's already indicated so we'll see. Yeah you got to. Treat it first impression in his life I mean. They get there here I don't exactly. Talent not seen on my way back. It takes you know go to Vegas since I was actually games compares. For an hour and one thing. Oh school cool it Gaza pretty good player right now and I'm excited to see towers out. And this is he's always wonderfully office says by the office of fiercely. Moussaoui talked about this little dog and planning and if you haven't obviously it is so. We just hope he was an. Example as it appeared today. Yeah. You're very live from Arrowhead Stadium packed homes. Will be up next but pitcher to put the guys forward this year the more their last year. So let's go now paddy cake make it cheek. Words weren't going well I mean really just out there competing sorry to really test scores get out here. The only young still compete and I like offense defense and really brought so far and hopefully we don't go. I think we'll all specifically. This year's host is here. Click here. Yeah you wanna you wanna be real prison in and out huddles urged me you wouldn't really be able to get in the huddle get out. He was you know Z in order to have success is still working on that as well as always support the workers of a bend in on time making making plays. Personally I think I did they use. Brilliant. And experience now to your music your your heart from beating Carolina last. Yeah I mean this from your ones and now you're assuming first off it's called playing golf I was talking about earlier I didn't. Did you focus on more things now that you're comfortable call on the play and so. Not at a couple calls that if it was a snap count my focus on bonanza and IDs and what makes this offense of billions of meters and the seniors just a lot more comfortable that. Here yeah I mean he made him EV. And a half of all release on the holes and stand. The union is one of the mistakes you make them now I mean you don't limit his mistakes against so we throw a lot now so that game it's bloody. You there. Yeah I mean you'll get better every single facet of the game I mean you really wanna make sure that. I guess he did have a little Chris Eaton gives are you have not come play Claude that you can use your statements. Are you going to be able to move the ball BS station you know the situation what you need what you really don't force me. All those things are trying to work on every single day and that's promise Stiller this in the field. New players and no not yet I mean. It just happened yesterday suffer from me out of the really engines. Okay. I mean all of those strike it was low inside that I mean I got to sleep in in this. And speedway since there are things in Kansas cities that important you. It's. Yeah I mean definitely in the fans come out every single week and some passion and love for us our team and what we are doing here so me I want to be. Back in the community giving back and being just a part of it and so and so the same level as them. I. We are you stories knowingly about it. Here's a pastor yeah every area. I mean I know you would say master has played those very complex is something that you have to work on every single year. I mean you look at the guys that are veterans sleep are still trying to learn more and as a quarterback as a ballplayer you wanna. Learn more recent years off like now I'll never know sodium master of the play that and I'll try to get better learn more and more about all of the ball ever seen here. Fleshy and Alison talk about that stuff that's happened this year we've got. Yeah. Stunning we that we we have a great QB group and yet said Mehmet going out basis came in and we've we all talk to each other about what we're seeing it and I talked about what I'm seeing that we try to get like third period answered when we don't feel we can play fast and has success. Design things you would like you do relative Ugandan animal feed back. Yeah I mean just so we we have opening conversation with any country. Via and I ask do we really talked to see. They see what I want and that's absolutely likeness we've we've both. Like suppose that there's a Miller one of us this and on that we. Don't single word we've got to get out here we see about it this horse will succeed if not symbol will throw it right off. It. News. Receivers there. Yeah I mean yeah I still a lot. Our country what is use them as you know we don't huddle and then say when what I need to say in order stressed that it says helps out. That my teammates have let me kind of become more vocal leader on the team and we haven't seen it yet guys like they're very industries and all are still seeing all the guys that we have does it. What we're gonna get better every single day so for us it's not about. Guess Hussein and his mother who's trying to make this. The best situation. Oh we understand it's. So to speak. As a rookie. Coming out of happiness for Eric you know never Rickey you're companies that it does work hard. I figured it out it's insane just sort of proof it would seem you're trying to do whatever as the team. And as you gain some of that respect as you go further here every start talking more people really respect what this thing they know that your in the best interest of the I. I. I mean how is that there are good generally simply Indians now does it does see him more often and we really. He brings certainty sells office I think that we really need as something that. He he stays easily stays on you make serious that you're doing the right things like Google me insulin as this year's off. Which. He. I mean I don't necessarily does not bad any thought Chelsea started at of course that I. Absolutely and that's my first name and never I don't know like seven or eight years old. It MySpace so I hadn't heard it since then that I mean I'll roll. Trying to incorporate that in here you can feel like they're doing her business. Our main. And you never know those guys would still see Terry you know he never know I was of them last. Again he's an assistant U marine. Yeah yeah. Yeah I think. Way more cup runners and I think. And it's Morse and set it first it is like it's not a day for someone prefers god as our army is something that. I thought the actually worried about catching a seven and I didn't lesbianism translated and worry about losing so. It. I mean. Thursday it was crazier. Things dealt Microsoft twitters might equities. The first pass of all those ages with running joke around about it and and then later on the price about a over federal and about the interception and things like it is. Saw a lot of notoriety I brought it sounds ominous. Izzo has metals is also tremendously and someone who who works hard and you really respect guys gathered would have that much how to really get after every day. Are. There's a quarterback right their pitcher Holmes heard a lot of an exclusive. On sixth in sports rodeo the to a place you've heard of Patrick Holmes the number one athlete right now. In Kansas City live on this boarded the media for a couple things one they did ask about the torts. You at the NASCAR did not ask but the courts in the George while the conversation. Two he gave credit for trick Krebs Kelsey for predicate make it shake. Right McCaskey we'll probably address this tomorrow to have that is I think he thinks other things dedicate HA. But he went on he says that. The at the thing in the CU has coached by the time Andy Reid talked and I and he got there and you have more feelings. Let's address a double b.'s number one if Avery doesn't address that I don't expect pat Pat's home address Pat's home said that. Everybody on the team found out yesterday from the lead like we all dia a body at least that we haven't as a group talked about it's I totally understand it. Okay. I guess I'm disappointed in eighty read. From the standpoint held to seek not combat. Would media members about the about it the stuff part of like to sit before part of being a leader is addressing and tackling tough issues. He ran from not that. It is not like you see it coming key note that this was the this been the biggest story in sports the last one trial in four did you read to not addressed. Did not get into specifics. Is a specific about what the hell he's gonna do too much rested though he didn't want to address. He ran front which. Best disappoint the other thing don't that was brought up to meet you both what I want this holds him or being talked about to play anywhere anyplace anywhere. Good good idea is deeply consider Cleveland air melt one RG three's and it goes bids hue Jackson afterwards that I know that bad he can't you said himself. Tackles what people. Exactly as he's not tactful he is now that you've played everywhere but any player who's always dressing Amy read. That might come from Clark they went from obviously that's the one person in the building could tell him what to say in opposite Eagles. It is didn't. It's Clark's problem is plugged he's got there is no damn questions they're not. But his head coach your game instead would Clark money's gone your taking the bullets fault for his team then he all he's the team. He should be answering those questions if you're not gonna be an eight isle where Obama did what in the meetings that. The Atlanta like five owners. Name out there were bigger Bible does it him on it says something if. Clark he's my daughter of the drafts that he got hundred and that would have been who you when your kids that's always an. I don't yards and he built a golf balls and it's the city could come from the top it's just a part of being a leader desolate. Really terms Kelsey dedicate made shaking in the Ryan's been same fervor he was team out Smith. Kills so I don't know how much patty cake made Sheikh was going wrong preachers have very disappointed and as Abdul Frances Kelsey create still sort of up and take me to say as we're I don't think so he says that people but calling predicate. It started. The tended to look as well I would think so too. There's a good going on Kansas City when it comes athletics for your kid yourself you'd aim. What the hell is the ID arena used to be chipper and we'll find out next. This note was Adam last chance on the show 2000. Dollars in earnings news conference don't fret. They're prepared ordered 53630. You're still teams to a thousand dollars an. There's Honda's own text. Flop it's seven to 81 that's block at LOP. Late flops we please basketball you could be 8000 dollars richer while international case contest messaging data rates may apply your experience. At 232. Win yourself a U dumping and use a martyr Smart. Sick flop flop flaws are a Smart man had four times. Joining us now that's some cool because I was like I don't wanna see iconic buildings in this town poured down. I like to see him being used for something else in Kemper arena was on its path. Destruction. I like the west bottoms area like Beers stockyards Bruce Banner at the them I like their beer rock star birders there's a read another reason to go to the west bottoms them. From the American royals more. What is there is something for kids the Heidi read the every doesn't give arena in the are doing some great things for for your kids your neighbor's kids. In or yourself. In the community with basketball court track in Jordan is now the manager of operations for IV arena you guys have heard before. His name is Chris often Christmas afternoon. A desperate to be back I appreciate you have you know every morning nice to come back yeah yeah. The accident Manhattan and I'm just a little confused I've never seen was cow ski without a hat on looks a lot like certain. Total today that's normal human being that I I'm just gonna settle him and it's been a couple of minutes but I appreciate me back or really do so the idea reattach it what you guys have built in which do you can use. Oh man what have we build we build this we'll tell you we have milk business. This phenomenal. Hub of sports for the midwest as when I believe we've built everybody can use it is gonna be something in there for everybody from. Ford a five year old a two however if anybody wants come now work out there's no way to cap on that. 6 AM till midnight seven days a week 363. Days a year. Unless you wanna come down and use some owner duties are come. Eastern Christmas but I'll come work for you yeah they'll tell us a let's go. But six and the midnight we are leagues. We have tournaments we have fitness we have all kinds of different of note just don't look for right you've built the second level to this what will those that have been in Kansas City for a long time Jeno you've been to a lot of white snake concerts downing Kemper arena. We we put in a middle deck where the upper deck used to be they put in completely new concrete floors 52000 square feet upstairs there's a court's. Can convert into 24 pickle ball courts volleyball. And then downstairs on the lower court. We have four basketball courts that also converted to pickle ball Mahler bought anything you can do on a hard look courtroom have a lot of sports hall as well so there. Like I said there's something for everybody if you can do on hardwood court. We're gonna have a four. I saw was more. I guess there's so many different things you can do what is the that the mission. Of oval what you guys in terms of the experience that you try to bring to the idea. Steve Phelps is big guy who had division felt should architecture. He's had this vision and and he goes by mind body and spared. So we wanted to we wanna promote a healthier lifestyle that's why the the the partnership with Hy vee there on the same mission as well as promote healthier lifestyle for kids. And so at the youth level are our mission is to get these kids and have somewhere to go somewhere nice with great amenities. And it's before during and after so we're gonna have. Things that speed and agility training and come in before work out. Before your team practices or whatever. A pitcher team practice at your team is looking for places to practice give us a call we we have courts space available. And then after practice we have guys like a doctor Tony over at saint Luke's are familiar with him. From the local high school football team doing recovery for athletes after and we have a lot of other amenities was just name a few. But. Can be taken care of from before before your practice after practice you get what you need out of that at any time. She guilty useful if Jim you're one of the biggest. I ask you but the big trek is averages yes sir big trek beat Toby Alaska want bigger. And I thought you had the big Easter who we do have the biggest drag. US you do continental US United States 350 meter it indoor track it's full Mondale. Seeing coming you can Wear your tracks fights it's just like the stuff you're gonna see on the outdoor tracks. Ross and have jumping areas throwing areas so. We're we're working on right now designing indoor track team were facility where these indoor these outdoor track club's thirty in Kansas City there's a lot of them. We're gonna provide them would have placed a practiced and went to Sofia Coppola basketball complete basketball be applicable team. Please and if there's not an attractive. They're time attracting six road you're talking a camera on the up put those kind of absolutely. Yet come on him we're gonna we're gonna provide space. And and it's going to be a lot of logistics are going into it these guys from the count Gordon. In all their trade partners there are our our construction permits putting mr. crouch and you found architects. Vision into play these guys are magicians everytime I turn around sums build and you've been following on Twitter channel pitchers hardwood floors Norway ironically some samples. I do like my pitchers. These guys are magicians their their help and work with all those statistics there's going to be an area and dedicated areas for a lot of different things that go home multi purpose in rooms as well. So now war war talk about a timeframe low light completion. A bomb what are we talking involved. We're talking about. I believe beginning to middle of September. To completely going to start event we have in our first major event is being pink ball. Think it's third shots of charm festival it's despicable stuff a pickle ball if what does it is here at all that what exactly is that it looked a lot picture. A mix somewhere between tennis and and table tennis so you use and will racquets on smaller out of court. There's a lot of different theories but well we're our time going to one of them is a guy named it after his dog got a dog may. Across street from mom. Doubles backyard. None of them are out of Woodstock robbery the brew house and tipper. None on and on and I'm saying I'm saying there's a place all pickle and saw playing chicken or chicken and I'm not exactly visible and more publicity and edited the visible social there. Passage that you were just describing him that the game itself but outlawed that the oil until it's all the course exactly how you describe. Absolutely it's like a strong in tennis court views and a larger Whipple ball with a wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't the people good and certainly easy to educate definitely basketball you worked at the eagle stuck its schools with Cadbury. It tripping down. They weren't and I and I am so glad that mr. felt was able to put his vision and play because what it is basically it's a one stop shop I know there's a lot of people listening right now to have kids that dead I'm an eleven year old to play a lot of basketball tournaments a lot of volleyball tournaments. Where you go in and you're stuck their for the day you have three hour wait between games not nadu we're gonna have a ton of food and beverage we're gonna have a lot of retail. We got a lot of great partners for that so few kids got to our way you don't have to leave Lou moves long boards. Smoothie shop. How is talking. Who moves is gonna have a. All cultures. Gloria is also always have long warned these people up right on course. Even though they're going to be here all oiled up drink beer I know that well known on now that's not welcome. You can come and injuring beard mcedwards drink beer and all. Thought they cuss or getting. And when I mean how I just I don't know how well I don't know that we have I. We we ever rules but what golf and this got to be extremely exciting for you to be a part of this and everything this one all with. That'll just with the renovations blow you said you don't win it when he comes a finished product on September which is mark Martin's birthday so I can we do get down there but issued ahead plus. It has to be exciting for you to be apart Els everything is going on with it. It's so exciting in the seat and come from ground up from from being around those guys were who were actually assembling the building and how it comes to getting it division right and then how it's going to operate wants it they hand over the keys. It it's been a lot of fun. Our general manager delivers her she was down their shoes general matter temper your arena for about seven years so. She she's got a lot of history in a building and entire time which in a corner of this used to be this and Allison tiger therapy room. Or you know more final posters from from from concerts and stuff and it's just fun taken those trips down memory lane but. It. What it's turning into is it's going to be great fix prices may have hostesses there almost play. This is bush existing leagues play there or is it just purely the play either. Both both it it's open for but if you have a question. At seek often at high gear Marino dot com go ahead and and shoot me an email if you have a team that's looking for practice based. If you have a tournament that you're looking for a host site. If you have a lead you want if you have an idea. It doesn't even have to be on the court we have concourses were looking. Chess clubs with the wall dodge ball in anything you can think of if you need a spot the host to give us call we'll see if we Morgan out. C coffin that seal at in an idea arena that are these Hitchcock. The city Kennedy display indoor facility the weather's bad do things of his. I think he's needed this I think we needed it to an end and and we're trying to develop into a place for people to come out I mean. Happy hours bachelor party's birthday parties a lot of that we have so many amenities that we we don't have enough time to go through a mall. But it it's just a place where people can come down hang out. Were they can come down and and monster it's practice or we can get after with some really high we abolish sporting. They are a competitive. Basketball league that's our guys come from overseas to play it keeps stats another thing we have a opera shot tracker. Shot tracker is a local company. That works with the NBA. They've run India any I'd term and here it is software. It's basically huddled on steroids from basket price and they're all twelve of our courts will be the only building in the country that's got. Twelve courts with shot tracker and able that's a huge recruiting deal for high school kids and it's also good for. Parents who just wanna keep track of their own it's that's the plan and I mean it like a city moving on and on and on that. Says the talk. Made all ages that's keeping all ages all ages all ages were run and we're run and everywhere from non competitive Casey crew is bringing a lot of their volleyball pickle ball basketball leagues in. We also have you know when you set for for young old noncompetitive novice and elite level stuff. I just a little bit later this summer when we come down like it he sets up in cross I think we'll be also there were shots and shots that I. Yeah crossing brocade and do whatever you want they're not drink beings not allowed on our courts until the fact doctor. Doctor Tony gets is athletic training Beazer built in there that he. A trilogy sports teams like to be deprived 48. He's just got to go a little bit fastener Richard I was. Great stuff you fall in on Twitter Crisco off and we can city meaning he'll seek often. In IV arena dot com if you want a place for your league play also integrates. Thanks the first call them coming out of picture. EUU group for Cadbury Anderson and I story that used to get made it something nice I appreciate that we're looking forward to an operation you have art that you. You got beef. We got some beef we do that that next. Big east Tennessee sixty sports media poll question we'll seat you think you're going to give stuff away. 2000 dollar fell open in favor of the Detroit terribly good Friday night may 25 7 PM kickoff kids that he feels the need to win these games. To get into the post season so these games do count. But he four pack of PC games tickets for this Friday night because six collared our 1357676. And say I. Even stir in you go into the PC films like myself. This Friday night you missed it be read at alms we got you covered they'll place that a lie was right here you can go to the sixth in sports he C. On Twitter and there's links record the audio. Of you'll you'll need ability this week was today it's sort of a TARP was today. These Stewart everyday savings that today but the homes. Pay in Indy reed Derek Johnson we had him Eric Berry you heard it right here today at six in sports he's the you can keep all of that up right now eighty read was asked questions about the NFL's policy. Yesterday. Are they did unifil put forward yesterday we would beat in the locker room or being out to stand he didn't really wanna address that he's interviewing keep that in house. It wasn't an address of the media that was kind of the big thing that humanity be read. Yet the idea yet what's up all of the top on a mean look if you're gonna be a leader. On beaded dress tough issues don't just address the easy things when times are tough wrestles as well is the biggest story in alls or your in this war. It's something that you have to deal with two players have to deal with owners and had to deal with just talk about it now arches address and get out the way. You knew what was coming so Brittany elected 880 beavers running scared and in this hospital ball. Keep it in house to meet that is the new school cop out all why don't wanna talk about it right now because I don't be held accountable from all wars. You can't keep everything in house some things you can't keep in house something is. This big story. In this big of items you can just keep it in house asked them people want to know what you Boston opinions are on the. That's her she took on that Kaymer he's been working setter that indeed there's a place and just forget about that to Apollo was not asked about why we're Stewart's. He was asked about being around Kara Patrick Holmes also dressed. The paddy cake nicknamed her and ask you very upset about this he's been cornerback was with de ship educate me shake he gave critics trip skills. For an accounts he did that. He credit directly from patty cake on that you got beat we got beat 69306. I have a little chat. You bet there but I do have a leash. We got some kind of defense going around saying. I'm rich kids. They've got no. Oh god for all they haven't Basil sauce lettuce cheese yeah. I am. Are you ever federal pretty burned up yeah. Were you and then we'll be right but broadly Kelly mostly Jewish deli. For a mostly not Jewish city Melbourne crossroads the official Billy. Of sixty in Sports Radio street from the text line I got beat was certainly right accuses. For writing. A body part of the Alley ramps all the time. I hear people saw. I believe he's on the job. Third. They had before you start off with. Who does that's flatly to detect science hours and right I could it be part of a basically sand people sort of be Jesse's. He's all sort of records in the legs and get answers now I just I just root for quite. Dot org as it. This was also talking malls or is it got got beat us that refused to let me just barely that's not the case though wind are more about it and I'm as well. He's played her family's more fun distant and I want three outlook got beat woods today in the beginning he's allowed to be in a Speedo. Like yeah. Recovered backwards fielder I would go to their blow myself up drink beer right there has got to do about what's he gonna do about it. Here's another one I got beat we please obsession bedroom door. Another George were a conversation. That was a topic of stories written about that moment we're in the Georgia so that's. Not mean. Here's another of the text 175. I got beat with Keith Primeau bar him from winning every prize. We keep your legend on six and he do you think he DNA and in a long time. Well he wins and another show that he wins on best I don't. He followed counts here now that's fine. He still winning them to a footage on him a lot it yield which tells you there's some way to I am not I must say that. I mean use somebody to say there aren't. Interest they. From the 16 no more beat are finally went tickets couldn't pick my son whose first game. I like to hear that that's cool that's always going to be. And you think you're centers for games have Everest it's going to be like beets or is going to be excitement yeah beat her here. The question but it went six people like people say that to be reached base they talk and I'm really not a big talker as Bob a standing there. And not doing so I'd say is that a top off. And as being distorted sports Paula saying man this MySpace. Nothing. He got at it with the biggest you detected them. Takes on six I threw six and I went three I got beep the winner of speed was third. He's proud segments northwest while having your back it beef with some ways has beaten you. It down. And violence or anything but every woman I agree with Hillary got our team. That's. This secondary yet I don't know what we're doing what we're thrilled to limit god can't freedom nobody rivals sometimes they mistakenly think we're careful review before. We gotta I gotta be careful what that I got beat woods Vijay Singh had some homes. Is that savior we can city chiefs dog I'm not saying that. It again this about the media talk about. That's at home. This is GM city's best he's ever see this is AD read below viewed about catcher Holmes fills it's that just may. Doubling him. Dublin but we beat tomorrow. One more day fellas we have beat tomorrow with you guys coming up next umpire busier every week every day to collect names here in the mayors and John Levine the sports machine is in with them in of course the happy and smiling bearded. Apple's been speed inspector.