05/23 - Vern's Post Game

Wednesday, May 23rd
Vern takes your calls and reaction after the Royals claim the series in the first half of the I70 series and win just their second series of the season. 

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And sitting here six. Insider Josh burn here. That's got to look at the good. I understand how the season. I started I know the record world where. Big picture in Kansas City. But I have to put in good booed president. Fault lines are open for it 9135767610. A fantastic afternoon of baseball a fantastic 48 hours of baseball. Not just the fact that the royals walked away victorious by all five facets of the game. In Georgia. Now maybe I have a low bar in 2008 team but just. Mickey it is static Li please. Give me some quality baseball. Jason Hammel and Jacob Jonas have done that on the mile. The royals bullpen of McCarthy Keller Boyer and Guerrero last night Keller and Herrera. They've made it enjoyable. The defense. Over the past two nights over the past 48 hours I should say. And that some. 2015. Royals defects. Asked you last night that Jeter jumped throw. This afternoon it would appear wet behind second base for the out Alec scored a goal and full Superman but the catch in left field. Offensively target in the clutch hits from tributary you're getting the pot or it's from Salvador arrives. The base running is solid all five facets for the royals right now clicking at the same time that is not something. That you and I've seen on consecutive games on consecutive days. While we've seen it. We have not seen it. Not only that the royals win their second series of the season their first. Wrote series of the season and how about this. Two series wins in fifteen series this season. The two series wins. Were led by Jacob Eunice. When the royals took the finale at Kauffman from the Detroit Tigers to take the third game of the four game series. When they clinched that series victory on that Sunday afternoon Jacob Judas was on the hill Andy through seven innings of two run baseball that day. Another chance for the royals to win a series. The second opportunity Jacob Judas had to lead the royals to a series victory. Jacob Judas is now two for two he throws five innings of two run baseball. Fault lines open for 9135767610. What I alternate. We can get in the BXs and Els at this game if he wants. We can talk big picture we can talk draft weakened ought deadline were every one adult that's fine. But what it'll from mule. Is are you talk in any track. Are you talking any trash. To the cardinals fan in your life. Because look this. This season then Rauf and may continue to be raw. I don't look that record says the record says sixteen and 33. But just like this game this series the series victory. Puts a smile on every royals fans face. It is stick it just out. Why not it dot Scott. Last year in the I seventy series. UNL for four against the red birds. You send and attacks. Yeah hit on Twitter. To send a must act. Do you talk trash activists. Because they are not mean any opportunities to do so this season to any fan base. So when you get the opportunity to do it is to the team that most of you hate most the St. Louis Cardinals argued taking advantage of that's what I want and nobody Gatwick and there's there's so much to talk about it lobbed injured Tara I mean all bought every member of that royals' bullpen who. This afternoon combined to throw five innings of one its relief. Shot out salvia leadoff home run in the second inning. Abraham Belmont days hustle out of the box in the sixth inning. That's maybe the only reason the royals walked away victorious. As he was busting it out of the box he took advantage of in this play by O'Neal left field any legs. A single into an errant. To base. Leadoff hit. I don't it was a single and then an Arab that was all because of the hustle of Abraham Almonte that. Giroux Butte Tareq and an update outlook sport and going to the opposite field there in the tenth inning. Just feels good doesn't it. Just feels good to win a series. Seeing the boys play some well rounded baseball. And it take two of three from the cardinals in their building royals win five. Two we hear from you coming up next sleep dot com. Aren't supposed to change. A brotherhood of electrical workers local 124. Empowered by seventh street casino a risk of red Mercedes-Benz. CM VP electric heat. EC route Randy electrical. Can you terrorist swings and also why drive into right center field for a base hit. Solaris Florence Gordon goes to third Escobar or Gordon Brown's third Escobar goes to third. And reviewed Jarrett drives in two. And the royals lead poured into the tenth inning still nobody out. That's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating Casey's murder and electrical play of the game this is playing join us on fast go in the morning tomorrow at 745 tell us who was part of the play and you'll win pizza from toppers now back divert tributes there was to run. Single in the tenth inning no question that's the play the game you terror now with 99 career art beyond royals win five to two. We start off in only all in your hitting leadoff Ohio. Our Bert Bert thought about that stuff but a lot more and he's my favorite baseball team. Pullback what they got 2050 you know debate is even aligned movement not flat to tweak it. You know also you earlier. It without contrast or cardinal brand. And now I have to say that I am on my friends that are cardinals and Broncos and have a chance again and give it to. Give it sewer every chance you have. Thanks for the phone call let's go to Robin Wichita rob let's go and nobody. Not too much too long to get this to our board them and the land troop and. Period. Went also or in the eyes seventy series last year it's nice to I'd take this one to start 2008 team. Absolutely and you know I think with all the optimism. You know there's. Does mode does multi user the royals so far the fear that. You when play began Cleveland. You know when. Like we got today and that was granted and all they've had dropped when Blaine Boyer came around static kill me emperor. Try to keep the game. I'd tell you you know. It sure it was a good call by after all and I think it's gonna bring a lot of people to the candidates you. Cardinals got here through it's these series. Yeah I hope so nice to see. You know. Kauffman stadiums had rather healthy crowds for a team with a record like the royals. I've been impressed. With the amount of support this team has received despite the brutal start of the season. As far as Blaine Boyer coming out of the ninth inning. It got to learn by now. That's not using is closer on the road elicits a save situation. And it's it's it's then 67 years now guys. You just can't continue to get upset by that you're not gonna ask multiple innings out of Calvin a rare. He is your most prized asset for the upcoming trade deadline and not trying to overuse him. Overextend him. Because this dude is an absolute. Nails 123 of the tenth inning he retires Wong thing and then carpenter. On eleven pitches he now has ten saves on the season that's top five in the American League. Has city armory of point 96. That's top three in the American League and is yet to walk a batter this season. Twenty appearances. Cyril walks. In fact if you go back to last season it's now won six consecutive innings for help and where Otto walked. Here swinging. The offenses. First pitch fastball moves out of our rafts in the second inning the first pitch that he solve them Michael block. That is based walk away. Too much time. Waits in many times to throw pipe shop like that the great number thirteen he ambushed it. Eight home run of the season. Etiquette the royals. 01 nothing really solve our prize. Swinging for the fences with Geiger thanks. To just make sense to get a guy offense. Sell it since returning from the disabled list. Eight home runs that's second most among catchers in America only has 22 RB guy. That's most among American League catchers since he returned from the DL. And is 28 base hits second most in the American. I won 357676. Tennis our phone number let's go to sharing and show on me share god. All I'm. Just one lunch or at war. Well I pop. And we are and a lap. But I'll let you know. Well I appreciate it may take every opportunity you know. Kits to boast this season. Every opportunity in which you can bring up the fact that the royals actually cashed in on their trips to the post season. And I think. In L for France trying as this season it is. You still should it trade places with the Cleveland Indians. I know all the class of the division in likely win that division this year. But there's no guarantees they're gonna cash and there's no guarantee. That they're going to be able to erase the memory of not winning a title since 1948. The royals app that ring from 2015. Luckily. So yes this season is tough but you cashed in you've won the ultimate prize royals win. The first like the I seventy series this afternoon's final score five to two the BP. Of today's game. I would like to give it to the entire bullpen. I guess I can do whatever I want but not wanna give it to one individual. So we'll go to reliever that. Collected the most doubts Kevin McCarthy speaking of big. Mac and cheese six up six down. He retires the side in order in the sixth and in the seventh inning Kevin McCarthy two innings to strike outs that's it. No walks no hits no runs just dealing. From Kevin McCarthy he is the game MVP. Presented by and VP electric heating and cooling. Relax it's MVP. We get back your thoughts right after this. Your spouse calls the shots. I was finally someone to boss around. 610 Sports Radio. Kansas City. 600 Sports Radio paying close announced ordered juror the year after stints. Did you go and now we're down 16 am just a few of the lovely comments we heard from you about are 610 sports radio and problems all. Plus check it. The only radio dot com am. Earned post game show billed by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 Kansas City and powered by Bob and and see who's right electrical dire events and Viles takes part in the hands it's. A good hands catch of the game. Line let. Deal Alex who are running to the line the city body Alex Gordon goes into a head long dive and flying through the air like Superman. Made the play before the ball got into the left field corner. Streets are you. Ends it was a 108 miles probably off the bat of Francisco Pena. That's all four hits 74%. Of the time fantastic catch from Alex Gordon but that is. Come to be expected Indies parts. Alec scored a solid afternoon in the field and nice afternoon at the plate goes two for four including a beautiful. Opposite field single in the tenth inning Alex sport and your blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. Let's go to John and rates down John let's go and nobody. Big Boca. Or correct now. That that game. Epic. Unfortunately. Desperately as the site. I spent the weekend that he. There's an article that but. Double checked the Yadier Molina. Detonator. Cardinal better which and it still marvels. Or Citi bumper sticker on the back so grow. Well on John very nice. Thanks for the phone call. Line open for you 91357676. And royals now. Happy flights to Arlington they open up a four game series with the Rangers let's sneak a peek at what's to come with our friends over at twin peaks. Tomorrow night and Duffy back on the hill 7051. Pitch. He squared off with a right hander that I'm not going to be able to properly. Austin BBN's Dirks. It's wrong you know. Of that's who he's facing tomorrow at 6 o'clock for pregame. A game two Friday night Eric's Goldman and former royal might minor square off at 705. Saturday afternoon in headed in cart's old old alone at 305. And then the finale on Sunday Cole Hamels and Jason Campbell. 2051. Pitch. Twin peaks the ultimate sports lodge you've been searching for. Daimon a second. Got a note to the past bids from the post game notebook. And it doesn't get much better than what this royals' bullpen has been doing doubly. Well other than what they did all of 1415. And even parts of sixteen you. The royals bullpen over the last twelve games. As of 259. ERA. Opponents are hitting 224 against them. This is 41 and two thirds innings. So what the last 41 innings the royals' bullpen as 42 strikeouts. And just eleven walks yeah. Donna notes driven by aristocrats Porsche where performance. Is defined. Let's go to Paul's in the Lawrence Paul you're on 610 Sports Radio call that. It and they are they might might call in place to grade to grade and I think. Think what we've seen. The last two night does that with Hammel and in June as doing what it normally does they're going after hitters and but the biggest change. The the bullpen has been fantastic. But what for the same reasons we're not walking people we're we're gonna hitters and I'll without wanna make a comment on the the court a little arm. Interview yesterday on expand in the morning. Edward you lose that any problems and that is kind of a shutout for Danny and hopefully continue this. What we've seen the last two days that. He's basically saying that pit selection of is terrible and that's something that I noted too that like you almost know what Colin Danny's gone away from it. It's all of this during the I wouldn't get up bears. Well throw away and hit it distracts. Just get strike. Well we'll see what has tomorrow I think you're referring to the conversations. That the guys in the drive had width Jamie quirk when they were inside the club house. Talking about Danny Duffy. But but your point about Jacob. Hurt it adds this is bound to be expected. From June incident in his last six starts. Jonas thirty strikeouts. Six walks. He's now let the royals two wins at eighteen of his 26 career starts it's the best. Thanks for the full Paul Paul they speak and the drive Brad fanning carried to pairs and Steve inspected the coming up next. Thanks to Stephen certify that helped a talking tomorrow 6 o'clock pregame royals Rangers game one of the four game set and the rest door Wednesday. They care and said. Built by the international growth. Brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burn C notebook it's extends sports dot com our routines our.