05/23 – 8p – Goodbye Joe, KU AD, & Tanking

Wednesday, May 23rd
We open the hour saying our goodbye’s to the always popular Stanford Joe.  We wish him the best in all his future endeavors.  Kansas needs to know who they are and not shoot for the bottom of the barrel with your football coaches.  And the Royals need to really do what’s best for the organization and that’s tanking!

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This has been the best show of the week I promise there are only so that is big debates over the week. Check the plaque as they did you know we're trying to be the best and number one podcast and all of Kansas City radio not a sport so. All of us six in an all of us on Twitter FaceBook and share that. So everyone else could be saved. By the show. I was watching that the last two games as the royals to the series from the cardinals which I think is bad. I did it take advantage had to think about taking advantage now purpose but does things that probably lessen your chances to. You can actually take. In Major League Baseball. Like. Let. NBA teams do we watch tank. Ed really it's a lottery you don't know where you're going to go with lots idled the bulls opened. I know of them that index tanked out there are teams that yes I. How many teams openly tanked and they. Exactly what you gonna go in Major League Baseball if you think you know exactly where you if you had the worst record of that in the sport. That if you got the worst record in the sport you are going. To have the number one pit. Second second worst Recco let her know what order you so in this sport you can actually take. And I think the royals beat take advantage of these getting these two out of three against cardinals having there's that's good. Now I know that the royals had a great in terms they're drafting we've we've document at the last eight years. This is the way right. Our our system is down and this is a way to get new blood and they're gonna have a lot of picks. So to me use the royals that flirted with the worst record in baseball the other day tablet it was percentage point between him and the whites. Why do what is tough to do and other sports. Look at the branch outlets tell the browns and their picks that things they've trained. Just. And loads town now I completely forgot they drafted me jab to be completely announcement. That Osama sound just a bit. Just just to. Like to meet what is the fastest way that this team and his organization can get themselves back up and that is to it. Certain amount of talent. Why not take advantage of the rule little people bulls there's no there's nothing in here stopping you from just. I'm not say but don't purpose. Maybe some of these so that is out to get a couple more days off. He's out to play a 150 ball games by an. Maybe Jason Hammel. Maybe you can of these get multiple starts for the week. Like I mean. I just I just I just think you've got to take advantage of what the rules more. Because I don't see the rural wheels are going to be able to. Get this thing fast enough as that it. I believe the Washington Nationals to two years in a row and what do they inducted two years in a row Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg. I believe that amount. They tanked and and pulled it and those gas. This the best would give yourself let's say it. Now along with this that they have the number one pick they should be drafting the best player and not the best player that it's not. I that is. But go ahead do. All right. This is this is this the last night Joseph. And we give each other a lot of garbage in week. They're probably shouldn't. Mori and that's really missed. But don't Wear it proud of him I think you're moving on to a I think that you'd you'd have which is be really successful for. I'll let you know may have we have we appreciated being done so we've had a lot of blood you've been really instrumental on a lot of the league. Bringing money very instrumental in bringing money to the station. And doing other things. Like the wrist bands that writing. Personalized notes were a lot of people reset your Twitter thumb and I appreciate your man and and and we will miss a lot of this. And don't miss too and I can't thank you guys enough for bringing me on for the opportunity for her effort grabbing me Julio tunes let me. At a grow and develop especially someone that. I had no idea what I was doing. I'd like to keep. And I cannot wait to see the way to the Oscars progress I will be years beard I'll be following and and I am Paul what's the country has because like skies and it's corny cliched but it is the truth and I wouldn't have done. You know who works two jobs and all the things that I've done over the last year's. To be part of the show if I didn't wholeheartedly believe it is those and I review this was that done and financial. Reasoning for. Urged him to come in separate. Hey I've got an incredibly mean and I'd just appreciate what you've done for me. And the on the we've had and auxiliary in spears Pulitzer is banned it yet on Twitter I got chosen now. I am I'm here in spirit is not on the airwaves anymore. Angry sugary plying his victory lap on baker may feel. That's not doing it has about had it yet I just try to pulled. Because I like to make but. It's it's put. Root of the C bet that you think the victory lap on that for me the buddies that he is what we did the jewels of ended when I've noticed. What it was it looked like. And Ed joke goes right. Like. I. Idea that it is that this is victory that we should let him the bay inlet Julio looks to beat you if and got our good. At any hour. It was. So let me begin by saying that I would take baker mayfield at. The first pick if on the draft he would be number one pick in the draft. There is no way in hell you should be drafting. Baker me. First over what else out there. Because I did at one point say that did not believe baker made that was the first round talent this is a pretty much how much actual football to watch. This guy and us a couple of games. I looked at it like watching you in just a few games doesn't look like. The look like a franchise quarterback no assigned to the plane so it. He had seven over 70% of recent percentage that reported 600 yards you can always I mean there's one category ignite. Yeah. In the national semi final Harvey got it eat it one please tell me let him look like and looking at numbers. And reading stats blow on the are much different I hold back and so we're gonna let out there but now I'm not. I'm not saying I'm terrible quarterback play any but the thing you should be drafted number one in this year's draft with all of it. He'll like let's get down and want to adjust and Clinton that. What we're still waiting talents of these quarterback I had planned everything for me I think as soon as the beaches and it's just I've. We're not my solve some of my picture mate from. But I think the majority it would would agree with me that. That would be silly thing to do to draft because mayfield number one overall. You'd have to say. To take him number one overall. There's a reason why to build has made. There's there's there and it definitely has no I saw him on one woman. A couple of hundred. We're again. The Cleveland Browns. Baker made the wow. I've only. At what point. Did Julio you know. Well that this problem it looked like at what equally. At what what did Julio. Baker's X legally owed them. Make it actually going to go number one announce it all the was that morning when GO. Paxton he and he went out of his way to make sure we all do. That there is rumors going around the browns are going to be taking him. I mean they meeker it was a not gonna lie about a week. That was word yet doubles. The lives of those deals go hold out hope that in the vary in the dimmer fits him dark nights of loopy that night I was gonna keep is go for and mean. He's in America as. You gonna hold Coppola and Philip Gorman as I say I saw a GO needed to take all of this is all time that. That is the only one east and instilled. Is that he can't beat six days. Till I die the confidence of all time suggest. These days. Nine cleverly. Put them grade. I've mentally we appreciate 'til 8160. You're you're awesome so you'll be missed on the so you definitely will be. I appreciate that guy that you gas coming up here. This Kansas situation with the AD is a big story was a big story as we will continue to be a big story because. I am really interests either direction ago and I hope the brass at a you know I am sort of. Know who you'll. Know who you'll I hope they operate knowing who deal. Yeah. It will be. I was the only person not to blanked Justin Verlander and and it. It is on it Chicopee here in Boston. Marcus Morris of course the cold. In this inability I don't know how these people do not call this plant just flat out a late I'll and it Marcus Bullard. We do is apparently. A new indicating. The the the technicals word. We're giving it people's faces. What does it hold. But that's old. News. But is bush just doesn't hold the technicals. For taunting punting it and I was keeps targeting them on nine because it's the second time this series he's just. Content somebody. Intercepted and he just is immune to getting any kind of that. So this this case I and I've we talked a little bit about on the days it is dale Bud Day. I. I am a big believer in knowing who you or in what kind of program or talk to the Mac to eight. The one of the guys is that there's no one bidder. In. In Lawrence covering Kansas two talked about situations I have to really interest in hearing his take. But. I think you should know you'll. And to meet kids is. I feel like I hoped they don't go through this hiring process sort of and approach this and making a hire like they. Like they do with their football program. I think Kansas. Is a program where they should be going after people who have experience. Its experience at a major program. And not somebody some from sub rosary west. Or Northwest Missouri State someone who's never had experience. Running a division one. College sports program. They should be having someone out of some of the list a scene there was an XAD for markets all. The guy Ross Warrick. From old is who has ties in the Kansas area those guys makes it but you need to raise kids is approached this. Any place. And knowingly you'll. If K state it's guys like John Curry who had been really big and raising money that. To. Replace thinking state. A football program stinks I it. But your basketball program puts you in a place where you'll warm body double to. Almost anybody it puts you at a place where you're. He just like it didn't even though their vote for a candidate is bad it's nowhere near as us Andrews as vested in the big Kansas. It probably the worst situation and all the sports. What. Kansas you should be going after big fish. You should be going after big base and not treat this like you do your football program when you get a system wide receiver coaches. From. Division one programs that's never been head coach is like full. I think you you you have to shoot big here if you're can't it makes its stake Ol and approach this like there. Hiring. I would hire the up and coming purse. I don't think Kansas is in the hiring the up and coming person. Missouri did well coming they had a bad football program. Out what Missouri was going to. And then hire somebody who was running Baylor. A program that was successful at both college basketball and football the two major sport it mean to tell me that they're not. That they can go gets a bite from like Baylor. But kids should be looking at a high rate and they should be going for the sport because that's the type of program that they'll. Your basketball program you should shoot for the stall. The item. Done. I'm. Just. Don't know whose interest it like. Because and fighting back but accurate take over your program yes it's it's the ball and this is about football and sort of stuff. That beat us up. You get it done this and sold this much better off the top if you just would it be yes you're kidding me. You even know. And one person who was. You know this is not taller. You've got to be kidding. This is this didn't get a stated entering at eight when he wants Steve has entered the building. Yeah. That. It is he's licking all in all his might as if he's about at all. It's not it's has also learned anything at all that inflict on Nike's about to talk. Adding good to me it is. It. I and they should have highest in terms. As pathetic is you are. This is this is Al pathetic I think people or. Who were not know boos at those epic is that this is pathetic is these performance was just now in Atlanta and this has the but it is anybody who. Calls himself a real sports they. And and are happy. About. The story of the Las Vegas golden knights. If you are real sports and of a real sports team. You should not be excited or happy. About. The Las Vegas called the night certain illicit listen so you can be involved in this at. I in this. Let's. Get off. The biggest night fans had of been through anything. Well you as a city's main rate ilsley at. Thirty years. Up a reiki. Wrecking your heart just breaks your heart the port this easily but start. Ed and as we documented about the g.s and how they have been. To an AFC championship game but what's that 69 raking your heart repeatedly. And did these people in Vegas one eager. Here sort of. They did. Get a chance to beat it as fairly idols. It had to go through anything. If you are they real sports fans somewhere you should hate to this story and hate the biggest night. It it is frustrating because there. You know their fan base that that that city especially it has been starved. For a professional sports team. They finally get one and I got the raiders got an a couple of years. But they finally get one and then the first year senior the first years it gets the finals like this every cannot. I've got to I'm gonna it's like you and loves a good underdog story and this is like. Al virtually unprecedented. Across sports I think the blues dinner at like seven years ago or something like that. Is frustrating. Is that you do is a fan base and you got to deal it is the first year those people probably think this is just what it's like to have a professional sports team. Look at the lifelong Vegas golden knights fans and this bid for a let me anyway and everything later weighed down. Top on the big win there they soak it sits if there's anybody walking in Cleveland saying. This story everything that you get to this city. I want to try walking around looking this biggest night story. On a true sportsman. Of the Stanley Cup likes artists and then we'll have the same about it it means it is bills now. So yeah. It's probably just like and that had a professional sports there's a lot of analysts on man this is what miss out. Help is that what the most successful. People in college basketball. They have as many chip needs it as bills. I did that this could not have worked out better. For that franchise and eight ebitda is doing very well over all. But that team is going to be that easy about how much money they're going to make this is how much rain they're going to make. Just off of advertising and things like that people are just dying to spend money on because of this run. How much more body you'd bet this is the city is everything any. They had fantastic weather. They have fun things to do in their city. Always something to do. It just doesn't Sheboygan it's this and then I'll wasted vote if they. The subway giggled at night I wouldn't feel as they outlet ideas that's. Because Alex that the. Some logistics of innate once it is not about fans a surrogate championship. What does it if you believe that's our army and you'll art not a real sports they. I've caller right now I don't care about make unit you're not a real sportsman. You mean it's not about me it's acerbic a championship. Before 2013. At the jokers around here believe the royals. When they wanted to get this but without it deserved and it I at the browns won a super ball near Ankara. David Oakley. You could say there's that there's so themselves up are there. And they're set the bar so high right now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon did you when they start to sock did you mention if you buffalo thing. I am and I painful. Is an eleven months these guys eighties it I'm with throw buffalo upstate New York who knows Buffalo's east in the fifth inning Italian team Agassi from buffalo but I've never won an honorable and right for processed while well. Bump or I don't want to you referenced them as if you root for the bill they got Josh now is applied. The biggest Buffalo Bills and that's whales are yet. Could you imagine if your dad. I imagine that you look at this did you read this a man this is amazing. And then you think hole. These fans haven't suffered anything. It earnest binder form fumble. They they need a manager. Taking a shower fully fully dressed like the royals. Baby. Just this year. Quarterback throw the test them as for the other team to lose one they need. They hate it why because it's not a OK okay it is. Not. They haven't suffered enough and is I hope they get its way I do too. You guys are hitting it hard. Hitters in. The Eagles fans have to wait. A Philadelphia Eagles added that any eight. At the golden knights come walking in here. It when it's in law got a they would use. I coming up I don't wanna get to my met tape from Lawrence general journal world the lower he's gonna join us and just have a simple quest. Do you think bill selves it and a lot to do with the decision on the next AD. I think he has atom I think he's had a little too much to do with some of the decisions made in this program. And I think that my. Might be an issue. Yeah. The man. And consumers. Hi. Do we do is receive. Blowing me away as well. You haven't suffered like third people that horrible that's is that the united hate you you could you comparing. Meet disliking the fact that the Las Vegas golden knights a sports team. Made it to the Stanley Cup finals that I upset about it because that'll pick if they had basis offered it up you're comparing that to people in third countries. You could parent that. Well I. Why does live need to be there this is the date your political point of view makes me dislike yourself you will get what you're. The liberal point of view here. I hope that as sports team never wins anything and I think there's sports team but it's eight sports teams of hours. I'd have some. Quick let's go to the minute tape because I. I'm really interest in what he thinks about. My take on the situation is this KUAD situation but this is what I expressed that. As. Well. To god that Kansas. Realizes who they are in their senators and that they shouldn't with a stall sometimes I think that some. Some programs don't know they all I think Kansas. With their basketball program has a program that should shoot or people who had experience. He won levels who have led the eighty's somewhere I don't think they should be giving up and coming people I think it's a should be eating people. Who had experience and can really take them to the top your thoughts. I don't that the group all I think. I think they're probably leaning that way obviously you know the infant stages and that there are although. My guess is they do well and make it move this is the war on crime scene and for the social move made there. The move on and it angered so. I don't know that means that the pander well Albert won here five or whatever it is. I don't think you fired and start doing your homework that morning I think that the is that something that they've been kind of you know mapped out a little bit and though. I think I think they're probably willing to try to build I think that well and it bit. Which is part of it is for. That there will probably go to a million dollar for the guys the right guy or girl levered it. All you know is it it would pay a million dollars put forth the Big 12 Conference right now and I think that the you know I don't think. I think you're you hit it in you realize who it is in terms of the it's potential with its a bit higher. But at. That they did not I don't think anyone expected him to go out and out paid that that the athletic director you know so. Paid a million dollar that the attempt to me that well on the other or athletic director in the country and that would be a commitment that would be statement and it would put it right right there was need to be near the big twelve. And I think that would significantly. You know limit your role in terms of limiting it to be because it really quality candidate though. You know does that mean that government from the powered by I don't know that the the the problem with that that that it is the. That ball well good in the ship to the art and and that probably will. But that they've. It at the UK is right and there are saying here there are some if you. With this job and everyone. Around in the period other athletic directors in the in the past couple days been like that. Indeed that that. Out I don't think anyone would dispute that but. You know. But you're at people remote like Europe. People who will be used situation whether probably pretty happy they're probably pretty comfortable and it you know in order to get that road coming years. And and deal with its football program and and that really call it the football problem. Well you know that there's no question that that the FBI thing though. Sort of actor at the very lucky with that want program and and that. You know that the two pretty big may well. The the part about well look at things and impact that they paid in income beard. And Indian kite by the gallons of doing what what you know nobody else has been able to do here. I that we think that we're out there but that's what they're so important that. That that these guys they app that is applicable with the B of equality live in and I think they're prepared to do so lightning rod. He's. Incredibly short dead in. Very very well positioned to be that leader of this thing. And then yet being KP what he's he's. Import a couple of really good guys help with certainty that there is. And on the that'd be what they go that in the third you know gear up but the real candidate because. In the republic day your little speculation but yet you know we added that there. I do I'm curious at this because I I wonder is this is this an issue. And I I feel like a lot of diseases that have been made I think a lot of people feel this way to read that a lot it's his bid may within the sports department. That Bill Self has. I handed in a safe and I'm curious do you think that Bill Self. Will have a handed this do you think he should have a major hand in who the next AD. What did that well I think each but you want. Number one he's number two. I'll eat the guys that stirred the drink. I mean that without without its program that'll athletic department news is you know on that night. Right though. He's earned that he deserves that but but you don't know it and people will not accounting yet. The pivot throw its weight around and say. Yeah at the hired this guy that said though whenever I think it'll be a mutual thing I think he will want to have on them but I think he also respect. That Hitler and the people leading the search for didn't one of the guys meeting there with the guys out on him way back when it though. You know yeah we respect that that you've gotten to him so. I think they'll have they'll have you know what about desires lead but one thing you remember that. You're a week. They'll they'll lead that he's got a power rating. And he better be poking you that they that offer a couple of weeks and you know that doesn't mean he not. Or they. Or. Nobody bid yet and you know we say yeah well in their areas and so. That alone will limit the the importance he can have on missing a little bit. But I do think he should have I think I think it will be important on the look that they could be important. So those dueling with certain making matters that that the person and they hired somebody else. You good. Get to it that that that that hold back what program. It is even with its that was part though they're not in tired but in the book though pat what in the doubters concerned about now. Our request is concerned about everybody probably so but you know that they would they would recognize that it. Man he's really worried about wine the year he he grew concerned about that you know what it would take a longer look there are a little bit directing. So yeah I think the most importantly want that and I think it will be important. For them to get somebody that you feel good about because you know frankly. They can probably and yeah like athletic director yet. Asks I would darn good and I don't know that yet that aura or the desire to do that. I appreciate the appreciate you hanging out what does Matt thank you for the information nobody is is got his ear to the ground at Lawrence. And when it comes to Katy sports like you do appreciate hope to talk to get. All right thanks that was. Met state of the launched their world. That's weird that it. It's I think Bill Self has earned it. But then again also. That built this is about football and should bills beat the one make him. Major decisions about football yes and the coach you'd think so around all you'd think that bills of genetic major. It in. Is this is so yes I don't think I think that he is going to be putting a staff together and Gaza hire people sounds certainly him being able to. Agnes qualifications her coaching a football game does that mean athletic directors can really do. Aside from judging by qualifications based on rest. I'm at I don't know meant that that it's scary to me when a person has so much now as they bills lane. Atlanta built the basketball program yet not everything else that thick and it scares me about you and shall stuff. It is that time didn't show you stop. I. Cash stock. I. Kobe Bryant was asked by a student during a recent visit to Los Angeles high school how Kanye West's comments made him feel. France pretty candid in his response saying. I'm the same way everybody else here in this room deals. What the Halley toxins. I think that was my reaction as is everybody else's reaction. Who's this and help. I just won a mixer idea and there's too logical break down the next game. I usually breaks down is gonna loose I'd really falling in love with Toby post playing career because he's still so full of himself that's hilarious I just. Today as it is to a point where OB it's a matter so much it is dead meat we're proud guy I'm not even banning and I. Icon or get overlooked the fact that Roger pulled Steve. But I do boot. After just literally right. Yeah I do them off again on the flaws in. Windows safari on the bus. Yeah I mean yeah. I believe that's the case and puzzled at the open. Active and want it it's pretty clear that. NBC is an act of balls television's highest rated series for the second straight year setting a new record. A top Fox's American Idol which rolled the ratings from 2005 to 2006. Through 2010. To 2011. Season. Sample by averaging eighteen point two million viewers and Tony seventeen and topped all shows and the important eighteen to 49 demographic this. Tech's last 69306. This is Joe's ran as a day what she wants Joe's last what you watch it. No it. Last one the last few minutes per Stanford Jones Celtics it was June July to Netflix Hulu Amazon prime. What to watch the segment that sweeping the next. Yeah. Come with okay. That's not live. There. Pete's. Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to be. Indeed but it's still eight Pettway touched down at Super Bowl my first class a plan. Watch him bark orders. I'd like to remake movies exam. I'm not superstitious but. That goal and I think that. And science. It works instinct. What a rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. It's lots sponsored. Absolutely. No one's of one that's. That's 69306. Text it was it was a Watson Netflix Hulu Amazon Rhonda TV. Whatever it is you watch it it is. This is due out. This and one walk. Drum roll please. What do you watch tonight go. On the now watch this game. And I also started that evil genius and go on Netflix. Pretty did so well it kind of documentary you someone nearly 16 the first person actually that's weird you know it. Evil genius per person sixty and we'll us. That looks evil genius I don't know what it's about. It's about. It's negative drag and dot T Ceres about. An anchor ivory essentially did bank robbers. Well they live in person with the bomb chain around their neck to go around bank in the end it goes off and it's kind of the guys that I decided to give drafting its instant win when he traded 31 round. For ground. Reversed through its program as the room that I immediately knew. I admit a mistake this is I think it was then there. Did you ever see did think that as I mean that's a pretty tense moment under the withstand. Lose them with whom it did make freedom for running back the quarterback but right now they traded four linebacker. And then they got the quarterback they won it late at least it wasn't running. But I believe it's a video. From the civic I've guidelines and they knew him nine through certain percent by the name. I think did we. We discover her own pursue it vigorously all yeah game again every thread let her down this issue the moments ago. Yes he's so now. He's. It's great habit of de. A great look at that thing. Last night that team on two I don't watch the second person at teen mom. It's really just watch them baron. Affairs. And make an error that it scampered. Caitlin ice blocks David Macy's outlets and yes that that pain. That was submitted to Saint Louis crazy people at least really excellent people in this world Payer. Don't know what dad's name to do. But the violent street lost in space is that your work there remembered. And allies while back him now through again. It is awkward time. Biloxi for the we'll read the rain there and say anybody let them and that's. And that's on my list on my list but else's abuse. Outlines the expanse. Of Canadian I'm not really gotten gradually. Jump right. Studio on the notes that this would say it. If I. To answer the question I need to finish it I think a clubhouse with we got decked and it depends that's about what you're gonna get solos. Yes the question that got them this. I've known this. Ugly at times I've into the went out one once any team. That done lovers out there and it's these Thursday that it warns breasts and on this or that the ads like console and stare. I'm up there about that but actually. But that sort of continuously lies about how he watches movies in the fact that he continue says he does not on opening weekend. Couple who these days just got to. It today again I just. I can go to the it's on opening weekend and it's not sold out like every other movie and it adds president. We've been you that you know that not just here he's been living in downtown that outwardly. Obvious. Idiots geez guys. Maybe an ice milk shake but to say about it. But this the standard joke what is this road and he goes this man did it again and sent an excellent season. It would damn I want them a list that certainly is nice volume of people of the season and art can make him but he had some NORTHERN IRELAND. We watch The Sopranos with a first I can't believe that this world watches it. I'm not like sell it through that's wanna I wanna start. Over look the like I'll watch out watch it and Allen episodes it's it's pretty good. I've been hanging in with I watched an episode of the wire that hanging in with that. I really love. The sectional leaders. It's not really an. Affair because as you divorced. Subject yes. He's not divorced yes he's very basically separate cases tremendously. Eleven well Perlman is. But boy was sold him walking out. All right ma'am we all roll out this our last show of the week this is our last show as. A group the show will no longer the shell as I remember. We've had a lot of fun. Doing this to. The work that you've done on this show and what's it done for us will always be. Remembered and and thank you. For ever for that gets him in. We've had a great time. Our help them do.