05/23 – 7pm – Chiefs Shame, Words of Wisdom, & Morgan Freeman

Wednesday, May 23rd
The Chiefs should really be ashamed of themselves with what’s going on in the NHL.  Vegas to the Stanley Cup their first year and the Chiefs with 1 AFC championship since 1969.  We get some relationship advice from Uncle Al in Words of Wisdom.  And we go off script to discuss the sexual tendencies of one, Morgan Freeman.

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Number so let's give it. We had a fun time now on line check the podcast page board. Stanford Joe's last day. Him up on Twitter real whatever his name is I and those numbers finally adding those suburbs above tell of how much. We've had a good time tonight let's jump right into the because this has been something that is bid on my mind it's. Since this occurred one of the biggest stories right now on sports. Is what. And hockey subtract. The Las Vegas golden knights oddly named as its Lenny Dykstra. The hill when he may well Allstate is golden knights I despise it. I hated it there's elements it's better they can. I mean at me. I mean they could have at least in the Las Vegas it against you better use he had the ball much better they'd be there if they were the Las Vegas majesty's. And some and some girl doing the regulator would be better. Could be there in love. The front it took its letter. But I think is this. If you look at this it is. So to go. Young adults listeners hear this 00. They. At a later. On their roster. Well let months ago they did not have a player and they are going to be playing. For the Stanley Cup yet it's they are. The Stanley Cup finals the Kansas State's eight. That into one. AFC championship game since 9869. You'll have got to be kidding me. They did not have a layer eleven months ago. Are you. Me I can't say the lord outlets and big. We've I should be at right watching they hold up. They just did this in ten months. Britain appeared sit tight it's sixty guy. And have come up with whips and even talking about. Getting to the Super Bowl. They have done that obviously. And Western Conference finals at first. But isn't it. And since the first part of Bill Clinton's. Really. Beat they should be initiated that that I wish not be letting the joke is off the hook. Having do you think it added not be kidding me it. Like you know embattled quarterback and it's just all around and we'll Allstate is gold that night where they stupid name picked it up. I am wake up of a snows they asked Ed just say hey. Larry. But even then ends. People did actually get mad and try to move away from the chiefs tried to say I'm not support his organization exam was super ball at forty years. They just did the ultimate good faith thing by drafting good young quarterback and bad. Handing over the keys to the guided padded well like every everyone even if you hated the chiefs you would be on board to this because that basic site to see what happened but I. But he urged evidence thing I'm not even talking super low. They haven't stumbled into an AFC title game. The homes and beat him up rounds. Have stumbled into. Multiple times since 1969. You can't expansion Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina. Have both made a couple time. There's a bit too so well. I can't sub point but that's the first thing I thought with a jokers may really. Eleven months ago they didn't have sticks. I mean the players on the tee and then they'll put that I did they. Pull that night's events they are high and NHL prospect of they just they just post. Some of the better like younger players that they didn't deem as valuable to protect game. And tailored to it and knowing that they're coach is apparently pretty itself. Boy you really. Have cohesion on a roster like Joseph you do. They have had talks are. If law is vague well. And they've just done it meanwhile the chiefs. 1960. How many AFC championship agent victim or a that 1993 how many playoff games and you. Lawn. This I mean it it it it is. Mind blow. Mind blow. And they ought to be. And it's completely ashamed of it. It may use fans probably think this is just what it's like to have a sports the only it's. Not my game. Every those jet fans that don't deserve. I doubt given that those tickets don't deserve they're lucky so lucky that uncle while as. Because I've I've not been this with this you should hate that city tick you should hate that they had base. It's it will begin here to a Stanley Cup fine. Yeah. Missouri's never their history plate or national title. It either one of the two majors what did you would give him and these guys in eight months will be it. Words of wisdom with a while it. And good. Or words of wisdom with a glass. Car. How can you. Us. May 23 2008 team 707. Words it was it was uncle. Every Wednesday and it. Is as hotly. Bulky questioned in the L please just does what he does it gives this the it's no acting at all and today. We asked uncle now. It how long do you wait to continue to introduce significant other to stop. He's someone in your name how long do you wait amusement. Do you wait before you introduced significant. To your fans what's a good time for me to wait. And this is and one of the files. Third and though. It was relationship law but I hear this somebody you care about maybe. I would assume possibly after a couple of months if you really feel that would probably just Burton right outward. I wouldn't be Romero. Unless they would it is an at this facility just mail and now believe is kind of what he meant particularly as a how long do you wait. To introduce a significant other to your family or more times 669306. Tech city if you agree with. Very good and though. What relationship law. Well here this summer youth chair maybe. I would assume possibly after a couple of months if you really feel that work well brokerage. Or outward. I would have been Terrero. Isn't one is you. It's it is like as a six madurese who has extensive if you drew them well disagree others say right now a couple months seems cool. To me. I feel like six months I need to really know if I'm if you will come to some holiday event or something. And I east envoy is at all costs like to meet her fame and introduced my and we just because. I but he may I had one do you would of waited for him at all. Yes I. I sat down when I used to do just as pepper. She has not. I think machine. But there. But there had big conversations. About it's in the war book lol and yeah. Yeah you'll. Hello this. Bit of news. Oh. Well all they ask. And it's lighter and it's bluntly I had met a lot of I don't I don't do it at all. Merck. The. Okay. The first I'd be better. It gives us like daddies and Eddie others outraged about him hanging out with their. All yes it was good enough. Several came back LaMont got so I didn't do well we'll theater I'm not because. How I ain't easy tigar will. Your. ID. Can be weird that I consider. I am sorry that I will get it straight AFC twin sister forgot snakes its he has got a bit you're bit. It ain't so it he'll in his state in state at all. Atlanta. Talk about. Up. From the military and although I've been rated had never met my eyes it's they did. That's an issue it their debt that's not fair for you to take any. So. We need to. Multiple times and is very busy. I haven't I haven't had time to her her. Yes I do is where we're going to figured out it's in the hours of being conversations about it. Adding an inquest they may be as that is part of the gulf of a. Have they X about meeting each of us Muslim. This person hears it that this that his wife and it's a line that's their Easter I needed to get married after knowing juggling a month they must didn't make. The the wet a salute. Analysts are you blind. That that's what so. Jabber and one reds remain and I've met my lady's family its commitment for but it will be engaged by the end of the year old he's calling separated. It's more that form loads that sold them. Six much for me. It has ever introduced. A young lady. That she is knew it was going to be the one to your family. Yet yeah out. But yeah out problem. The one that introduced so that you didn't think that you didn't think was gonna be long term. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. A long time and I I will in the cup I will not let me. It is along that service you just let you all probability this. Yeah that would do ice at one point my life I've waited all costs. I understand the necessity of hair still have answered. That port. Does that act as an actress and your listeners outlook threats of the new year telephone lines as though. The island three fives of the success it's extinct coming up on the other side I've made his point earlier if you're just jump in I would love you thought. I don't have a problem in the city lost out on the threat to Mansfield and it looks like to clean they can't. Outline. Because I am sick and tired of people blaming everyone else stop. Blaming everyone else and look at side yourself and look at yourself kids city. Ed and realize there are things that we can improve to do. How many people think I'm wrong you can comment yet thoughts with the show. 'cause I'm right in it. Yeah. Well the man. I added we hear that. The show runs and you these days radio forgot this is the last night Stanford bill has line. Coming up soon to think with this lifting guest considered ability I love Alice so funny that people actually think. That her real name is that that's her State's name on this it would it would give bury her real name. I just came with pepper a believe on this one. Month ago in. I don't think I've ever called by her real name that continued Culpepper evil so I'm not positive I'd know her out. I do you still just call her temper. You know it's. Obviously get that it is but also I used to work with a guy named pepper. Does he now he's actually his name be formally be with you formally all the topics of the day that I. I'd like I said that we don't normally do it is definitely a like I wanna give that chance with the people. You know sort of the on call shift in the dark so that people use it but I guess it. I want to be fives 676 did. I'll take it solves this eyes that this man it. I hate when people blame other people for their issue. I hate of people blame people of other Denver if you like it ebitda yours is on a relationship. They get really mad at somebody up this stuff because they broke a would be in August. All of. What did you do. And the calls the issue. Did you show enough attention. Are you that same place that she is are you a place which he feels like we're ready to move on together. Like a certain that the pepper breaks that would sort of in the next six months. Did she says you have got an issue I don't feel like I know who you are because you never allow me to meet your parents or your spam. Sir has got up but blame but himself. Ascent problems opening up people. He also has problems opening up of people. Are you ashamed of your family sort of us know what they're like now lodges guy huge commitment issues this is let's. She brought with you and your huge commitment issues were out. On display along with your beard is she's you met her apparently cargo that. Many attack ads it's he just has that make yours you blame her. It's not believe that. The giants Eric it's eighty people some people around here are blaming the NFL that other leagues would we have stuff oral. All part of that answer. Big guys are filling your product that's. What bothered me is usually what he got a break out. You probably blame the other person for and less you're really trying to get our relationship. Is it back and think about it you know radio couple days like. And outside about it and it probably racked. I just days and we'll get excellent topic you'd. A person can't use an analogy involve sort of absurdities. Going global I'd his ideas are actually do this to this topic to the draft. Bat bat that's kind of it's like people get over a couple I just days. It could be a big deal to the city but listen we have deficiencies that we can't control. But then we have other things that we can't control. Looked at Minneapolis. You think people do you think Minneapolis as deficiencies yes people know that either eight months out of the year because of cold ice. It's like it's really can be really cold. But it really well. They absolutely do things to help there issue. That. Hey not a lot of people wanna go to many. As for 78 months of the year but all I got a Super Bowl they'll get wrestle mania and they've gotten final couple hours. Because they've done things to help us wage they have public it's there airports not a base there air or not. Come hell or high water away from everything. Like we can blame everything all we will at some you out there might it rod you just hate this city well. And apple get mad when there's things that we could do better. As I sit. Not even Atlanta. You've just down started the last month to be able to look like straight to it probably. It. And their reaction from some folks about even to public transportation. Kind of says at all in order to host an event like that you'd need a bit more than just 12 mile street cars to get people around. You need not. How'd that given you ticketing screaming. This. Airy Max. Like I am I had. That Denver has light rail then they go many paddling as he has a light rail let us up to save their way where cities they would. So what's your presentation guys about it people around that are coming into the city well there's goober list. Each. Well. I mean come on man I don't think it's all kid's baseball. And I do believe we would we would posted to a fantastic up here because I think it would be crazy on fire here. What to say all of my god they gave it to Nashville of that makes it. Well I've got to gonna give it to Vegas yeah that makes it. Now Cleveland I'm in Abby looked as though it you know the hundred year anniversary of all the paid is something that it helps. Los Angeles get like. I'm guaranteeing you at the end of bill Walt's group Kansas City you know what. Obama. I would do everything in my power. At that can't that things. They say oh well they had that problem. Fix them. Picks bibs sold people K keep coming about. These series. These are reached we talked to Seth earlier about. This is probably the really big story nationally it's more about the the players. Protest and now that the NFL owners have come together and thrown in this this rule. Where there can be fines that throw that they get placed it and I said I don't agree with this earlier. Excess that it might be for a couple weeks I think they're going to be some balls he players and Satan ill. I think they're gonna be some balls in players who will still. Go ahead and protest anyway. I think they're going to be a lot of people who have been still take these are gonna say I will take the five. But let's that is is. To the NFL rule while hiding him. Outlets is the fine going to be. Ended aren't their more penalties that are going to be involved somebody is just continue his continue only to do. And did I think it's. Is this by going to be the same amount if you Wear the world socks is this by going to be to say it like to meet this guy is this going to be board did win. Tennis skills into a plant in a referee space is going to be aboard that when Marcus theatres throughout flagged in the stands a talents he's been on a trip kills. That let's is this buying going to be. An. And now's he's question that I had in this came out was. OK if you're gonna make it against the rules. Then you are by definition empowering. Those that lined up approach testing because they have more at stake. So like if it's in theory if everyone were to chatter residue is the NFL and take it neat since you've literal now what are you gonna do about that. That's what's it like they said that the teams can be bind at the and the teams have by the late. But I just outs like which sets of owners come out outplayed up in my team my players wills all alone you do. What if your whole team lets it ride for five straight week he got there. Specially if we do especially if it's a scale like OK you get by this and it raises every two times it would hurt raises bull. And I am I'm curious about the dollar amount but but if they if these owners are who have come out said the day. You know the owner of the Jesse said he would pay for his players signs. I if he's going to be honest about that a problem about that he is is going to continue to do like. That sets. President pro for the for that organization lightly other players are on the NFL are going to look at that BI. Look how that owner is backing up his team and he's supporting his players and what they choose to do it. That's what that's opposite necessarily I don't think it's going to be perfect. Like I think they're trying to do things to put things in place to make this. A lesser story but they're going to be players have been sent ill with. As long as the two Bennett Brothers are roaming around the National Football League they are going to let it fly. They're going to people who does appear here I'll give you but I think is. You'll look pretty bad right if you make this. A bigger five days throwing an object at an official. You looked pretty bad the league if you make this a bigger fines that the growing an object into the bank into the Spain or if the players cussing out. Cussing on TV they find them for us for stuff like that like where what this fine fall. Because it'll also did BA rough story to say damn and we weak team. People. Taking it neat in protest. About. Social issues of trying to help people debris. And green or thought process to a situation we're gonna find them. More than we buy it's a buddy and rote stuff into our state throw stuff at this hour passes out. What national TV grant their genitals like Marshawn Lynch. When he scorched testing but I've really interests were developed bowl or where they put. The spot. Does that is that that will be that'll be subpoenaed. I would Doug things a little different ignited you'd notice. Oliver started I was sick. And I think this is going to be fun I think this is something that we should have done along time ago because we have relief on all the air. Conversations. Slow. What that is we'll bring it to be that's next. Yeah. Well man. I've been getting here on this no other game is on here one last. So. A little off is the I would try this do citronella collar off the road down just came to me I begged. Off the rundown. Academy earlier but of that. Many moments inserted it's this little bit more than risk but I want to send out statements are just things that come divided. And then we will sometimes gets stuck talking. Right there are times where it's brought here it's is that it's that pro. Let's that brought to the air like you hear from them and brownies if you were here floor. Some other things that an escape meets subway with. Julio Ortiz still. So. Wait the ginger ginger conversation. Per unit heparin and apples that came into the year we just have cobbers exits there is it. Miette because stood. And I and there's now open for this rate they maybe if this will do what. I just I just bring it all and out of date is rooting out here all of the year but these things that we do. And I hit certainly is and it's. I really hit it it Papa. And today's. Off the Rudd dale. Topic is. Quite. Quite simply. Do you think Morgan Freeman is bills actually act. Yes because he's more. Absolutely. I have a question. Back to you are you all competent it's you know and I know I know. You look up you know how old is down but not his own spot he'll be 81 in a week hey he's actually a thousand he'll be eighty constantly. Is anymore I age you Ed you heard this you Ed you were just like we talked visit you more matter fact that he is deal. Knock it boots because there is that it's not a whole cold you'd see more. He's he's an idol oak and he is still not he doesn't age like the rest of us roared to do that to your I don't even think he needs by. Out of this that if he is wireless and I will concede that it is not a 100%. A possibility that Morgan Freeman is not six active. However if he is is definitely. Definitely using by at our blue diamond power per share a bug now only is not immoral like Morgan Freeman is more like super. We just put too because he's going to be 81 do we just sick of course he's Morgan Freeman at some point though. You get tired us. And let your question. I just can't let us your question I imagine at that age you get tired of. You look to improve. At. That 81 years old still rocks. Hoop earring in one year definitely noticed that now I will it's easy it is giveaway. That is give away. I mean I like. I mean did you see him move in in that commercial that mountains commercial he is still limber if it is it is important that it be more. I don't know it's a little while ago late. And is it. About getting. Like to think I think Betty white's that fifty years I mean he he has taken a little. Slower and maybe as take his time a little bit less I know we just love Barbara Bush got elected Barbara was in George Bush the oldest. They've they have it's why why do you think senior citizens have some of the highest rates of as TDs. On a any Jenner or of any. Spectrum is a spinal injury does that that you know I did not know I had and I. I don't know that I would not have Morse accident gathering demographic that's really a bowl people though nursing home and I believe I received I. Retirement age delivers over 68. It's this is 81 Barron's I Harlem and this is 81 is retire. Her greatness not still pulling out. This is 81. We're not taught that except that set these have been sixty or fifty. 81. I would say that I think mortgage giving it every six months. EBay I think he he. Pulls it up enough where he's like I every six days maybe a he's got a day of the week woods Airways has yet again with Viagra and Seattle. Oh while both apparently there was a story a month ago. Where a man accused. Morgan Freeman of having sex with a step grand stand there. Better ahead. That and done all of that was what I do at an Iraq rob Pratt. It's still got it at one lady. I grabbed it by them. 81 though guys AD when it was six Mark Bradley 76 this hit a box still got a couple of years in. And Bob I think Soledad president Bob have a girlfriend that he's unmarried white utility you look equities would you think would still rock and roll ever. No I don't think Morgan Freeman is that it was not my mind for some reason I don't think Morgan Freeman is still pounding the. It is mr. granddaughter story ticket dark turn gap I'm reading it yeah he had die I don't really take Erica. Otto Lindsay recently or currently we had L relational in that let's. Let's that you could look up to take the bill and a little. Real quick did you policy that story about. ESPN. Giving USC. Today one point five billion dollars is crazy the Panthers have 2.2. Billion but. The USC. Left fox went to ESP. One thing to say this is the best thing. This is absolutely the best they ever had USC. I have a general rule would echoes what's. I have a hard time taking it serious and thinking that your real sports league if you had any connection in your games commodities. If they don't Kabul is Ian a what does it come on is be how can I respect is sports league it. Not on the stage it will be like trying to save the demise of is it a one but it. They they are there audit people watch is it ward that they watch it is big. It is on sport is sport states anything else it's is it. You as your sports league is not connect is in FY Utley hockey is bulletin Elena hand basket kind because they don't have it. Era era of verses Cumberland and told. I can't even find his game seven on. Yes it's odds on and on NBC spore well apple now ideally yeah NBC with an open look in Charlotte I can't find it would go that's it. But yeah these these court. Puzzle needs now you. ST this is the best because the US has been taken I believe. They've taken steps back here nearly really I really think they have been taken steps back yes core hole is even flourishing on ESP but it. Yes he had started coaching I don't I I don't. See you as a credible sport. And and this this deal they sound the SP and it looks like a lot of money but it's actually significantly. Less money then. What the USC was looking for and that is that they will all follow suit because. Because they thought when they when they sold it for four billion dollars can be years ago I thought I was just gonna continue to get bigger and bigger and and grow. In terms of value. Has it because of lack of Starr's lack of good phys things like that they've been really bad it marketing their individual fighters who don't have. These wild personalities like Connor John Jones. And they've they've really failed to grow their business ESPN can grow them and a way that they would have never been capable of doing. United want to. I just showed Casey tells me couldn't be any further. With ESPN use garlic glad you don't you don't see this as a net positive for the US eagle nobody has been. Oh. All you. Are our goal with the shareholders. And our upper management. And The Herald wrote that beat that you now are on that he had gone so all on the political spectrum that they. Monday. It in some it and help and wit. People one more. Arjun. What does that tell you saw it on until they meet date that they're not gonna do it there's no other place where they're gonna get more eyeballs on their states. No other player. You're commentator. Or and rejecting political war. Don't tell us a tour is not interject big political stuff now they don't test scores not doing that about white. You talk about let fox over there with starlets are right that they think they're left the ESP it's not like. Do you think that you think they're gonna put it mail he'll in has to start calling you it matches. What. It. Still. Heidi it still had that many other sports now. That we're. No. No the is he would billboard. It's. Look at it. Everybody what is it. By the way they're showing law and order special victims unit on the regular NBC Sama semi we got to find NBC sports we. I just think about hockey writer to them that leaving ESPN's. Ed didn't look at hockey now. Elena and ask. Now and a hand basket are telling me I don't believe you I don't respect you. As a sports league of duke it out ideas via the place everyone watches sports the most. You do and that's what you have seen had to do. Ellie is well wrestling was on ESP at fort ta. That. I don't actually exit out what you really anxious of the courts are really want to do. Because I had to do this I've made Joseph adds themselves as people were reserves are people who work it was a with. Don't. The last time you remembers their current release stepping up. In a big moment when Golden State really needed upset that it it. What does last stepped curry any ultimate re really stepped up. Yeah. Man. As the do this. Don't know tomorrow we'll look for the news of the beat me now attending. And listening to tell the that's me and mine yeah just while. Anything you re still trying to get to. Multiple honestly you happy and feel so good on those guys up within and the media oddly enough. Collin county clerk and grossly bullets and it's really weird. Russ Limbaugh acknowledged a when he first started and hey. I don't know all our orders that you think on certain people I'm just about to the liberal media. The ballot. Of the day. I stepped hurry. But I just wanna be the bad. Once upon the love you heard me last week sent off for some reason every time spent doesn't play well it's injury. But when he does we don't talk about that anymore Stephanie Wright when he doesn't play well. Well yesterday I watched the game and I'm telling you not feel this and it just watching the games over the past it's politics that's that's that's I think step curry is a fantastic front runner. I think stepped curry has got oddly enough some Cam Newton. I think step hurry when they're eating or wind it's not as much pressure on him I think he explodes hit its all the third quarter angles off in yesterday's game it too. Diddley clue in the fourth quarter especially down the stretch with the matter and I. Tell you all that you remember visitors say it's never happened. Absurd but tell. All right. How hard that make you think it's how are you have to think about it. Or win the warriors it worked in real trouble and danger that he stepped up. I mean I feel like he's had duo hit some game winners but I can't thing of like a post up to talk about what I had and I I can't think of like hey. A post season like. Daggers have put them over the top or something like that NA I Israel is not in person right. MVP Kevin Durant won an MVP like he heat that he wasn't that good in that for and that first title run that Anna in the thought about that it is very strong. Does he. That's and it was up about it but it so the the thing McCain's in my mind was that under Ceres when they came back from 31. When they went down 31 I don't. What who when it was a it's game six but it might play at the big game guess Harry had 31 in that game to you like when they went down 31 curry had 3131. And 36 to close it out. I'm not saying that he didn't school in those game. What I'm saying. Oh. Because it did sad that they story. Army they'd lame they were front running the whole way gates at a game six win that game let's all the lines and they were down and it looked like. Russell Kevin Durant we're going to go to the finals. It was play who went. Supernova in the fourth quarter it was callais. Think about it in the finals last they were running the whole way that dominated a team they were clearly edited in cleats. But the year before that when they lost in the finals LeBron cavs. Do you remember him coming up big down the stretch. Got it locked down by. I remember him early. This is behind the back out of now I remember him unraveling it's early it's about to ease the status it. I just say it you're like us think about. Wind when it matters is stiff Kabul lower. Actor I don't see. And remember those times and at that we kind of let him I think he's a terrific front runner. I think he is a fantastic front runner up tele man third quarters political off. Fourth quarter yesterday. Against that putrid rockets' defense. He wasn't doing enough that third quarter heat's turning tricks she balls at the half court and it kicks. Fearless hit a game winner against the suns and a worried. March. Care let's go out and is what are you doing in big major moment. I just don't I don't remember that many. Yeah I doesn't have like one signature post season kombat game winner. Mostly because that's a very specific situation that he'd almost never encounters. There are very few times are you would need him to hit a comeback game winning shot which relative to other teams he's an enemy opportunities to say. But as Curtis at first author had an opportunity and assert as it. Andre Iguodala was the one who was thought to be the dominant players that won him BP on it now. When he BP. Kevin Iran in the last one was the one who won in BP it hit the big shots like Kevin. I can't add to it but Kevin Durant it's the wanna hit the walk up three in abroad space that really sealed. The game. This is staffs team and they he's by not having to be the leaders he he's viewed as the leader of that team I think by the guys on that tee. And get under its that he was five not being that guy and having neck and pressure. I got hit and I say it is just. I like would put it in this that is where he's they are whipped LeBron. And the rain it. But he doesn't want to treat it the same way in two. Like LeBron it was just. Lies basically saying that he just doesn't do anything clutch at all. It you would think every basketball series that LeBron has played its bit like the Dallas. But what's the moment and what's the moments that yesterday's stepped. They should of won that game is that would have done what he did at the third quarter. He can do when everything's going right. He's got a little hearted and he's got a little. Cam knew it would everything's going right he is ready to go. Not so much. Coming up. We've had a fantastic first two hours brunt as mr. lay up on illness. But I went into the royals look we talk about rural and maybe some crazy thing about it. I think the royals are not taking advantage of rules to their sports. Ticket completely help. Via. I really think that they should take more advantage of something that they can do than others which can. And it's a sad day on this show we say goodbye. To me huge portion of the shows Stanford goes less they. Yeah.