05/23 5p - The Hits, The Anthem, Tony G, Update on 30 Year Old's Eviction

The Drive
Wednesday, May 23rd
The Hits, NFL comes up with a new policy for the anthem, a random Chiefs argument goes on air plus an update on one of our favorite news stories of the year 

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He placed it denied a five minutes of it each incident a thousand bucks and as fast as the collection aspect of who wins. Someone named Blaine. Is buying here Playboy and within the rules again and BO YER. What's the worst yet right now we that would do we have played. Full video or if I mean IE I was fully prepared and don't Oscar I was fully prepared. If he. Blame Voyager and blown the game for the royals today. It's a goal and Avery it I was at the very prepared today. I'm talking like a fast Hillary because I don't know if that's even possible animal fighting did that level of mad about it team that we can all that's not very good. But a blame Boyer had come in today and lost the game for the royals. He should not have been allowed on the plane he should have been and he should have been asked to figure out his own way home. Plus gray now AM tracked over pool. I don't know how people are just around these days global employers should have been asked to find his own transportation all. But they're trying to win a labor board he's going out there and blowing it so thankfully. Prices was. Avoided because the other is at eleven point oh and it probably went today still unaccounted daddy's been over the last couple weeks. Thankfully we don't talk about that I'm trying to get a good news today internal exile a little bit it's that season. Of the biggest stories of the day keep the city I've been reading. At that moment all my life we talk about that every day and bottled. Nothing says like being in a good mood light talking about. The NFL the National Anthem. But the NFL owners have approved a new policy. Requiring players on the field and personnel on the field to stand. For the National Anthem Roger Goodell sticking to the podium today after announcing that Nashville gonna get the 2019. NFL draft one that coming up and hits. A little bit later on that Roger Goodell talking about the National Anthem. And that word from Aretha Franklin's song respect. Clearly our objective is the lead. Into all 32 clubs which was unanimous senate. We want people to be respectful to nationally as we want you to stand. That's all personnel and make sure. They treat this moment and respectful fashion assumptions and we go. We been very sensitive and make sure that we give players choices we. Do believe there's that moment is an important moment and one that we're going to focus on. Quick reminder that Roger Goodell makes about 41 billion dollars a year sailors on 41 million dollar Portland. How many zillions of cash consensus view if we I don't know I don't know why go forward say that he's already Portnoy. Lot of money by one Roger Goodell. Old against this more confidence. And we can have a longer detailed discussion is that it's over the outlook talk to people that are happy with the ruling of the NFL. Because as we all know this was a very divisive very polarizing. People were on opposite sides of the yards. You residents of the drive long enough you know what I stand on this diet and very pro cabinet. I've been very broad feeling in the National Anthem the entire time. I am unhappy with the ruling today of the NFL. All play and why after the it's like. I wanna hear from people that are happy today with the ruling of the NFL it if the NFL did what she wanted to do we heard people say oh time he's got these Barbara. Don't respect for the flag I'm not going to continue to watch. They answered their questions they I think get a pretty big in my way I wanna hear from. I regulars they care about what they care about viewers they care about fans they care about all that stuff just like any other business you want as many people to consumer product responsible. And I think the protest during the nationally at the stirred up a lot of consumers and do something about you know in the owners did they have that right to do that. I certainly understand the protest but I also understand. Aside like this it if they feel like this is hurting their business from a financial standpoint from a consumer's standpoint they had to make a rule speculative lunch today. At there's a black box barbecue earlier driving by a place where I used to play baseball on wall and shot a mission parkway is no longer there are fields. I was films like about this was an old field fence was there on top of the fence in the outfield at barbed wire. That would never happen today. Because somebody probably got hurt wrestlers get on that that doesn't happen anymore. In the field and have to have a policy on the National Anthem before and now does and they put it place they did it for future reasons because they don't want to become an issue. It's as simple as that I got no problem protesting but at the NFL feels like. As there as as a group of voters that owns the product is protesting during that actually at that hurts the business that it certainly their right to make those rules and set that policy. Royals cardinals Robert that's eighteen. And drew Cutera comes through in the tenth and you terrorists claims at all. Why drive into right center field for a base hit. Solaris Lawrence Gordon goes to third Escobar or Gordon Brown's third Escobar goes to third. And reviewed Jarrett drives in two. And the royals leads 42 in the tenth inning still nobody out. Brought the fever right here on 610 Sports Radio royals had a another run in the top of the tenth courtesy of the John. Brawls winds five to sixteen and 33. In the short term at least they took two out of three from those. Guys on the other side of state terrorism terrorism cardinal sit oh it was card sign that it yet. I just got a text a few minutes ago from a friend of mine to die hard St. Louis Cardinals. And I just told simply I got to I don't level today my hat when it comes to the royals but I can at least at this for right now. That the royals beat a team that I think a lot of other fans don't like this city that they don't light they've won the series against the St. Louis Cardinals the royals their ultimate awful start. Terrible start of the worst teams in baseball right now in terms of record. At least we have this they took two out of three and they beat the cardinals in saint unhappy at least for now. And I mean I know I should have more of an opinion and but. Well they don't know where they've won two games this season is not going anywhere and the cards and mean the cards. And that includes the hits before today. I read the NFL's ruling really quickly and I promised he would take your phone calls were not a show that normally takes phone calls but I. They hear from people that are happy with the NFL's decision because we have been told. That the protest or reason why the ratings are declining in the NFL. I think it's a bunch of other reasons people continue to tell me it's because of the National Anthem. I would also contain. That the National Anthem was no longer a problem once they got talent Saturday at the start of 2017. Aside from Eric Reed of the San Francisco 49ers you'd tell me who protest it. 234. Other players in the NFL that's not an issue. That's not an issue at all at the end of the season at the in week seventeen. For teen players in the NFL kneeled for the National Anthem. This is not some widespread issue of half the league with kneeling during the National Anthem. Everything in everything dies at some point all the NFL had to do in my opinion was sit back. And let things blow itself over and fewer and fewer. Players were going to do it ends and fewer and fewer media people were going to do it but in my opinion they were terrified. 01 thing they are terrified of Donald Trump tweeting about it. Be seeing the kind of shock waves and ripples in savings when Donald Trump picks up its full. That's the only reason this things they'll have lights it's not Alec operative anymore it's not because Eric read anymore. This thing got to jumpstart and he came back into the forefront of American conversation because the Donald Trump. And I we have now seen that NFL owners are afraid of wanting to catch rule. It's not you not going to the game anymore because we're gonna watch on television. They are terrified of Donald Trump the that is not my opinion. This war on the owner there was a meeting between the players and the owners when they were had in the negotiations for the amount of money they were gonna give in the NFL game and some money. And this and it quote from Robert Kraft got to leave it right he's the owner of the doing a patriots most prominent owners agree the lead for most prominent in the NFL. This is the words. Not only does Ellis what Jarrett and saying no this these these are the award of Donald grant. Quote the problem we have is a resident who use this is fodder to do his mission and I don't feel was the best interest of America. It's divisive in horrible again those words of Robert Kraft. President owner of the New England Patriots it goes on in the stores say. The owners were intent on finding a way to avoid Donald trumps continued criticism the president persistent jabs on what are turn meaning fans against the league. Jeffrey lower who was the owner of the Eagles called Donald Trump presidency disaster in caution players. Against getting drawn into the president's tactics. But worse things for the NFL in this whole thing was it continue to be used politically and at the forefront and it couldn't be every single day Donald Trump talking about it we all there was a stretch. Where is this was bitten on agenda is Twitter account every day he was tweeting and talking about it. Today more sobering giving the players stand up that's not what this about in my opinion this was about Donald Trump not talking about it this is about that we we saw from vice president Mike Pence Davis said winning. And that the NFL's fourth players Spain that's what this was about in my opinion. I disagree with that byters don't know how you could argue with that we spent being sentiment based on Warren's from the owner. I think it's part of it for sure she I had a percent agree with Dylan to deal with this again. But it's not it's not about of all the fourteen players that stood in week seventeen it's about what can happen over the next few years. They got have a policy in place sport and it is compares to earlier. At some point I'm sure the or guard rails on roads and somebody ran all the roads league would guard rails optionally else ice. Like you have to change it you have to what they're trying to protect what could happen in the future. At least have a policy in place now if that way and the president does start that we get about the NFL about players. So I want to listen to people. I wanna get the other side of this at pebble is all you don't hear both sides I import process. I important healing the National Anthem while I don't know but I certainly I certainly stand with him one the choice to do. I'm not happy today about this I think the NFL I think cater to a certain crowd. Eight gave in to public pressure on an issue in which they didn't have to get into. I wanna hear from people that are on the other side jayhawks commonly would you agree with the NFL's decision god. I do and personally don't think you stand with them longer right they can deal with. Now I I. You know. Annual at this moment pastor for Hillary did. You know there are lots of men and women have died for people's right. First amendment rights and you know the reason we played the National Anthem. You know you try to make your machine we do an activity in the political playing in some people's lives the I'm I'm I'm kind of tired of all the political correctness. I I think you might be right maybe they have built were afraid of trapped reunion I definitely think. Essentially are caving in to public pressure I think it was the right thing to do because. I think it's a slap in the face to our servicemen and women. That we allow some people to Neil during the National Anthem I mean I think I fully believe in the rights protests are just actors better way to do it. It's. Gentlemen yes it is the quicker. Can you tell me a another formal process that would have been more effective in this because Colin Catholic I do think it is fair to bring up. He first started his process in August of two when he sixteen. Do you think there is a more effective way to protest than the one we currently have seen from Ghana Catholic and other. Well having given them a lot of sob but I mean. Obviously it was very effective it's gotten perhaps. On billions Cassidy separate I think maybe some extra follow up because of it that now right. I definitely think I mean why wouldn't you just didn't have a microphone near the starting quarterback for the same social 49ers and and talk about it and you know start. But foundation NORAD. You know march or whatever you know and try to get get coverage partly I'm actually saying in the themselves at huge viewership. Tons of people watching on TV in Syria garner a lot of potential currently but he. I think it happened in a bad way that's more forceful talk about it I mean to ruffle a lot of people's standards and I think rightly so. That's your odds on things outside we appreciate the phone call today. The top sex allegiances or something you said earlier and compensated in the 5 o'clock hour Tex on six and 306. I simply want the sports conversations to be about sports and so tired of this being stored. I was listening to a podcast a couple days ago Howard Bryant made a really good he's writing a story activism in the black athlete which changed overtime Jackie Robinson Mohammed Ali and Jim Brown Al all changed at 9/11. So the modern athlete it was a really really good interview up and get the book when it comes out. He made it really good point but I think fits perfectly in Kansas City. Critical of anybody how they leave anybody how they grow up if you want to avoid the issue of the black community inking a city it's not release that are today. We all black people don't live in our cities like we got to be taboo about it we all know. We all know the areas where they are all areas where there and it's not hard to do. I think what made this a different issue in my view was am tired of being a store it was one of the few times. That an issue that is prominently talked about the black community and we can agree the protests were about the EU. Killing of unarmed black people by the police whether you agree with that or not. It's a conversation. That quite frankly happens in black communities all the law. Not some other time it happens all the time but that doesn't happen in your communities must think rightly or wrongly but it doesn't happen in your community. It was the first time that everybody was talking about and you could not avoid. People saying and what about a march march tabs on 31 and prospect you've about a 150 the next half how does that affect a lot you know bookmarks and all. Those marches happen all the time we go to one is weakened a bit of that series about it these talks what happened LeBron. Dwyane Wade Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul had a very act of speech at the espy's talks about it. LeBron James we agree most pot that we in north American sports right now note expecting by the plays soccer. So a lot of the same stuff about equality unity and all this kind of stuff no body talks about it. But this. It made you think about it in a form which made you feel uncomfortable and the most popular thing in our country. There's nothing America love more I would say other than itself in patriotism all those up in football there's nothing more. Not Walking Dead. Not Dancing With The Stars not whatever show he watched on television talk about the declining ratings though the most popular show on television is the in app well. In the NFL they made. White people let's be honest here talk about it to some people one of the largest issue in the black community and that made people you'll. Very uncomfortable because it's not conversation got apple attack and my argument has always been people say key. They've got sports or protection or not now protection but hey we want to escape from from their them from the stressed the elliptical way of putting yet we allow the stress our everyday lives in sports all the every we allow the stresses on the whenever Eric Berry had cancer it's not like that she didn't talk about it and discussed. There's all cancer is a very dangerous thing global eating pillars of American. We openly talk about it breast cancer awareness during October to cool thing when they do it happens all the time so we allow real world issues to permeate itself in sports all the time. Well those are things that we all get behind all eighteen answer that they've answered it. All right everybody's favorite with other Americans are hurt like during hurricane who's not or supporting those people. Everybody is for supporting those people. This is an issue that not everybody is affected by and not everybody understands what you were forced to at least have the conversation in annual workplace that lets be honest is bull wait a conversation about issues that affect the black community you had to talk about it because everybody was talking about it. That's what made this such a big deal in my opening. That the problem with that does she does it with a flag gets involved and other people think it's about something else. And and that's the problem right. Mission accomplished with more people talking about because it it it it was during the national into the protests were during the National Anthem but the problem is that the protests were about. The military. They want about you know any patriotism. But that's what a lot of people take it dance so there's give and take that there's good and bad with the protest yeah we're forced to talk about a guy like me to grow up in Johnson County. You know a white guy. You know the girl you know and in lives and Linux right now. Yeah we're forced to talk about idol experience that you know on a day to day basis the problem is that there are a lot of people when they see. Athletes protesting in the league during a National Anthem they take it a certain way and the and the and the message gets lost. So I think we have to understand why some of those people take it that way and they missed the message because of the way the protest. Again analogy it's always argued that the people that missed the message on this for the people there are trying to hear the mess I wanted to relatives agree I agree with you ought to be so I would say the message of police brutality which. How it happened it was happening it's not like that was an issue that just aren't I great and our country agree we have countless examples over American history of similar issues so to me it has always been a diversion to make thing at the protest something that. You had to really confront to something else they've done it the entire time in my opinion I don't take calls all calls as we said that we would it mean grant you go and. Yeah great what the decision or a black mayor there. But I agree. It's that thing you do it. Are all the political. Are people. Who are out there in apparently. Well and I are that you've. Got shall it. The should be. Are familiar and oh there you go. Into oh sure. You are. Oh are. You have. Been we are a bit and I. Won't. What. I'm. Well. What do I don't. And calls that all that way to do it. What. It is. And watch a little bit colder. One. I've got a note that a phone call I appreciate the phone call on that I know what is ever told me two years of talking about this something that would have been more affected than what actually happened. So you're telling me I just I mean people say this if college predicted del march but Metallica didn't do this god tablet like you know what. I'm gonna do it every NFL player to do march we think we're still talk about march 2 years later I'm gonna guess no I'm gonna guess the answer is no that's what I. I thank them I think mission accomplished we're talking about it now right now I think you switch my idea is always business. And to these stadium is still full in between the first and the second quarter. You put a PSA up on the job would trump every single stadium. With different players saying what they've dealt with and gone through them with their families have dealt with throughout the course of their lives players can Neal the message gets out everybody's there. And then you take the flag out of I think that that has been my solution to this thing all along these NFL players that are talking had a Jumbotron in a message telling people. At this stadium what exactly is going on in those players can Neil. During that during that break in between the first and second quarter and it takes the flag out of the messages received Rick from. Oh. Today. Agreement there and I got the support or make news. I don't agree with paint ball ardently backed it's absolutely about the flag and that you arts. The mission what they're trying to which do not like they want equality. But the way unit is on others but I don't care. I hit it equal pay able. They're a better approach oh about hurting the site. And I think that we do what he quite privileged and that all out in the mortgage. Backed the flag you know it in you that it would get equal rights. So be. That's written spring that the president had to get call and I'm not I'm not personally saying it's not about the flag what I'm saying is what players have said. So I'm I'm trying to relay the message that players had said. Is that it's got about the flag for us not disrespecting the military we're taking our deal now take were kneeling right now we're take your stance now. To get your attention but it's not about the military it's not about the flag. Bringing the flag into it certainly brings a lot of attention to it but August relaying the message. Of what players percent. So a size six on preserve sixty people are talking about a boy are they discussing issues are the ages bitching about it. I certainly think there is a large group of people that had been talking about these issues and are doing things about it all the time. I just think we've reached the point that we or ivory I think that was the conversation in the beginning. And I think eventually it became the further and further we got away from it it has become all about literally everything else the same I think we'll count capita debt to be getting the issue was the flag and then it became a T shirt that'd be tennis odds and became involved that is like people try to find one reason to discredit everything dollar cap naked on the the one time and body or big county fans but some of your obviously. Dave Chappelle and the one of design Netflix special talked about like sometimes the world needs like imperfect heroes. However it is not the perfect hero for this message men no bodies yet but he was the key role for the message so to speak. And he was the voice in the Condo for and do it I'll ask anybody take phone calls on this until the show is over. Anybody tell me more effective way that we'd be talking about two years later than what actually happened and I'm with you I'm your side I don't think that exists. Think about how we move on from quickly but they mail yeah and he was the biggest thing in America agreed we don't know about that today. Tell me just or talking about for the last two years other than this one. This story has reached such a level and there's nothing else that would have happened that would ahead this level of impact in my opinion. During the commercial break for those that are terribly Mattis will give your royals could by the drop easy easy one more time easy these ports on them for an easy he's coming up this promise we'll talk sports and excellent drive. There's six. Want them out what is it yeah if I actually get a line not a business if someone is known as they try to only take. I'm gonna gonna guess that incident when I'm just gonna I'm just gonna randomly guess that's what it means. I don't answer the phone's experience of the vote he could certainly be a lot better machine Hairston bill was our winner today he'll at least you know is he available until this girl. I'll be in the mold that you at least us. Don't we start doing that some people call. Hey your caller one thank you so much for your listening solution though not the winner after take the next call thank you don't do that every person and I would do that. Five times that we get the number six people feels like they're part Michelle trying to get people listen. We're trying to get one person was at 2 o'clock. And as right now that all I took the six caller. The six caller it was Sheen and Anderson bill bunker. I like the first call us the first color imagery would love and respect of what that how this is my fault you are. Angry techsters says I haven't won royal sticker I'm sure that other people is that march 6 I'm sure that other people it's excellent have a lot of problems arguments before. It may call it refueled special until they went what about 45 days of but I actually think six is gone through the fastest tracks like yeah let's move in with our. Parents yet. When you're third and let the parents want that. All about that later today we got an update on the got it was thirty years old that would move out of his house got an update on the story we bring an argument that we had to. Seemingly all talked about today we were doing the show was it in this next topic we're gonna talk to will get to it after your chance to 1000 bucks. It's a thousand thirties text or. LL CJ. As in Sherlock is gonna win the Heisman Trophy this year that's a lot. You can beat a thousand dollar cast as a cast on a six that Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to win a 121000 dollars each weekday all you've got to do. Losing him 378 to seventy or next as the wind is coming up in one hour that your final chance of the day. Why no win right now in Ireland and Monty on secretly opened hazards and winds as one complete rules -- six and sports background the keyword. Tax the word lock. LO CK one more time for those that aren't here in fact on Y. L. o.'s CJ is in drew lock is gonna win the Heisman Trophy disease and he's a lock to win night. Couldn't couldn't. Today uncle couldn't seem to think it. Drew lots today. We were her. Having a conversation about Tony Gonzales. Shockingly one of you to counsel wait you don't owning Gonzales going is that she's got me into the let's let's Cohen. It was taken note telling dollars going inside the stars all of shade such an outstanding. Banning same senior aides say I don't wanna see people happy at all. Not true. My feeling on this and I don't care who it is all right I I'd like to see the games and all about the ceremonies. You know years after the fact as Tony does great at and we'll watch and play football. I just for whatever reason never been able to get into this even go back to its royals stadium as a kid see in you know Willie Wilson it is silver slugger award before. It on opening night you know at royal stadium I just I don't get into the ceremonial part of it. I just wanna watch the game. Are you on their for the game not their for a ceremony apparently you call me old guy and only right that I know I don't go and so it's just foam don't really. And this ceremonial thing is not a big deal from ads don't get into so. Conversation. Regarding zoning and dollars if you miss that he's going in the she's hall of fame the ring of honor the yeah. Chargers game which I believe is like December 13 the rest of the more Lowe's store so. Conversation about who is the best player. Carl Peterson drafted it seemed pretty obvious to me that to answer. Is either Derrick Thomas or Tony Gonzales in some. Now we got in this 25 minute argument. About is Larry Johnson one of the eight best players that Carl Peterson is rested. First let's that the first conversation and it will get to the second one we agreed that's where the conversation sparked that true either Derek. Honest I Jessica and though and we'll shield I feel bad guy dance for all of favor. But I think overall picking a team we have three options to putting involved there obviously will shields I think we're taking your other two guys ahead we'll I'll. Hello will shields of I'll probably take a guard I got out with respect to a it was shield for the show great guy taken Derrick Thomas a Tony in the house. Suspect he would like Darren Clarke Darren Thomas Tony Gonzales okay you take but take it out by Darrell. Thomas is the greatest player to plain cheese franchise history. Being. The greatest in franchise history talking Carl Peter Carl Peterson air okay and but he's also the greatest player ever places franchise in general but yes any Carl Peterson area thomas' is best rap hip Karl. Eaters I would I would probably adapted to lean towards DT is well because Tony Gonzales can't affect every single play Derrick Thomas that he was on defense. And the other part it's not about running backs you're too. But you know. Priest in. And Larry Johnson those guys probably don't have the careers at a Kansas City without. You know the will shields the ten grunt Mars the day besides the young guys like that so I would go DT is. Okay. My argument for. Telling Gonzales would be this. There's no one that considered Derrick Thomas to be the best player at his position. Considers it the best at his position. It's a great defensive player you can't be good are you can not great defensive player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame great player there's no when it thinks he's the best players position. People think that about throwing in dollars. So by definition what that make you the best player that someone is trapped at a picnic all players at a lakeside in the NFL I would argue but there's people that was to the show that would argue. Tony Gonzales is arguably the greatest tied in all. That has the beat. Good logic for you don't I would say. We're talking about a player that has revolutionize his position. He paved the way for guys like. It's on you dates. He paved the way for guys like Jimmy Graham. He paved the way for the 65 jump out of that jam former basketball player and he's trees there as if and not him well that can translate to the that can translate to the football field NBA Dominic tidy. Toning is also morbid trains out of the what they're Thomas is there are times. Great player out rest this'll if you ask me who the best player that Carl Peterson draft was toning and dollars and Derrick Thomas. I'm going Tony gene hears a single. Derrick Thomas has become a feed in pass away sorely bidder like that's the other part of I'm looking at the all time sack leaders in the NFL. Jared Allen has more sacks than Derrick Thomas we see and Jared Allen is better than. The DT I don't know that we're not saying that we changed a lot to an injured Alberto Lawrence Taylor thirteenth on the all time sack list. You know I would I I would agree that we probably think. Do agree that he's maybe the best guy the best I mean he's the bedrock of wearable yet he's thirteenth all time when it comes to sex so. I think Derrick Thomas I think a lot of it has do like what. How woody finish out his career where would be when all was said and done Tony Gonzales had a chance to do that DT to die. That's a really good point and I always make the point music and I think people understand I called the Aaliyah if we missy Elliott's career was going to India. Maybe she goes on to be beyoncé is she goes on to be the greatest entertainer of all time. The run is over and their leaders becomes a really nice run which is becomes a shot in the same thing about jobs. We don't know how the dinnertime historians many continues planes there's ACL next thing we know yours now he's not a very productive player. We do know it's because we got to see its conclusion. Tony Gonzales was eight crude. Two great NFL player for fifteen straight years plate every single week. Dick and his times and I would say he played or at times at times offences that solely rely on him. Derrick Thomas was always in very favorable defenses with very favorable coaching and with guys that also help of rush the passer. Maybe we also a lot of years of cheese deli at won't go in the ball to and it was selling of dollars in. Offense is our senior defense is new. And we got to stop 88 today we got to figure out a way to do we're Derrick Thomas you played with more options again there's no wrong answer would you take they're Thomas I think Tony involved we still got some really good players and his argument so did you over dinnertime. That's fair he can do that he's maybe the grace tied an all time he may not be. You know whenever he's also done here what ten years maybe but more than likely will lead the backgrounds and keep play that much longer. I get it and and and things are different now than what Tony G play correctly you can barely touching hey look at it you'd out. I can't imagine what Tony Gonzales would be like. It in this air the NFL you can barely in ETE book they got on his touch from Ron and also the flag comes so I mean it's a valid point I don't think there's a wrong answer either way. Tex on six boundaries or six plus Derrick Thomas didn't go chase a trophy like Tony Gonzales how do we know he would now like how we know that Thomas would have been the markets player. Mars where at all. I got Purdue and not at all again I don't have hustling out of that what we know the physical demands of football c'mon I'm not gonna say haste they see doping had a chance to win a Super Bowl because it makes me feel good bet. Let's go get a ring and that's why you're playing as you've made the money that you coach is the ring I don't fought Tony Gonzales for this at all. I know against inspect. Johnson's top five player that call Peter is why they keep changing everything I just wanna hear the argued and argued about this for thirty minutes today. He's one of the eight best she's ever tracked by Carl Peterson that we went over. Carl Peterson's drafts outside of nine that we came up with Wright and some of those guys you any one on the list. They're Johnson is definitely one of the eight best players. Ever drafted by Carl Peterson the guy you had two of the back. One of the most incredible back to back NFL seasons in history. History. More yards rushed and treat all Bassett mascot for two seasons it's more of an indictment Carl Peterson and it is Larry Johnson. Also Johnson is third all time in franchise Russian. So your two seasons yeah they a lot of them were from those two seasons but he's also just behind Jim all it is just behind. Priest kept thinking accused suspect about the receiving yards the Priest Holmes racked up Hitler Johnson did not mean it's certainly bring that resource. Drafted in Oak Hill the fairgrounds work and I'm gonna see. It will at the right names the guys down I think call isn't drafted over better than later Johnson on the global view and you tell me at the end of it. So from what he started when he did. We can do this in three minutes. There are times better player correct. I will go are you gonna Jimmie dale Carter yes no yes so joke or better bowler John do you give me timber and art now a guy at disaster. Our let's continual are any will seal yes. Are gonna be dating news now I checked my date news and Internet and make a player Yasser. And then there. Our identity meet Tony Gonzales yes OK I have is making sure don't work or god or war. OK Ari and me it's really bad it gets really bad because good bad are gonna gimme Dante Hall. Not a ought to say too hot season that Johnson. I I would say that Larry Johnson affected more gains because he touched the ball more than Donte' also I would take third Johnson over Dante Hall Oca. Are you any Jared Allen yeah player first shirt OK are you gonna gallons five are you gonna give me Derrick Johnson as a better play or sure are exempt sick are you get me doesn't Coakley I just ask and ask now all the players now. You give me Tom Ali yes OK seven all right are you mean you Duane well now I'm not. We're both about the Larry Johnson I would not need to a vote ruler John with yup that's okay EB brain now on. With the IRJ great Albert. I do Alan and I think you are immigrants flowers. No I'm not are you giving me. So mall saw yes he wasn't was. Yeah draft Elway does does you'll start to expect he's. Okay he's he's not. And we remove all the talk us up and up anybody out audience and it right sports knowledge disappear guy. You walk that is operated by this I think it would give one prominent figures in sports college disappeared and I don't do as the first time. I tried to challenge you on the show well don't do it's back. They'll do one as an old man. Still I'm not saying good all right Harrington has tried to change his argument I I was I was recording. Well we're talking about the back is it Arrington was well struck the block party times in eight minutes OK they're talking about the listener to get to hear I don't I. I do they. You actually reported. It back there. Race two on the court cedar is what counts. For the record you said it there and I thought yeah. And he's rushing. Just it was a top ten do you structural. That did say that is the route three that's that. The better when they're done per month or later Johnson. That's a good one that's a related question so it effort at all I've. Tomorrow. Listen I'll take Pickering not okay. So it's always on I guess Korean I was drafted by the ghost of Carl Peterson goes up as a draft he's been probably be Carl Peterson on at this point. Coming up the other side yes it you miss the story of the thirty year old guy who didn't wanna move out of his house he was on CAA named yesterday Obama. We get into an excellent drive past. I'll ask incidents appeared at times guys seemed to bubble where she is a thousand bucks a national cash contest coming up. A six there. We are just having an argument which I clearly won and at some point Specter will admit the truth. They'll do expect but we looked because lobby in the course having this conversation. I read to you guys really quickly the chief draft picks from 2001 to 2002 is not good. I wanna read it to you and tell me if you could do better. This is every single one Ryan Sims any Freeman Omar easy Scott Fujita. More Reese Rodriguez Eric downing snoop minutes Monty Beisel George Elaine bill back Derrick Blalock. Alex sole stated she and our hearts Terdell Sands. How much NFL GMs make us think that they spin scouting and violating players you had to address that's what you did. All of us could have done. We can if I could toll sailor and NFL draft I have no problem we should do next year as a observation. Well achieves. Like all the clock is his right down to who we would have drafted right that in there and and see if we do a better job drafting the chiefs and great observation I. In this crowd I know him as the randomly pick somebody that we could do equally well. I want to Jimmy Smith instead of John Baldwin alt U and I'll never forget that like to date Jimmy's Mitt not Jon Baldwin to salute to own both when. How Bauer yeah. I thought he was it I thought Matt Weiner I could outline what's the perfect situation I was home or percent. Up for the chiefs you remember hearing curry from Wake Forest linebacker. He is the most this prospect I've ever seen in my entire line. Well I like how did you and transparent and it was going to be. Khalil Matt. He was coming out of college I was terribly wrong they'll come through about Sylvester Mora is going to be really really so MO my body was going to be terrific city. I told like bodies like him and his guys and it. I mean this it's gonna be the man. Would like for sex on six these are six my buddy Bob Ryan Sims Jersey I would never let them win now. Ryan Sims was certainly the benefactor and I play but Julie's that was. And I was gonna get a lot of gonna get sacked them that it acted really really guy and he was. He was certainly somebody running with the fine folks who call and AG if this story yesterday. This news report that was I'm telling you right up Al Leo one Bryant thing. Thirty year old Michael rotunda was being evicted. From his mom and dad's house. But he won't leave so he's being taken to court. By mom and dad he claims legally he wasn't given enough notice to leave but he's facing an uphill battle in the court of public opinion. Oh. He needs to get out its other it may actually. Clarity. Not then plant are not like it and it ended it. Court filings allege rotunda doesn't contribute to the daily expenses and doesn't help out the chores around the house but definitely innocent mistake among them out. Thirty years old and they'll help you know. Grow up. His parents have given him five written notices of the past few months telling him he needs to leave even claim they've offered to help him get started on his own. Rotunda was calling his parents effort retaliatory. Battle over. That he's learning about staying home. He just wasting their time. Neighbors say they're sad to see such a great Finley go through this but I admit every pair has a limit. I'm like yeah. Yeah. The rotunda is scheduled to hash it out again in court later this month about seven weeks before their son's 31 birthday. I mean we all do a little help from time that from time to time yeah but not I mean I'm almost thirty years old and I'm still my parents cellphone bill. I'm Derek here I'm never gonna bring it up to. I just bill in the same league plan since I was a kid is cute I don't have a cell phone bill at all as the only bella and everything else no idea have a self and I'm never gonna argue I mean if pass early break up and say we we take that burden off you back I'll think she's listened to your right now maybe not is impossible globally we talked about it. And so I. There's been you know. Again help from time to time these parents are doing a great thing their culture I help him get up on his fees thirty years. Well did more time nanny 3540. He'll be ready to him about what Jerry does yeah well there's a response to this thing the court ruled in favor. Shockingly the parents and Michael returned though. Was on CNN's CNN today's bank usually it is. And I and I understand that you are probably more upset than you think you're letting on but but don't you want to reconcile with them. I. Doubt in her back to reconcile your prayers and well and basically it's through stuff like shocked sometimes. Yeah yeah okay. Don't work and not help you. The judge of Britain's sought publicity. That law lords is it still glued. And I and I understand right that you are probably why. Even your let. She tried solid it. Understands. This. And confuse. It taught the guy I viewed you know. I understand your may be more on that but I mean. Coaching I don't wanna reckons I mean that that they are your parents paying on it but don't want to reconcile with them. None. It. Get a job to get the check some of the grocery. On your own gas still. It's excellent that I don't blame myself. Working out great for me I don't have an honest I don't in my zone though I don't realize now part of my dad's company's plan. We'll stuff like that on the night that the bills that are too but it's nice it's great. They. I'm not blaming it on and it's working out rather great for you know is certainly not gonna complain of it's not something tells me figure is the big of the bills he would like I've been on whatever I actually without directories because I was elected have control over like. You know what I did almost a mom not mean it's never been that kind of issue it just if I go over that might give them those extra money I had to overlook. Before we got unlimited data exist over they would be like aids 42 extra outs you know when your mom take you know. It was just. You know it's it's you look simple lately you know yet its principal labor real meat you know I get 55. Yeah Simpson blocked. And as you know you're on somebody that cares about you. Went tomorrow that you. The state baseball two of the five which does stay. Rude stuff since the betting is dumping it's not a player immediately you know. Also. Got a little left in the tank up again its drive.