05/23 4p - A Conversation on the National Anthem, Jim Edmonds Said What???

The Drive
Wednesday, May 23rd
We talk about the NFL's new policy for the National Anthem plus Cardinals analyst said something about Esky that is just so wrong 

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Let's do. This another day and. It's a drive coming up fifteen minutes it's excellent and bugs and ask ask god says you guys and think that was put on hold because the balloon. Day game now is still gadget she instantly in the 1000 busted that drive it airs here as tags new highs as tackles back Steve inspectors our producer. And because the royals this is not as a wreck World Series all I said he's here is against a hated St. Louis Cardinals the one you read me I do today in good. World turtle day see guys to wish happy world turtle that this the day that rocky certainly enjoy you know we have those who turtles they got in the patch up the page that's right and that should. We will do it sued the national cash contest coming up in a balance. And ten minutes or so but. I'm sure you guys know by now the NFL has a new food National Anthem policy on not bore you with all the details but. There are six strong points here from the NFL quote the membership also believes that. All team and league personnel or in the fields just stand and show were split ours just you show respect for the flag in the anthem. Big game operations manual be revise or remove the requirement that all players be on the field for the anthem. Personnel who choose not to stand for the at the mesa in the locker room or in a similar. Location off the field into the anthem has been performed. A club will be fine by the league of its personnel are on the field and do not stand and show respect for the flag in the near them. Each club may develop its own work rules consistent with the above principles. Regarding its principals who are personnel who do not stand and show was like respect. For the flag in the implement six the commissioner will impose appropriate discipline on the league personnel. Who do not show. In Spain and for the flag in the anthem it is very surprised. Echoing Catholic started his protest in August of 2016. It took them almost two calendar years. To enforce a policy now for the National Anthem. I was surprised that little bit longer this thing was about to die until the president got Albright and that sort of picked up more steam and I think the way the NFL handled it he that is probably not the most efficient way to deal with. This the anthem protest. I've got a problem with the rules I'm OK with it in I don't have. I don't have a problem what's a law whatsoever I do was say that I have a problem players protest either if you want it peacefully protest and do that I've said this a million times a cool. Got a problem doing that but I also understand rules of an employer for work for somebody they're gonna show those rules and at the league says this is what you have to do. Then that's what you have to do in Russia wanna pay the fine so. Either way I'm fine hopefully this ends a lot of the controversy to everything that's going on around us a little thing that's going to I I don't think it will but I think that's what the NFL's gold for at this point. And I've got a problem as policy. I want to ask you guys a question if you've been listening to the show long enough I think you know where I stand or an anthem protests and what is happening. In the National Football League. Let's with a question. Week seventeen of the NFL season. How many players breads any do you think Neil for the nationally in this big deal that yet I spent all this time talking about this offseason. We've heard them talk more about the National Anthem and the tax rule this offseason how many players in the final regular season a week of the NFL do we think. Meal for the National Anthem and to say twelve. Spec how many players do you thing yields for the National Anthem won. More than that. Dion Jordan and frank Clark Marcus Smith Michael Bennett Sheldon Richardson. Jerry reed quit Jefferson Branden Jackson Paul Dawson Duane Brown. Eric Reed Louis Murphy marquis is good when only your burden. For team players kneeled for the National Anthem of the final week of the season. Are those guys are all the same team. This was not an issue anymore. It was an issue in the very early part of the season it became an issue when president Donald Trump said what he said we all can disagree or agree on what he said. And it became an issue for a couple weeks and like most things it was starting to win. We are only talking about it because the only people that are keeping this thing alive is the National Football League the protest were dying down. It was work you got talent Capra got the lead. Eric Reeves who just file a collusion sued the same one against cal a topic we agree if you're suing a league they're not letting you back in the league. They sent to a very clear message the lead to me this and we don't want you protest and the employers have sent that message the message that they sent today seemed to me to be very unnecessary. It's very surprising to me the big bad NFL that we know is that pushed his way around. With anybody we finally saw what they're afraid of their Fred Donald Trump. I can give you the quotes from the owner and I can use the story from Jim Trotter who was source as anybody there was a story in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago. That someone spoke out of turn. About the meeting at the players and with the owners. And quote is from Robert Pratt he's not worth cats and Ayers and this is Robert grant president in older of the New England Patriots. Quote the problem we have is we have a president who use this is fodder to do his mission. That I don't feel is in the best interest of America from Robert Kraft quote it is divisive in horrible. Also in the story put the owners were intent on finding a way to avoid Donald trumps continued criticisms the president's persistent jabs on Twitter turn meaning of Spain against the league Jeffrey lower who is the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles said that Donald Trump presidency was disastrous and caution players against getting drawn into the president's factors. Today Jim Trotter said he thinks the biggest reason that this happened and talking to players was they didn't want the president using its in the mid terms as a way to fuel is India we finally salt unit I was afraid. Mort that you not buying tickets Morton you're not going to concession stand more than you getting rated cable they are afraid of the Twitter account of the president. That goes to show you the power that add it goes to show you that a roomful of billionaires even they are afraid of. I am. I think they're afraid of what's going to happen in the future that's really I mean there were no guard rails on streets until somebody ran up the road and crashed indicted yet at the guard rails. You're right I mean this thing was dying down she was dying down towards the end of the year that's not what it is out. Today's about what could happen in the future that got app guidelines in place in case it happens again that's what they're doing. It's not that somebody drives up throw on guys because there's. You know because you're not a Barbara but you gotta have that stuff what you've got I have had a reasonably have a strong policy in place before Donald Trump for that we did what he wanted it sweetly tweeted. You know their siblings at about NFL players now have a place going forward. I will say as I mean I think owners are afraid of losing money to. They're fragile Fred it was money losing fans losing TV ratings losing anything and they figure we've got a policy in place. What are our players if they don't wanna be there for the National Anthem can't stay in the locker room or not come out there they have the right to do that without repercussion. At the same time if you're gonna be on the field got to stand for the Anthony Wright the. Tax on 69 reserve's six goes similar what you're saying no they don't wanna lose fans that don't agree with the protest. I think the NFL is making a business decision and they are making a plus nature they think there are more fans that disagree with the protest the ones that do. And they are hoping today that there are more people that are saying see we finally got what we wanted the ones that are turned off and disappointed beyond as a filthy and according to really test my patients over the last couple years it's problem the problem and things I disagree with. I think the NFL banks on different in the other sports is saying no you're not going anywhere they know that every every Sunday night. Every Monday night. Every Thursday night football game you are going to watch and I think the NFL is running a very dangerous game and trying to seek out or they can push it. With concussions. With I think the watering down of the league with the complication of the rules with how they've handled the protest I think they are starting to Wear a lot of people there. But all he said. Are there some people that turned up by the process obviously. We never talk about the people that are turned off how the NFL is also handling the protest and I said this from the beginning I thought they get I thought he tried to give us money to the players I think the NFL continues to show you they don't give a damn about what the players are protesting about all they wanted to do was shut them up and get back to business as usual and they thought today the only way to do was to enact this rule because again in the one thing they were afraid was of Donald Trump picked up his phone at 5:30 in the morning isn't another tweet about it. It was going to be everywhere and they wanted to do everything in its power to hope that doesn't happen are right. We'll see what happens if we wanna players still meals and he gets find for any comes out at eight long press got a similar to comic captain as an adult care about the fine I'm going to keep doing. What happens then. I am going to be very curious to see what happens we won that before it was kind of a team thing this is a league enacted. This is what we think you should do and if you go outside the boundaries of this we are going to finds that as a very very dangerous game to play with a player. The judge the judge chair is she okay so he'll pay players fight they would come out and the other in the end. So I think it's a fairly solid mean I think that's one answer your question at least one team in the league guy that runs the league runs the team excuse me is it a lot of fine. I think that the thing about this to me is even if you've got people involved at that aren't passionate about one side or the other person for us senators and I can't passion about protest and social injustice that part I don't get. That's all separate deal. The thing is is gradually come to sports though that would be entertained they get away from politics they wanna get away. From their lives they would get away from everything it's their outlet. So I do think that that's part of it and I think in in part that solves these part of this problem. Because they watch football united owners recognize that. I think they see that and they they want that a lot of people go to football basketball baseball games with all the other crap is on the life and that the social. Prop I wanna answer that on the other side because I do think there's a park that people say that but I think we are completely disregarding that is a larger race went on make up on the other side it will get a chance a thousand bucks a national cashed out just coming up on the drive. It's about. Text of the club or Disco. 272881. Disco you can be the thousand dollar cash one of the best investments of six and Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City give you a team still went up to 121000 dollars each weekday. Just listen and authorities and 78 is seventy or next seems to winds coming up in one hour. Complete rules and listening over its extends force dot com one more time to those UN backed an article here you let Disco. CO Disco. Is the code work I do wanna take phone calls and as we're not show the normally takes phone calls and I want 357676. In my question. What I wanna take phone calls from people. Review that were very dismayed by Iranian protest instead I will not watch if they continue to disrespect the flag. Basis standup or are you happy today because someone who was very pro the protest in very pro what they are testing. I'm not happy today with the rules in the things that were given down by the NFL but it's obvious they pick sides and other. Wrong side now I'm going to continue to watch in a felt this is not my breaking point with the league I'm unhappy with that but I. I will say as a business I partly understand what they did today. You're on the people that emphatic about watching football if they continue to do this is this a compromise date you can live with. To make the what you made one more time I'll respond to people just turned in because it's a lot of people make about a game I. I think a lot of people wanna go to sporting events and it's an escape for them. Well they took the royals game at nights and watch baseball that's an escape it'll politics they don't cry and then when all that stuff. You know when they go to at a cell game it'll politics daily away from the crazy busy. Lies a lot of people are real happy professionally maybe there's some personal stuff going on the last thing they wanted to drama when they turn on the NFL to watch football it's an escape for them I think a lot of people. The protest turned off as people I think he'd look a little bit deeper understand protest was about. But this ain't I sort of understand that. If you go there for fun and escape and you love football you'll root for your team yours and in your having some political messages shut down your throat and it turned awful lot of people. I think it's an awful lot of people who was listening to a podcast a couple of weeks ago by Howard Bryant he's writing a story on activism in the black athlete. He made a point. And I hadn't really thought of before in the way that he made the point. Let's be honest they conversation about the demographic of Kansas City because I think we know the dividing line between Kansas City and is largely segregated by race and meanest if you are racist it is a lot. You don't have to try to argue that in Kansas City to not be around black beat. Try super hard as living normal life. You can live in environment and a neighborhood where there's maybe one black family you can go to church does not a lot of black people go to a and go to a place of employ that those wanted to black people. And never to have conversations that people had in the black community this is the first time in a long time that a conversation a black people were having him black families and black communities was mainstream and everybody was talking about what's beyond this year about where people say they're definitely that was they had done a different. Tell me not a form of protest or another thing Allan Kaplan it could have done. To have us having this same conversation almost two years later it's up to protest in 27 and he's being. He started protesting in. August of 46 paint and we are still. Talking about it. So I think when people say that all I come through sports or escape. We aren't real life issues in sports all the time. It's like yeah she's bitten confront air dares issue can't veer its nearest thing that affects a lot of failed. We talk about cancer and sports frequently how many times we watch on sports and what we seek it was sick. And we have to talk about that. Depressing day. I hear about it at seven year old as answer I think it was I don't necessarily know all these people necessarily use sports as an escape and they certainly do. I'm saying is I don't know of people ready to be confronted with an issue that is so polarizing and maybe that you don't have to deal with on an every day based. The thing is the two seed and and I agree with you on a lot of that mean we we were forced to deal some things that are very comfortable. For people that are doubtful right I mean I'm like I it was a job to get a growth and job to counting right I did. I can the majority my talent to go throughout my day and not have to deal with a lot of minorities right that's changing now accused of the commencement speech shuttle mission north. And and I'm proud to say that my school is about as diverse as it's ever ban. I mean it was wonderful to see. The united Versteeg shot emission north right now I think the mistake I think what really irritated people. With the protesters at the flag was brought into this and I even wrote a piece on sixteen's were stuck on one when markets Peters was dealing. You know before chief's game I wrote a piece about it I said it's not about the flag. You know for those people who think it's about the flag is not about the flood and how many times players have to say that but a father of a friend of mine is a great guy also that Libya Vietnam vet. And he let me have. Due to a dear man good man let me happy. Some people just will not listen that to add to the to the point that it's not about the flag when in fact it isn't and I think that's the problem comes. We bring the flag into it then that's where the message unfortunately gets lost was some of these protests. Was goes fault lines Ryan and the OP had right. Quick question where he can't I know you're huge NBA. But it seems like. They are outline their players sitting. They have stated they cannot sit but and that we. Ought to and a lot wrote that I'm pro wrote that the bank cap. That they were really good for what on currently social climate. Here's a pack classic NBA. Or idol only better players who wrote that at all. I think the big difference in the NBA and ally you respond is we would agree the MBA at least when it comes to social issues are a lot different and allowing its players to be more vocal and seemingly not analyzing it for me they Wear shoes that say quality of LeBron is one I can't pre surge we seem player protesting I think the NBA. At least as a culture that is certainly more endearing to letting people express themselves and that's not the feeling in the NFL at least not to me. What. Players have similar thing. Warm and BA is an epic game. Tom and I and I think that where it similarities. In India may there program and on the plate back ninety's. 1 and I am Ahmed Abul. The same. Goes with similar situation who won. The 240 a weapon owed picker. And here's the deal is the difference of that stuff all right here's the diversity in the NBA and what they do and I agree with you ought to percent of its seat at the difference is they'll bring the flag until. You can Wear the I can't read teachers and you can do things like that. You can protest to get your message out his sneakers and you'll that does nothing to do with a flag that once they panic and you bring in the flag at this. I think the message gets lost I think that's there was twenty NBA in the and a tolerant. Here's Cody Lee's summit psychotic. Yeah I haven't heard of all of that let that wrote I'm human and horse. You mean everything. Peppered everybody's so I mean. Like you has there opinion about protests and prevent people. Have a right to turn out to to be your public protests I mean yeah is about. On gasoline at the we're that your saluting. Thank some of the media. The logistics of the program. And so it now Leah. But yet so what is the this group that he'll wave that either but it all does that you're pretty important I don't want it and also accurate term let the people. Deal. Or frog that he shouldn't say it will the do these reports that rockets are going to walk away injured that your look at it also mean it's that you're better on. Deal I'll what you want but it just don't want to ever come together so it only. To so to be safe. And I appreciate the focal Cody that the reason I said that is basically saying with the players percent. You know but that's the of the read the message that I'm trying to relay here. The players have said that it's not about the military and it's not about disrespecting the flag it's about protesting social injustice. So I'm just try to relay the message that the players that it has you know chosen to spoke about why they're protesting. You know. I can agree with you like to get on board the fact that maybe they Cho when you involve the flag in your protest some people are gonna think it's about that no matter what you said. But every single one of those players you can have a month said it's not about the flag and that's what that's the reason I say that. I do realize that some people are gonna take it awfully personal that you're kneeling during the National Anthem. I personally would not choose to deal during the National Anthem because that's my choice and that's what I know that's what I would I would stand. With a hand over my heart again it I think bringing the flag into it complicates the issue. I just really dislike the whole believed that we use sports is just perfect utopia from our problems you and we allow or every day real problems in the sporting events all the time. JJ watt real. Like problems into the sporting a ring all the time in his commended for I'm not saying that JJ watt shouldn't do it I'm certainly for using or plot want to try to push whatever you have. And I got absolutely no problem with the but I just always take issue when people say man we watch sports to get away from our problems and we could mean people win they take are real problems in the use how big of a celebrity they are. Or good let's pick and choose if we're just gonna keep the game solely focused on the game let's do that let's not pick and choose the NFL brings real life issues considering all the time October's breast cancer month coming in Los. Wives and daughters and mothers to breast cancer awareness so we bring real life issues into the arena of sports every single. Day but. The oval strategies and other try to think the flag of the makes the message could be can can be out there. You take the flag and nobody got an excuse I think they're trying to silence people I think the NFL from the moment collar Catholic has been trying to do has been trying to silence everyone I think the money that they gave the fifty million dollars in the little summit that they had is about silence this whole thing they had today but the owners was void of the players' opinion on this they have continued to hoodwinked and lied to everybody about the origin is that owners have sent a very clear message something I think we knew from the beginning. They don't care about that stuff all they care is about trying to get this problem as far away from them as possible. In trying to move on to the next issue that will inevitably happen in the NFL. Because they saw apps a New York coming up let's not talk about anything other in this drug. Tagged on the drive kids here Spector here maybe you get a chance to win. Thousand NASA test contest tiger when he was 6 point 5 o'clock PF 521 deals and advice when it for a pair of royals eighties tickets for June 2. Sex on 69 preserve six key talking about the last topic we'll get back to being National Anthem. Change ruling Obama you wanna call policy new policy and certainly new policy for the National Football League. We will get to that. Coming up at 5 o'clock in the hits is that is the biggest thing dabbing in sports today. We always get on the national media because they're not really aware of your local team that we understand that the national media I can understand if you're not watching every C. Will royals game but become a city basketball. Player right now how are these. The big leagues for a minute this guy. That you can very easily who understand you're a guy like let's say Jim Edmonds Irsay. But it's the little new to you he's a little and now it is popped up on your radar so not got a dual little speed research on him or maybe not the well versed in. Escobar's but thousands what when he allowed then yeah toilet it's been three as of Milwaukee before that he's been around for either. Like you should have a little. You know decent understanding of the policies Escobar isn't a player or better ratings show Oprah before the game before your team that did that you're doing color analyst for plays that this is what Jim Edmonds had to say about your shortstop yesterday during the game. I couldn't get it out of my belt fast enough of them should say is for the life. That's good farther because the guys will power. You can drive the ball ballpark even though his own one home run that I. He is the good slap hitter into right field to put the ball play. It was a tough situation for a pitch right there to try to pitch to him what the pitcher on that. Is one of those guys who literally if anything it wants. About deposited on the power. Ladies about doesn't even more competent and on many different Ozzie that's the bar on the royals organization. Maybe it's an impostor yet now I don't think this is what we're topic I would power is. And is talking about that he said that's not a wanna do about how CD that's right he's I would say I'm thinking. I couldn't get it out of my belt fastened up those who say is for the life. That's good farther because the guy with the power. Could drive the ball ballpark even though his own one home run I think and then. He is a good slap hitter yeah right fielder with the ball play. It was a tough situation for pits right there to try to pitch to him with that you're on deck. He's one of those guys that literally could hit anything up and wants. A. This isn't the boot. Is this show and as I had three guys with power 5356. Plate appearances and has 38 home runs in the knees what's back. The guy with power is that right literally had anything Yankee and 5356. Played appears as thirty bombs I just don't know what he's talking about I don't elude even need to. Could you give him next. And it's. I mean maybe maybe he had wit mayor you'll see. And you was like supposed to be talking about went there VO 'cause. All. That is something and the names are similar right Aziz Escobar would merit like it's without power. Bears that really does it. Infielders and your career high at home this and that ESPN announcer can say it hit for an hour and that's not a guy used one admits to a should be afraid. What these aren't you talk about the guy that played in 162 and it's too bad you last year the guy sitting to forty season. Legitimately. Have no way Jim Edmonds is talking about. He's talking about literally could hit anything yeah. More yeah. Alaska bar. He's tall and organic assassinated soccer. Maybe that's one and that's I can legitimately. Have new new old little bit about Yunel Escobar who he's talking about. It makes absolutely no since we got two minutes here. You two minutes the complain about. What you are most upset about world's portrait. Anthem. It's out CDs basketball are you guys Indy Reid's BR yeah that's sheets bill and all the royals. Sports villain all of name which. Just like she's BR and Stevens back there this today Norton. About something. Which are mad yet. I. But we have to cut the cut from last year this Andy Reid said. Would get as it is a lot because people ask him where Eric Berry just use our markets Peters last year it is very time at a routier's spectrum of. I've worked on this on this whole thing about guys not me and I need I can allow you out here one time. I get pummelled I don't want their base here if I get pummeled on who's here and not here will just do the one we come out here give you every day that you can talk to these guys. So don't worry about that it's a voluntary can't some answered every time out understand. I love like coaches get so pissed off they can't control something. There acknowledged but he did that the taxpayers give the cheese that stadium bunker at 250 million now to 250 million tax dollars due to 1000 dollar national cast as a bunch of like 250 you have to win at a Bono to modern does that 2000 don't dare go. So we get get pissed off last year notes is because people asking report asking what just news editor Mary Martin's Peter's work you said. I'm a man on. And so and so now he says OT started yesterday right so Reid took a ball went well. No immediate ability whatsoever not a lot practice. Eagle achieve stock you can see his pictures. We know like. What's going with a and a bulging today because Andy Reid got pummeled with questions about why is to urge you to meet three best offensive players. We're not OT days as long as nobody got hurt him. Gosh I don't really coming in nicely with the pins can't. Holy. People Arnold OTAs. What's gone on that she's Edward about a team Brinkley and cheese and that's the most important OTAs under injury. You got a quarterback got to love coordinating stuff in 83 got. Matt can you two questions it reports. Today. Once the corporate greed and he's. Any so I can take a ball to haul because I'm getting pummeled with questions that I don't. Unbelievable to me like this is just remarkable to me. And somebody on the tax signers of it because if he's been a soft little media meaning he's back he's not get his way. Can give fun out of football team. To come out about eight to fifty million. You'll prove this stadium that he plays and he's locked everything up and not allow anybody is who's going out OTAs when he got all your quarterback got a new office coordinator Eric enemy he got sandy lie in. You got the guy you traded for mark is Peters and well that's going on fans are all talking about here because injury got pummeled with questions. Three times or five minutes and read it through its remarkable as long as nobody's hurt I'm fine some error typing us. I'd go into tomorrow please going to be out there elect covered and it costs seven times. You know and then they'll tell you nothing and that somebody that hardware zone so then he's gonna get irritated. I mean it's just remark. The reason why Philip Rivers to make the hall of fame for a second straight week Kerry and I just can't get over to what's the good times I love that's all top dealers that at all times forget it that's about it. As a means something tells me that the only come out. Is bad news now know the good news that comes out. Okay the reason we told. We all the gremlin on this we use and that a lot of grim and that bonds and everybody. Coming. To look at the top stories of the day in Kansas City its drive.