05/23 - 10 am - NFL Draft No More

The Day Shift
Wednesday, May 23rd

On a short show we get heavy on the NFL Draft as news is breaking from the owner meetings in Atlanta. Nashville will recieve the 2019 NFL Draft and we don't know about the 2020 NFL Draft. Jason Hammel hates the shift for whatever reason and Binkley isn't happy the Chiefs won't let the media cover OTA's. 


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And marine who laid. Sheep being cleaned. He's got a four point 15 and 500 and stuff. No no no you're wrong and it just don't look down I can leave here in new charity work required I don't put could be you know. He she is too. Good morning good morning Henrik. We're not getting the draft. 2019. I don't include that giving him hey you don't have job. People tweet us at the electorate I know we'll we'll stop tweeting me we're not getting the draft. Which have to put that out its thirteenth so much being my third and beat have you accepted. Us except that it days ago the nationals gonna get it. I holding out hope. Due in 2001 at that still my hope that hope is fading in dwindling or explain why. This is another city and I think we'll be giving it that I didn't consider something going on the city. For an excuse us special to the NFL I was I consider to be honest look at it no it's not Las Vegas. And so we keep Cathy Nelson the president kids in sports commission join us in about five minutes I wanna get her instant reaction. Were they misled because the one thing about the cynical directives they gave one alleged war. Now they announced two future super doubles today in Arizona nor so the thought was. Even go back at a chapter that they were going to announce it today and said this recently but he said. Back when it first made the announcement of the finals in Denver in city national in Vegas but the assumption was and told yesterday. That's everything you read and they. Cleveland Tolbert who I'll get 2019. They thought they still nutrients that are years via well they stuck at this that the State's witness or a recent Kathy said would you under the assumption they were giving 2019. In 2020. In beautiful said we can wait don't forget last year. We didn't give Dallas until October in and they were able to host the event. Up for the draft basically the NFL combine the city willing to do it like that yes it during a bottom liners and a cities out here and have the space. You can put an or edited together in note they will make it that just like would Dallas eight Megan ward yeah it's frustrating that. Did that they're not doing it today that the unifil instead. You know regionally we're going to give two dates that yesterday's news came out the league in due 2019 which is clearly going to be. Nashville at that point so Nashville congratulations. You win the draft. For this year. I thought with 2020 would come more to Parisian publisher can't sit still speeds to its 2000 when there's still. In the mix for that much in the mix and that we'll talk to Cathy Nelson of the sports commission here in just a couple of minutes. But this is one of those things that I know the airport hotels a lot of lot of factors hurting kids sitting at the bottom line is kids who was named the finals would mean to get to that point. Means beautiful like the proposal because they'd hit cities put together the chiefs working on this than mark Donovan even looking at space its union speech other towns like Cleveland. We're gonna have some bends the rock general thing. Liberals gonna put some of that in Cleveland this camp and they're doing what it is the alien the football yeah led all the lead and hit a snag last year I guess that's the going forward. But a four star hotel water or. That there make it in Disneyland for football we'll obviously have some of the events they're sporting event summary of some events there some events in Cleveland they utilized the stadium rocked the whole thing. But every city put forty proposal in Kansas City has been in this a big deal to me. As some lives in Kansas City 92 million dollars with the economic impact two years ago who's in Philadelphia. To put adverse in the big twelve tournament up in fifteen million dollars economic impact cigarette and five times more. More than five times with the economic impact of the apple draft is in Kansas City compared to the big twelve tournament this was a big event. That we can get my fear is now. I think there's another city in the running for point point. You don't get that one guess what in Vegas another miserable actually in LA who's getting Super Bowl already. Will be in the mix for sixty years is a new stadiums in LA. In in Vegas are gonna be ready for the 2000 when he season so they can host 20/20 one draft but it was the 22. One according to some kids city would be fighting we would Vegas not that they are ready fighting of these Vegas is the finals but they would have stadium. Two to have some of the events in which I think is big with the NFL wants. It's nestled bomber today. In terms of my opinion on everything is going on with beautiful drafted in now come to Kansas City. Outside it's that sacked old windows after tweet came down. A he was saying that he was getting information on information it said that nationals gonna be a spot. I sit immediately I said that day on the show say the NFL as an organization as a Lee. We're now seeing people refuting this know what's in this down so deathly where there's smoke there's fire so I'm a big leagues that would steam last week and so suddenly. I sat in my mind that this assailed on 2019. At apple dog goes. Britain has been unclear when quickly if I had moved on on that. So would SC here I think the body we have to at least Rome that the standpoint now. We have to figure out how the team creates a more positive momentum to get old or too easy to get into 18 when he makes you could you can get into when he when he won and that's warm down. So please some here and excellence is why it's so important is cheese for and what they care about 92 million dollars through city and that's what you should clear the economic impact. Joining us now on the hotline the president of the kids city sports commission someone. You really instrumental in bringing the draft in city Cathy Nelson Kathy good morning. Well Kathy I tell you what I'm bummed right now but this is gonna happen what chapter. You know dad get its tentacles in this put on Twitter it looked like national sort of getting so much steam so. I don't know much she was there an element of surprise that teens that he what didn't when he nineteen. On you know we've heard to complain when app count out thinking cap learning how it plays that we hear and very close communication accurately. On it daily me then. And even an active on Friday late actor in labor bill. Market your couple pieces that are big and uploading things to this year site. So I didn't feel like we heard GAAP app training means that we were made aware internationally at that 20/20 eight and dean I'm all for announcements so. You know I have disappointed and I'm. At the price action Parikh city and they have some key element to their bid to engage people especially on Friday and Saturday at the traffic there. They approached it that way and I think that statistically and make sure that there are people there and independent. On the black couple days. So just I can't. Happy for Nashville at different than Nashville and powerful real focused on 20/20. Well it's only thing you can do give you one thing we can do is people 'cause it's a big economic impact in city Utah supported. Was under the assumption the NFL's to a 22 when he today. Is well I'd it was was we feel 40192020. Towards an assumption yes their red oracle is that you were thinking they were gonna make that Decision Day as well. Absolutely IA retaliate that and the people that we are working called Hewitt and only opposite I think they're frustrated that we are. And night. Awarding both nineteen and twenty on the date they cheered but that yesterday that there some degree component to indicate that he did in her. Very much in the neck. The worst in 22 when he went the other few cities. But that date just thought that was in our best interest at this time. I'm as pretty brighter outlook in about maybe. Take this summer her revisit this city that are still entertaining 20/20 eight and let that he liked that they can and it. How can they work at thestreet find our patients to make sure that. We are. You know do not need to do you can't get to track and people there on the Friday and Saturday I think they aren't a lot and ballot. And I think what they've learned and Alice they'll definitely apply Q what can the Pacman before part. So you say did you just to clarify that they all are delaying it. Right now because they wanna do is this cities that are trying to bid for 22 when he a little bit more about little bit more time in and and more tonics and it. You know figure out on how best to utilize their time in terms of what's gonna happen with the and it's all draft on the Friday and Saturday. Yeah I think I. Time for both. For the AD but also I infinitely. Load their right back tacked on 2019. They're gonna get themselves a little bit breeding ground to look forward to 20/20. And come back and arc at the city's injury I our nation and make sure that we have ideas and opportunity for paint on Friday and Saturday Thursday work. I don't think any concerns and I'm kind of just. Speaking out what I team captain on behalf in itself but they are taking back at work but they really do you wanna engage the end. And get people down to the draft site on Friday and Saturday that they'll work with bad. Are the next few months to figure out what is the outlook like we have some great component of our bench. And we're very excited about what Friday and Saturday could look like I'm anxious they'll be back can actually see this summer and walk through what that could mean. Look at the it in my correct in assuming. From all holds all of our conversations throughout the last two weeks and what we're hearing from you right now is at. The NFL as an entity and as an organization when it comes to the initial draft beer tried to make this a bit even bigger and better. As they're moving forward because it sounds like you look at I know the years ago was always about you know the source from takes and you know Hobbits utilized in Tibet that that first night. But it sounds like it's they're trying to make this such a mass of a bit of such a great event. For the Spain's that they want testing to be bigger better before in in in accordance to the Friday and Saturday days of the event. Actually I think they are looking for like that wow factor. To attract a KEQ. Take back time to bring your family down on that you know he all the great display they have banner active. Opportunity they have and can really experience that. And they know that there need to be allowed factor and what else you're reading as a city to make sure people are excited to take act claim to experience that. So yeah I think that Condit in the best interest and potential host city in of course the league. And the teams as to how we make that happen to make it bigger and better for them any forward. Now since winning 29 team which is you know it it's always frustrating as as an NFL fan that I know that they're frustrated but to get a TNT to work hard at 201 are. Forty people in the business but is there any is there any thing him. This ought to be specific with people was there anything that the league said. You don't see the city amber Garcia beard this is something or maybe a couple things that we like you guys to tweak or do. I'm highly played that those conversations are confidential they write great feedback to let I think that we robbed them. What are dead and again they cared how many great component ideas we had a part of our bed that of course I don't wanna share it black competitors out there for 20/20. I'm but yet they are very good at communicating about. He is an opportunity. And does conversation for continue to take place for the next few months. It's what they do get the is coming out when the old kids who didn't get it for Vegas and LA have been stadium. Because they he had followed the chiefs. I've always felt diskette in league used as I've always fill a beautiful old chiefs don't. They've talked at the soup roll back in if we get the rolling room may be. Kansas City moved to gain the London I always felt the NFL only achieve something. Is that is that crazy to think that. This out but I also think hand at a team feel that way as well. We'll get the keep up the good work 2000 when he did that is the goal at this point but yeah very frustrating day we Kennedy was gonna happen. I know you're in order. We are we currently working on another great opportunity to we have our women's final four bit is key this week on wire bidding on two other great. Action opportunities outside the world of football of course today the frustrating and disappointing eight. They Li Li a baby any topic that we look forward Q working to refine that and I'll the other great opportunity to have on our plate. In the unifil diddley the wide open towards one piece of it didn't give a timetable and announce that. Well they cared that they're playing and and you know content to make a decision by the end of this calendar year that. Stay pretty Q when they regroup and October. Can bring as I get back to have that voted on. You know. Accepting an act but they shared that that goal would buy into that account a year. Well Cathy Nelson president can see sports commission always does great work for the city of Kansas City. And a continued success Kathy appreciate. Yet. You Cathy Nelson right there won't come back to settle out there. The kind of died and two I do you feel they would do it Kansas City was misled all explain more of that we come back. Politico. DC. We're clear get the Nielsen. Can offer the sports commission president of that. Unifil announced today beautiful draft will be 2090. In Nashville Tennessee. It's city was flown by pilots in Cleveland's. Biggest national kids sitting in. A big. In it would today atom chip reported out a couple about a week week after building he's got their right. Started gaining so what's been the people on national. Talk about. You know giving draft in 29 teens worse again it goes the next hour. Where's he gonna go is going to be Kansas City is that you go to Vegas or could go to another city. Likelihood. That I think it's actually going to go to the bottom line is though. I felt that machines dot did she was disappointed the misled. I thought they were making the decision for both cities and billions in government that would case in these cities thought they were gonna do to date it into super balls and it. New war Arizona they thought the articles would you do for one today you know. And that didn't mislead these cities a little bit well. I guess I guess if you wanna say misleading. I guess you can say that. To be out I don't have I don't have a problem with the NFL saying the got to put it on Paul's. The NFL same day you know what would not ready to make that decision at question with this that they would going to do it. They said the court to do today and they backed out of the last minute Sharon I'll repeat what I just said. I have no problem with the NFL saying that we're not ready today. To go ahead and say what we wanna do for 22 when he we need to reevaluate we need to continue take a glance at it. I would hate for the distill that they have the west into making a decision out of eight. So I have I have no issue with the info from that respect I. I think I know the reason. That this this Disney land esque pork in key and laughable founded in Keyon Ohio. In new B 800 university unifil 2019 so as we can in Cleveland but they've achieved but the Centennial celebration. It's 20/20 they're gonna have big festivities encampment here. The articles put not a big production it is big you know pills found that a hundred years you're telling me that's going to be competing against that for the NFL draft the 20/20. Now I think Keyon Cleveland's beans are great chance Cleveland got the rock hall fame in key in Ohio the birthplace of football. Turning hundred. I think that's going to be tough to compete against. And that's that's why I think I'm for Cleveland but the head of the pack this Vegas yes but Vegas is got to wait till point one ex is dating a bill that summer the rams saying what. That's why I'm looking at those cities yes they'll get one. But I don't think I think beautiful once their facilities done first. Before they proceed but I think hit Cleveland now it becomes real guy image that's the light because what happened is this funding for this is the alien that work again. Forced or hotel water pork. Other great things. It it took its neck by its I think it now they big there's people say notes on track. But I think that's one of the reasons beautiful plots. They would see how how much help further along this projects going before they say yes ski you can have a big big that was before it can't screw things up. They're a whole pained in their couple years ago it hit earth. If Carlson good bots and turf turf when New Orleans never deter any play the game yeah is the turf was a red so can his screw things up in the past. And I think the articles look at this going. Goal would see at this hotels going to be no we'll see if this water ports can be done before we commit do you I think personally I think that's why they held off. Being the case or ghostly doubles activists say that maybe they want to have it here in Kansas City. But there waiting to see if there's a couple other things it can be tweaked play devil's advocate and say that boats and against the rogue possibly because I asked Kathy does act. Asset what I asked the question us that you don't need I don't know united specific I don't want you to you know to put something out dated you don't want out the year but a sit. Does sound like they're needs to be did did in it fell Sadie you that there are hoping that you would like to tweak or have some improvements with. She essentially said that it there was some things that they eat whole or in regards to the bid that they liked him but they'd like to bid so wanna so for. I didn't want her to get into specifics which you said the polls those conversations. All or just you know. Are buried their confidential I didn't expected to tell me that but it does sound like to thaw has stated to at least. On the Kansas City side in regards to the days there are some things that. We need approval. From April 3 2018. Game Cleveland business. Despite financing those purple ball team believes huge vision for builds project become a reality check figure of those weight on this. Seagate today Britain's news thanks financially he what is he gonna do this gonna have this year and expect to be done where it's being clowns. I can't worry about that this can't burn them. Burned him once on that already but it was Kathy Nelson joined this is a little bit ago about her disappointment. Not lightning sparking the city keep not just her it's kids city chiefs tourney get this is well. And we heard just had my hand when I count out thinking am learning how likely that we hear and very close communication accurately. On it daily me it. And even an active on Friday late actor in labor bill. Market here couple pieces that are big and uploading things to this year site. So I didn't feel like we heard GAAP campaigning means that we were made aware internationally that 20/20 eighth round. Dean put on hold for announcement so. You know have disappointed and actor price action Parikh city and they have some key element to their bid to engage people especially on Friday and Saturday happened traffic there. They approached it that way and I think that's just to Italy and make sure that there are people there and it's and I'm a black couple days strategist pregnant. Happy for Nashville on our friends in Nashville and powerful we'll focus on 20/20. She kittens and it was hard for say congratulations national I mean but that bit that's a classic about anything else. When you sit what's at that you don't throw seat on the other city. You don't you take allowed CC you look at the mayors say how do we improve real close on another city you'd like to detail. It did pay halting yeah actually it's a bigger thing is that's kept Eagles and sports commission. The other entity your kids sitting chief. It to me. The cancer it's used to doing everything beautiful ones. They moved to be in the London. They've done it every court cuts on the carpet or the international committee which is big in the NFL Wendy's International games so Clark and says you know. We'll take or mortgage broker could pick. Do the former commissioner it promised. Lamar Hunt senior. A man won't you Keyon cities who boarding passes throwing group it was an enticement for the taxpayers pay. Two we didn't do it didn't let it pass so you'll get the best sick in his. Cubs did more on. Out of leak he started the year well he's a big figured we can't think she's a big player. The chiefs were the first Super Bowl tech Lamar Hunt in the Super Bowl after the Super Bowl. The chiefs have been good players and mark Donovan cheese report this to. Padilla filled the chiefs can do and everything they want. They don't do anything back. Yeah but but I did this to disagree you because there's something that and I know you've been thinking this way for quite some time in and you just mentioned it in the last segment. But this notion that. That the NFL olds it to the seats. To give them the NFL draft I don't agree that. I actually don't agree with that in the response I don't agree with that is in the look I lol well people are are are great partnerships and a little weenie you do something. And you build long term is going to help you when your business is gonna help your community I. Apps and I agree with you from that particular standpoint. But that is don't timeframe. Where it has to be said that the NFL has to do something back for the changes that he sees it primarily. We know this about the London games. Is that. Every body in the league has to go at some point to one. Best best is a fact so so so we know that they have to eventually though the year a big win the air they talked about. Let's slow played accused Jack's eagle been going there are thinking of the Australian Open up what went over there I don't stupid kids city's aid in prime deal to sell up here's the problem. The NFL teams city's one of the jewels the unifil boasted that. Talked all the people there the college atmosphere it's what it seems goes primetime games. The it's what key it's any ratings or in the top. I've ever you're from the suitable Kansas City is very good to be in the felt a big plea very good and they're not good to us that played the we went to look we you ol' us call our due to hit it's not. Number one it's not working. Number two everybody has gold afforded a bit so let you get they're going to Mexico City it's your court I don't Internet I'm ready and I don't know it yet but I'm sick and needs a lot of times it's the jets. Indicate builder stadium what does it all and saying so thick prep teams they put one its teams that can tilt of facility. Up that are. The chiefs are one of the big the best tended teams go play in one. They took one for entity. Or cuts on the committees and actually he would take one for the team are sinking it's that he's been given given given given it gets fifty and that bothers. The bother me to keep the city continues it's the foreign by the National Football League nor would look at. So as economic impact for the city. I'd be great as the what do you want to rack up look at it five times more in economic impact in the vehicle tournament. All the NASCAR in this town which I think those guys out there that wanna group they bring into ordered 43 million dollars between two races. Lot different than fifteen million individual tournament. This is a big deal. Scene we see all these things lead Kansas City conventions you name it this was a chance to get something back in our city Jason Hammel. KC royals pitched well last night he says get off my law on what are you saying only that. DC. Union ban on side and they continued that through it's very frustrating. Complete against the shift as of today because this just prayers roster. We expect to make pitches and you know when they make a pitch he expects some in either field is so final Sunday after notre try. Sure there's some that one point two. The Little League played well last night he's an animal that depleted of the ship back that just the second but right now it's thousand on third and fifth. If it's T and T. Seven to 81. Days of kids on this message you can read me like they can beat 2000 dollars in our national. Head. Content. Baseball's ever changing with the shift. We seal up or will have been doing that helped a lot more than used to. They always kept horses for the big greedy. There's not a real reason the rules shipment they get a more this year because they don't have cane anymore. Don't have a lot of defensive talent they've had in the past so they made adjustments we saw Sergio Romo for the race. Oddly these new closer became the opener for two straight days we've seen baseball. The ball ain't got used to getting used to it being able talking about it it's not you Jason it's an organizational thing. That's coming up from the top hospital automatic with you like analytics for the breadth inning and go back and forth on this with it like it or not it support what these teams that. The royals have an MIT guy young spent a lot of money that's in the look at the ships in that Yost. It's been kind of lukewarm armored this weekend out there he was talking about the shift. How something should count don't ball's hit to shortstop Jimmy shift on that because of the ship thirty would have been there anyway the way you cannot Ned Yost makes it. A great point on the have to whales have been shifting a lot more and it's been different places on this be quite honest with you he is like that. It is not like that effect Jim Flanagan had an article beginning this month saying despite good numbers Yost is skeptical. Of the ship ship the juror Jason Hammel their videos joins fiscal in the morning every Wednesday. He came on they played the comments there that you just heard from Jason Hammel not be an opinion shift what does that say about those content comments. You opt out I would lead to a lot of work ship and you know. I understand the comment from them and the comments probably made out of frustration by. You know the bottom line is one week our pitchers and catchers maybe. You know we know we're. So I mean I have every opportunity to say I don't wanna do it straight I don't wanna sit there sit back. Well. You know a lot of it say they have control. So. You know we're always gonna. It's it's starting pitcher. Why are shifting we won't shift or move back to the other side. You know compatible work you know we picked recommendations. I'm. The guys in here about sit down or. Every series and will decide what actually want to ship that was guys who don't in other. Like carpenter the picture at I 8085%. Ship but he didn't really really get. You know that lead the whole at least the whole. You know. Let side wide open so it would got to bring our third base and and deal. You know we decide not to ship and that brings shortstop back over. In other that you know you look at that we shifting guys that we now. And galaxies you'll be able. Because the pictures are big part of it where they shipped or not. They so here all he credited to instill a now because they want to hear that when trying to you know subtleties restrict what was it also voted for straight. He pitched well rose one Saint Louis he gave up nine hits but Jason Hammel was good. That wasn't Jason Hammel pressured out of a wide Jason Campbell decided to take on the show if they're that makes sense though he. Was frustrated he was frustrated in this comet he was good it was its wheels won't say. Which are saying but what he was frustrated and as that they know the subpoena it kills me about Jason Hammel. In regards to those comments. In the eighty pitched well last night when he like giving up those hits. Either you liked this shift. Or you don't do you got to pick one you take you can't one day's outlook in the next at all that lets us a good example one more time. Union ban on seismic continued it through it's very frustrating. Some played against a shift as of today there's this as a brick structure and a. You sit at today's very frustrated he's at today's press and don't don't don't picket Tuesday games what would you look at army though. I I've seen consistent I see the shift that works out. I see him shift in the theater hit it right into yes it's like the proposal put everybody on one side against gal who we got really weird. Double do it it's percentages yes guys are gonna go opposite field on. They're going to get hits when it you know what that's not normal which. Hit three additives that and 300 mr. all of the numbers so you think less than that. That's probably hitting 100 against the shipment every once awhile to what they're gonna get it. Like it's gonna get did not want to while. They're gonna get hit but that's the problem the problem with Jason tell them for the dangerously so it worked shift in this game it I would bet it. Because big shorts were you hit the ball they look at your numbers there's enough sample size always players. Well Tyler O'Neil these young guys came up with that sample size but look at it from what it will be that they've got sheets. This guy you look it's red shirt so one for virtual clone Newser. In his laboratory as its two home runs what is Bartolo Cologne do the next time he plot. If they were showing where everyone aboard solos pitches work yes all of them are on the plate all of them except for one. I love and be away was the guy that hit two home runs on. So. Being more what's your there's been a lot of money. Looking and analytic we've done a lot of talking with a ghost they didn't teach old dogs trekked today that he's dead. Is the way he's accepted it he's been resistant to it while sometimes it works sometimes it was edgy but let's that was that that plane you're you're obese. If you are worried about some to worry about your five point three your. Re about that or about the shift behind. You what the game they lost. It is what you look yet I get these animals registered but he won the game. What you first heard about the shift I just don't get that las beetle would sound like it was like I was frustrated the united. I'm Tony Meehan Hamels going against what your organization once that's what the organization once they cure what company now that's on years older what company were reportedly is gonna come down rules that you may not like. You mean like case certainly would use FedEx and UPS or vice Versa in it now. We get used to whatever they wanted to the company wants to save money they wanna do things certain way. Logistically they think certain company good things they're faster even though might be easier to use yet when you better just to one Abuja. That they're gonna get redeem all the storm nine million this year but I'm just saying you organization g.s and once you do it there was got a shot at the raw now you don't waves at the. And shot out to Alex Gordon and LC is just horrible guys got three hits last night out ought that. Born and big home run and Al Gordon the good last year he would on the season so far batting twos 62. After adults it's. By the would accuse you rules you can hear him at noon you're Josh for your 12 o'clock AM spotlight weird time. In the midwest for drinks usually typically 115. There must be doing something in Saint Louis some kind of celebration can look at these games earlier would know which it does not open up this is slight. You have errors in Milwaukee their played it twelfth tee in. The tigers and twins 1210. The royals and cardinals 1215 all three games when it yielded to the rose complain they get out exes are next that's up. A little bit even Houston date they are playing the giants today at one team so there's a blunt today games that typically want to and 115 or not. News especially but if for example a beat 3 days before 1 o'clock and one going that's. It's a start new they're actually starting 1 to the eastern time but because they yells yes so go figure that. That's at find interest. A related but I heard that last night from him more and hopefully you know as we know about it at the oath of looking at that here this. Only here decent Hammel really start talking about the shift. It here's the thing Ned Yost has been up and down about SP Ortiz the manager. You play an enemy. It again if you were coming out here like miles Michael is for the cardinals in year six and now with the 23 ERA in eight and talk. We have Jason Campbell's numbers. It's here that. Now don't hear that if you was dominant Cy Young tech if this just in early understand. Art its stock into it curse sales in this guy who would you look at Jason Hammel Stan. So who and what you wore Jason Hammel before coming out make it before I like it was good last night last night was not the night. Who complain about the royals shipping it's what they're doing them if their new philosophy AB the other thing that we should bring up BQ is it if you had not heard the news. Who's going to be playing force base today for the Kansas City Royals. Double the one south of rents that we think. Because remember last time we were Arkin who's playing first. It in breads the meantime they switched also wall saint. He's got it and everybody else wants and put out the dollars get a dig at the gates of the pretty much have to get a pitcher has the bat so obviously. Felt operas. On playing first in the pitcher batting thing and we've got to that topic million times. It's the other night watching Kennedy. I was worried about him polonium. He was doll one be thrown out from right field out wasn't necessarily terrorists remember what Guthrie please on the big and bring him. Like a gazelle you get these ports slides like he's pre nine. That was a horse at what he's basically guys obviously Kennedy's plea in the leagues we only got through isn't really gonna screw himself on the pure American League pitchers. When they start that it is not on the war. Baseball once wore. Baseball once more runs to be score. But yet they're insisting I know some pitchers and it and a bump. They're few and Forbes when there are few and far between partners because actually it. Within it to me that's an advantage the National League circus and don't. Did the Yankees series because it was taken BP. Hit the royals pitchers kidneys Indianapolis to ya got to be taken BP up during the yankees' game wasting time is that neither one Saint Louis that. When they actually pitchers are used this accustomed to it that that's not a change in game placement based bulls were about the only thing. Interleague play ball H steam Wesley as well as bait at this moment in time. Ancient he's about as good at hitting as he has pitched assure you got to hit you destroy a wanna Fortis. Good of this league team to complain. Big picture hit the pitcher element to the pinch hitter and media which it is easy for them to come became city. The National League teams come here it's easy mark league parks pinch hitter for the eight toll that it. If you so much easier than I am going to royals trying to look. Turn it. In Saint Louis. Coming up next chief OTAs going on you probably didn't know I think there's a reason why she should hide them from me we'll take a wide net. The limit work on this on this whole thing about guys not me I need I can allow you got here one time. I get pummelled I don't want their base here if I get pummeled on who's here and I'm here which is do the one we come out there in every day can talk these guys. Don't worry about that as a voluntary camp that's some answered everything else understand. Thinks radio guys started the V Reno there. I. Forgot who was hobbling him. The least little thing I know it's different for me I got there. You know in a radio radio businesses and yeah nuts again. Now down OK pretty lethal power. It gets back he took his balls. You're down she's PR instead of the rules say wants him. Mean in that that's going to be 11 week in week you know what yes if you. Beyond the beat is here LT why did at the ghost the in the room for three day. Like. 85 degree weather Steve program for two hours watching people not even Wear pads. Just to get a sound byte for me be read out to be honest with you. Deep down I don't think a lot of people here generally is bit. Who is purposeful thing it's T Spain it's the people don't want content from the chase a saltwater last night somebody was getting up somebody in the media. In the I think you live in theaters so I felt that we had just things that a man I'm Jones and for some she's so TA news is this particular person he's put out a bunch. He would go there put out. Different things that he saw in whose whose instinct is if you try to fall with the chiefs you fall along with his putter kept is used Wheaton. You everything she sort of who look good the bad. And you sit there in his guys like that didn't go. So look at this appointment that it's the fate as the want to go under Henry. What do you do yesterday for the order towards ACL thank you and that these Herbie go to. But a lot of teams that she's done is sit at. Yeah and said it is to be intimate I don't know I needed that but yeah harsh. Me that I don't know if you say oh I got hurt and we don't know joking about it we know what you got to think. Of somebody from the chiefs that are. We don't know who didn't show up. With Eric bearing Japanese then she'll Michael heard yesterday too big time. Pet homes did you when she Vietnamese figured he's there say we don't know which you report so it's beginner but this is the chief space. Tell the media cares who's been there for couple hours every day they do every week on Thursday. And you'll hear from of homes and may be read in they cover themselves legislature cover so let me that is here is. People. The champions or hearing about the product they need to do in the limited find out that it really cares what's novelties as we from a papers that. I think the speeds the do enjoy who was their who's not there who looks good I'm not I'm not not to disagree with you on net there's not a fear out there this closings people like the old TA. The bottom line is here's thing. Think about this. The changed the royals are playing that. The chiefs. I think you're gonna kept the because now I think they're gonna grab Kansas city's intention security. If chiefs take advantage. If the chiefs take advantage of everything else I've taken advantage of the royals Bobby and chief sums it earned on you know. We got to seize momentum here is as much chiefs royals maybe for an opera and friendly relationship and how tight the art deals if you. I've heard it it's not that close that we we think it is. I'll say. What was or talk about this count 141516. Or celebrate the world change of fortune that the department officers. The weaker cheeks change of season one by. You know why so those media people governments if you were. The rover conference they were on the road from here on the road and a era New York covered the World Series. In the primary 800000 people took off the chiefs red in which he's blue chip issues goes on everybody's dress war. Ed chiefs that we may have read Friday thinking eagle and husband wife two kids that you grab a sure put on his chief ray. It for why I think the Wales it's can do. Be it because NC rules well speaker's views rules shirts beat them like every step you're seeing now. Like hunt for blue October it's stuff from fourteen yeah it it's the fifteen apparel. The post season that's lost the fit. Chiefs at this town by you know one. In the took that. Let's keep our voices global air and I still think today is affable. Say for a couple of years the royals sees that. Opportunity. Up from the Kansas City Chiefs they too could be an edge of the the small it's a small towns big and the grand scheme of things is not as big a lot of other markets to compete against the competing. Forward in this world you know he's competing for persons tension. In the people's dollar in when you have stuff going on practices. In Europe boating and Patrick Holmes bitchy and ouch Patrick Holmes via a billboard on I seventy a billboard for 35 should be talking does OTU pompano pompano pumping up. Last I checked she's still advertising for season tickets. Uses opportunity while the rules are playing bad season. I think that it sees no. I'm not gonna save their over the royals because clearly everybody's still root for the royals are people still have their bull they're still going out to call the stadium as evidenced by last weekend. In the Yankee series. But I still like and Alice say they're taking everybody for grant maybe DR. But I still like. They are just saying everybody. We know that she does wants your T Speights will give it to you in a matter days we might ninety receive the first day much like you receive the second day but we're gonna give its. I use these funny ill gotten polite here. Andy Reid was bugged by the people won't care. Any took Baldwin now it's an art what do these rules only this one anyway. We're two and one day a week. I'm just saying this is a perfect opportunity. For the chief to be up near the homes three leaders that this is talking about last night other royals played over Saint Louis. We're losers sound byte of Andy Reid talker picture homes I'm just saying. Do it for sound bites to the TV I Tuesday chiefs' practice today I'm saying that's valuable exposure. You need your marketing your city nervous and down gold opportunity here but who wants a week. I agree that most people don't care but what people do care what's going on one of you who you hire. And I hear I think they asserted I think that us in the business and it does because we're looking for content was looking for different things that are coming out double but the averaged. Basic general thing and it. Doesn't care about the fourth day able to prevail here I want your players Austin. When it his football people all look back who looked slow who looks back. Who's not shake the whom I've become into into other at a poker these questions you can internal PA you can tell right away somebody gets hurt. The tune of how they got her going for the chiefs but I got hurt you know the real reason the gutter because someone from the media saw understand. Who worked conduit to witness that we had to me it doesn't care trolling a glut of. For you wouldn't it be safe to assume that nobody's that she's got hurt. We know that they. You can't fake it like that like Hillary torn ACL. The hotel say it on and torn ACL his outlook yet it has the means that they admit. Just appoint what it would be. That is something happened with your theory or anybody with that she's right now you don't think that she's always arguably you know how to get hurt you can't do what you would come down. Yeah somebody born into and what will know what it was determined what happened I don't. There's an interest of when guys murder how to better yet but we we find it now but I don't know if you know. He sees Caesar and you've seen how bigger. Not all many say with the wants and Italy in the again. Howdy how to solve a prisoner. We saw. A would be Abdullah note all the legacy in the week with the dates which clearly no one's gonna follow his luggage bad example. It practice how did you hurt the cared Jamaal Charles Parker might they they were on a regular tournament. I'm back. I'm just saying it's not for us. I just know that there are fans out there did you hear what you are doing in the Alley it's about free exposure as saying so 20 lead in the news we chiefs Brack I see it but it's that you're talking with the chiefs in Jesus name or in the royals. In Jason Hammel playing Saint Louis we districts and now we just distrust all I'm saying it was a I'd be publicized after you won it yet but do we need to become that as we see it as a way to sell your team oil's been terrible. Let's take advantage of that it could be an exhibit in of people talking about in the chief again late in the season ticket waiting list what the year ago. The good they want they don't. They run commercials they send emails you get your tickets. Emails they can be exchanged tickets it's on TV it's on the radio it took this going to be your ticket is to be a simple result. They know that they had passed are homes they know that they have Travis deals. They know they have three month they know they just add Sammy watch it's it can be as simple as this they feel like ducks. We have a great product that we're going to sell enough. Saying that they should rest on the rebels say in it but maybe that is their models say obviously they have no players the top at the Jersey sales. I can doubt he's gotten angry is not good for the park don't address labels like tiger it like relatives got in that think they control. I ask him from power I don't think he PR NCV duo. Is clearly out of the purity that things. Big red. Says they'll do ultimately that's what I'm bill exiles humbled and pepper. And if you read is tired of being pummeled the royals are getting the press seems to Alter their. Mike midsummer Burke probably talk about Patrick told the post game show let's opportunities there's that what hurts us burn about the homes. What what I was what I was told was at ED Rhee was upset. That state equally was pummeling grant expanding into the one now they're getting your audio last year returning and helplessness he was upset but not on. Well what he's saying this was like man maybe it is tell everybody this patient he needs AM fixable CA only. We get towards it I don't care most immediate decision ultimately to an eight week. What can I don't I'm not saying you think people in the media would boost theater room and half hour. Especially the cameraman look at on the ice when eyes on the craft EDU work I think they wanted to do that degree weather cold and wet out there tomorrow. But between that I don't know not a time in you know what don't lean against that all clean you know. You were called socket. What about college play that's not a it's. Funny dance but they certainly. As villains over sort of missing or I'm sort of this. Well let's get to the Middle East news tonight royal its way. Mean if you avoid highlights show last year's been it's. Her who's got there. Take the opportunity in season he had this insurgency here. Just heard pizza to a pre net.