05/22 - A Would You Rather; Steelers or Cardinals

The Drive
Tuesday, May 22nd
We start the show a little different today using the last twenty years and forecasting the next twenty years

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I like to fancy myself. As the king of the toss that question when ever I get fired yeah his job I am going to bode is the end. And I'm gonna go work or around the awarding pizza guy and I'm gonna create toss that question because I think I'm qualified to do so. I have a toss that question a would you rather questioned for you to listen. For the next twenty years. Would you rather. But she starred in so the Pittsburgh Steelers. Or the oil's turn in Sioux St. Louis Cardinals. You and I got it who machines today and it looked at the Pittsburgh Steelers the past twenty seasons. Have one or have had four team winning seasons. They have made three Super Bowls in line to Super Bowls. They've also made the playoffs twelve times. The St. Louis Cardinals. Over that same timeframe we pick 1998 because that is one year after Mark McGwire. They have had seventeen winning seasons which is crazy in baseball given the fluctuation and there's still a midwest routine and I talk about the Dodgers or the Yankees. Eight team in the midwest seventeen winning seasons as 1999. They have made the playoffs well time since 1999. They've been to the World Series four times they have to race the last question negate. Today if you can press the button. For the next when he years would you rather the chiefs instantly become the Pittsburgh Steelers or would you rather have the royals turn into the saint Louis park for. It's easy all the royals turn the cardinals I would take. Twelve playoff appearances in two World Series championships in four appearances in yours and it's not even close in the baseball series. The baseball season excuse me last so long you're talking a 162 games you get spring training it's all throughout the summer. Great baseball team to follow right in and night out throughout the summer. We know what that felt like it 2014 and fifteen. Even in sixteen and part of last year to have put a winning baseball team for that long in this summer battle yet great weather. But everybody's pumped up you can watch it almost every single night and the NFL part of the tube it what. One game all the argument is look at 567 games a week. That you get to go home and watch your baseball team win and you've got 81 chances was school to go see your team play and the weather's great. Not ballpark it's laid back you get great summer of winning baseball take that every time. Let's take that Steelers. And obviously both of them are really getting it's I think the cardinals or are one of those four or five best organizations in Major League Baseball I think the Steelers are one of the three to five best. Franchise in the NFL. I think it is more cachet for you were city to add the better NFL team. I am having is Super Bowl contender on a year in year out basis where you know 34 games a season at arrowhead or going to dictate. Who goes this horrible can you imagine. The biggest regular season game we've seen in Kansas City receive in the Broncos game at a couple of years ago whenever page main rolled in the town the chiefs were really good team. The Steelers have that. Every single season. Heinz Field or three river stadium. Every single season. I think the energy you have to have a radio Super Bowl contender every single year would just be better the city and I just think the NFL is a much better spore (%expletive) or certainly in the country. They're Major League Baseball again I don't think there's a wrong answer in the possibly you pick the cardinals got to the cardinals with a fifteen best American franchise is so or the Steelers. I think we go to from popularity in the country. Still the low in the final stop the team's. We go into yankees cal always lakers Steelers Packers like. Mean there are many professional teams in America that are more popular than the Steelers and I think. What should be cooler nationwide cardinals fan certainly its own best baseball fans the world we got issues with them. And that the the visual of seeing the Terrible Towels waved and another team's arena and knowing that whatever game you're being based in turn that into a road game. Would just be a really cool thing to be apart look at me I'm take in the Steelers over the card. I would love to see royals tells me all over the place in baseball stadiums all over the country I think that would be terrific you know we're talking in what nineteen ID under president is what we're looking at. I would back that would 1969 to 1990 that the royals started. Leading up to 199199. Excuse me and I compared the royals the cardinals we basically had the cardinals. That's what we were until it. I'm actually probably more like 94. Which are uncommon so if you compare those two teams the royals the cardinals 69 and 99. The royals at fourteen woody season seven playoff appearances two World Series and one championship the cardinals on the other hand from sixth united 9916. Winning seasons. Four playoff appearances three World Series and one title already had that can't say it was terrific. It's what in my opinion that's why. I still think Kansas City and it's DNA at its core is more of a baseball. And I would I think we're gonna have a chance to find out. What it feels like the Pittsburgh Steelers over the next 345 years without homes but. I still lean on the baseball side of and I had a fully admit here that applies to you because of more of a baseball guy that he tale of the NFL college football in Iran. Absolutely action about what it. But a more passionate about baseball it's you could have. And talk in spring training starts in February you can go all the way in the first week in November. With a championship baseball team I'll take that every single time and he's a better mood more opportunities held in the ovals he took a chance to see your team. Eight chances that's it at home in person. In a lot different I mean in this case it be allowed differed with the Steelers because being. You would have hole playoff games and Hewitt went home playoff lives yes something the chiefs don't. I understand that understand that I just think over the course it's not give more opportunity out there and I saw what. Championship baseball did this town I kidding I can't even imagine I've no idea what it looked like. You know to have a parade with a sea of red downtown finishing Union Station. I and that is just beyond anything I can wrap my brain around this point but for me again I admit that I'm fully biased here I would take the baseball of the. Size 69306. But the chiefs in the Steelers are not that different both can't get over the hump to get to the big game. I don't know what she's Steelers are talking about soccer and because the Steelers over the last years have got over the hump again res Super Bowl appearances since 1999 they've going to the soup odds in. They have one of the maybe this doesn't stop with the geez I feel like I'm pretty now but geez I don't. That's been their history since 99 until it's at right at it you can press the button the reason I would probably the reason I could probably make an argument for the Roy roses. If I think in baseball because of economics of the game eventually a team like a royals will always vote would dancer in the NFL you can still a relevant you don't have to be one of the worst teams in football. But there's some fluctuation and we see windows app and caliber that the Steelers college would have with the Carolina at they would assume both talent happens bailing him out. And the cardinals to accomplish what they've accomplished in the middle of the country they are never bad seasons like Nazis like the ones at the royals are going through never. Happened in the Saint Louis like they have broken through the baseball bottle. Normally keeps doing the cycle where your team like Oakland your small market team you have a good run in the early two thousands you fade away the Minnesota Twins they had they're really good run you fade away Tampa Bay they had they're really good run. And the cardinals are the one team. That have avoided all of that that are not on the coast the Yankees have been good the Dodgers have been good. Man the cardinals have been just as good as those teams the last twenty years. They have sort of breaking broken baseball's coat. I just prefer the baseball reason I say that as you go back to injuries for sheered into city. You got the number one pick of the draft pick up to a fourteen she's needed turnaround quickly with a right draft and right coach Siegel from to a fourteen to eleven while that's not the way it works in baseball. It was you know what five picks in the top 55 I think it is like to see those guys for three years or four maybe five. Or maybe six depending on what happens of those guys. So in the consistency in baseball. Instead of rebuilding like we're seeing right now I'll take that everyday because you could rebuild the NFL team in in a draft in an offseason. But the browns are going to be halfway decent this year than what one game in two years. You could turn on the part of that too is. Just because your teams and especially Kansas City even at the chiefs are struggling a little bit of a prime time game and are at stating that crazy atmosphere. You got it and so. You can be seven and nine and 2011 have a primetime game and still you know packed appellation had a crazy with baseball it's so it's so much more difficult. To be great on a consistent basis and small market like Kansas City so if if I got to pick. In a small market baseball because I think it's easier to build a championship caliber playoff caliber division champion tiger football team.