05/22 - A Passionate Forrest Gump Conversation

The Drive
Tuesday, May 22nd
Carrington really lays into Jenny and Brad loves his Elvis 

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Drive we have one more chance you don't 1000 bucks the national dance contest coming up at 530. We got a chance you're doing royals tickets coming up Indy 5 o'clock hours well coming up in fifteen minutes we'll get to the top stories of the day in Kansas City. In and day hits but yesterday there was a question going around on Twitter. But I wanna ask all of you in the text line because. If we had to maybe tally up the lives of individuals. There is not a human being relived the better life the one Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump did everything. Why is the greatest accomplishment. By Forrest Gump. Well that he ran out of his leg braces is the bullies they that was pretty cool we call it he did a call both from me. I don't think it's even close and they. Other than and then. You know having relations with Robin Wright and other that was quite an accomplishment. But for me. I thought it was teaching Elvis had that that's the greatest accomplishment of Forrest Gump was able to pull cement shall create little walk just. More doubts now. I'll lock it. It down. I started. And move it around. We can mine TX. People original dance. The king of rock are all dot like signature below the drove ladies. Specter this is what your favorite movies that's his favorite what ever you of the day is the greatest thing that force got accomplished in his life. There's a lot of thinks it's who's this other thing that there is no bad answer. I mean it's. Kind of the dip. The depressing answer but he saved a lot of guys in Vietnam. And survived Vietnam he did he say Bubba right into law. Well I bubble up and died he attempted detectives say probably saved a lot of people from his it from his unit. From getting caught up in the India jets coming over and sweet about that area any survive Vietnam which unfortunately a lot of American soldiers did not at that. That time you don't say this is in the sad answer maybe surviving Vietnam he's gonna think on T all these Clinton he wants. That's your answer your answer is the standard answer he was a war in your eye and say there is at its essence saving is his friends. And making it back to Jenny he drank a lot of doctor pepper steel like he got to meet the president to separate times didn't he. But I'm gonna pick from for us is if you have ever if you followed him to order for any length of time you know. But I hate zinni from force go place you want actual living breathing human being you movie theory now adding Jenny trap force. Ginny was already pregnant. And she slot before so now she can say that you were cute and she knew that force was dumb enough to go along with the things he said because she loved. For us. On condition I think any trap doors but she played on the one pinkie to. Is forceful blow me I can get in except whatever you tell me some odd thing you've got to be the kick got to look like Forrest though it's not like. He was crackers that's what they say. My thing is that. For us and we've all been here. All yours truly loved you want me unconditionally and there's not that woman greater than in the La that four is averaging. I'd make a good husband. You lose far. If you look marriage. You know and. Why don't you love me tuning. I'm not Smart man. But I know what love you. So if you think about all this stuff that you had gone on her personal life and all the times they interacted in his life. From the start when she was in college wing he's our with the with the remaining had to beat the guy out. When he had to gear up stated she is playing the guitar naked from the time the guy hit at the black thing. Well that's the entire. Baseball is being car repeatedly. By aging. They had one positive and actually in his entire adult life. And she. Does it's it's. Questioning. Still even though she was. And this is cool but the hardest thing you can do like his lob another person unconditionally no matter how much they treat you the grasping force ever accomplished in that movie. Was leveraging our forces mama unconditional love that principle for about five minutes until. I mean I think there's that you know I mean that's what those things that I honestly had absolutely no clue what was happening until I'm old and had no what was happening. Like I'm old I'm easy degree it's it's excellent thing Iger Reseda is the worst human on the plane there's like two characters that I asked who they like the real. Jane Russell Brand all of you Everest sopranos Janus is the absolute. Worst human being in the world that Tony's life is that the system but it is or is this Carmela is his daughter RC his wife in the thing. Do. Seed complaint you expect during give us a minute that's what's agency's current us. The entire. You urged oh she is absolutely. Terrible. The fact that Tony asked the killer husband she's so knowing the tires go in Jeanine I'm telling you. Forced did not love that woman unconditionally the entire time tried nothing but to give a better life. For us all here competent line. He was pastor. In the movie he was saving private in the movie all that work out all the greatest ping pong player in the history of the world. I spoke at at the Lincoln Memorial. I invested in this little fruit company call apple. He'd become the greatest shrimp boat person in the history of the world we're just had so much money but it just did. Up to a dead Stanley. A lot of great stuff like but I'm telling you the greatest thing it was love Jenny immediately. Even though she is an absolute for -- there's so passionately about the huge changes that you try to find yourself it was hours stuff she is she brought force up the door like dorm room when she was in college and it automatically deals and things left off getting Nixon impeach this immediately. There and I'm about. To get out. Excited to just call he came up with that they he were have a nice thank you came up with. He ran from West Coast the east coasts like six he didn't Nike's popular. Gruden. The important and dogs is no greater light the boards got the text I'd like Virginia a group like saying stuff that happened throughout know it is it is insane and just. And he's still sizzling just cut the grass that is when did you know I'd. As I've gotten a.