05/22 - KC Sports Villain HOF: Week 2

The Drive
Tuesday, May 22nd
Four more candidates are added to the list of candidates for our "KC Sports Villain HOF" 

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We gonna do the Kansas City sports villain hall of fame I promise you next week we'll have a better name than. I like to sports they'll then it's very says well we do is legal to drive through. We nominate one person to be in the sports bill and hall of fame. Our first ballot. Consisted of Lin Elliott. Peyton gaining and the Pittsburgh Steelers. We nominate one individual piece. We didn't go on the attack art student of all time we let you guys nominate somebody in the indie vote won the fourth person. And art what are poll the top two percentage vote getters of the totem pole. Are inducted into the sports villain hall of fame and breadth gaining as the other states as you know Jeep. He gets one legacy vote last week it was ultimately it did need to go for a vote will see if his nominee this week needs to go to a vote. I'll start things off. You know now in the hall of fame there's always the one person it's their responsibility to make sure one person gets pushed through absolute. I will continue to vote for Philip Rivers until he is not. Are skewed view until he's no longer on the ballot and he is inducted into the gave the city's sports bill at all thank. Finding bigger cry baby locally. Or someone that one of the local teams goes up against against Philip Rivers. There's nothing I enjoy seeing more and seeing Philip Rivers Powell and crime. Whether it was awful the Halloween game where he said worst day ever whether it was the time he took his helmet off and screaming into his helmet. I went across gets all upset. Nothing makes more met when they can't get the play call did it Philip Rivers and labeled them mini meltdown because they had called time now it is a no brainer. This hall of fame was pre dated for people like. Philip Rivers Alan not rest I will not stop until the scene Diego chargers the Los Angeles chargers quarterback. What he's got a half. Either he's as nice kid or is it indicates these ones go home bank want to big sappy parts I nominate one Philip Rivers. To go off the grid here a little bit but follow me on so okay. Going to nominate Juan Gonzales. If he royals fans it suffered through some bad years and nearly 2000 tour member Juan Gonzales. Aside a one year deal for four point five million dollars played exactly 33 games like five bombs and he was done. Want Gonzales should just walked the royals' clubhouse. With a paper bag. The ski mask and a gun if he's got the money god damn it we knew we got outscored them from K I. Want Gonzales absolutely rob for that million dollars. Instead we felt that the ECB room from. Recalled that Omar Infante rom room. I hereby nominate one want Gonzales. To be in the sports village hall redundant being dusty room. But think that the principal beat all the that's what we've gone back there. Who are you nominating for the sports villain hall of fame I'm going off the book is well I'm nominee in the cheats PR staff. When you know I presidency with the TVRs that I didn't. On the ballot I'm telling he's got much to get to deal with the securities and how do you feel they don't give us anything anyway but here's what I'm gonna set bread. Yeah I think all great hop. Love the chiefs all. I love the chiefs a lot TU I wished it cheats. One in city daft of me. He Iranians want it should I just wanna say it's ever nineteen year old bull you've got to a summer interning you're doing a great job to the big John did. You go our staff and dominated the BBC on hall of fame keep it on the she's the art got people do instead idiots in terms this and to achieve it sounds that that was not on the agenda has made now. I think you guys do fine job I think you got the second and done you've got to do all the public relating that's humanly possible I'm him. Widows girl. Control over there and we don't know nothing about Andy we don't know nothing about the players let me tell you spell the but the 20142015. Rose because they help. Like it or part of the city and having moved here I haven't felt that went down my fever football team. Since I was seven years old world's worst things about moving here has been seen how the meat is made. Over one herald had dry big. Resolute pull the strings of that's how that works on everybody else Samaria. To certain Marion. You know I'm not an Al the former players told me differently but you know what. I've heard differently than that I just you know what I mean the least surprising of all uses every time Specter talked to become stating it's not a single time. You folks sector in the play. Let's they'll look forward to our means that every time G I loved skating and his circle and sharing stories with you and I got a fantastic and you guys were good paying job GI was a great job getting back Campbell and big Iowa State and go clubs. In Lee's summit who are you nominating. The Kansas city's sports villain olives and are angered Jon. Chucky is being nominated why are you nominating John gruden for the halls and. Yeah and it's more than repaired and the guy never even when he called the or the chief gains. On the Monday night can actually ever says anything good about the chief you'd like bed at a guy at the ticket things about the other change. It's really old. And I got you evidently some of what Alamos about Jon Gruden is equally likes every player in the NFL likes to attack that's by far and away in my favorite and like tigers. Shot in Kansas City go ahead. I got a very out there are Al Davis got a decent right now and sports all of that is why they nominate Al Davis rest in peace. Never know what could've been an. Editor of the just watching. Him like that there. Our eyes shining case the all right we're going to Stewart's bill was online and wants the U. I had no clue whether it's David and stewards of the iTunes and. You know parents felt. Or me. Thank Bill Burton the boat. The sports golf bag our air or not or were cheap player. There are people this character of it's like to come. Out. Ask you why I unsolved. Until they are dominated thanks David. All right Brian lees summit who are you nominating with a key cities ports deal at all. I was originally agree and say Al Davis but. That party in both in and it's gonna put out there with that being the greater. Though raiders are the building. Today you're right I mean this another one I don't really have to ask you why you nominated him Brian thanks a lot of the race and the raiders got voted the most hated team in the city. You know they did that are in our unscientific I will make one point and then we will come to a vote of the floor which he would determine which one will go on the ballot. Beer surprised. No one has said John Elway and the last few times that we've done this. John Jolie not a first ballot sports bill. Vary there is surprise all right we got John. Outfits. All disturb us. There aided us but we nominee I'm gonna go out exciting he's perfect I think out Davis was me for the team the city's sports villain all of them. I'll go I'll. With yeah Al Davis I'll take out Davis mistaking it Batman greasy here. Gucci track suits all the raiders who doubted his son's hair said his bag of bad artist talent already visible cuts made eagle cash. They spec at that you're here I'm great I can hear on Friday that what you'd go to I can get Bart games that are here that can answer that you very great. He looks like the have you guys seen that movie the problem child. You guys haven't seen it that's who Mark Davis looks like it looks like the little kids from problem child. Are sort of Al Davis yeah there's no Philip Rivers. Al Davis. The fine folks over since you span that. Hooligans are just doing a bang up job I mean I gotta let me as well as a Clinton put it formal request for Patrick behold every time I. I asked if taxable Holmes wants a moment you know Leo yes you know it just think these days is it is -- to do little check when did you did you do it his weight issues gas keeps getting the open locker room during the one jour it's an effective way to doesn't know about his business is way too busy to do it in line Gonzales yeah has been nominated. For the sports villain all of a time now all hot to the villain that want to do this for a long time why would let us. Up to it right and I put the balloon Brothers on there. Arnold is the bull Brothers bought the Kansas City teams and they promised the city that they would move the team. They said the team that it certainly attendance marks and a tambourine guess what happened sold Portuguese than ever did it. Said it needed a better lease with Kemper arena as he said he did see that. The city offered a one dollar release of Kemper arena and a percentage of parking concessions. Feel that very same day on January towards to lifers 1980 five's that they lied to they did a decent Sacramento. The wolves. You need to be in the as you get your all freaking winning in this short villain hall of fame. So that's legacy these angles came to Kansas City bought the team so they market a move that lied to the city and move exactly. I just ask you because than we would agree there and on the same level of Lin Elliott. Drew you are you using you or they get a free pass automatically and are we taking it to the people let them decide how does that mean I. So you run the G I don't know. I don't I think these guys get straight as they are you. You got like a butch a couple of rich guys by a pro sports franchise again the city. Lying to the people in this city Mans up and says it would be a dollar Lisa Kemper arena. And what did he cut a parking concessions then they move the team to Sacramento that same day. Yet another blues need to be in there either own freaking wing. Are right we've got. Four people for Specter if you could put the Twitter polls. We got wind Gonzales the local rivers. Al Davis and I can't believe anybody would have anything negative thing about him but she's PR stand. The legacy pick is the move Lou Brothers what they did to the Kansas City kings the top two votes. Vote getters and are what are poll. Will be inducted into the hall of fame and they will go. Paint mating in the Pittsburgh Steelers Atlanta Alley. Last week's leg as the current members in the Kansas City sports villain hall of fame.