05/22 - First Impressions

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, May 22nd
This could be the worst impression we've ever heard. 

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I see something in here that John and David John Verney Saint Louis broadcaster Ted impersonate and oh yeah it was. However but that's not good let's this year. About ten seconds of Denny Matthews person well Denny let's run as some touchy issue. Where. About ten seconds of Denny Matthews person well daddy let's run has some cheese soup. Why it was Danny going third person I'd I don't know. I couldn't be more confused and audio I've known it was happening at the Saint Louis I guess. No this was on the the brewer suffered in Rancho are apparently John Murray does a Denny Matthews oppression that was it. You in my Denny Matthews impression that they Denny let's go have some cheese soup didn't sell any different than you normally Santa Anita back at about ten seconds of Denny Matthews impersonate. Well Denny let's grunt has some cheese soup why. That was used that was all we have. It was an community. I mean when you put up against a Reagan and nothing can withstand what is Reagan is just off the charts like there's there's no comparison for. Where. That was a better Denny Matthews impersonation. That bad guy gave anymore name active person about ten seconds of Denny Matthews impersonate. Well Denny let's run has some cheese soup. Good. I. Impressions of about the terrible ad impressions on the pocketed be the one that throws stones from my glass house. I do like a good Michael Jackson's sort of and then a decent Shaquille O'Neal. Oh Mike Berry weird when it comes impressions but at least I know were like I know Christ times that the winner and sometimes the plot but sometimes like if -- see yourself as somebody who does a good impression. It you gotta deliver. That's supports us now like he was seen hand at the screen him Mel I think John Rooney is known like he doesn't impersonation at at at being paid that's kind of like he's being. If I'm not mistake. Well Denny let's run as some trees soup. He says that I don't know there's Danny enjoyed it yet he's is that this thing says to himself let's get to achieve simple line I don't know. Well Betty much ground as some chief soup shut you'll trap. I mean. Legged Steve Stewart and any debt what's your response to anymore wise Danny's talking in third person knows clings response I got the correct response to have fighter why go to these balls. The third person like that's well down into the ground has some trees soup. That's what threw me off dissolves like well why say there is he talking in third person there is talking to Danny with what we want. If you impersonate anyone is no time cheese soup and gotten through that make life. Has its ups. And god. She's suit brought to you by the park and spot. Well Betty let's run as the entry issue. Where we his buddy Paul's impersonate today because he does he does have an impersonation Denny Matthews. And gun Serbia would see in Dallas didn't Saudi or is that yeah. That was down. Better I was needles and yours is better of course it is I mean whatever cheese soup and Saudi Arabia the well Betty let's run as some trees soup. Now the this is not hitting it arises is is that it does anybody understand 69306. Of the text like tonight we are Paul's one more time. Yeah right and so we sell the test as it sounds more Saudi Arabia that sounds more like Bob you. Org I just think we'd go to she's so yeah that's it opens delegate. Well then you are spread but well anything legal incidents so. Bytes at a Saturday gave me it is hot markets east LA. News. This serves the good cheese that time what yeah I meant it in the does not terrorists. I was talking to noted that bechamel sauce that they put the Collie flower adored real little bold about bats and cheese soup. I'll tell you luck and well Betty let's run has some cheese soup. And gun. Saudi Arabia. And gone Saudi Arabia and that it Maddon sent to treasury it is yeah. As I want and Asian destinations all doesn't it doesn't do justice is what I've done is this does. That thing is it's not it's like the worst impersonation of anything I've ever heard. It's just there's so much better Denny Matthews impersonate my god yes and the guy's been growing. Didn't think that the boys the grocery store at eight years so there I think adding that these guys don't. Years to work on Denny Matthews. Should. Like the effort to any meth is prepared for today is it something from Danny real fast. Touching you touching me okay. Does that send anything like this while Denny looks runners of cheese soup. I. I'm ready when the road map for. People. People listen to the shows they have an understanding that it's off the rails just happened is just goes to Spain in the NFL could change dramatically. We will get to me we know about she stupid president Danny sometimes Bob presses buttons and then the other ten minutes go by nobody knows what happened. I don't. It's like Downey let's run as some cheese soup. I. Solid game one of the series and like I'd like directly game three like get the other day I am good at that veteran de lever couple days and better impersonation of him and it is it's amazing how much more popular spaghetti and meat sauce we gave him its. A well Betty much ground as some trees soup. Schmoke. Excellence as they've they've never hurt feelings of Reagan. Who. It is dated. Fifth I had he's so well liberal wing and the bucket honey house even. We want to have some cheese soup would be my next antique. That's my keys and look at that took him. Well.