05/22 - Dan Orlovsky Interview

The Drive
Tuesday, May 22nd
Former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky has a comparison for Patrick Mahomes that we've never heard before 

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Earlier today we caught up with Dan Orlovsky up NFL network also played in the NFL for eight season in four different teams. What makes Patrick my home so special. Yeah I mean I think the biggest thing is they're guys that come in the inner thought that position better chests. They haven't power sectors is not a lot of them. Our planet or in the way the group of football people around the term arm talent that they don't necessarily defined as. I think the biggest thing is when he grows it looks incredibly natural and then you go. There's not a single road that he's not able to make whether. A big ball a short accurate ball a lot he seemed a little bit of touch accuracy. It seems like he's got all those tools I use it in tool box to be able to. Really growing potentially really Hitler. So if you had to rake his arm strength arm town and every one of put it. Is he one of the best you've seen top five typed in what kind of ranking would you put on armed talent from Patrick Holmes. Yeah I mean that's so that's a tough one to ask with such as where it's it would purchase bulk sample flat out and it. He made some throws in that week seventeen start in week seventeen are against Denver. That there's there's not a lot of people in the and it felt that he make that bet her outburst there down for a day that Dmitry player. On the team. Is. Very rare to find and to be able to do debt. Whatever your tenure better and it's impressive but in debt on your purse their doubting your career. Is our salads or to build it and they wrote that followed that it wouldn't make roads. Is it very much so standout. Dan how does it take you to know all of the guys got it because I feel like you Kansas City. He's been labeled the next coming I'm fully in that camp I feel like I've seen enough. But I do reportedly only about playing quarterback Colin does it take a former quarterback to see a quarterback is okay that kid's gonna be eager. Well could be great depend on a lot of different things that you know health of what's around you what doctor would say so pathetic I go eat different it. It's pretty Mika just. For being you hadn't been natural ability to throw the football a football hero to go back out towards the broke some you know there. There's guys were on natural throws the football a student Alex it was in. I ever draft. I think you're together out huge benefit not a very natural thrower of the football. My home this goes yep tech Arkansas rocket ya lots. Let me follow up on sun is utterly retarded Dan Orlovsky former NFL quarterback was talking about them homes in the NFL network today. You mentioned that he's a guy that can make all the throws. How audio guys are there the can actually do that right now in the NFL his ceiling is fairly limited amount to me. It black and then absolutely let parents. I don't like that you pick guide it says he could take all approach is that not the fine. But there's not eight tight a little bit he said he hadn't displayed the ability to make whether it. A firm ball whether the ball that he touched the ball and needs to be broke that 22 yards or. Applauding the politically that. On our column to political clout or executed over the defector but currency eased those are all those things that you wanna keep those guys it would make. There's less than a guy you know I'll bet you have consistently. You're gonna find plenty of people that can do it here at the airport there are looper. But ticket should immediately and make those road I think a little puppy you know in that conversation moving forward or ten guys you know. The yards do you. I think that she made that decision and it's a picnic complete parched. But I keep going back that they're down there have been featured here on C bars are there data indicate that are. I think it she made the choice move on about that in that moment because. To find a guy that came to make death row. They're kids they're they're rare and as I doubt a lot of that's not a wrote about me and that's why I think that you don't think she was justified in the choice to move on the doctor called. India earlier today you broke down that film love the shall Watson and also Mitch Robiskie for the bears. Which of those three quarterbacks do you like the most between my Holmes Watson introduced. Yeah I think. And after studying there really over the past couple date pretty apparently are not that it I think ethnic factor at all. They're prepared heat I got a kick out of the equation of Olympic Games don't do anything for much here it is I'm a critic liked it accurate need. But he showed up with a lesser was such you know bubble. It is keen that he didn't handcuff the politically he'd have a lot of power what got beat. It gauge really which you have with it disappear the much. Better if all it sharp lots but the game got its Burbank qualities to look. You get a little bit concerned with the knee injury. Coming. It's gonna change everything about him as a player it's going to change everything about him as a player at the back. That you've got to pace in the sense that Patrick behold I watch him play in our outlook stable smallest level that is all but what I'll watch him play. He reminded Crandall coming in other parts are solvent pertinent here. Bigger than I thought like that I thought. He's got a little of that late your ocean and so. We did a guy that has such a bright future when you add in the fact that yes they have incredible weapon the Indy read. I don't know the last sign it he read was part of a back quarterback I can't get my mind wraparound. Yeah idea what was left eye and you treatment part of being you know how to put back quarterbacks I think we're all those variables. That are really bright future. And that was the end of allows you always good to talk quarterbacks with somebody that played the position in the NFL for eight years and four teams that was Dan Orlovsky. They stand really appreciate information in the inside news. Determine your ID OKMR Nance has. That. Is who I don't like actually it. We started I said his name he never corrected it at point. Name all correct you like that how you now I say his name to him it didn't say anything about. All the time you now I don't know how you. Hit or else he all are a little movie as they wanna see what it was like eight UN their's back or else I just added Sam result there are certain words that we just all struggle Whitman or lot's see happens speak Carrington an or else he's I mean everybody has the word debate he would say like an ambulance there. Eligibility years something. Odd name like. As a out of producer loves ski warlock a lot ski or Los four laps you think of like oh law. Life and Al Lowe as high as ethnic or yeah that's. Crazy I didn't know there are lots of being in there and you know how that what is that would be or lobs English doesn't make any sense to. On the word colonel and asked you pronounce it genetically there's you know you all without actually saying like popcorn kernel English or like an army colonel. Colonels and gaelic for our program aren't Sorgi. Doesn't make a lot since English is very complicated length and solid. I plus it was a mean inspect and against polish right so it is tough to prevent it almost different. Orlovsky you know the guys the guys a lot of stuff that people would honored Philip because of what he did it in a note from I don't wanna do it but I. Dyson being defiant about one McNabb but it is an adult career. I don't do it. Prosper because we played games we can't talk or act. On the show utility wasn't a good note quarterback. Apple had to break out at home actually a lot of local and use John only talk and bones. Excellent tell you apple could talk about Holmes and I promise you would indicate animal that Brett Favre left to get on that. Looked at Brooke formally art show and talked about all that excellence is it's tough to say the word library and chiropractor I don't and everybody has a word that they struggle yours is our art house you know I. Ordain or loves a lot of data and lot's been. At the college passages Malibu to get Brett Favre on its colleges their front test number maybe easier rehab again and now I'm just telling you guys tell us who you want us to have wanna talk about homes this summer. Because all of you guys notice or not. Have a lot of inventory to talk about the actual homes this summer because you're baseball team is not competitive and or you're being discussed. For long periods of time on the radio. You. It's realistic. Manning hit innings coming on the show. Or two again Orlovsky in. And play a lot of billions of over eight years. He got a chance to watch a lot of quarter playwright. Judge could still lots good quarterbacks play since he wasn't necessarily playing on text on 6906. Agree no we can't come on his radio station I think you guys know why rightly. Brightly quietly on the show mall got to come out for the night guys on rightly is on addition not too long a big he was Hong. Brightly on the show. This old talk about depression so if you. On the show. Chris come on the show to talk about cornerback. Let's make it seem like Chris improves grip brothels Borger is playing career out like this when they attack silence is it Jessica Alba on top according and I'll never it's not like outside the box the Big Dig that.