05/22 - The Callers Hate on STL

The Drive
Tuesday, May 22nd
We gaveaway Rockfest tickets to the person who hates STL the most; hilarity ensued 

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The segment is very simple it is called why do you hate Saint Louis. You've got the next ten minutes to call and tell us why you hate Saint Louis 91357676. Days. The call. Is between now and 310 on a segment gains would get a pair opposite seems fair to me if we do they go to Google went to spring he's very very easy coming up in fifteen minutes there was a story that was sent from the head. That is a Brad meaning special like sometimes and the Sports Radio guy put a ball team and all you gotta do Regis that's all you gotta do it is it a story that is perfect. One Brad Penny coming up in thirty minutes give your chance to win a a thousand Bosnia will catch up to date or allows key. Who was on NFL network today breaking down Patrick Holmes earlier he made it compares in comparing packed from homes to Randall Cunningham will play for you what else he had to say but. And it's very simple why do you hate Saint Louis reason would be very simple. I think that Saint Louis banks when it comes the pizza there Chicago or New York mayor and I. Emo at Saint Louis out pizza is absolutely. Terrible I hate the food city at Saint Louis thinks that it is bitter note for. Bad pizza. They act like they created Chinese food which didn't create Chinese and that happened in China. And there are no floor. Ready to what it is you. I spaghetti o.s in your trying to tell us your state. No short of food city now. I had bagel bites an EEO's pizza I'd rather eat a hot pocket. Pizza if you like most day is all hour away from me as possible. Well yeah last week about baked beans. Even more strongly about EO's pizza. It is absolutely. Terrible. Eat pizza flavored sprinkles. A little combo things that come at a Baghdad EO's pizza I'm telling you. Keep it as far as possible reason in the Cold War because it's fair raw well what is it. Like that so bad about note the what is count your blessings that it was like in a what is it like being crushed varied there will be nine in Ottawa that. Yeah you can argue those somebody got them you know pain in the corner. And then he wants equally in the answer is like like what your problem what you and they should discuss because that's way field. That's who adds that Saint Louis. Like 1985 World Series absolutely but this doctor Ayers as a manager yet. I think Joaquin and our I was a jerk. Absolutely he was in 1985 but the part that is don't have a great reason for I don't hate in those beats whatever he knows beats. But the reason is my dad told the Saint Louis is that nationally educate it was eight the nationally. So when you're a little kid like okay enough reason for me and the royals beat the World Series that's like I don't have. Like a legitimate reason. For Haiti I will say this had bad experiences cardinals and tigers game one time there awfully area the or church. You know not part of it was it was royal urged Israel does tigers cardinals and try it one time that's. Suck it up pretty. Cardinals fans that they Tibet and everybody else. Like just only to some like OK there's certain things your pops Scioscia the it is due and so that's all guy and that's really. So right now we're gonna go to football lines will take as many called as became. You've got about seven minutes well as the segment not use the individual caller we wanna know why you hate Saint Louis is it to camera. All I want to Ameren tells why exit Lewis. I hate list because they think there are better which it is not close I mean I feel like there are in the way feel about the heat. Days they're paid his trash. That there aren't you artwork in setting up about art is there that I need that they're monument there monuments they haven't art. In you know way and the city's monument where we'd better wait for your way well more maintained. And hit the spots in a. All right that's up. Annual highlight your phone call your kids actually have one thing that I liked about him I say that of course I would to the zoo wants us to easy resentment sets at saint loses that's like my favorite thing about that's ever happened to those incredibly good eyes if I'd known I would say oh you would know that I could do that from eyewitness said no I had known that. I maybe it's because I've Indian city. Trying await Seymour. I always good. Not for those kind of places yet. For a while woods Austin, Texas you know the barbecue here at the Memphis Tennessee until I. Know barbecue. Yeah wave barbecue on visitor team barbecue showed timing JC tells you exit Lewis. Art is overrated just like that total ravioli. People are root. Baseball team and the better everybody out and talking I think it will break up not that great. Never been to grant or that party like the least you appear when you're done. All right I'll put you all here are right back and let you pick we got to hang up a lot of cameras so it's I'm whose idea here is that it's like. Some guys that took time so it's not out of here you're done our David import bill glad. Allen and three times in every time but in my outlook but we're talking about it. It and in the hospitals and I'd wait a virtually. Easily see that it can happen. Eight to a lot. Well I can't let out guys I don't really gala when it went there to fly out. An eight bit if not they'll. Wear out to be eight. David what's that thing like he once civil and you look into the spotlight. I'm sorry I would've had the ones who hold it right spec camera Davidson I gotta go. Cameras got to those don't they're not news every time yeah it's legit sites camera. Right here right. The lead. Oh go ahead film good like say loans. A jury. City smells because let me ask you river road there. And number two. It's saint littlest at all. And you hold. RM it you take this one yet who did not exactly Davis are we did a lot of we've got to get on the food poisoning all right Phil you're gone so. I rang a shot down a Kansas City go right. I ain't ain't it because I mean. And it happened right yeah I think you know they thought about that ought. It's really annoying. And a look at the girl council apartments. Edge here at chick in that are out. In I can't believe it well I'd say no it. All right unpalatable paying David arrives mine gotta go I got to eliminate I got to celebrate they will that adds that a guerrilla had chicken there has David's not here yeah David that he. At least some go. Jake Google wants you there. Why don't those men. I want to show you look like as they did it with my old hard. Not your regard and I go out and do you needed. To enabled model that you heard one of them. Sonic at the ticket just called up out of the net specs for the tickets. Would have been a better day is still better than that don't really got people. Alienate Saint Louis Colin up right now time for your Malarkey got brought argument I brag that tells lights at Lowe's. Well first of all there hi I hate the baseball team on the upstream and let they've won what two World Series 1980 Currie. Not that impressive. All plural but really didn't have their own time at our track girl and she took my head it was a really nice Chicago Bears two so. A pretty much because Beattie picket line on and a Acosta about 400 bucks so. Get bit they look out. Our report Bryan Kidder all right rate right Brian compliments that girls who's your favorite brag. He's got to stay yeah there have been not take a stick with ray Bryant at. It. Go watch it looked at the city in. Respect for the game and yet there are just paraded by Oregon street. What we gave it a copy. I go to buy another ticket. Better equipment they went back out through I ought to. Rail ticket. Alex Acosta this I don't. They were probably 280 dollar ticket they. Want to quit that. Beat box I was. Pretty notebook. And of every bad debt all right were put Jay in the Seoul on hold we got time to take any more calls this is that Specter says this is and I think we got to stick with Greg is and what that asked. That girl had chickens that are great. You're the winner of our competition ally you hate Saint Louis ID field. Don't break I don't hate little ever met these summit from the. A reminder of 1980. All right put gray hole today is the winner. Of today's why do I hate Saint Louis competition out there red flag if you even kill me eagerly electrically she got chickens in this. I think is funny that's important to us chickens are home in the house I don't know I mean it is that I you know everybody has got a different battle like I grew up in the city I don't know anybody with a chicken. I never I never grew. In this city but an average chickens in my house either.