05/22 4p - KC Sports Villain HOF, Gurley on Hunt, Embiid on Vacation, Forrest Gump

The Drive
Tuesday, May 22nd
Week 2 of our KC Sports Villain HOF, Todd Gurley says Kareem Hunt is the best RB in the NFL, Joel Embiid playing pickup on vacation plus a passionate conversation about Forrest Gump 

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Thank you and on the dry. Coming up in fifteen minutes. Thai girl. Adds a bit I worry about one of the key players and you think mark is Peters all written well coming marked as Peter we'll talk about that. Coming up in fifteen minutes also in thirty minutes. Joseph split pick up basketball just read an individual's. Yeah it was just play and pick up basketball was people's meaning aid to gain a document it was going very poorly for them. We will talk about that coming up in thirty minutes and we'll give you a chance 1000 bucks national cast that. We'll put today's deal get my purse that count is amazing by a fifty dollar value gift card right now. You can do it for only thirty bucks by fifty dollar gift card to get my purse back on. Early thirty bucks vocals barbecue those three locations. In the Kansas City areas vocals barbecue is also. Received high praise for the delectable sides including fresh maple slot smoky sweet barbecue beans and some of the smoothest rich sought shall taste. If you give argued small gas barbecue. Do you can't see any sports villain hall of fame I promise you next week we will have a better name in this. Like I like to sports they'll think it's varies and well we do is we go drive through. And we nominate one person to be in the sports bill hall of fame. Our first ballot. Consisted of Lin Elliott. Peyton gaining and the Pittsburgh Steelers. We nominate one individual piece. We didn't go on the attack are Steve the fault line we let you guys nominate somebody in the NB vote won the fourth person. And arts what are poll the top two percentage vote getters of the totem pole. Are inducted into the sports villain hall of fame and red baiting as the other states as you know Jeep he gets one legacy vote. Last week it was led at least it did need to go for a vote we'll see if his nominees this week needs to go to a vote. I'll start things off. You know now in the hall of fame there's always the one person it's their responsibility to make sure one person gets pushed through absolute. I will continue to vote for Philip Rivers until he is not. Are skewed view until he's no longer on the ballot and he is inducted into gave the city's sports bill at all thank. Finding bigger cry baby locally. Or someone that one of the local teams goes up against against Philip Rivers. There's nothing I enjoy seeing more and seeing Philip Rivers Powell and crime. Whether it was off the Halloween game where he said worst day ever whether it was the time he took his helmet off and screaming into his helmet. I wouldn't clippers gets all upset. Nothing makes more met when they can't get the play called dated the bill rivers and all the little mini meltdown because they had called time out it is a no brainer. This hall of fame was pre dated for people like. Philip Rivers Allah not rest I will not stop until the scene Diego chargers the Los Angeles chargers quarterback. What we've got a half. Either he's as nice kid RD into the Casey's fourth go home bank want to big sappy parts I nominate one Philip Rivers on the go. The bridge here a little bit but fall behind us okay. I going to nominate Juan Gonzales. If he royals fans it's suffered through some bad years and nearly 2000 shall remember Juan Gonzales. Such a one year deal for four point five million dollars played exactly 33 games like five bombs and he was done. Want Gonzales should just walk through the royals' clubhouse. With a paper bag. The ski mask and a gun if he's got the money god damn it you and we got outscored them from K I. Want Gonzales absolutely rob for that million dollars. So we felt that the ECB room from now recall that the Omar Infante rom room. I hereby nominate one want Gonzales. To be in the sports village hall whodunit that being dumped him. But think that the principle be all that's what we've gone back there. Who are you nominating for the sports villain all of name I'm going off the book is well I'm nominating the chiefs PR staff. It would know I assume that the teams BR span. I do. On the ballot I'm telling he's got as much of that deal with the securities and how do you feel they don't give us anything anyway but here's what I'm gonna set bread. I think all great pop. Love the chiefs all. I love that she's alive gee I wish it cheats. One in city daft of me. If fans love it should I just say whatever nineteen year old bull you've got it would summer interning at you're doing a great job of the big abducted. You go our staff and dominated the BBC on hall of fame keep it on the. She's the art got people do instead idiots in terms this and to achieve it sounds that that was not on the agenda as me now. I think you guys do fine job I think you got the second and done you've got to do all the public relating that's usually toss I again. Widows girl control over there and we don't know and. I think about Andy we don't know nothing about the players let me tell you spell the but the 20142015. Rose because they help. Like it or part of the city and having moved here I haven't felt that went down my fever football team. Since I was seven years old what's worse things about moving here has been seeing how the meat is made over one herald had dry big. Resolute pull the strings oh there. That's how that works on everybody else Samaria. To certain Marion yeah. You know I'm not an Al the former players told me differently but you know what. I've heard differently than that I cells you know what I mean the least surprising of all instances. Every time Specter talks a becomes game but it's not a single time you all just factor in the play. They outlook ports or in six every time G I love speeding in a circle and sharing stories that you. My guys are fantastic and you guys were good paying job G Iowa State great job getting back Campbell in the big Iowa State and they'll clubs. In Lee's summit who are you nominating. The Kansas city's sports villain Hollis and are angered Jon. Chucky is being nominated why are you nominating John gruden for the whole thing. Yeah it's more than repaired and the guy never even when he called the or the chief England's. On the Monday night can't actually ever said anything good about the cheese you like that at a guy to take good things about the other team. It's really old. And I got you have to examine what Alamos about junker and his equally lights every player India though I like that that's by far and away in my favorite and like tigers. Shot in Kansas City go ahead. I got a very out paper Al Davis. As a decent right now and sports all of that is why they dominate out Davis resting tees. Never look at this and this is the just watching. It like that there. All right shining case the all right we're going to Stewart's bill would sound like an odd to you. I don't know whether it's David and stewards iTunes and. Or me. Thank Bill Burton the boat. Right in. The sports golf bag our air or not or were cheap player. There are people just care of it's a great. I asked you lie unsolved like I know your name and thanks David. All right Brian lees summit who are you nominating with a key cities ports the little thing. I was originally agree and pay out date but. That party in spoken on this gonna put out there being the greater. Though raiders are the building. Today you're right I mean this another one I don't really have to ask you why you nominated him Brian thanks a lot of the race and the raiders got voted the most hated team in the city. You know they did and our unscientific I will make one point and then we will come to a vote of the floor which he would determine which one will go on the ballot. Beer surprised. No one has said John Elway and the last few times that we've done this John Jolie not a first ballot sports though. Vary there is surprised are you got John. Al Davis Elvis yerba. There aided us but we nominee I'm gonna go out exciting he's perfect I think out Davis was mixed for the team's cities where it's built in halt. I'll go I'll. With an Al Davis I'll take out Davis mistaking it bet yeah greasy here. Which shady track suits all the raiders he doubted his son's hair he said his bag of bad hours and already visible cuts made eagle cash. They spat got that you're here I'm great I can hear her on Friday that what he had a goatee I can give Bart Davis better here that the interest that you very great. He looks like those. Have you guys seen that movie the problem child. You guys haven't seen it that's who Mark Davis looks like he was like the little kids from problem child. I sort of Al Davis yet there's no Philip Rivers. Al Davis yeah. The fine folks over since the span. Hooligans are just doing a bang up job I mean I gotta let me ask a Clinton put it formal request for Patrick behold every time I. I asked if taxable Holmes wants the moment you know he'll get you know it just think these days is edited into little check when she beat it do it his weight issues that keeps getting the open locker room during the one jour it's an effective way to doesn't know about his business is way too busy to do it in line Gonzales yeah has been nominated. For the sports villain all of a time now all hop to the villain that want to do this for a long time why would let us. Up to it right and I put the balloon Brothers on there. Arnold as the bull Brothers bought the Kansas City teams and they promised this city that they would move the team. They said the team that it certain attendance marks and a tambourine guess what happened sold Portuguese than ever did you know. Said it needed a better lease with Kemper arena as he Citi gets it out. The city opera one dollar lease of Kemper arena and a percentage of parking concessions. He'll have that very same day on January toward 21 1980 five's that they lied to they did it cases Sacramento. The wolves. You need to be in the as you get your all freaking wing in the short villain hall of fame. So that's legacy these angles came to Kansas City bought the team so they market a move that lied to the city and move exactly. I just ask you because than we would agree there and on the same level of Lin Elliott. Drew you are you using you or they get a free pass automatically you know are we taking it to the people to let them decide how does that mean I. Tell you run the G I don't know. I don't I think these guys go straight hours they are you. You got like a butch a couple of rich guys by a pro sports franchise again the city. Lying to the people in this city Mans up and says they would give you a dollar Lisa Kemper arena and what did he cut a parking concessions and they move the team to Sacramento that same day. Yet another loosely to be in there either own freaking wing. Are right we've got. Four people for Specter of you could put the Twitter polls we got Juan Gonzales the local rivers. Al Davis and I can't believe anybody would have anything negative thing about him but she's BR span. The legacy pick is the move blue Brothers what they did to the Kansas City kings. The top two votes. Vote getters and are what are poll. Will be inducted into the hall of fame and they will go. Eight meeting and the Pittsburgh Steelers Atlanta LE. Last week's leg as the current members. In the Kansas City sports villain hall of fame coming up on the other side early with some very high praise for Korean hut and markets Peters wells still being mart is Peters will get into next. Coming up in about fifteen minutes. It's a chance of a thousand bucks a natural gas that's that's coming up in about five minutes. Marcus theatres as well being Mark Peters will get into that plus it's. Tiger Lee had some very complimentary things to say about a player one became the city she's really quickly it does want to read a little bit of the story and we can talk about it move on I don't wanna bring people down. The state of Kansas finds eleven alleged violations at slaughter bottled water park in KCK they did another state inspection. And they found eleven violations of regulations at the park where you guys know the story of killed swap he passed away two years ago these I'd still. Even though they said it was gonna tear it down while in the world is littered bonds the last out operated Indians are now I. I don't generally don't have the answer for I understand that it's capitalism a money prevails and am I here to tell anybody what to do with their money. Nobody would ever give a dollar. For me not a penny ruby there. From what we now know about the information that they had about the slide now an alleged violations. By god to close the summer and it's about the right now I don't look they play an open after the holiday around the Ali that's the that's when most water park opened. Are and I gotta go I don't know how many more negative stories we can read about her body continued to a lot of outrage in the 816913. Area. And all the details of who's been charged for what but there's a lot of dues and a lot of stuff. That led to to the death of little details so I'm with easy like. They'll get a penny in my mind ever it just doesn't it I just. I'm legitimately confused and counselor body continues to be opened despite everything that we know about it and I don't wanna bring you buy down announcement which I'm limited. Just popped up these allegations and I'm like these do we have to reboot or splitter but just closed business for good and we don't ever have to discuss them or look at the slide. Ever again. And I guess more positive news Todd Gurley was only NFL network is they're doing their top 100 list. Here's who he thinks is the best running back in the NFL. Number one. It's tough man. Men not to give it to ought to go and do your best you got as close as president for him you know he started off her great year. He finished. Led the impression as a rookie which is hard to do community there for him to do there is a great respect. Very big praise from Todd Gurley who was one of the five best running back our three best running backs last year in the NFL. I think lady on -- the rest running back in the NFL is no point in arguing on one vs three. Three hunt is certainly a good one a couple of things I think running back is one of the few positions that you can be a rookie come in and instantly be a song live your position. I'd Jesse can maybe say watt receiver but you can't that it quarterback again we got to see a little bit more at quarterback but because the shelf life that you have at the running back position you can come in like three month. Dominate for one season at next year be a first round fantasy football pick in instantly be considered one of five best ways that the position. I think I speak for everybody when I say especially with the additions they animal offense especially doing more reading guys of the athletic guys airhead pride. How well homes relied on running backs and going out of the backfield and college. I expect cream on its healthy to having another big season next year for the chief. One of the things that made him so good last year is that it would take. It's either the second and third I was gonna get in that he was elusive and it was tough to tackle but I'm with yet to me it's the lion running back in core those of the positions the disputed step right in in my opinion had the biggest impact as a rookie. Does look at it right now I don't know if I'd probably have three months in my top five are running backs. I just have to see a little bit more like a palladium bella from I put Ezekiel Elliott an album I'd put David Johnson had album but certainly really good he's a bag I mean the fact that you can spin and it round draft pick on a rookie salary. Get a guy that's a top five running back or someone it tied girly things is the best running back in the NFL. I think goes to the position I think it also goes to show especially here in Kansas City where you've seen it with Kareem on releasing it would Jamaal Charles. It's time to make three month is going to come a lot sooner than people want to go. And if you can't do it. The same thing that the steal the duo right now with lady unveiled and we'll give you one year deal wires still plan after prime. We can't guarantee you forty million dollars like it sucks that's the way the position is and I think that's really gonna do something about it the next time with the CBA. It is too easy to find guys like remark you just can't justify in my opinion. Paying a running back given how expendable they are in the injury conservative position these kids justified paying big money I've been no. You can't in in the shelf again I always say this to see that you know years on running backs like dog years and the likes like seven years per season. That's village where are those guys yet I would be curious to see an energy stocked up on running backs the offseason they got to Williams guys that you where's coming back. I don't. They're probably try to take a little bit aware Gerald cream on also curious with the addition sandy Watkins about how much Wear and tear that'll take off auriemma I mean look the options and a offensively. The attack curricula Travis Kelsey Sammy Watkins. You can take some of that burden off but that she's up it's eventually it can run the football in the they got that option to that office to these dangers. Yesterday Marcus Spears met up with the Los Angeles media they are starting OT days as well as mark is Peter had to say about one of his teammates. I mean I've paid a man. That means it's people. And yeah I mean when the MVP made kimono. So it has now begun in LA. There is one practice one OT in the books in mark is Peters the new guy. Is telling his boss to pay somebody else in there and Donald I'm not get a sitter argue that sea and air dollars and derby because he does he's fantastic. But Mark Peters is there for law practice and he's saying pay the man. What practice. You LA each ready for this it's just the beginning one practice you said paid. He doesn't happen and instead is that like Hubble is Smart to stay away from that and is part of the reason. The stuff you said some of the stuff he did it's why that should that Kansas City had nothing to do with your ability and now is one practice in and he's telling rams management would have. You gotta back off on feel like something had. Would you markets Peters did not bikini and I'm not like this endear you to the guys in your own locker room you advocating or another guy your team to get paid on a lot of it will absolutely and if you think you're single of the year for the scene like this plan. I would have a problem with it. What does it well straight form and now he's done it again you're the older than GM like. And we traded for this but now he's telling us what to do and how to spend our money. I think I mean I guess this isn't a message I don't think they've heard from a lot of other people iron novel is one of the three best and the players union fell the comparable last four years three straight times all broke him one. Associated Press the offensive player of the year and he's holding out because contract dispute yeah. I think about here and now and that it's time to payers that's really important I certainly think air Adonal will be there when it's time to get paid. That it's just it's too much maligned person her Erin O'Donnell and it's too much on the line when the team I guess I just mean not now got a problem with it split of the guys. His team the question was it an market should they Payer and Donald wasn't about that. He's came out eBay's stalled his new team to. Marcus and telling me cultures he cost himself so much money over the course of his career by saying stupid stuff and doing stuff stupid stuff that is let Johnson talked about. You know on this station. Leonard Johnson back east and I costly civil lot of money that was totaled luckily it pledges would shut up and if I just would have done some things in different ways. And have a whole lot more money in my career at all. I think mark is Peters is headed that direction. I think he's more these great players it has nothing to do with talent here if you're wrong but he categorically Johns. Even women putting in the category later jobs announcing their jobs is that would tunnels and because in some of the sport is Peters out back and look at the fight he's already incurred port because it costs a lot of money. What Peter got shipped off the team. You know for some of the stuff that he did and he's one OTA practice into it and he's telling the arrangement. It really wasn't asked that question. As I agree or Donald should be paid your dollar will get paid. But your your one practice it and you're telling your new team what they ought to do with the money is so it's it's it's mark is Peter's been markets. This the Wal-Mart is Peter's had to say yesterday about Aaron Donald. I mean if I paid a man. It means it's the yeah. I mean when the MVP made kimono. I just can't believe nauert hate no market. Being a good team can. Win. A war I guess I'd. I think that's being a fantastic teammate I mean I assume the question was asked about your down not being there is he's not he's not going to be Gauthier and so OT about it and now you asked your opinion you guys out of the guys the best of but the players at Belmont Miller JJ watt aired out while the Mets got a huge difference it's OK okay it's. Is there for one day and age is locked in the building it out it's excellent great Fannie such things matter Petersburg or kneeling. I don't care that now a bit of this a million times go back rejected they do every one on the same man. Lock it and they want in one after one practice it's already begun and allies beginning. Speaking of paying somebody you don't want a thousand bucks in our national gas contest got a chance to win a cool grand. Coming out on the other side of the break all you gotta do is state soon we'll gets the next drive. The thirties text the word. At all all seek it. 72881. That's. You can be down and I can't win a national pastime six and Sports Radio is the yeah well Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you would seem to one of the 121000 dollars each weekday it's very simple. All you gotta do is listen in on the 378. To seventy. Your next chance to wave that's coming up in one hour at 530 that as a last chance to win during the drive. So I'd be listening out there complete rules and listings at sixth and sports back one more time for those of you that hard of hearing in the back what. 00. See. Text the word foot 272881. The guys see what Jill on deed was doing in Atlantis the other day I did have a decision on Sunday. He was scared to go down the water slide. But yesterday he took to the basketball court and was going up against a bunch of guys who. Frankly just didn't look like he knew what they were doing. Brad no offense to you some of them were shaved heads the very short studs studs on the basketball court and by studs I mean look like they were completely inept in did at any. Clue. About what was going on or who they're playing basketball at so Joseph on bead. And I believe his girlfriend she was taking its gravity of kind of from the sidelines. Film leaves out there are no shirt on planes and hoops with the guys who do not deserve to be on the same court as to Allenby I think we all. Kind of have this story were. Once while the magic strikes and you run into a situation where your plane with a celebrity or former player in a sport that you love I remember and I told us for in the show before. That out. Team into the gym to play pick up with us and he was the only one allowed to shoot it was him. And four bodyguards first mean my buddies and got dunked on one time by his team or in and pick up basketball and as a wolf that pudgy freshman. And Syracuse University but I think we all. Oh yeah. ID 180 at a high school level as but it really matter vote on it bears back in the day yet but I think we all have that one story where. We're playing a sport that we love and we're going up against someone who is much better house even maybe professional. I also went skating one time in ten more happen to be on this busy you don't new ten moral is. Part of in 1980 US Olympic hockey team to beat Russia. So that was pretty crazy because he was deacon meal over the yes I still could skate at that time so I know Brad you have a story that. About multi media but if you have to get stories on the tax on if you wanna call about the time you went up against professional athlete. Mean a sport that you love in game picked up calling 91357676. Stemming duking it's breakfast tickets. So basically we as major casually counters athletically. With an athlete make him a bit of a foursome with somebody famous maybe you play in AAU ball high school ball game. With this elaborate with the way with the famous as we call up right now 91357676. Then plus or read the best of pure text messages text line 69306. Foot. Story that I heard in this section and had to do with me but I confer would you put gummery royals hall of Famer. More saves than anybody royals history he played a mile mainly for awhile out of those former royals. Played in that league actually retired for a little bit and one of the guys that played it still plays in my league's name's Norman and Austin did. He was. To hit against money. And normally get the ball outside the square around before money at a news is ocean. So money to a heater you know and then he told more recent list if you do that again and before I start my my delivery image really. And keep in mind money was not that long at the big sentenced on what probably mid to upper eighties so normally scored her on again. If you got the ball outside and money drilled in the saves leader. Sutley to ask him that story that's exactly Churchill square audible on me before I start my delivery so. Like amazing encounters athletically. May have played with a couple of Web.Com guys in in in pro ams and stuff like that mean maybe that's my biggest brushes I Katie homes bought him pier one time. In Toledo Ohio to TGI Friday's but that's. That's all I got athletic. Our let's go to the fallout let's here's selling your story grinding Kansas City go ahead man. And I got to outburst the actual college that played against pujols. When they went today I pay. I'd be in the Latin Iowa and high school or law that year. And then also end immediately label understanding. We didn't aluminum back where it. And it was too I'll engage actor with the bases loaded in the bottom walk off on the. And that in part it was it was on the road in part. At this month that supports that huge thanks are still in the does that. Attract that too but that's an incredible. That's it baseball Jesse lords man. Jess day. Jess you there man should have known not to go to Lawrence Kansas for anything at let's go to break ins bringing hill Telus assortment. And I don't. The back when he was playing. Iran lose connected to my Brenda played bat ball and have. Number flip it well. Cairo the applicable either. People have those honest or just because they're from here you know like as you double techs we played against Josh Freeman did in Bosnia are being. Lot of people have those orbited it includes an equity and rightly I hit it here. About a bit of a deal. But he's older brother Ed Valdez got dunked on by Danny Manning who shot emission norms person Lawrence and when Manning's senior. Thus I would like for someone to I would like to hear is you're somebody that played against Bubba starling. Yeah why did you enjoy the city around that time and Bubba starling was like high school Jackson hit a story or told that this were bigger and bigger every single time you heard the story. About him I'd love here's someone I tried to defeating him in it yet but it worked out the. The only sure that I have a comes about a story on her over to channel five before the draft. And he was up to bat and he hit a ground ball so large in the right of the shortstop. It was a ground heated so hard to the left fielder couldn't get to with the ball got all with the the wall as I'm watching the ball. You know and watching left fielder I see this blur. Come into my vision and bubble was so fast he had a standup triple on a hard hit ground ball about 23 steps to the right at shortstop when all the way to the wall. Let's go back to the phones Cody and belt gonna tell your stored. I got a raise your artwork. Belly are so all. Yeah in the corner so watered down actually rolled off the track. Like football gods kodi is built. As a kid stuff and let's go to Eileen Casey. Or it though. Our plate BK you wreck all the time like go there and my friends people it all night long and he always all over it everybody there. He TK you where is there all the time. And nobody realizes how fleet there are because I know you're in particular hearing it Yorker Robert Lightfoot no literary. He'd kill my for real. Why he'd be on the art. He murdered an epic game. I'm a hundred receipt evicted thank you for the ball caller Reilly if I slightly game it's in I'm went into mini blog that I'll call. He's at ten bids on it and mich light but it Guardsmen I was I'm a sports betting legally do this right now so much I. Livelihood and mich light bought it as I was not yet it's like a park. And be home on right now is our call good aero like. Those guys. All. I just tell him a little longer considers her. Everybody's like you guys. That's that you pay to put the ball between his way through them today yeah yeah. I'll tell you if you play one want to go in. Ten beat. Out I would make I would aids in the midst. I mean. So little bloopers and a lot of and Arizona. They must a lot of bloopers under that is on giving me it's like put buckets. And school completely on this shot and it's like it might not war. Herself would shut you out he's done. If that's what you mean on the complete other side. I've always said in a minute yelled after this if you gain me ten at bats against aren't rare on get it now you're not coming on the others. Chance of 1000 bucks and and ask a task that odd thirty. We'll get to the top story of the day coming up. We inspector says stuff like that and adds this to end of the segment I'm not and it. I'm not flat anymore. Yes they are requesting going around that all of us thinking about the one of the greatest movies of all time will tell you what is next on the ground. The drive we have one more chance you don't want a thousand bucks in the national dance contest coming up at 530. We got a chance. You're doing royals tickets coming up Indy 5 o'clock hours well coming up in fifteen minutes we'll get to the top stories of the day in Kansas City. In and day hits but yesterday there was a question going around on Twitter. But I wanna ask all of you in the text line because. Simply add to maybe tally up the lives of individuals. There is not a human being that lived the better life the one Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump did everything. Why is the greatest accomplishment. By Forrest Gump. Well other than that he ran out of his leg braces against the bullies they that was pretty cool we call it he did a call both from. For me I don't think it's even close and they. Other than men and you know have good relations with Robin Wright and other that was quite an accomplishment. But for me. I thought it was teacher knows how to dance that's the greatest accomplishment of Forrest Gump was able pool site shall treat them walking just. Well doubts. I know the bonus a lot of kids home. It sounded views. I started. And move it around. We can model dips. He tells a dance. The king of rock and roll dot like signature below the drove. Specter this is your favorite movies it's his favorite well ever of the day is the greatest thing that Boras got accomplished in his life. There's a lot of things that you want is that there is no bad answer. I mean it's. Kind of the dip. The depressing answer but he saved a lot of guys in Vietnam. And survived Vietnam he did he say he says Bubba write into law. Well I gobbled up and died he attempted presented to say probably saved a lot of people from his it from his unit. From getting caught up in the India jets coming over and sweeten up that area and he survived yet now which unfortunately a lot of American soldiers did not at that time you don't say this is in the sad answer maybe surviving Vietnam he's gonna think until equities like he wants. That's your answer your answer is no standard answer he was a war in your eye and say characterize it says that saving is his friends. And making it back to Jenny he drank a lot of doctor pepper steel like he got to meet the president to separate times didn't move he. But I'm gonna pick from for us is if you have ever if you follow him to order for any length of time you know. But I hate genie from Forrest Gump like she'd want actual living breathing human being you movie theory now adding Jenny track force. Ginny was already pregnant. And she slept with for so now she can say that you were cute and she knew that force was dumb enough to go along with aids they said because she loved. Forest on condition I think any trap doors but she played on the one pinkie to. Is for me I can get in except whatever you tell me some odd thing you've got to be the kick got to look like Forrest though it's not like. You're so that's what they say. My thing is that. For us and we've all been here. All yours truly loved you in unconditionally. There is not that they want and greater than in the law that for us and Virginia. I'd make a good husband. You good far. But you won't marry him. You know and. Why don't you love me tuning. I'm not Smart man. But I know what love is. See if you think about all this stuff that you had gone on her personal life and all the times they interacted in his life. From the stopped when she was in college when he czar would that would remaining had to beat the guy out. When he had to gear up stated she is playing the guitar naked from the time the guy hitter at the black panther thing. From this the entire. Is baseball or just being car repeatedly. By JD. They had one positive interaction in his entire adult life. And she met showed that as. Well it's. Or is questioning. Still there even though she was sick but that's sure. What this is cool but the hardest thing you can -- life is love another person unconditionally no matter how much they treat you the greatest thing force ever accomplished in that movie was leveraging our forces mama unconditional love that principle for about five minutes and should. I mean I think there's that you know I mean that's what those things I honestly had absolutely no clue what was happening until I'm older I. Had no what was happening like uncomfortable and it's easy degree it's a tax I'd say Iger Reseda junior is the worst human on the planet. There's like two characters that I asked who they like their real Jane Russell Brand all of you ever see The Sopranos. Janus is the absolute. Worst human being in the words that tell he's lives that who knows the system but it is or is this Carmela is his daughter RC his wife in the thing. Do think he does complaint she likes Specter during give us a minute that's what's agency's current us at the end high. IE year or Sean oh she is absolutely. Terrible. The fact that Tony asked the killer husband she's so knowing the entire show in Jeanine I'm telling you. Forced did not and the love that woman unconditionally the entire time tried nothing but to give her a better life. For us all he accomplished in his life. In the movie he was saving private in the movie all that work out all the greatest ping pong player in the history of the world. I spoke at the at the Lincoln Memorial. I invested in this little fruit company called apple. And he didn't become the greatest shrimp boat or sit in the history of the world we're just had so much money but it just did. Up to a dead person's family. A lot of great stuff like but I'm telling you the greatest thing he'd it was love Jenny immediately. Even though she is an absolute for wreck there's. Passionately about in June. She's just accused John find yourself it was Hitler's stuff she is she rough force of the newer like dorm room would you acknowledge and yeah automatic appeals and things left off getting new exit impeach this immediately thought I had. I mean. Yes well. Don't need an accident teach does call he came up with that they he were not have a nicer then he came up with a he ran from West Coast the east coasts like six he didn't like he's popular. I. Know. Them or. But this is Nolan degrade light them or got the text I'd like forgetting Bagram like saying stuff that happened throughout know it is it is insane and just. And he's still dazzling just cut the grass that is when did you know that. It's important. Coming up in two minutes we'll get to the top story of the day Kansas City it's the drive.