05/22 2p - Would You Rather, Mahomes Comparison, Jamie Quirk, Gimme a Minute

The Drive
Tuesday, May 22nd
An interesting would you rather with the Cardinals & Steelers, a former NFL QB comes up with a different comparison for Patrick Mahomes plus Jamie Quirk in studio and Gimme a Minute 

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Let's do this another day another dollar another addition the drive. Transparency here as to act the highs and tackles back Steve inspector. Mean in the border once and Tuesday and fresh off a heartbreaking defeat yesterday and his old in baseball immediately it's David 2002. Royals who want you Brendan Haywood is they can't. Mark yeah we will knee injury today. I'll play it hurts and yeah we got beat last night Reid ultimately chance my body was pitching out of college with a check this out to updates. I don't know much about sports but I need somebody I've listened to on the radio tells me that once you get older you don't stop getting hurt your body starts responding differently as a let me I'd. You know I I have lost and a Edwards did note there's a reason why people retire from playing professor in baseball at age 47 years old and alleged Julio Franco the any of those people. Better you know played shortstop for the New York Yankees yes 47 Europe at some point eight straight into it made like. You tried to deprive I'm I'm. That's what you did not. Witnesses heard as a whole is at the Zealand's like really bad. Coming up in about thirty minutes somebody that played baseball Major League Jamie quirk will join us in studio he says he wants to talk about confidence. Major league baseball players there sort and one player royals they could hear that message. The clock. We're gonna give you a chance to win a prize all you it was something very simple tell us why you hate Saint Louis. There's a story today that is right up the Alley a brand meaning it is almost like the radio kotsay guides. Gave us man today in this story that if there's any body. Qualified in the world to speak on this topic is one read I didn't read any game or else. Today on good morning football's breaking down passion more homes he was so gracious enough to break down Patrick Holmes all on the show for us do that at at 330. AM 4 o'clock we will continue every Tuesday at four. The Kansas city's sports Billy hall of fame before he gets atop the day. A prize caller now. And most importantly door perfect pick caller eighteenth when the free custom in sports or from Byron on the plaza. Item 149. Dollars. 149. Dollars. My shirt coming up in thirty minutes we'll also give you a chance of 1000 bucks and our national cash and says I like to fancy myself. As the king of the toss that question when ever I get fired yeah his job I am going to bode is the end. And I'm gonna go work or around the warning PTI and I'm gonna create toss that question because I think I'm qualified to do so. I have a toss that question a would you rather question for you the list. For the next twenty years. Would you rather. But she started so the Pittsburgh Steelers. Or the oil's turn into St. Louis Cardinals you and I got well who machine today and it looked at the Pittsburgh Steelers the asked when he seasons. Have one. Or have had four team winning seasons. They have made three Super Bowls in line to Super Bowls. They've also made the playoffs twelve times. The St. Louis Cardinals. Over that same timeframe we pick 1998 because that is one year after mark block. They have had seventeen winning seasons which is crazy in baseball given the fluctuation India there's still a mid western team we're not talk about the Dodgers or the Yankees a team in the midwest seventeen winning season since 1999. They have made the playoffs well times since 1999. They've been to the World Series four times that they have to race the last question negate. Today if you can press a button. For the next twenty years would you rather the chiefs instantly become the Pittsburgh Steelers or would you rather have the royals turn into the saint Louis park for. It's easy out the royals turn the cardinals I would take. Twelve playoff appearances in two World Series championships in four appearances and yours and it's not even close in the baseball series. The baseball season excuse me last so long you're talking a 162 games. You get spring training it's all throughout the summer. Great baseball team to follow night in night out throughout the summer. We know what that felt like it 2014 and fifteen. Even in sixteen and part of last year to have put a winning baseball team for that long in the summer battle India great weather. But everybody's pumped up he could watch it almost every single night and the NFL part of the tube it. One game beat him with a look at it 567 games a week. You get to go home and watch your baseball team win you get 81 chances was school to go see your team play in the weather's great. Not ballpark it's laid back. You got a great summer of winning baseball ticked at every time it's. The Steelers. And obviously both of them are really getting it's I think the cardinals or are one of those four or five best organizations in Major League Baseball I think the Steelers are one of the three to five best. Franchises in the NFL I think it is more cachet for you were city to have the better NFL team. I am having is Super Bowl contender on a year during your bases where you know 34 games a season at arrowhead or going to dictate. Who goes this horrible can you imagine. The biggest regular season game we've seen in Kansas City receive in the Broncos game app and a couple of years ago whenever Peyton Manning rolled in the town the chiefs were really good team. The Steelers have that. Every single season at. Pines you'll or three river stadium. Every single season. I think the energy or add to have a real Super Bowl contender every single year would just be better policy and I just think the NFL is a much better sport bigger or certainly in the country. They're Major League Baseball again I don't think there's a wrong answer in the possible you pick the cardinals gathered the cardinals with a fifteen best American franchise is sort of the Steelers. I think we go to from popularity in the country. Still the low on the final stop the team's. We go into yankees cowboys lakers Steelers Packers like. Mean there are many professional teams in America that are more popular than the Steelers and I think. What should be cooler nationwide cardinals fans certainly its own best baseball fans the world we got issues with them. And that the the visual of seeing the Terrible Towels waved and another team's arena and knowing that whatever game you're being based in turn that into a road game. Would just be a really cool thing to be apart look at me I'm take in the Steelers over the card. I would love to see royals towels being all over the place in baseball stadiums all over the country. I think that would be terrific you know we're talking in what 1999 to present is what we're looking at our back that would 1969 to 1999 when the royals started. Leading up to 199199. Excuse me and I compared the royals and the cardinals we basically had the cardinals. That's what we were until it. Actually probably more like 94. Which are uncommon so if you compare those two teams the royals the cardinals 69 and 99. The royals at fourteen when he sees in seven playoff appearances two World Series and one championship the cardinals on the other hand from six united 9916. Winning seasons. Four playoff appearances three World Series and one title already had that Kansas City that was terrific. It's what. In my opinion that's why. I still think Kansas City and it's DNA at its core is more of a baseball. I would I think we're gonna have a chance to find out. What it feels like the Pittsburgh Steelers over the next 345 years. Without homes but. I still lean on the baseball side of and I had a fully admit here that I'm biased because of more of a baseball guy than anything all of the NFL college football in Iran. Absolutely sure about what it. But a more passionate about baseball it's you could have. And talking in spring training starts in February you can go all the way in the first week in November with a championship baseball team I'll take that every single time and he's a better mood more opportunities shell in the ovals yet they took a chance to see your team. Eight chances that's it at home in person. Not a lot differ enemy in this case it be allowed to do the Steelers because being. You would have hole playoff games in Hewitt went home playoff lives yes something the chiefs don't understand that I understand that. I just think over the course it's on you have more opportunity out there and I saw what it championship baseball did this town I can't I can't even imagine I've no idea what it would look like. You know to have a parade with a sea of red downtown finishing Union Station. And that is just beyond anything I can wrap my brain around this point but for me and again I admit that I'm fully biased here I would take the baseball over for. Size 69306. But the chiefs in the Steelers are not that different both can't get over the hump to get to the big game. I don't know what she's Steelers are talking about zucker and because the Steelers over the last years have got over the hump again res Super Bowl appearances since 1999 they've going to the soup odds in. They're one of them. Maybe this is installed put the geez I feel like a pretty knowledge about the geez I don't. Their history since 99 until it's at right you can press the button the reason I would probably the reason. I could probably make an argument for the Roy roses. If I think in baseball because of economics of the game eventually eighteen Michael worlds will always vote would answer any of the you can still stay relevant you don't have to be one of the worst teams in football. But there's some fluctuation and we see windows app in college when the Steelers college would have with the Carolina and they with a Super Bowl caliber happens to be Atlanta Falcons. And the cardinals to accomplish what they've accomplished in the middle of the country. They are never bad seasons like. A season like the ones at the royals are going through. Never happen in the Saint Louis like they have broken through the baseball model normally keeps to in the cycle where your team like Oakland your small market team you have a good run in the early two thousands. You fade away the Minnesota Twins they had they're really good run you fade away Tampa Bay they had they're really good run and the cardinals are the one team. That have avoided all of that that are not on the coast the Yankees have been good the Dodgers have been good. Man the cardinals have been just as good as those teams the last twenty years. They have sort of break in broken baseball's coat. I just prefer the baseball reason I say that as you go back to injuries for sheered into city. You got the number one pick in the draft you come up to a fourteen season you can turn around quickly with a right draft and right coach Siegel from to a fourteen to eleven while that's not the way it works in baseball. It was you know what tactics in the top 55 I think it is like to see those guys for three years or four maybe five. Or maybe six depending on what happens of those guys. So he in the consistency in baseball instead of rebuilding like we're seeing right now I'll take that every day because. You can rebuild the NFL team in in a draft in an offseason. I think the browns are gonna be halfway decent this year they won one game and two years he could turn around part of that too is. Just because you're teams now. Especially Kansas City even at the chiefs are struggling a little bit of a prime time game and are at stating that crazy atmosphere. You know you got it and so. You can be seven and nine and 2011 have a primetime game and still you know pack that place and had a crazy. Would baseball it's just so it's so much more difficult. To be great on a consistent basis and small market like Kansas City so if if I did. In a small market baseball because I think it's easier to build a championship caliber playoff caliber division champion tiger football team. Spec if you can't a crack open a some mergers see Palestinians would react. If you press a button. Would you rather the chiefs instantly turn into the Steelers are would you have the royals turn and so the cardinals will let you know how early returns are going on that poll. Coming up on the other side will get a chance to win a thousand bucks and our national cast on says. Coming up it's 230 and we'll also catch up former royal Jamie quirk and last in his opinion it's a mite that lives in the city. But first. You Walt belief. The comparison that a former NFL quarterback made for pats Holmes is something that you or I had never heard before we play it for you next draft. Banked in a long time coming up in fifteen minutes we'll give each season 1000 bucks that's a cast contest. And we'll also catch open Jamie quirk who joins us in studio and he said he wants to talk about. That confidence of a Major League Baseball player and sure there are a couple of guys in the royals' organization right now that could certainly use a conversation. About confidence we'll catch that would Jamie quirk. Coming up in fifteen minutes and also give you chance to win that thousand bucks the national cast on says. We caught up Dan or allows earlier today will play that conversation for you at 3:30 was on good morning football today. Breaking down one Patrick Holmes and our conversation when him. He made a comparison to a quarterback I have never heard before for Patrick Holmes this is former NFL quarterback for eight year Dan Orlovsky. When you're franchise quarterback Patrick ball. Patrick my home I watch him play and I outlook stable smallest sample size is small but what I'll watch him play. You remind griddle cutting you know other eye I saw all the pertinent here. Bigger than I thought like that I thought. He's got a little of that late your ocean and so. He hit a guy that has such a bright future when you add in the fact that yes they have incredible weapon that indeed read. I don't know the last time it he read what part of a back quarterback. I can't get my mind wraparound. Yeah idea what was left I agree with part of being you know how to go back quarterbacks I think we're all those variables whole got a really bright future. So he brings up Randall Cunningham as an observational one I've been making is Matthew Stafford I think that's who is at least our strength looks like in a guy and in the ability to make all of those rental cutting him I think is a pretty interesting I think if you really look at Randall Cunningham the numbers and time in the NFL. It looks a lot like CM Newton. A guy that completed less than 60% of his past is in most seasons never threw for 4000 yards obviously a different kind of league. Only had two Caesar that which he threw more than thirty touchdown passes. And a guy who was obviously very mobile he had one year where you almost rushed 4000 yards I think we look at a historical comparison for Randall Cunningham and try to maybe modernize a little bit. I think Sam do is the one that makes the most sense for Randall cutting. The first thing that I would tell what I saw this is that means that that houses is not gonna do hole the playoffs the rail Cunningham was three and six in in nine playoff games. Was not. Overly productive in the playoffs. His first three playoff games he had five picks and no touchdowns to me that's not good enough batter Randall Cunningham is phenomenal regular season. Other's brains talent and a guy can run like you dear me crazy plays cannon for an arm understand it I get it but to me and it was better than. I hope I hope he's a lot better than that and I understand and what was it nineteen. That night whatever Euro was in Minnesota win he was Gary Anderson 98 yen 98 in the in the playoff. 88 I mean it's it's it's not often that you quarterback peek at age 35 years old he completed 60% of his passing in 4800 passing yards about. 34 touchdowns in ten intercepts and an eight. Had a incredible yard eight point seven yards per attempt there are many not many quarterbacks put their best year together at 835 I agree. The other percent I just I I would hope that Holmes is better than at least from a numbers standpoint if you saw Randall Cunningham play he was he was lectured he was unbelievable to watch. Well it when he came to post season wins been able to show for you know and I understand that that. You know a lot of it's what you're surrounded with but he had some really good teams in Philadelphia. Well Buddy Ryan under achieved in the post season and we're talking about the great quarterbacks to make everybody else better and guys that. It that either need help or don't need helper guys that can carry team or can't carry team and she Randall Cunningham is that guy now the post so I would hope that. I think from from a skill standpoint I think he's probably run I'd be surprised that Holmes has got a runner. As Randall Cunningham was but I need I need more than that. Out of that onto any more than. Yeah I mean look at Randall Cunningham I mean I think he's probably one of the three of five most mobile quarterbacks in the history of the NFL I think he certainly was a quarterback that was ahead of his time. I would like to see how he would translate into today's game I certainly don't think he's a body type of Cam Newton share but Cam Newton his running ability is are a part of him and what makes him such a dynamic quarterback. I'm curious to know what you think about the team duke because. If you tell me that he's that. That Holmes is going to beat him to. I think that's fine. Obviously you can win with him do I hope yet better passer he's certainly not going to be the mobile printing and yet he's the greatest running quarterback and we've ever seen history of the NFL. Can't do he's completing less pain less than 60% of his passes forced career only had one season where he completes 35 hours and thirty touchdowns and he's been a double digit interception guy I certainly would hope that he'd be a better passer than Cam Newton. But you're telling me right now for the next eight years you gate Cam Newton. I think I personally would take effort patrimony. Well let me get to Super Bowl you know but if that also means it's a very up and down career. With homes and again I would hope for better than that I think to any candidate at least coming into this I thought it was going to be terrific quarterback he's got all the tools and he's he's. He's the biggest guy in the field the majority of the time he's tough to tackle that's why such a great running quarterback but I want more from that. Then that holds then then pat then Cam Newton can do and again it was all over the place. And are you hoping that he may be Mears and I guess yes. If Randall's not good enough I understand and yet it Cam Newton like what it does outlook in the view but there's. My knock on cam gives up and down out against a great leader they can't make up as flawed. You know that that's my biggest thing with cam Newton's all over the map he's emotional all of my quarterback to these steady influence and great leader Alec in new nugget that yet so. That's a really good question. I mean Tom Brady's affair compares because it's not fair to compare him anybody everybody wants yeah. Number I think he's got I think he's got a similar skill set to Aaron Rodgers. You know I like Aaron Rodgers. You know he's like listen these are doubt in the house were particularly in order to comeback Horry note he spells relaxed. Took to packer fans I want a guy that can do that my hopes. For pat homes are higher than Randall Cunningham and certainly higher than Camden I'm not bashing on cam Newton's Rosie and VP introduced into the super bully and had almost 11. Yeah of one I would say pretty dominant season yet. It's a devastating he was really really I. I think boy this thing this thing that I really need from are really really good quarterback and a top ten quarterback. Is that got it's it it's consistent. You know it is much fuel to crack up Alex Smith around here he was consistent. You don't you're gonna get out of him you know and and that's what a lot of homes I don't wanna seem Holmes out and be cranky with the media and be a jerk when things don't go his way. Policy and always a wonders coliseum be a leader alone he needs to be a force in that huddle. And make up we've when it comes to quarterback plays usually Drew Brees. It quarterbacks all the you know all the league talked about 75% of playing at being a great quarterback in the NFL is mental. And it's all the other stuff not the artistry not you know not to play making ability and you gotta be able yet to be Smart devils figure this thing out got to be able leave. You gotta know it in a tight situation that you get it done and you gotta make relief you got to average receivers really really good BC Tom Brady we've seen other. Really really good quarterbacks do that and that's why I think I want pat almost a guy that can lead the team down the field and get a win like he didn't Denver in the one regular season starting. Text size 69 reserve six techs symington really good compares and that Alex Smith is may be good compares him for a guy like Randall Cunningham that really looking at his career in cutting him at his best season at age 35 almost exact same thing you can say for Alex Smith if you're curious a lot we're discussing Randall Cunningham. Dean or blouse he was on our show earlier today will play the full conversation for you at 330. This is who we said Patrick Holmes reminds him of. Patrick behold I watched him play and I don't know the samples smallest level that is awful what I'll watch him play. He reminded critical cutting you know other eye I saw all the pertinent here is bigger than I thought lake and I thought. He's got a little bit of that late your ocean and so. Utley hit a guy that as such are bright future when you add in the fact that yes they have incredible weapon that Indy read. I don't know the last sign it he read what part of a back quarterback I can't get my mind wraparound. Yeah idea what was brought in your treatment part of being you know how to get back quarterbacks I think we're all those variables whole got a really bright future. I'm sitting here reading attacks on a kind of leads me into my next point Tex lines 6906. Not making this up these are the four quarterbacks. That people are comparing it Patrick Holmes to. Russell Wilson. The next tax more homes cattle like big problem Berger he's not super mobile what had a big war I think in terms of elusive and isn't locked I think he's a lot I don't think we've ever seen anybody like Ben Roethlisberger has a B I mean maybe we're going Steve McNair as the guy that can stay in the pocket the last second console exercise that I think he's so big and talk to Baghdad yeah it's a huge part of it so much excellence says he reminds me a lot more afar that Randall Cunningham all right someone else I hate to say it but John Elway is the compares and I think his ceiling is John Elway the next tax there. I think he is a more mobile version of the game Marino it leads me into a tweet I saw today that kind of showed me the game last video. It's from a match for Dana being that they pronounce his name he's an NFL lead writer for being incited. Quote I can't remember a QB getting this much tight since Andrew Luck speak a Patrick Holmes. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who even thinks small homes will be decent or worse that's what I've been saying this entire time. Of opinions work in our business. Somebody poll on the other side yet we had skip Bayless and I know that the por example arguing any red RG three the entire time over injury luck weekend all eyes finds somebody on the other side of any argument. By anybody that talks football yeah. That is it idol Patrick a home that doesn't think that he's going to be a sure fire I can't think even when we came into the NFL I think is a better prospect and look. Mean they're holding a team needs translate to this level it's a fair question it was a fair question right. Oh from North Dakota State. What may what are the questions right now about taxable does not like homes went out there and lit the world buyers rookie season. Resop that's all play a couple of preceding games we saw him play one game let's face against the teams hybrid back a star squad. And when I hear this but I can't really are you. I can't remember QB with this much hyped since Angela you'd be hard pressed to find someone who even thinks small homes will be decent. I'm looking at the tax line passing for all the favors he's being compared to last five minutes on the show. I think that was the situation that he came into Carson which go against our rival in Philly. For North Dakota State ball gets he came to division champion. And got to sit by Alex Smith that that Andy Reid and the kid on top of that and it's on a talent has make the the best situation ever. With the exception of maybe Aaron Rodgers who got to sit by Brett Favre and a great coaching and a great team and in in Green Bay should too long in my opinion. All the perfect stage it perfect setup. You know great young quarterbacks with a typically get drafted higher gonna get a crappy teams that made the total crappy team. You know loans and a six had a chance to sit for a year. Learn the system behind Alex meant. With Andy Reid and Alex's team and they surrounded him with a tunnel weapons it is the absolute perfect setup for this kid. Coming up on the other side will give you a chance of 1000 bucks and national ask God's eyes gamble catch up with the former oil Jamie quirk wants to talk about that. The confidence of a professional athlete made up because sure uses conversation we'll get to an excellent drive. Bad news on the drive coming up here momentarily we'll catch up with the eight work. Former royal wants to discuss the confidence of a pro athlete. Dean Duffy could sure use that conversation right now is that thousands on the thirty. Text or basic the AS IC basic. 272881. And you be the thousand dollar cash when international cast concerts sixers Sports Radio. Is the only Sports Radio station and can't see it which is one to 121000 dollars each week. Just listen on the orders for 78 to seventy your next chance to win is in one now. Complete rules and listening to the website one more time than those in the back the heart here he's. Basic beat AS IC basic 272881. As the code word for 23 game right into the. Great doing great managers through a talking baseball mr. week. Yeah it was it's good to have you back it studio week you know Diego he's been the big topic around here. Audi a six and what's going on in his velocity is up there but. Kids and I both seemed to believe that it's some metal thing. Do you know what you do. Well it is definitely is a mental thing but I what's his last game in my question to myself watching it. Was then nobody is talked about it in his pit sequence has been terrible. You know he's been using guns in his fastball early in the count. And get can be was his off speed change of a breaking ball. And not finish and anybody with his hard stuff he's got a good fastball to what is it sequences in the catcher. I guess. Both pitcher and catcher. That you know they they have a game plan or should every game playing going in. But you have to know what your roots as a catcher you always food I'd rather. Calling game to the strength of my pitcher rather than the weakness of hitter. And I'm not sure and I don't see them doing Danny Duffy has a good fastball and they're not using it. OK so is that like Alice is. In the pit sequence that connect vary from game to game based on what you see in warm up get ready to go is this more south things any need to change tomorrow. Is that is that part of. Some of it yeah I mean. They're old outages as a catcher you wanna be prepared enough and you wanna call game in your love your pitcher and never should Q are. But on the other end the pitcher can never really. Oh question the catcher because there he's got the ball in his hands yeah and ultimately he's the one thrower. So ideally your hopefully on the same page. But when there's a lot of shaking going on and things are on the right page there's doubt doubt comes in and desist right it's the throw I see a lot of that. Did you ever have that experience and you were a Major League player where you had doubt about you were abilities because. Net Yeltsin recently got if you haven't heard Ned is back. That is not physical but he's not one on the disabled list that he's perfectly fine. So if he's the worst starting pitcher in baseball asked to be something else did you ever deal with this in your big league career. The confidence factor I think anybody who played the game has dealt with him and I think Danny you know he's come out news interviews and news city stinks in all that in any notes that's great and but you know in the in the professional athletics. Baseball whatever is nobody. Nobody feels sorry for you got to figure out yourself you've gotten gut check look in the mirror you gotta do something. And I agree I don't think it's physical at all it's it's a mental he's ski and that they could spit sequences start his stuff is fine. He's just not using it. How do you get out of is it. Listening to coaching is it Beatty clearing something up in the family because analysts speculate about outscored them but we know he had some stuff happened to a whispering trading. And they came back east room looks a lot more refreshes certainly did. He's the best for important we've seen under this contract. With Danny Duffy if you're in your own head how do you keep yourself out of your own way so to speak. Good question. I don't think there's one specific answer Ford as a professional you you. It's a game of failure you've just got to go out and there will something will click he would he music couple. Yeah he's got he's had one quality start this year you music gets something. Where he gets it going maybe Ned could get him get get through five in get out with a positive outing in goal from their. There's she's. He's all he's had trouble with the 34 run innings is killed is not a one run here one runner it's also need just blows up and he's. I didn't really answer the question but there's really no way to go fix it other than he has to go out. Free your mind it's freer spirit and go pitch but I don't like to sequences what resort. Targeted Jamie Corky thought 525 games it in the bigs. And so this to me this is really interest stuff because I think he's a lame and you just watching the game like what did yuppies get rocky eight. But there's usually a reason. Behind it. It turns the confidence for him Allen to run this body because you mention that there's no like clear cut answer. That helped with player's confidence they did he does he's really complicated. And easy deep thinker I think there's a lot of layers and manic the royals try to watch a different things. You know I wonder where the royals are at in terms of frustration level of Heidi get this guy right you've committed four years and 65 million dollars stone. You've I think probably time showed it's tough love especially at the I think you're patient with him early on his career when he wanted to get out of baseball team doesn't and I'm wondering. If the royals are there which in about what to do here. Until they are you know especially after the last start went. You know right away they're so mobile parent in Newton Danny came out emphatically right you guys said about his health. Let everybody know it I'm I'm flying within you know what you're looking you're let the world know. Your your find your let the world know you staying well now it's time few would do so much ladies are. Royals have tried I'm sure everything that you don't wind up go to back to the stretch go back to rewind back to strip it. This stuff is fine it is velocity is fine now it's it's really Danny on you know you have to figure this out. We we've already trusted and you we've given you this contract. What more could we do. You know you don't stop coaching I know cal Eldred and all the arts they're gonna still coach but sooner or later it's on the player to your goal. Perform let me ask you this is a follow any salary tripled this year went from 5000014. And a guy like that how does that affect a player. When all the sudden the really big money stars to economic count. I think it's affected him. Dramatically. He's trying to put pitch to the contract is that it just pitch. Forget it didn't think like you make him an OnStar he's trying to prove he's worth it. Date the royals paid you to do you were doing not any more than you're doing. Annette Annette that's not Danny Duffy that's happened in a lot of cases guys get the big contract. Then they Philly got to do more than you do not have to do more that they've given you that to do what you did. Not to do more than what you did. How does it play in the locker room with the other players. Day it's not a physical thing I think guys to understand you playing through. Elbow soreness in his shoulder being tired or various things that can happen because I imagine play baseball when 62 there's always going to be some physical danger dealing with. How does that play in the locker room how he's struggling knowing that is something mental and it doesn't play. Secretly for the last five starts it's being he goes out there he struggles eating goes on some and one caller ray with the media but. Very open not good I'm not good at some point I pilot if and that team it's like a stop talking and figure out a way to fix the problem and. I think it's to that point no. I understand I don't know gaining. Personally. I know guys in that locker room in some coaches everybody says he's a great person so let that means are behind. You know so that part of it is that is a plus but. He's at the point now you're right no more this rant and raven it is active Wear on your teammates know it. Yet here you go another bad out eerie you know as if you're a hitter you're spewing your your stinking for three weeks. Nobody can help you but yourself figured out nets I think in the in the midst of a locker room and I think that's probably where they are a quick talking about a dangle do so. Let me ask you this genie too how does that affect hitters know in the year you you've got a starter going out theories that day on a battery every day with the exception maybe Jews out there is right now. Does that affect hitters when they know they have to. As can be tough day. Who got a petition that I am hole held a lot of confidence and had had much success has got to affect everybody not just the. Well I think I'd that you had when Danny pitches and everybody's on pins and needles do I don't know how he's going to be that day yeah you know and whether it be personality wise mentally wise and you know let alone physical wise I'm sure it's a very. Uneasy day when his term come drug and especially is an excellent I haven't looked to see when these pitching again. Might as he's an early stage in the rotation but is staying on his five days. And have her. It says he's got he's got some thoughts yet says he'll star he is didn't really go into it right once thought we we really don't know when he when his next start who's going to be there hasn't been announced but. It I'm sure in the locker room is not comfortable on his win win his next day will come around after his rant from last let's start. Jamie were up against the break here but I want to throughout here on this you played. In Kansas City is goal an error back in the eighties right after the wants the World Series you also played in saint Louis the year before they went to a World Series. How would you compare baseball town between Kansas City and Saint Louis. Historically this is a great baseball town with Saint Louis. In that industry is one of the best baseball towns in in baseball you've got your Chicago Cubs you know you're New York Mets the Dodgers. As saint louis' is right there as far as. Mainly because you're in Europe they did not have a 29 year drought like he had in that neck and that's it that's a big differences in the in the two cities with. They're there a baseball town obviously you know they don't have football anymore what were were both if there that makes sense but. It in the baseball realm in Major League race whether considered one of the top baseball cities. That's Jamie quirk former royal joins us in studio every Tuesday at 230 Jayme always good talking baseball in terms thanks man coming up on the other side you got some breaking cheese NFL news involving one of their players able take a minute next draft. Managed to see you tomorrow especially on the clock. Back in on the drive coming up and fifteen minutes. We'll give you a chance to win a prize all you have to do is tell us why you hate saint Louis Missouri. Coming up in ten minutes we'll give you prize really got to do to win that prize. It is no door pop culture today's pop Wii's. These eight television show a very popular one so if you know you're receiving. Be listening and you have a chance to win in Iraq is sick it's coming up at 3 o'clock we'll give you another chance to win rock fest tickets. So on the next twenty minutes you'll have two different scenes is to win a pair of rock that's tickets. If you're not. Scouring the Internet like we are we got a little bit NFL breaking. It is not that kind of reasonable Wednesday and Demetrius heiress. A majority of the city cheese has been suspended without paying for the first in the 28 regular season for violating the NFL policy program. For substance of abuse he really he's a return to the cheese roster on Monday September 10 following the team's game. Parents is eligible to participate in all offseason practices eighteen and pre season games in Tampa. If you miss that teachers Ayers with a with a passenger in the vehicle that was stopped. And yes he had that. Oh yeah and on him fleeing die in a plea deal he was given a suspended sentence for the charge possession of marijuana which included two years' unsupervised probation. Eighty hours of community service plus completion in the NFL drug treatment our program and two days in jail so yes the teachers there's going to change your fantasy roster changed the way we -- according Dimitris Ayers is out for the first game of the NFL season there's got to be deferred for the chiefs though it for him be better for his stats because that's what his game to drop passes I'm just I'm here on my year crack jokes about I'm just here to pass Owen informacion all of six courtesy of of NFL's his nickname is incomplete to his parents and that's not necessarily what you nickname that you want your make it fun element and highs are you respect is in the background completely off the reunion this you guys. Doesn't mean you guys are cruel hard he's dealer it's stuffy hear yeah. And you guys are here poking jokes and poking fun at Dimitris Ayers who clearly has crying out how curious yet. And it says Clinton millennial dude. I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for guys or create on that sweltering incentives the breaking news for the day. Other breaking news let's take a minute. If you guys remember this or not but there was a player that used to play at the university and did this was until it's you guys will climb is great. There was somebody to play basketball again this. That was old we're confident about his ability and very vocal about. He doesn't remember him Marcus Morris. Oh from the mall here did you know I haven't done this is Marcus Moore is talking about stopping one LeBron James. You know that's there's no fun. My first time embryos. Created. One of those good not good. So things look different now. Low reports and. Personally. Birth growth. Marcus. I'm used that is open house did she say don't right amount are checked with the amount that's behind it says Marcus Moore is this LeBron James on the last three games he's shooting 60% from the field. He's averaging nine assists. He's averaging six rebounds in 38. Points I'd be the bearer of bad news mark mowers but. You can't guard LeBron James 20 to Cleveland AM Boston now a best two out of three seniors. Expect any minute please. After every one of our old man baseball games on Monday nights if there's pressure there early games ago across the street this sport bar right feel when it. At a couple of pops talk about the game I'll complain about my sword she. Ultra a couple of jokes at W lap sat and watched you know try to get double the royals. Let's that would into the sports bar. There's probably expect that in their reports iPod you. Well let let's back 1520 TV a bunch yeah bunch of them we end the game isn't on. I like taking the royals cardinals please tell William that. I mean you can really tell that this rivalry Kansas these really paying its flight. Little miniature social studies we go is portable hard. Across the street from baseball softball complex and the cardinals game isn't on what I would like to heat there was so I'm sure all like. So one of the coast. Like make withdrawals card game is alien like that nobody wanted to watch the game last time I was heartbroken. I just got chosen an awful social studies that nobody cares about the royals cardinals just it's. Disappointed. In those hurt my knee was hurt we got the shut out no longer undefeated and I got to ask deterrent from AT&T and castle so it wants the royals card. I mean shockingly the rules loss last night and others might come as a shock you but the royals once again well thousands or is that their baseball analyst estimates are back to eighteenth easily watched much of the watched as arbiter it was red watching Matt Cassel a large regions castle or Latin dance. So who lost the royals at Al's ass Mario Kart out there to ask you tell me. Watch black Knight with Martin Lawrence and Matt Cassel who watched the royals right now all take a minute. I'm gonna let you guys decide really quickly should I complain or should be happy not gonna complain so this isn't even come on business at a cost less and that debate data are. But they blame persistent across my timeline the out all. NBA rookie team has come out Donovan Mitchell and Simmons Jason Tait and Kyle coups while Lori marketed. Okay. Don and Mitchell there's a girl. Under point you know 100% of first team votes and Simmons 100% of first team votes makes sense. Jason Tatum got 99. Why is are all these one stupid writer who doesn't want to give the best players the credit is a fat. In what world is adjacent to gate and not first team all NBA. An audience saying this because he went to duke and I think he's really good. Parent and you follow the lead yes isn't white and all of the five is rookies geez these items not first team. There is always whether it's all theme vote for MVP vote. Or silver slugger what had you always have to baseball. It's an avid basketball there's always one jacks mean you can't fit into his insulin like that doesn't. You know these guys on first team this. Mia tells Jack that is exactly what you more students leaving there what were you just called him Jack queen what's that accommodation alive it's a bunch of different words autumn whip snapper I don't know what words you called there tonight doesn't sound like something you can say courtesy of the FCC. But that is neither here nor there. Wrong now I mean I I I agree with the guide you believe you use your permitted to complain about the all rookie team in the NBA it's all year. People care about it's I take it talked about you donating Nickels and be happy to talk about the caps but you guys want me go negative. Are aren't about to lose the seat is a game seven mart always down to a game does is it about to lose there to lose the series Weydedat Sanders supporter welcome he really. Babbitt differently and it's about a oh I just ask. Is that it's instantly writes back yes they did they're they're down three to announce that have come down to sixty minutes sometimes I wish that we could give people credit when they do really good things on the texts like at most times it is read people's like really really bad ones. This guy's set about the nature is Ayers you would think he would have such a hard time dropping its app. No I think I'd have Winnetka where eighty Reid is done coach in the chiefs I like to ask him to questions. Why do you have the ball to Dimitris hairs that are critical situation like how many times that we seed. Or five and they run a boo leg. Directly for Dimitris -- that we know he's about to drop it will work like do you think it's good camera last year little creatures it's just never makes any sense to me in the red zone. Why they're only it's OISP 865. Played basketball you show as Ivan IV and it's up admits for glove no. Elements fry thing that's not somebody I want catching passes AM I would like whenever Bob Sutton a at any reader done. I would like to ask them because I'm still trying to get to the bottom of how in a playoff game Justin Houston it was on Antonio Brown lighten. Given me a good enough answer reason and logic explanation we'll see what. To describe to me why is that just might well that was the situation well the formation existent as there dozens if you've been. Was standing on the other side and let's not forget. There was no safety help was just news than you covered maybe the greatest offensive wide receiver in the history of the league given the rules. And a huge cover him dead on the field. Look those two questions answered why did you ever go ball to the major areas. Understand it he's just plug or understand it he's a good special teams player then you can't beat the autumn passes. And how Justin news that was covering Antonio Brown an object that's all I. Energy policy that there's this is the this thing and they added that defense jobs and they had you know the way it was the setup. He. I just wanna understand how now like I'm I'm confused by your all the type of people you guys don't know you didn't play today. Can be a bad player and know that you shouldn't have just in Houston lined up on the other side of Antonio Brown the Osce see this thing was is that that's the way the apocalypse that's where. It's the we start by surprise. Yeah. Chrysler dodge Steve Brandt today's winner gets a pair of rock physically but not your only season when rockets tickets will give you another chance coming up. In a battle to Mets this your first chains today's pop quiz is a TV shows back taken away. Hey you started and then making. Look at jerk at the next. Let's that you are. You've heard. It's when I don't punk. Analysts estimate Q punk. Those fights were on the dirt at the place we hang out. The bottom of the same name though given away yet definitely don't want to do that coming up in 120 seconds we'll tell you what TV show that is. And the next segment is very simple I need you to tell me why you hate Saint Louis will get to a coming up on the drive.