05/21 - 3 Up 3 Down

The Drive
Monday, May 21st
3 positives, 3 negatives for the Royals this weekend 

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Thanks in on the drive it's a three. Read down momentarily right now. Batting Leon. John. Mike stock salve for the reds with America you'll want to go out coordinate policies Escobar. And in city. It's a chance at both late this and I hate this and is the royals. Are in the National League park. That means you kidding we'll waste our time. You ease and he was Ian Kennedy. I have no interest in and let's be games up to DH in the nationally. That would speed games of college college Ian Kennedy had tonight urgently a lot more fun on an island like watching baseball more by didn't have not here's the joke look at this up last night. And I'm fascinated with the old John and and and I in Italy people in freak out of here. But like it as it was the only lead author of game one time there are 861 when Whitner few leads challenges. He was an on base is it that they don't win when he leads off and on his lot of factors that Sheen who's pitching we got your broad and all that stuff. I don't understand what it back bounce whipped around like first second fifth sixth in the lineup. The damn line. I think the qualities that just on the line at that and had ever seen. Insanity is sitting once point nine in his career I mean in a 186 games and he has 300 in 97 plate appearances he has a home run. As I mean he has it won't run before all of Ford is seen stadium on site and I'm not shocked and abetting them outside and abetting of it like Osce is an art today you know let's don't ask. Well you know what it is our job in the show everybody has a role to play you know. Specter's role is to hit them hit the buttons from time to time the animal your role is to be positive about the royals in mind is to slash the tires. Of anybody who is currently on the royals bandwagon topic reentry down. Let's see I got a beautiful way to start things off one is. Of note this is really positive should make you feel good going into this game the royals are fifteen and fourteen. In the new Busch days to get a winning record in this game they're playing at the. Well I've got it down 141. Gainey Gadhafi continues to be it down for you or Kansas City Royals. Of all the pitcher that qualify. Because that innings pitched were ERA. Danny Duffy has been worse PE RAA. Anybody in the game. Of every single pitcher that qualifies that is their doing not as national what about you pay off all up in a six point. Eight eight ERA he shortly matinee prices and AMC right now what is your right that's my down. On the bottom. It's he's an ordeal I bury me they're potentially can look at it that sure I'll know it's not it's not that was the oldest one. Number two for me is an expert in sports impose solutions. Whether or not the royals are fourth in baseball and hard hit rate. They are linked. Higher than any national league baseball team the cardinals. Are nine the worlds of sports in baseball our hit rate. Which means they hit the ball hard but apparently vehicle that people. I'm surprised that you're going to debate it in a Little League hit here manner of LL a positive cells there's not a whole lot of positive. I guess some might qualify as a positive I think it was a negative. Courtesy of Jeffrey Flanagan eight nice crowd at Kauffman Stadium Saturday night. 33600. Before Bobble head day and legends day it was the biggest crowds and opening day did you guys here. It sounds like yankees game it's really gotten them willing where the great baseball being used and Kauffman Stadium a place. Not what it wants a big game is now becoming tourists yesterday. For being lied at bay and lightning may have that never step foot it's not all or Yankee Stadium. Never been to New York now every time go before with the owner Derek Jeter sure courier and good at making them get tickets for Sheen Richards stadium here on their game. I was still with the ways and blue lights the cardinals got them. It's going to be Rana oh my goodness. It's got back in the days of having Red Bull Sullivan. Three. For me this is from burns daily notes you can check out on 610 sports dot com each and every day great continent there on the royals. Alex Gordon made a pair gorgeous catches and lefty at least back to 106 mile an hour liar from laboratory is. In the fourth at 808 mile an hour liner from Erin hicks in the eighth inning hit. Probability is those two liners. 71% and 90% respectively so. Your typical left fielder would not been able to catch those speed up its its we have one of the best in baseball he made those plays. The final downforce today as I continued to gain slashed tires on the royals band lag. There's only one team in all of Major League Baseball that is when you're home games in New York Kansas City Royals. They are the Chicago White Sox over the last saved. There's only one team in baseball as you were wins that you were team is the royals that is the Arizona Diamondbacks. We even though they had the worst oil in the last ten. They are still leading the NL west by eight half game but obviously still a lot. To go I hate. To be the bearer of bad news I hate to poppy anybody's balloons at the royals birthday party. But I don't got to sell you've you know things same angle wants so hot for the boys in blue bell they have enough then I started when game one of the series against the Yankees and then. And then reality set NC.