05/20 Vern's Postgame Show

Sunday, May 20th
In today's edition of Vern's Postgame Show, Josh Vernier talks about the Royals 10-1 loss to the Yankees, takes thoughts from listeners, and we hear audio from both teams' locker rooms after the game.

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Sitting here six. Insider Josh burn here. Are welcome and thank you very much appreciate it it's royals dropped the series to the Yankees. Fall into the finale by a final score of 101. Team has now played fifteen series this. Sport a record of 112. And two all in six. Robert gains in 2018. Fault lines are open for 9135767610. That's not 13576. 7610. Com. Before every season. I like to come up with a theme for the season. Some of you know about this some of you may remember it V. Roller coaster. Of 2014. The fights. Of 2015. High wire of 2016. They all had a reasons. 2014. I I like many people now like the royals were going to compete. For the post season. For the first time in seemingly forever. And there were a lot of new baseball fans coming aboard throughout the 2014. Season. So I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware. That baseball baseball is still a roller coaster. You'll you'll at times you feel like. Checking out misses is it's too scary. This it's too nauseating I want out. And then a week later. It's a euphoria. That you didn't know sports could provide. So 2014. I thought it was going to be a roller coaster ultimately it wants. 2015. Now everyone knew the royals were a legit ballclub. They had me. Fresh and it. Waving about the hall of fame it left field. The rest of the American League was gunning for the royals they were going to. Shoot for the game. And the roads were gonna have to prove that they were ready. For the best punch for every opponent so I deem 2015. The fight. Lo and behold ended up getting a lot of flights that season. And it was a battle all the way down to September. 2015. Was the flight 2016. I deem and that's the high wire. Because I thought the margin for error. With that ballclub bullets then. One gust of wind one injury year. Poor production from this guy. Just a thing or two could knock them off that high wire act and there titled effects. So 2016. Was the high wire and ultimately injuries to wade Davis and Lorenzo Cain. Ended any post season hopes in Kansas City. 2007. Team in my eyes as the senior season for obvious reasons. Because guys like Hosmer and Cain and others. Were in their final year in the royals' organization it was the senior sees it not only because of that. But also because. If you didn't handle your business in the first semester. You didn't have enough time to make it up in the final semester. You better treat that senior season. Like every game is of the utmost importance and lo and behold that brutal month of April. Where at least set the tone for what would be a disappointing 20178. Senior season. So that brings us to 2018. And during spring training thought this year was the test. It was gonna test the players. It was going to test the coaching staff the front office ownership but most importantly the fan base. Danny Duffy said he wanted. More responsibility. More. Pressure. He wanted to be a leader. His desire was ultimately going to be tested. Mike no stock guesses professionalism. After a disappointing offseason that was going to be tested. Salvador Perez's. Enthusiasm. For the game. That was going to be tested and what was shortly to be a tumultuous season thus far a record of fourteen and 32 I think it's. Help form. But Dayton Moore with the draft in the trade deadline heat will be tested Ned Yost. He will be tested every one was going to be tested this season in a way that it's. They haven't ban in quite some time. Including you would not. For some of you new fans that jumped aboard the roller coaster in 2014. This is. Your first test it's easy to root for equality baseball team it's easy. To Chirac on Hosmer and came Marie Alison wade and Cabrera it's easy to cheer on a group of all stars to team competing for titles. Year and year out. But while you are claiming to be forever royals and rays draw oil and royal this in royal that will now that's being tested. Your phantom your dedication. Our love of the game. It's tested. Here in 2008 team. This game today. Get through that one that was the test. Being tested. Every one affiliate with the royals. Organization. Media fans were albeit tested this season at Ohio your fair. 46 games into the season. The boys are eighteen games below 500 and there is no. Sign. Of things turning around. There is no expectation. On my part. That things will get better. Since all our main interest in the deadline coming up at the end of July. Should be fascinating. The draft which is just over two weeks away. Is pivotal. That will be highly entertaining. Watching at Albert's a mile Odyssey when he gets back to the big leagues. Seeing some of the Richard love lady just Almonte coming out of the bullpen when that happens in the second half of the season it'll be interesting. But as far as the win total. Or as the win loss record starting to look a tad bit more aesthetically pleasing I don't see that happening. So how are you fair and thus far in 2008 team. And the test that is royals baseball. You got four hits today. To vote more from a kid that's been up for a week. I saw question. On Twitter. At the end of the third inning someone asked the question. Is Eric's Oakland. The second best pitcher on the staff how'd that happen. And had a few innings later after spoke and gave up six runs in the fourth and fifth innings combined. That person the writer for the athletic. He. Quote tweets and says you know just kidding I guess he's not. That who. The second best starting pitcher right now look we talked about it earlier today on the pregame show the royals. Namely the veteran pitchers on this royals team have put these 25 year old kids in a precarious spot. It is darn near unfair. That every time Jacob Jonas every time Eric Scotland takes the hill. We're look at at these kids with not much of a track record we're looking at them. To stop the bleeding to save the day to put the team on their back and lead to victory. So Eric's Oakland staring down this yankees' lineup for five innings of six run baseball. It should it staying as much as it does. We should. Not allow it not be OK with it. But they can't as pitched very well in each of its previous four outings he should be allowed the occasional clunker. That is what with the cloture. But he should be allowed the occasional horse cart below average start. But with what Duffy Campbell and Kennedy are doing or better what are not doing. They're putting Jonas in Scotland in the situations to where work were angry were disappointed. When ticket with less than a dozen big league starts can't get the job done against date. Powerful. Yankees' lineup. Fault lines are open 913576. 7610 that's not 1357676. Stan hotly affair and thus far where quarter of the way through the test of 2008 team. And boy oh boy did you think it was going to be this rough. 9135767610. Bull headed inside that royals' clubhouse to hear from you right after this. Brotherhood from its movie once when he. We're by jaguar American motorist Brett voters the city of green valley we're excited are. And Wesley he's hardware. Ernst post game show. Built by the man. Dribble workers local 124 Kansas City and seventh street casino covers the red Mercedes-Benz. CM VP electric heat. EC route Randy electrical. There's a shot into the left field that goes Alex reaches up and make sure read my. The book Jack. It's great place. I'm tipping your cap. That's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC Ruder and electrical play of the game this is playing join us on vesco the morning tomorrow at 745 tell us who was part of the play and you'll win pizza from choppers now back divert. A 108 miles per hour off the batter Eric hicks. At falls for hit 90% of the time according to us that casts butts. This afternoon it falls into the glove or or lines into the glove of Alex Gordon Gordon made a handful of remarkable place. This afternoon unfortunately it was in the losing effort royals balled the yankees' ten to one day drop the series. Let's head out to Pleasant Hill hitting leadoff that can be pop. Bob Dole had around 610 Sports Radio. Paper yeah it does one say I was in third grade when the Kansas City athletics game against the city. So I've been through the ups and downs of Kansas City baseball. And it really just boil down to if you like baseball or not. Yeah no doubt you're you're right you're right column. Not only if if you like baseball. Com. That is it. That's it because. You can show opt just to watch. John Karr will stand an area judge can still root for the royals but you take pleasure in watching the game played at such a high level. When Mike Trout comes to town to make sure you seat to those three games. But Bobby also now. That there are not too many like yeah. Not only people that have been plugged in to baseball since the days of the Kansas City athletics. But the amount of people that have V. Commitments. Attention spans the that time. Did dedicates. The kind of focus it necessitates. Being again the baseball. Because baseball to me that the reason why. I mean you guys have heard of the years reasons why I love the game of baseball but no one of my favorites is it be tons. Almost like a family member or a friend. Right he could take it in the car with you you can take it in the backyard when you're doing a gardening work a year earlier Moet and Adam. If you do it hangs out in the garage with you. Every day when you drive home from work you know baseball is there waiting for UN nice night game at Kauffman Stadium you have a beautiful stadium here in Kansas City. It's just always there for if for a solid six months out of the season whether times are good. Or batter happier SATA icing and and Al Green song right now. Nonetheless. That's the beautiful thing about the game. It's always there. Now some people I understand some people aren't like you and I bought some people say hey this does not entertain me if my team does not. Indy upper Echelon I don't love the game enough to take pleasure in watching. Tyler Austin had a pair of bombs off of my team. To me there's always something. Today Alex Gordon in left field hundred soldiers continued progression in. His first week at the big league level there's always something encouraging. But I understand if the winds are there the eyeballs ears. And the attention isn't likely to beat. Bob thank you very much for the fall call speaking up under Dozier. He's addressed in the media inside the royals' clubhouse and RJ Brinkley is there home. Because screw all slugger looking. The other they're both good pitches in his home sharks. And it's. The that person he had it was a slider in the yeah discuss it and we do bad. It's gonna lose ghettos and listen some of those that you. And you think he has to into the triple play. I so. There's a plume as it turned woods. Told us what your record one. And it's given me a lot of birdies. Or at first base so quickly 'cause that existed it is because that exist they have some pretty good so far. Just working hard every game. Brewers who cherish the details of us and as the run on them he was the biggest part of that tradition is different angles of the badly is this different. Just playing third so much as just balls come off different. Have little difference that makes up just like move from laughter enough is so. It's borrowing is difference. Her new music taken him going when the threw to pitcher when he's gonna do it yourself. And that's you know it. Was well I was balls are words. To some of them. I hear they go a hundred Loescher look the royals only had four hits hundred Dozier had half of only goes two for three he broke up. Sony Grey's perfect game in the fifth inning with a two out single back up the middle undertow which are two for three a solid. First base is right without question and he. Game MVP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. Putter Dozier inside the club house delivered by red door grill Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grill. Dimon no second. Right I know took the best bits from the post. Eight notebook I understand. That it's. And you understand there there are not going to mean very many positive notes. Following had one loss and the Yankees. In a season in which the royals have lost fourteen of the first irks you may have lost 32. Of the first 46 games. Don't expect. I can't. I can't say that that voice he. It's the third worst start in franchise history. It feels like the worse it's not. Gross of 114. Of them first Fortis. 2005. They only won thirteen. In 2006. At home Levitt and 35. So yes can't solution at all he worked. John. 365. On them. Dot notes driven by Mercedes the Kansas city south Kansas city's Mercedes-Benz division. Let's go to double. And did you know. Mean. That me. Ali yeah some veteran experience. Well. We would be. It. Bought time you. I think the post game pregame show. And you just based on your opener. Helping him in this. But you're saying that's spirit it described right yeah but so this year I think you. Thank you much for those kind words appreciated doubled. Let's get right back in side the roads clubhouse Jamie leave there Eric scope and address in the media let's hear past that. Okay excuse. This person song. Also in Mosul posting. Its well then. We're or Wales that well and just keep them off balance a little bit. This. They changed their approach will be enough for feel the first two games. On the go really aggressive first pitch. There's probably that change things up at California cases free email so. You know we have just continue to work info. And just keep. Whom. We're we're neighbors it is. Second home run. And that's supposed to be off. Two. That's no. The first one was supposed to be in Iowa from the at all so yeah he did exactly what he's supposed to do and that's it it's a pretty of Arnold so. I don't wanna give too much credit but at the same time. Mean they executed my game so. You know just continue to learn and I'm talking a little bit about it. And just you know just kind of learning every start so I think no. I don't know who are. Later this year's. Numbers and it's kind of this is it. On line at address and an elusive on. Legends have an opportunity that's pretty cool so. I thought I would turn to claim this is over job on third and and then reeling from within and win had a great transfer of first so. On the opportunity was there isn't stuff we'll quit. Usually more reserve. Yankees' lineup for little more patience for that to my card games and go for the. I don't think to have them do it necessarily. Just the way they go and that's in between innings you know going out through quicker. And but I don't think there's and I changed drastically. What. It's pretty didn't hit my it's. It's been rescue need to. I they go Eric's Oakland five innings six runs on eight hits he walked a pair struck out three. He's one in four or with any are right in the sixes in eight starts this season. He and Carson full glare of the White Sox. Are the only American League rookies to make eight starts this season. You know what hole was today memorable performance from Eric's Oakland of course not but I love the attitude loved. What I heard there. Amen I mean I would I meant I'm not a parent but Abbott imagine. That's. You're you're OK if your kid makes a mistake I feel this way about. The guys in the field it's okay to make a mistake just learn from right become better for it. It sounds like Eric's Copeland gonna do all he can't be a better pitcher because of what happened. Out there and and and ice mentioned by him. Of that beautiful turn from Whitman airfield on what was almost a 543. Triple play. Great reaction by most of their third run at the bag and throw us eat now is a little low blood. Still. All rolled over to first base great turn. By wit merit field wit though unfortunately saw his twelve game hitting streak come to an end. It was hit in 447. Over the previous dozen games but today took an offer for the royals. Took a 101 loss to the chin today their record falls to fourteen and 32. Fault lines are open 9135767610. We hear from you and head back inside the clubhouse when we get back. Reveal internal. Tony Moore of Kansas City empowered by Dick Smith sports Kansas regenerative medicine center. Current post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 Kansas City and powered by Bob and DC we. Dire events and vital stakes are you into the hands it's. A good hands can't just think. Laura. You know line drive to left field Alex is coming up big sis if I had any body. It's why it was that ball hit hard and Alex really had very little reaction time. States are you doing and that's another great catch by Alex Gordon. Now what in the fourth and that was a 106 mile per hour line drive off the bat of labor Torres that falls for hits ebony 1% of the time. According to stat cast bucks once again. Instead of falling for hated lying in the into the glove of Alex Gordon court okay and get done defensively. At the plate well. No one outside of hundred Kosher got it done offensively so Alex Gordon the blue collar player of the game. Let's stop. Body give a guy. And what offer. The blue collar player of the game. Well. Because what I show up to the ballpark I expect Alec scored in the make every play. Every routine play and occasionally the spectacular play and did just that today. Anything I get from him offensively is a bonus now I expecting decent decent. On base percentage. Sonny gray was on his game today sunny great eight innings of one run baseball. Had a perfect game. To the fifth and 800 notre broken up that two out single. If you're wondering Alex scored enough hitting to 52. In OPS of six. Royals fault and the one Alec scored in the blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union. Number two let's head inside the yankees' clubhouse. Let's hear from the aforementioned Sonny gray who that we got an act. Well basically I will be opening. Say yeah. It's time for you watch the ball and go straight. That's what we had his. It's expected every day. Do we go into the life vacation. Ways. Carried out. Yeah I knew. You know weren't put back towards attacking. That was and that's you come right. It's coming get ahead in the count and feelings on the ground where the baseball. Hey guys out tonight Sonny gray 92 pitches was all he needed a record 24 outs. One run on four hits one walk five strikeouts in his sunny great looking to turn his season around. As injuries in the bright lights of the Big Apple have really got the better of this spill some now 28 year old right hander. Speaking of right handers let's take a look at what's the com let's sneak peek with twin peaks tomorrow a pair of Friday's squaring off. Ian Kennedy. Opposite miles Nicholas 715. For the first pitch. I'm on the air at 6 o'clock with a pregame. Game 20 against the red birds Tuesday night has Jason Hammel and Luke Weaver that as well as a 715 starts. The finale on Wednesday Wednesday afternoon at twelve and it's Jacob unison Michael walker. I'll be on the with pre game Wednesday acts 11 AM Kennedy ambled units opposite Nicholas Weaver. And walked out snake canopy with a reference from twin peaks twin peaks the ultimate sports slides you've been searching for. We will head back inside the yankees' clubhouse and just a moment inside the club house delivered by red door ground. Here's swinging. For the fences. We'll let you know the royals did not hitting home runs. The Yankees did it for. There have been 55 home runs this season Kauffman Stadium wells are responsible for 29%. Good. Eleven different players. Eleven different big leaguers at his multiple home runs this season and Kauffman Stadium all four of the eleven are royals. Rosa played 25 games. No opponent. Played 25 games here again only four royals have multiple home runs. Yet again. So let's go out of the moderately drove it down at Tripoli all the all the teams. Fifteenth best prospect. No doubt first baseman Ryan offer. It is third home run of the season. And then down and low weight Lexington and 22 year old Travis Joseph. When he died from it back in 2007 teams touch is second to fly a disease. Whole budget yeah. He's right I'll turn it Travis Jones. Swinging for the fences and dire effects. It just makes sense. To get a guy here that. Wells fall and won the air now won twelve in two. In fifteen series played so far in 20181. Thing I want to address real quick and it comes from the that's right Twitter yes. Our guide duck on Twitter reaches out you can always follow the station on Twitter at 610 sports Casey. He writes furnace is just not a very good line. Bring up that triple play guys now please. Please then we have an excuse. They will show app for and desire unlike some of these. Doug price on Twitter writing that. Don't think you very much for a following. At sixth and sports Casey. First of all I'll push back on that effort and desire I would like it instance or. That an instance just trusted name pool. Dawning royal blue are you not seen. Effort and desire for. Go through played today. John. Jorge soul there is your best offensive player. You gonna tell me that moose doesn't have heart and desire get real Salvi wet. Dozier is one of these triple guys you want a state. Court. Still plugging away. ASCII answered the bell every single day. Giroux Cutera. Prepared to play every day even though he's not playing every day having boo. I just. I've met wage too many knowledgeable royals fans. To office. To a lot even though I know I shouldn't let it bother me it's Twitter. But I just can't let this. Copy these kind of cop outs play. Can't let him slot. Because to me at its very. There's just no thought behind it players. I just I don't understand what you're watching if that's your take away. I don't know what you're watching I don't know who are listening to either. You know if you don't have watched this team that there's there's no way you come away and say these these guys are trying. Eager that are your brand new to baseball. And you think what that team didn't thirteen 1415. And sixteen and seventeen was. A routine it's it's normal. Because there are a lot of people listening right now they know what the team looks like when they're not playing with heart desired you've seen teams that don't care. Come through this city it's a lot but you've seen it. And this plea. To have that quote unquote AAA guy is up here now. Who argued talking about or are you just saying things because you've heard someone else say that. That I think that's the best way to put it that's what frustrates me most. Is when it. Royals fan quote unquote what a royals fan. It's still very generic baseball fan. When you have the same tired complaints that every other fan base adds at this point. Whether fair legitimate or unfounded. These these AAA names that your clamoring for our pool. And why. In remote Torres this year. You still utility infielder. I don't know Roger is here. Oh well. Just like copper is here. Is it Paulo Orlando. Did Billy burns are those the riot or hurt. Frank Schwinn battle these are the guys that need to be aired. If you have flinch when dollar rhino are here. Then that means hundred Loescher will not be playing as much Dirk Jorge soul will not be playing as much or like most dockets. Will not be playing as much. Think it through that's all I ask. It's not a big ask. But who else I mean who are these. Who you want off the field who the names you want guys I've laid it out a few times warrior. There's just not that much. Big league talents. Right now at the big league level at the AAA level or at B double a level. This is eighty rebuild. And rebuild. In this market. Is like to rebuild in New York. Where you never lose more than that 83 games. During the course of a rebuilt. New York they can deal with Jacoby Ellsbury make it 21 million dollars while on the DL. They can trade oldest Chapman for labor tore residence behind. Wrote this jet into an 86 million dollar deal it's a different game. So instead of saying bring the kids up. Some research and realize there are no kids ready for the big leagues just yet. And those that maybe maybe. They'll be here soon enough. Let's try to. Drop this rebuilt inter somewhat by adding more pieces via the trade deadline. Let's build up my most doctors at John Jay Lucas let's try to get something for them. To further this rebuilt. To surround that talent that you have a name ball with even more talent so that when that next wave hits in twenty to 121. There's more room for error. There's more talent. When that wave arrives. You can always tweet at us. Again find us on Twitter and on FaceBook at 610 sports. Casey. So what else dropped a series again final score ten to one they hand the ball Ian Kennedy in the first of three against Saint Louis. Tomorrow night. There's always. A certain Jews. For the cardinals series. I holiday is out in Saint Louis but I know here in Kansas City. There is. You know kind of day I. I would say that's probably the closest thing to a rivalry royals. Fans have right now. Surely we don't like the White Sox. There's a history with the Yankees but I think there's any team any royals and would prefer to beat it would be the cardinals. We get our first chance tomorrow and I don't talk at 6 o'clock to three days. Thank you very much to Jay Bentley for the help is always inside the clubhouse Chris you know Sarah for the held back at the studio. Talking tomorrow morning at 8 AM public fast and hopefully and well. Thank you very much for listening. To enjoy the rest of your Sunday Kansas City. Got a long way to go. Try to smile went through. Built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burns notebook it's extends sports dot. Use our town 610 Sports Radio.