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Friday, May 19th

Ken Rosenthal reports on Royals trades, Fake News, Drew Brees wouldn't tell his wife about a concussion, LaVar Ball reaction and The Big Story 


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Back in on a Friday. Rochester gets underway community twenty. Royals victorious last night as you heard from burn five to one over the Yankees true. It just to broadcast last night that Iran in the broadcast last night getting no bookie was taking notes you take that out if he had seen he had spent Oliver. Over Twitter right notes about baby care right now there's more out pulling out and babies didn't see a lot of baseball notes that no but but whatever it is a baseball terms that we just don't know you know or or maybe not enough other thing. Either way it was working on other things he was working without a net. Off the broadcast very entertaining last night they they delved into some interesting stuff involving. The trade deadline for the royals Ken Rosenthal of fox sports is part of there a broadcast team last night. And he discussed a scenario in which the royals navy did to the trade deadline. And stand pat not because necessarily there in it or out of it because it makes the most sense in terms of return. Did every appearance of a seller right off to a sluggish start and a large number of potential free agents. The general manager Dayton Moore said this week that doesn't necessarily have to make a decision right away he can wait right until the very end. The royals won't necessarily get what they want for America hospitals like the stock is Lorenzo Cain. In the situation being what it is they all have. Weigh the value of the potential return against what they could get it. They waited until the end of the season and made those players off buying office if they did that. For every one of those players who got fifty million or more on the free agent market. A draft pick after the first round and the accompanying homebody that goes with the oppressor there's a lot of value in that as well. So. If they make a qualifying offer at the end of the year. Team guy signs of another team for fifty mill. They'll get a pick at the end of the most into the first round and the money that has to pay for that they get out you get a whole season with a guy who. You. Would have got jittery side of Indiana obviously generate the qualifying offer they'd might take maybe take it guys to take qualified take this or not. But you get something back maybe. You consider that more valuable than what you get it trade for say a couple of low level prosper well in and that's the thing you have to look at as well and in you look at. You know the talent in Major League maybe not Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball as a whole years we have you know those names that jump out into those top prospects to hear about all the time there's not a lot of those guys that are screaming trade the MITRE to meet trait for me. And maybe there's not a lot of those guys on the teams that would have trade partner he about the Yankees system and you hear about at about the national system and that's really about it of systems that. You know folks around baseball are touting right now and the way to the royals built their team that is currently can constructed and currently is you know one back to back World Series appearances and whatnot. They built that team by having everybody in the minor leagues together advancing at the same time from A to double in Tripoli and then boom to the major leagues. The only way you can get back to that which I believe is is kind of a once A generation type thing to do what they did is take get top five draft picks all the time and and and do that. But also you could do that. With other draft picks and the draft picks that you may get by offering qualifying offers Hosmer moves cane as he Vargas. You guys that are gonna become free agents those picks may turn out to be more valuable. But the dude you're gonna get in return for trading somebody at the trade deadline so alternately at the end of the day keeping everybody for the entire season number one is that he brings more people to the ballpark which is great. And number two with the return on investment or to reach her of those guys going somewhere else may be greater with a end of the first round draft pick or if they don't sunny fifty million dollar in full contract and end of the second round draft pick and those picks me rules to be more valuable. Then what you could get back in a trade because if you don't feel like you're gonna get exactly what you want and need for Eric Hosmer or Mike who's not as a Lorenzo Cain. They don't make that move take that drastic and that could turn into a great player as we forget. Kurt stillwell leaving in free agency gave the royals a topic that ultimately turned into Johnny day. Can make those those types of moves now fifty million dollar numbers interest thing. Maybe I just it did just that's per year that's total value total night and fifty million dollar contract. You know you look at Hosmer probably unless he signs a one year deal right which that it wouldn't be. Maybe was stock is is playing in. Himself into that range. And really nobody else so you're talking probably a second. A second round slot maybe that's valuable enough to them not to make the move its early presents an interesting situation because I think we get to the trade deadline and the royals don't do anything and we would it appears that they're not in it. It'll be a lot of good gone what are what's going on what could be just that they did five or. Also you're putting that message out there now on the may the nineteenth that. Hey we just may stand pat because we don't like what's out there what does that do. May make someone think about it until that more to get. Something at a Kansas City. Maybe you boost your your trade value later but think about what the royals gave up like the you brought up earlier who lose a guy right now that the rules gave up either for equate or sober so we're looking at right now you of Nassau is totally miss that guy well. Trades very rarely give you any real overturn. That's the reality of baseball like if you trade Zack Greinke. That's one thing because he had multiple years left on his contract when you trade for James Shields. Well the rays got a better term because shields had multiple years on his contract sort of Wade Davis so. Those those trades are different because you're able to get multiple things out of that team because you're giving them a player. They're gonna get multiple years a loner player like wait a words over stern never giving up anything good. This ever somebody you're really gonna miss. You might have a better chance to hitting in the draft on it got you taken the first or second round that you would on some of these prospects that these teams are willing to part with. For a voter to think about that for a second. During if you look at from the perspective the other team. Like from the royals they got Johnny Quaid. You're the that your your parting with prospects that you don't really care about you kind of already know or did it be that good. I take it be okay. But they're not gonna be great players and you're gonna get a great loner as a result that's that makes sense for the team getting a loner it doesn't make a lot of sense for the team trying to sell especially if that team to get a draft pick that player. In free agency and pick who you want you know like almost like pick exactly who you want at that stage right yeah I had to evaluate yourself. How many seven years or whatever is you you have control over them so there's a lot of there's a lot of opportunity to get a guy. That it's maybe your needle that battered and I would argue you get a lot more value out of that that you would some 2425. Year old relief pitcher who's been sitting in the minors for the last three years like a teacher at AAA for the last three years hasn't been brought up we don't and I don't quite know why but let's bring them on over because we need to get rid of this play it doesn't make a lot of sense to me here. Here here's one that at the royals traded for Johnny Quaid and his name was John lamb remember John lamb. He pitched two seasons in Cincinnati went to a twelve okay with a six point 17 ER eight he's now in the Anaheim angels' system as a minor league pitcher right now bats were bats were John lamb is right now that was one of the guys that they gave up. Are you gonna be happy if the royals trade air costs were they get a guy like John lamb. You know in in in return for them no you're not gonna like that Brandon Finnegan. Is another guy but the royals gave up and return his name is familiar obviously because he played. In the World Series in 2014 but how about Cody read another guy that the royals gave up for Johnny way to go. Right now in his performance right now he's in Louisville in triple A he's won in two with a 461 ERA. In Cincinnati Indian in the big leagues in two seasons he's won an eight. With a seven point 15. 394. ERA. I'm forty Cincinnati Reds this year he's one and oh. With a two point 70 ERA and hurt and it he's only pitched in three games and he's only thrown ten innings this year. For the Cincinnati Reds I look at that trade right now and say the royals absolutely fleece the Cincinnati Reds they got Johnny Quaid Owen a World Series championship. For Brandon then again who's been fine average whenever Cody. Cody Reid who's done nothing. And John lamb who's done nothing so John lamb in the big leagues remember these numbers two and twelve. Cody read in the big leagues is one and eight. So you you you your two guys that you trade along Brennan's gonna get our three and twenty in Major League Baseball within ERA roughly a six and a half combined. You got nothing in return the reds got nothing in return for Johnny Quaid on John lamb is even with their organization anymore if. And they got worse it got worse all the gasoline that's that's what you have and the loader tray like if people keep bringing up the Greinke trade. Or dish to trade for shields that hey they got good players out of the shields trading at notre Izzy got buyers' needs like yeah. But not really. Because that was it trade where you have multiple years on the contract the royals can't treat anybody have multiple years if god had two or three years on his contract and you wanted to trade him. Probably get a really nice haul for that right you also should do it during the offseason. But you could literally and I as well. This is about a loner traded your ticket guy for three months the type of prospects are getting back are nothing compared to what you would get back in something like this Zack Greinke trade. I got an even better one for you for a for Ben Zobrist remember when he made that trade for Ben Zobrist being treated Sean in nine yeah. And a guy named Aaron Brooks I click on Arab Brooks his name search results return error try again and at baseball reference dot com. And Shawmut Nye has been hurt and got a shoulder injury maybe he never pitches again who knows that he went over to the Oakland days since he's been the with Oakland. In in in in Oakland he's been a very very very very very average pitcher seven and nine in 2016 with the Oakland days he's won in three right now when he's injured so. To meet you know what you've got Ben Zobrist yeah Johnny Quaid that you gave up nothing how would you feel right now heat out west and Eric cost when he got that type of return for Eric Hosmer. You'd hate it right now it's in the best interest of the royals right now to not make a deadline trade and do you know what if you'll lose a guy either get an end of the first round draft pick or you get an end of the second round pick. That's the best option right now for the Kansas City Royals I would trade anybody and it's also may nineteenth. No lock in change Portugal the next two months we were that the trade deadline is over two months away yeah. A lot of crazy all like to be second so look at what we're getting back to look what we gave up for those two players and nothing don't know when you guys who's contributing at every level in Major League Baseball right now. M and I has been okay. Like Mikhail last year he was okay this year injured but losing seasons. Back to back years I mean he's won in three this year seven and on last year. Get an okay ERA like three point eight something I think somewhere in an area Furman. But that's the one player who's even did it remotely serviceable. 386 ERA last year pro when not bad not that's the one player who's been remotely serviceable yes. The royals gave up for Kuwait though it is over because great prospects are traded. For loners doesn't happen right. How's the peace and that trade cap and midnight commitment Iowa's got a guy and I want you wanted to like yes so did they made it happen and and they got the deal done I would say so I would say the royals got the longer into the deal there if they did they get the veteran guys those guys over eight they had still bursting Quayle's for a combined three months and won a world championships from and there's not one guy that they treated for those guys that we're looking at right now local boy we'd be so much better we had back in our system myth that the the moral of the story is. There's no reason to trade our guys at the trade deadline to get back and stuff back and return it sometimes is too good to be true we look at this week's fake news next. These school. He was talking about we want to be Wyoming I would imagine that there's. Gun in the school to protect some potential growth slows. These stories from around the globe could you. There's serious due largely. They have the most almost more than its origins of the most honest. I'm JJ has something new stuff. Under very effective. Before the fake news color number two right now 9135767610. You're going to Iraq since 9135767610. Caller number two going to Iraq that's coming up on June the third area that Kansas Speedway tickets that rock fest Casey dot com. Amount say hello T 610 sports tenth. You cooled off their watch sports well. And join us on Iraq that's one thing that tonight failed to mention it we've received a couple of tweets in text sun it John lamb is suspended for fifty games for a little. Yeah. We spent that. I think they said you know he's suspended for substance abuse of who knows when they in just to say suspended. Performance enhancing our allies and others it may be just you know whatever dancing. On so he is suspended for fifty games right now he's in the MLB yes suspension pep program so again that the royals. Really just doing a nice job of acquiring while some. Texas brought up the but the year old is jealous strategy added the rules don't have a role as Chapman. Guys like the roles don't have Johnny Quaid and don't have bends over it's none of these pieces are gonna get you to kind of hold and rolled his Chapman would get I mean that's. Who throws 103 on the roster. And eight anybody politely ask you this stuff. All in all honesty what team right now. Is as desperate as the cubs and the royals were to win the World Series to that they're willing to give up stuff to get guys back to enter the cubs under eight years. Desperate or thirty years desperate won't lose it that desperation the Yankees are to be Cleveland. May deep into that little we have the Cleveland wants right now. I don't know I'm just trying to figure teams that might be a little bit desperate because of drought and Cleveland makes sense because they went last year fell just short after blow an eighth and we won the yet. We have our rock fest winner will do it again coming up on Monday adding one each and every day for Iraq has tickets they had and the Yankees got guys you never heard of before you Google news guys that that they got are gonna be good. That's also a big problem the Yankees is a trade partners they had about two people that were supposed to be good this year. As they're played incredibly well so it's tough to figure out with the Yankees actually are an up. Fake news headlines a woman arrested for dedicating on boss's desk after winning the lottery and well or don't. One I have is pretty good. Here is the boss Colin I knew something was wrong because I came back from once in the door to my office is closed in these are direct quotes. I slowly opened the door to discover the woman with their pants around her ankles. Hunched over on my dad's like yeah hippopotamus cheetah a truck in massive do on my desk. She shot her head towards me and look and locked eyes I was frozen in shock and fear. In my peripheral vision I saw a huge butt monkey so lining out of her but like I've. Played a fund factory locked I'm not resting that's the real quote the story. Here's what the woman had to say quote. It was worth it on Friday when I realized that hit the line no idea this would be the first thing I would do. I hit up every Mexican food truck and saved my dumps all weekend. I was shuffling around like it death row inmate trying not to explode. I don't put up the big guys leap for years. It's time he put up with some of mine out and I quote although I got was this Florida where does this take place on York. New York this. I had attack is it what is going in the week ended because such a vibrant city oh my goodness so much so much energy the courts there fantastic point and I pray Afghan goes up those are direct quotes from the boss in the woman daddy beat the quotes are really drugs out stays pretty sick jobs yet. Pollack stay in the State of New York. Headline man perform lewd act after stopping banned in tunnel. They get down and I am sure half the defense there. Authorities say Indiana Ohio and drugs stopped his band in the middle of the tunnels connecting new York New Jersey to fondle himself. B Port Authority says forty year old Passaic residents. Ishmael ask the wind was found Thursday at removing his clothes and performing a lewd apple standing inside his main minivan in the Lincoln Tunnel. One of the busiest in the world I would arms with the drug possession. Driving under the influence of reckless driving in impeding traffic. All right so for folks who aren't familiar with the Lincoln Tunnel it's two lanes one on each side you stopped inside that tunnel made you are still in traffic. For a lot of individuals trying to get out of New York City or in. To New York City so if you're in that to enact guys in there you know you don't measuring himself. He's affecting the lives of a potentially hundreds of thousands of people who were trying to make that commute that's it that's just a bad spot. To try to you don't you don't do the deed if you will find someplace else to. It felt. But living in a van down by the river yesterday and he really does it. Finally headlines complaints. Man threatened to shoot off his penis after argument was wife and what was the funniest part of the video testing penis. A former east Troy man they don't know why he's former but whatever they be moved the Viet. Arguments his wife about sex threatened to shoot off his own penis went into another room and fired four shots and and according to a criminal complaint quotes if I'm not using it I might as well suited off and quote. Robert C a Warner 57. At some American hero wife during the argument. According to the complaint it filed in the wall worth only port city actually do it no fired four shots into the floor. But I think you wanted to scares life into thinking that he says. You know how. I will listen national in Iraq turn around and just if you can't get amorous of them all time you can pull some hide it in the comfort of your own home at 57 years old that you have to please send a message. If the senate messages that takes four shots that does this man's an American hero she does you can't. Enjoy yourself with yourself now that's ridiculous. These story continues shockingly. Eight Warner admitted to drinking a twelve pack of beer and yeah that's sounds of Aaron started drinking at noon. He argument kicked off around 5 PM slowed drinker. At twelve Beers five hours. Lightly and it okay. I'm being seriousness that's very easy. This is that 32 Beers you guys and now our users sees he was still. It over and I are gonna make a judgment call Robert A corner whatever his name is. This guy's streak in domestic not you know fancy crap all he's just according to his picture yet he he absolutely he's buying about thirty please say about domestic beer. I'm saying this guys drinking domestic beer her own mother brought to the mess so I I. Or of course led the bar every time I'm just saying this guy's not again like and that's bluegrass. Point 8% six pack of you know EJ BV yeah you to be crappy he's buying a twelve pack of some of the good step. The Edison yards in exactly as your DVR does this have done and see blue velvet. Coming up next we go commercial free and some NFL players are keeping big secrets. And it's probably good idea. I annexed. Free until 9 o'clock. Your chance to become a highly sought after FaceBook friend offense get older and coming Anthony 15 I am. Willing to accept new FaceBook friends after last night as we thin the herd him and try to provide you with a better. Grouping of FaceBook follow after last night's no discussion of mustard on my FaceBook page I am willing to listen I have new spreads now. I do is send out a warning him France is our friend Pam sent me tweet last night very concerned. That's was he taken off the page Pam and I go way back to my came easy DC is not going anywhere so I am has nothing to worry about. But what we were discussing mustard last night if you put the stick this sportsmen we were discussing mustard last night is how that sends out signals exactly known felon. A lot of discussion of mustard last night. On it if if you put the east and stick to sports and you were serious about it is there was one person who was serious about peace to the sports guys to be paying more attention to the royals game isn't talking about mustard. The time he's ago OK time for you to go side so I'm willing Mike to. The kind of acquiesced here today and accept the new FaceBook friend and a kind of on your side on this one now get excited it's it equal. Three categories sports or you are sheep and three did race. I'm ready for that 91357676. Teddy start lining up now Mike you're waiting in his Q and it's based on paper and coming. Yesterday we we told you talked a lot about the Tom Brady story. Gisele. Had dead on on CBS this morning said Diana and Tom Tom had concussions Tom has concussions. Drew Brees appearing on the Dan Patrick show yesterday. Was asked if he would tell his wife if he was ever can cost. If you come home from a game and you might be dean during your bill wrong would you tell your life. Our. What are word. And and I'm always Drew Brees and that man and an and I activists say this that this is gonna sound very very harsh okay but it's not meant to be. He got to clarify everything these days. If your NFL player. And it comes down to an injury. Your wife is kind of on a need to know basis you know frankly your mother's side need to know basis because the women in your life care about you the most. And they tend to worry about you the most OK and they should your wife in your mother gonna worry about you more than just about anybody else well. And if I'm Drew Brees or I'm Tom Brady or from anybody that plays in the NFL. The last thing I'm gonna do was go home on a Sunday afternoon after the game and tell my wife my head's hurting her tell my mother my head's hurting. Because they're gonna war either gonna overreact they're gonna overcompensate for that kind of stuff because they care so much about you. I I'm with Drew Brees I would tell my wife a damn thing. If I was an NFL player there's no reason to tell that because what she gonna do retire quick and out of the game when you still can and all that kind of stuff. Would you feel like you still wanna go out there and play and I just don't think it's healthy. To tell them that kind of stuff if you are injured out your hospital or something like that that's a different story but if it's something minor. I would Drew Brees man on keep and I think to myself I'm still maintain there's a strong possibility Tom Brady just. Holds his cell hey I have a concussion because you want to hurt to just leave Malone could be as we've all been there in those situations right yet where. The significant others. Frankly knowing you Newsnight. I got this thing going on it gage just didn't lay off just a little bit right made she's got Tom Brady out here cleaning toilets allegedly come so it's possible he was just like hate. I got a bit of concussion from last week media site chill for that okay greatly or to try to get out of something that she wants to go to right. There's some events that you have to shut days that. They did just about the machine go there but let's say third just arguments sake that he actually did have a concussion. Let's Tom Brady's choice he gets to begins to make the choice. Period it's not up to the organization is not to the NFL if they can't identify the he has concussion only Tom Brady knows that he has concussion. It's up to Tom Brady. If Tom Brady decides that I'm not going to play I don't feel like play and I'm gonna go a root held the coaching staff that I don't feel good enough to play. That's great if you wants to go to the coaching staff and say I'm totally fine. That's great too. That's what I think people are understanding here. There is a personal responsibility when you play athletics in any sport right at over but he likes to vilify the NFL because they're the big dog. They're the big one there are head and shoulders above every other sporting the in the United States so everyone wants to come after the NFL like they're the DA they're the devil. Personal responsibility with injury is a very large part of this. If you don't want to take that step you can't blame the patriots you can't blame the NFL you get them out another movie where Will Smith does terrible accent. Where you have to explain to people well see the NFL causes this this in this it's a narrative it's not based in reality. The players aren't they are just worked well I got a concussion in the NFL told me to keep playing no they can't play because they wanted to and then they lied about it because that's. Players do and in numerous players both current and former both on and off the record since we've lied about that kind of stuff I've told my elbow sorts of my head declare for second. Before they went to the concussion protocol started to view and analyze me but. What this does is doubt creates a bigger picture whether or not he should lied to your wife and Boston talk show host Gary tanker ray says you know what this marriage is doomed. Pages of this morning on CBS impact Brees had concussions play you can customize your. That's no big secret I bet there are how to players in the NFL that have plagued concussions and told him but he hasn't been on the injury report the big story is she knew what she was saying. She wants her husband out of football she wants in the queen today. That's why she said that I'm telling you right now Tom Brady will pick foot. We just sell any day a week. Bears. And and I tend to me 00 I mean he announced that smoke. Yeah wow. Now if you are Tom Brady Gary ten ways from from a Boston yeah CS and about eight dollars said Medved dollar earlier today here on fest were in the morning said something very similar to that. You said. I don't know but he loves football once he's done with football and she's the only one around that they might be a little bit a trouble because she didn't want him to keep playing football clear right. By the way she's talking she doesn't want Tom Brady keep plane that's. Create some trouble. Because a lot of Tom Brady's identity is football right all of his identity is football without football he doesn't have thugs without hugs he doesn't have to Zell and by the transit of property right without football he doesn't have Gisele. I will say this to Zell better lay off him a little bit because again. He's Tom Brady she doesn't know how to lay off the embody what she's always done he's Tom Brady now I know Gisele is a wonderful woman and all but you don't like if she continues to nag at him and tells him to quit in him and bothers him about playing in the game that he loves. He's got a few more years left the football. He could find another woman there would be a group of people hurting of their Reza amazed if Tom Brady became big available and a group whether that would say I would be interested in dating Tom Brady like if he ended up breaking things off with Giselle. I hate how this is gonna sound he's got an easier time finding another woman that he would to replace those years of playing football well so if you have to choose if you're Tom Brady. I probably would choose football over Gisele does. Point oh this is one of the very rare times in a super accessible sorry rich guy and it would actually it would actually. Benefit Brady more. In a divorce that it would the early because he makes twice as much money he has a lot more amid Hewitt is divorced and they split 5050 Tom Brady's walker whether nice payday the screen were the odds are yes there. Up thirty worth almost 200 million dollars you could walk away with a nice payday after a divorce that's exactly right so I mean you know she she is like him I mean like the the the wives kind of dole what you're getting into when you marry an athlete especially football players. They're all too competitive they're not gonna quit they're not gonna stop they don't care what you say they train their whole lives to be the best. And when you'll a couple of years left. You're not gonna give that up and I don't think it's the right thing to do for Gisele to say that kinda stuff and then basically begged for these guys to retire. You knew what you were getting into when you married a football player these are the chances that you take. The reward is very very high this is very very high as well and you may take years less left. With these guys didn't that you would merit a normal guy but your life is that if that is a hundred fold because you were mayor. Not an NFL matters. She must really love them. No she wouldn't she not benefit and also Tom Brady. Oh I think her cue rating is in debt increased regulation is room for dollar figures that race you're telling a better life because Tom Brady your life have been pretty freaked people still without your enemy it's pretty sweet I think for either one of them no matter who they're with but if you I think I would tell asserted again. But I think is more concerned summit doesn't have anything that there. You know she's got she's got her own bank account their boats and getting worried she can worry about his Al Shara and let's not too worried as opposed to all if I cut off it's a fight toughest football man we've got the kind of paycheck come and I idly as Amy woods contagion but she really but it's only happen in any other relationship in the NFL char. Absolutely could if top if Drew Brees is wife and out what she does. Says well him maybe how can this here because if he doesn't play we non cash commitment. She got to delegate problem so we must really love them guys well is she really loves it makes you let's get allowed to play football not push him away are you saying. Though Josh I mean if that is true and I think it's a fair point you bring up the too zealous and have a lot to lose right right. How many wives aren't saying that. About what's going all their husbands in the NFL but cautions that their husbands are hiding hole by from their team and from there in the at this. This is interstate we bring that up because a lot of people are trying to turn this around in the NFL. I bet a lot of wives have kept their mouths shut when it comes to that Andrews because they don't have the financial means it dissolve into this this is not on the NFL in autos and activated to absolutely every single player taking responsibility for. His or her action are we had the day after on the Colin Cowherd show yesterday with that Kristy Lee after the reaction to the Lavar ball interview that we talked about yesterday. Com. I need defended Christine Leahy yesterday is still defended the the reason she thought that Lavar ball is being disrespectful but. Now she's not very Smart when it comes to business. Fermi truthfully I don't really want to talk about him anymore I don't want to continue to let him be a part of my life as he has the last four hours run but I think the reason that so many networks choose to have him on is because he says a lot of controversial things he's. You know allowed in the big personality which I've been totally fine with. But I hope that yesterday. Showed who he is and that we stop putting him on. All these networks is to get controversial statements out of ten because that is potentially what could happen I think there's no place for that. In TV no matter what kind of ratings you're going to cat. And at this point. Wet I think about it I would love her bonds are about to have whatever he can I I I think about him in the situation I want him to do well. I hope that we stop letting his father talks so much and media allow Alonso to talk I I would love to hear more from him. I would hope that he's successful and I think what the car is doing I don't think yesterday is gonna help his son at all. And nobody wants here once. And through it yeah exactly. You have to remember why the kid's name is right yes you do you know Lavar right and I here's here's what Lavar say don't but in the same show. Colin Cowherd references the fact they broke. Digital ratings records projects. And because of that Lavar ball segment yes it just to statistical side that people are to Eleanor in record numbers for the kind outward show to watch Christine Leahy or calling coward they're tuning in the because of what Lavar bald and in Lavar ball is. Eight ratings generating machine in and that's what it's all about I mean you have to understand and I'm surprised Christine Lee did doesn't really can't understand this. In this day and age it is about clicks it is about you know digital impression it is about how many times people stream your show war. Watched you on TV that's what it's all about it's all about the exposure. And you know the using Lavar ball as much as Lavar ball is using them we have also about leaving all the free club that Lavar ball has gotten free shoes but how about all of the free pub and all of the interest that fox involved EST you have generated every time that they have this guy got. I think each side knows they're using the other side and in a relationship you have an understanding of what's going on. Your good I think everybody right now on both sides is good with the fact that they're utilizing each other. To further an agenda to further their brand to make themselves better Lavar is helping fox and fox is helping Lavar and such a two way street and that's why don't understand why Christine Leahy says we should never put a Monica and I don't care about the ratings that he generates. But yeah that's what it's based on that you know I mean that that's kind of what it's based died. When you do a show like and people are watching because Lavar ball makes some himself out of our ball says a lot of them. Bombastic stuff he's disrespectful way said big Christine Leahy was disrespectful. And she's a lot of respondents harshly issue wants. I mean that's a thought people I'd still think he will make you mail a week when they call it sexist because. By the negative responses I got about that yesterday were what does somebody told you stay in your lane because your psychic is like then you're proving my point you'd. It's not sexist because you say the same damn thing to me. It is disrespectful. In our respond harshly. That's what Christie Leahy should do yet understand man it's kind of a game. It is that serious yes we're talking about sports. Like. Colin Cowherd and Christine Leahy in the four ball all went home last night you live their lives stating only. They didn't actually have that much effect on their overall wise because of this it is that serious man responding in kind if you're Christie Leahy. Throw a couple of hail makers in fact my advice go over the top go nuclear on it via. Why not or every place with kindness and say thanks for the comments helped to set records everybody's on your side right now pros and hay makers at the bar ball. Come after his two points per game in college right now there's a lot of ammo there for the VAR. Bush and unload some of that instead of stated on your pedestal for right in Haiti now life lessons to all the sinners who actually watched your interview in record numbers. There's backlog 357676. And already the F Pasco FaceBook let's do this friend wonder lake. That's all that's let's a long title it is not an admitted yourself that. Were trying to or welts on a mission to bring better FaceBook better quality FaceBook friend t.'s vesco festivities that are fit for her themselves I was trying to help by 767610. Easy questions to become a FaceBook friend of fest doesn't help improve. His group meanwhile what would you say if the cheese added a U new coat they don't need anything at 22 line he had in mind. Michael Vick plot. Good affecting coaching anybody. Almost got out. When we can't be you know if there was an opportunity. You know obviously you would love to put a father and well. So we're prepared goes. Michael Vick speaking on the the Howard escape pod cast an hour of the media giant in Philadelphia metro pretty handy for a lot of years the group but Michael Vick says he would. Love to coach for Andy Ram that's I mean they you know what if if I'm Michael Vick or from anybody that used to playing in the league. And I wanna get into coaching and I know Andy Reid and I played for Andy Reid. That is the perfect guy that you wanna coach sport he knows how to build a program he knows how to build an operation he knows at a sixteen assists sustain success. Why would you wanna coach Randy I think that makes logical sense right there from Michael. For Vick it's the perfect situation I don't know that I want Michael Vick coach in my quarterbacks. They what's his advice be the most athletic quarterback in history of football. Is that they seriously what did he do for our mechanics standpoint to make you think he'd be a great coach like. I think Alex Smith would probably be a really good quarterback hurry and you made a lot of these guys that in the NFL for 1213 years. He's got a lot and made a ton of money with limited athletic ability limited arm strength that's the kind of guy wanted to coach I don't need Dan Marino as a coach like. When I supposed to do. Oh just throw the ball really really hard to back out like a Dan Marino's nugget hotel what somebody who's physically gifted to be like Coachella somebody mail lot. Out of their lack of physical gifts to be my coach JoAnne K well like with like Jordan or are nasty anchor like what do you what do you teach somebody about being. Like I mean what what's the best what is what super stars ever been a great coach it is different baseball with hitting coaches I think. They often times for hitting coaches you can see like George Brett when he stepped in to help with the royals. Did incredibly well left after two months yeah but Barry Bonds Mark McGuire they've had successful hitting coach careers actually wire to wire as bonds is his bond even in it anymore he's still doing their own luck on that. Gas by the dead by the Marlins last I think you only lasted one year bonds is out. On the he's not hitting coach anymore I think you know you guys a colleague dale swain I mean he's the hitting coach re hearings into seeking a great Major League career. It's the guys who who you look at that don't dual whole heck of a lot. In the big leagues that turn out to be some of the better coaches and I think the same goes for the NFL who's the last great lighter. To be a phenomenal NFL coach I mean you got to go back to. I don't even know who did. I mean I mean that Dick it was brilliant player and then a really good coach but that's I mean it's very hard to find this is the usually the guys like let's say Nick Saban. You played college ball and I mean I played Alabama played somewhere big. Any played. From like 68 to said he too but was never that good of a player he just got through it because. He was a really heady player he was Smart and that made him a really good like oh. Cast mentality in you is sorry did the same be said for quarterbacks to coming into the league. I'd much rather have a quarterback for me nine. Alabama Ole Ohio's the. Style blues July in Alabama or Ohio State quarterback has had success in the NFL. It's been tough for them Ohio State as tough situation now because they have Urban Meyer it has become very well known since urban Meyer's first quarterback in the draft Alex Smith. That you don't take Urban Meyer coached quarterbacks and a draft. It is I mean look at some of the best reasons Purdue. Rodgers cal. Sims what the Morehead State who. Bill's business now wants well I see that was right backs all the time too that's why I'm huge. When he wants stream hunt play he asked to try to make some space on his own because he doesn't have the great offensive line like you would in Alabama where there's holes that are huge two run through. Yeah I get skating get through holes so hitting those pretty much at every position is there eighty is there a quarterback factory anymore in college football when you when you look at the school you'll my goodness that that organization turns Allah. I don't think there is a really don't mean USC had too many busts to really be considered via Iran. They're the closest state has put out a fair amount whether or not they've been having thought that was a big time and today in college. And then EJ Manuel that's that's 31 round picks out of Florida State only one of which has actually had success and Jamison went let let's look at the starting quarterbacks just in our division right now you get out. With the with the Utah not a football school you get their car that with the Fresno state they have been relevant since there Karl laughter SS game LC. You've got whomever packed implants in Memphis Memphis okay is that the guy you wanna go with the Denver fine and it over residence where it was went and C state. None of those are football powerhouse has none of those are really a football school. When you look at it on the service NC state is probably the closest that your going to get to the biggest political muscles were transferred and then Russell Wilson and he went on day you know Wisconsin obviously look at the but let's look at the the NFC east let's look at. Well I guess he got to Mississippi guys and that press got an Eli Manning. Copies state yeah yeah when residents at B one was as they say the best same stay SEC schools are not Kirk cousins went to Michigan's today's date and end you have. What's the team that a viability of arson and they North Dakota State so you don't really have. All off true football factory anymore when it comes to quarterbacks you've got the eyes. That are really good at their positions. And to take another step further. Look at the AFC north right now. You've got to Miami of Ohio starting quarterback in you've got to Delaware starting quarterback. As to what your guys there with Pittsburgh and Baltimore okay. Delaware. And the University of Miami Ohio and I mean it's always TCU and I guess Kessler was USC. And what they distracting Kaiser Notre Dame but add to your point. There's a lot of different guys that come out a totally different programs may even Cam Newton and Oliver yeah. Auburn is not some kind of quarterback back there a little care about quarterback in Auburn. And it's it's it's interesting to see though definitely where some of these guys coming in Kenya went small our ten minutes to mean Nike and possible schools before that as other tech seismic throughout Stanford. Stanford had a couple of good ones but they're not really a factory meeting at one time Stanford was a quarterback factory but outside of Andrew Luck John Elway. And again we're going way back right you could find some great Stanford quarterbacks we go way back extends from meaning Maurer. I mean it I don't think there is a legitimate quarterback factory other than Florida State whose had to busts and one guy who's kinda working out Janus Wednesday as any lead right now already division in the NFL right now. Had a starting quarterback from this two starting quarterbacks in the same school. Not to question com. Not that I can think about the top my head now. It is just a real quick gas and TOZ yes. And now and I know there's two USC has started and is there well I guess all her product Kessler and there in the same division. Publics are there so it's hard to find a quarterback because there's not a certain places you can go to the song and that's why that's why some of the but it did not come Padma Holmes is totally off base guys like they were to Texas Tech so why that doesn't necessarily need idol to Delaware then. So on Texas as it they'd like. Vick to work with that solves. Y he show about a rocket arm things from out of the pocket. Well he knows how to rocket arm based out of the pocket I'd rather have a guy like guys saying this is just got her hostage Roy Smith. The I won the won the Heisman. Yeah I'd rather have a guy like that who had a role on the pocket and find a way to make it happen even though we didn't have the best athletic schism in the history of the quarterback position. Asked how big of Sar I don't want the strongest arm quarterback or the most athletic quarterback teaching my god. Quality guy who had mediocre athletics is teaching my guess here's what I would do but you can't do so are you daddy you're out here and I would do but you know you'll have it like I had it saudis who read. Big story. Oh regular sound. Well that does Sunday. I read the top I have heard about that so bad. John Noah to Stanford I thought they were to Kentucky Derby stick that's pretty. And here's a good one that we miss Jarrett got there Rogers both wary now there's different count but not the same on the same got a good decision for two grade school re just glad to army got drafted. And an account guy decals and a shells leave the yearly spot them. Big story today. Rails being the Yankees last night to a five to wonder how good a stuff. It was it. He was as good as we've ever seen him in his second. Best strikeout performance as a member of the royals would tend strikeouts yesterday obviously at the sixteen. You know a season ago but that was it that was an amazing start. By Duffy last night but were also forgetting to give credit to the guys at the bottom of the early tributary who came through with a big opposite field single. The drive in a run for the Kansas City Royals the two guys that showed up on the show this week man. Good karma for Danny Duffy good karma for tributary Kamal last may and you're gonna have good things happen to you on your field of play that first inning for dubbed the area that was like the terminator. Right I mean he's just dead at all I of those guys struck out decided there walked off the mound like he was on a mission and that curve ball was fighting so hard and I. I mean it was one of the most masterful performances I've seen you know long time for restarting their games like that make it fun to watch now that was an that was a real fun game to watch an enjoyable game to watch lasting not to because the royals one. But because Danny Duffy owned and some dudes and he holds himself some serious dudes last night. It was fun to watch her. Coming up. In that two minutes were gonna try America's newest game show. What do you know wade they're gonna wish him VIP passes to winning streaks inside of hair is 9135767610. I don't think is enough time to explain it it's a bullets or Reba McEntire. Perfect title and play that team who if it's an ethics.