05/18 Vern's Postgame Show

Friday, May 18th
In tonight's edition of Vern's Postgame Show, Josh Vernier reacts to the Royals' 5-2 win over the Yankees, takes listener calls, and we hear audio from the locker rooms after the game.

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This city here six. Inside Josh burn you. Hi good evening welcome and royals victorious they snapping a five game losing streak to the opener from the pin strippers final score 52. Fault lines are open for you look I don't know how you draw up a better Friday night in Kansas City. 84 degrees at first pitch some of the biggest names in all of Major League Baseball team most. Recognizable. Team and all of Major League Baseball is empty your ballpark. They are light doubt after spending the night on the plane or at the airport so you had a groggy Yankee's ball plopped in York are. House more than 26000. Turned out for this one. And boy oh boy what a pitching performance they saw tonight Jacobs Eunice. Five and a third innings. To run baseball that two runs come across to score after he'd departs. The game in the sixth inning. And boy oh boy every time he had to make a big pitch he certainly did. Ned turns it over to the bullpen and man. Kevin McCarthy once in three in the seventh going through Aron judge DDR gore is and John Carlos Stanton. Brad Keller in the eight inning made it look easy going through Sanchez Nixon walker. And add Calvin Herrera picks up say number nine on the season so if you're a fan of the royals in your a fan of pitching. It got all you can ask for tonight. Now if you're a fan of the royals and you're a fan. Extra bases and power. Salvador Guerrero has certainly provided that his solo shot in the fifth inning good for his sixth home run of the season. Hot Dozier supplied some power but as has been the case for him sense. Being recalled to the big leagues. He's hit them hard but they aren't loud outs warning track outs line drive bullets. That are finding the gloves of the opposing outfielders. So if you're royals fan that is a fan of our you've got your wish tonight. But if you're the kind of fan that. It's a fan of the little things. Taken the extra base. Hostile and out of the box. Action on the base paths. If you love the late seventies and mid eighties Roy hill's the royals of 2013. Fourteen and fifteen while if you're and in action baseball fan you got your wishes well. Which Merrill field steals three bases in the first four innings of the game. Witten airfield as Steve Stewart just alluded to. Was certainly in ignite her tonight for the boys in blue look I don't know what kind of baseball fan and you are. But as long as you're royals fan you're walking away with a big old smile on your face tonight royals win five detailed. Danny Duffy takes the ball tomorrow night in game two of this series but I hear from you again phone lines are open. 9135767610. We can get into the axis that knows we can talk about the game specifics if you want. But if not then I. This is one of those nights where. Let's just talk about the experience. Let's talk about what you got here did you take in some of that batting practice re able to catch. A foul ball world was the was the kid able to get an autograph. How was the food how was that night how was the experience because these are the type but knight's. Record book yeah. You know if you brought. Your son or daughter this is that type of night that hooked them for life. If you haven't been at Kauffman Stadium yet in 2008 team this is that type of game that looks you to come back for at least one more. Maybe two more. Maybe you'll look ahead at the calendar to check outs. What what can we afford to make one more trip out to the cac. A beautiful nights of fantastic baseball game a brisk. Well pitched. Well defended if you are royals fan. And at all ends with a big old W for the boys in blue 9135767610. A wanna hear about Jordan Knight at Kauffman Stadium a triumphant night for the boys in blue and we do it. Right after this. 124. I jaguar American motorist Brett loaders the city of grain valley. We're excited are. Where. Burns post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124. Empowered by seventh street casino aristocrats Mercedes-Benz. CM VP electric heat. EC route Randy electrical. Jehovah tonight. Yeah. I. Sixth home run of the season floor Salvador Perasa snapping it over thirteen. Nice night overall for Selby two for three from the day she drives in three runs. And now has nineteen runs driven it in 24 games since returning from the DL royals when the opener from New York. Final score five to two let's go to double. They protect the call publish. I say yeah. Florida game you had urged are in the game. As well offensively. The I mean. It just simply great game the beat for baseball. Never doubt that way such as the leader in near. Just at present there in China is. This just in Jordan is baseball. Well there it is right there double JPEG very much for the phone call yet yet don't pay attention of the division. And I don't even acknowledge that yet a down year so far for the American League central to know what you said to finish off your phone call. Just enjoy nights like this. 84 degrees a packed house. Fantastic pitching. A little bit of power. A little bit of action on the base passed just an all around solid effort. From New York Kansas City Royals just enjoy that. In jury whom you were whipped at the stadium enjoyed the memories that you hopefully made. Enjoy getting a glimpse at one of the best young players in all of Major League Baseball and Erin judge enjoys seeing the power. Even though the power was felt via the web. I'm John Carlos fan but I enjoy watching it seems that special. Bow. To your boys emblem. Now. Strange journey to Kansas City spent the night what in the airplane or in the airports. How did Washington DC. Hubbell had inside the yankees' clubhouse coming up in just a moment. But first let's head out to blue springs. Talk to Andrea. Your on 610 Sports Radio. Haven't met Ali are ones I don't. I work out there and probably. Citing and and and. Yeah you know what later thanks for the phone call I was talking width. A friend of mine during the during the last game back on Wednesday. Against the race. Rays royals two teams adding. I'll porous starts to the season. And he made the point that men and the second you walk through those turnstiles than the moments. You get to your seat all of that for the most part for most of us. All of the ancillary the big picture stuff. Ceases to exist. Right way when you walked through if you want the 26000. Plus in attendance tonight. When you walked into the stadium whether you were rooting for the royals or the Yankees. Everything that's happened over the past week past month past two months. That issues you're caught up in those nine innings those 27 outs eroding on your team to come away with this double B. However meaningless in the grand scheme of things for these. Three hours on this Friday night this is the only game that truly matters and boy oh boy to the royals give you a good one. Maybe nobody more sold than Jacob Judas he's addressed in the media. Inside the royals club policy and our dusty likens as there. Slider and his. You yeah effective. Some terrific. Today it was good yeah yeah that's going. Some and the bass. From its. Sometimes she feel like there should be incidents in the house. Wellesley hills and in the hotel and they can. It's just didn't fall our way. Thankfully it didn't cause much damage don't lose friends. Yeah there's like 3 or 4 o'clock. Cedar and the batter couple. There's at least three if you want. I'm happy with the kids I mean. Good change of some. You're here. I'm now. And news about that time. You pretty soft says he's going to fall my way. Mark tonight news a lot of. There are a lot of. It's going to keep the ball bounces on call speed. Even then elevated over the place the you're. Hostage horror war heaters problems. News. Defensively we're just doing what he's doing to help analyze it's crucial moment themselves he's. He's dad go to guys to get things are very now. Anytime you can get on base emotions you back to make stuff happen excellent there's success for us. And in colleges and says. Cuteness of popular stories straight obviously yankees. Yemen anytime you can you can pitch well against team back. There's. And he Jake if you spot in the third innings of two run baseball he allowed seven hits struck out three walked only one. Jacob G it is inside the clubhouse delivered by red or grill. Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grill and diamond no second. Got a note to the best bids from the post game and notebook lets stay focused on the guy we just heard round Jacob Eunice. Yeah improves to fourteen and six lifetime. Which matches rich Gail for the most wins by a royal through this first 19 career appearances. This fourteen wins but yeah. Are now most by a player drafted by Kansas City in the 29 round or later some ask Jose Santiago. Who went thirteen and twelve for the royals from 1997. And 2001 book at our guests. Jose Santiago. Jacob Judas picking up win number five on the season all five of his wins this year. And come following home royals lost. At that tonight was the sixteenth time Jacob Jesus has climbed the hill following the royals. Suffering along. Royals who snacks dating and evolved Jacob units in all sixteen career start. He's eight and three was three for doing yard where the royals have won twelve. Of those six teams start I don't know what the definition of stop for it. But it seems life. Whatever it is Jacobs you know this would certainly qualify domino. Driven by outperforming Iowa Kansas city of aristocrats voters legendary performance wrapped in today's luxury. Royals win five detail let's head right back inside that royals' clubhouse with an airfield addressed in the median dusty likens is there. Here game. It's. Yeah Osgood. Well and executing solved and you know just about but reasoning goes. If when you do. Think it's. It. It was pressure on the defense and put pressure on the schedule. My job yeah. Put pressure on him and make him they just go to something literally. What was your approach against sabathia obviously did steal it he's a guy who distort your credit Bruins were. The yankees' success is our. What was your first. I'll I mean honestly just. You know sue ball open and Joseph could put a barrel on. I'm Joseph the first one and then. As students were just kind of out front on speed pitches that are happening get good piece virulent enough to get through holes so. Is good to Georgia stuff and he's deceptive and if it makes speeches of world. You know we're fortunate enough to scratch Roscoe well used to get up just a big game we just scratched across a run budget there's. But that was nice the running was nice but does that played into the fifth inning that crumbled the second that it had a lot of pressure on capitol yankees. Obviously it's the royals are you guys in they had here because once or. Everything that anymore Q what they. Yeah I was obviously. You know of August through the dynamic of the game precious little list of a good jump on it okay he's played. Championing. And great great questionnaire and again from dusty likens two are madness play in the field by Whitner for the finish off that fifth inning Natalie does he get it done defensively but yet. Offensively three for four he scores a pair of currency steal three bases. Second time in his career he's gone three and three. Three hits three stolen bases. The last wrote to do that's. Jerod Dyson in August of 24 team. Now what merit field tonight became the fifth royal and history with multiple. Three hit three steal games. How many of the other fork union. Willie Wilson correct he did it twice which did it twice. Freddie contacted twice. Vince Coleman did it twice. Nobody though nobody. Did this many times in royals history as Amos Otis. Amos Otis and his royals hall of fame career had three hit three steal games six times. Witten airfield by. By far out by. He got against the law to sell it but whit to me the game MVP. Wit merit field three for 43 stolen bases to run scored solid second base. Solid night defensively. He has the game MVP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. Royals went five detail fault lines are open for not 135767610. Again that's 913. 5767610. I don't care what kind of that you are royals. Yankees fans he probably didn't have a great time tonight I hope you enjoy that weather go. Hope you enjoyed. Emptying your wallets at Kauffman Stadium we appreciated. But for you royals fans not only did your team win. But whatever kind of baseball you'll enjoy what you got a taste of it tonight if you enjoyed great pitching boy oh boy you saw that from tunis. And McCarthy and Keller rarer if you like power Selby provided it if you like action on the base pads are gay men BP Whitman air field. It just what you're looking for. Royals picked up win number fourteen on the season we get back inside that clubhouse and hear from you right after this. The. Powered by Dick. Or Kansas regenerative medicine center. Current post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 Kansas City and powered by Bob and AC Ruger and electrical dire events and vital stake. Grounded sharply to various fields you. Got it spins. Story of the games yeah midway through. The bottom of the fifth blows up three nothing. Streets are using. It's about the play were just talking about that just like brought up to the game and DP Whitner feel a lot of options. For MVP. Players that went above and beyond the call of duty Witten mayor of field three hits three stolen bases. Salvador Perez on base three times three RBIs. And RBI groundout in the first to solo home run in the fifth. In RBI double in the seventh. Kevin McCarthy striking out two in 01237. Inning Kelvin perera facing the minimum in his. Ninth inning of work. Brad Keller 123. In the problem Whitner feel to me was the game MVP of the blue collar player of the game. They got it just went out there and did his job not too much fanfare with that it was good it was. Very good maybe not greats. But he was exactly what he needed to being. To me that I tonight Jacob Jones Jacob Jonas the blue collar player of the game. Five of the third innings is normally something to write home about. But five of the third innings against. This yankees' lineup spot and a third innings of two run baseball against this line up all that impressive. Pitching again the following the royals lost. A guy that time minute timeout it's his turn to be the stopper. And more times than not he delivers what you ask him to stop the bleeding. For 25 year old I can ask for much more Jacobs Eunice. The blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. Let's go to Dan and Casey K Dan don't have. Right it was a great game on unison that's the date up to do it Marat and get those greats he's the roster defensive end in sight that would net. Yeah or that daddy got stranded someplace on the bus and a about earlier in the year but textbook. Car cause I think too much coffee and so I kept down but it just happens. Baghdad yet cut down. Dan and Casey Kaye has cut down on the coffee cut down on the caffeine and yet still finds it within himself. To bring that kind of energy. Here on the verge post game built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124. Of Kansas City. What I hear from you following this 53 royals win this perfect night to baseball. In Kansas City that got jump started by some entertaining BP. Patrick Holmes throwing the first pitch. Jacob Jonas wit merit field. And the bullpen. Leading the boys in blue to their first win in a week and getting to CC sabathia. Five innings to earned runs. For the great laugh. For the pinstripe Burris let's let's head inside the yankees' clubhouse look let's hear what CC sabathia had to say as RJ Brinkley is there. She's it was a Long Will you play. Yeah. Obviously I'm not yeah. It was measured. Different things that season. Viewers. Obviously. As well the only chance. Where if we're worse off of so. Competitive. Yeah it was believable I was we've votes are so I don't know what was happening. I. If I like it's something awful Wesley. And villages. Or is it. Yeah it was over it was okay and it was just. I de da that's CC sabathia if you don't know the story V yankees were leaving Washington DC on Wednesday after their. Game against the nationals. Am was rained out right. So there relief and easy. And I guess I don't what was it that there that the at the hotel. Was books. That they could get out it is that the story. All I know is that they had to sleep on the plane or inside the airport on Wednesday night's. They didn't get to like Kansas City until Thursday afternoon. And a tough life really wanna cry not. If they wanna I'm not saying that CC was but if they wanna use it as an excuse side that's fine go. Doesn't bother me none royals need to win and they pick one up and all fourteen of thirty on the season congratulations to Ned Yost earning his. 011100. Career win. Six most among active managers behind boat she Scioscia. Showalter Francona and Clint Hurdle CC sabathia inside the clubhouse delivered by red or grow. Here's swinging for the fences. We heard this 11 pitch herself or arrives first pitch that he's on in the fifth inning and it's back. Solo shot native born nothing audiences that he hit sixth home run at us and it snapped it over thirteen. With a great number thirteen it's not about. His big flyer heard it right here on 610 Sports Radio BCS game Kansas City. They are using him. Chances it could another review home runs that he did not hear from Iraq since. Why did he was a matter of fact down in a minor leagues. The organization's. Number four prospect of what about that got. As catcher and good numbers six and seven on the season and table it doesn't nineteen year old catcher in the way election. Has an old gas well over 900 not only did you happen to home also doubled. Good minutes from the spot. You can run deserved. Well speaking of catchers triple like camp Gallagher and acted on his first of the season first baseman Ryan O'Connor in his second home run of the season. And then double A northwest Arkansas woman would fit the job in blocking sort of deal could. Second baseman shortstop Erick you go look at ballplayer and it is fourth home run and some sell me Gallagher hold her and let this thing heal all local swinging for the fences where dire effects and it just makes that. It's to get a guy your offense let's quickly go to the tax line 69306. Spike in St. Joe writes and says man fun game to watch burn great pitching good defense base running what's exciting. And I'm finishing up that night listening to you now that is a complete nights of royals baseball's mark. I can't wait to see us spike. Always nice when you swing by the sixth and mobile studio eight AD it'll it'll forget tomorrow's the sixth and Saturday which means. Pre game starts at 4:30 am so excited that it puts the microphone. Let's quickly take a peek at what's the con sneak it would twin peaks. Tomorrow Danny Duffy at Wii's at a real. Nice matchup that should be. 6151. Pitch and pre game at 430 the finale of this series is Sunday church spokesman Sonny gray. And the boys had the same as for the first of story. Kennedy Hammel Jonas. Yours scheduled starters for the three games against the red birds. Monday and Tuesday at 715 and then Wednesday afternoon tilt. At twelve teams sneak peak with twin peaks twin peaks. The ultimate sports line G bans searching for Tex lines 69306. From the once expert I love the fact that you concede the royals are not giving up the beginning of the season. It was hard to see them working. But lately it's been viewed a policy. Kathy writing. Qaeda and texting and always nice to hear from text point 69 threes and sixes aren't simply enough. How about it all the against the best team in baseball. It feels good. Now debate a little bit Houston. New York who's the best team in baseball I'll still ride with that pitching staff that the Astros are throwing out there every single night. The Yankees aren't too far behind that's. And intimidating bullpen that they're gonna throw at you. And their rotation not too shabby either we're gonna see their number one. Coming up tomorrow in Lou we Severino the young hearts. Throwing righthander. 615 of the first pitch. It takes to. It's a personal zero for help fact the studio thing. Royals for picking up the wit you bothered nature for the beautiful night. You fruitless. Forget about 430 for the pre game to the rest of your Friday night and the air. The international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burn C notebook it's 610 sports dot. Use our town sixty and Sports Radio.