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Josh Vernier
Thursday, May 18th

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Quadruple that he would vigorously and at first it's. There that does and that's the first though was that. He played it that you don't really play well here. In our dispute. Obviously got pretty or gloat. At that pretty they're pretty you know. Humble statement double jeopardy. But that's not the sort and again you know so yeah and then it also. It is it's fine and I know a lot of the stat guys in numbers guys just don't understand Hawaii you know he continues to lead off but the win loss percentage is so different. When he does lead off the when he does Leo what's it like inside that clubhouse is Ned told us the first time we did back in Tampa people pretty fired up inside that clubhouse scene ST lead off. That at bat yet he goes. And that might be certain I don't know. It can't quantify everything about it well. We'll call it. This time you know dialect here now we are now are there any do you garner. The respect or not. You know and any. It. We're going to let go up there at that that up. It. We'll move who we going through within the they edited it on it there's no hard and make it light. And he obviously had the they're quite yet personality. And I think you'd eliminate the that this and that. Our our weekly visit with the royals lefty Danny Duffy fans are well meaning for the most part. And when people are going through struggles you hear from from different people we got a FaceBook message the other day which which made us laugh that. Someone has suggested Alice cordon stopped chewing gum that that might help him with his swing. Hey do you ever gotten a weird piece of advice from a from a fan and how they could fix your game. I had a better removed actually last week if you if you juices start throwing and knuckleball. Like Tom Candiotti. And it split finger press law like Hideo Nomo and if you had a curve ball like buried veto. And it's aimed at lightning shield. And up or seem like Nolan Ryan. You probably would be really successful and on that maybe aren't laughing it up in my locker. I mean do figure wearing their decline. It out. Company. That is the pretty impressive clarity you really put that on the Chris did hear about it. Was a little bit of the zealot but bill Mika knuckleball. What that was at hand written or was it typed I mean haven't had this thing arrive do you. It was Henry and very legible. And I threw it there appreciated is that the most effective back. And don't start right. The got sort of be proactive and you cannot think that dobbs news. Hit it is extremely funny. Should your lakers. Draft Alonso ball and no handle bar at the outset when I was quick man. I'm just kidding I'm just being at one really bad thing. Rather so humble let. Everybody complains about it no you know I'm loving grandfather. And so they're the unique way. But you know at some point you know these networks got to start out giving him a platform in on him. If that long though the court and I understand you know elect. People need to talk about it but what are not the only outrage is no data out there. He's not the only one there's there's on the album look for whatever reason. It candidate eaten up right now on. Quality writers or complain about it and it. It into the platform with a talk about oil and the American accent. I was in good. And it I want all of the late. Honestly we did it got back and I'd be happy about being there are sure. That's you get a look. I I want no part of that do I I would not taken because of the father because of what he brings to the table in the and I hate using the term distraction but I think would act guy. He could definitely be a distraction but as a buys JR outlook besiege us Jacksonville played well and you order and are well I would I would love to see Josh Jackson out there. Net so it my. It is here it is but there like I mean. On the front seat when I had the equipment that Kratochvil that it and had to do and that's got here in ovals or all the Brothers so humble. But when you're you know. It. It man. You know pumping you up and literally speaking. Like as though honest person and along those cute. I mean literally all of that she didn't. Tell us I if it bit it bit. If it sickening. An extraordinary and I can speak from afar because I'm not a part of this and we right and I feel bad talking about someone you know every like that dumpster they got a wonderful and we let. If the yardage came on. What ball boy if there electric that it can and do. If that has found a rare for a light the rookie any new product that is setting your son and that everyone in the so you know make sure that you cruise. In other people law you can even more now as the does that mean all of the Oakmont murkier. I would be a long poker right now working on cars does not. You know. The other day that this is a partner and it is indeed in a little bit overwhelming odds and doing it. Is it read it very professionally and you've been doing that break he hit it. You know what that man very interesting draft it you.