05/18 5p - The Hits, Jarrett Sutton, Battle Royale, Ask Us Anything

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Friday, May 18th
The Hits, our interview with Jarrett Sutton, the finale of the Battle Royale plus Ask Us Anything 

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Excellence expected to have six who leans get a brain moron not send it probably wouldn't slip them. It was like within and between dogged him in its original Google image get a brain. And so on so. I don't know I was confused. He plays the 95 hope we usually your front it's beautiful cycle that humans are doing is Friday I always tell people when I mean on the text line. That it's obvious like a guys nobody's ever met with united as he ain't refers to the guys who was never act of war. You're in Thailand other good moods that you get me in even betterment. Well there it is easily hits that is coming up your moments of the patient to move if you listen at 530. And yet she is about them boxed the Internet upset when that money. Is unhappy when they're when money I would say is near impossible I've done and man and numbers myself and checks signs nobody. Is unhappy when they or no and I'm happy when their winning money. Able figure out the winner of our battle coming up in about 25 minutes. And as always on Friday is the segment that you control asked us anything right now as its top stories today in Kansas City take either of the biggest stories of the day in the city. That moment all my life we talk about it every day at 5 o'clock. Game one tonight between the Yankees and royals from Kauffman Stadium burn as pregame show beginning at 61 pitch a little after seven all right here. On 610 Sports Radio the Yankees. Minus 174. To win tonight's. Royals plus 162 and over under of nine. So some runs will be scored Jacob Judas to the hill for a three. But the 3.5 three ERA opposing CC sabathia to an oh with a 2.2 three. ERA and a big one for the royals as they welcome in its 28 and twelve New York Yankees. And a big start tonight for one Jacob Judith. Send this early sites LSU at the royals young pitcher can do against the dealer can't he faced them once he did it last September got knocked around pretty good as what does scare me a little bit. Jews of the last eleven home runs this season which account for thirteen of the twenty runs that he surrendered. I don't know if you guys know this or not but the Yankees have some guys get its bombs in there and judge John Carlos de and so I think it's going to be a fun start you got Jake units go get CC sabathia. You get the Yankees in town and he's going to be played juice in the building and I'm curious to see where Jake June stacks up against a lineup like the Yankees have right now. I Jacob Judas is the most valuable person right now in the royals organization Jacob June so relatively young still trying to prove himself in his career. He hasn't had any big start to mean big opportunities to showcase his abilities at frost and really really get excited. Let's keep it in my Jacobs this is only started 24 games in his Major League Baseball for tonight is 25. This is by fall the most typical line at pace had to go up again and we're still under 200 innings. Ford ticket June is that where he's at his we're still barely early goal and in. Development of date of June is a really good test today. Friday night it will be a decent crowds today with the Yankees in town it being Friday. Good weather apple starting to let itself out the week in that I expect a good crowd. Is it really good litmus test a really good gauge DC where Jacob Judas is today it's really not gonna take some big. Take away. From either side but he goes out there are certainly reasons to feel optimistic about and it got at the pick and choose where you're really excited about what this team. Jonas is one of the few bright spot she got. Yeah really is broke expect before it gets a lot of attitude is one of those guys that it would get tickets and I got to go get like who's pitching. What Jake you should excite. If your oil's been one of the ballpark project uses that actually got shot the other part of this too. Not to a pretty good about the yanks are judged at him deep well you know last September now is get a chance to get another crack at these guys it's nice to be on. It all started with John Elway. Go dancing with the chargers were the team to beat in the AFC west well recent college graduate Anthony Lane. The head coach a bureau Los Angeles chargers it was on NFL network yesterday with Indra Sicily on Al. Says that she says the team to beat in the AFC west. We know Kansas City won the division you know they have a good throughout the boss key free agents. Just don't really just still tend to be in this division and to me because soon. No we can't even talk about playoffs and things like that we've got beat Kansas City. So they go Anthony led head coach of the Los Angeles chargers on NFL network T says the favorite biggest doesn't necessarily mean that may be the case. I'm not trying to move walked out of this when I think the AFC is really really close. And you can make an argument for all of the fourteenth in the AFC west in the division I think the charters are the best team on paper. What we have seen yet from the chargers Oakland new coach. Quarterback who saw little little bit last year but I still think they're of course pretty talented quarterback they got some pieces offensively I could see with the new code they get that use of energy. They turn things around but she's I think at the best offense in the division and Denver it cased you missed the same quarterback was last season. And Denver's defense is still solid Denver could certainly be a surprise team in the league in wins in games if you asked me today. I would pick the charges because I trust their quarterback the best it is a quarterback lead supple with the certainty of being mobile is gonna be good. But if you're telling me all the season I just saw the look rivers that indeed still uncertainty of homes I'll take delivery of. In Los Angeles chart and thinks that's a big lobster is at quarterback you're guaranteed Philip Rivers gonna throw for 4000 yards to a double digit receptions. That's what you get the other thing with the chargers and I agree with it anyway you know they key is I don't think he's played safety and said. Don Knotts not like teams that she's I think she's actually right. I do at a job that with him that he thought the charges for the team to beat this division I get it not negatively arrogantly that right. Mean last said the charges one double digit gains in season was way back in 2009 the last and they were in the playoffs was 2013. Until look what this with the chargers. The LA chargers levels of San Diego. But on to the what the charge shall we so tightly we hear what they're gonna be a good Philip Rivers is and I do believe he is going to be all things if you look at his numbers. What you gotta show me something. Is she has a double digit gains since 2009 and they had the same quarterback. So you talk about the quarterbacks he got that the guys need caring guy thinking Kerry's team I don't think he's got Kerry team hasn't done it. For a long time. So I think the chiefs are still the team to be his division I believe heavily Patrick moment. Amber or green. Your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up in 25 minutes and our national cash contest be listening at. 530. Jarrett Sutton. Four from Missouri tiger current NBA scout. Sent out a tweet about five hours ago will hear our interview with in that we had at 230 coming up at about three or four minutes but he sent out this week. NBA executive quote. Jarrett going to be real honest with you Kansas City will get an NBA team at some point. It's the real thing I've heard from multiple sources just a matter of time Seattle Kansas City team me or most valuable markets. For the expansion when it makes sense and quote that from Jarrett Sutton an NBA executive saying that to him earlier today. What's going to be the deciding factor in Kansas City eventually giving an MBA or an NHL team is you need your Clay Bennett. If you're unaware who played video was the only Seattle Seahawks a team to Seattle Sonics. They were having issues with the city of building a new stadium. And he listened to Oklahoma City or you're going to need your Robb Heineman you're going to need your Ewing got your Lamar Hunt. Somebody that just genuinely wants to bring basketball team Kansas City. I got all the respect in the world for Jarrett Sutton but the comments from eight NBA executive part meaningless. These are the ones buying the team is not the billionaire he's a billionaire to say I really like he had the city. That's and we can really start to have this conversation got to feel like Michael Porter when he was coming back. How we would like he always said Michael but well. We've had this conversation for the last eight years we're no closer to getting any NBA team today than we were yesterday or the day before. We are just at a standstill when it comes to Sprint's that are being an anchor tenant or NBA or NH. But as we've talked about now it wasn't 34562. Weeks ago those sports betting in the makes I think it changes everything. We heard from Mark Cuban earlier in the week. And marquis over the over the Dallas averaged leaves this franchise value is gonna skyrocket. Because of sports betting. Being legally and states states that choose to do that. It just Missouri then aggressive instead it was in the next year to have you're gonna at least you'd be able to legally placed a sports bet in our states. That's attracted we're talking about two billion dollar pie this integrity fees these leagues are wanting that might be your billionaire. Rich dude man they like make money and they go they can't if you're telling me you could relocate the franchise that was sports betting friendly state. Or expand the and make money immediately author of your franchise at a Kansas City is a possibility but what an NBA teams absolutely brigadier Kansas City I think it would fall level. I really do so. Well I don't know happened but it in the executives of people around the league actually talk about Kansas City is a valuable market NBA wireless and that. Text size 69306. Will be to our cover since Richard Sutton momentarily. Broad don't rule in my excitement you were a freaking buzz you. Guys know. Gonna tell you the truth and has got to be honest we have this conversation about the NBA every single summer. We are close to doing it. You gotta give it to me for readers are really believing this up with the NBA. And he's somebody high up to talk on the record about it. You're gonna need sly James saying I talked to Adam silver and we are sorting the process of trying to get an NBA team. You're gonna need billionaire that says acting key indices and attract the market we're gonna need something more than just anonymous in BA executive. Does like you've played this game about Kansas City Guinea India NHL team ever since spread senator Ben they're show you something on record from someone that genuinely. Matters and can actually make it happen. BP executive cool little tidbit antidote to your forgiveness or cooled a bit but this be like date Morsi you know it is really cool Las Vegas. The one making those kind of business and I do need somebody that has the money. Or somebody that has the power for me to Bjorn Borg with a I admit we've got something your we we just had this conversation too many times in the city from Ike. You're saying and you basically say that lately that this multi that I spend sales what they said it's a decision you talked everybody while the company began to the person makes the decision. And that's salary or from with woods who Jared said he talked to was an NBA executive and sadly so I understand you're gonna front I do think I don't think it has really fully know. Well sports betting in effect franchise value and how it affects sports I mean if if if if adding a franchise or expanding is a possibility. This and it's going to be extremely profitable for all the kids city is a viable market I think. I'm curious to see how sports betting in legal sports betting does affect everything I think that's the other part that we haven't. In the past yet. Legalize sports betting before this thing is you know so we have a lot of people. I would say even even in the early part of this we haven't seen enough smoke a for example that's what I'm saying is. Meant they talked about putting in NFL team in Los Angeles for ten years now now they did. One time was it Roger Goodell announced in London and how many people. Didn't leave her power brokers wares and we wanna NFL team also announced saw originally they were going. Winners somewhat and powers and I wanna see Kansas City with an MBA or insulting not since they've built the sprints and after they've got aspirants are we realized we weren't in the penguins are the match it was a moving here no money and power is commented on the record about it. And the more more you saw the people in downtown does that make an oral last week they seem content adding that he is however it it. A lot of stores and sprint center. Man were really struggling to you know when that building we got to find new ways creative ways to do it every time you talk to somebody about sports that are on the record it's. Mean it's the fourth busiest stadium in the world with all the counselors that we did. We want to need it even sports officials were really clamoring to get him BAT's. I don't like is that something we do every summer to entertain and that all comes around we completely forget about it until June comes back. For the full all stamp what it's much covered a little football team he got what thirteen guys. You aren't NBA team you know you've got a ready made. Facility to play NBA games in right now I mean it's different than having to build a stadium for football team like to do and an LA. In the charger playing and African soccer stadium right now. I don't think it's near as complicated and yet let's supports that you practice facility all that good stuff that's an easy fix and tell you build what you need to build. I think moving NBA franchise is possible that some of the teams in league and what they're averaging Atlanta's awful Memphis awful Sacramento. Partially the same I mean there are teams. If you get the choice of an NBA team all of our relocation to own a team says they listen where I did what we want. Many people are awful sports fans in Atlanta and other braves playoff games back in the day that could even Selma. Terrible sports fans and when the hawks and see what happens and it and that the Kansas City that people forget is that when when the NBA left here left right. Of of everything. You don't left right before blew up and Larry and magic and all that stuff so I applies maybe on. They don't drink the cool a little bit too much year leg at a sports betting into the mix in the fact that NBA's executive believes that. You know Kansas City is is is a valuable NBA mark on the ball a little. So RJR Jarrett Sutton former Missouri tiger curry NBA scout earlier today each week NBA executive to him. Quote Jere gonna be real honest with you Kansas City will get an Indy eight seem at some point. It is a real thing I've heard from multiple sources just a matter of time Seattle in Kansas City to me are the most viable markets for league expansion when it makes sense we had Jarrett Sutton on the show earlier and we asked him are our conversations are with. Can you explain your tweet from this afternoon. Yeah so it came about. Just having a discussion with with a part of mine. Every restart or at least in what looks like in the future. A lot of movie noted he took it but we are talking about relocation or expansion. And I had an equally brutal league in and that was something that they were address a point. In the near future. And sir talk about in the city had more formal Vegas sin in Seattle which is before markets that you talk about. We got about either Spanish or reallocation. And you know he had a proponent of kids city and I'd gotten that Bart melodic people come into the big twelve tournament. I'll come and predict exhibition game it is the markets beat her cell. The facility that we haven't partner in the city a great and you forget about small. It every need and again arguments around. That caught the living free agents. Obviously we have to go practice that will be ownership that the big artists. And I batted in that probably question quarter growth. But the reality is a market interest level that better and know that there a lot of the comments then and conversation that's been up all around. But it of people probably to put it they could be a great market and that yeah I will probably be that the number one market would win an expansion or relocation big in city. Is they get the real thing and open that I've reached a long time. I think you start fining yet more and more traction there are some competitors out there that'll competed in the well right now like I think we're certain it to grow its in the city that's like build or negate that airport darn. It's so or the city be continue to grow and get real opportunity act it would be but just watched getting it into it's they. Right now we're talking its year Sutton former Missouri tiger he sent ripples through Twitter when he was talking about a potential NBA team coming to Kansas City in a conversation with an executive. That would be my biggest question would be an ownership group have you ever heard that there is an ownership group. That may be considers Kansas City to Brea priorities wanting for a rain in the NBA executives say hey we like Kansas City. But that's not where the money's you need to get that billionaire owner to say I'd really like Kansas City very similar to add to Oklahoma City. What do you know eagle putt that clearly have to be. Someone that's looking in and you're the city. Or once and only need it can become a map like in two digit heat kicked beat the great. Opportunity a great market and a lot of people wanna talk about what you partner companies that part of it. You know it is going to be a single ownership or it is going to be an ownership group what does that look like I think that course and it is open year. But you can bet the what you're hitting Shelton. All and yet it is for college tournament. In cute term and you're back. But it really just what you clean up all for or how can you be expanded and grow. And also how he likes or in equity on the cheap Kabul how they get supported. Are three and they are great and make a purchase that anybody right increase due. Being born right against city I've always been a proponent that that look when we're making weren't in Scotland and need. We did get short timely and you. It's totally different edicts that exposure that being gay has. The popularity as well the optically and globally speaks so well and in city. Is a great spot it right middle magnet in the country note on the street not far. To be great rivalry and I think that that nervous that that was there was. College market and beat these protein that might compete with the NBA but the reality is that we can exude the big bat small market and the slumping market. But cheapest seat and really supported India I think that is what most attractive. The Q that he continuing to put it up on the map all the way people are starting to recognize that. You'll let me ask you this in that the last part of your tweet he sent out today around noon. It's as Seattle or Kansas City to me the most viable market for league expansion makes sense that was from an NBA executive that you spoke with. When will it makes cents. What killed and on the waiver of the league wants to operate right after their routine you'd wanna grow thirty new or their team. In those 32 that would make sense credential relocate. That it's still I think a big piece of the puzzle I think are most welcome relocation talk happened before pension. But again. You you don't know what the league contribute and where in ago. That's it's gonna be ongoing destruction but the good thing is that that they're in cede any place. For now in the conversation and and what was confirmed today to meet Jews it is they are real things you'd see it being our number one. There isn't a little bit of a crazy question I touched on yesterday on the show and we talked about. You know with sports betting being legal looks to me like Kansas and Missouri you'd be pretty aggressive about making that happen within the next year and a half for so how do you think that could affect. You know possibly get and in an NBA franchise in Kansas City at the sports betting is legal in both Kansas and Missouri could that help us or hurt. I think India in a arbor about initiative. I think got sober about it and it statement regarding. Gambling now being legal are we do know that it's been going out for a while now. In professional sports that that round pretzel or what. I think to compete they agree or you bring up I don't know that helps or hurts I think that's. I'm probably gonna be a part of hobbled down the road if we're talking about in city. Arguing NBA you know or Knick team all or act brook and beating an expansion team but in the heart of the global I don't think that's gonna make or break a decision. He into the day but now yeah yeah circuit are actively. And is that going to be expected it obviously NBA franchises. Mark Cuban that's on. They get treated for erected there it really. Would be great. That really wrote boots a he'd like he'd be a real picture agent to get deeper. So that was Jarrett Sutton has he joined us earlier today I don't want anyone to think I would be opposed to Kansas City getting any NBA team. I'm very black about a NHL team I'll be honest with you I don't watch the NHL I don't follow leaning shall I don't really understand the NHL so. I'm not really excited about it I got to obviously for anything good to Kansas City and at the biggest hit a lesbian but I certainly understand the importance that sporting Kansas City has to our city. A fight to choose I would pick in the NBA team now I'm just saying is NBA executive. Off the record comments or anonymous sources that's not what brings you the NBA team. You need the powerful people in play to be an advocate for K the city or people with an exorbitant amount of money to be an advocate for Kansas City getting an NBA team. When that happens all be on board now think there's a little bit of fire and spoke behind this. Right now this is just the same thing I feel like happens. Every summer games. You don't need a guy a local kids city attempted to be the guy that puts up the cash walker student Clark under the live your lives and house. In the honored and have to be local. It glasses living Kansas City. So. The mark it if it's somebody that has the cash wants to put a franchise in Kansas City and sees it as a viable market. I think we got a shot. And if NBA executives talking about eggs were talking. Mean one person in the NBA it's an executive at some team happens to say that he thinks kids cities and viable market has been talked about. It's nice to me that's going in the right direction but it certainly nothing sol I think it should be graded Yates now. I think the number it's so hard to get to go to a team actually gave game and it always we say that these are pro team. While opportunity to aim pro football team and all but a lot of people say it comes to adjustable you know arts I disagree with that. Mean imagine driving fifteen minutes ago to India eighteen downtown where he can't get a ticket. Instead I haven't like spent a 15200 bucks try to get in the door Allen field house I think it will be surprised how much they would like India if it was in our city. It's the biggest reasons why you know people are to oblivion Yankee exited his team here. Coming up at 530 will give you a chance of 1000 bucks and our national task on says we'll also continue our battle Royale. On the other side the first Specter made a really good point about the fickle as of the baseball seem to explain it to his next draft. It seemed to get the top stories of the day kids sitting. Doesn't really cool story regarding one. You Sarah. We'll get to the national dance contest momentarily and expect there'll probably give you a tape they'll make you turn your radio dial. And never listened to the station and integrates its he has done that so many times of you know this has been there's been a week hot takes his starting heat up in the summer wing outlets talk about you gotta start pulling those hot tea exotic vet like a nine iron you know you guys are hamlets. What tape can I have that an acre the people today. Baked beans terrible. Wasn't old ones you know that it got to do it upper rust and dodge who you Sarah has a bright pink hair today. He had a contract with the local psychic greater name date who was battling cancer. Dayton beat it. So urged you drew you to pharaoh when paint this is drew beads or tell you distort himself. I did today we are. That my hair for a few years ago I got an assassin did inundating. Homes through books and his mom and you have mayor Thomas soon he's been in the hospital and we came on their promise so yeah I know he beat cancer you're done minor so today. It's retreat and lose the guys in there. This is a really cool story all the way around that's the best story of the royals' season I doubt there'll be a story that top how cool that is. Young kid as cancer tributes hair formed relationship with the said he would dies there when he beat it he beat Jimmy Sarah kept his word bottoms of the game today for your future. This I dig into it does look if you wanna see what is that hair looks like Carey tweeted Danny well acted channel five she edit. A picture of true with day in outside the royals dugout it's a great story and that. Yeah I think as adults especially is pro athletes and people in the public we forget the sort of impact that Ronald kid. And for perjury to follow through and do that I just really really. It is really cool we're down to the final four in our battle Royale we need three callers 91357676. Then we've got to dance in the final four the Broncos raiders cardinals in yankees. We need three callers Broncos raiders cardinals and yankees will get to that momentarily. But it is a thousand on the thirties text the word mark. M a RK text the word mark. M a RK 272881. And you could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national gas cuts and six cents or radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to win up to 121000 dollars each weekday all you gotta do. Listen in on the 3787. Pete you are next chance to win is coming up at 630 your last chance to win this week. So be adult one that cool thousand bucks you don't wait number one what are you waiting oil and sue. You got right now and you have it's 630 until now and Monday until you can win the thousand dollar union the national cast counts as complete rules and listings at sixth and sports background too or. Four times from those in the back hard here. Mark M a RK 272881. Mark. 272881. Text that in the last word. We will give you today so the course of the show we have been doing the battle act. If you missed. It put fifteen teams in the rang in one by one we have been eliminating we have been knocking them off. We started with. The Broncos the raiders Steelers the colts. The patriots the cardinals the Yankees the blue jays Orioles. KU duke Kentucky Missouri athletics the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Houston Dynamo they were all in the ring. One by one it's night. They have been adding that it lasers at the latest starlet. Adding to your Star Wars thing. Now we're down to four. Final four we're announcing the Broncos. The raiders the cardinals. And at the Yankees. Is where we are at right now we have been going to the phone lines we asked people. Which of these teams do you hate the least we Whittle it down and that we determine who the most hated team in Kansas City is. Are you ready to find out who the caller state is the most hated team against the heat on I'm renting them. Dayne and in Kansas City we are down so the final four. Broncos. Raiders and cardinals. Yankees which of these sports teams do you hate the least. Ominous to go to the cardinals'. The cardinals. Yeah well my actually grew up in between Kate and they would you rate needle like boat I don't like and it might edit an advocate. Out of the or at that it did that they've done the. All right any cases with the logic and backed up this story like that some of the feels like guys like you idiots like legitimate reason to back up line. You know that there. And what at least that I didn't realize this once I went to college in Missouri went to Joplin and we're the only people it was a picture of the ones I do know there are a super cheers of the jazz other pregnancy. Jobless doesn't Springfield doesn't Columbia doesn't dance off on all parts of Missouri the cheers or everybody. Here's. All right John in Kansas City. There's three teams remaining in the Bronx and the raiders the Yankees. Okay yeah yeah are you so let's go. Hadn't gotten I'm not been attracted buyers of gold. All right let's of these scenes these three teams. Do you hate the least between the Broncos raiders in the Yankees. I mean between those there are going to be viewed the Yankees the lead stated. All right the yankees' Andy here no explanation needed my will be saved or just be they firemen are British. Pride that is John. We've got it down the one person tweet sticking gas. Did perfect perfect yes we have to take it guess who it's going to be. I'm gonna guess that might cool but as it was at least was when netted more work out of the judge asked me it's bull all right cool I was analog and it's like. The beauty had wanted to as the winner not who's coming and say I well I helpful as the cars here are right and going to pitch. I think he's votes for. I'm gonna vote I think that Michael's gonna vote for the but I think he's gonna go raiders are right now. It's back. I wonder how old Michael is that's what I want it now. If Michael's above the age of forty I don't mean to me is a question I'm sitting on the Michael and the authority to raiders if it's below forty broncos' solid that was done it against that was definitely stayed right there I'm gonna yeah. Don't let us I'm hold on let's find out of the old. You wanna get as much information you can't avoid it this is an eye on out and we'd undermine support KTV. Has to. All right Michael. You have the final blow to do it in the drive battle. We had whittled down from fifteen zone. Between the Broncos and the raiders which team do you would hate mall. I'm gonna have to go where it greater. Than the like the raiders for the world I'm thirty and it. And it's Derrick Thomas. Verses the raiders on hand. Nailed it I love those guys raiders' terrible eight provides. All right for the rest usually Kansas City thank you for because pretty close already number to the rest is essentially the date means of this lists every tellingly the exit trash yeah. Rerouting here that I mean you know. Racers the most hated team in Kansas City are about Roy I'm still shocked at you baseball teams and bottom but it no no reason for the cardinals in the eighth in the bottom. I think so let's she's literally the police though is still considered evil empire I do think we went. Let's say green walked around. The plans that we polled a thousand people who do you hate war. The cardinals the Yankees in case you briefing winds and apply as it applies to this I think I. These team of all these teams I hate you I know you do let you know I think a lot of blizzard that Gillis. We should've called it good and evil the hello Bill Self start date and that might be winning the national desk does that mean I mean eligible. Let's get pointed so they. People here on the and attacks on the Yankees the evil empire is shooting get a users don't need the cards because of their area fans. Mean I think to me that's the fact that I don't like Saint Louis had been Saint Louis numerous times like this city I don't like to fans. Like like arrogant their fan base and I feel about I don't know about you only get that case don't like is there. A lot of ads I mean I love that I love well nobody the entire show is that whereas they stayed on the list nobody its case it. Nobody paid attention do you know and it's duress there. To just got. Out of sight out of line a little bit and in there and K state you know you're out there in the Flint hills taste things like mashed potatoes by a newspaper cited as the data I'd love. All I got good garlic butter mash potatoes he's been great to get them. I'm not a big greedy person it just garlic butter out. Kato's not like mashed potatoes to look at their the case that they like cases the stake and there's a rose it's and then in the case it's the mashed potatoes that ours is like meatloaf you really love below WP. The Missouri casserole. Open. Still main dish kind of in the what season started some time. And and sometimes losers on the bed hungry in this announced she's you. Might help us a lot of basketball's is no. You surprised about or ought to be the Broncos again the beginning I thought it was going to be one of those two teams I. I was aware of who the final four was going to be that was the entry for me I was I was shocked that both the cardinals I don't think that the Yankees on the fourth most hated team in you know I don't. Do you think it's that. It might because the Yankees are that's why. We were talking about the Yankees I still do believe though. That even if you don't know that much about baseball you hear yankees yet evil empire screw those guys bad dudes they were the black cats you know. I just think that it's going to view when your bored and you grow up in Kansas City to hate the Yankees. And I think it's that way in other places too but especially here in Kansas City as we are always the little guy in the big New York Yankees the number one market the world one of the greatest cities in the world. And they robbed us. In 1977 we had the best baseball team on the planet and they an obvious. The reason people hate the Yankees the most news. I think they or the example of baseball's inequality. I baseball if you're at seem like the Yankees the Dodgers there is a huge discrepancy of the kind of program they are the kind of organization that hand. FL everybody is the same it just comes down to who runs. I'd like there's no difference between the cowboys and programs the difference is the cowboys are run better and programs but salary cap everybody had to save chance of winning baseball. Everybody don't got the same tomorrow that would aid and the Yankees are I think the example to people love me it's not an evil play at not even playing field. We really want to air odds are we here beside your house if you the Yankees player they absolutely would resign here. But truthfully like my hatred for the Yankees in the cargo has gone down a little bit over the over the years that's because we Prodi Kansas City that we could win a World Series. So I mean it's not impossible to win a World Series in market 33 Major League Baseball. I hear you say and it is less balanced obviously baseball isn't football but my hatred for the big guys can just go buy everything and by the championship. It's probably got that little because we want want to hear what to what one. I also want to how much of hatred of it is it's further and further away from the games they played when it matters you're like if you grew up on the Yankees royals robbery. It's been four years like but it still in there man it's still got it and not line I mean that's how long it's bad and that's all I. I am alive that's that's a a passionate this city was about the Yankees back in I guess for me will be the same like once we gave. Or 4050 years removed from the UK you rob yeah they'll eat good cheer SE big at some point the idea you know I think. Does think we're. Close and up to date you rod still have the same like fame and it's like and not get it but. Which they closed and they've played one he only played five meaningful games in an idea about how alive and that rivalry yeah does it. Oh man Joaquin and our lighting hers on. Every kid if it's really tough to describe how much they hate the cardinals back and just absolutely hated the cardinals. And I think it makes even better there's still pissed off at us for that call on a you know the dot danger balloon game six of the 85 years so I love I love the fact there's still angry about they just love. Text and texts like 69306. Go and get short questions in these segment that you control ask us anything we answer your questions coming up on the rep. Series I mean I think I'm entitled to. Here's I want to ensure that will be anonymous patient and just and Jack Nicholson at least this it would have been a lot better. Handle the truth. As good as any. They do adults and let him hit it. Silly text that is presents an assembly bill this year you incessantly flip. So it's cat accurate myself echoed golf. And Portland this sentence Alex knows I can bat standards. And up accidentally. Weaving was better kickers no ligament. A look at snowflake. Great vehicle based off when now it. Smoothly this snowflake was actually 35. Absolutely. Accurate 35. This is the second that you control what is your question. Courtney Cox and it would. Can. Look he's been through is it as a moderate on televisions. On text and text 69306. You got a question we'll answer. On the drive Julie Bowen deal more to me. Yeah she looks better now that speech issues written shall it. Bowling Alley learn phenomenal. Please explain the nickname seed got all of college priceless and JC. He got so as that one conference just to start at saint Thomas for calling you seed and it just so so I was out. I'm stuck in the night changed my putter and once I became adults. I attended at theaters I would like your actual email succeed doctor Aronson. All dot he's the yeah that's journalist in the last time no news that is not it there's a good reports C I think these vehicles. Post them yeah baby is my least favorite. Of all. I I don't Michael's long. It's not good to me. But it's much better than they'd be. I thought of several different it was like I was block your phone numbers like he called drive home talking about it but I didn't. So I don't like baked beans is I don't like catcher. You don't like that you I don't like Mitchell an animal in its soul up sweet base that is I just don't like iced them I. Catch of investment I think. I eat you catch it guys that love catch him integrators trash trash it's taken over them. That's been in the works with that idea trash trash. Fanning what is a quote from your speech to Shawnee mission north this week that you would like to share over the radio. Ice. Actually quoted Mike Tyson speech. And I said that I in my in my opinion it's best quotes of all time that they can apply to their lives in that quote it is. Everybody's got to play until early on I was talking about obviously physically getting punched you that's that's the way we roll back the high school but I thought that was a nice message or. The graduating class of two best teams that I want to make sure they put a plan in place and started to have one. I've dealt with some adversity in their lives which will most certainly happened in the personal and professional life once they realized. They're like this question 69306. On the next line what's the worst thing your wife slash best friend could do. That you don't turn him in this. Worst thing they can do that you wouldn't turn them and clearly offers yet don't so. Yeah I mean elaborate at this conversation. I would not change you. If you do something serious to a woman. I will not seeing your your job. Yeah with young man and he might like those two dates like like but until somebody. I wanna know is it when she killed them. But if the storm makes sense like it like I yeah I I would've been doing that scenario played telling me they're rapists drug and out come off. Like the obvious drove home. Put the kitchen had come got. They committed a rock at my house them. You would I would probably be alongside them trying to live out one of my fantasies. Not really analyze like what kind of robbery like you're telling robbery did and like so let me get your friend says. Like let family and friends who want the people that robbed App Store a couple of weeks ago I am not talking to you ever did you know I did I tell my friend. That's like saying it had seen the worst seat if you if you Jackson venues probably drop him anything more. Probably under. Was dozer wasted paper first round pick. He doesn't like a good first round pick right now I don't know I you can say that it's. And so blogs yeah I don't know yet any because the two position that he plays the most first base third base. Those spots were taken up for a while while in Kansas City by Pozen knows I think this year although at the end of the season that was a bad ticker. Don't know right now and I guess is saying is luckily then Jessica about last year he was hurt so in Aminopterin 11 September of that nature so. I think this year he's got his legitimate opportunity hundred no she's not an outfielder. You know he's he's the corner infield that's what he is first baseman or third baseman didn't get the job of the spring training doesn't look good but now he's got opportunity. I lost this year or Emma Stone. But certainly a question about Fisher island Fisher is about him. I'll finishers in each redhead from flooding pressures. Oh yeah some change in Emma Stone as those yet at least Yeltsin got stuff that's moments ago but I'll fish tank battles this year against a nose. Al pitchers number three starter. What did Joseph would you like to be on. That's a pretty good question. On. Bailey you a line and discuss that but you aspect. Wheel of fortune to prices like this is gonna sound really stupid that it's a journalist spectrum cable. He's got a high schools have them like trivia. TV show and I suspect they were you know you're talking about it's on every single time the like the history trailing I would like to be an issue. Edit items initial cash cab or I have not you like that shows it's like it's obviously statement that it picked you up in York. And they'll like aspirin review questions between where they teach you look at your ride if you make you whole ride and giving them money. If you get three strikes go to Q I doubt that of these damn problem that there. Console or double to this weekend I'd probably dead pool to the embassy console itself when I was dead pool to. I'd I'd. I've never watched the Star Wars are beginning scenes alive I'm I had no interest in Washington as well the only reason I would go see this movie is gonna charge him you know. And that's the only reason Lagos was. That we'll do that take data and so I don't understand your first all orders which aren't you aren't. Other great things about it. That are great things about are not really psyched up about it dead full fuel and it was going to be funny that's guaranteed funny got marveled. He got humor he got an inappropriate. Super hero I'm on on the deadlock in the dead. Check out the podcast page six that sports dot com also available and I'd soon we got like seven prizes to giveaway come Monday. So if you like winning things I was in the Monday issue we got I think given away or two clocks back. 08 Byron while the gift card night 149 dollar great attitude and intensity done absolutely if you miss the podcast page and missed the interview Jarrett Sutton today if you care about it anchored citi's prisoner. I Sega let's get out here right drive.