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The Drive
Thursday, May 18th

In Hour 3, MLB Network resident GM Dan O'Dowd joined the guys to discuss the Royals plan for the months ahead and take us behind the curtain on what Dayton Moore may be going through. They also discuss whether or not they would want their team to tank in any situation before hearing from Royals manager Ned Yost and discussing the developments for Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao.


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Welcome back at the drive Brad Pitt Betty Chrysler. Derek Anderson has the day off today. Royals yankees C a series finale tonight Danny Duffy on the mound for us lefty by the name of Jordan madame Marie on the mound. For them double. Tweaks to the royals lineup tonight outscored is not starting probably because he's not hitting well I would guess in the other. Probably bigger reason is their face and left handed pitcher Jordan Montgomery also subject today I'll sort of these. He's the designated hitter and tributaries that ran out about lately. Is the DH tonight. For the royals were needed to and a doubt on the phone here in just a couple of minutes yellow background that Dan O'Dowd. It was I think he's a perfect guessed that today he was the general manager for the Colorado Rockies for fifteen years. And as soon as he took over that team. He traded guys like Dante Bichette Vinny is the end Darryl Kile. And wanted to build this team around pitching speed and defense sound familiar. Well that. A little bit out of the same situation. That's at the royals and that have been built her. So we again I OK so let's let's get about not enough to take some time he can hear him on made MLB tonight at 5 o'clock. Plus MLB network. Is there in more than forty live games this month including tomorrow night's Indians and Astros game at 7 o'clock and I don't have. Great guys thanks revenue. Appreciate it take some time. And really interesting to find out that you. Sort of overhaul that that rockies'. Roster when he took over wins you know in in making trades in and and let go Dante Bichette Vinny is the end of talent and guys like that what goes in day. The decision making process to have to do that today to trade off some veteran pieces. Well it's not fun but it's especially guys that are very popular community and our case simply was he with a payroll reflection or payroll. We had a upside down lopsided payroll we had an aging roster we did have a ton of prospects. That our system we worked extremely athletic. They adopt it they'll probably you know Kyle Casey who actually was called the vision. Very actually a different mindset that. You know he would appreciate Daryl I would do anything it possibly true to look for in a different situation because. He was struggling to pitch in course to keep breaking balls so they were a variety of different things that went into the decision and we want to focus a little bit more and athleticism speed. Could be put such catalyst all power to. You know when uniquely try to find out what formula actually does work there. Sounds a little familiar what's been going on in Kansas City you know big ballpark. Speed athletic. Defense right I mean similar similar similar type philosophies. No doubt and but the oil that it. More of the old fashioned way which will it the way we did it Cleveland job part of my shelves. Scouting development patients through this development system. And let your guys particularly to date with level that pain patient with that it was level which is what the world them with a group ticket currently analysts. Yeah you had developed guys like what Matt Holliday too low. Just France all of it. So low that scared that students. You know holistic guys that and that being the foundation of our post seven World Series. Com they will allow a date more a couple of days ago he sits on the I found very interesting. Because of course the topic is gonna come up all the time and and got these free agents. An and kaine moves ASCII. And highs at the end of the year. And he was you know let us talk about when he is there going to be flash fire sale is so when's it gonna happen. We get a trade what do we get you know all at seven so it's about those really interest in our pick your brain about it. Is that you know we've got so much information we can make that deal in 48 hours he really it Italy takes. Let's 48 hours or less to make you dealer to change the direction of your franchises there really go down like that take you behind Eckert a little bit. You know I think in today's game dialogue which you have with clubs on an ongoing basis if you probably pretty good. A look into the window what you're gonna get for your players. Hey mister great relationships in the game I don't think it's that we properly for everybody. That it gets down the fact that one date extremely. Respect it is very truthful honest person. Try to transparent individual and do. So in his case he probably gets a really good seeing you what value as players he has. With a particular marketplace and I think it's more just emotionally getting to that point. Time understanding OK that's what we can do this have to do. And you know more like they're just not there yet why pet trade combat real quickly and I've had problems. We're dealing with individuals that want to give them a million things going on YouTube you're getting close but you're just one vote. You know fifteen discussions that they're having. And you don't win those discussions. Targeted Dan O'Dowd former Rockies general manager you can see him on an MLB tonight. At 5 o'clock. Central time. And a situation like the royals are right now are they taking phone calls almost daily from teams I mean how does that work. Now that daily. Probably a few times mauled that you're touching base package you GM your assistant GM. You're touching base with. In all clubs trying to keep a pulse what they're looking to do he just trying to build your list as you got your professional scouts now Al. Looking at a lot of players in the game and in catcher analytical department first you know focusing on those same players coming up with your own. You know qualitative analysis of the players and trying to merge both of those looks into one. So you do you wanna have a feel for which teams like you guys who were they willing to talk about. If they forget that I'm sure you're doing enough to make sure that you really stand. Oreo wrapped up not so much children sign of desperation. Dayton is always said that forty games you feel like is pretty good idea of what TV's guys and you and of forty game range of her some guys say sixty. When you yeah you know. Well the deep eagle on the season bettering of the guys as the game's still lock. Yeah and I think in short sample size and skill as does that impact a lot and that's why I think those seasons are switched production. So the deeper you go into the season you know lady luck is actually. Skill level of UT's. And so I think forty games as a really good markers that we take a look at the war in. What it's gonna look like move forward and of course every game be porn mag you get a better understanding. And finally tonight will be fortieth game for the royals as they get ready to take on the Yankees. Is she the royals and in this whole thing shaken out I mean you. You know to typical situation. You look at the world right now I mean they just offensively. Haven't really done a whole lot of their last all based on schools that last home runs slugging percentage. I believe is last in the season either way you should score. DH. You know if you look at the performance of their top Echelon players. Would save at the career norms rather than outscored me if it would sector norms for the rest of the roster. That's simply hasn't formed offensively at all gap between the really good players. Can I call it impact players and contributors you know value players the gap between their. Impact guys contribute. Players who is significant. This year it it goes the same as they starting pitching. Is not a balanced. Has he has seen it happen fast saying that. I mean there haven't performed exceptionally well inside games that first floor. Makes it even more difficult for you as she then. Could you pass this or together for so long they performed quite well you make those decisions that shape your future. Talking to Jan a down former IG and the Colorado Rockies now on and will be network that's I'm glad you brought that up because that's a conversation that we've been having here is that. It would be much easier the royals are sixteen and 23 in nine and a half games back but they're only only five back cell. And how to make it GM's job a heck of a lot of don't want. Even harder because. You would you believe that the character fabric of the players likened it says the city captured glance it is. And you know this team that's gone on so really all streaks where they haven't performed well all of sudden. He has norm for two weeks and look up to the current time is gone. Like 1111. Were in the right back in the thick so they. They seen them do that up close and personal now. The difference is if you think that objectively that and their bullpen. Which has really been calling card from pitching standpoint for years. It's just not the same pack. And you know insane with their starting rotation will never did an excellent starting rotation. They always competitive in the rotation and distance to drop off position. And against the getting back those role players just have formed. Same way as they're all players have formed suitors. I think he knows we have to do it that he's trying to exercise patience to gain entry or it. That same point in time preparing for what he knows eventually. Looking at a from the outset how do you as a general manager go okay. I've got to make sure the good of a team short term but I've got to also prepare for long term and I think. Especially when you're in market that's yeah its problematic I think there's you know there's two different ways to build a club. It's the only approach that. You saw from the Phillies they always put their chips in each and every year will eventually lead the point where they're at now. And I think if there have been no I look at a cargo approach. And the cardinal we still thirteen to with sustainability because you figure out. Maybe never making that one move that fictional thought put truly understanding that we needed to post season. So we get things can happen anywhere but not try to fall off less. That's typical part of oil service right now they've got some really good players and player development system. But you never have enough good players into player development systems and delete all these flyers without getting any significant returns. Would mean you have a longer window of rebuilding which you know they got through it changed him. Had to do it but that was that was longer. Did you think it has to be near perfectly able to pull this off and considering that the market size in those types of things. Yeah I don't think perfect as possible this game yeah. There's so much gray areas in evaluation of player because here you know you're not dealing stock commodity you're dealing you've seen him in all of those come with. All the baggage that human beings come and he never truly know player as well as you know your own player. So much as you think you know player your earnings and to get them you'll find out there and you know like. And so it's impossibly perfect. You know that's why you know if you can hit 67%. I think people look at this 64 evil it's. You need 40% of your decisions to make 60% of right and people would say that it got that low percentage department the game of baseball. If you wait a lot longer than 40% to make those decisions you that would make sense because the opportunity to make those decisions that would doesn't close. Last question for you Dan we appreciate your time. He talked about the gray hair you never really know what you get again and that nothing's perfect in baseball. How do you explain the ASCII magic then went with the royals living with LCDs as the bar at the top of the order. Just. It explainable to secure the dynamic things pieced together. In how the energy level what the club it's almost dramatically higher. Looking at hitting leadoff that he does at the bottom line at his own personal energy. Seems to be a lot higher and you know sometimes baseball we always want figure out why. I'm wishes to do that now looking back at my career spent so much time trying to figure out why. The bet I should have been spent time saying thank. I don't need to know why it just works and it may not make sense but it works in this case it may not make sense but it works. Yeah just enjoy the ride and that's what I've been saying that he said who cares. They get would love to have you on again did Todd is is it is we close with a trade deadline to be up for that. Actually. Ask great questions I'd love it minutia. I did thank you very much we really appreciate you tell us no doubt the Smart man. Dan O'Dowd former general manager of the Colorado Rockies for fifteen years. Now he's on MLB network he's the guy that Dante Bichette Vinny is the Darrell I'll. And what it would speed defense that lettuce is and in Colorado in had to go to the World Series. With Clint Hurdle by the way of former Kansas City Royals as his manager. On great stuff man that's what good. And Sears will definitely be bringing that backer willing to us that backed guy and the 5 o'clock Arnold police smokes you get. Take behind her a little bit and it really goes down I love the obvious that things Dre. What does admits it support a way you've been trying to tell us for a lot what I don't get us out of former GM is siding with you just some guy. And a couple copies GA is a fifteen year GM that. It was it is similar market is Kansas City to stop trying to figure stuff out its effects. That's we should my analytical brain and Drudge Drudge you guys that that punching me and I would it be nice. All right. That admitted something his team did publicly that it helps them win on the active support me shocker on this and the guys are going to be on the opposite side of that more we can back in the. 610 sports really. Any actors who got top today little under the weather opens you better see him tomorrow hopefully. Great stuff from dead and a half men will be network. Last segment we'll revisit that little bit later on in the show me interject the podcast. On sixteen sports that now looks like there's more people. Mean it's the best. I'll certainly better than the outs sometimes I feel like targeted on people who don't didn't merely funny. I I can't argue that it. Yeah but yeah that was just great stuff. About you tend to learn more from Smart I know that's about level that's usually not the did not fully admit I don't know everything and a matter of fact dump rob and I travelers at every day and I felt like Butler on. Today from talking again about mental work it just great stuff I saw ice you brought this to my attention you had. Ellis it was a heated. Discussion about this but I. Is it was intense and I can't remember exactly when we had been wasted on this thing for how we we had the initial conversation when the bulls were about to answer in the plan to attract your balls probable standing orders comrades a number eight seed so it is for the number one seed I did not want doubles to make the playoffs because I knew that your favorite team as a mail him at their teams I grew a computer Michael Jordan fan in Chicago and I just do what the inevitable as I know this wasn't going to be a team that was gonna contend for a championship and it is the team that I a lot of holes and a lot of issues is that when the first two games of the blessings and the resulting in that you still want in the wind mill and because look what happened in the trees start but so does some does any the truth will set you free if you the truth about the truth about your team. Have a better understanding of what's more likely to happen the bulls is not a good team yeah in the Eastern Conference is bad. And I aid had been talking for a while by how if your team. In really any leak. If you understand where you large. If you can get closer to winning a national championship is that should always be the goldeneye and tactically sound I want my team. To obtain if they know that they're not going to be a championship contender so they can get closer to being a championship and Allen when all the time. All my teams throughout times of arts and get behind that. Mark Cuban the Dallas Mavericks owner he's on ice decide this is from the Dan Patrick. About what we were eliminated from the playoffs. We did everything possible lose games and so if we get it up front of we knew that. This is the rebuild these and we just sit up front then you know you you know you kind of know what kind of team you have and if you could get eliminated early in the start building momentum you could finish. You know your season thirty and 105 at that. And then they'll with the ball loaded big bump balls. How did you tank how do you. Gil where are your young player OK that was it but there is it is it to us you send out a memo or you just say you are. Nobody got what the guy walks on the court they're played hard out to particularly the young guys they have some in the proved so you know Doreen Kenny Smith armed. Yogi Ferrell there's there's. Nothing you could say or do to them to say don't play harder try to lose this game that would be right and had a I don't think any NBA team would ever do that. It's just Smart it's Smart because you understand it if you're not going to go to the playoffs. Or if you know the dynamic of where your team is going to be. Mark Cuban is doing everything he can to put himself in the best situation to winning lottery pick. In to get himself and his team back in such a Smart business that just like it one of the franchise when the boss insult is that. They wanted because they had indeed the Brooklyn nets after some brutal trades for Ben you also think that they could win a championship. And set their franchise back because they actually were never that. IC. Well here's tanking I think of like organizational wide philosophy. Let your players now it was around plane went right now I need you guys. And what mark humans that is. Say that. Send them analysts say they were aside for their us here is we're trying to get better for the future I don't beat. Publicly say yes of music we're gonna play young players or edit or that I get it. You know as long is the thing like if your head coach is Rick Carlisle. Such amounts to finish 33 and 49 this year on. You have some support. Above and with ownership is. They tell hey we're gonna tank we're trying to win games down the stretch human like conversation. With Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle. Yeah he coached and it'll loosen game stretch. I just think that's a really difficult thing to do and from a fan perspective I never want my team ever ever ever ever. We take a break we come back many different ideas lie that a Kauffman Stadium. It is daily media availability before they play the Yankees tonight is the drives it was real. Sixty and Sports Radio. I here's Ned Yost outside of the media before the royals. Yeah you know our advocacy of him was to start out event. Let him get some time under me is that he just seems like he's getting better every time he comes out of there so. You know right now. You know where our mindset is that he's gonna stay in the fan. Continue to build strength in that shoulder and we get down the road now and you know then we may look at it he's always been a starter. Capable but you know right now that shoulders. Producing. Quite nicely for us who was consistent strokes could be kind of benefit that was simply game. Are you he throws strikes to a what's you know his fastball or slider mixes and some nice changeup zodiac he's doing an okay. Didn't end. I feel today isn't yesterday. Yeah it feels OK that so we're still kind of looking at a little love. You know we'll probably make a determination sometime tomorrow sykora. Really fair to describe Jorge so there is wrong. You see that talent then. Inexperience or. H. This can come up kinda take that extra base you'd like be aggressive but he needs to deliver world. You that it is wrong you know he's got a tremendous feeling. And it kind of reminds me back in the like twelve and thirteen when we brought this group up in the mistakes that they would make him. You know day they continued. To get time in the big leagues and through that experience in the more time they had they got more consistent. And it is just part of the process I mean you understand that young guys like Bonifacio. Like. What marriage feel like solaris they're gonna come up and they're gonna make mistakes that young guys and I can. You know it they're good teaching moment she continued to. You know teachers those it and so that they that they can learn from their mistakes but they're going to be there. Players taken the burden on both the coaching staff a little bit as far as teaching. We'll isn't isn't always necessarily as a song we've been you know players are. There are their focus about their production and their focus about winning on the field and in other coaches are focused on making each individual player better every day Stephen Collins Colorado and David is obviously Chicago if you. Your home I was seeing a 789 years better than I hear cases in the creek and anyway. Pretty good. Did you gotta talk about the later you sure it's an accomplice. Yeah isn't struggles it was going to be death it is. It's. Security in anywhere you want. Again you know experience we'll teach you a lot and the way get experiences of my plan and planned. You know a couple of years. You know I've always felt that it takes. You know group tuna suited to one half years before they really get comfortable here can really start. You know playing consistent baseball especially for young type players and you know that was true for Danny was true for moose went through struggles of those troops for possible street veracity. It was true for Cain. You know it's just all part of the process and you know when they get here I think you know there's a lot of expectation that hey there big lakers nation their nation make mistakes and and that's not the case they've got to get up here at this level and I've got to experience things they've got to make X mistakes so that they can grow. And you know Danny's. Done his part. He's continued to do experience understand who he was and how we can be successful and put them back. Officers Renault was the balance. Out of the nine received excellent. Given the favorite this again. These are everything. Is definitely not no doubt in the end of this thing that. I think it's kind of forgotten little bit as analysis openness when games of this defense so. I mean there's a lot of focus on his offense right now because down palace has always been you know. An all star caliber player for the most part and he's always. You know been productive with the bad as well as with the glove play. You know the focus for us every day it's just do something to help us wonderful game and Alex is done that he constantly and you know it would and Saddam because of the lefty we've got two lefties in a row or face in Santa Albemarle so it was a good good chance you balance that day today and you'll be right back in there tomorrow. I'm so there's Ned Yost target of the media today for the royals take on the Yankees outscored his out of the lineup tonight and low one of the reasons that I speculated he was out was because the space left handed pitcher that's had on I'm wrong. Flat out wrong ice. Or face a lefty tomorrow too so. Yes so outscored just get a day off scheduled day off elected a marches like what the accident tonight. Well I mean back to be the case I know we just priestly mentioned that. This is something that Gordon is always going to be a part of their daily lineup because he provides defensively and they still believe that the bats and get going but. It makes me think a little bit about salute what Danny told us at the beginning of the week and how we fix outscored and yeah may be just had given that opportunity to you is 82 with three games a couple of their mental break India. Eighties over thinking and David is an opportunity to sit back. They whatever works out fairly new deal to get them. You know budget checked a bucket of chicken like dated in Major League now it paid us a rod Allen Toussaint. You know it's an hats for bats I don't care you get it going offensively because. I agree would you pass and I agree with Danny. I don't think outscored is a washed up offensive player and Ned essentially backed up what I've been saying for a long time out of the reason he's in there. Is because of his defense they set it on Monday. On on on Friday night against the Orioles he saved two rounds of his glove. They want one run games and won three to two he saved to run so yeah outscored as a hell lot of side by typically don't like to make in. To me like 1618 million some like that. But ninety lineup in about four years seven a year or two before years ebony two million dollar deal is even matter in his monopoly and he's been so much money. And he's about ninety your lineup. And and SL but got Bordeaux. Korda not a lot of tonight us opera as the DH solar Bonifacio and Cain in the outfield Danny Duffy on the map hopefully the royals can avoid. Being swept by the New York Yankees to some other stuff that those really interest in day here's Mike Minor in the beginning Mike Myers the pitcher he was talking about. On down the bullpen is talking about a shoulder. He said that you know. He's looking pretty darn good and I gotta admit that I wasn't sure what to expect from my mind. Com. When I for some spring training and eyebrows for seven weeks I saw. Every one of his outings a solid bullpen and I saw a lot of that stuff and he got it was talked about a lot last year wasn't gonna be ready to sign him assent. Openings last year but. This year it was going to be the year and Mike miner has been terrific here's what that said about it if you just. If you joined his late in the that you as media availability here's what that set about relief pitcher Mike Meyer. Our focus to him was to start out there and let him get some time under me is that he just seems like he's getting better every time he comes out of their zone. You know right now. You know what our mindset is it that he's gonna stay in the fan. Continue to build strength in that shoulder and we get down the road and you know then we may look at it he's always been a starter. Capable but you know right now that shoulders. Producing. Quite nicely for us who was consistent strokes could be would benefit that was simply didn't. Are you he throws strikes to a with the you know his fastball or slider mixes and some nice changeup so yeah he's doing an okay. I think he's said Mike Myers doing more than okay. I think Mike byers been terrific for this team. You know without that guy in the bullpen and I'm not sure that then would have been earlier on sees that he's banned. He's been nothing less than fantastic yeah you're you're there spring training and I think when caring tonight word discussing the July you were there. So it looked in my miners and after late. This is a guy that we've been waiting around forever you know we pioneers and Mike minor league among my miners gather you could left handed pitcher. I heard maybe he's on his way back in. We looked at him is somebody that. We have the wild card you really have no idea that the role that he's played this year has been one I think that has surprised more people than mouse. There really good problem command spring that that's the fact they had a bunch of lefties it can come out it got Alexander. They had Mike miner added tunnel attended pages in the bullpen was almost a problem at edge so many lefties but right now to me. He's a success story now and understand it with the team that sixteen point three. Outscored not hidden there's a bunch of things you look at this team that it's not the right. I'd get it I understand it struck in the not too but Mike Minor is not one of those guys. He's been really really good this team the other thing that talked about touching it and that I didn't that was very PC when he talked about. But Jorge soler does the guy right now that's it's driving me nuts. You know whether he's trying to stretch a single and a delegate not a twenty feet. Whether it's diving for a ball on the ninth inning he showed that almost cost him again and others missing cup and very fundamental things. Right now that that Horry so ciller's Dylan's and Ed also talked about or a solar. It is it's wrong you know he's got a tremendous ceiling. And it kind of reminds me back in the like twelve and thirteen when we brought this group up in the mistakes they would Megan. You know day they continued. To get time in the big leagues and through that experience in the more time they had they got more consistent. And it's just part of the process I mean you understand that young guys like Bonifacio. Like. What marriage feel like solera they're gonna come up and they're gonna make mistakes that young guys like getting. You know it they're good teaching moment she continued to. You know teachers those it and so that they that they can learn from their mistakes. They're going to be there. Actually know what's going olive or a seller. You get up and an answer for I do yeah I think I think what has happened is that he's gone to. One of the legendary coaches out there for for advice on how to play right field memory. Dover ball shouldn't have this double cut off then last night now I think what has happened is that he that he is actually gone to. The coaching legend himself man by the and a coach Ken Murphy. Hemmer can't Murphy I never heard of them heard dale Murphy you know this is I love the same god yesterday is that what he coached in particular that played right field before it came to Kansas City let's not. First thing I like to do when I get out here's elect identified where the best looking women are fit and not coming just. A show myself off little bit lets him know what I'm worker width. No live from there your center fielder Italian news elect a man to down. Flip cam route off because you don't care about that. You know you're not out here to talk about coming out there are so let's kind of what I do you know to get started to get situated out here right field. On telegraph stain on mob on the best watchers. Now he's so what did their kids a dove for the ball. But some of them bring up early but not forever ball you know it's boring otherwise plus looks harder. You know gets the chicks you know what I mean but you know from their lecturing practice and Janet to throw do with your friends with a guaranteed out every time you know we'll be teaching these. And didn't work. So you're you're telling me that it's. He coaching lessons that he got here on the great. Ken Murphy hit coaching our insularity to coaching ledge is not necessarily lining up with the staff of the Kansas City Royals and and media this presented a problem for our his awareness first here and I think so I think I think in the offseason maybe Jorge might have visited. I can't Murphy adds that to learn how to play right field that's not necessarily. What exactly rusty coaches try to teach sociology and the coach goes own individual guys hitting coaches. Acuity is right field coaching him Murphy. And maybe that's what part of the problem. You that you what do you think. He's coaching legend Ken Murphy you to do is it looking out and look them up on you to. Yeah and you know how good these alleged there's there's no denying that are his ciller's enjoyed diving after days doesn't. I'd that is something you can't Murphy stresses yes he does dive for every ball because it looks absolutely. Yeah we come back I gotta be Ozzie I don't typically pay big money. For fights he's always in my company don't do it. You know I'm out over somebody's house it's already paid for the fight but there is one fight I'm pay for Taylor is we come back. Sixty and sports. Welcome back into the drive. Have him back tomorrow please feel better. So despite thing that it is supposedly I some guys it. Does seem quite believe it when it comes from the get an icon McGregor won the fight like that Mayweather boxed in here sold much about it. I would like to see the Biden actually. Need to know and I didn't Wear any clothes yet we're any closer but. Tasted saying yes so and daylight. Runs you see he says. You know this thing you got half of it done. He's got half of this thing take care to make sure that we see Connor McGregor take on Floyd made me anyway here's what he said when he suddenly the guys on India on TNT. Macgregor or Mayweather isn't happening and resume the mayor of what's going on please let us know right now. The Macgregor side is done from start work on the Mayweather side now pools over the blue and blue tool I'm not saying the fight will happen but I got one side done now it's time to work on the others you know if we can come to a deal with with with with payment in Mayweather fights gonna happen. Were the rules be oxygen bonds could be straight up boxing you're assured by the actual. And so once thought somebody yeah. Yeah. So it's not the woods got Scott a McGregor is ready to go according to daylight. All the good is it anyway right. I don't normally buy these fights and when you audit the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. I didn't pay for them because he did that he was as it is such a way and fight ultimately buy these things that would buy this buy if this happens even though it's only box. I would 100% by this fight because I wanna see how to see what happens. Not a huge let's see huge boxing guy but I like to see these two guys scrap and and I compared to. That series on fox is called man vs beast of he has on that. It was probably ten years ago when they had like. Four digits. I say that I mean short like I said Saturday that us little people. And I value with little people get even earlier sharp guy yeah now I don't like bald GO OK here. Even though I'm sure it's kids say the board. The and word yet I'd probably staying. With a little people again I say it for a little bit badges by professional advice they give a lot of politics you the producer. So that for little people like today in in a re like you see an attractive. Racing Campbell. May UP I I could not wait to see the little did got a huge star man. The little things got a big start got a big leader Mikhail Kayla came back one. It's the same thing with this fight like I've got to watch that I kid I kid you watch the fight for the novelty of it not absolutely the final B. A breakdown this. Jabs and you'll you know but I think there's a difference between. You know having sort of this novelty concept of USC fighter vs professional boxer what's not. I'm seeing there there is an LT about it but it girls and spending a bunch of money also like for the product you're paying money forward to be. Good quality you can buy shoes that. Look really nice they're twenty dollars you can really an issue that look nice that are under box because they're nice well I'm on this I'm willing to roll the dice remember the movie semi pro. Well Jackie moon. Russell there. Spent money. There to what what usually happens in humans wrestled there does not know who and who wins isn't there which is while lots. So what happens you know we have four little is race Campbell. At camels Italy. This fight gonna be so bad it is. McGregor wins what's UNC guy goes in there and goes by full Mayweather rules. Any beats him there's undefeated. What hotter McGregor somehow winds. That's Disney movie. To Disney movie that you're planning your had dead. Connor McGregor comes from all lines to be able to beat the great Floyd Mayweather when nobody said he could do it he'll be one of the greatest. Underdogs in Vegas history on what is this which Iraq he's gonna he's gonna get. Not via out about a minute ominous 800 dollars and not see you like who would. I'm still on a roll the dice on this and I'll pay for I. Like game for the stuff I hate you're gonna have the same feeling as if you would have bought the Mayweather act like big ticket really. I always a money on this or maybe sell one of the greatest spectacles in sports man like when Billie Jean Keane played there beat Bobby Riggs. Way back today and there's not. You wanted to see two. You get to exceed does coaches pay for the fight. Then all of his friends come over commission today yet and make money yet no I'm not doing that if I pay for the fight fellow being bring your own beer and you can leave it. If your editor at all that's the world I I wish I shared I am very optimistic person I wish I'd share the optimism you have for this fight. I just I just biggest biggest knows a lot in Vegas is gonna happen. Connor McGregor as a super. Super underdog like furthered an underdog in your life sentences such defensive fighter though. Mean that's how we win and he's a professional boxer going to be into guided doesn't professionally bop. But who's never lost one big marbles and it. Undefeated they have lost this is actually true about Floyd Mayweather it's not about cat like asking magic with me in this I'll stop. It's kind of unexplainable I just wanna deal that'll ruin it for. Fair enough I just want you save your money many got a wedding coming up I know that's why it's a Trace him. In the on if Obama spent money and to honor it's like she doesn't mean. Development yet. All right we can execute it hits and stuff from today it's coming up next in the ground.