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The Drive
Thursday, May 18th

In Hour 2, the guys are joined by Royals TV analyst Rex Hudler, hear from Alex Smith as he finally addresses the elephant in the room regarding drafting Pat Mahomes, why kids more than ever need sports in their lives, and ended the hour with a few more emails in our email contest.


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I enhanced my. People would would you call that people again that Hud word sorry. Rex toddler cheese and crackers well off royals TV analyst thanks for a great it would. Love hearing the game with the fifteen year Major League that's red and we've got fall. We've got big league championship ball therapy Thursday therapist. Feared then help the people. Can't. Rigs have learned much room. On the drive. Welcome to drive everybody brags that that guys there there's there's an opposite field under the weather. No fun being sick but it's more months I get a test of the royals yankees tonight getting dumped on the map hopefully can avoid this week. Dropped. If you receive Lorenzo gains in the lineup tonight to each week his wrist. Diving for that ball in the fourth inning last night. Tough talk drug. Rex Butler. Are brought to you by Lee's summit dodged what you do and and. I'm doing great. Appreciate you called your little. No my own. Well gosh she. Went to Utah is a bit shorter. All of their mediocre day. I believe that the certainly should look at all that you are accurate and got. I can't rule it by that. Spotlight on one you know that's what's Lama. Were they would go. Cuba you know quarter that had been there about them do what other. 28 years later it's in the press. To me are what it versions. Ship itself out in your final leader. And attack Iran. Doing. In doing all those things that people will do when they're young they're all in all country. Now cattle. My entire life or don't want has gotten so good our the woman out there or why. You. Should. Ticker. Yeah well. She got to. You know she got a good art who though. Good luck to you arts she was that she would support them publicly order a broken well. Eight results should not award goes to bear what do. So that's very important for me there on the person you're below and so I'm very thankful that. Achieved it yet what. But. What it couldn't you're now known Altman. Not eaten in a couple of kitten up on the group reporters that the best doctors here. Crowds are here and let him get married in July at three teenagers so. Yeah. Yeah yeah at the last thing yeah. Anyway. Let's. What's been Gilani is the Yankees chalk that up to a couple of bad nights or what's happened there. Well I'm. Administrative. Some of them so Linda Robertson from the Yankees to their all and so many. Ox cart. Stern Castro. Actually that hole. No wonder joked it's important every fortnight career stormed a little while Ortiz in the seventh you'd pick. And rescue worker. But now he's getting better Norton on myself and in order to allow certain. You know the two on May 27 that you got Paula thanks very tight market there's almost twenty better. Awards you know find out more what you're more. Its interest in the seat each shot their bark the fastball way to China over solar. Beautiful in the gossip column you know it's such he's the real deal would tolerate it their mission there. I heard a good record votes don't count of course that's what the heck out of that they are all you know before he. Let you look at universal. Directly on the ball to the opposite field. Let you know about it your and that's beat. It's the repeating I think Lucas beat by our parking lot. One occupant. Which you know the off they might cool off the Yankees. Give them and they capitalized on our north quarter and apparently he got it on pork it's humid you know cube itself. It matters little. Royals TV analyst wrecks other he's brought to you by Lee's summit dodge you mentioned Maurice a layer and I've been pretty critical of him. Over the last week or so based on what I saw. Friday night when he dove for the ball that I gaining based on a Sally try to stretch a single into a double down five nothing when he need base runners. Any missed a couple of cuff than last night and I are you know Reiner talked on the broadcast that he's learning that position. At the Major League level what have you seen from Maurice a layer that they've maybe you can call me and fans it did. It he's gonna get better at some of the stuff because to me those are things that are fairly simple learning in a Major League curve ball really difficult. But he's knows his stuff right now that did. I'm scratching my head man. No kids or their employers two questions picnics out days in the monies to competitor approach you know sort Chechnya. Personally. That secure the ball and you're in the minors sixty. Six you're unable. Uncle there ordered state yeah Obama Pittsburgh. So. Or a beer. For abortion. And promoted to the next day so. But it our opportunities and it took advantage of Tripoli and actually some good and and I got my shot of the day Easter. Then boom gone. There were the right to select our borders to but I do. It all these years. So whatever that call them grow over a page that would strictly. We were down by two runs. Or under rule admirable that stood out for exposed to show. Show people that political chill sort analyzed talk or talk chill. On the stand it's it's one over on what network it's shell. That's. What and you've watchers considered policy and get to show without being. They're having to dispel fear of that what you see are part of the. I guess the flip side those solar things damage this last segment that I think that's that's fairly easily easily fixable isn't what what he's doing right now. You know in part because it's important that the catch it where it hurts that. A Lou excited about. But lately like. That you think. Before. Oh its own distinct reflected that the critics out. There what's the situation here what market do. Its thing. Include the very top there where the outcome of them are kind of back off because your outlook by one in the race. Please note doubles it's going to go in in the field. A lot more. Couple that you. And now you didn't have to do that much which you steal it and you know bring out there and in the pure progressive. And let's eat bureaucrats like that. And Pia very popular. On the there and not think it in Boston it is one of the greatest. They all coaches there are there. Let's field. And you negotiate so all the side of it before being talked even during. And their solar. You might want to look at it we're improved but he's learning and he's the intensity may now to work tonight. I cataracts others' affairs is approximately seven dodge. I'm Duffy on the hill tonight for the royals is comfortably the little bit. What are the key for dust and what he's Roland you know before he had a couple of hiccups what's the what's he gonna have to do tonight to really shut down as powerful Yankee office. Get them mixed Maxima then get to what partner for doing that you didn't decrypt. You know the walls that you took that picture at the current policy it is really works. Stop outside of a a couple of the little while ago you would like to talk about. All in Portland fire that's what. You're gonna use. Going to be careful guys like airports now on the first pitch then build they're in the upper. It's beautiful and it's equalize. It could start with that duke. What you got to chill are dominated board and the line you'd have to shoulder that I reckon ball. You shall not the total. It's gotta sort of let your partner then I'll put in the back of their minds older worker and vote for that too. And words you are all week which is so disliked. That really disrupts the plug connector with a slight. You don't want them awhile to find some of those gators keep warm up bounces and it peachy. And so you're more secure. Utley led to shell out today with some audio that I found from Wally back when when he was managing the south Georgia peanuts. And the reason I've played that it's a great does melt down and in the in the clubhouse after game when he was riveted even there. The reason I've played it was like listened to and what led to go crazy EK and I could do it and able as usual Wally and did you can't do with a big league level what's the what's the biggest test you when you ever got when you're in the minor leagues and who gave. Martyr in the Earl Weaver. And here all and a member of mr. Bertrand. Courtney whispering. And there were double steal our ordered her first when they covered the those are covered the card. Eric they're kicked out and it caught the ball catcher who. Or paper. And that it was while that that defeat the electorate all practical book cook. That's. And it would over. What. So important that we should stay out general its open a couple of you've been talking to you go from there are known to have a little. Bit sure that your. Secure and accurate. Shall due to a strike won't have inflation outlook in the gotten. Into an forward. You know that well. In the end to onslaught on it and he might call. So I took. I'd like I mean yes yeah. I was better America I think who actually believe in our apartment I won't put my children and short why it. Pollution that are probably better than political whatever the matter to the typical cheap. Didn't that constant I would never prepared to do their liking of all of in one of our our membership there would want it to element that can. It. Nothing here and you know it happened at the book about it sometimes. It. And there America might law. Now. Earlier in the Lenovo took that and they didn't. One over there and they're they're as it is like I have. Yorkshire in the windows are open your neighborhood there. You'll Lenovo would sometimes there aren't. Well that's generally it's well. So it on another. I'll never never show that the that it would hurt their personal it's all to help you look at it like. For a year. Or your interest is coming up November 12. Man right thing for Alexander. But it's actually a center. I think that I am a mother to interpret. I've read more mustard or its own thing apart from one court order and remove the parts and got into its. Among recruits are they weren't quick enough to have to replant the you know don't let them. Now also went to work on the twelfth with a new oil equivalent to bring that simple political content oh. Didn't bring it on tourists. Are you have only when the strips out to me all of the let them sign autographs and look at. Or two about the future you're due in court. Are available. At the foot Greg recruit who questions Caribbean. It's beautiful and how important war torn apart from November and of course that the the the World Series goes if we get there we go broke out Paul Kuhn planners at seven. 484. 2050. Or go to Salina travel dot com. At 80. Couple yards you're locked up or. I'm not offered by cabinet asked them whether it you know I'm here or or in equipment like that I eat. Out what one person. Look at all the Gutenberg not on the that it's all too. That opportunity and was so thankful that other cruise planners. And sort of that would there are signature and certainly we believe what to do it would try to cooperate where it's also got all. Its abilities have been people out there toward a very important support so fortunate that the simple ethical. A lot to mammy I should both get married in July said we need a honeymoon scene ever though it might be there with you. It's important partner hurt or. It. And you know so it's topical and couldn't hurt global crude panic in the heart it well now the end of July on record here. But thank you so much for for the time and I hope we get a win tonight because yankees avoid this week. Yeah we got. That's wrecks other approximately seven dodge great stuff from we really appreciate it coming up next Alex Smith as it is the elephant in the room. We'll talk about we come back on the ground. Sixty and sports. What are your views. Is it to us today ties the scorpions them back now little plastic wrap their stay here and drive we used it recently. Jam out of the scorpions on the laws to golf tournaments back in the day when. Before iPods and access to take years you're jam box on the bus with guys in on his question because I. I don't want this to come across as neat. Did benign you get her for being nice couple years older than made. But I haven't experienced my music being referred to music that I grew up with yet as classic rock yeah that state you better yet you would you just embrace it. Well in the beginning to Canada as like the first time years song and it's on a classic rock station right now really. Start really thorough look and and but they're here premiere held as a double to mark Graham is a little more hands I was gonna save and that's the least a year worries Tuesday AGM and talk about great here haired balding. At knees hurt and that's that's the least of a man per share. Welcome back into the drive brat fan Betty high security Harrison's off today's Philip under the weather hopefully we'll get him back tonight or tomorrow excuse me. Before the Alex Smith topic. Two wanted to remind people that elegant even a contest on its a lot it's a lot of fun. Both sixty and sports icon or trying to come up the best way some some more. Categories and more things to be able to bid on at the royals charity auction. Yeah there is the 1101000. Dollars last and it's really claw on auction items you can eat cake with Lorenzo Cain you have dinner with George Brad. You had a great list of Samir ons Michigan sitting on top of crown visually sound awesome it lasts for so we're giving away a pair VIP passes to burns a watch party knew more those details over at sixth and sports dot com it's going to be an osment and over it airs at casino and that winning streaks on the Sunday. On commented that I really like and against an amendment that sixth and sports that konduz from Tyler. Says Selby splash day. At the water park of your choice to sell our program as imagine immediately did after your kid's birth the be that great as parents of all time that would be like ghetto the water park with south for a little water park via Salvi splash for today like taveras also mission from Tyler from Tyler it is from Michael. Dogs with dolce it's good dog bark when Duffy in his husky. I'll get your way. It's hang out go to you know I I you know I met my fiance through someone who won it's a league. The dog park over in Hollywood over on bark they'll leave us we will us. Yet all part brings people together it does and this is from Matthews at what about movie night video game night at the K where the crown vision video board is all yours for the that you last. Trevor Vance would go for that and it's it is to do that from from like the diamond club or something where the game from there you'd certainly be able to see everything behind yeah I think people want to be able to get on the field in the stadium. HI ever would doubt be willing to conceded just just for one it's a cell be splashed water park it would sell me. Dog park where I would Duffy and movie niner video games on. On the giants scored that's a given coming into the distance or stock you know he's an empty rise next year's charity auction they're gonna toll steal ideas. It absolutely kidney that I would be mad normally benefits for charity animal and trying to float in the sounds with a with a cooler full of beer that's an island. It's Smith finally addressed the elephant in the room and that being of course that she's gonna draft a quarterback when pat alms. We've got seventeen takes to get in at number ten. And exactly mean for Alex I think. Now we now we can that we can assume that we can we can use common sense and we can say that it's gonna be Alex is job this year but after that. Who knows so. Here's Alex had to say this is Alex Smith. Talked about what he had to say out to pat homes after mom's strategies. You know and all the situations are all different. I I don't think you are shy away from anything he's do you wanna be real right. Beyond us. Moments in an embrace and sometimes it can be awkward period you know it is I think we just kind of brace that he real. Think that we can appreciate that being honest you know that's it's kind of access to him and you know that extracurricular stuff that maybe goes on elsewhere just doesn't take places us kind of environment we have. So yeah I mean that it's it's a troop row he has an and that that she is give them a heads up listen we're gonna draft a quarterback they did it he's got to deal with it. It happened to him in San Francisco but I think it's much different situation. But him reaching out to pat Helms's start at neverland chief strategy for. And the first question I asked Abu Ali was like what's it like that sort of mentor the guys and take your job. And I was surprised by the answer because I'm not so sure that the people at every day jobs and be really excited about. Having. Mentor and train the person's gonna take your gig but I think it sports is a little bit different parts that is because. It's simply that you can't play football here 58 now you you you know. When you surrogate in your late twenties early thirties that the end is near you see in the the light in the tunnel. So. Think that Alex was asked about it's not a seeker audio courtesy of a peace when he achieved. He was asked if he didn't fact now that the chiefs. We're gonna go out and be that aggressive and draft a quarterback. I certainly you know expect. News. And taking it really. Spend. There. Yours and it. But I doubt it I came back and percent down but we. You reached at Patrick Holmes yeah we talked you know and you get. Fluent next. Ends notes in. Front yes. Yep I've really just such. Case I knew it was clicking onto the world and I can remember him there. It's a lot going on in the thousands of people. You know kind of in overload news when it just myself. You know and and that was really let him have taken that that special time you. You know that damage there. Really from used to come and enjoy there's an interest myself. Yeah plays Condit to get to know each other you know we started today. Alex Smith talked about what he's voted to pat mahomes on. I don't think you can do a better situation that owns covenant without Smith right there and Jiri John Dorsey stable organization. And you know like Alex. In Cuba. You know. You've got. Play you've got to perform. The answer might seem varied obvious to us bite you mentioned that when you talk to Tom Ollie yesterday for the draft that you wanted to ask what's it like potentially. Haven't train and work with your eventual replacement. I wonder if you ask Alex Smith. Do you ever feel like you've got. Fair shake to fully Scholl what you were capable of whether it be your audience entrance video just in general over the course Dierker. Do you ever feel like you truly got that opportunity. Because in both situations. You know he got passed over Colin Kapanen took over took over for him when he was having a terrific scene there's an alias its and then arguably when the chiefs have. Probably their most talented team that they've had since he's been here they go ahead Andy bring in my homes. I wonder what he would say if you asked him do you feel like he's truly got an opportunity. To get a fair shake I think he had. I do too and I think he but I wonder if he feels different all sound like it I don't know I mean I can't inside the guy's head but I think he's been given. Every opportunities being given a stable situation he's been given weapons around him they drafted Travis Kelsey. They had Jamaal Charles when he got in the when they signed Jeremy Maclin they put an emphasis on the offensive line. On the so I think I think I think we look back when we get sort of pass the time when Alex Smith is here say you. Held the job here. Some Playhouse was a division one as a playoff game we don't know what's gonna happen this year so I don't think Alex in any way shape or form would look back and say that he wasn't given a fair shake. And all the opportunity in the world to go out win I really down and you know there's going to be some growing pains with my Holmes went when he starts and I think. At least in the beginning will probably miss the predictability. Of Alex Smith but I I'd I'd I've always been an Al Smith guy I do believe there is a ceiling with him. And I'm not so sure that she can't win a suitable Alex Smith but. I think he's been terrific for the organization he's been really really good quarterback he's not a leak nobody's been really good. And that was not shocked at all I found out the way he handled the Patrick on steel. You know something yesterday. I absolutely love even the hole it was extremely emotional painful for me. On my dale I'll explain that we conduct in the. 610 sports. Yeah. What about the drug let anybody eyes. Those seat today that the but rather a great Thursday it posted on Friday nine to five very. Less than an hour and a lesson that and it's Bryant scored. Well one of the amount of the changes in tonight's game in the series finale against the Yankees. It's operas and DH tonight Alex. Gordon out of the lineup. Quote not play tonight he's not starting anyway probably because they're facing Yankee lefthander George Montgomery. And the fact that George had his struggles of the plate cellular lefty lefty matchup probably don't want Gordon in that line of so. As of our leads off followed by a moose Cain Hosmer. So opera is again at the age Lori Bonifacio as you left fielder or basal layer in right field. Which at second base Andrew B Terry is catching tonight I'd mention Lorenzo Cain I was curious to see if he was going to be the starting lineup tonight he has. I did tweak his wrist. In the fourth inning of last night's game of that ball game so obviously not a big deal Nancy tweeted after the game reminds us that he was fine. The reds are back in line. So yesterday I was off well down to two days vacation when Anna Pittsburg Kansas because I want to watch. My should be step sons regional semi final high school based on those Alley. Twelve inning 21 final. It was decided on three bonds of blocking an error in the twelfth inning and fortunately. I'm only royals is the head doesn't it. Is such a well pitched game icu I was so proud of both those teams it was without southwest take on Mill Valley. And without southwest one 21 kid for. About southwest had known through five innings but. There is it's hard to explain if you don't have it and and keep them on my should be steps and some blood but allow them like. He he's one in my town and so to see. It is you get wrapped up in in what's going on. And you get good response shielded choked up. Yet to update the plate but in the tenth inning to vote of 11 game me. He got a runner over in scoring position heading Immelman and it was twelve. But I saw something yesterday. And is organizing and is heartbroken as I was you know from my sanity steps out of the boys on the Mill Valley team. I salsa I really love. And it releases hero quit he was that my stepson and emigrated to play the starting center fielder about Alina. On the first guy out of the dugout to shake hands with the team that just and the overseas. And and had a tough day at the plate I noticed. And he's a great ball players do but I notice that because to me that's character. And those are the things that I tend to pay attention to games like this and it was the throw victories via either feeders all that stuff assault blue valley southwest gradually set grads to them they went on to win the regional championship they're going state. But I saw happy they were so hard on our boys. And at. And I should hand. But this is great stuff because I saw yesterday the epitome of what sports can do. You know it's physical it's mental. It's difficult. Their success there's failure you're dealing with teammates that are like you in a lot of cases. On you have to be coached you have to accept coaching. Just like in any game there are a couple of calls that didn't go each way can go. Each team's way you've got to deal with that you've got to deal with adversity you've got to deal with unfairness. At times. You have to compete. It's physical. And although our team lost that game I just saw so much value. It in in in. What each one of those boys. Were able to experience yesterday because you know we kind of joke about all millennial thing in the show but you know in a lot of times parents in my generation wanna make. Sure their kids and the greatest day in their life every single day well. You beat your season ends. Or slicing getting care and you can't just go back and give you trophy case you lost in a varsity baseball game I mean there's a lot of great life lessons. In the air and I think in my opinion is that it. Sports. And can give you things that maybe other activities in. The problem there I agree with what sports can. And view what he can provide. And some that I've always are reluctant as I I didn't played football. Out of disease football's an example I didn't grow blamed the ball. Out but everybody talks about football was the game that taught in life lessons taught me how to be a man and some and a pick myself up. There's plenty of women that went through similar situations that found something else asks you whether it be something physical or something where they had to overcome adversity. Based on other activities in their life that they were able to then. Bring themselves back up and learn life lessons along the way sports is a wonderful example of all agree that it's. Really the key way for a lot of these younger kids to be able learned. And also. I wonder whether or not. These kids we give them enough credit a lot of the time that kids know when they. Any right a lot of times there's there's the participation trophies and you know especially the younger guys like you get to the high school level that they are anymore which is why I love that I love that. Even at the younger levels I. Know when they've lost they know the difference between winning and losing it and a lot of times it's been tried to be in rain that you know he's still feel good about playing yet to trying continue to keep them going so maybe he gets the point later on. Where they want to continue playing because it feels good just to play. I think we're not giving a lot of these kids enough credit for understanding that they know what winning and losing it is through that I think it jail because I think a lot. The deal until the end. And in and I and a lot of I think the first and the experienced. They feel losing. A lot of times I think in the tendency is there walkway. Because they didn't win a kitten because they've been rewarded. A lot you know four average performance at an OK without. You know up until a certain day to come with a problem that you need to shoot seven year old as a soccer because in play it she gets. Absolutely. You know here whatever recess they have a great school I understand that part that I just think it. You know at some point you've got a condition and for what realizes. I'm not saying it's at twelve years older. Whatever it is that surge in your teenager early teens eat understand it if you want to accomplish something you want to win something you heard it. You know and and and I like exports is such a great job of like. Let's here's what it feels like to fail. Here's what it feels like to get screwed here's what it feels like to be coach because you're gonna be coached by a boss and actually here's what it feels like to work with people you don't necessarily. I have a lot of common. And I think that's that's the part on top bush. You get that from sports that makes perfect sense that you can't get that from. Being in the classroom where if you fail testy filters that is a reflection on your radio you're finally here either study more get better. I mean I'd I played music growing up all throughout my life indeed played in pretty competitive jazz group in them in high school. And there were different competitions along the way that if you didn't win. That was its and you know you got chastised for it so you learned a lot on the way to earth you wanna be the the first chair at I want to Allenby first tenor saxophone share. I had to work my house let's make sure I got there and I just knew eventually I was in good enough to do I tried as best I could. But I learned that if I didn't practice for three hours every day I wasn't gonna get there I know sports is very easy way. For a lot of these life lessons to be learned but I think sometimes we tend to overlook. Other ways that kids can learn to agree I would agree with that for sure I mean there's different ways I just think. You know some of that stuff not terribly physically taxing you know I think when they when you have today. We have to be physical. Let's sure we don't we don't make people run yet well out of sand like I just think Allah that part of it immediately add so here's here's here's a text. I'm honorees. Okay from the once experienced perspective on young kids exactly what you expect from a forty cent no looser. And assume we are stupid that's not true that's completely inaccurate. That's not at all I think he's got a you have to it's a good way to learn life's lessons without. You know it's not in a life or death situation like you're gonna have issues with things and and the sooner the UK and and I of the physical part to me is the other part because. Certain things. Here inside a K sports the outside to move around physical it's great for your body. You know it's great for your brains in the two go hand in hand on my part in mind so. You know listen there are two different things you know that can stimulate Bryant make great I realize that everybody's great athlete and in or not. There on an and that that's fine too I just this is what I noticed yesterday from my experience that. I saw a winning team in a losing team both gave it their all I saw the look on each one of those they this kids' faces and they went through so much and I can't replace seven innings in high school. The thing went well there's 21 final I saw the state baseball championship last year the six a state game. It ended in nine innings. With a bad throw from a senior second baseman from Lawrence free skate. I watched that. He was in agony something you'll never forget what I mean. It is like I don't know what it was like a big plus for us now the drummer 2000 ban. I'm done they can't really get your face and challenge you like like a coach can either an idol. I think. On a surprising at all accurately as CN patent. And they and they made I'm Blaine out of a movie with with miles. Miles turner miles. I tell I smiles something and died JK Simmons one I taking Simon's won an Oscar for it. Where he was the guy is the jazz coach and he was like physically abusive and obviously to this guy did the movie but I've seen. We're very very intense. High school band leaders and directors that. Will go ahead and get your face the same league coaches laws Ayman. It's again whether you agree with that sort of mindset goes back to what we talked at the beginning of the show but and there's there's people in a lot of different areas besides sports where they're competitive Easter. That you'll get a lot of those lessons whether it's fair or not. What it's for from the tax line the ones that use in the young people don't kid it's insulting that's not true what I'm saying is that young people need to learn. Everybody needs to learn. But it also has to be passed down from a lot of those yes parents with those young people to share if they are learning from a young age that. My son or my daughter. And it is a winner in whatever they dale. You know and it's a reflection of what they say to their kids along the way. Some what they have whiplash is the name of the movie about it via text line at some point they need to understand too that Demi your kid does need to experience at lost understand. Along the way that you're not going to win everything they're not gonna have everything under control. Perfect that's exactly you need cooler nobody wins everything nobody is undefeated except for maybe Floyd mainland which loaded into their own show but. I just I just saw a lot of great lifeless this a lot of great parents. I saw a lot of adversity I saw a lot of guts I saw two teams battle or tails off. And the game ended on three bonds. A balk at an air and season over and so I just. I just do it if it was my little social steady for the day I was emotionally attached to it but and it's done like a mother but. I I just there's so much about yesterday that I really love and continue to read your email Smart email contest we're trying to. Figure out some some more ideas for the 2018. Royals charity auction you can email us at Booth at sixty in sports that come got a bunch of really fun ideas and and and that go way beyond needing Kay ago with the brands of Casey email us. And it grew to sixty in sports iconic and one pair VIP pass to join us for birds watch party at winning streaks and harrah's on. On on May 21. Study came out to ice. It will get too little late I it has lots of baseball right. This study's three brought this to my attention I didn't see this and I stopped for baseball for Arnold as long as you've known right so this study came out. And it indicates that baseball could be in better shape than most people think we'll get to that of the drive we come. 68. In sports really. Welcome back into the it's not. Appreciate you joining us today who. Good conversation around. A high school sports and then drove it through the acting goofy. And stuff that I saw this pin high school regional baseball here. Ice we got some emails. Galley do you Booth at sixth and sports dot com we were talking about the royals broadcast option last night raising over a 1101000. Dollars. Royals charities and McDonnell spoke with some than. That we can. Send it over there and trying to get some of our ideas and they're trying to appraisal of the more money and of course we got a prize VIP passes to you. Out winning streaks for burns watch party ion Sunday if your submission comes through me like the best on this one is from Luke. Is it large bid on a chance to play in the big slick celebrity softball game. He knows that when bill for line you should play robbery eagle and receive T Indians a legal rights and whoever I'd I would. That would be a bit and that's a great that's certainly prior one of the front runners at this on to anyone from Lou this is from Steven. So I was that would be cool to get married on the field. At Kauffman Stadium buying our gain Denny Matthews yeah a great reception he got the fountains the big screen in the sound system would be the perfect wedding. That's a pretty good idea and you that Denny got to get ordained wedding day at the K wedding day to day. It's there yes he did I did so this is just India the next yeah. And then the final one from Jim I really like this and is really based on the creativity here. Is that you get an opportunity to watch the game from the bullpen. And then you get to pick up the bullpen phone when they're trying to go and get somebody warmed up I get bigger idea. Yeah and Edwards got okay what you want strong future. Try the school. Just think oh now I get it cut. They can tell he was Travis Wood just on the wrong name get up did he wants a beginner area to get I don't I don't care if it's the sixth yeah that's an I'd say he's got to go in this game I think that's a leader in the clubhouse and I got it happened like and Alec looks as well. Properties that keep them coming in Booth at sixth and sports dot com really some terrific ones coming in here so. That takes a hard is. Our ideas and makes money that grid for charity in the world were certainly in favor or not a big fan people steal. Ideas but hey if it makes them some money for January. I'd say this this study came out I think the press releases it it was that Major League Baseball says that allies. Yes they did OK full disclosure got okay so Major League Baseball set up this press release and it's. From the sports and fitness industry association. And they have some dated march considerable. Increases. Of casual participation in both baseball muscle itself while. You know I've fought in I don't know for how long said they not wrong baseball these days while it is got a job to carry three to get these travel terminology go to. Any of these gigantic complex is Ali but the blue valley eagle north. I'm there everywhere make it to play baseball under point 56 games a week a weekend that much but still it's your diet. The play based they had nearly 25. Million participants across the United States and when he sixty. Say it again 25 million participants that's a lot. Big big amount and the reason is that this is because it's the most right of any sport and yet the most of and we think we all assume that it soccer right. I soccer I think it is maybe you get to the lead levels he noted that there's more active participation basketball and football but. Baseball participation increased by seven point 7%. Slow pitch softball or participation increased by eight point 1%. It is continuing to build up enough into when he sixteen casual participation baseball. Rose by eighteen point 1% I love you know a little less than one in five yet. I'm so that's a bunch so almost 20% of kids people play based movie director and a alone. I thought that you manage your air from former Major League general manager for Iraqis general manager Dan O'Dowd is and it will be network. We're gonna pick his brain about the royal situation much more stay with us on the ground.