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The Day Shift
Wednesday, May 16th

Travis Kelce went on the Desus and Mero show on Viceland and had a lot of things to say. He was asked about making it in the league and whether he wished he would have chosen a baseball career over the NFL. 


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Henry Lee. She'd been clean. He's got a four point 15 and 500 and stuff. No no no you're wrong and it just don't look down I can leave your new charity work for five I don't put their foot vigil now. He she gets to. Two hour show will be brought. Don't win. I've read but I think the problem. Does that rubber. Today you can. Swept me when one game Yelp tussle against the people which is exactly would sit right outlook because I've been here. In say that the our guy your guy but she mourn your dad and anybody who served as do I like few trips else. There's still sealed making the rounds last night's show at all. What you want to see athletes do all the time and that's what they eat little personality. You're fired up on certain skills in making the rounds of Iceland last night. Boy it was it was it was it was fun to see and look we know when it comes to you Baum. The entertainment options that you have about the that there are a bunch of people here in the last year or so and what to shoals. They've made some news and I think that one of the tree of seals in a funny show to me it is a basis and Merrill there's still one vice is pretty good at night. I write it but those guys are pretty funny I don't watch it every single night. A lot of the clips that I've often seen over the course of the last year has been on Twitter is it what it will do is they will put together a beer beer beer. They're highlights for an interview with a personality. And it. An eight list of people that they've talked to all their show. On each and every week. They will come Powell put that interviewed and they don't tweet out socially you'll you know you don't watch this show necessarily. On your cable provider or whatever your your you. Your rob. Oblivious to watch spiceland. But I watch the soul lives on television last night I also look back at the clip. Well they had ounce obstinacy but the Kansas City Chiefs and has sought prior to him coming on the show in the so starting. And I had to email you guys about us at this should be fine because those guys are really funny guys. And I felt like it was gonna be interest to see what they dive into when it comes to talking to Travis Chelsea on their shell. In one of the things that came up over the course of their conversation. With Travis Kelsey. The entire clip ended up being something like seven minutes but it was something that they came up during the course have been talking with the 42 SoundBite. It had to do win at. Him talking to Travis Kelsey and sat still see revealing which we knew this was at the C student like the fact that he did the reality TV show today. But it came up again last night he bought about that you know he felt like. Like the moment today it was announced. Bet he was going to do when the reality TV show. Member he signed his contract extension the following day is hoped that the says global money you know some depth we do want to sell. But he ended up getting an account at least it's in like you mentioned here and somebody will to play intersected that yet is his best year ever. But it's for me is something that they use. Overdue when it comes to Major League Baseball gate that's what wanna take this conversation isn't necessarily about Travis tells that was Josie is unknown. Arm identifiable. Dumb athlete the National Football League since a young because he's he's he's not he's not old but he's not. Oh rookies not young he's in his prime right now. Travis Kelsey is a name that a lot of people do all bop he's not a superstar but a lot of people recognized Travis Kelsey. Major League Baseball has been saying for I don't know how law that they wanna get younger demographic that they wanna skew young that they want to be more marketable. This is something that they need to do. They need to be apart of doing reality he's on TV sills and stuff like this this was Travis tells the last item on bison on the basis of Merrill show in regards to the team wasn't happy about the Rio should. I mean it was a you've got 46 now. Yes yes very much okay that's very that's what I was feeling like when you. And the flight log and it gets the other mega crowds here was there our got a call an early yet does what they offer might get excited right now us and I. I. Don't know where I'm emitting building somewhere. The right before the day before a mug aside. News came out that I was gonna do is dating show yes you and build off this did not like that yeah. I so it was a it was kind of like it was still offered me doesn't know where. Really gonna work out because I'm gonna do is show no definitely but today it was all who ended up having my this year. Are so we get his best years he'd said he was gonna do reality show he didn't. He didn't know how you know he's gonna play out in regards what he knew that it was gonna play out well in terms of the team wasn't gonna like it. But the team didn't like the back he gives them young on the reality show but there was that the addicted to a ball that. This is what Major League Baseball needs to do you. They need to look at one of their stars. They need to you look at barking when of their stars and they need to use a vehicle that young people. All right looking at and watching on television and that is reality TV I really do strongly believe that because a big day what will happen is. It will be able to market. That later. Major League Baseball as a sport in May be a wait tables that looked at before. Football players at their own reality diesels we see basketball players on reality TV sills. We have not seen a Major League Baseball player beyond reality TV show. Now I don't know I didn't tell you there's been NHL player on reality TV show I'm not sure about that but I don't think that the NHL over the years at this point all Bol. Marketing their product of months date. Know that the artist or right now I don't think they're really that concerned or bothered by this is something acting as to happen it should have. We talked earlier this morning who were some of the names that that you throw into a hat and say you know this to be some connect to take off Oman. A reality TV show prospective when he comes a Major League Baseball and devious up on the on the tax on six on threes 06. Maybe some names that you with the ego but Bryce Harper was the number one name that we thought. A day doubles in the morning that I thought of those reports indicate the mine where else talking to students are. Down with the price Harvard not only is a star. He's got personality. He's got Lee is slack he's got endorsements. He is deathly somebody who would look I think another name to came out was totally a topic that that's now in terms. How people be able to relate to a tiny. Most people would watch I think because right now is one of the names in what the new names that everybody is intrigued by. You've got major league baseball players talking about he might be the most talented player on his team and right now multiple lead that Mike Trout is the best player all the while. Later baseball. That's how good a Taiwanese pain. To start the year old tiny will be another one. Another name out on the conversation. To expand its got to stand and at all. But I think if from a marketing perspective. And from an injury perspective in Ridley and even some with some of the ladies out there is Justin Verlander not just because he's a good pitcher. Not just because. He is is somebody that has some personality and he will take shots and other players like he did yesterday without Robinson to now. In talking about well apology in 32. In one but also the fact that he is married to Kate Upton. I think that is appealing to a lot of people double wanna watch but. I think big it would it comes to Major League Baseball they missiles so many times in ways they can market and being at. Advertise their product and acting that Rea reality TV show will be will be a great way to do it. I think it's great blue turf skills he example he didn't himself. Because with the chiefs of your. Boatmen's easily be read the guillotine that morning do when. The show so it's he's trying to limit that would took Travis Kelsey. So which is really absorbed easier here's a guy that you could market chiefs don't have anything up that beat in Jersey sells that's a fundamental problem mark Starr. You just went to something this past weekend with NASCAR. That gave us everything you're that you talk to the race driver before the race well. Don't you write that car pace car with driver down. To sit on pit road with a box. It was unbelievable they market their star in two. NASCAR needs to understand that like image of the Mitchell does a lot of off the wool can reality shows. Behind the beat for example the Boston Bruins were at like hard knocks for the NHL. Minnesota Wild beast he went to into the wild it's an audio they do was show like that. It was all ball behind the scenes so yeah group to Tex I think Major League Baseball needs hard. What to do it at this the big question he think about. What couldn't you do that during spring training you wouldn't be the time I always do we baseball version of Ford. Because there's a lot of times guys are doing and showing up before they can play games for couple weeks you know they do is. They show lopped breakfast project round it's not a tents like football being at the legal plague all that that. These guys do their oft you bring up Justin Verlander which would be great just Justin takes draw yes. That's the draw let's draw the people seek Kelly and Tom Brady did one of these on FaceBook going to be in perspective get to know the guy. I can't tell you much about Mike Trout at the that he likes whether. See the weather channel. Other that ease pretty robotic in his interviews AJ you would big Trout Buick he's pretty boring after games very spur you to the point. Very bad it's almost Alex Smith like. With Mike Trout. The funniest thing he's done here in the last year was wasn't a couple weeks ago with seat in the the dugout Indiana bottle and he couldn't advertise what the I would actual. What it was is said is secrets also something like that on the bottom like he was taped over it he was drinking. That's like the funny thing he's done. If I may just be useful Bryce Harper Khamese Elektra. He's kind of boring individual a lot and he likes to have fun don't make these already get but that there's not much to. Bryce Harper's and relationship with Scottsdale Camille Tony's a big one because one has started here but not only that he started back in pale. It it get acclimated live in the United States particularly it's been with them but but obviously to me it's. It's the guys if its statement juts in New York. Are these guys you leave me here and judge rising star. Big time personality big time I mean air judge Stevens out he's played in New York. As good as he was last year. America's enthralled with the guy did it 49500. Foot home runs the local paper. But a guy like that but yet there's no reason. That's sport get their afterward about the pace of play. The word about the the pitch clock word about the mound visits the word about these things and I were about getting their stores actually on the field. They'd rather not have teams. That huge problem baseball Evan all these guys do different camps and show up. Now on team they finally do Jose Batista for example now that's a personality you may love or hate him. He's finally got signed at the Braves had a couple home runs for the already on agree you're the third heaven but that that's a personality. Root get a divorce into things like even another guy to your anniversary of pods and Jose in the page yesterday. I'd be another guy that I think will be really good in a reality still setting because he's got personality now he gets it he's not kissing his you know life. At at the level that work custom to right now Chris archer is another guy and he and he he loves the camera you. Look we saw him in the poll season we was bridges are down he has to be really good on television when his career is over he's another guy with a lot of talent that you could market. And talk about in Major League Baseball but yeah you're pitching at what was so what it is bought two guys don't always perform at the top. Level the stability. It but these guys on TV for a network. Which as you can when these guys you've got says universal back up with him. The guy never talked to meet you looking now we're wondering right now we're all gonna do how was he with the media Marguerite. It will be but wonder about Jason Witten what is it gonna be like. Would you three worried also get a show on it will be networks immediate problem is this guy like there's guys on TV. The never like to talk via baseball. Baseball does have a problem we don't know people's version of the RAZR tell nobody knows anything about the raid that they up again even cares about the rate. But there are stories and story lines. With players I'm I'm shocked more local TV haven't done. More things in city royals further go that direction I think there's so many things out there and these guys were due to alleged Detroit these agents called sixth in Sports Radio. From the chiefs and what are the poll sixty and L won't get my guy exposure all of my daddy get radio experience. No problem jerk Jay Howard wanna show a prop until the chiefs knicks but that's. So that's the problem the agents see the future they want these guys to be good review work so we can sharpen their skills in a tapered. Be another name suburb rise. Wants out of debt did you note you're gonna get us on the show with some of race. Are all a lie low or behind the scenes Lucas out of ran as always from baseball all on the dime 100% but with you 100%.