05/16 - Ian Kennedy

The Day Shift
Wednesday, May 16th

Ian Kennedy is really bad right now. We thought Kennedy was going to be a big potential trade piece for this team and now he's just holding the roster back.  


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He can compete with twin peak. Think he expected Ian Kennedy. Last night in Kennedy not great last night came off a nine run performance he gave up. The night before last night we struggled three runs the first inning loaded the bases. Big baby bread killer teams of the warm up. In Q need to settle down with them there and at least gave the royals' sixth there which was actually. This is a good things these interject this killer right to retreat and and you really detectable and I don't know who you would have been able today. Good news is the rules are all off the horrible for the Yankees command that certainly could've been worse Ian could have been out. In that first inning and don't think anybody wanna be that night but when he 25 dollar gift certificate to twin peaks. Beattie fourth caller right now the 9135767610. Say. Steve answer if you walk away with 25 bucks from our friends at twenty. Kids city royals last night lake. Ian Kennedy. I've always liked impunity I'm always kind of waited three impunity the turn the corner consider him you know coming pros probe. In Major League Baseball. But he hasn't picked you expected veteran pitcher in his age. To be got the character can stabilize things I mean after all talk about a guy got a seventy million dollar counter of Keene city royals. It is Susie got to counteract the 11 thing I thought I looked at it is. He's not gonna opt out hit an opt out why would he opt out from Kansas City which is one of the most low. He places to play baseball was actually zero stressed the play here the media attention is for smaller. Than anything he rivers in their first rose by the raisers like zero people here covering it. But there's there's nobody here in he was getting paid a lot of money Ian Kennedy makes a ton of money in he was brought in here I understand here's thing here's between you mean you. I understand the process a wide Kennedy was brought in here. That was not living up to what he was but to me he showed why even signing up for after he was here. In the instance then it's been dealing with injuries it's this year with the inconsistencies. Supposedly he's bolted this year lesser of the hamstring could do is change up. So kudos voting in Kennedys feel is. You'll just expect better from what your pain and that's the thing you expect outscored the B good which even better this year both late in which they outscored is in great this year. In outscored the previous two years 72 million out of two eyes they are tricks on the key in city royals. You're getting production from the bottom production from the under a million dollar guys jig Jews the wit Mary fields of the world you'd expect more of Kennedy. Especially in this rotation just got to stabilize things but kid he's given you right now. Would guys give either rookies guys being called up from triple. As far as getting shield early. In Austin this is what you expect from Tripoli pitchers not Ian Kennedy great track record and understand whether worlds when I signed Ian Kennedy he's not living up to. I understand why not signed him and congratulations to David warned where he won the the gift card to twin peaks. David Ward or congratulations. He's this he's not living up to the contract man and now you know I know that we kind of went back and forth on email body but. I'm with you I understand what eight bodies sign them and I know these are guys that has been good throughout his career in terms of eating up innings. But the war has already knew. And a new day. This new phase of their organization with their team. They need the veteran sister bought it AT&T is not one of those veterans stepping up eighty ETA has stepped up. BD Danny Duffy has stepped up. Jason Hammel hasn't been good so I'm not let easily off the hook. Because he's not performing to the level that he should now this'll stealth with him in the year one he. He would yet he would yes I'll year I I did that in 2016. Last year he regressed mightily it was not good. Andy Andy you also added that he got hurt we did get health issues before he got two teams that missile let's just bought it out there. That was that was something that was in play even before he got to exit some had to give. This side hasn't worked out the way to Dayton Moore would have liked it I'm not hate not Dayton Moore but this is the reality of anybody started over thirty game six of the previously years and keep it yet somebody huge concern. Is not straight on passing health has been accused of term but he has had issues with help before. That was the reason why he had a short season you're on an exporter were thirty game six of the previously years before we can. In I give him credit on it. I don't want stating is that he said he was picked up last year lashes out the fourth time mysteries of amid nicked up. They got right now has him for he runs in the last two sports. He is not good right now it hit the is what it calls its legal bets right now. You don't put don't SD I don't ask is a veteran but he's awesome that you look at you'll lie around him to do. Spoke it. Don't rely on him outline on on Jacobs who is there light on the Dell sees. Idol beat beat beat Ian Kennedy's you're on the Jason Hamels goes the AT&T is giving them he's got a massive contract. Based not live up to like they try to shipped him last year. Before the trade dot dateline went all the speculation was about the Dodgers into these ain't coming up because they want to audible. We can't forget that Jesse sliding in last night. Oils and their fourth straight six spot to the rays Ian Kennedy had a rough start. Ian Kennedy asked to step ball if we're gonna sit here and talk about with Alex Gordon. Deaton dual the last two years let's talk about each unique is not one for the team right now. But my point is this he's got the second most innings pitched against the royals he's got the second best ERA. In the rotation for its best and he's been. Camels ER is worse beating deputies ERA is worse Eric Scoble ZR. Is worse you'll hearing it's better to Jonas its own has pitched more innings giving you say that that's how bad things or a bit like it's signaling Kennedy. Because they're all that I'm not I'm not singling him what. That the reason I'm I'm let me let me ask you some answers to a couple simple questions. Number one who was the highest paid pitcher on instinct old's he did okay. Question number two. You talk about it I did you about the innings idea I'd give you that we want him to hold on the floor with the innings he is highest speed. Pitcher on this on this in this organization and number two the beat this. They entered. This stay there for inactivity is not the same as Jonas is not the same spoke late on did not. Gonna put the same topic criticism on on us beau lane or Jonas has only Kennedy Kennedy is not being criticized. The most innings that he's pitched so far this year has been what is have been six innings. He's almost six in their game. Six innings ball yesterday in a loss or innings 65356. It eight. I this guy's gonna win like extremely deep in ball games but. Think he's been bad this year these bad last year. Bouncing the first hurricane this year he give you a 180 force gets credit for a 195 innings and ER ENIC is that an idea what that was that was back in your doctor and I did the president Joseph it kidneys the world that concert got. I think the royals and pass on them wicked wit on the gore when he went public unity. I that's the last I gave delighted political are senior less sure they try to you know until it's audible voice and not yet they couldn't he couldn't get away from the about the Dodgers might be won't take it on fourth who visit HQ do think about it. The royals in Major League teams got stuck in Berlin. And did they use these concerts music apple joy bottom. Seven is below average year 25 million a year late for five warriors to a thirty thirds forty. Robinson Cano was hitting point four million dollars a year he's 35 till he's forty years old. That's a problem in baseball Ian Kennedy get the contract where he could not opt out now how ridiculous is that probably these countries and a Vivian Kennedy stated not opt out. It's bad you'll think the king cake totaled lore that contract or that's what the teamed up. The players at the play visible leverage the royals that you would have liked the moved on from Kennedy but they couldn't because these contracts are ridiculous when the player will stay instead of opt out. That's the reason why the date that he was signed here now wasn't anti in Indy getting dark comedy a Kansas City. But the date that he was signed here that number to force the that I said the forced thing that I said it was mid there's no way that he's opting out of that Contra no way. There's no way you know why he's the only way to get that app got a contract that he won a Cy Young middle was set up we both said it balsa understatement this how opting out of this. We said the same thing about Johnny quite well the only. It's not quite all is opting out of his contract is if they want a World Series or he has that off the nominal one he gets close to winning a cy young and he didn't opt out he stayed he stayed with them. So assault. It iyas. Can't do it here's the bad thing Kennedy sixty million this year sixteen I've next year 165. Neck and the whales are. Beyond these contracts now Wendy Morse Parcells more contracts. The kidneys the world this what's grew baseball breeds people or talk with a big long term concert by being done. It's some guys liking him up and Joey odds once again it all doing is I'm I'm holding keen to be accountable that's ultimately should be I'm not I'm not out. Six years and that that I don't want you entity to be a good pitcher for the gives out one to do better one to be productive if you don't just. Try to be awesome and this comes as I expect more Buffy to be given. Up measurably V Starr. I expect any Duffy to be better identity even though the money I can say even though I what is this thing I do well it's close but it's not saying but I expect deputy bit impunity. But on these guys or limit the contract even Gordon's haven't about a year but Gordon's what bed and went on to seventy now. We'll be it blessings about life story and asked possibly what inning is it that that it. But we see what's next issue and out efforts that a bit.