05/16 Chuck Likes to Gamble

The Day Shift
Wednesday, May 16th

Charles Barkley went on the Dan Patrick show to talked about the supreme court ruling in New Jersey to legalize sports gambling. Chuck likes to gamble but is it going to be frowned upon for broadcasts to be honest about gambling on sports?


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It's thousand on thirty. She's 20000 dollars and they took this contest. That pizza seven through eating more it's PRI ZZ eight pizza the seven to 81. You can be thousand dollars richer and national fish found that mrs. data rates may apply. One thing about this world particularly this week we did basically reading the sports gambling which demean us. Which I mean people Missouri was beat people Kansas what's it mean to the leaks as far as the pressure on the players. What does it mean to sports gambling and broadcast. When broadcasters have a little fun I've never really seen the big I don't I is that it's funny when Brett must burger used to drop. Or Al Michaels drops the the biggest line. These guys what they dislike so they read about their old school guys is certainly the paper or get a temp went on this busy working their duel in the meet legal look at the when they have skin on or not but you can clearly tell when they would mention things would be of the over. Looks like you're gonna hear in the opener there's a reason why they knew these things that never did bother me is goes on there. Retirement and it release all. I guess I never haven't noticed the bias in broadcasting I could see like a broadcaster Mel Bellic. They just wouldn't run it that's definitely haven't seen him go to those expense which would be funny if they did it. But that part never bothered me but with the big leagues a problem right now. What do you say about team broadcasters to go out in put money on the game does that change how you broadcast the game in which you say if you show some angst. Re show that your happy wounds certain people scored a certain time. I can understand that might rub the NBC is the wrong way that they're that bit on your team. It chiefs are playing the Broncos you feel the broadcasters have money on the Denver Broncos the cheeseburger meal would cover the spread. In their acted happy about that I guess that would be conflict. Of interest rate their peeps that wedeman what are we talking about is gays personal vested interest. In what the Denver Broncos are doing. But. Awards going I don't know there will be able to I've always looked as a personal choice of broadcast it does not bother me if they have money on the game. The I don't. Was the best would present that is what I look back yet sports broadcasting. Al Michaels has some ideas you can just LD bets on games not Nigel know who leaves. In particular bet on or betting on but you can tell these dizzy so cognizant everything but he comes sports wagering. Must order was always somebody that you just knew at some match and he would seem kind of reference it during the course of the game. The other person the reason this came up to. Was Charles Barkley was on The Dan Patrick Show. And they're talking about sports wagering gambling in Dan Patrick asked him look on Charles Barkley question about what he's bet on games. NBA embrace legalized gambling here. You know there goes all the notion that people don't feel sports is ridiculous and silly me and I looked at double. I'd leave him domino I mean the most of that you have to go to break this group that owns courses certainly. Are you said that the notion that you go to Vegas and battles warts is silly. But he was also asked the bowel whether he's been on on on on gains. On basketball and he said. Yeah. I bet on basketball addicts. He said he he was asked specifically has he bet on I think it was the Golden State. Houston series and he says now know he's like no there's no money to be made and sold missile or would that doubles of the did just of his Acer. I wonder how it's going to be looked while moving forward when it comes to. The opportunities for broadcasters. In people in sports media to wager on the industry itself. Because. You don't want to run the risk of the pie is being. That you brought to pastors that are in the Booth and they are sitting here. Door to date for you you're you're very entertaining you. But they are biased because they have some action. They have some money on set of it you don't want that to happen and I said this. And I always felt this way in ages from being an industry. It is not is something that's etched in stone is not on old rule that you'll find any manual. What is quite rightly frowned upon. In the broadcasting industry specifically when it comes of people that are better they do gains and stuff. To openly speak the ball parcel bets that you played on teams and I've never been somebody like to make a sports which every now and it typically for me it's it is horse racing. On if I go to Vegas opt out in opt out do some partly is not try to you know hit some gains with some. Some some some college basketball teams across the ball or pedophile whatever. But I would never. Called on to the radio. And say bad. That I had me use denying. Minus 64000. Box that just. Did something wrong to me a ball that. I I don't feel comfortable on. If I got action on something that I got action on the people need to know why I was I was gonna bit and he wouldn't do people clap back and they knew we'd lost. That no laws and became a ticket to each his own yet each is it if it if that's what it does what you wanna do that big headed to. I don't see V. I don't see it being. Don't want about it I don't see anything cool about it. It to tell people that you are making big bets all on whatever team they just don't think it hopes the industry and it does apple might might reputation in. If I came on the radio until I'm gonna make up our off our thousand dollar bet on the whales tonight and they win. Does anybody really truly fear. No does do I look to the collective genius. Though in the Republican incidents there exists it. I just looks wicked especially. Especially when it comes at college athletics best days even trickier. The radial scene and it shall lay money on college at the Spezza for teams to cover but I don't unless he teams alone but like like. I would never want the radio that number one number one. I just think it's a bad book if if if if actress White House he said. Clinton's spot with dolls among rules tonight to beat such and such. How old dude that's is a bad look you don't golf rules did you know people in the athletic department that's so bad look on everybody. If you glug sourcing and stuff like act. I silky looking if you pick in the win. If you if you every reporter in your. Say your bad money there would get information what you're getting it inside information in regards to injuries what's going on with the suspension of some. Amare hit a Omar to shares it does it doesn't play it again I guess the ones that doesn't let. I'm like that mine Michael's doing it. Michaels and those were big in the morning AME I don't know might Michaels have beat. Be very quiet that would do would be you can see the references from time you were known as Al doing that yes I'm still must order all the time prospered does this now it is odds. Out in Vegas and he just. He took his passion and to get the Los Vegas to do what he does which speeds and you're out of money your wounds as. Breach suddenly different today and they did it ever bothered that did you do you think it would be do you think a big. Look if let's say first is coming up. On issue with was tasty football. At the broadcaster console and instead is that I'm Lian. Whatever on the wide test today called yes network. S ever. Accused these you didn't say it will be the ones that they would either lose dated notes. That's the thing if you bet he's on radios he said. I bet the wildcats went purely Jack Ilya Julia who's face you don't say at the sale. Old Joe's not talking about his bet that he must think you're gonna lose I. That's a slippers that's a pat I don't wanna go to. I think most teams will address that. Put on national broadcast. Out of the big yeah I did that's all they must have done what. It's up to them having it if they start to broadcast personal slanted one way or the other league get mad or happy when differed keep score that shortened by eastward to team. This and they never wanted to know it will be news typical supposed to come off as neutral better affect you should be orderly HU. If Joba to get a good job that he's Austrian study of medicine munger giants fans did not like Joba. But there's the fate of the other team did didn't like buck doing their games. We'd like your team I'll offer even plays away that we don't need to hear about that yes I guess that's not what we don't need to hear about we we don't need. Wrecks on a broadcast orgy that is what we don't need nobody does this kind of leave that I. I guess I would. This really bother me but at the end of the day I don't think it helps anybody that's on so it doesn't helping me out about C a lot more. What we. I don't think that we are not not it's legal. You'll see some more Botsford edged up in the broadcast. People talk about the war in all morning do now that they're gonna talk all the it will. That's an apartment but not in the game until talk about the line over under these things will be I think these things Lexus B port the broadcast out of pre games. Especially gamely is going to be widespread this country. It'll be the it will what are what are the odds over under which took him that's what solitude of its one thing for somebody to meats and ball online. It's what else in the battle whether at a team with the favorite or underdog whatever I have to do public and when you've got on the Estes. But I think this whole game in world be more prevalent pressure begin when shows that you hear people in cards they're doing and Alan markets when it's legal to gamble. But you're gonna see a lot more of Agassi are pictures you'll want pregame shows and everything else would they bring down the line. Maybe the over under. Brigham touchdown passes someone over there is a lot more than I think they're gonna capitalize. I think networks are capitalizing. On UD Malia now you know why you watch. Why you watch it these are getting advice from experts on who they think's gonna review the younger. If it does not give you experts experts on the game when they should know the ebbs and flows who's gonna win who's gonna lose lose I think there's going to be huge value now. In pregame shows I think those things are gonna go through the roof but the ratings for those things. Peoples that time they bet you watched the pregame show. All I did know that. What you always nice to know. In an ogle hit maker bet on what Peter in the pregame shows they're the ones that are gonna do well pregame shows the ones stay and gave up icing which way or the other. The straight facts. What's the line. What's the outline with you over and I think I think that's it for you go exponentially. Next year.