05/16 - 11 am - Whit, False Optimism

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Wednesday, May 16th

We though Ian Kennedy could be one of this teams top trade candidates at the trade deadline but it looks like it could be Whit Merrifield. The Chiefs didn't have many starting rookies last season but that defense is going to be loaded with them this year. Also, Are you interested in a Little Beef and we've got some beef with Marlins Man. 


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Second base. Who split second place the book with Barrett. What isn't it peaceful. Rob you know know what to do right. They feel cheated by the way they they sit there and go to the gym every day it worked out they do eventually if they hate when some of that on the money. Go to the All Star Games in May have cheated to do when they're doing the correct way they reason that people mad that we have to be mad. But these guys. Because that's a competition thing those guys played their position with CBS sports and speculating. About murders which direction ago. Game. Clearly today more than news is. If this was this was put out yesterday minority interest yesterday and today in the mayor's basic commands that they are going to be. Back to second base so that kind of. Fills that void in essence right what does the one of the names who brought out was startling Castro of the moral and brain injury. The yankees Logan Forsythe as the Dodgers. In injured Larry of the a's in little low and behold it air fields name was brought. With their fields are looked upon. He's changed his perception or Major League Baseball once you love I guess a bold next year David baseball reference means you led the league in something. He led league in stolen bases last year in the egg goes. A long way. And with Whitner told this year which he would like to 1990 raises their are just very nice day. Idiot this yesterday at home run the other night with mayor Phil has been very good news and CBS at about wit. You go yes win merit field. He's in the early stages of his big league career yes he's been above average hitter that was first thousand plus the bats yes the royals have a few bright spots. But they should consider treating mayor Phil. In part because come next January he'll be thirty years old at second base into which. That that's what they did confuse people would look so young would think Kiet but it's like a one of the young guys the rules on up and stood sold best Baumgartner. That's the one thing about these guys coming up younger than him Judas these other royals younger than what -- field. Is very durable may never have more trade value that he does it the moment. It's unlikely he'll be is a productive player with the royals. Oh in the field their competitive team so in the end of fielding the rules are good and threw three years with mayor Phil to be what 33 years old. At that point a to catches the royals have no reason to just give away Mary feel the which they don't. In the Mariners don't have much left on the reform system but the Mariners probably won't be an option here to be Dee Gordon but it. But it is treatable piece in that's the one thing about when their filled his. He's a guy that you have to consider he said why would you tree would bear filled me. The opinion of what mayor Phil moon and Mars global team of Kansas City. Drew Olson whose team you have what they go into trade value think about it you'll see in him. But then again the team you're trading him to and is it pay in a much either which is an incredible value. Because they're paid in which 1516 million dollars a couple years. Negative for less than 600000 movie and went Mir took the city under team control. For a long time. Amy can play every position so when he do you have any injuries or did you guys pop for PD's. Like Robinson gonna. He can play second base he can play the outfield. Right now Whitner infield. Is four. It the American League in stolen bases with none. So he's serviceable not only that Whitner feel he's that would tune I mean down four home runs sixteen RBI he's proved last year. Did the FD even said yesterday I think it was the over is people requesting he does it could help because I hit nineteen home runs last year. No we never questioned that. We question whether the ball Jews. With Lugar bill that dealt. That's the first thing not if he is but the ball being Jews and get an idea it's one you've gotten your stream jet stream keep it puts it bush. It was a win needed home run if a but the bottom line is because pot is bad. In today it's two and Andy he could play anywhere in the outfield played anywhere. Around me and fuel those shortstop might be is probably weakest position. For the it can do it. That a catcher but I that we could. It it's interesting now people will view wit and what it means you'll him. Into his bout. We all look you we believe these viable to be Kansas City Royals he can be voluble toolbar to differ teams out that are looking for second base. And his value is created because of one. He's not. Young. But he's not all the he's right now he's a guy that I guess you can say is abut his prime baseball cleaner it exactly but it right up per hour right trying right so you say it would. Winning it the best years out of a player. With wit it should be right now but that's the thing. If if you the royals AG feel like you've got some good up big numbers coming up in the minors. While you hold on to because it's gonna happen in his prime and how many more used to have him under control. He controlled next year deeds arbitration won the next years arbitration to. Woody's 32 arbitration for Tony's third. He will get paid these are trees I did yeah and they don't nobody will get paid a lot more than 561000. Yes the bottom line is. Teams aren't. The kid with bare field. For three more years cheated or warriors after this one. Basically can throw you could pay herb trees you know. Which is not a total free agent until he's 34 years old. Yup this sex for which I got to get past yeah timing is everything gets a big easily as it does a guy like Kim could cure means money. With Mary field could be bank and instead of make him by 69 you said last instills them basically most vital players team. It to get the hits I 69 lead league in stolen bases in deeply anywhere around the damaged one on defense. Elegant meal leadoff hitters leave leads off with a DHQ and he did it seven to line up the line second line wicked hit anywhere around your lineup you want he could play to what that he hustles. I know you edged it will be obviously people calling Pete Rose though. Also I believe the hustle factor is. There's nobody. Baseball's there's an issue guys idiots they travel gate the first base is affecting even what the best in the game Bryce Harper is being hit YSE has by jogging the first base the first space in a rusting at all. Was coded alliger. Yeah exactly what the dog hit was drills Alley and ends of the doubled and triple. So he's called out by the way I don't know what the examines who depend on him dobbs knoller. He's somebody that become cash yet about his left in a bat in their mind to what to think about the Yankees that you get him before year's team control. You might say it would. We're gonna start paying any more here in arbitration 12001. And is they're gonna look at his numbers are says Islam more productive in which are paid and they're gonna pay him. For more forties were these ID of 1516 million a year. Like Ian Ian Kennedy year outscored me again that kind of money. Put your team what you want every team needs a Whitner filled bids Oberstar. So forceful and what you can do you lose the left fielder big deal. You lose is pure but what are out there you'll lose your second baseman. Whitner feel about the gore can be nice piece for the Mariners. He's in the outfield that was second baseman but can it popped. Boom he can go to second base which value you know I knew you measure guy hustles like that steals bases like that. They even as the pop. DeWitt mere field is in my mind he's a 1920 home run Hillary here and he's shown that pop if you can lead the league in stolen bases. Being 3020 guy which is what we it is. Even though read this the thirty when he club by one O'Brien. It he started last year no loss which would add that in where he would have been thirty when he is only a Amos Otis and Carl's bill charm for the royals have done that. Okay there's what they we got us we got to slow roll your reports a amount album need you until detects line when it comes away. The 8162. Let's see what is going. How old was sold risk when he got his last C Scott Bates. Do not start bringing big sober since today is big and so was he was 34 when he got his deal okay. With the with that would be out with the cubs. You're not comparing bids sold Bristow Whitner. Bibs sold was up franchise sport god with repeats so it's up at people who are being beaten up on Nantucket to ring. That stopped at. Compare with being able to bids over he's not yet it did the soloist is a threat to our sport jobs support me husbands over. And so was was was honored during the 2000 and he's probably better plan on I didn't bubbles this. At this stage he's a better player than and so. It is age right now. Now bids overs when he wins player but at this stage right now Whitner filled with. With their fields extremely value is what merit they'll play better for the Candace I can't see outlaw. But Kansas City Royals in bids overs was with the royals. Dole. Mean it's it's hard to argue lead league in stolen bases and hit ninety home runs emit those were Craig numbers you know. Still this year exit to ninety he did tonight right now. Yeah. Sick numbers meant at least at least stop it. Too much as some used to Pierce's. Sears I know he's also got yeah that was there an easy expected easy peers you know. There versatility. Okay. It is like being sober is not this you know guy educate Figurs of celebrity Chris Paul or another sort. Please let a ball of action don't think it's ridiculous to compare bends over the Whitner that we go but it. It's it's one thing to keep bids over sickness your tuna annual would sit and threw ninety but O'Brien's been sober one with their plea for basically it's not. Eight seed that's a best top portables forces. It is shouldn't be the stuff. Is I did but it appears that alt a guy hustling to another guy policy or dot because they're bolt or personal. Oh would you start breaking it really on the surface if you say is this guide the quality. Players that this guy is no in their right minds would say that we traditionally he's the the big sole interest of anything. If it hits nobody stage right now he's more viable for example Lester Ben Zobrist twelve home runs into third. Who stole a base yes at the stage with beer filled burden. Hillary late in night he and 99 was more valuable probably than I am. Just not say anything bad because I jumped out. You missed the whole point its web Sany I don't know I I I do because they didn't so respect player writers though the would look at you in the debate is over I'm not disputing net. I'm not just you greeted him beard I'm not disputing that but but but it. It's not a stretch to say that somebody is more about would somebody else because there's five to six years younger than right now that's best not yet. I get there which is put this when he's worth ears I'm what you. Every question about what you should trade which people vessels in the car I. As a manager you wouldn't wanna get with knives the running out and we wanted to avert has zealotry chip powering things temperature cover notes he does it every day. On sixth in sports back on the looks at the royals game puts a nice says that's up there for you player of the game blue collar player of the game. He always does is treat chip power rankings and updates. Is number one net treatable royal Cabrera followed by moves Perez Judas Mary filled. John JD any Duffy Luke is due to Jason Hammel Ian Kennedy. The random thought that you love this Ian Kennedy. In that top five right here is pretty Eckerd career I think so even though it's free agent next year. He's back into the bullpen piece too reason told earlier I could see the need to be honest he's been able to beat. If the starter thing that work property in epic. It has its moments. If they can't concert at one inning. Eddie Duffy could be leaked. In somebody's a bullpen no question about that we'll speak of the Kansas City Royals they passed the forty gain more this year. We're really sick right now what the Kansas City Royals or. You added that much different perception being based about the royals last week he still hold this week talk about that next he's Chris alternately sort. DCN. The salon. There saying why tourists looking slobs and pretty cool to play goal. It's the vault you know man it's erupting. Great picture of himself eat. Burn grass man. Can play with a lot of act act act seriously man. It's got budding game summit to always that old faithful geyser. He Yellowstone it's a real volcano dumb asses. But seriously. I seriously I don't people believe it's block. It will burn your ass. You go to road is Yellowstone. Old faithful shoots water out nobody gets hurt and lob a gain. But we wouldn't touch it is we're stupid we would excel he's by these were done. I digress. Kicks royals at. All these 42 via. So it passes forty getting more vaunted forty game you'll often times people at forty game or X point 5% your season roughly rhetoric. It's a good Robert that he started forty games in order. You have to forty and Betsy it's a sizable chunk that's playing four games the unifil. Torn fibers in the seat give pretty gauge where team has you know everything about these things can change. You be too important for your record and right. But I am not looking to royals in apple teams to a foreign. Can't do it. Didn't want to keep do it won't do it because right now. Yes the royals are seven and half games. I'll Baltimore six record with kids and royals. Thirteen and 28 rules or thirteenth when I yelled back there and there division since records will city win totals wills fifteen and a half games back. That's double the kids that. Same record the double. Cleveland has not yet between 21 this divisions over 500 and admits that literally said division. The Texas Rangers. Have a better record than Kansas City Royals this at ten games back. Even though it won sixteen games. Pitt and halfback. You look around the board in Major League Baseball some teams like the Padres at seventeen wins we have thirteen to throw their ninety's back. Bottom line is. The royals director bottle legally one team has fewer wins right now McCain's who dwells in that's the Chicago white. If ten wins and you play the White Sox seven times they've won five of them. 50% of the White Sox victories have come at the hands of the kids he would think about that. So anyone imagine yourself against the worst team in baseball. You've been beat by it has not been pretty. Our river coming your last week runs in here you were you Rauf or Monday. He brought more from the buzz work for the buzz five and half games back and run or severe looking Greg what are we really going to buy into this. We left about burn burn of c'mon that's when the morning. I think it was welds the best thing Hale's look at the standings and burns document they're a lap with the Dow. We look at just the innings for now we too early look at the innings in guys like Denny Matthews and we shoot for the June 1 date. Say you'll see we're your daddy June 1 if you've turned things around or not. And that's the properties like June 1 forty games do it forty games. You get a real feel your teams as who the sellers it visually based what they get to forty games we can tell who's good news bad. Pretty bad that the Dodgers gonna make a run of 1616. When he but I can't get the Dodgers right on the playoff picture in a National League M square in the playoffs. When that when the season began kidnapped that big sixteen. You're forty games and he can no mood which war. But the royals. Thought they'd be a little better in this. That'd be under 500 this year. But they make a run at 500 with this lineup especially. My abide prediction totals changed the burning do it and brought it moves. John GL Leo knows look at this team scene and it's it's united a Judas was going to be doing this I had no idea where he solar is going to be in this way. Besides if there's players on this team that are playing well. Pitches come back on earth for a while pitching was good at what cost last year pitching was bitterly sees. It and it came back the pack. We're talk around the wheels pitching blitzer for that it comes back to back the problem is Rosalie golfers. Either drive well. It either putt well chip into the green but they don't do all three the same time the roses a good starting pitching at times. Even better in the bullpen and they did get a nice stretch the bull and be in good. In bowling ball we are not blow and everything. They've had stretches they get a certain. Church leaders at but he can't put everything together they can't and that's a sign of bad golfer in its side that thinks the golfer wins on the PGA tour. Is the one that does every single facet well. Extremely well for for the week just how we didn't win W the royals are now with the royals just keep it. The key chip and putt in dramatic eagle three became go read the same time in that's been a problem nest. Russ everything else and it actually they went through stretches like that the last couple years sell. In which they've ran hot and cold agency itself when it hits last year. The pitching mostly none of them started in any debate the bats or around at all in this finding the best him around the pacing title went to take a little. Little bit in the barbed missiles on now we'll start the year in all the Sunday when the tech so they. Both type a stretches before. Royals have hit the best summed it that they have to be better at. Is being a complete team as a pollster in this specific moment the meetings got to try to tear you and and in this specific moment the job the job the back. Some data here is understating who which war. Aides did calm down factor a nominee and the sportsmen and get mad teams. Record highs and lows will the royals this year try to iChat instead. Would go sit back you know what it's giving a speech appears to be tough year. It's like yesterday's level of life. Never got what does that do. You twinkie soulful little bitty needed dale that's why would wind up. What net app play in one of those players that played a minute of play insular is that many many anything and have this or that this. Trust he would think indeed Rangel and debt disaster the plate and he would have done anything but that that's where you're stuck here but there are bred some. They're bright spots like the stock is is hidden extremely well. Short sellers getting extremely well that's apiece and don't think you can trade you're gonna keep your while and that's a good sign Judas is playing well. And people talked about Jews that are traitor not I personally wouldn't do it he's homegrown talent. It homegrown pitcher the UK and develop into being I look you're trading with more than I do him or his wits age. How long can he do this. When Judas you any good pitching you active pitching. And I value Gigi and espionage homegrown guy here at PNC royals in going to war in the future that's could start. Scoble plus couple starts he looks like he's turning corners being more aggressive it's good to see governor even despite last night he gave up the run. He viewed the winless thanked the world but he's been dynamite she's been very good. This season for the royals. And it's treatable beats the killer has been blown up he's got a sixty RA the killer is still very good workings of it and when it comes to trade deadline. Your great draft position right now is for you can be good pick a Major League Baseball with the top five picks. Legacy they're guarantees. But they're really can't ever stick those early but you can't. In the top five years pretty huge it's in the guys can be read roster so. Sooner than later guys if the major leagues faster now than he ever took some rights if you still want what the season. Dole look at seven and halfback. Sixteen games under 500. Cleveland for around last year the longest time that they go on according to game winning streak and that will simply period. They get too good of rotation. To get a battled indoors Odyssey is to be a team I think Cleveland's vastly underperforming for how good the team is on paper. Sinner Tony when he won vastly. We clue for you talk two time Cy Young award winner club into the way he's coming on Trevor Bauer. Can be really good at times. Much too good of a team to be sitting here whether that game upon publicly on this one. Is you know you do you have the advantage to put the White Sox the royals and tigers nineteen pounds apiece. 56 games against bad bad baseball team. Two of the worst teams your chance to 1000 dollars last time on the in two minutes plus just for your of course comes up at noon but the chiefs rookies this year they're gonna actually use them as last year they did and I am a stay at. You probably haven't heard Pete that next. Good it will do. Good until June. And at singles are better now those things you know I'll go anymore. But why is global keynote where. Eddie cannot reason with the ball you know I think this was just text line now. Comments not gonna make you had beaten. It says I don't feel like June mrs. did you gasping. After two of them homes things unit I think Jonas do it. The things he shows in the signs that he has. Juniors. Here's the difference premiums go emit when. It's Copeland came out legacy games timid at first. But he didn't keep me in the last couple times the scope and the better with even more growth. They may be on this next questioner games but he sure we're more grit it out on the map. Judas has always been that. June scheme of the big leagues Jews have a good year last year this is a flu season this year he has backed it up as not. As a GQ there's been a guy he still look in the way he goes about. Thanks sub forty RS EG Jews ever going to be a sword there he's not going to be an indigenous insult read your team to I think so. Me today. And that make you jig Judas selling the Cy Young award winner but I like the way the Eagles are his business I want to tunis man Lester he had sixteen starts he won nine games. Battle edginess of the great track worker when the royals lost to win the next day. He went nine and three last year so this is not look at this going rods of flu like the pit he. He did start sixteen games last year so we don't have experienced so we're seeing right now is not exactly. Almost got like crazy by the way I view that says I'm not happy with beef and this from the 816 talking Mac computers over the weeks. You see wit as valuable as sold was four royals as we are not in a pennant race look at sold was two or stats which is better at 29 and so was was in 28 for that matter used to get a World Series you so obviously. So bristled more valuable stuff or stayed on the outside the injured. On Sports Radio doesn't mean we don't know like. I and my response to him was to hear them but the gap. In between their talent levels is fast and hear them both at their ages appearing at 36 year old would 29 year old right now I'm not to do that. Beat because clearly the of course this Bible is clearly somebody. That's a little bit younger especially when you look at the salaries to. It is far to top of the ball I don't think that the tests on nosy. I don't ever said that matter what you referred to in regards to back. I don't know everything is like he started early in it and update them for listening. But what he says read my message I just looked up career stats go hitting compare 28 so breast a 230 hitter in 29 to six not. That's inaccurate. He he found the wrong years and it's you wanna be accurate so this was an all star by 28. And was eight in NDP voting that year. But I guess he can look at. What is. Encrypt it's it's us apartments. Let's just Israel's thirty this year as we voted him. So the world's we'll have the representative. Good sheen's moos goes. Which way it's. What's that guy's name actors much now and MLB network we're talking him up there doing best second baseman in the game. Which is not a household name ain't broke we think the people go to ticket the cold one more time. You want Reynolds told what is because I just think they stated that a big catch on the app there's several people that it has all its window. Okay we're bills to 72881. Window appreciate it seven to 81 you can be thousand dollars richer initial cash contest W I in. The big he's got to cover double B I think we got a he's got two to. They married he sounds never down in general don't care about yoga. It was ultra guy on its politics are like. Other kids city chiefs and texture put out so the next thing yesterday. And if you get the thinking about you look back at lest your rookie class but is right. Last season the tees were second to last in the NFL in numbers snaps plea by rookie. Majority that work obviously when the greens are. That makes sense I think if you put an Astor by that little bit. Eventually your first round pick that she's women entered that threw for trumpet plays it typically in the unit though your first completely it is rare that you quarterback. Did you sit basically for the entire year. But but that's with the chiefs did last year were able to sit at home so what you look at last year. Incinerated to a last year and I hope the chiefs' draft all the time it could be in a very good draft class. To be honest picketed at being very good especially in the homes ends up yet prima. Not care what cream but does he still third round pick the Libyan capital. That's always go cream that he was able to accomplish that but obviously can pass you know. Didn't play second round pick last year didn't play like one you expect your stick around to be able to be picked. A lot or she did play a lot more Indiana's. But would this year you see a lot of I think right now you have once order. Out of this group. And it's not the first three picks it's our money watched in the fourth round the safety. Meats are for your store text seen him I think he actually gets on the field at the pairs up with beard beard. In the second I think you'll see him start I'd better effect at the agency Dorian of the annual he's the upper room pick up close and he's the hybrid guy. He's back to be on depth charts is ordered outside linebacker. We'll see him is in the nickel situations like these are nickel something's even opening game in nickel situation so we could have some starts. But he'll be a crucial role player for the defense. Beating third down guy hybrid linebacker became cover people kind of a Wiener is 22 and twenty. Yeah that's right. Between me very small linebacker. And India. Perfect size for state says we're Dorian. The nature of gold going all defense. What to sit there and say they just know it's going all defense in this awkward and it shall we you've got a young you had you'd younger. Through the draft with Judy says because you were shedding some of the job the veteran that you had. By that won't those guys are gonna get snaps right. Right just that alone you know those guys have to get more snaps this year as opposed to last year's draft. I think there I think the rookies this year it more snaps. Did the rookies last year my homes and in hunt wolves the muted on. But that's you know I don't know he's going to be on occasion I'll see him getting an elevated rolled that much little bit more leisure JU chess and I'm not sure where he's getting it on the field. You Kimi illiquid last year. Yet that tinker with kitchens and rag went out and Leon McQuay. So there's a lot of guys are going to get snaps this year's class was because brought these can focus solely on defense. I talked about that they is it nice people just focus on one area. Mickey concentrate a Dresser and figured he was looking up at the players maybe some tight ends look at some offensive lineman. It's what decided McKinsey was better switch from the defense that's maybe indictment on the offensive line to be on the defensive linemen but he make better office of linemen. And some of the office like rickety could be could zero in clearly. Is we talked about doing the march 3 and good defense the good Stevens exactly what they did beat everybody who spent. Bulent ate half million and the cap right now did implement these in they were gonna have to do it on defense they're not. Rotation they have that nice rotation on the offensive line. Between now between real and speak resting Chris Jones from time to time here in the air because she said the ability to rotate guys on the defensive line. Not his dad to step up though these days kids not approving died in Binnie Logan. Had a good year last year let's let us he gives me bill and added to your last. Did exactly kind of what do you expect them. Get Ron bigger Williams that part of the corals is good against about the about this guy who's a young guy undrafted guy played for the cardinals. In he's gonna get some time is deepens Tron Smith. Not sure. Six or it's all it takes sometimes says some time from being one double A gag on the NFL. A lot of physical skills. And they really like him. I can see him getting some playing time but as far as a lot of playing time I think what sparked. I think Braylon speaks in Nadia on occasion a Dorian being browser third down guy. So it's it's four picks right there that I think you're gonna get significant playing time. If they only had what six picks this year so for the six gonna get significant playing time. A big that's all what you can expect McCain city chiefs. At that point this year now with a good or not that's to be seen but this is the big holdup on the cheeks. This the big old we see the over under hello this lacy John Elway talked about the chargers beat him to be in the division. That's why people. Don't have the chiefs is sexy pick to win this division. Got to the outside pics they're right we'll tortures. People at the raiders Kazaa gruden. People do not like the Broncos chiefs and as the they do not not passable in Denver there's dollar groups or skin and understand this is scary with a defensible. Expect big at the quarterback. We have Cho and again killer machine ring. What exactly did announce that he's solid but not a genius Asia nope not at all he's given its old degree defense in Minnesota. He played a lot like Alex Smith. It's incurable. Butte facilitator. It was kind of keeps you neutral there a little keys Cubans gain changer I see pressure homes together can be gains in. A real quick make it and I know assert his listening to. I hope you guys some. You know what's interesting I find it funny day. Just van Gundy. Man Mark Jackson. Listen to the base here but they clearly this into the base. And the debate that we had yesterday. Where you guys that wanna put any respect on titles name. This was from last night's game 20 Celtics cast. There are two outstanding coach and as soon. Outstanding coach but that's him with the outstanding folks in town who have been outstanding hopefully we'll if you want 62% of the games. And been back. The who. And LeBron James points to its most of those. The great coaches. He's building the great content because the owners and players. We are not gonna have great coaches. Not well me. Yeah this critter Brad Stevens. We're very excited boy babies get to know what do you watch sector among those players quit on tyrant and a I want. I'm Brad Stevens and roads to date on what's players can say what it's the finals. He's hopeless inspect on his name I hope so partly hopeless inspect on his name. But that's exactly what classic yesterday on this oh thank you bank bloody thank you Jackson echoing my sentiments. He's going to try to get in the it was just the point was not at that Stevens is not a big cults everybody believes it is he told. All Hairston was Saint Louis letters that's the heat he's he said when some. If Brad Stevens had LeBron James they would have a chance against the warriors. Has Brad Stevens is a gold cup this time around move. Is now. Close to the same level Gretzky. I don't know sixth in team and its audience I don't I don't know that he is war debt or he has. All it always puts us back on time Tuesday. That would 357676. Didn't opponent like he'd get his picks on a six point. God they got beat with that was down 69 Israel's six techs there were you got beat. A super fan that's right. Had an experience atop the stadium last night what happened we got me. There were at 1000 dollars to give you tips. It seems like I'm Rick Sutcliffe know. Started taking it drowns and an. Old viewed. There's rice and they just didn't we did that and it goes to. Yeah. Yes them Ghani a little. The net then brought it up so that likes it meant that clearly it is showing personality right because I don't. The world. Hillary on. It but I've got it hear it one. Some people seats which is little bit the one thing you've act. I still here. Laurel to recruit in the suite two I act is ever changed at all. Service changed for you go and that it wants so icing on now. Now I mean. I I explained the whole frequency part of it may be my ears assignment for that type of frequency. Spec always gets really mad at me because I cranked my headphones. And he plugs his and there are. Replayed again and do it it servicing arm to if you could picture pictures the audience who. Can't do the course. Yeah I said there tried to trick my mind that you're seeing on couldn't do. A real quick we should mention this before dowdy here at the top of the hour yep pregame show right on sixty portrait it would just for your. This breaking all the news outlets in BC. ABC Michigan State University. Says it has reached a 500. Million dollar settlement. With 332. Women and girls who say they were sexually assault about later. 500. Million dollars. So that is via Austin who is a serious fish. You got beef I got me. I'm a little Jared. Today I do have a hopefully. We got some kind of beef or throw around things. I'm rich kids. They've got no. Oh god for all they've had a special sauce lettuce cheese and I am. Are you there under federal trade burnout. Somebody didn't step up from. Kelly. It will be mostly Jewish deli for mostly Jewish not city. But not city is now open in the crossroads of the official Delhi sixteens or Purdue brought booted its review of Cuba. Figuring it Brooke we go. Really gets done is stepped up. Was asked Iran says its crypto I would should be. That's Eisenstein Israel's six news you want a little beep I don't Davis got beat astronaut but somebody. It's super fan had beaten with the royals. Elevators. Arnold's. Marlins made in Kansas based on all sorts yet I think that's seen its capital though Soviet aftermath. But that seems detention. Russ and I and we didn't seem opposed intentions already writing. Marlins may and was it was quite worked up about elevator and pop or falcon stadium. Being pressed so. You knew I have. I look look look marvelous man I hope. I act like you started where the flow of the response to say that is because. There and let's sit there are some people. Some people call the stadium that aren't the biggest fans of Marlins man. And mark does make it not the act all the stadium. This treating the war present moment stated that it. He can't beat big timing the people that important. Builds people up big gain important hall where their money for him to get to be going off about a press only. Elevator and the people along man. If you don't like it don't like what's going on on the stadium. They go back to my name not be an Odyssey of dogs that security. At the securities that works at about smartest man in the elected himself. Have been this way probably for a public that don't know how long has been that way. That's underground site. But what if you give lobster your will your some persuaded him and it's been you feel like I mean it is really he's. Marlins made Sergi is a great stuff for mom and be nice that he does. People work and I'm Sammy don't don't on the Kansas City disrespect in the war present that day. That's not cool. So that's that's the need to beat this forum as that is. Here's one for me I got people doing done doing in the marker I can do it but Hillary's the one in the locker room. I did my marker I've knocked unlock all unlocked. This of for the text lines lake I got beat with JR Smith for the thirty self or from last night. Obviously that was cute because you don't do that and doubles and I. That doubles as dirty play. It was built into it to try to get the basketball. And I know that there are 2000 basketball team that was a little bit beyond our budget is still the guys back he's getting airborne so. I grew at the test and I'm not be put that specific play. And I'm 13 on the dude like paving and I've ever anything's possible. Me too because they've got benched last night or yesterday he plays Goldman based pitched in these GM. That's that maybe got beat. He brought this up and talked about it themselves on the show he should be. There's a pretty good season he got bids and he's the general manager. Who bitch is the general manager. Eight elbows replaced him that he did not work. It is very unfortunate. But he wants saints might be this book on refrigerator. Just stop working six days after the warranty it's fine. That's from the eight point six head of official spiritual opening the sixth in sports. Actually I was petrol for example. Yeah coherent answers. Until he won't be the official company policy experience or. And I'm streaky we've been official bill Hampshire we have officials but gets a text them back if we were down days detect them are big summer is anyone here on. I'm what you sell your locks the boards for now. It is way too pre I don't see how people get Johnny out of this. Yeah. We the hours per now. Or yummy this and I want three I got beat what myself for thinking latency out with a saint ports like to hear see a bill. We still get text and show about the document said what's going to happen. The moment. Probably. It was so sad that he was Fannie or he's going to play many Meehan who lost. Stay home but yeah I knowingly gives via mutual view very I thought I'd. Six and six thing through six my defense of my refrigerator. To stop working just as mentioned yeah I know but six days of the war the other sailors. Stop playing this game doc I don't. I leave it be earlier today theory music bought six days after the war expert Mike is that the same thing might as them think that there's nothing work first hurting withdrew perjury here. Going out part of a nother animal I ignored did you say all the time to solve not from their adult launch day. Now want to react on people Motley. From a 75 this ass clown leads they away from YouTube. There is about but it's about laws it. They were talking about you. No no no no no he's he's a mile markers and they are I don't know why do you figure that's well. A lot of you understate it like me. They're talking Brooklyn Lydia asked clowns on this basis. Are you dying talking about me. I got beef I can't ever win arena football because they Mossad or football game or digitally to guess tomorrow. On the show will be given what is wrong and salute to four facts about yes two or that it's better fact. A modular Philadelphia. But yet he put that. You have to get me I have deep woods meekly how clean maintenance. And not the day. Said yesterday it's not state and a slide jobs. But it's still. Caffeinated drinks just does not a bank doesn't mean it. I'd like I did my duty soldier today. Did this guy. Mauled basically fixed let's expand through six McKinsey let's W you're good this did not draft them. Thought of that myself. John Edwards kind of in the show right. He's driving a ship. There might be a little confrontation. McKinsey. And grew important. Or into liters as it. Yes that was my first question quite dead beat. And yes he had Cecil says yes out of marble walls and we do with it I thought about it. The big league villas like. It could have been. Speak and ask well just earlier in three minutes why we'll bring you you just called forward and passed on what would you do day. Department it's lit work. Permanence that Arafat asked. Postal spent on nine. Just argued through listening basis that you clowns they deeply. Doing the course of your game is over are coming up next please do excellent rate of six people working out. You have people working at the royal it's the easiest thing to do. It's like working at a ball. Traffic. Would done we'll talk to does some odds and you know just for your pregame show. Royals baseball. Ultimate test well. It's a real volcano dumb asses lover kitty. Liquid hot magma.