05/16 - 10 am - Chuck Gambles, Kelce is a Baller

The Day Shift
Wednesday, May 16th

Travis Kelce had some interesting things to say on the Desus and Mero about his reality television show and playing baseball. Charles Barkley said he likes to gamble and we're interested to see where this goes. Also, Ned weighs in on the Laurel or Yanny debate. 


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And rain delay. Sheep being cleaned. He's got a four point 15 and 500 and stuff. No no no you're wrong on that just don't look down I can leave here in new charity work required I don't put their foot vigil now. He she gets to. Throughout the show can be brought. Don't win. A grip but I think the problem. Does the rubber yeah. Today you get swept you win one game Yelp tussle against the team room that's exactly would sit right outlook equipment here in say that that. Our guy your guy lets you move your guy and anybody there and served as do I like few trips else. There's still sealed making the rounds last night's show at all. What you want to see athletes do all the time and that's what they eat little personality. You're fired up on certain skills in making the rounds of Iceland last night. Boy it was it was it was it was fun to see and look we know when it comes to you Baum. The entertainment options that you have about the year if there are a bunch of people here in the last year or so in a bunch of shoals. It made some news and I think that one of the tree of seals in a funny show to mean it is a basis and Merrill there's still one vice eyes pretty good at night. I write in those guys are pretty funny I don't watch it every single night. A lot of the clips that I've often seen over the course of the last year. Has been on Twitter is it what they do is they will put together a beer beer beer. They're highlights for an interview with a personality. And it had an eight list of people that they've talked to all their show. On each and every week. They will come Powell put that interviewed in the tweet out socially you'll you know you don't watch this show necessarily. On your cable provider or whatever your your you. Zero bill B as to watch spiceland. But I watch this shall live on television last night I also look back at the clip. Well they had ounce obstacles but the Kansas City Chiefs in Nassau prior to him coming on the show in the shall starting. And I doubt you know you guys about us that this should be fun because those guys are really funny guys. And I felt like it was gonna be interest to see what they dive into when it comes to talking to Travis Chelsea on their shell. In one of the things that team up over the course of their conversation. With Travis Kelsey. The entire clip ended up being something like seven minutes but that was something that they came up during the course have been talking with the 42 SoundBite. It had to do win at. Him talking to Travis Kelsey and sat still see revealing which we knew this was at the C student like the fact that he did the reality TV show today. But it came up again last night he brought it up that you know he felt like. Like the moment that it was announced. That he was going to do when the reality TV show. River he signed his contract extension the following day is hoped that the says global money you know some depth we do want to sell. But he ended up getting the country has its in like you mentioned here and somebody will to play intersected that yet is his best year ever. But it's for me is something that they use. Overdue when it comes to Major League Baseball date that's what a take this conversation isn't necessarily about Travis tells that was Josie is unknown. Arm identifiable. Dumb athlete the National Football League passions are young because he's he's he's not he's not old but he's not. Oh rookies not young he's in his prime right now. Travis he'll see is a name that a lot of people do all -- he's not a superstar but a lot of people recognize Travis Kelsey. Major League Baseball has been saying for I don't know how long the they wanna get a younger demographic that they wanna skew young that they want to be more marketable. This is something that they need to do. They need to be apart of doing reality T on TV seals in stuff like this this was trounced LC. Last night on on bison on the basis of Merrill show in regards to the team wasn't happy about the Rio should. I mean it was a you've got 46 now. Yes yes very blunt okay that's very that's what I was feeling like when you. And the I logger and it gets the advantage now Theo was there our got a call and like get his would they offer might get excited right now send that I am not. I. Don't know where I'm at Hilton somewhere. And saw that the right before the day before mug aside. News came out that I was gonna do is dating show yes you and bill office did not like that yeah. I so it was a it was kind of like it was still offered me doesn't know where. The inner work out because I'm gonna do is show no definitely but did it was all who ended up having them. Here are so we get his best years he'd said he was gonna do reality show he didn't. He didn't know how you know he's gonna play out in regards what he knew that it was gonna play out wilt under the team wasn't gonna like it. But the team didn't like the back he gives them young on the reality show but there was that the that you dual bought that. This is what Major League Baseball needs to do you. They need to look at one of their stars. They need to you look at barking when of their stars and they need to use a vehicle that young people. Are looking at and watching on television and that is reality TV I really do strongly believe that because a big day what would happen is. It will be able to market. That later. Major League Baseball as a sport in May be a wait tables that looked at before. Well ballplayers have been all reality diesels we see basketball players on reality TV sills. We have not seen a Major League Baseball player beyond reality TV show. Now I don't know I didn't tell you he's been NHL player on reality TV show I'm not sure about that but I don't think that the NHL over the years at this point oh well. Marketing their product of months date. Know that the yarn it's sport right now I don't think they're really that concerned or bothered by it. But this is something acting as to happen it should have. We talked earlier this morning who were some of the names that bet you roll into ahead and say you know this to be some connect to take all Oman. A reality TV show perspective when he comes a Major League Baseball and municipal in the on the tax on six on threes 06 maybe some names that you with the ego but Bryce Harper was the number one name that we thought. A date doubles in the morning got out of the of the ports indicate to mine when talking to students are down with the Bryce Harper not only is a star. He's got personality. He's got plea is slack he's got endorsements. He is deathly somebody who would look at I think another name nickname. Was always a topic. That's now in terms. How people be able to relate to Tunney. Who knows the people watch I think because right now he is one of the names in what the new names that everybody is intrigued by. You've got major league baseball players talking about. He might be the most talented player on his team and right now bulls who believe that Mike Trout is the best player all about. Later baseball. That's a good old Taiwanese pain. To start the year old tiny will be another one. Another name about the conversation actually expand this guy case Kennametal. But I think if from a marketing perspective. And from an injury perspective in Ridley and even some some of the ladies out there is Justin Verlander not just because he's a good pitcher. Not just because. He is is somebody that has some personality and he will take shots and other players like he did yesterday without Robinson to now. In talking about well apology in 32. In one but also the fact that he is married to Kate Upton. I think that is appealing to a lot of people double wanna watch but. I think big it would it comes to Major League Baseball they missiles so many times in ways they can market and being at. Advertise their product and acting to Korea reality TV show will be will be a great way to do it. I think it's great blue turf skills he example. He didn't himself. Because with the chiefs of your boat it was easily be read the team that morning do when. The shelves of its he's trying to limit that and took Travis Kelsey. Tutor on so which is really bizarre because you're here's a guy that you could market achieve them at any opening up their peak in Jersey sells that's a fundamental problem mark Starr. You I just went to something this past weekend with a score. That gave us everything you that you talk to the race driver before the race well. Don you write that car pace car with a driver down. You wanna sit on pit road in the box up and it was unbelievable they market their store in two. NASCAR needs to they understand that like in each of the original does a lot of off the wool can reality shows. Behind the beat for example the Boston Bruins were at like hard knocks for the NHL. Minnesota Wild beast he went to into the wild digital audio they do was show like that. It was all ball behind the scenes so yeah group detects any Major League Baseball needs hard. What to do it at this the big question he think about. What couldn't you do that during spring training Uga wouldn't be that time I'll always do we baseball version of Ford. Because there's a lot of times guys are doing and showing up before they can play games for couple weeks you know they do is. They show lopped breakfast project round it's not a tents like football being at the they go play golf after that. These guys do their oft you bring up Justin Verlander which would be great just Justin takes draw yes. That's the draw let's draw the people who seek Helena Tom Brady did one of these on FaceBook going to be in perspective get to know the guy. I can't tell you much about Mike Trout of the that he likes whether. See the weather channel. Other that ease pretty robotic in his interviews AJ you would big Trout Buick he's pretty boring. After games urged her to the point very bad it's almost Alex Smith like. With Mike Trout of. He's been he's done here in the last year was wasn't a couple weeks ago was he in the the dugout Indiana bottle and he couldn't advertise what PO with actual. What it was instead is secrets also some of my dad on the bottom like he was taped over whatever he was drinking. That's like the funny thing he's done. Funny judicial Bryce Harper Khamese Kelly track. He's kind of a boring individual a lot and he likes to have fun don't make these already get but that he does not much to. Bryce Harper's and relationship with Scottsdale real Tommy's a big one because one distorted here but not only that he started back in pale. It it get acclimated live in the United States I think it would be it's been with them. But but you obviously to me it's it's the guys if its statement juts in New York. Are these guys you leave me here and judge rising star. Big time personality big time I mean air judge Stevens out he's played in New York. As good as he was last year. America's enthralled with the guy did it 49500. Foot home runs they look they crave it. But a guy like that but yet there's no reason. That's sported dinner afterward about the pace of play. The word about either pitch clocked a word about the mound visits the word about these things that I word about getting their stores actually on the field. I'd rather not have teams. That's a huge problem baseball Evan all these guys do differently abstinent show up. Now on team they finally do Jose Batista for example now that's a personality you may love or hate him. He's finally got signed with the Braves had a couple home runs for the already on agree you're the third haven't but dead that's a personality. Root get a little more interest in even another gun to your anniversary of putts and Jose in the page yesterday I. In other guy that I think will be really good in a reality shall setting because he's got or Saudi now he has it he's not piecing his you know life. At at the level that work custom to right now Chris archer is another guy and he and he he loves the camera you. Look we saw him in the post season when he was bridges are down he has to be really good on television when his career is over he's another guy with a lot of talent that you could market. And talk about in Major League Baseball but yeah you're pitching at what was so what it is but two guys don't always perform at the top. Level the stability. That but these guys on TV for a network. Which are due to when these guys you've got says universal back up with him. The guy never talked to media looking now we're wondering right now we're all gonna do how was he with the media Marguerite. You won't reboot wonder about Jason Witten what is it and a Eli. Would you three are also get a show on it will be networked. It it probably is this guy like that the guys on TV. The never like to talk via baseball. Baseball does have a problem we don't know people's version of the RAZR tell nobody knows anything about the raid that they opened even cares about the rate. But there are stories and story lines. With players I'm I'm shocked more local TV haven't done. More things in city royals through the go that direction. I think there's so many things out there and these guys wanna do it to a midget and that's what these agents col six in Sports Radio. From the chiefs and what are the poll sixty and L won't get my guy exposure I want my daddy get radio experience. No problem jerk Jay Howard wanna show a prop until the chiefs mix that's. That's the problem the agents foresee the future they want these guys to be good revealed works so we can sharpen their skills in a tapered. I give you another name summit prize. Wants out of debt did you note you're gonna get a fun show with some of race. Are all a lie low or behind the scenes look at south of rain is away from baseball. All on the dime a 100% are with you a 100%. Ian Kennedy second highest paid player for the kids to be royals in a might be an issue with that now that the trading. Ian Kennedy we come back we'll take a look at the infinity plus it's 45 dollar gift certificate is we take a peek with twenty. Ticket to Pete twin peak. Think he expected Ian Kennedy. Last night in activity that great last night came off a nine run performance he gave up. The night before last night we struggled re run first inning loaded the bases. Big baby bread killer teams of the warm up. In kitty does settle down with them there and at least gave the royals fix this which was actually. I guess it's a good things these kids are chuck Keller right to retreat and it. And you really detectable bit not and who you would have been able today. Good news is the rules are all off the horrible for the Yankees come in but that certainly could have been worse he and could have been out. In that first inning and don't think anybody wanna be that night to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to twin peaks. Beattie fourth caller right now the 9135767610. Say. Steve insert in you walk away with 25 bucks from our friends at twin peaks kids city royals last night lake. Ian Kennedy. I've always liked impunity. I'm always kind of waited three impunity the turn a corner consider him you know complete pros probe in Major League Baseball. But he hasn't picked you expected veteran pitcher in his age to be a guide to character can stabilize things. I mean after all talk about a guy got a seventy million dollar concert of Keene city royals in his Susie got to counteract the 11 thing I thought I looked at it is. He's not gonna opt out hit an opt out why would he opt out from Kansas City which is one of the. Most low key places to play baseball was actually zero stressed the play here the media attention is for smaller. Than anything he rivers in their personal growth fund raisers like zero people here covering it. But there's there's nobody here and he was getting paid a lot of money in cutie makes a ton of money in he was brought in here I understand here's thing here's the difference when you mean you. I understand the process a wide Kennedy was brought in here. That was not living up to what he was but to me. He showed why they signing up for after he was here. In the instance then it's been dealing with injuries it's this year with the inconsistencies. Supposedly he's bolted this year lesser of the hamstring could do is change up. So kudos podium Kennedys feel is. You would just expect better from what your pain and that's the thing you expect outscored the B good which even better this year both right which they outscored is in great this year. In outscored the previous two years 72 million out of two eyes big contracts on the key in city royals. You're getting production from the bottom production from the under a million dollar guys jig Jews the wit Mary fields of the world you'd expect more of Kennedy. Especially in this rotation just got to stabilize things but kid he's given you right now. Would guys give you that are rookies but guys the cold up from triple. As far as getting shelled early. In Austin this is what you expect from Tripoli pitchers not Ian Kennedy great track record I understand whether worlds when I signed Ian Kennedy he's not living up to. I understand why we're not signed him and congratulations to David Warren Burke he won the the gift card to twin peaks. David Ward or congratulations. He's this he's not living up to the contract man and now you know I know that we panel back and forth when he mellow about it but. I'm with you I understand why they bodies sign them and I know that he's a guy that has been good throughout his career in terms of eating up innings. But the boy has already knew. And a new day. This new phase of their organization with their team. They need the veterans to step ball in AT&T is not one of those veterans stepping up eighty ETA has stepped up BBD eighty Duffy has stepped up. Jason Hammel hasn't been good so I'm not let each of the alt a little. Because he's not warming to the level that he should now this'll stealth with him in the year one he. He would yet he would get us out here I I did that in 2016. Last year he regressed mightily it was not good. A nanny you also added that he got hurt we hit that health is shooting before he got two teams that missile let's just bought it out there that that was. That was something that was in play even before he got to do is if somebody gives. Eat you know. This side hasn't worked out the way to Dayton Moore would have liked it I'm not hate not Dayton Moore but this is the reality of anybody started over thirty game six of the previous year's rookie cardiac somebody huge concern. The is agnostic amassing cult has been accused of term but he has had issues with help before. That was the reason why he had a short and see that you'll be exported to over thirty game six of the previously years before we can. In I give him credit on net. I don't want stating is that he said he was picked up last year last year is not the fourth time in history is of amid nicked up. They got right now has given up fourteen runs in the last two sports. He is not good right now it hit the is what it calls its legal bets right now. You don't put don't SD I don't S he's a veteran but he's awesome that you look at you'll lie around him to do. Spoke it. Well while him outline on on Jacobs who is your client on the adoptees. An old beat beat beat Ian Kennedy's you're on the Jason Hamels though is the AT&T is giving them he's got a massive contract. Based not live up to like they try to shipped him last year. Before the trade dot dateline went all the speculation was bought the Dodgers in today's date kept coming up because they want to try to move. We can't forget that Jesse sliding in last night. Oils and their fourth straight six spot to the rays Ian Kennedy had a rough start. Ian Kennedy asked to step ball if we're gonna sit here and talk about with Alex Gordon. Deaton dual the last two years let's talk about ETB is not one for the team right now. But my point is this he's got a second most innings pitched against the royals he's got the second best ERA. In the rotation for its best and he's been. Camels ER is worse beating deputies ERA is worse Eric Scoble is your right. Is worse you'll hearing it's better to Jonas its own pitch more innings giving you say that that's how bad things or who they like it's signaling Kennedy. Because there all that I'm not I'm not singling him what. That the reason I'm I'm let me let me ask you some answers to a couple simple questions. Number one who was the highest paid pitcher on instinct olds in UK okay. Question number two G talk about it I did you RP innings idea I'd give you that we want him to hold down the full innings. He is highest deed. Pitcher on this on this in this organization and number to beat the this bigger. This standard for inactivity is not the same as Jonas it's not the same spoke late on did not. Gonna put the same type a criticism on on us both land ports Jonas has only Kennedy Kennedy is not being criticized. The most innings he's pitched. So far this year but what is have been six innings. He's almost six in their game. Six innings ball yesterday in a loss for innings 65356. It eight. Like this guy's gonna win like extremely deep in ball games. But the thing he's been bad it's your view these bad last year. Bouncing the first hurricane this year he give you a 180 force against credit for a 195 innings and he Hillary and I say that an idea what that was that was back in your doctor and I did the president Joseph it kidneys the world that concert he got. I think the rules and pass on them they did debate on the gore when he went public unity. I think that's the last I gave collided with a horse you're less sure they try to you know idled its audible voice and not yet they couldn't he couldn't get away from the about the Dodgers might be won't take it a portion of his age Q do we think about it. The royals in Major League teams got stuck in Berlin. And the biggest of these concerts music apple joy bottom. Seven is below average year 25 million a year late for five warriors to thirty thirds forty. Robinson Cano was getting point four million dollars the year he's 35 till he's forty years old. That's a problem in baseball Ian Kennedy get the contract where he could not opt out now how ridiculous is that probably these countries are da. Vivian Kennedy space if not opt out. It's bad you'll think the king cake or the lore that contract lowered itself what the kingdom. The players at the play visible leverage the royals that you would have liked the moved on from Kennedy but they couldn't because these contracts are ridiculous when the player will stay instead of opt out. That's the reason why the date that he was signed here now wasn't anti in Indy getting dark comedy a Kansas City. But the date that he was signed here at the number to force these guys said the forced thing that I said it was mid there's no way that he's opting out of that Contra no way. There's no way you know why he's the only way to opt out of touch that he won a Cy Young was set up we both sit both senator segment this how opting out of this. We said the same thing about Johnny quite well the only. It's not quite all is opting out of his contract is if they want a World Series or he has that off but nominal one he gets close to winning a cy young and he didn't opt out he stayed he stayed with them. So assault. Edge iyas. Can't do and here's the bad thing Kennedy sixty million this year sixteen I've next year 165 that I think the whales are. Beyond these contracts now Wendy Morse Parcells more contracts. The kidneys the world just what's grew baseball breeds people or talk with a big long term concert by being done. It's guys like he'd given up and Joey odds once again it all doing is I'm I'm holding he can be accountable that's ultimately should be I'm not I'm not out. Sit here saying that that I don't want in Guinea to be a good pitcher for the gives out what to do better out one to be productive if you don't just. Try to be the front office and this comes as I expect more Buffy the being given. Up measurably V Starr. I expect any Duffy to be better identity even though the money I can they even thought what is this thing I do well it's close but it's not saying but I expect deputy bit impunity. But on these guys or limit the contract even Gordon's haven't about a year but Gordon's what bed and went on to seventy now. We'll be it blessings about life story and asked possibly what inning is it that backed it. But we see what's next issue and have tempers than admit it to ask you building turnaround hopefully he does sooner rather later she gets. A 21 a four OPEC David's tickets comes at 1130 but come on two minutes your chance to win 8000 dollars in our national cash contest. In another aspect of sports gambling. We haven't dived into. We'll do that when next. DC. It's thousand on thirty. She's 20000 dollars and they feel this contest. That pizza seven through eating more it's PRI ZZ eight pizza the seven to 81. You can be thousand dollars richer and national fish found that this data rates may apply. One thing about this world particularly this week we did basically reading the sports game going to mean us. Which I mean people Missouri was beat people Kansas what's it mean to the leaks as far as the pressure on the players. What does it mean to sports gambling and broadcast. When broadcasters have a little fun I've never really seen the big I don't I is that it's funny when Brett must burger used to drop. Or Al Michaels drops the the biggest line. These guys bought Vegas once they read about their old school guys is certainly the paper or get attempt went on this and they see what game they're doing the meet legal look at the when they have skin on or not but you can clearly tell when they would mention things what you have been over. A looks accumulated opener. There's a reason why they knew these things that never did bother me is those on their. Retirement and it release all. I guess I never haven't noticed the bias and broadcast they have it see like a broadcaster Mel Bellic. They just wouldn't run it that's definitely ever seen him go to those expense which would be funny if they did it. But that part never bothered me but with a big give leaves a problem right now. What do you say about team broadcasters to go out in put money on the game does that change how you broadcast the game in which you say if you show some angst. Are you show that your happy wounds certain people scored a certain time. I can understand that might rub the NBC is the wrong way that they're big bet on your team. It's cheese or play the Broncos you've killed the broadcasters have money on the Denver Broncos the cheeseburger meal would cover the spread. In their active happy about that I guess that would be conflict. Of interest rate their peeps that Whitman. What are we talking about is gays personal vested interest. In what the Denver Broncos are doing. But. Words going I don't know there will be able to I've always looked as a personal choice of broadcast it does not bother me if they have money on the game. Was the best were to present who would not look back E. A. SPORTS broadcasting. Al Michaels has some ideas you can just LD bets on games not Nigel know who leaves. In particular bet on or betting on but you can tell these dizzy so cognizant everything but he comes sports wagering. Must order was always somebody that you just knew at some match and he would seem kind of reference it during the course of the game. The other person the reason this came up to. Was Charles Barkley was on The Dan Patrick Show. And they're talking about sports wagering gambling in Dan Patrick asked him look on Charles Barkley question about what he's bet on games. NBA embrace legalized gambling here. You know there are a little bit the notion that people don't feel sports is ridiculous and silly me and I looked at double. I'd leave him domino I mean but most of that you have to go to break this group that owns courses certainly. Are you said that the notion that you go to Vegas and battles warts is silly. But he was also asked the bowel whether he's been on on on on games. On basketball and he said yeah. I bet on basketball addicts. He said he he was asked specifically has he bet on I think it was the Golden State. Houston series and he says now know he's like no there's no money to be made and sold missile or would that doubles of the did just of his aides are. I wonder how it's going to be looked while moving forward when it comes to. The opportunities for broadcasters. In people in sports media to wager on the industry itself. Because. You don't want to run the risk of the pie is being. That you brought to pastors that are in the Booth and they are sitting here. Due date for you yeah you're very entertaining you. But they are biased because they have some action. They have some money on set of it you don't want that to happen and I said this. And I always felt this way in ages from being an industry. It is not is some it is etched in stone is not on old rule that you'll find any manual. What is quite rightly frowned upon. In the broadcasting industry specifically when it comes of people that are better they do gains and stuff. To openly speak the ball parcel bets that you played on teams and I've never been somebody like to make a sports which every now and it typically for me it's it is horse racing. On if I go to Vegas opt out in opt out do some partly is not try to you know hit some gains with some. Some some some college basketball teams across the ball to fall whatever. But I would never. Called on to the radio. And say bad. That I had eight use denying. Minus 64000. Box that just. There's something wrong to me a ball that app I I don't feel comfortable on. If I got action on something that I got action on the people need to know why it was I was gonna bit and he would he would do people clap back and they knew we'd lost that no laws and became a move it to each his own yet each is it if it if that's what it it that's what you wanna do that big headed to that. CD. I don't see it being it. Don't want about it I don't see anything cool about it. It to tell people that you are making big bets all on whatever team they just I don't think it hopes the industry and it does help my my reputation in. If I came on the radio until I'm gonna make up our of our thousand dollar bet on the whales tonight and they win. Does anybody really truly here no does do I look to the collective genius. Though in the Republican incidents there exists it. I just looks wicked especially. Especially when it comes at college athletics best guess even trickier. The radio scene and it shall lay money on college at the specs for teams to cover my unless he team's lone butt it like like. I would never won the radio and number one number one. I just think it's a bad book if if if if actress bright house he said. Clinton's spot would dolls among rules tonight to beat such and such. How old dude that's is a bad look you don't golf rules did you know people in the athletic department that's so bad look on everybody. If you globs are saying and stuff like act. He silky looking if you pick in the win. If you if you every reporter and you say your bad money there wouldn't get information what you're getting it inside information in regards to injuries what's going on with the suspension of some. Amare hit a Omar to shares it does it does a planet yeah. Just the ones that doesn't let out like that mine Michael's doing it I don't. Michaels and most were they did it warn anybody ME I don't know Mike Michaels who beat. Be very quiet that would do would be you can see the references from time giver noticed Al doing that yes I'm still must order all the time most or does this now it is odds. Out in Vegas and he just. He took his passion and to get the Los Vegas to do what he does which just means we get out of money your wants us. Bridge tunnel is different today and they did it ever bother doing that did you do you think it would be do you think a big. Look if let's say first is coming up on this year with was tasty football. At the broadcaster comes on instead is that I'm Lian. Whatever on the wide test today called yes network. That's ever. Accused these you didn't say it will be the ones that they would either lose dated notes. That's the thing if you bet on radios he said. I bet the wildcats went purely Jack oh yes oh yeah these days you don't say at the sale. Old chose not talking about as bad today he must think you're gonna lose I. That's a slippers that's a pat I don't wanna go to. I think most teams will address that. Put on national broadcast. I don't lead to a big yeah I did that's all they must get done what. It's up to them having it if they start to broadcast personal slanted one way or the other league get mad or happy when differed keep score that shortened by east were to team. That's the never wanted to know it will be news typical exposed come off as neutral better affect you should be orderly HU. If Joba can actually get a good job that he's Austrians thought he looked at as a munger giants fans did not like Joba. But there's the fate of the other team did didn't like but doing their games. Outlaw win it like your team are all either plays away that we don't need to hear about it though that yes I guess that's not what we don't need you here we we don't need. Rex on a broad test orgy that is what we don't need nobody does this kind of leave that I. I guess I would it got this really bother me but at. At the end of the day I don't think it helps anybody that's on opening up about see a lot more. What we. I don't think that we are not not it's legal. You'll see some more buzzwords adds that the rockets. People talk of a normal morning unit did it at that it will now it's gonna talk about the but not in the game until talk but the line over lenders and these things will be I think these things Lexus B port of the broadcast out of pre games. Especially Gately is going to be widespread this country. It'll be the it will what are what are the odds over under which took him to ask what solitude of its one thing for some light to mix it all on the line. It's well see who peddle what led to a team with the favorite or underdog whatever I have that to do public and when you've got on the Estes. But I think this whole game in world be more prevalent pressure begin when shows that you hear people in cards they're doing and Alan markets when it's legal to gamble. But you're gonna see a lot more of Agassi I think it's doable in the pregame shows and everything else will they break down the line. Maybe the over under. Brigham touchdown passes someone over under is a lot more that I think they're gonna capitalize. I think networks are capitalizing. On you view Malia now you know why you watch. Why you watch it these are getting advice from experts on who these things can review younger. If it does not give you experts experts on the game when they should know the ebbs and flows who's gonna win who's gonna lose lose I think there's going to be huge value now. In pregame shows I think those things are gonna go through the roof but the ratings for those things. Peoples that time they bet you watch the pregame show. All I did know that. What you want it's nice to know. It in the go ahead make the bet would be your from the pregame shows they're the ones that are gonna do well pregame shows the ones stay and gave up icing which way or the other. The straight facts. What's the line. What's the outline with you over and I think I think that's it for you will exponentially. Next year coming up next Ned Yost chimed in on today's hottest topic. It's a burning of the country plus a professional golfer. Headed mixing night tell you that is next. The royals lineup. If he rules baseball. Today at one job for your ridiculous or the N news or resellers back when people rheostat. Freaking out here that dislocated rib Yelp which dates that it wasn't a big deal only told. He told you it was not a big deal at all and he's not a person writes guess what were recently there. Right Vick in the lineup today technology reseller. Boots so corporation Whitner filled bat second today. Alex who were hundred Hoosier LCDs this war any Bryan Almonte yes escort back to be able. You're not hitting back in the fifth about a it's rough it's rough and presumably Ned. Which I said last night until currencies used to report. When that does them like this they in the ebony good game is that the couple hits. But that's where it gets to some point that's what you have to choose from sometimes if your name you know. What your thought up that line up last night. It it just wasn't good for the rays are the same situation. In and fortunately we when you look at it the rays. You have had a couple injuries last met Duffy at Leeb game leads that team in hitting. In batting average Natalie that Gomez got hurt had to leave their game neither Duffy or Carlos Gomez. In the lineup today of the race so it is attractive. For the royals but the big thing today link is it's ridiculous and I get it. In and you might think it's ridiculous as well maybe you don't if you like it bowled over she army. Debate that's going on this country and most ridiculous thing I don't like it people talk so people talk reporters it would help people talk local news this morning. They're talking. Good morning football we're talking about it. You play this sound in its what you year the year Yani your laurel would have to our normal. That's not yet made its players a don't I played nine out of it they had years ago there's address. Was the blue were still wreck your memorably did recover address that was there and when people look at you determine whether it's blue were not. It's a little things in life that occupies you what did you see you Soledad dressed. A big console. Boulders over something that was outlets yeah Alison L pages they're scared of wartime toward by at least curtsy and the blue but I haven't been able to this I haven't heard yummy. We put this way governor Yani yet it'll be awkward that one thing on Twitter turning on Twitter news was talking about it and what L and phone networks talking about it. Even on vesco the morning they talked about it with Ned Yost. Let's look net decide what this is Iowa and heads usually run on things on the net decide which witnesses. SoundBite for you. And I want to borrow it it's Laura Yorvit yeah I. Heard it you're already this morning time. They have a Islamic you know I always. I always when I'm coming to the park I've got extra radio and listen to that NASCAR channel and they were talking about if you army barracks in laurel dynamic quote what they talk about. Well you know when I get to the ballpark first thing I'd do it go to the minor league game reports now look at them and I'll go to alexion and NC. You know what's happening in the world. Connect saw this an old person Yani thing in the plug on Don that it's had some people here laurels some people here. Here you army and and slide on stood there and I mean it was laurel is clearest Denny I don't know how anybody can get you audio and that's what you get. Well we all have well I mean but our wives and our daughters had yet and so we thought for a while it was a male vs female type of thing. And then we started to get Tex on the tax on everybody identifying if they're male or female oral Yoni some guys were here and Yoni some women were here in laurel. Well just heard all of them this morning he has no he's talking he's out how to you know I heard hybrid it was like young rural like it was. Well the one that I heard was clearly ended painfully low ball I mean I mean there was no way to. You know put you on millionaire. You know or mistake it can hear you on and so do you have now that's pretty interesting itself. Had you and like walked around the clubhouse and asked other guys would they have heard it he on this on this topic. A you know I thought about it for a ticket then moved on to other things. So. Actually cared about this a lot when I thought he would. I honestly don't be in good that's good but right now that's ridiculous I'm not doing it means very simple here it is. Laurel. Of laurel. That is. Let's look at the text says I played the same clip on computer and her lol yeah Johnny on my fault her Yani last lol this morning. Understand this what was on computer instituted the core boosted through wherever network on NASCAR channel. Elvis things everywhere man. Someone did. Do like a frequency. Breakdown of it. And there's different like high and low frequencies that some people can pick up and some people can't and so some people could hear. A different version of what the audio clip is if they can pick up a different frequency that a particular person also can't pick out. Or maybe there is just also different versions of them floating around out there around. Dogs yeah IP of sound different different courses just something to him. It would seem urgent if that's the same hours of hearing different things that something else would you think different origins. Different versions that laurel is different ending moral. Or more innings out Adam did. Every year we had at least one of these controversies. C six this whole thing seems ridiculous to me it honestly I thought wouldn't it when Ned Yost was first thing that's that's hard. Because I took this but he is it the clip he's gonna play some simply the clip that moral. You know I'll listen and ask our children card never knows but that was the sixth in the NASCAR. So Ned Yost goes. I thought 08 in mid teams that have been brought walks round and his escort reader. Clearly some people will lead the tests I saw people say they Yoni. I don't I don't get it but it's this weird. You're yeah on the. Been drinking heavily. It's just weird to. The thing too is that we have time to time with the big you fall does Lucas Glover situation. He's professor go out duel in the US open. He won the US open he's been caught up. It terribly personal matter to be honest with you but now it's it's it's obviously public Lucas lover's wife Chris. Keep in mind Lucas Glover has won a major was arrested in in four on Saturday night and charged with domestic battery and resisting an officer. After she apparently struck Lucas and his mother. She wasn't typically play. Think about that looks lovers this big players YouTube last week in any missed the final cut after shooting a 78. According to an arrest report Christa became angry at Lucas after his bad round. In Lucas told deputies and every time he plays poorly and it element Chris that begins yelling at him. Stating he is a loser. In a keyword. In ultimately starting an altercation with him to be married that seriously you come home. Golf with a major. Culture white one. In forcible. Can wouldn't leave it real well is Lucas put up he's the PGA tour these guys. Pullman. 888. Go home every night in night court you'll lose it's not that easy opening. Loser every which you have reason to just about every day I don't which he called me a loser. I below this it's not it. You meet this. Bets we see this happens every day in our country don't ever did I say we don't hear about this pro athletes. Do you think pro athletes go home and you don't for four you'd loser. I have this morning you date I would hope. I app has more do you think I would hope. I mean. Marriages of for everybody I get that. I would think a guy that's won a major. That streak. And it makes the money up boards and I. Went to come home after shooting 78 everybody cold loser statement. Everybody just as a walk on a domestic situations. All of violence its ways is that this easier said that done what is the walkways and at least you got to aids and all that he's invested cells so. The same way that we we you know people have question or why do what would just lead. This situation with the man. Who was the breadwinner in the home he does not walk away from and it got even taking back obviate LTD it's. Better hit his mom and I don't think it's right. Eager candidates who put on Twitter there they'll call us he told the deputies one thing in the huge story. Think horribly that though he did the court she kicking and screaming to tipping kicking the counselor. Skulls Getty Houston. I just two enemies are politically musical. Every night. You see this Associated Press our story as breaking. Serna. I know you're up there about TI yes. He was arrested after trying to insert here's the community. He's trying to go home. It does. Maybe. Your chance of thousand dollars again in thirty minutes the producer Josh Burt here at noon for royals pre game coming up next Mary field. Lot of you don't wanna treaty which should the royals considered better at his mom and.