05/15 - Week One; The Drive's "KC Villain Hall of Fame"

The Drive
Tuesday, May 15th

With the Cano suspension we started our first ballot HOF when it comes to KC's biggest villains 


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I like this because if you guys miss the big story of the day. This guy I'm sure you remember who he is. I Robinson Judd Gregg last year and that didn't actually captain got a little heat by not picking Justin Upton hometown kid from Arizona. Any pressure on you to pick a royals player to participate this year. Well that's that's going to be an idea that he's gonna Roy uses failures because I mean this they're on top men. Mean does an also an obviously has run us here today in there and Islamic more fun. Are right. So Robinson canal if you missed the breaking news of the day Robinson Cano is out for eighty games for PD tested positive. So we already knew that he was a cheater and dishonest but now it has been confirmed by MLB drug testing you all remember Robinson can now. Through. Rob and canals signed up for the Major League Baseball. Homer under Indian he's zero home runs in slogan missile is first pitch which is the 55 mile an hour you're down the middle of the plate and includes two minds spot. So. Try we'll see out goes we're going to start the drive sports Billy hall of fame it's going to be a very simple concept. Against someone. You're gonna get someone. Stack is gonna give someone it will take a couple of callers suggested to determine who support. I get a veteran kicker and you'll get a veteran is on the OG on the field it just like output negro league baseball players and all things yeah take a wait George Brett now but they got their own legacy committee got walkie Hewitt the elder statesman got a legacy committee will still have their own separate vote. Four players you will put purple. In the top two vote getters are indeed the first ballot drive hall of fame would breaking records on the ability. Are still working on its early era it's certainly done. I'm going to suggest my purse and as a first ballot drive sports Billy in the hall of fame. I will nominate one Philip Rivers. This is six. I am truly. You two yard touchdown. This night quarterback Philip Rivers. I think it goes without saying. Philip Rivers candidacy. Illegitimacy. To be the first player inducted into the sports villain drive hall of fame he is the biggest prize you potentially ever seen. In the NFL. I don't like his attitude. I had a stale like you don't like the action like. I am going to nominate. Philip Rivers for the sports villain drive all thing. That he seed out war this Kansas City drive sports all of your odds extend Sports Radio. Is none other than one. Brent Lawler. You pick only spikes I'm like guy as he and Clinton. Start apply. That in the next night come out knowing you're gonna get drilled in his armor around. You take your chances to go after some guys and fight which you add your voice hold you back. And get in there you fought dirty you got drilled and he got thrown out again like yelled in a rare and get a chance to do something about he chickened out. So Brett Lawrie the Oakland. Is my nominee. Brent floor and still rivers. Had been nominated. For. The drag aids. Sports villain all of Spain. We now votes and Stevens back there you go Michael Jordan who are you nominating. With a drive sports villain hall of fame I'm gonna go out and. The box here and it's cloudy and a person who want to franchise. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Every time the chiefs need to win a game in important games. It's just in Houston lined up against Antonio Brown. James Harrison flopping on a cold against Peter Fisher. It's four touchdown passes in the first quarter Heinz Field on Sunday Night Football back in 2016. Every time the chiefs need to win a playoff even home who is it it's the Pittsburgh Steelers I can't stand that franchise. I can't stand Ben Roethlisberger. Everything about Pittsburgh just makes me a little bit angry so I nominate the Pittsburgh steeler. As someone also along with the media I'm surprised that the first team nominated for the sports villain hall of fame when not eating Indianapolis Colts I feel like you're looking at teams that I've ripped the heart out of Chiat Palestinians. I think colts there. Or do I pay more recent I think the only Broncos are higher up there. I sure Pittsburgh's of the reasons he buys at the 1970s yankees should be up there as well and run part of that generation I'm gonna unite I am you've got a chance to nominate your legacy pick. Luke you're the first person to nominate someone for the sports villain hall of fame on the drive where you pick and. Jose blogs years ago when you don't got to explain why Jose Batista. Post that on there hung Jose. Are right and mark are you nominating for the sports Billy hall of fame. That golly man art. I ran out here and I would call I. Wish they could not go out and about like we all like and generally our credibility. When it is. You've been in. Many. Ways our goal. It didn't come to the original in. An article by. All right Peyton meaning up for the ball right now Fraser and Casey were you nominate. Are tied it easily see all as strong first ballot hall of Famer for one Todd Haley. All right Ryan in a late will go to you the last caller will take on this route and avenue for the hall of fame. Joseph Barton are both awful and Joe Buck eyes. All you beacon managed added the four options of the callers who are you picking to be the fourth person put on the first ballot votes. But the drive all of them not Joseph bock. That's. It's not your bock. Who else my picking between Peyton and Todd Haley got exactly what he's able exceeded its patent are right it's forehead Boyd. Our core principle he got five and our does play the movie on that thing so right now. The four people that will be put in the Twitter poll. Two people. Goal and first ballot. We've got the rep. Worse. Peyton Manning. Brett all. And it. It was the first got written it you own it and and the steel inspect theologians and the patriots is sports. He adds I can't tell him he should pick. All right you got one. Veterans committee yeah this is independent yet they only get to be voted on one time I have every day. You gotta keep crichton a problem there either that either you sit first. Or he's not all of. This is an easy one you guys probably think of all baseball here notion. That guy go in 1970s. Yankees rep for the souls out of the royals but I'm not a beautiful ball. I'll go with one definitely. Let Elena really need to win that Elliott is it is an English title agency paid for the sports village hall of fame again. Say I'm not gonna Wednesday when they still. Yeah he's in he's and I'm not always been. Yeah if you're putting Lin Elliott and on the ping I'm not gonna argue what is one ones voting closed end of the show. Now tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow or we have been able when he four to. Two people voted. There's a first ballot and we'll do it again next week you'll see over the course summer who's on the list who's not let's. Of sports about Joe Buck ever makes and think you should make it and because. Was very much pro roiled the following year Matt ball kicked our ass in fourteen that there aren't involved are the royals won the World Series I do not talk about the guy that dominated. No problem Joba I don't have any probably Joseph Bucky either but I mean you got to be of the people and have enough for the people are asking for Joe Buck to be in the sports villain hall of fame. They he's got it in the sports villain all faint I vote for yeah I'm not it's it sounds like he has a chain and that's up there it sounds like TS machine it's. To make. Good golf. It's it's like yeah he's in these he's nominated he's got a chance for sure Lilly helium one T. And easily it is is first and felt alliance and he should be he should be in there just for that and the fact that he can't I haven't heard this or maybe it's a terrible thing to play but it is in our system this is the Brett Lawrie on top. Hello this is courtesy of me just thinking and education really needed to save its main that's a that's liberal to most things we do on the show. Pretty big earmark it for Lori. But. Horry went in and hard and escobar's murder of man we're working on contractual provisions and he. It's broken. But Sam Houser and on thing and it's gonna get away with that's apps which. Giving me. Expected final full body though of that when he adds when Dana asked him if you thought to be a rare it was going to be suspended him Brett Lawrie at a minor meltdown in the eighties club allows. That was classic look I surprised that was your was your first guy in there ought to nominate by the all avenues. Recent memory anyway clipped Escobar that was a dirty play I love that the royals laughter and I thought it was chicken you know life. The way armoured up the next day when venture it was pitch and he drilled them on my cousin Mike is gone out to the ballgame that yesterday in his immunity. Is it gonna get ugly house out there for the Sunday game to let her to deal had point and through or I thought it was beautiful. They're spikes I do that me because that is easily Q you blow up at second base and. Tex on six birdies or six you guys have lost her freaking minds on the held you know put John Elway on the first ballot you guys are dead to me. To be fair yet there were eight people that gave there's just ends nobody said John. Just you this is the first class yeah this is the first about Osama. The first ballot sports Bill Clinton all saying we gotta get some guys. I. I know it in at some point he'll be there he's got so he's not on the first batch.