0515 Vern Post Game

Jay Binkley
Tuesday, May 15th

0515 Verns Post Game Show 


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The city pier sixty. Josh Verniero. Like my friend. Good evening welcome bit. This is what it's gonna look like this is covering bill. This is. A rough season ticket event in rough seas. It's not all we lost a series that Tampa wild things are really getting out of hand held bent on hand. The writing is bad on the wall the writing is then right in front of you mean it's been on the ceiling it's on the floor it's not all four walls. Text line 69306. Its always open. Actually wanna start with a tweet. I don't. I feel about Twitter. But Andrew. Tweets and you can always follow the station at 610 sports Casey on Twitter. But Andrew good stuff as soon. Boosted said excuse me. Andrew tweets it and says her and the royals are just a bad team. Yeah Pereira needs to hold onto the tie game but there's no reason to get angry at their Tuesday. That ball. I have to agree I think he's pretty spot on. Kelvin her error has been too darn good this season to get up in arms about him. Coughing up a a tie game. Taking his first loss of the season. And the go ahead. Run that he allowed in the ninth inning is the first run that he's allowed at Kauffman Stadium since September 8 the last year. He had a Holmes scoreless streak of eleven innings twelve appearances. We'll hack this season packages beauty was numbers this season Kelvin perera. And a big game tonight with one run allowed in fourteen and two thirds innings this season. So you know the performance tonight isn't going to. Hurts his trade value. And like we discussed earlier today on the pregame show if it doesn't center around the rebuild you're really wasting your breath complaining about it. Phone lines are open for 913576. 7610. That's 91357676. To aggregate this is what it looks like. This is what bad teams do. When your starting pitcher gives up. Three runs in the first inning. By the way the royals starting pitchers have now allowed a first inning run in five of the last six games. But even with that Kennedy. Is able to give you in six innings. Took a starting pitching was bad but you overcame it. It tied the game up the offense was. Good enough tonight. The bullpen. Right McCarthy goes 123 with a pair of strikeouts. Tim hill 123 with a very nice play from LCDs nest of our mixed in there. So you have some solid defense. He overcome. Horse starts. Some solid babies some nice appearances out of the bullpen. Tie game heading into the ninth inning if feel confident with Calvin rare and that of course he shows that he's human and he. Lets everyone know it's not going to be a flawless season for the royals closer this issues. Well bad teams do you find a way to lose. The one nights when you or stud reliever is fallible. That's when you lose that's the reason why you lose it's unfortunate. But again if if it doesn't setter or on the rebuild it's it's not worth getting overly worked up about now I understand if your. One of the 21000. That paid. To see this game tonight. I can understand you being upset you're caught up in the moment had a nice time at the ballpark it was nice weather. A solid group with you denied you wanted to see your favorite team. Come away victorious that didn't happen you weren't happy with some of the names in the lineup you're not happy with some of the names on the team. I understand getting caught up in the moment and I'm. I doubt I hear from you again. Phone number 9135767610. But to get angry get Calvin Guerrero to get upset that Ryan goings. Wasn't able to put the team on his back or accommodation of coincidental Montae enough. Number five hitter LCDs Escobar that they weren't able to. Leads some sort of offensive onslaught to the royals fourteenth win of the season to get upset about that to me seems like a waste of breath. Maybe I'm wrong. Not 135767610. Europe bomb wrong it will had inside that royals' clubhouse when we get back. She should do by the man. Workers local 124. Seventh street casino aristocrats Mercedes brands and EC route Randy electrical. That we. That's the bomb Hamilton plumbing heating AC Ruder and electrical player of the game this is playing join a dot Vasco the morning tomorrow at 745 tell us who was part of the play and you'll win pizza from toppers now back to burn. We're tied two two out single in the seventh inning. Innings streak that extended. To nine game royals building throughout the series to raise finals or six. We. Head out to liberty. Dave you're gonna hit it off tonight Dave god. I've earned an. I guess that's one thing. Our darkest hour. You can then rebuild mode. And I'm not sure the way I I actually understand the direction of the world war and it is. In the ago guys out there I mean am GM's stock do. Guys if they're tired they're playing for one year trying out for another team so that's the kitten and yeah Alex Gordon. Who's. Lleyton and their old guy and read over on court yeah although progress. I mean. Yeah here's the thing Dave I'll explain it takes for the full call. What that sets. It is. Not only is there was there prior to all those spring training signings. Not only was there. A small amount of talent that the big league level. But there wasn't much healthy big league ready talent in Tripoli or double lay either. Bringing in Luke is due to a Mike the stock is John. Those guys. Can't help it rebuild more. The other options within the organization. The return that you could possibly gates for my most doctors. The return that you could possibly do it for good Luke is due out the return that you could get for those guys at the trade deadline. Is greater it will help the rebuild more cell then giving. Chancellor cup birds and cluttered Dozier every day at bats. And let me also notes. That Mike was dockets kinda felt in their lap. His number came back so much. That it just made business sense to bring my stock is back to Kansas City as far as LCDs Escobar is concerned. The rules state you have to put a shortstop on the field. Or. You have to put nine met on the field at one of more than likely should be a shortstop Unita starting shortstop and if you don't sign LCDs Escobar. The royals would have. Trotted out. Ramon Torres on opening day. He's more of a utility guy a league's second baseman Andy TE can hold to get a hold on the Ford at shortstop but. Could you expect about their everyday. And what he needs a day off who you going to. They brought it asking because you couldn't trust. At Alberto modesty. You could entrusted to our ability or lack thereof. Of Mondesi. You don't understand the direction because. You really can't see the big picture right now. Understandably I understand why people can't see the big picture there wondering why it's a bunch of strangers on one year deals wearing these royals uniforms. And that's because the high end talent either has it handouts hasn't stayed healthy. Or just flat out is in here for myriad reasons. Some of it has to do width. Selling out to win the title in fifteen and trying to. Chase that feeling in sixteen and seventeen some of it has to do with the tragedy involving the late or Donovan Tora. Portals contract. Kennedy's contract. That was back in the all in going for it. Quote unquote seasons of fifteen and sixty. I understand that for some view it would be easier to stomach. All rebuild. If there were. 2425. Year old that littering the field I understand that thought process the issue is. The talented 2425. Year old just her. Are few and far between right now when this organization. That's why it's. Year one. Month two of the rebuilt. It's why people within the organizational pointed 2021. As maybe the return to the post season and that baby. You can stay in the post season a little bit longer than this last run. For the organization. Just 121 that's the final year of so layer and Duffy apparatuses. Modesty we'll only be 25 them. Nick prod those old and a TS and the B what 222223. In 2021. I understand your concern I I hear that from a lot of people and it's. It makes sense thanks for the fall called Dave van I hope I've answered the question. The possible return of prospects. That you could possibly get. For most doctors are dude or Jaeger. Anyone on the team. Outweighs. The talent that waits in alcohol. There rebuild will be better off. In trading Mike was stock is bringing him in to trade him same with Luke is due to that it would be. Handed the keys to Ryan it'll herder are hotter Dozier chancellor tough birther French window. Thank you very much for the phone call open the line for you to 9135767610. Above before we get back to your thoughts let's. Actually had downed inside the royals' clubhouse the guys that came through with the play of the game that. Game tying two run single in the seventh inning win mayor field inside the club house delivered. By a red door grill he's addressed in the median RG weekly is there. Previous. The life fastball and a dozen redundant to me so. As long as us off from. Yeah news found zone you can put out so he could jump that has lost five or six I was winning seasons. It isn't and what does your recruit. I mean it was a soft spoilers who's. Tired of losing. Gosh I hope you guys play hard. Doesn't put in the work as analysts. It's like you knew it was like get winds like we like to. He was Sox. Yeah stretches to here where he gets you behind your. Where these guys to. I mean you know as long as ago. He's forgetting defense you know you know one or would be up for nothing else when early. Afternoon. What's gonna gonna Babson. I'm out of the wheel scores can go there and that's what you want them down to a so. Which definitely. And I say go with an air field hitting 457. Of them course of this. Nine game hitting streak inside the club house delivered by red or grilled Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grow. And swinging for the fences. We were talking about the numbers don't nobody for the royals hit home runs and tonight. Let's actually talk about a view at 1919. Year old in this organization. One in particular view. The caption good and endgame let that supported mlb.com. Is. Fourth best prospect in the royals organization. Went three for organizing and connected on his demo run of the season. Scored two runs it's oh yeah yeah now. So a top five prospect that the royals organization MJ beloved as team and he alone. Swinging for the fences and dire fans just makes sense. To get Geiger and royals dropped game suited to handle models or six. So five lines are open for at 9135767610. We go to showtime in Kansas City. Showtime it's showtime. Pretty darn you know I'm sure your. I believe me but look at doing. Writing go in just angry and job day. Election garbage pail wired. And you. Guys to lead. To Asians. Pay or work. In hot dog. You know I. I completely. Ignored. It. Take. All I'm excited. We. Do things to make it. More. So. OK show. Asked us what it's showtime will be asked you this real quick your your happy with hundred Alger right. It wouldn't OK well then if you wanna call look French went down. Where does he get at bats. Wouldn't open by the age we trade job. Or spot out Bill Carter don't complain the bill. And you know what the plaque to better. Understand why it's gonna come back you know it. Michael club jobs here thinking it can't deal can't find it ain't quite I. I want my team to beat away should be an eye on it and sign any topic for everybody that cash. I just getting ridiculous all right thanks for the phone call showtime. Mean if you call the guy garbage out of one Saudi Amal movement say the royals should train them out of the other side. Well all of your city's garbage that is if its own fan bases calling them garbage why what do another team be interested in trading forum. And luck. These guys down and all our that your that your clamoring for. Schwinn dal and all Hearn. She went down with 731. LPS of 223 batting average thus far. Ryan don't burn got to start in left field tonight well that left field no kidding really. He has an LPS of 710 and batting average of 262. But the Luke is due to injury. That that it's obviously throws a wrench in the plan. The plan hope to get something for him at the trade deadline. Right at a team that would maybe be willing to uplift looking for a left handed bat. Off the bench or to platoon at first base platoon at the DH spot. He could about nice. He's gonna have to get real nice when he gets back from the DL if that's going to come to fruition. But it that would with these kids if we're talking about every bill let's do it right. And doing it right to me she if you have a hole. For these young kids like it sounds like you do showtime that kids like chewing down a little hurt little play every day. I'm not gonna play every day. At the big league level. Gorillaz and setter because he's the best option if Abraham all Monta is implying. By the way it was and laughed tonight meaty. Nice throw it was a tad high Saudi maybe could've made attack I thought Korda in fact I think portal was the MVP of the game tonight. To be perfectly honest with you. It went one for three at the plate but he did draw a leadoff walk in the seventh inning that seventh inning with a royals alternately tied it up. Double one for three scored a pair of runs led off the fifth inning with a single game underscored the second royals run of the game and that of course play today. Solid left field. I mean look I know he didn't. Get Brad Miller at the plate. But he didn't get much momentum behind him when he made that throw home. Third inning one out. Fly ball from Smith the left field he caught that on his heels. And just posted home. I thought that was a surprisingly good throw from the gold glove left fielder. Export. To me he's the game and deeply. Game MVP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax it's and eight. Royals fall dropped game two Tampa final score six define it right actor not an ad. Right back inside that royals' clubhouse when we get back. Current post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City and powered by Bob and easy route or an electrical dire events and vital stake. Chopper over the pitcher's head in tennis history gardens bare handed throw. Stinks or you and and a very nice play from now city's basketball are another solid night offensively and at the start in the five spot. In the lineup. He was Mike moost practices protection tonight. Both he and those. Two for four at the plate tonight royals though they fall final score six to five the record thirteen and 29. Let's go to Nancy. Nancy you're on 610 Sports Radio. Election and I've never called him before and I like lung and yeah are teaming up the creek and share that. We were out there was pretty under urban listeners the night at the K yeah really exciting game and it kept your interests and I enjoyed it so. Keep up the good work say. Nancy thank you very much for a place in that phone call a tip of the cap to EU and all of the nurses. My fiance. Is a nurse over that Kate you. So. Mean I don't know how difficult the job is but I certainly appreciated and I I see it from afar. Thank you for all that you do it thank you very much for a columnist up and hope to hear from you again. And Nancy I'll be honest with few bad times I get so bogged down in. The big picture. I forget to enjoy the moments I forget to enjoy day. Just the fact that it's a 78 degree night at Kauffman Stadium and boy oh boy this is one pretty stadium. So take much replaced and have full call thanks for slandering me for a moment reminding us just how lucky we are to have. This building have this team and had this beautiful game of baseball and our backyard 81 times each and every summer. Full wide open for a 9135767610. Royals fall six to five let's head back down stairs inside the royals' clubhouse. Ian Kennedy. Tonight's starting pitcher addressed in the median RJ Brinkley is there. Going through your mind. It. And again later on its. Openness and change and just yeah arm is Norman wasn't making quality pitches start with what fastball wants. To what took place. Curve ball's bouncing rather aggressive team all around. And that should try to play up their residential and still made a couple mistakes here and there with purple. Not melting Normandy attitude. Or that the cutter was or the fire was. So that kept off the place. One controller or we'll reform passed alternative to my plate. I. Their business. Vehemently. Definitely. You have crime frank you know what those didn't. And filled right from the eco. And just try to try to find ways to get through it. You were too many. He admitted as much like they manufactured some would leave late if you squeeze. You have to fight definitely goes round vote for the most part. You kept a close books or else you just try to pain. That's the way it victory. You know it's peak don't have to struggle hopefully this breakthrough. People use cases that didn't. Love them. You guys. This kind of feel like we. Kind of stinks and you feed off each other wonderful world. But please don't feed off. It is very. Whole years. Yeah him him myself and stuff he does he's been struggling but you can work hard and forget the point where. No we know we don't. Know what I'm feeling good and bad. Hopefully this this guy that stops it. And there was Wallace had these books for expert plus. Here's. There. You went mentally is you bounce ideas you. I mean you know with the cow here we we've been. Watching shows apple fans and and I feel like I got to know you know you get to know what each guy how to collect and what they're working on an. You Italians and others that I as we're out here on the bench and watching him or a fear. You mean like when they're gone wrong you can. Are you still don't count as he let those guys to. So it's been really cool to have that relationship with. You listen guys how they talked. You were on the mound what they think about her certain pitches and in the past I've been on rotations when you do that. You know now we're going from palpable sense and it's somewhat. ID go Ian Kennedy remains where analysts in his last seven starts he's all in four with a 643. ER rate. Since his last win April 7. In Cleveland Ian Kennedy inside the club house delivered by red or grow. Daimon a second. Shot and out of course the best bits from the post game that notebook you would imagine there are knots. Encouraging yeah. Royals have lost consecutive series against the Tampa Bay Rays for the first time since. 2009. They're the Devil Rays then yeah. And that change happen. More recent and all the time writing. Also they've lost consecutive series against the rays pop. For the first time ever. Double braves braves. Call them what you will they've. He never got the Kauffman Stadium and won consecutive series tonight. Tonight wedges this series glitches and consecutive series wins here today. The royals are now four X seven against him since August of 46 team. They want to look hot the first 31 matchups with the experience. Neither knows. Driven by jaguar Merriam analyst at voters experience luxury performance. Royals all 65 we'll hear from Calvin from where coming up in just a moment but let's head out to independents and talked to Brandon. Branding that evening they to the ball call. They got. Yet to opened one big thing that talked about. Yet first in like the hole with his stupid trick thing and it just. But the nicest way possible I think it's probably factored at the possibility we could see it it it hurt considering its history I agree health history. So it's not it'd be something that's not. Then of seeking given it back you know not. Before you know July would be I don't already know that amount you know but yet but anyways. And also. Like principle on a trait thing in the you know what the risk I think you know their week one. Let's say the area that the good news four you know year. Trait you're about step would be you know the people who look talked about. Movie like the murder field ego patchy and it's not been freed by Iran and to editorial acknowledge. And where it's going to be out. Becker and on you know Ayala a what kind of market and the developed they're he would have to pick a topic yeah it could you know what it's like a two years. It other real great outing but about the ones where we're kind of not been. The war. All kind of I mean it took game with bucket I like so most of the time there and. And here's the thing Brandon takes the fall called yet out LTE and hasn't ever really looked like. I guess maybe that got that we saw the seventh inning in 2000. Fourteen. The eighth inning guy 2015. Okay. But he still that one heck of a reliever may be outside a branch and the the Padres out of all as a reliever that will be more sought after. At the trade deadline it at least as things stand right now. And at any factor in the lack. Really good starting pitchers. As of right now available at the deadline. At the royals starters none of them have really jumped to the forefront. Cole Hamels OK maybe Detroit would part with Michael former shore. The Chris archer has in its. Hasn't looked like the guy but he did what three years ago. I still think helping her rare is the best trade chip this team as. Mike moves doctors if there is a spot to be filled. A third base spot to be filled with bat I think moves would be number two. And then sell it Whitner feel probably three and four respectively. Whitner feel that that that control that versatility. That it's. All ability. I think every team just like every team I used to always say this about Ben Zobrist every team could use a bends overs. Every team to news of mart would Gonzales every team can use. Public merit field thanks for the phone call branded. Hey. I wanna go too much further without giving a shout out 200 Dozier those are two for four a pair of runs scored and meant he beat the heck out of the ball tonight 397. Feet fly out in the second inning. He went 394. With that double in the seventh inning just unfortunately. Dude playing at Kauffman Stadium or else he could have had a few big boys tonight. Two for four a pair of runs scored it is his first career multi hit game he entered tonight four for 22 in the show. Com. I can't give don't of the blue collar player of the game because I don't think a two for four with two runs scored as what we all expected it's just him doing his job. Notably the blue collar player of the game is Tim hill. And I know we had that assists from LCD says about a great bare handed play by a shortstop Jesus there in the eighth inning. But Tim hill 123. And maybe it's unfair but that's expected now. During next stick Kelvin Herrera is there are reliever that is. At least gives you the automatic feeling more so than Tim hill. I don't love forbid maybe Brad Keller. A loved what I've seen from Jason atom. But when Tim hill comes trotting in from that right field bullpen man I am mice to my confidence is sky high. He went through Miller had to Korea and Smith 123 on seventeen pitches apparent ground outs and a strike outs. And probably didn't need all seventeen pitches because he's still getting pinched by umpires that are thrown off by his awkward delivery. Tim hill the blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two week. I just spoke about Kelvin her rare here's what he had to say inside the royals' clubhouse RJ Brinkley was. Changes. On the left if it couldn't agree more. We rumble. We vocal. It's the well situated. Here it really. I do much for me to get through things that you. Games this you. Some related. News. In the world war. If if you want to. I live little global diplomacy missile. Yeah. You go easy enough Calvin Herrera allows his first run at Kauffman Stadium since September 8. Of 2007. Team from the text line B. 69306. As the phone earned capital in the protects number one. Tax line 69306. From a JC in the north landing rights for you gotta be kidding me Kevin McCarthy had to strike outs tonight. Key should that man the then it cuts off Otto. And DP blue collar I hate Kevin McCarthy. I didn't give him the blue collar player of the game because three up three down with a pair of strikeouts that's not what time. Expecting every night that's not a whole home just another day for came back. A Mac and cheese is Brinkley calls them. You disagree. Com but three up three down with one strikeout yet that's about what I expect. Maybe that's unfair but that's about what I expect from Tim hill. Kevin McCarthy had another solid season no doubt no question about it. Royals though obviously not there now thirteen in 29. On the young season let's quickly sneak a peek at what's to come. Sneaking a peek would twin peaks tomorrow tomorrow afternoon Jason Hammel swears off the right hander Jake area. There are far area. 115 for the first pitch I got pre game starting at twelve noon. For coming out to the game tomorrow. To get to that. But if you aren't you're still listening thank you. Really hope you swing out to the 610 mobile studio tomorrow. 610 mobile studio gate a in left field. But to see out there boys are off coming. On Thursday they opened up a three game weekend set with the New York Yankees on Friday. Sneaking a peek at twin peaks to impeach the ultimate sports lives have been searching for. Probably get tomorrow royals try to avoid the sweep thanks Vijay big leap for the help inside that clubhouse thinks it will veto such as for the held back at the studio. Thank you for listening. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday night it sure is beautiful isn't it. Take care into the ridiculous. Built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage due to burns notebook it's extends sports dot.