05/15 - Someone Come Get John Cena

The Drive
Tuesday, May 15th

John Cena pours his heart out on National TV 


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If you guys have heard the story I can't blame you for not hearing it John scene and his lady. Are adding a little bit of relations rob relationship rob ale like most men like over like that don't have early when you go through some relationship problems. Armenia must mean you realize you did something wrong and you wanna try to win her back. So John scene went on The Today Show. And he's trying to get his lady back in all day or us being inspected or hate Noah John Xena. Via vulnerable the emotional. Swords is ladies with Johnson that is audio courtesy of NBC and The Today Show. That's who loved the cool artist who would love to marry Nicole I still would love to have a family with Nicole there was an unfortunate set of circumstances were relationship ended. There's been a lot of speculation recently about you being seen in public and everyone's thinking like oh Johnson is enjoying the single life. No I was supposed to be married and have a honeymoon over these two weeks it's the first time in fifteen years that the communication. I am in my house alone is around the body. These emotionally strong memories and every day from six to nine. I get out of the house and talk to strangers as social interaction from so there's a lot of pitches in new like hey I'm new this person. Earlier this person. Scott living your life you have to keep doing I don't want anybody else I'd love Nicole and I'm really trying to support her and in her trying to find whatever it is that you want that made this fall are in the first but it's. And in doing so I'm also just try to live but. I don't have any other hopes other than maybe one day that we can market. I'm not even allow the judge Zito for his relations have problems my question would use John. You have friends and realize Johns Serena who has won the top 10050. Most popular people in this country. Just went on national TV instead I just walk around and talked to random people but I don't know it's like you're dealing with the press like. Seek medical exits and get they're trying to consult your friends. Odd or help on the today is an okay from six to dine. I get out of the house and talk to strangers as social interaction. And it is I ran only talked the people and take cell isn't it is pretty dryness of rest in hide the pain of his relationship. John Sina. It any man that's daughter listen you know you are one pathetic loser you guys have been through this tune and every bit. Has been through the exact same pain that Johnson winner and who is talking about who was a way to handle usher told us this back in 2000. You a lot of doctor yeah. Johnson on this. Did John little the guys and don't go on the today she'll do that that's gonna backfire. If you can't go on there and sound like you're it all these you know they could feared girl that. He wants to find out what she wants jolly what she wanted it. It's somebody. It's not huge John's gonna talk a winner he's a near Italy say he goes all the normal play emotionally strong memories. Need it. Solidly right now and if I decide the length and in this house that you Wear snugly and watch TV and not you gotta go back in the in your book included TV UC. All we watch these go to double all the time. I'd like me and knows this. Like it's gonna backfire on a bitter back door on The Today Show and do what it is. The war and not north toward the other ladies and that's what they're like Argentina since we. You know like his I would make him but we're gonna work for because you public you talk you back. And we do them six tonight I get out of the house and talk to strangers and social. And a bad guy and ego. And soul ripped out by somebody. I came on my live is that as an am emotionally vulnerable at that smile mentally she's a great. Graffiti can actually who love Nicole. Russian third on a job I get back there kick it leads to aids is a little movie marathon your place in the get out there and know what animal. About relationships they say if you really cared about somebody and you were alone it takes half the amount of time to get over the relationship that you were an. He was and I'm just like they live together Bentley with Nicole and she doesn't want that they want to family chiseled man I loved and they care about each item. Killings in Santa doesn't staying we would do that part of what he can't go on national television. It is pour your heart out than say she doesn't wanna be with you ought to be huge because. I would imagine it to declare moments quite sure what more talk to try to yeah. We all better. Yeah well we can't. And next and it's not responding to me so you don't help there and it's still doesn't know. I tried to get to. The entire world knows about our stuff and I definitely will be around and you can't force. Elderly and sportscasters that interrupted TV billboards the funny man in audience behead the nuts and bolts that he's trying to force. It's gonna backfires trying to get a actually communicate it looks like you in sick because he's gotten that you don't care about them. The cars. Yeah in his life. He hit. It in the court is to expect is on my side and I think it's the play I don't know that should not crescent bank. But it's not re Kindle EU rules and I know that is whether it was. CNN wrestling fame and involve not just here you know this a better idea that I don't I don't now I don't know do. You think yeah. And the rest. Dickie bell I believe restaurant she could she do that just on the Asian markets to tell setup anyway she's guilty don't know about old. The only thing I know about this segment. There was a easing back in the day and with the listen to it a lot like when it comes on the radio ya all then I won't need them early two out. Late ninety's question is an incredible. It's a great game yeah. You all right. It's not stupidity. And yeah you do to 65000. They've been working she is shocked and I'm there to try to get a political. You queen's you gotta grow that's who we don't let her call don't smother we've been in this situation oval act. Delay in the house buyers self you're going to all the things he could be doing every time. Let's go and minding mine she's been into relationships that you've broken out don't do this to yourself John you're trying to go on The Today Show your title winner its two day. They're an hour winning the queen. Plus it's a bit for the WBE. Is sitting at work it's gonna completely backfire on a nice girls beat his door and they're gonna ought to be with him but not what's what's your name Nikki something Nikki debt Mickey belly of the wrestler did you get involved. Wanted to say that. This all move on his. Every day from six to know that I had it out of the house and talk to strengthen. Nobody in this isn't certain things and you just got yeah. It's also got it and while it is kept ads about so easy that a suit too like look like that is letting Susie away get married he was in his job interview voice on net and it's it's great about it that you can't do that John you understand Arctic educate on national TV and plead and it kind of makes her look bad which makes her not wanna be with you. So he's got in and let's be honest and we want to meant to be man to you know they want to be emotionally available but not. Not like that. Like you took it too far you're going to talk to people from 69 you know even though he got here was it emotionally strong memories at home alone played out again. Emotionally strong east and he's yeah he's got Larry over on allies who never go. From six tonight and I'll do it out of the house and talk to strangers are social interaction Donald Allen everybody in the main delegation. Good luck to you Johnny did you queen back to try to did you lay back and do a little under stated.