05/15 - Carrington No Longer Respects Spec as a Man

The Drive
Tuesday, May 15th

It's a debate you've all had and it unfolded today on The Drive 


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Back on the drive. Coming out finally and you get to the top stories that date king's city it feels like it's a long times during the hits you know at 5 o'clock whom do. We'll give you one more season 1000 bucks a national cast contest and I promise we will not forget the stomach the last time we use them. We want to get into its renowned in the show. I told people at 2 o'clock maybe you're listening. I think today is the day that a lot of people get off the drive train. We've had a good run. My opinion earlier today that Apollo creek was notre JP and we saw Apollo creed like three times in the movie series rocky. Once. He barely beat a club fighter on the controversial split decision in the cycle when he got knocked down the third time he died so Apollo creed not a true Jane. You came on here today and said in the general manager of your old man baseball team yes you put the team together yeah it were somehow beings or your old. I type is yeah. Mean you know got a good team got man no line team Specter today we won by the way too so that knowing we still live now have to do to exit to three you know as a starter in the lineup starting short but we're forgone Alan I didn't start with the war. Specter today. Came in. And I don't remember how we got on the topic I don't really wanna discuss it which counts can I started on sweaters odorless we were having a conversation. About chick. Something I'm very passionate. Spector heads the opinion. That ball and less wings. Are better than bone in wings of the report well. I say this fully knowing that it's not PC. She was less as a Mae and because of this. If your girlfriend. If you lack the ability to protect mean if intruder broke into apartment. Witness statements. Anybody that is a quote real name. The bull and weighing over ball less wings. Eating chicken nugget covered in saw sky and it's it's not a question eyes and he did I need is chime in here to go ahead of before pictured takes off. Yeah okay thank you much of the beef eaters back I don't see a lot of these. What are we talking here on just mistakes look state OK good what what what adds the flavored the stake when your body. Oh it's bone and fat that's what gives it the way I I. Love bone in steak yeah that's essentially at that so that's not comparable to boneless wings that it isn't some do and I both failed to quit. Do you have an idea if you like the ball against fat in there. That's what gives it more flavor I was guns they fire and A one sauce. Obviously the little problem there well that's that's what like its choice on its border house note that was the note the ball and I'm a New York strippers or dignity strip which is still five still got the right yeah I mean that's what gives it flight like this conflict is we apple is whether bacon wrapped a lot of times when apple flavored. Ball and is what provides flavored meat that's why this whole ball listening to these ridiculous. I wanna ask you this question god do you look at herself as the real thing that would dissipate because it does something fortuyn's even on a drugs that I do I stick I can that I could understand if you're sending your old and his injury. But you aren't living breathing adult male is also what appeared I feel bad the last we are sitting here arguing you in a year. We should do and that I'm. Glad that I expected you in that conversation. Let me ask you question. Six boneless wings. Or six bone in wings what has more me. Six on the swing what tastes better. Moments I think it was just to some of the most simple standpoint and I know the tax on commie Huck takes on the news news Eric called. The site it's changed that sent the plane is has more meat in six Bonin goings what it takes a last effort to eat. It is boneless wings because you just put worked in the boneless. And to pop in your mouth as opposed to holding on both ends and working around the bones I don't like to work when I. And I like more. Or what I paid for so therefore I like boneless wings. I like bone in wings do if there are noble this op on the menu and there are bone in wings. Let's say go to the peanut or something like that I would happily bone in wings I just prefer. People with swing over the bone in knowing if you wanna call in chicken nuggets with sauce that's fine too chicken nuggets with sauce is very delicious and that's what I like tax. 969306. I guess we're finding out who's getting blocked there. Bone in wings are not worth the hassle not that much better. I say this from a place of science. Vogue meets from a bowl in waiting is astronomically. Better than the meat on the bone loose weight and I. Big I don't I don't know the answer this that he boneless wings how to get us real. Well but no real men. They get exited the ball doesn't mean all I am an absolutely no idea is it like a different part of the chickens it. Could be maybe it's like the brass as opposed to a wing so it's not the way. Yeah I know I guess I guess so but it's so it's such enormous wings can get his check if you caught chicken nuggets with some sauce that's fine it's still delicious. I am I being the I'd say this I'm being sooners. If the option came down to just having to bone in wings in six boat Leslie I'd rather have the tube. Spot and so. Like it was in the ball to volatility around that's. And I and and you know we were going back and forth in this on Twitter and Steve inserted the producers the basis that I don't like to get messy I I don't any problem getting messy. Like if it's all of my phase all of my hands that's fine with me I don't if that's not my issue with the boneless wings. It's their bone opponent wins its last meet. And it's more work but I don't like more work who in America likes more. This does sound Gideon attacks on those everything we know this right now it's confirmed. Did it says they're saying it to them the bones are chemically removed from the wings like that sounds. Awful all the food that we use chemically changed though but I would say right I would I would make the argument. That the foods we enjoy most in this country take the most amount of work yes. Boneless wings don't take work you know it does crab legs which one would you rather eaten crab legs the easier vote to all died because Brett is a delicacy I mean to hurt us and seven minutes of the election is war war that you put in that again. Making good barbecue takes time asking anybody that's girl down on the grill you can't make good barbecue in seven minutes. Barbecue is amazing. Because. The best foods that we eat it the longest amount that you can't make good pizza seven minutes. You made one of fourteen minutes on does that I added barbecue chicken last week in a crock pot. It took four hours right yet but he did actually take any work to physically eat the barbecued chicken. Once it got all my my Hawaiian rolls speck of. Asking Iran Jack camera here ordered that the minute you know to me and ask you dig a ditch. He has links here and it's like here. It's not like a bird about 2000 calories you know try to not get you know I just not only did it it for me it's effort. This is good point and it's. Yeah Cora the cobbers too much work for one corner and out okay that takes some effort now. You're just you're holding a piece according her eating and off the thing you're not having to work around people you take the court off the top of the need as you know fourteen. Still still delicious it's not as good I'm just saying. I look at she was lesson Romanian because of this tape there's something primal about you grab the bull and and you eat the meat off the global ticket point. It's something that feels very mainly about do you like it to your girlfriend's feet unity like feeders like a bird sometimes. You're here in the chicken Turkey and four of the popcorn shrimp boats which are on poplar tree of course you do of course outlets for children what is not. Ice ice ball alternate to separate your gonna knock popcorn shrimp it's rated Evan I. Popcorn shorting out in adults. I'm not eating popcorn shrimp about meeting strip any real shram I would pick real survivor pop or should do that doesn't make popcorn shrimp bad. Okay. LeBron James played with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh yeah I'd rather have LeBron jeans but as Chris Bosh a bad out. Roll. Excellence as being sexist I can live with that I'm saying it outlook was less demand because I can take the lack of PC in this segment to let you know how I feel I had a great respect for you consider jewels friend you've been to my whole. Broken bread together I am viewing to case for years that's all changed now could you eat boneless wings I did feel Hillary can't beat someone in UK. It's bone I play like less of a magician yeah. I feel like less of a bit.