05/15 5p - The Hits, Soler Injury, Andy Reid, LeBron Tonight

The Drive
Tuesday, May 15th

The Hits, Ned talks Soler's injury, Andy talks about 50/50 QBs plus the important night in the NBA 


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Thank you so much publicity that would go a long time since you've been on 5 o'clock. But we're happy to Wear the full force today it has been a lot there is here's the inspector here Brad being here thinking you up until 6 o'clock as the royals. Try to get off the snide and buying B win over the Tampa Bay Rays that'll Davos at 5 o'clock that's right so. These other big stories of the day game city I've been reading that moment all my life. We talk about them every day at bottom line. I read from the Twitter account of one Jesper recently and again we figure on the day shift Jorge sole heir. As a displaced read that occurred on that awkward leaping catch last night. Ned says it's not serious sort of a chiropractic issue. Could be back tomorrow also took a cost Tesla country excuse me as back spasms he's doing better could be a defensive replacement tonight. Ned Yost as you heard live right here on 610 Sports Radio around fort when he. Discussed before hastily or injury further with our guy just burn it. Can you explain. No injuries and I was trying to and so I'm not afraid sounds like it. I've had it settled before an eminent person to breathe a little bit and then it kind of pop back and it comes down will be fine tomorrow you. He feels a lot better today still bothers them a little bit when he throws. So. And we'll get in the day but it will be back day. 100% tomorrow probably isn't something that's more susceptible to injury have you ever got your back adjusted and you never know until contractor. It's like it's like you're back in just you know. We once awhile you get like a little vertebrae out of place I mean you're not paralyzed you know they snap back as saying your ribs are all. What harbors not glued together and ask you know screwed in their together. You know they're not welded together so they you know who wants just comes out a little bit in the thank you and feels better. So I was Ned Yost. Around 420 this afternoon and will play a full conversation coming up in a little bit but it or is sellers should be more than a day or so fingers crossed right. I would backed no you look back we sound. What they set about Alex Gordon they seven outscored will be out of dared to outscored ended up on the disabled list they said that who could do that was deal with some stuff he was perfectly fine and then. We hear that he had been home all season with was a rightful winner of bashing guys. I'm taking a wait and see approach shall have more insular if we see you tomorrow. That was right alarmed about if we don't see them tomorrow I do think it is Brown's ask the question of is more isolated at least going to be on the ten day disabled. Data gets a fair question and in and it's on the royals would rush him back what would you. And guys what are your best young players 712 years in 316 he's got five bonds eighteen RBIs. Want to rush him back for a day game against the rays went here here are you. You know fourteen games under 500 whatever they are right now so. I feel like this year for the royals are sort of in the Murphy's law here. And did anything bad can happen it will happen and it's happening to the royals and and mores rulers latest one I hope it's nothing serious displaced writ sounds bad. But if anybody's ever been to a chiropractor they can't go in there snap a couple things in bend your back on track. The big story for baseball this afternoon Major League Baseball has suspended Robinson Cano Edie seems her. Feeling eight ET test. Which means he's gonna lose about twelve million dollars in the 2018. Season so he's out. For the next eighty games that again Robinson and those suspended eighty games for violating Major League baseball's joint drug agreement according to multiple. Ports we want you to the history of Kansas City and rob it seemed to know coming up in the five to one team. Sales of eleven about the monument falls Liu since 1000 bucks on national estimates as I do make this point really puts. What baseball stands in how they pin was. He's in testing positive for steroids this has to eliminate Robinson can open all of bank. If we're going to keep guys alcohol thing would never tested positive but just on the suspicion that you've taken something in the past. What are we gonna do with the guys that don't just deposit. Many mayors argue that same greatest baseball player or hitters of all time. Bittermann is that the positive twice. For. He's instant it was Robinson that no borderline hall of Famer I think had an argument especially these critical 3000 hits. Has now tested positive these people cannot be in the pro baseball they witnessed the incident that baseball's taken so far. It does look like you're getting based on that and yet the numbers and and Robertson goes one of the best. I sort of look at it like this mean if you look at it. I hate the steroid. The cheaters it irritates I don't like it I don't want the game I'm still amazed how these guys can get popped on the stuff but it also makes me. Wonder how long did it doing it haven't yet gotten today. That they still feel like to get away with. Expect mention at least twelve million bucks is what that means they have nothing. Six point four million this year it's 44 million for the next five years after that he said he tenure 240 million dollar deal. Financially who care. You can get the onetime Euro you lose games you still got guaranteed money coming at you I don't think the penalty strong enough. The Buick steroids out of the game eight games isn't enough because you know loses twelve days. A year and he's he's already set to make it what another 140. Some odd million dollars on the contract that he signed it really does get to England time. Yet to chance before her out here. I mean I think that the penalty to be stiffer they really won fourth. I'm just gonna guess Adam Robinson and those buying into them is gonna guess mr. Donald twelve million dollars among big deal well it is the distinct times you guys are gonna make. He's got a worldly this year than he's got a toy for a day for the next five years cited the 240. Guaranteed contract I mean you know the majority of players that is that it tested positive over the last decade or so a lot of Latin America do you think they're really there. From a lot of the backgrounds that they come from the side of fifty million dollars the league. Getting familiar and happy that it really matters to them if he gets into the big leagues that's why they definitely stronger if you really want to get it. You've got to make it reform. Number three. Played here of royals yankees tickets delisting around 520. To figure out how. And sooner rather later we are going to have gambling probably on the royals and maybe at royals games. Today on vesco in the morning state representatives from Kansas and Missouri join the show in the hands of the kind of the question. When will we be able to bat depending on what side of the state line Iran gin two passenger from Kansas said this. Q are you one. 2019. Would be the soonest we took that. The timing for that is this we are out of session now we go back you know my my plane of what we've put together but still this where we do six. Problems with Bennett and introduced in January with a next legislative sessions that's what it was true though it passed. Did see people who would be gambling that. Establishments. That people are good. There's sports that then would be able to that are in place themselves to be ready. Like virtue of that he went along with that that would be the soonest timeline and ultimately I'd be open. So that was Jim passenger from Kansas here is a lies just par on Missouri are. So let's say it's Friday yeah and call. Us. To deal with if you. More than likely would not take this issue up until January next year so of so for those of you us who like me wanted to bet on football this upcoming season does not look like that's going to happen but should be ready. Or football season in 2019. It. It actually makes a lot of sense when you think about I was reading a story today avidly as called mind Monmouth park in New Jersey they're going to have gambling legalized. May 28. I was reading a story of the people that own mind of Monmouth park. They bought the facility with the sole purpose at some point sports betting going to be legal equivalent the first people who had it your state of New Jersey. So it makes a lot of sense why. A state like New Jersey was at the forefront of the ruling was based in Jersey. Why they would be the quickest to act on it why would take a little bit more time for everybody. But I do think by the by Tony nineteen by 220 will be talking up over half the states in the union. That have legalized sports betting any place in which you can do it this is just the beginning of it yet it is going to be. Way more widespread here very bears. And like Kansas Missouri get aboard quit you know yesterday the Associated Press that piece out there are talking about Kansas getting within five years. I'm glad that kid's gonna have it you know what fourteen months from now. You've got to get on this early you've got to bring that revenue in your state and that you yesterday the budget deficit the state Kansas. Gonna be facing in 2019 is projected to be at one point one billion. If this can help with that. You know do it you've got to be one of the first ones to the party on this thing and I'm glad the Kansas Missouri at least at this point seem pretty progressive about it. You know our boss John Hanson worked in Vegas for years. He talked to you know that they don't pay for school they'll pay for roads and about it because of that. Because the daily goes on you bring that kind of money in your state it's nothing but a good thing in my opinion I'm really looking forward to the fact. You can actually go to a game and place a bet on the team the launching or the two in the third you're playing against that. I think it's a great thing I think that it's happened illegally for so long and now it's time to bring this thing to the forefront because. If there's a 150 and 200 million or 200 billion excuse me being bet illegally every year. Imagine what it would be when gambling becomes legal you can't tell me that soccer mom out there's if he's at the game of the kids is going to be you know. Throat and toy box a game just to see if she can winds up then becomes far. It's it's an inexpensive way to have a little bit of fallen. For a lot of people that don't go to a book your don't go to move on and they don't duels are short stuff. So I think the sooner you get to the party the batter and I'm glad Kansas and Missouri at least at this point are being progressed. I want to play for you guys what Ned Yost had to say today in his media availability about or basal layer if you missed it or it's a layer is not in the lineup today. Yet they displaced rib. And aid in one of the more entertaining media availability that we've seen in a while. Now it was very very in static or basal layer this is not a very serious injury. He will be back I would say by the end of the week is what Ned Yost had to say about worry solar injured. Can you explain. Now he's the injury tonight experience. I'm not afraid sounds it. I've had it before and am and it hurts to breathe a little bit and then it kind of pop back and it comes down you'll be fine tomorrow you. He feels a lot better today still bothers them a little bit when he throws. So. You know given the day but it will be back there and present tomorrow probably is it's something that's more susceptible to injury have you ever got your back adjusted. You never know until chiropractor. It's like it's like you're back adjusted you know. We once while you get like a little vertebrae out of place and you're not paralyzed you know obviously that event as saying your ribs are all. With harbors and glued together and I'm so you know screwed in their together. You know they're not welded together so they you know who wants just comes a little bit in the thank you and feels better. This is some sentences in fractures not enough I have no idea that just told me that he displays has driven them. Roll them through these trees. Now he just looked at the dictionary. Very Smart to do that he just and qualified his statement like that yes and I'm not Smart who have made great yeah. But at the bottom line is he's fine he's fine he's going to be fine. It's not a major it's like on the scale of major components and this is Michael. Three quarter. Honeymoon. And get it come down you know it's kind of like us birds. Lower SI joint don't ask me explain what the New Zealand national. Anyway that went into spasm yesterday and is the same thing this kind of doesn't have the trainers out of would be bestsellers and overnight. When he showed up today was 80% better so probably just automatically. And in the course asleep and went back in the place. Is that. But you know my dad told. Me over here. It makes a dozen people saying how it's just something out so Blair and President Clinton is anyway yes yeah. It just gave ourselves an M I'll be honest with you guys I'll tell you if it's not just in there yeah and I'll actually. 19 times and it's just today but today there was. There was a reason why this is the challenge that the one out of ten days that is justices. If you don't mess because I'll tell you. It's something like this and not tell you right now yeah. I felt he is a market has about what you need to because I'll tell you why. But now I'll tell you can hide stuff from you. So a net today was pretty honoring with the media that's always the most interesting Ned Yost on all for him I think Canadians availability sometimes you were an arrest in the games that they play. So I'm all here for Ned Yost went back and forth with the media. I want to play for you guys what Ned Yost had to say about Alex Gordon's injury now outscored it was not injured for substantial amount of time but. If you go back to his comments you'd be led to believe that it was a date today Andrew outscored. And we agree it was not yet he didn't just come back the next day outscored went on the disabled list Beckett you can play this what NATO set on April 9 about Alex Gordon's injury. Galaxy got a little bit of a groin. Stiffness. So with the weather like dude dude there's nothing changed with the unity it was exact same as he had us basically. You know with the left to go on today chance to give him a break him. We have due to back in Panama might be a day or two for Alex no we don't want to vote we don't want to push it this early especially. So that's what that yells at say he's not a doctor I'm not a doctor your not a doctor spec sometime might think he's a doctor I don't think he went to Syracuse to be a doctor. Owls out be critical Nacchio. Those with how in static key was that or nasal air is an injured and that it's a quick thing he's had now come out told you it's. Or basal layer is in the lineup by Thursday or basal layer. Has become one of the most valuable pieces that they air. They have a guy they can hit 280 it for a little bit I mean it's possible that more easily or is there all star represented. I'm excel he'll get it is based on name recognition and he's been on fire since he's come back maybe Jacob June is it's it may be joking Herrera. Port is a layer is in the conversation to be the royals lol all star representative he's a 25 year old club control hitter right now that got a whole bunch of those together so that all the more it's a layer is one of the most important things in the royals' organization. Maybe it's not maybe it's something. But when they said so volatile escorted it was a little bit more senior is that they let alone will see at the same thing is true for the injury worries. In fairness to anymore ciller's seniors John and outscored their effort you know and bodies change. The old again I mean there's more miles of that outscored odometer there are on or ice layers outscored did missed thirteen games. In and it's in thirteen games and when he came back he's pretty darn good once you return to lineup. Mean and also setup economically obviously got as much possibly can't imitate the truth to like it. So I think. When it comes to health and things change from day today when it comes to that stuff I think right now I feel like. You get an adjustment for so there he's going to be back of the line and that's not the case that it's not the case. You know I don't I. It's it's tough to sort all that I feel like that's being as honest with as he possibly can't trader told that he's gonna take with a trainer told. If there's something there it's gonna be worse that's probably gonna come out saying that as well I don't I don't think there's any. Telling beds is trying to. You know screw with me here I think he's telling exactly what he's. He's tried to invest two point our dad can say whatever he wants got a ring it up statue out right field with. Dick howser frank wide and and George Brett Ned is maybe the most stress free part of his managerial workers at a two World Series at 11. So I don't think heads blown smoke I think right now legitimately think that'd displaced rig is is no big deal for solar it sounds like a much bigger deal. But again we're not freak athletes either. You know I think it displays read today. You know Johnny copy salesman is violent and that hurts me that's going to be tough for a few days per pro athlete we got some of the best trainers the best medical attention get. I think maybe it's not as big a deal on the you can probably not let up that they need to you or do whatever god you to get him go. My hope was sole heir guides in 3155. Bombs eighteen RBIs off to a great start as you said C got one of the best young players at the royals have right now. On the Major League roster and he got to be a little bit careful bill Russian back. We will see what happens before it solar obviously we just saw what happened Ross is dated day that is think it's interesting when you hear what they had to say about scored and then what ended up happening. Maybe the lower isolated thing is not that maybe it's something it's certainly going to be something to keep an Iowa and over the next couple of real quick to. Mainly they thought sadly is going to be out a little bit longer than then and salvage it back early. Back like five days I was but he was he was re have a two and a half weeks into a grade two sprain in Seattle. You know so I just think health stuff is weird. You know I think in the ballpark and hopefully it it was mild solar back he's back in the lineup tomorrow for a day game ready to roll it sounds a little bit more painful. And that but it it is if the equivalent of get your back pop and something pop back and placed back to change every. We asked a lot to get into in the show between now Indy in of the show were off at 6 o'clock today in things off the job foreigner. We're gonna get a chance to win royals and yankees tickets this week in when you hear this drop all of my goodness when you hear Steve is the docs say oh my goodness one more time for the people in the back oh my goodness win huge year. Steve says the odds say that he call numbers six and I want 357676. Stand and the royals and yankees tickets are yours coming up on the other side. We get into a nice trip down memory lane involving rob it's taken note. Plus Andy Reid was on the rich Eisen show and said something interesting about first round quarterbacks and they will be a big news to you cheese stands as you have a first round quarterback it will be chancellor thousand by international cast aren't as a busy show played right here on the drive. Yeah yeah backhand on the drive with got a lot to dig into any short. Number doubt about this. I don't know how I did today is that two year anniversary of one of the great moments in baseball history. Broke me you know adored it a lot of us a favor as the TV called the punch around the world. Bill Drake. I. Jose Batista two years ago today guy absolutely. Locked. By ode to lure of the Texas Rangers go back and watch the video. Rhoden who do or hit Jose Batista so hard his change spun around an awful threes sixty revolution K it body. Harder and more cleanly the road narrowed to were Jose abilities of what the best watches others. Is especially in and is forced pilots to the table says that there. Oh door one player. You messed around he was going there for one reason and knocked him out. Andy Batiste is he's lucky that they got to endure before he can throw another way and and because he got clock was due to a nicer guy. I'm a big video game guy but it kind of remind them of pounds sonic whenever sonic would take damage rings would pop out of his body whenever he got him that's absolutely like. He's the week. Punched in the face the all ranges. But you would like glass Joe Hardy guy if you felt like black joked yeah clocked at one. I got absolutely hates school in earlier in the face two years ago today. Was the ever heard around the world between Jose Batista in his room and they've Manning and the acting nod to celebrate downloads were I don't celebrate a lot of sports anniversaries. But he's the clock like and a man deal laugh at cocktail hour coming up about five minutes we'll get your chance at a thousand bucks and our national cast nonsense but. Speaking of violence speaking of people. Then maybe you're not the most popular in Kansas City and I had an opportunity to hop in the Delorean today in travel back in time did. It's depressing to talk about the modern day royals seemed a step back to when life was good when it simply you know when the games Iran's total. The good old days in those days ago now but well it was a good day. Remember this. Rot in sync and go in the shoot eighty rule one Billy Butler. I've Robinson Judd Gregg last year. That didn't actually captain got a little heat by not picking Justin Upton hometown kid from Arizona. Any pressure on you to pick a royals player to participate this year. Well that's that's got to be in right field if you run on the Roy uses players because I mean this they're on top men. Mean does an also an obviously isn't gonna see that play in there and Islamic and more fun. So that's robins thinks they know he was talking to John crud that was on baseball tonight. All Robinson Kendall had to do was say you know what. All think about all way all my options then he put themselves in this bind is not like Kansas City was demeaning you take a guy. It did it take if he didn't take that. Butler but never said that interview that he was gonna take Billy Butler I'm not saying the Robinson can no way to get onto the but it certainly would have been the vitriol. He's right there that be the right it you'd take a hometown guy and then he went back on his word as the meaning you only got two things in this world. You got your word and you got you got you word in his word and really you know. Yeah it's curt Nelson pointed out the royals the guy runs a royals hall of fame and on the show before. Reported to us he says detectives listened to his earlier. He should get noted pick in its can I was the think it has said he was gonna take him and that he didn't do so humbled and soak it all got himself some back armor right seat on these sort. He got himself some bad karma came in the form loved the entire royals nation rained down boos on one Robinson can go. Exactly and playing second base and. And send. Cink and no getting booed by everybody. At Kauffman Stadium wrote when he was done when he had. Now it's only need it was one home run to Jazeera Gasol and yet just put out just put. That number by name to about Robbie canal anyway happened one rod because no. You. Bug who said. He went there and got an absolute. Tuesday one Robinson and it just because a you know art artists are fan base they router and our dues and I mean. They they circle the wagons is that there aren't actually alone know what's here momentarily got to get to the thousand or in the thirties it's about thirty. Text or eyes and seven to 81 that's eyes EYESI's. Can you give me the thousand dollar as a national gas content. Six at Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to win at 121000 dollars each weekday to listen in on the thirty. 78 is seventy your next is the wind is coming up at. 630 at the end of birds pregame show and your last scenes the wind today complete rules and listings at sixth and sports dot com. What sports on those in the back that article here I can't hear you saying what I EYEE. Acts eyes text the code word to seven to 81. Appreciate you guys make economy is trying to battle with allergies get seasonal allergy and I if you want them and terrible eyes have been on fire for two weeks they expect that. That the abortion and Paul Dana. Well it should have been confused all probably legalese and here we're gonna. Or did you just be say typical room more time. He's EU lie he asked in the anti government ought to call that was in the cooler days so is it. He started strongly worded letter in Philadelphia. L yeah Clinton's ascent suspect that is absolutely go and ask what you were saying about Billy Butler in Kansas City rally around in this is what. Chris Berman had to say about the. Pictures like you're right. For a seven to ten days stretching Kansas City. Billy Butler was the third most popular royal an all time. Billy Butler. Frank light. George Brett you decide the order for a time there Billy Butler was incredibly popular it was kind of like. You can make or I can made my brother but you can't make fun of they Kansas City I think was very protective of their guy when it became time to be protective of the Oregon. Think back on this new money as things under the don't remember. What it was like so you know how the baseball we have now made back in 2012 this is before Osborne this before moves that they were playing a bit together were still poppies and scholars and this'll before it came just before bouncing basketball are this is before wait Davis and help in Guerrero all the guys that help them because it. None of them were booed yet at that time they had reached the potential that they were gonna reach later it was the guy at that point yet. For Billy Butler to meet. Spurred in this way in public jury at that point the biggest moment in Tennessee baseball history since the 1985. Series. Was a big deal in Kansas City. Outside from the playoffs the most fun I've ever had to call and say the most fun I've ever had watching baseball was the 2012. Home run derby. And the two and attitude and all star game. It was everything in Kansas City. Appointment at that point good things not happening candidacy in sports that she's had a lot of playoff game yet and good thanks so we didn't happen to the royals at that point yet so you had a chance to have a big time event of having your guys in the home run derby. Spurred by a Yankee and Robinson could know this was the biggest deal when asked. I mean really before that for the longest time in Kansas City did it is essentially been a Major League Baseball outpost. Right. And did the royals in Kansas City get the all star game in 2012. And we started to get a glimpse. Of of what this town used to be. Which in my opinion it still is in its DNA is more baseball to on the football and that's a whole different argument I think it's DNA. With the negro leagues being formed here in Kansas City. With all the great baseball was played here with the blues at municipal stadium. With the aids and municipal stadium with the royals starting out there and then going to royals to even now Kauffman Stadium. It's a baseball town in its DNA and I hadn't seen what I saw. In 2012 it's a long long time and that's what it really cool and that's also I think fired up fans. And brought people back to the ballpark was happening all star game and navy I would assume that some of those fans updated all about the royals and what was well Billy Butler. It was that it was an event he got ticket she went out they get to it's given either corporate tickets. And all you do is that what you're guys was snubbed and then it'll fly in Kansas City because we rallied around her own. It's the first time. Man probably since the early nineties. This I felt like my town was back in back and level baseball and you had a young roster that 2012 team at shopper resident. The future of the royals and they were much farther along in the rebuild they are right now and you throw in the 2012 lost or give an idealist even talked about it to listen. I knew Kansas City was a dormant baseball town and we got a chance to see a packed off Wednesday in the final what it looked like it was really really cool excellent rob. Obviously these banks for games today. For at first early is I think people we can't say he's got a kick back and laugh. That's about it I mean you could say. And this is not hyperbole. One good thing happened for the royals from 2003 when they finished over 500. Until we also know Zack Greinke then it happened over almost a decade based all linking it to say I mean there were a terrible team from 2004 to 2013. Yet an awful baseball team yet we're not much good and they were really I'm really good relatively is that it is no three ill or and that leads the all star break both for was the first time a long time people were anticipating an excited about yet all they were terrible and hopeful war. And they were really bad for 04 up until we all start the only good thing I would say was that there. I agree with you. Yeah I mean the only really really good thing is when he won the cy young America loves old. A year on homes alone and maybe to start and 91 on one of those that this yeah and the royals got a really really good start in the face. I look at this 2012 roster some these guys. Brayan Peña Johnny you Mattel undertow can Janeiro Irving full Lou. You know Mitch Maier the first base coach was still a utility guy for the royals back and you know baseball this bizarre it was a pitcher for the royals also it up if it was all right what are they were. 472 a ninety day a year but it was the first time that we really got a good field. What baseball can be Kansas City image that I had no idea what we were in store for two years from. And I would I I firmly believe instead or that being good. Into when he fourteen and when he fifteen they'd still be boo when rob absolutely this is what apple went promising to know showed up at Kauffman Stadium two years. After the home run derby this is before the royals got good. Not a whole lot of people in Kansas City very fond of one Robinson can no no I want to take this little journey back in time as Robinson you know if you missed the news today he was suspended for eighty games. For a failed PD has anyone ask you this were at work on up against the break. Much of a baseball purist and I you've got in my stance of I think that baseball. At least the people that really care about baseball the ones they consider themselves Peters had made the point if you worry cheater you cannot it's all things death so if the blank it's going to be very widespread where even York. Accused of taking steroids that's this is that you take is there was guys like Barry Bonds ugly Roger Clemens say we think you took steroids were doing everything in our power throughout all things. This would make Robby are promising to know in Els this would make the guy like Manny Ramirez in eligible for the hall of fame. It's was should be anything they would put it in writing. Paid you tested positive over your career taking steroids and Andy eligible of making all that work if you're not gonna do that let's not make. The EU. Writers have the power to auto like iTunes or idea go to Maine either make any rule where you test positive in your career or you did. I have to judge is solely based off the mayor of what you did. But at least make it uniform for everybody so it's not to me be picking and choosing animal rally that I think exist in deciding who goes and all of them who does. Curious to see what would happen to a guy I think I've busted for steroids in baseball if you just don't. You know we talked a lot. Condo and a little bit whenever he edited yet but I would like to see I don't know if I'd have to look at any tendencies hall of Famer I don't think he is that your career. But I would you know like we talked a lot about with what is keeping royals fans out Danny Duffy right now and the biggest reason was accountability we talked about yesterday. Fact that he's known to the lies he's on the fact that he's not been very patient this year he's very accountable I would you know rob a signal came out today said. I would never cheat the game and in due that month. You know Raphael Palmeiro same thing might Mark McGwire saying. I'm not here to talk about the past and they all these guys have deny deny deny deny deny a lateral what happened actually just came out said yeah I did it and here's why did. You know I was getting older. I needed a boost. I felt like you know I was losing that. Cited 240 million dollar contract I felt like I was getting weaker. I felt like my hands are slowing down I want to fulfill the contract for the organization that gave it to me and I try to cheat and I screwed up. Does run to get a lot of value in doing this maybe not got cock brought to get those great ball player. Like Ron Mexico is phenomenal if you guys haven't really watch Robinson can now. Especially on defense everybody knows who watched you know home runs in and the late hits on Pakistan watch which features a double play the flu ideas and he is. A pleasure to watch that play baseball and I wonder if and so he brings up the tax and Ron Ron English he can't see in front of from the state pressure yet. And remember and robbed on that regard to rod hit and go down at a Q what do you. Primer on his not mechanic not so what are the oh god it's all think Oliver player it became sick yeah I did it I screwed up should have done it here's why did it. And a lot of the rise with a favorably. On an athlete like that that is yet. Trying to get an advantage you know but these guys don't do that you know they deny deny deny deny deny me think eighty games he did it. He did it eighty games the next guy gets caught about an element. You know because he's gonna pay the signal is eighty games and half your salary for a season just to see you did it at your whole thing collar player maybe that chance. Good I I'd be really sure is gonna bring it up in the got I mean your mayors mayor mayor as they first ballot hall of Famer probably the five best baseball learned of his generation. He's tested positive twice I don't know how you can let Manny Ramirez in and not let. Yeah Barry Bonds and now he's tested positive for steroids to write this in his Major League Baseball or cheap data is that he shouldn't be. And if that's the rule that I'm going to play I get them make make the penalty much tougher. I like your ideas at all things that you just posit for storage route. Here you're done I sing it I don't care about it but the baseball writer really seem to care. So make it eight rule you test positive you can't get and that allowed access to the right now it's it's it's it's sold acting cute looks Errol it's well if you test positive yet you are now in eligible for the baseball thing. We've put a ball on this thing coming up drive. Back on the right. He had things over suffering your. Show coming up here momentarily. If you miss the news. And it was a day's stories layered injury Paulson for the days. Part is batting fifth and fourteenth. I. Does that mean they're really put down. A Sunday lineup today for Europeans DeRozan no more easily or no chance for prosper in the lineup as well underdogs and getting to its unity they do them and composure no that's a that's a good point I can't argue that dated you have honored adrenaline it is he's back this we got some prompt me that's not that's not know and the royals in the brightness or seven runs and and and and went seven fives and it is no typically that's baseball we supplied. It's like to know pilots can work in the last about twelve on it's that's a Leo a huge run. But no it certainly sounds like something the royals would be really good you are really cool honor will get to that momentarily. Day in the NBA it's an idol you guys hate the NBA's not that's not true. Attacks line hates. You brought it okay used to back the only team. Day there are big things that take away from the NBA I know so. The last time that Missouri had more reason to be excited about the NBA draft lottery and pay you pay good. Players did take a lottery I've got to guide or lottery today we'll find out won't Michael board is gonna go I hope like the bulls to six picks will be goes to Chicago bull Bob. Just Jackson's he's sitting there for the Phoenix Suns those who again these kids rather act a lottery yet been a vessel had you know any of their players. Pitchers in the lottery missed the basketball program contains an advocate pretty odd is based on the NBA draft this year and the and a players selected in the line went deep in the tournament in Missouri go to the final four make deeper into the well that's that's yeah. That makes and you know that's not what happened in the shot here in college dash wearing Adidas hat tonight at the podium if there. I mean you think that sets going to hit a half a thought out. Yeah I get that money we're now I mean honest no scene just got to play basketball since he was dances again so this is prime it's just adds that it. Pete has got to earn the money I mean where no bull run DMC might be it's so soon today a violent beatings today I'd pay to. And 80000 dollar all allegedly of course the play basketball camps at. That's the deal stuff to be wearing that Tom Brady's Cuban political strategist Ed Henry. It's gonna dress like Andre I mean I outstrip I actually guessed that the second half of that payment that he got to play basketball it is all alleged. Is going to clear today after you they're walking billboard forty's and a must win game for LeBron James that they can't ask. To win today. They don't win today that you with the seniors that simply a must win LeBron really downplay something canceled Monday. But as you don't place because I read a piece about how LeBron James is so good. At conserving energy within games. Is a possibility that I see is that on the is a great. I don't that you played very argument that that's I was gonna ask you because I don't think the cast think they're gonna switch Celtics right spot not gonna happen and Internet. Item that you played her heart I don't think that's asked gives these conserving energy for later this series and the games they think to get a legitimate shot at winning. It was conserving energy is much she just wasn't on to. Wasn't aggressive he wasn't going to the basket like he just didn't seem very engaged in game one like LeBron goes like ask boat. I expect game six against Boston I hardly think the best I expecting it a game six against the pistons expect. Take authorities shot and yet it may take thirty shots today that that's. He's not on is beginning K you basketball player Marcus Morris got to stop talking through. What he's. He's just like I'm the only one you can garbled thought is taken shots at the actors like. He was get used it not true indeed do but I think I mean I like the confidence partly you gotta know who your spoken like. This is LeBron James and he's down one nothing to a team that he doesn't like. Marcus Morris can only go so forty feet he's a just above range NBA player so be careful. Marcus. That's a little more markets more. That's a little quote for you want to be a player I've known. A he's he's a little bit above the fringe and if I'd like to speak he's been up to be in the league's record now yeah now to be talking smack to LeBron okay run game that's obviously he's certainly not talked. He's certainly not talk to LeBron jacket agrees he's not getting caught tomorrow it. But he thinks he's an expendable NBA play. So attacks on six these are six relax cavs aren't going anywhere even if they lose tonight argument saying that that I agree I mean we even sent a bulletin series now the cavs were getting swept by a ever comes out and making in the NBA finals eight straight years is. Something is yet it's incredible if the bronze legacy they need to get to the finals I this'll be a failed c.s I know that rob we dealt a losing in the finals. If it's the finals issue that they failed sees you have to come out of the Eastern Conference but no I think it is fair. The caps are getting so wet or winning one game at the absolute most begins to ever comes out of the west. They had no chance against the rockets no chains as the lawyers enemy. They'll have one good play in the cab get a teams have five good players and no chance they would against any of those teams are what did you get this time in. Because tomorrow you will not be here with the Smart even though I was digging because you got a really cool yeah this is prop. Either. The biggest out of that I've ever I gotta be asked them that portion is pretty cool stuff experience and really neat things. But I was asked by my alma mater shine mission North High School to do the commencement speech tomorrow night to the class of 2018. And the opportunity to speak to entry a young men and young women are really important in their lives and haven't fan listeners are really beyond me. And I'm not quite tell my speech yet so a couple things I'm working complex. And he's that Mike Tyson quote I think in their Summers he got re talks about everybody had a plan they get part because that's pretty much what life's about. You know. But got to play until the bloody lip then what are you gonna do. And and and I know and yet teenagers at all my step kids are wonderful kids let. That's fantasy man that's that's not reality reality is about to begin for a lot of high school seniors that are that are graduating this week and next week in. And it's sort. It's terrific lob I challenged north you had Steve busy axle doctor Phil's. General Myers he's the president K state and the joint chiefs of staffers at dude. You know Roger twice and so many terrific a lot from my generation or some. Really really humbled and proud to be able to do that's what we're happy with you guys. Is important is pretty big gap in one of Dr. Phil Rogers why that's certainly that's driven me noticing yeah it was a wild yet you Dr. Phil. A great broadcasting from Italy broke for a lot of years and there are some. Terrorism and some big and it political bombshell admission north all the shots Amish school health LaMont graduate their fifty years ago. These thirty years ago when I started as an intern here at six and Robert funnels two mornings never talk to. That no one's ever talk to the adults average speed it was obvious that you know Ireland different years here and let me know about it do. Is a lack of involvement in my life got good odds of the podcast basics and sports dot com also available on I'd sued. If you want if you miss some of Specter's trash your opinions all my goodness. Your phone might explode which you can get all of them all of the Biden has paid back again tomorrow. After the royals' big aims to drive.