05/15 4p - Villan HOF, Ned Talks Soler Injury, Cuban on Gambling, Bone-In vs Boneless

The Drive
Tuesday, May 15th

We create the "KC Villain HOF" plus Ned talks about the new Jorge Soler injury, Mark Cuban on the future of sports gambling plus bone-in vs boneless wings 


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On the drive coming up in about fifteen minutes we'll hear from any else worries so layer is. Today with the injury ended displaced grip. Here's a man who worked up people and while the most important players in the royals' organization right now we're basal layer we've reached that point. To hear what Ned asked to say about 148 so layer coming up thirty minutes we'll give you a chance of 1000 bucks in the national cats dogs as. Got a lot of fun she did institute in the 4 o'clock hour. I do like that people called and they had no clue what. I did so we're gonna debut a new site we need to call the people called up. I didn't tell you what he said outside to appreciate the love and loyalty that you were show on the drive here if you look to show just one person to listen at 2 o'clock. The time it was reassured to them. Tell one person to listen at 2 o'clock in telling you we greatly appreciate. Well I put this because if you guys miss the big story of the day. This guy I'm sure you remember who he is. I've Robinson Judd Gregg last year and that didn't actually captain got a little heat by not picking Justin Upton hometown kid from Arizona. Any pressure on you to pick a royals player to participate this year. Well that's that's going to be an idea that he's gonna Roy uses failures because I mean this they're on top men. Mean does an also an obviously isn't gonna see them play in there and he's allowed make it more fun. Are right. So Robinson can now if you missed the breaking news of the day Robinson Cano is out for eighty games for PD tested positive so we already knew he was a cheater and dis on. Honest but now it has been confirmed by MLB drug testing you all remember Robinson can now. We. I. Rob canals signed up for the Major League Baseball home render ending hit zero home runs in slogan missile is first pitch which is the 55 mile an hour heater down the middle of the plate and grew to mine's five. So. Try we'll see out goes we are going to start the drive sports Billy hall of fame it's going to be a very simple concept. It against someone. You're gonna get someone. Expected gonna give someone and we'll take a couple of callers suggested to determine who support. I get a veteran pit you'll get a veteran of the DOT on the field just like output negro league baseball players and all the idea take away George Brett now but they got their own legacy committee got walkie Hewitt the elder statesman got a legacy committee will still have their own separate vote. Four players you will put purple. In the top two vote getters are indeed the first ballot drive hall of fame would breaking records on the bill ability. Are still working on it early in their budgets are done. I'm going to suggest my purse and as a first ballot drive sports Billy in the hall of fame. I will nominate one Philip Rivers. This is six. I am truly. You two yard touchdown this. Night quarterback Philip Rivers. I think it goes without saying. Philip Rivers candidacy. Illegitimacy. To be the first player inducted into the sports villain drive hall of fame he is the biggest cry it you potentially ever seen. In the NFL. I don't like his attitude. I had a stale like you don't like the action like. I am going to nominate. Philip Rivers for the sports villain drive all things. Comedies seed out war this Kansas City drive sports all of them here on six did Sports Radio. Is none other than one. Brent Lawler. You picked Philly spikes I'm like guy as he and Clinton. Start apply. And then the next night come out knowing you're gonna get drilled in his armor around. Your chances to go after some guys and fight which you add your voice hold you back. Andy get in there you fought dirty you got drilled they got thrown out again like LB in a rare get a chance to do something about he chickened out. So Brett Lawrie the Oakland. Is my nominee. Brittle hands Philip Rivers. Had been nominated. For. The drag. Sports villain all of Spain. We now votes and Stevens back there you go Michael Jordan here who are you nominating. With a drive sports villain hall of fame I'm gonna go out. The box here and it's cloudy and a person who want to franchise. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Every time the chiefs need to win a game in important games. It's just in Houston lined up against Antonio Brown. James Harrison flopping on a cold against Peter Fisher. It's four touchdown passes in the first quarter Heinz Field on Sunday Night Football back in 2016. Every time the chiefs need to win a playoff game at home who is it it's the Pittsburgh Steelers I can't stand. At franchised. I can't stand Ben Roethlisberger. Everything about Pittsburgh just makes me a little bit angry so I nominate the Pittsburgh. You as someone also on the committee I'm surprised that the first team nominated for the sports villain hall of fame when not beating Indianapolis Colts I feel like I'm looking at teams that I've ripped the heart out of teens Palestinians. I think colts there. Do I pay more reason I think the only Broncos are higher up there. I sure Pittsburgh's of the reasons he buys it then the 1970s yankees should be up there as well and run part of that generation I'm gonna unite I am you've got a chance to nominate your legacy pick. Luke you the first person to nominate someone for the sports villain hall of fame on the drive where you pick and. Jose blogs years ago when you don't got to explain why Jose Batista. Post that on there hung Jose. I mark are you nominating for the sports Billy hall of fame. But golly man mark. Oh and I looked at your outlook golf. I wish they could not go out and about like people we felt like and generally are crushed credibility. You need it. Any. Way you are oh yeah. Indian come to our went up. There and partly you know like they. All right Peyton meaning up for the ball right now Fraser and Casey were you nominate. Auto tied it eulogy Hollis draw first ballot hall of Famer for one Todd Haley. All right Ryan you know late will go to your last caller will take on this who are in avenue for the hall of fame. Joseph Barton are both awful and it into Joe Buck eyes back. All you because managed at a the four options of the callers who are you picking to be the fourth person put on the first ballot votes. But the drive all of them not Joseph block. That's. It's not your bock. Who else my picking between Peyton and Todd Haley got it Italian Lutz he's able exceed its patent are I its forehead Boyd. Our core principle he got five and our guys play the movie on that thing so right now. The four people that will be put in the Twitter poll. Two people. Goal and first ballot. We've got the rough. Worse. Peyton Manning and Brett all. And it. It was the first got regardless you won't end and the steel inspect the audience and the patriots it's more. Common he adds I can't tell him he should pick. All right you got one. Veterans committee yeah this is independent yet they only get to be bode well one time I have every day. You gotta keep crichton a problem there either that either you sit the first. Or he's not all of. This is an easy one you guys probably think of all baseball here notion. That guy go in 1970s. Yankees rep for the souls out of the royals but I'm not a beautiful ball. I'll go with one Lynn Ali. Let Elena really need to win that Elliott is it is my. Legacy bid for the sports village hall of fame in Kansas and I'm not gonna. Wednesday when they still. Yeah he's in either and I'm not always been a yeah if you're putting Lin Elliott and all the thing I'm not gonna argue what does one ones voting closed end of the show. Now tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow or we have been able when he four to. Two people voted. There's a first ballot and we'll do it again next week you'll see over the course summer who's on the list who's not on the list. Of sports about Joe Buck ever makes and think you should make it and because. Was very much pro roiled the following year Matt ball kicked our lives in fort that there is involved are the royals won the World Series I do not talk about the guy that dominated. No problem Joba I don't have any probably Joseph Bucky either but I mean you got to be of the people in a enough with the people are asking for Joe Buck to be in the sports villain hall of fame. They he's got it in the sports villain all faint I vote for yeah I'm not it's it sounds like he has a chain and that's up there it sounds like he has achieved its. To make. Good golf. It's like. And if he's he's nominated he's got a chance for sure Lilly you'll we have one T. And easily got his his first Intel alliance and he should be he should be in there just for that and the fact he can't I haven't heard this or maybe it's a terrible thing to play but it is in our system this is the Brett Lawrie mind. Hello this is courtesy of me just in K okay Casey really needed to save its main that's a that's general to most things we do on the show. Pretty big earmark it for glory. But. Horry went in and hard and escobar's murder of man we're working on the treacherous divisions and he. It's broken. Percent house or not I think it is gonna get away with that's apps which. Giving me. Expected final full audio of that when he adds when Dana asked him if you thought Toby or are going to be suspended him Brett Lawrie and a minor meltdown in the eighties club allows. That was classic look I surprised that was your was your first guy in there ought to nominate by the all avenues. Recent memory anyway clipped Escobar that was a dirty play I love that the royals laughter and I thought it was chicken you know life. The way armoured up the next day when venture it was pitch and he drilled them on my cousin Mike is gone out to the ballgame that yesterday in his beauty. Is it gonna get ugly held out there the Sunday game to let her to deal had point and through or I thought it was beautiful. And they're spikes I do that because that is regionally Q you've blown out at second base and. Tex on six birdies or sixty guys that lost her freaking minds on the held you know put John Elway on the first ballot you guys are dead to me. To be fair yet there were eight people that gave suggests ends nobody said John. Just you this is the first class yeah this is the first about Osama the first ballot sports Billy hall and here we got it gets guys. I just not all giddy at some point he'll be there he's got so he's not on the first back. Let's put this or you really quickly ellenberger is always heard in awhile host Brooke or after all this app do you think there's going to be punishment form. 100% how are not leaving and it's gonna get away with that that's apps which. Giving me. It'll all of them will find it all and so. It is so good. I'm telling on the others like to get your chance of a thousand bucks national cast contest. Are coming up at 430 and we'll hear from Ned Yost is short basal layer has a little bit of injury we hear how severe it is and ideals coming up on the draft. Back on the drive coming up in about ten minutes. Yeah Mark Cuban. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks had some really interesting comments about sports gambling in America in a sport that he thinks it could benefit most. I would see mean coming up at work thirty it will give you chance of 1000 bucks national past contests. We are waiting to hear from Ned Yost about the war basal layer injury when he meets with the media. If you missed it portrays a layer has the displays rib. That occurred on that awkward leaping catch last night according to Japan planning and Ned says it's not serious sort of a chiropractor issue could be back tomorrow ancestor copper. As back spasms they are improving and he could be a defensive replacement tonight or isolate just I've gotten from all that much or game does not against. The. Balls that I did evil one run game when your league. Is that. That dive for baseball's in I got no problem police plan at a Zoller is elated yours you know I I don't know I don't wanna get hurt you with something that's not him you know he's got to get defensive player he's got. Is what not a good defensive plays got a diving trying to hurt so. Just keep being the best player in the American League that's what I'm Mike Trout and Tibet or racial as best player in the American League. Easy a bit but that's actually a decent argument though me because I mean Major League managers and coaches that you tell the players to go 80% the majority of the time that sounds crazy because he's. You know we're in Little League minds at the last were that we play you gotta give it a 100% got a daughter that's not the what you really need to do it legally percent over the times need to gas it up. And go to a 100% your plane dollar 62 games that's who you need to have enough in the tenth note due to be able to do so. On the lovely solar plant right I got a problem and get European president Ike. If you miss the royals lineup today O is a doozy Whitman leading off John. Now sees as mark six Alex Gordon playing left field first base honor goes your eight Abraham Al Montae in Ryan going to. Let me defend edges the little bit I would like to hear him ask about housing that's the bar batting there. I think if you flopped Alex Gordon in Osce Escobar not that line that really matters at this point I mean 6789. How CDs Escobar hunter dozer Abraham Monta and Ryan goings. That is a what it's like six through nine for your office maybe they'd think art will put we got to play Osce somewhere because it is in. It is contract I'm convinced against the play every single day somewhere on the field. That may we just don't want it and you'll wasteland. On 678 and nine so what's doable but it definitely shut add some punch at the bottom capitalize. Amulets or try to do to try to go you know to try to go left right left right left front's gonna dead yes now wouldn't we don't have that we do. I am surprised we know we don't notice and I was a hundred displays the real reason I'm. Figure that you don't know. And I'm on a normal. It's not. Can you explain. You know the injuries I'm not a trainer sound I'm not afraid sounds it. I've had it before and am and it hurts to breathe a little bit and then it kind of pop back and it comes down it will be fine tomorrow you. He feels a lot better today it's still bothers them a little bit when he throws. So. You know we'll get in the day but it will be back them. And present tomorrow probably is it's something that's more susceptible to injury have you ever got your back adjusted and you never know until contractor. Okay. It's like it's like you're back in just you know. We once and while you get like a little vertebrae out of place I mean you're not paralyzed you know snap back as saying your ribs are all. With harbors and glued together and apps you know screwed in their together. You know they're not welded together so they you know who wants just comes out a little bit in the thank you and feels better. The term displays some sentences in fractures not enough I have no idea they just told me that it displaces driven them. Rolling upwards of these trade and now he just looked at the dictionary. Very Smart to do that he just yeah I qualified his statement that yes and I'm not Smart who have made great yeah. But at the bottom line is he's fine he's fine he's going to be fine. It's not a major it's like on a scale of major he won't attend this is like a three quarter. Honey don't want so he would come down you know it's kind of like those birds. Lower SI joint don't ask me explain what the disease is showing us. Anyway that went into spasm yesterday and is the same thing this kind of thousands of the trainers out of would be best to let it sit overnight. When he showed up today was 80% better so probably just automatically. And in the course is sleeping went back in the place. Does that. But you know my dad told. Me over here. It makes me dozen people saying how is there something out so Blair and President Clinton is anyway yes. It just it gave them I'll be honest with you guys I'll tell you if it's not just today yeah yeah obviously you. 19 times and it's just today but today there was there was a reason why this is the challenge that the one out of that is that is justices. You don't mess because I'll tell you it's something like this tonight not only went up and agility of a month and has about what you need to because I'll tell you why it. But now I'll tell you can hide stuff. From the let's actually happened. Some unrelated to your won't lock yourself baseball or else it easy right into it. There's there's never an excuse tour and cheating. For the you know if I live. Monday and we'll anyway when they get hot or dvds. Her younger I don't know I don't know look out first of all I'm not sure this. Good Monty it Monty got out with the TV it was some kind of how things go right Campbell I don't know I don't want your players like Robinson you know you've heard the news and I got to be disappointed. Well of course it is. And it's hard for me to understand. How this continues to happen because these are all Smart guys and I mean Major League Baseball has made it. Abundantly knows what is legal and what is not legal and they have you guys countless times. You know if you don't know what you're taking taking bring it to your trainer and you know let him look at it also because there's not there's not going to be any there's not going to be an excuse is that when these. One of these substances don't don't match. You know the legal list so. I just I don't I don't I don't know how. How can I just don't know. Do you hope that your. This fifteen was passed that that it will reflect poorly on the players from this now affects every one of our fans view. Well I think it does a little bit and you know. The thing that. Really for me when I was sitting there looking at it yet they're gonna miss some eighty cans but you know there's. There they got a pretty good team this year and I mean if they by some chance I do find a way to make. You know a playoff appearance are going to be without one of their best players on the you know there's a lot of impact yeah. Accounts of this that's why so vitally important to make sure you understand everything that your foot in your body and I mean from an energy drink. You know of vitamin. You better understand exactly what your foot and then there. Is it. And we we hear from a lot of these players amen to stake in the I don't know I can't judge that you know happy I could I just don't know you know just I'm. I'm like you. Yeah I'm not Smart enough to know. I just am not I just don't know what what some of these products are. I don't know I mean it was prescribed to him from a doctor. You know over. Undisclosed illness I don't have any idea I really talented. Now the bare earth rushing day of Ned Yost. If net gonna be like this every day we got to take teton and everything daylight. That was good. I will say two things he was very emphatic. That nothing is wrong with morning insulator so war is in the moment as lists. I wanna go this because we agree yet he settled a scale one to major it's like a quarter. It was argue with people about the dictionary and all this up and it portrays her is back tomorrow. Isn't back the next couple days aspect the pool looks like can't remember I feel like good player would garner Korda I would they were saying about outscored them up like when it first happened. They were telling as head of the hill and it Gordon ended up disabled list does it go back and I can't remember I want to go back here they were saying about Gordon. Galaxy got a little bit of a groin. Stiffness. So what's the weather like dude dude there's nothing changed with nudity and those exact same as we have as the you know with the left to go on today chance to give him a break you have due to back in Panama might be a day or two for Alex we don't want people we don't want to push it this early especially. It wasn't a day or two for Alex and then we go back to what we heard him say about his duty yesterday. Who has been battling injuries the entire season yet obviously I'm not a doctor or not nick Kenney and I'm not in the royals' organization like Ed is he certainly has more information. But he was pretty emphatic that nothing's wrong with more hazel in the displays grip I don't know all about it but. I will say if he's on the disabled list in two days is old and had told us that was not only outlet what are you most valuable players now on the. In fairness today he did say that I'm not gonna sit here like you guys unless absolutely after Islamist cell I mean it very well could be and things do change. You know when it comes to injuries of any late wake up the next ailments under and feel right the other part of that too is nets got a ring. That's got a statue it's gonna be build up their form that can say just about everything you want. I thought it was pretty fun out of entertainers now coming up on the other side we'll get to what Mark Cuban had to say about the future of G gambling on sports in this country in which sport will benefit from a the most it's not the NBA. And we'll give you chance of a thousand bucks the national past contests all busy for third coming up on the draft. In the and kids senior inspector here being you. It was on the stand. And trade show. And he said this about what sport would most benefit from being able to being able to legally. Or is Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Yeah I mean just sat in on every plate appearance or every pitch. I mean that this can you know beer. Ballpark franks and bad in baseball becomes really get the fact that you yet though yeah yeah it's it's like you're you're a baseball at the tradition and you know it's fun to take take your kid and do it the family came with baseball but. You know value you money the last eight innings and and that's a big change. I wanna ask this question fully acknowledging that I do not have the answer to I don't think any of us and the answer to. If betting is going to be more permanent in the sports culture. In Mark Cuban who was a billionaire. Certainly I think has done some research on this thinks that baseball would greatly benefit from being able to globes the window and I don't gains. We have a pro baseball team here in Kansas City but I think we can all agree when it comes to things in this category. Maybe would not smile Berry finally all. Given their stance on a lot of issues again I think our vices in a very similar let you talk about the port seminar. Does I think and family day I they have no date yet very religious and I don't think the date is some items on the boat very often and adding we can save about one day more yet. The revenue you would generate from allowing people to do this again could make your job easier. Do we think the bills would turn down the opportunity or turn the money away they could generate by allowing people to do this because. I firmly believe I'll play this really quickly from Mark Cuban. I think you're going to be able there's no immediate area in some venues where you'll be able to sit down eat. Drink and you'll be able to it will have eight media and sports book right there will be one of those teams I do think is something date is going to have to answer because I know he's not the owner of the team. But Dayton. Obviously has a lot of controlling influence on the things that horrible and over the air and I think if he was pretty in fact David Glass I don't wanna be a part of this I think it David Glass. We'll certainly listen to listen I think is a general manager or anybody that's in a professional sport I think you have to somewhat live in the gray area of life as much as you don't want. Right you're dealing with a athletes that do some stuff from time to time we deal a lot of young. Young man with a lot of money now a lot of testosterone you're deal with things a lot you know so you have to live and gray area. I think the royals would be making a grave mistake. If they didn't take advantage what does your TV contract mail right now I think that peanuts in the neighborhood of fifteen million a year and that's where Los Angeles Angels are making 250 million a year. On a TV contract they can cover their entire payroll and then some. With their TV contract with the annual money they get from the TV contract I think the royals would be making great mistake if they didn't take advantage of this they need more money. Because if you could have more money you can miss on players and have a. Not cost you like it's costing the royals right now I apologize I did not read the code word that's on me as a 1030 text or take 27 to 81 that's Kate. He could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national dance contest I'll spare you all the other stuff we got to read. Take CA KE eight C 888272881. Or more time because it's my fault state is the co word. CA KE. Hopefully you can win that thousand bucks and I did not cost you your chance to win all this really quickly this is Mark Cuban being asked by Dan Patrick. Does he thank you will be able to place a legal sports bet act a stadium this is what the Dallas Mavericks owner had to say this is mark cube. They'll they'll be giveaways for different types of customers. Mean you know that the lessons we learned from technology has. Customers want about where they want how they want when they want and apps and other forms of technology or they're. So not only will you be able to work on your home but I think she we will expand didn't and you will be able to bet. In practically on your TV you know maybe go you know some states a pickup location based betting exclusively so you might go to work out a race track and place your bets there it's you know it's. There's going to be a lot of a lot of saying that to be shot through to clear all up it is no question technology will be at the heart and I think part of what people are missing. Is looking forward ten years you know if we look at today's technology. You're gonna have one perception but if you look forward ten years. If you'd be Amazon example. Right now all Amazon has time video and you can watch all kinds all video. Which you went saying you know movies shows whatever ritual shows you would think that the core component of Amazon's business going toilet paper to whatever but they use it as a way to drive more business in two. Distortion and Kelly more products. You keep it it's very possible it gambling will be perceived the same way yes you know in it might get down to. You know I'm very very low cost other. To handle the transaction or the bad and it may be integrated into politics. It may well be that you know you're a former employer ESPN. Will be taking bets through the television or through their online service. As part of the viewing experience. And so that just changes all the economic and that's why I think you know the evaluation a sports franchises is gonna skyrocket cost ten years now. The whole realm of how we do these things is going to be different. Mark Cuban is certainly a very forward thinking person you're very familiar with his business practices in the past and you know that about Mark Cuban. He makes a lot of good points that we are looking at through the prism of today and not yet prism of tomorrow when they are going to find a lot of new ways to sell you. Just about anything I do firmly believe even if we don't get to the point where you will be able to place a bet on the royals at Kauffman Stadium. It is going to be on an MLB add it will be on eight sponsored by the NFL or the MBA. You'll be able to so if they're not going to get there 1% from local governments and people in that form they're going to find a way to capitalize on this because it is is going to be an abundance of money as more states picked this up. And large it was talking about baseball being a sport that. There may be the most money bet on that that is what's what's the biggest thing you talked about and and people complain about it comes to baseball leagues of games. And the you're looking at the arena for our ball game he got breaks between innings he got breaks during pitching change got all these different. You've got much more downtime. In a baseball game that you have than any other sport. You know I mean soccer as a running clock. You know football you're you're going there there's a lot of time it there's not much time in between plays. Basketball shot clock you've got your timeouts and all that stuff he got a lot of downtime and baseball which means you have a lot of time to figure out what that you wanna place a ball would ever prop bets. That are out there. Man I think based I think he's right when it comes to baseball and thought about that until he brought it up with so much downtime in the wake of games. In Major League basically I'll have a lot different opportunities. He'll throws going down and and make of that. No and I mean I thought the point he made the very beginning about it being a very integral part of I think the history of baseball. It's a really good point and we've all sat there and I can't think of the name of the given only played it one time where it was like we had a couple we kept put dollar should and you bat balls and strikes ever again attacks and of the game is a man betting is a pretty big part of the history of baseball. So there's a sport it's going to wrap itself in and kind of be at the forefront of I think the NBA is going to be for their headlights. I forum we think India stadiums are going to allow this baseball would be a very perfect fit and we'll see you would have with the NFL as they were certainly stand to make the most money buy them because they have the most popular sport right now they don't really appear to be too fond of the. And he just to keep the kids are potentially at games I mean they're teenagers now so up went for big money here we play mumble mumble as. We we'd. You it rotates they got five guys and we just sit there we say. You pick on or off and what is the baseball and up is gonna be on the grounder off the umpire does it out. At the end of each half inning. And if you weigh you collected dollar from everybody if you lose you got to play. I mean it's just a simple but like that and big baseball and adding you go hand in hand we do it is my friends do that my family does it. We laughed lie you know especially when the kids that limelight of taking their money that by the a lot of foodstuff. But he cute man. Any betting an all time that dead time in baseball super burger place for. Coming up would hits and hits at 5 o'clock the top stories of the Danes Kansas City but first. I say this with love this could possibly be inspectors the last segment on the show. As he has arguably his worst opinion you elicit the fast on the morning of the drive you know Specter has some shall rash opinions. This is the trashy is one of the wall coming up on the drive. Back on the drive. Coming out and finally it. You get to the top stories that date king's city it feels like he's a long times during the hits you know at 5 o'clock whom do. We'll give you want more Jason 1000 bucks a national cast contest and I promise I will not forget the stomach the last time we have seen them. We want to get into its renowned in the show. I told people at 2 o'clock maybe you're listening. I think today is the day that a lot of people get off the drive train. We've had a good run. My opinion earlier today that Apollo creek was no true champion we saw Apollo creed by three times in the movie series rocky. Once. He barely beat a club fighter on the controversial split decision in the cycle when he got knocked down the third time he died so Apollo creed not a true Jane. You came on here today and said in the general manager of your old man baseball team yet you put the team together yeah it were somehow benched or your old. I type is yeah. Mean you know got a good team got man no line team Specter today we won by the way too so that knowing we still live now have to do exit to three you know as a starter in the lineup starting short but we're 40 now I didn't start with the war. Specter today. Came in. And I don't remember how we got on the topic I don't really wanna discuss it we calculate started on Twitter is odorless we were having a conversation. About chick. Something I'm very passionate about. Spector heads the opinion. That ball and less wings. Are better than bone in wings of the report well. I say this fully knowing that it's not PC. It. She was less as a Mae and because of this. If your girlfriend. Did you lack the ability to protect mean if intruder broke into your apartment. Witness statements. Anybody that is a quote Rio de. All on and weighing over ball less wing. Eating chicken nugget covered in saw sky and it's it's not a question eyes and he did I need is chime in here to go ahead of before. It takes off. Yeah okay thank you much of the beef eaters back I don't see a lot of these. What are we talking here on just mistakes what state OK good what what what adds the flavored the stake when your body. No it's bone in fact that's what gives it the way I I. Love bone in steak yeah that's essential at that so that's not comparable to boneless wings battled and it isn't accustomed to and I both failed to quit. If you have an idea of like the ball against fat in there. That's what gives it more flavor I was gonna inspire an A one sauce I. Obviously the little romp and yeah well that's that's what like its choice on the border house note that was the note the ball and I'm a New York strippers or dignity strip which is still five still got the right yeah I mean that's what gives it flight like this conflict is we apple is whether bacon wrapped a lot of times when apple flavored. Ball and is what provides flavored meat that's why this whole ball listening to these ridiculous. I wanna ask you this question god do you look at yourself as a real disciplined because that's something fort shot even on drugs do not stick I can I can understand if you're sending your old and his injury. But you are living breathing adult male is also went to be your fuel bed last week is sitting here arguing you in a year. We should and that I'm. Glad that I did you enact. Congress is a massive question. Six boneless wings. Or six bone in wings what has more me. Six on the swing what tastes better. Moments I think it was just just some of the most simple standpoint and I know the tax on commie tactics on the news news Eric all of the site it's changed a six vote swing has more meat than six Bonin goings what takes a last effort to eat. It is boneless wings because you just put worked in the boneless. And to pop in your mouth as opposed to holding on both ends and working around the bones I don't like to work when I. And I like more. Or what I paid for so therefore I like boneless wings. I like bone in wings do if there are no bull this op on the menu and there are bone in wings. Let's say go to the peanut or something like that I would happily bone in wings I just prefer. People with swing over the bone in knowing if you wanna call and chicken nuggets with sauce that's fine too chicken nuggets with sauce is very delicious and that's. I like Tex lines 69306. I guess we're finding out who's getting blocked and there. Bone in wings are not worth the hassle not that much better. I say this from a place of science the meats from a bowl and winning is astronomically. Better. Did that meet helping boneless wings and I. Big I don't I don't know the answer this that he boneless wings how to get rid. But no real men and they get exited the ball doesn't mean all I am. Absolutely no idea is it like a different part of the chickens it could be maybe it's like the brass as opposed to a wing so it's not the way. Yeah I mean I guess I guess so but it's so it's such enormous wings can get his check if you caught chicken nuggets with some sauce that's fine it's still delicious. I am I being the I'd say this I'm being sooners. If the option came down to just having to bone in wings in six boneless wings I'd rather have the tube. Spot and so. Like it was in the ball to volatility around the that's. And I and and you know we were going back and forth in this on Twitter and Steve inserted the producers the basis that I don't like to get messy I I don't any problem getting messy. Like if it's all of my phase all of my hands that's fine with me I don't if that's not my issue he boneless wings. It's their bone opponent wins its last meet. And it's more work but I don't like more work who in America likes more. This does sound Gideon attacks on those everything we know this right it's confirmed. Did it says they're saying that don't the bones are chemically removed from the wings like that sounds. All the food that we use chemically changed though but I would say right I would I would make the argument. That the foods we enjoy most in this country take the most amount of work yes. Boneless wings don't take work you know it does crab legs which one would you rather eaten crab legs easier vote to lie because Brett is a delicacy I mean to hurt us and seven minutes of the election is war war that you put game that again. Making good barbecue takes time asking anybody that's girl down on the grill you can't make good barbecue in seven minutes. Barbecue is amazing. Because the best foods that we eat it the longest amount that you can make good pizza seven minutes. You made one of fourteen minutes on does that I added barbecue chicken last week in a crock pot. It took four hours right yet but he did actually take any work to physically eat the barbecued chicken. Once it got all moderate my Hawaiian rolls back about. I ask you run Jack camera here ordered that the minute you know me and ask you dig a ditch. His way here and it's here. It's not like you're an amber about 2000 calories you know try to knock out you know I just not only get it it it for me it's effort. This is important to. Yeah Cora the cobbers too much work for one corner and out okay that takes some effort. You're just you're holding a piece according her eating and off the thing you're not having to work around people you take the court off the top of the need is you fork in. Still still delicious it's not as good I'm just saying. I look at she was less a looming and because this take there's something primal about you grab the bull and and you eat the meat off the global ticket point. It's something that feels very mainly about do you like it to your girlfriend's feet unity like feeders like a bird sometimes yeah. You're here in the chicken Turkey and four of the popcorn shrimp boats which are on top merger of course you do of course once or children what is not. Ice ice ball alternate to separate your gonna knock popcorn shrimp it's rated Evan. I drove popcorn shorting out in adults. I'm not eating popcorn shrimp about meeting strip any real shram I would pick Russert of pop or should do that doesn't make popcorn shrimp bad. Okay. LeBron James played with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh yeah I'd rather have LeBron jeans but as Chris Bosh a bad out. Oh. Excellence as being sexist I can live with that I'm saying it outlook was less demand because I can take the lack of PC in this segment to let you know how I feel I had a great respect for you consider jewels friend you've been to my whole. Broken bread together item viewing to you Kate for years that's all changed now could you eat boneless wings I didn't feel Hillary can't beat someone in UK. We don't I don't feel like less of a magician yeah. I feel like less of event coming up it's let's look at the top stories of the day it's the drive.