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05/08 610FC - Rebound Game

Tuesday, May 8th
In this edition of 610FC, Cero and Julio break down SKC's latest matchup against the Colorado Rapids, a 1-0 win at Children's Mercy Park. They also talk about Peter Vermes' extension and flirtation with US Soccer before breaking down the next matchup against Atlanta United FC. Fun show as always so check it out!

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You were now listening to the U official podcast. Kansas city's soccer fans old and six and have seen. Our own little fury euros and pretty soon lose Cerro there and Julio Sanchez. Welcome in boys and girls to feel official soccer podcast for soccer fans. Those redundancies hill for be a specialized tasks like soccer fans here give city. Six NFC my name's Kristin Sarah and I'm Julio Sanchez and we have a great show for you. Today we're gonna break down the match just where he's sitting head of this past weekend seconds on the basis of Colorado Rapids this year. First time they got to 22 draw over in I was commerce city Colorado I think is where they play. In the Denver area. So we're going to breakdown on their latest matchup with them plus also were going to preview their very next match Nationalists lost one nothing. The parties match the previous match of his Colorado that most do to win now. Yeah it was as Linda. It was it was this as a similar to assume it was not a bill law if they want toys were just an edit this part no we're not gonna edit and living at it. I'm leaving in an absolutely added I have not entity its architectural it I was OK it was the game before that yeah they played like almost back to back games. OK this innovative visually I know they just lost their lives lost to New England. No I know against Colorado that they had lost this time before they rupiah yet not this is like three days after yet. Yes no no thank you. It. Read this by now no I'm not an Olympian in the US Airways of the biggest story we needed to before we bring guns game to army. Manager for sporting Kansas City signed a long term extension five years. On his current contract so he will remain as the manager for sporting Kansas City. Through that's when he's 43 season. He was also in talks with we found out US soccer as well to become either their manager or their general manager. And they previously contacted him back in week 162 years ago when you're in Klinsmann got the EE got the sack. And they ended up eventually bringing in Bruce Arena. Which we know. One of the biggest disasters and intently and an awful yet so. Her race sign long term deal he is currently. It probably for a long time the longest tenured coach active in Major League soccer. And that makes me proud as sporting Kansas City fan. I would say is right now I did not think that Burmese would be fit on US soccer. If you remember the down in old analyst player confidential few weeks ago we talked about and it we we dove deep into. Who players would not want to play for manager wise yeah. And Burmese is up nearly 8% of the votes in the third I think on that list. That are you know for me it's one of those things where I think he. He is something that US soccer needs yeah I don't want right now I agree and I think that is I honestly I think it's huge mistake in its. Amazing by sporting to be able to capitalize. One because petered deserves a contract extension that would have been silly not to regret. I'm so that's a huge win by them and they did right by him. I'm an. Because he does right by the end and it's a huge loss by I think by the national team and it I think in the end is gonna be a mistake I yeah I agree I don't I don't think it was ready or he he is removing Israeli political that he was a fit. Just because of the fact that European Klinsmann didn't work for them enduring Kidman Klinsmann the same guys Vietnamese very intense. He is very much about accountability. He pushes his guys he doesn't baby has no there's not at all by Arnold and that didn't work but his players I mean when they sporting players they look I mean they speak nothing but. Highly of him because he's gay so he knows what he's talking to us they know the he knows what he's doing and because of the success that they've had. They're ending he would have some advocates for him. Should he if he had it became the manager because sporting some of the guys in the national team. I just don't know about how many players would respond to that positively. Because of how intense he is especially when Klinsmann a lot of players stadium like Klinsmann because of talent NC one blowing although when it comes to the national team. A lot of it is it is about really honestly is about politics and it which is why we struggle I think so badly and the national anyways because it's. It is more about politics as opposed to who can do the job the right way and it's about egos. You know not just aren't on the player side but are on the coaching side and on you know on the on the upper level of that it's about egos and and they're gonna need to get over that they're gonna have any success because. That's they're not having successor. To getting into is matchup this past Saturday Colorado Rapids. At children's mercy park over in KCK. Horford conditions outside cloudless sky. It was Horford is like round in the eighties or so elected a little cooler and I'm fine with that long is like in the ninety's or higher. I was confines of the control room for his gain. I was not able to watch it when it happened I was producing the royals game at that time. But I get a chance to watch the game this morning got to my notes ready sporting teams city looked. Really really good overall in this game. There weren't all blacks Colorado where he yelled tops boom sleeves on those jerseys AMD a blue shorts. Story can city coming off of a one nothing loss against the New England Revolution. The two losses that they have this year they've been shut out. Any other game this year. If they score a goal they're gonna get at least draw out of and that is pretty much going to be the story I think for sporting all year long you can seven down offensively. You're gonna early chance to win the game if they scored goal though. Man especially with that defense that they've got. You're in hard times and even beat them especially if they if they score a quick first goal I think that's again that was key for this game to yet we play for behind its boarding is best with how intense the defenses that. It's going to be it puts a lot of pressure on your team and it's gonna make your job a whole lot tougher as a as a as a player overall. So sort of a left to right starting lineup for sporting Kansas City which is managed by at a VF for mentioned Peter over Meese. It's shallow we Sheldon Russell on the Frontline midfield and the drawn to you EAM Espinoza. And then on the back line you had Christian on lol but sell come in he's seven and playing on that on their backs by. On the left side didn't bee's laurel Parra zoo seat no sense and over again starting in this matchup Melia on the goal. As for caller rattle their run and 8352. They are managed by anthem until in the Hudson. A a former British soccer player while he announced yeah I just I heard this morning and he's going to be that I heard this morning and the game. He he could he last let the last three seasons who's the manager. For the New Zealand national team but now taken over Colorado bringing his brain and of the English soccer over here to the United States. But G inmate being or on the Frontline. OK are you get about you nobody in the midfield has steel Nicholson Pryce Martinez and coldly. On the back line Smith Wilson in wind I believe this is the this is the second or third time this year we've seen teams run. A three person back line. The last time we solitary demon of troopers and back line sporting score scored six goals so that. This might be that they concede in this game Juba and anybody that you can see it in the game to. So first fifteen minutes of his game. Not much happened just kind of guys kicking the ball around. For each other Vietnam well you know it's like if if this were USC fight guys how walking around to be the through a jab to hear that every that they're not really trying to. Commit to anything you never know how your opponent. That's what happened here. Michael par. Gets a yellow card in the tenth minute with a body check a box seat. And in three minutes later mig been its yellow card entry L bulls Elaine ahead. When he's trying to win the ball in the air really really physical game very loud mouth slot a 1030 I think it was so 3032 total in the games wary of fourteen. Colorado had eighteen so. These guys were very much going at it they were very physical rust problems sported for that these two meets it was us and an -- we've we've knocked them. Several times easier for not being tough especially early in the season this is on the they were very much from a work on the lot more physical they were like that last year here physical yep they think it's not a felt that they were very physical. And that's what they were doing in this game especially because Colorado was bringing that out of them Colorado Colorado stunning Colorado started then I mean they did obviously they knows that that's been a weak the weak link for sporting is is. You know not playing so tough then they'd try to take advantage of sporting stepped up. The sixtieth minute sporting Kansas City is all packed into Colorado defense of the work which was pretty what's the story for the game the entire most of that is played on Colorado's. Half of the field. These slur has has the ball on the back line. In Colorado territory. There is no bought he has miles of space in between him and defenders. He's sales of ball well to the eighteenth of this of the eighteenth world par is there on the left post. And he gets a nice beautiful header but he doesn't hit it towards the global what you would think you would normally do something that I've done all year. Instead he hits it straight towards our guy. Irish Shelton carrying the gets it over their own right both at this balls in front of him its wait to afford one of them so he's not get a foot on. So he does the next best thing he does this suicide dive. Great hustle hustle hustle just at heady play no money yet department and he tries to hit this ball into the goal. Eight goals off of the post there I thought he was gonna die nobody's gonna hit the vote yes I'll Ono carry shall gonna die now now. But he was able to dodge at the very last second get out of the way Daniels shallow. Right behind him coming in for clean out right place right time right place right time but this wasn't just simply a chip shot and because they're mean it wasn't a regular simple just once that you're good. How work. Right there in front of an affront to show. DS to chip it's over his head into the upper part of the goal which he dies. He gets it over Howard says Howard was not expecting him to do that with a shot one nothing sporting Kansas City as Daniel shallow. Give his second goal of the season the other is that so there's a couple things with with this first play that that are going to be. Some general themes throughout throughout the game and I think for the season. You know shall we one. His first touch is amazing I have to say that every his first touch. I'm totally settled it's only it's yeah. He he's got great touch. Too and his aggressiveness and an and we talked about his soccer I Q last podcasts of you know that position by him wasn't. It was right time right place but it's because of his of his soccer I Q and putting himself in that position. That happened that's the theme throughout this game and it's been a theme for him throughout the season. You know another another thing that we can take witnesses is like you said Michael pars had better. Are of him you know knowing where he was it positioning himself and not. Being able to take that hatter and put it back across the box as opposed to. Taking a bad angle and trying to force it into the goal and he made the right decision that was an amazing decision by him. And another thing that we kind of seen throughout this week in the Michael par is a theme throughout this game is is. You can tell Peter Hermes is being more aggressive with keeping him up and and using him. To kinda helped push that off fancy you know whether it's on set plays or whatever the case may be do you know yet no business being up there know why look they're good at what I've no idea idea but it worked out. Yeah and it does some that we probably for that reason we talk about this the last couple shows like. A lot of guys are from the back letter cheating up not only a part of -- use well desires he was playing a lot on the front line as well in in key moments in the offensive side in this game. He scored a goal they EU he was he is he scored a big big a couple goals this year reached on snuck up. It was able to get some opportunities here so. I am if it works it works deaths I'm always go concerned about the counter attack and if teams. I agree go and push the ball down to feel real quick and you've got the guys who could score and finish at the goal that gang your little worried hey maybe we're not going to be able we don't we should be doing that too often. But I think in this situation. We have the fact that you knew that they were going to be super aggressive we're trying to exit the counter attack as frankly. Now they're worried about given a gold cubs got their back line that they do. I think at this point your your your pretty confident the name we can get back that you're playing well. Really really well yes month and a half so yes you'll because of that you're not too particularly worried about it yet in nineteenth minute Kyra Shelton. Who's more determined now. Than ever sought to get his third goal of the secret. This got to happen eventually some depressed Greg asked a good guy he'd give the ball just doesn't have penalty area and he lets off a shot that just goes. I just little little left. As Alou went levels really widely used like it was like you receive somebody shank a field goal and that was football as it looked like it was his way off. Howard really didn't have to make an attempt to try to save it. I'm from our girl Julian Carroll on Twitter. Kyra Shelton will certainly want that one back he's at numerous close calls I feel like once he finds the back of the net wants. They'll start coming in like hotcakes. I. I think you had a yeah so yeah he got a lock into one that's again that's going to be one of those what has the right place right time like with the blessing last year. But it did to he had against Orlando city is gonna have to be one of the best but maybe that's all gonna take. Maybe just gives one of those goals right place right time and it just builds his confidence that's really only me that's what yes he's getting in good position. He's given some opportunity every game I see him. He's get an opportunity is just a matter of converting his opportunities into gold. And he hasn't quite done that yet but I think the more and more hits those opportunities eventually. They'll connect and we Dulles. I think he's going to be a very very effective weapon for this team which already has a ton of effective weapon blog that's that's my next point is that you know he's surrounded by so much talent. The opportunities are going to be there and yeah he's gonna have to look into one just because of the talent that he's surrounded by profits via one guy he won't be surrounded with for the next 23 months. Will be fully big Gutierrez. Are. It was an eight week we found out the reason I found I don't know how many other people on about this they really knew about this one before I did. But it could be Gutierrez next to the three months he'll be out with sports hernia surgery. What Toledo we still haven't for three more years after this year there so that is the low blood but if it is a ball. And we talked about this on the so who do vigilant. It sucks now have a guy like him you're starting lineup. Because you got Johnny. Because shall always really start to make some strides this year. Because affected him in the drawn has just played out all out of this world this year he had a great game by the way great league game he's just having great gains all around them. And defect that you the day's released ordinance put his arms into our game together. Start early put it together Espinoza still doing well that you know he's he's setting guys up he's making good plays here and Zeus he's cheating up now and he start to make some more plays an offensive side and yet still be able to take care of his responsibilities in the back line. I feel like they're just so many guys that can score. They have the potential to generate offence though that not having belly full debate isn't the bad now. Now it's not and I know what a lot of people you know it sucks and has got to go and let's let us make that clear out of that thing but it is not gonna kill. If this was last year's team. We use all have a would dominate loss yes they did know often none whatsoever. This game and VOA I think a lot of lot of games we've seen the last six games where its did they played more defensive style games are not in score 45 goals game. They're still generating the kind of office that they need to win games or at least get a draw and I think that something has built my confidence. That. Even without sleeping this team should be one of the top two or three teams in the Western Conference. Come debt final stretch of the season and then when they get him back. And let's say they get him back and in the movement drawn to back to the back climb where he was playing. It really scary team especially the draw on that and Zeus he comes sheet up like they've been doing. And then helped generate some offense there when he needed that's going to be really damn good team yeah I think it's. You know honestly I think it's of a blessing in disguise the fact also that. That's happened so early on in the season one you always are even hurt. Until their party had to play quite a few games without him eight they've created that chemistry and now and now guys are kind of ball into the roles in getting more comfortable with with you know this the switch in a certain positions that kind of stuff he knows you see. That some of those guy the so. That cohesiveness there that they're getting now is there. And and now you know. It's only going to add once he comes back from injury it's it's only going to add so it can say it like. You know if they were of a law a lot further into the season second half of the season what I in this injury were to happen I think it would have a lot more of an impact on those guys and happening now. And they've Ari kind of experience and they can keep going in building that chemistry and then once he's healthy and back in bill put back in the mix certainly going to add as opposed to. You know something like last year. When you lose such a good offensive player. And it takes two against some time to redefine rules and figure out where you're coming. Plus they they don't have the big competition than they would if they were plane in the east yes LeBron with relief does not know locally here it is. A remote combat right now not at all so that their health smelled too late this will mean a lot of inexperienced teams are doing well right now Dow so that. At this point I think it really helps you out being in the conference that your in. Having the the depth of talent that you have. Where you could afford their go out there and but drawn into the midfield is going really well CB give guys a box of some PT. I really like that and I relate to position at their enemy would make rhyme you know during his next 23 months and he's going to be out. So 29 minute Shelton wins a ball in the air he heads it over to the aforementioned Daniel shall we'd scored earlier in the game. He's on the left side and eighteen box so it's a wide open shot. There pried open which we've we've figured what we would see plenty of because of the three person back line nobody is there. The next person closest to me in the middle of the damn box. And how awkward was actually a little bit closer to that guy. And so Celek a wide open shot. With his left fully. He doesn't offer one touch to kind of perfect i.'s analysis BO to get a good shot off what he whips on the shot. It hits the upper left corner of the goal ricochet is a way. And debt that was likely supporting its best chance to get in a second goal. On the evening yeah there is so coupled that with a some now. This one okay the drowned again let's go back to him because he's a display. With with a just a terrific long ball. That. Again he is really falling into his role on the back line and he's looking we talked about and you talked about this as far as sporting using that long ball. Two to create more offense to be more on the attack mode and he is the perfect fit and that ball that he put to Shelton who they inflicted on. To Shelley was was was perfect in the end his one touch Charlize want a perfect. But soccer 101 and what what once you would you settle that bought your going to shoot. You can just see him lean back and just air under that ball and you I mean soccer wanna wanna get you lean over that ball yet keep it down and drive it. And he you can see you lean back and that's. He looked like he was kicking a field goal yes you look like you did it feel do you take a very simple idea at how how old take all the and I'll take the aggressiveness and it was just. Partially it was as his technique partially was unlucky that aegis of the crossbar yeah and you know sometimes you're gonna whip on the shots it was like point to his gavel that. It was almost to the children don't give that yes. But yet that date. There's some technical stuff that you can give better ads don't leave back music that shy geezer you're gonna get underneath that you're gonna sale at a deficit. And you're gonna you know hit the crossbar you gotta do little bit better job to stay in on top. I mean Tim how reliable are now was that he was even Avaya he was not saving match out of there was on shot of his own goal. 34 minute made beam gets a pass outside the eighteen turns loose he lets little game losing the re weak shot. That is easily saved by a million a million. It was like he look Lago with mayor field scooping up on the ground ball and they imploded over a first for the Al that's how it looked like. And I think that was probably that probably there there were. It was only show that they had that was on goal in the first out it was probably leave the best opportunity to have they had all game and it that was. And it wasn't a bush look like they is that block that what you don't want that he took and as a very weeks I was laying up shot by accident yes like devalue your plane fifa. And instead of in the shoe but you to pass by yes that's an extremist wanted good things like that done before the exact look exactly like that. Of 36 minute price cross the ball into the box from the left side. Tommy Smith jumps up tries to give header in order to knock it in on the center of the goal but he missed times as John it's underneath it too much in the sales over the goal. And after that nothing happened for the next roughly ten minutes or so we get to halftime. Sporting eight shots two on goal one quarter one yellow card six fouls 62%. Possession time compared to Colorado which Tenet who had five shots one on goal. Two quarters one yellow card eight fouls and then 38 present percent of possession time. On CB story it is for staff is pretty much what we saw him swing last year smothering defense with just enough offense to get survive. To get to a lead in the end you can go in in Paris you know just kind of cover them all up and suffocate them. It's pretty much standard obviously major Rhonda. Superstore and and the rule these plans right now by Nan I lowered slightly higher level he's going to be the starting midfielder Friday July or August I don't mean may be Davies give quasi if you starts here and there. But if they give quasi some sort of there but drawn in these do you plan on that on the left side of one way or another I gotta be out yeah I think now he's a must play every week. On it and Shelton keeps coming close some Scott again he's gonna he's gonna score some point it's it's just as Padilla. So we for the second half 48 minute. Johnny Russell. He gives the ball with some space on the right side. He just takes up the field weaving through defenders. Like he was Allen Iverson and just weaving through traffic. Any hits shall we with a path and shall we take shot from just outside eighteen it feels just right of the goal. If it was on goal. It probably goes in I would and I we I think yeah I don't think out of power would have been it would give to it boosters aside the board there. But obviously didn't and so that was a missed opportunity but three minutes later 51 minute. Russell gets the ball the right side again. And it was just minutes was this kind of the same old sale I don't listen legacy sporting just. Keep bullying teens would be status who've. Is Johnny Russell just seems to be perfect in the role it was like watching LeBron James one on one with any defender ever in basketball. He just takes up the the right side of the box. And he begs the defender is split two defenders and meg one. Yeah basically split these two defenders there. Has doubled the uneasy at this point he makes one that the defendant that was for this back and name known. Ailing because that I don't remember his name but the head of I didn't remember his name. I wouldn't want to embarrass him or his family the that is embarrassing and hit a box that close to the goal this so he does not let the candidate he. After he got me exempt he gets the ball again it gets off a shot that's that's saved by outward. That would have been it would have been right in the in the center of the net on the upper part had empowered now made that make that save that saved there. This deep is this reverse of that line is bad. I mean cholera that that ball that they gave up to chalet. To start that initial play yes yeah was just a B what do you do invective you you look they literally just just gave sporting the ball like ego right Greg talk dubbed the eighteenth player to take it didn't hear or watch news of the way of angelic did a good job of of getting it. Over to Johnny and I love Johnny's aggressive to me too and I would not. I'll say this I will not change anything about him as far as being aggressive. But there are certain times where. One he could eat you could show a little bit more patience because at the end of that you could see but Rondo streaking down the middle uncovered completely uncovered yet if you would have. Did you pulled back a little bit and then just one touch across box in had been drawn you know. In stride that could have been a goal but again you can't be can't fault him for being aggressive. Two I think in the long run. He won't be able to do that that's something you know he's new to the league you until there's very there's there's not a lot of film on them. Once once the team gets these teams start Scott battled it better and and knows that he's not aggressive and and he starts going at these double teams. I don't think his death I could be completely right I got Michael Calero are all well I don't think he's going to be able to take advantage of surprising defenders when they're double teaming him the way he has proven note he surprising. I can you just speak out occasionally had to kill him don't appear automatically is a balanced bill that. They had big days they were clearly prepared to try to slow it down on him to deduct. But it would seem to ever tell me the ball there were two guys out there they're to me it was like they were trying to over the trap in the NBA that lately they were trying to keep him in that quarter and he was edges. As you know Saturday it yeah I mean. In an extra man it was like if you would have to high school kids. Try to try to go and defend carrier that that's what lookalike and he just school these Q but of a better defense of team. I think you'll will be more successful with Martha Catalina level made me he will go to Vegas a Brian Lara right now is when it exactly the third team India in. I think their third right now uncle's well. That the ending up at the ninth minute Martinez gets a pass he takes shop for about 45 yards Al. If that low really easy say Familia 65 minute Russell again. Up the right side crescent he got two guys again this time double team him because clearly. We already know one guy's not enough this guy is a bad ass and he tries a short cross on the ground. It's initially rejected by Colorado defender but it bounces straight back to him because that's how works in Johnny's universe he tries it again. We'll see this time we'll sent to Zeus and Susie lets off a very quick shot. And a fantastic save by Howard prevents the goal. This time for the first sporting Kansas City. And if not for. Then having amazing goalie I would imagine that there are up more details yet to really good game yes it could've got caught out of position and he did get caught out of position a couple times yes and got saved. But he has really good game overall yeah and this then this was one of those Regis made a fantastic yet and yet you can't blame them at least he didn't have it wasn't the best shot the world but it would deal there wasn't a bad job it was any it was a really good shows a solid shot he has and yet there really stretch out I was better job I tip but by Tim Howard. And that would they're defense and it's like they just. They don't care enough or John Russell initially struck that ball that bounced back to him it's like they all just stood there did you actually did you leave literally just of their much differently if your beat guys like. What are you doing zero communication back there like it's like. You guys really don't wanna win this game it was like everybody tobacco just accepted it. This is meant to be your goal this week pages except for August clay is this play is meant to be your goal that was. Clearly it is that they went straight back to fit him and they didn't pressure him after that because let him get off a pass this new season ago one that you. They just be right there where this game is now for this is the bad Davie dolphins and it does what to. I think they just big knowledge that you know it is enough for us. 69 minute shall lead as the ball in Colorado as defensive third. He's running up the right side crosses that it's the eighteenth or better as John Russell's waiting Johnny rockets right there near the back line. And he lets off a shot really low. It was right on target Howard was beat on the shot. V he could not disable that shot. Even though he still couldn't get through but luckily Wilson was there he popped the ball above the year went out of bounds went out of bounds behind the goal. And they got a quarter out of it and data and regain anything from that corner. 71 minute quasi comes in for low buck told. They movement drawn back to the back line quasi is now playing in the midfield. Eightieth minute. This was. Though this was the best opportunity says it was behind the bars and even the best opportunity you have all you all hit this yet is that this is where this is one of petty giggles. Bonzi. Makes a run for the the rough from midfield berth ball hitter running how does play started here Boyd. Your boycott to go by the way who caught the ball. As your reply artificially. You didn't that is getting over that you can't you know make outs let's not skip it lets apart he. He. I like it may look like Cisco that collects just like I like that the insult but like I am not a not a fan of his soccer games I don't know enough about his soccer game I don't know enough in the play enough and but. He makes a run. From midfield outlets like how is it does. Just go unopposed lately only go to receiver regs we just part of it did just it is a receiver breaks free to do is run through the defense for fervor Thursday. We just exits right down the few gifts and gates. Oh part comes in makes a good slide ball pops up. Beasley is able to corral it which tries to court. Let the ball goes off for him into the air right into the chest of botched his defeat of the fate was all somebody's side unlucky bounce for America and I'm lucky positively. Get off his chest sinner down on the ground and he gets a shot off. And I and look at it this anomaly an angle with the result was everything perfect after that point I knew the result it was one nothing and I knew lovely. When I saw when I saw budgeted this out of the that's the goal. I didn't and villages so that sailed wide right. If there are millions would not have been able to say they'll they'll be million thought in any. Alternate universe whatsoever. That any possibility that body would be able to corral that after Beazer got his body you know he was totally prepared he was not prepared for budgeting get a job. And body gets this ball and he'd just whip sawed it. I mean it. If you lose a couple of feet knocking on the frame like garlic concrete to the left may be gives it maybe he gets he he gets that goal only a couple of sheer. What he was wide variety it would I will I laugh when he knew is I was like oh my god that's the goal. I'd probably go to medals a gold and I knew her or just stopped attached to stop. And he admits he just whipped that was their best opportunity. That is why Colorado is not good that's that's why bad teams lose in good teams that. Plays like that that's the play that separates once Kansas City from Colorado gas. That write the bit at one place if you wanna know the difference between those two teams that if sporting gets template should scores on that play. I Derek yeah and apple. I am tiger draws would of them I think we are both good. It's left footed that into the corner is all good no problem of the he doesn't really well as on the show it to the right side of the disarmingly milieu even really attempted to. He didn't read it really hit and Skype has stood there meg yeah it's been a goal merely would have been caught they're just standing there watching him go past although like I mean it would have been able to do yeah. It would have been a practical essentially. That's easy ways and by you with the Bottke costume. At least he constable point we have big problem we're going to get another goal. To go to go ahead in this game but it cost the low point in the standings we've ms. Smith's right here. Especially because sport it was an it would convert any other opportunities the rest of the game. 81 minutes and over it comes in from drawn to end the 88 minute. Jurors so comes in for Russell mead at this point they were they were getting some shots off they weren't very very few were on goal. Sport a lot of shots from the game at the in his game one nothing. Is a win for sporting or intensity of point four shots. Only seven of more on goal. So there were tons of opportunities if they had there really weren't great. They got seven obviously was seven uncle eagle one yellow card which was you know par in the tenth minute. Fourteen fouls fourth quarter kicks 59% possession time which is pretty much the story for almost every game this foreign please. Now AM NBA dominate time of monster disparity in possession time. Colorado only ten shots into our game. What alone was a complete miss on what would have been a tangle. Oval one on one shot on goal each half step. One should uncle it's tough stifle and that's a suffocating these people as was from sport and I would you know I don't even necessarily. Like the did the scoring defense played terrific I think you know necessarily know if that was. The defense what you also have to give credit to relieve the midfielder who has it who is. Quietly just. They just possessive and just controlled guys as the game yes like they made Colorado run and run and run. That's part of why Colorado I think was getting so frustrated and kind of being the aggressor when it comes appalling that kind of stuff. But did you know sporting just controls the ball that's just how they play. They just the chemistry that they that they form again is just it's amazing and what they've been able to do with that in. As is going to be tough for teams beat them especially at home three yellow cards for Colorado as well eighteen fouls two corners 41% position. The A not only did they dominate this game start to. But they were constantly on the attack an aesthetic thing that is a difference between just simply possessing the ball is kicking the ball around when we saw on first fifteen minutes. And actually attacking late pushing the ball. Download your opponent's defensive third and trying to get opportunities sporting expands ball game doing the through lack. I'm pretty sure right now they still lead the league in goal in in shots overall. Because they just keep. Pressuring team they keep attacking and that's one of the best ways you play defense and soccer now it's just not be under our side this real. Just know you're gonna steal the eggs and all of a lot of games that is that is an award like MBA with a lot of teams that score. Tons of points but they're also awful. On the on the defensive side easing of football all the time both teams go out there and you'll scored thirty points a game but they also give up 26 points per game that. In the in in soccer if you score three goals a game you probably not giving up very many goals you might be given up a goal a game if that. It is sole hard. Just sit Sig to allow goals when your console we scored when you constantly attacking. And that's probably the biggest reason what sport he's been able to turn things around is because like early in the season they were just scored on little quick facts please. And yelled then if the play didn't work. The opposing team try to counter attack in May be able to score an answer is going you know sporting was given up some goals early. But now they found that perfect. Sinner position in between. Possessing the ball in tacky. And not only are they doing a good job make sure they constantly have possession of the ball. But they're constantly doing something with which last year they weren't doing that's the reason why they weren't scoring because they just kept kicking the ball there. And even in you know shall we at the end of the game we've known as post game interview. If he it was really harsh on himself Alia. You know he's cohesion that four goals that yes and yes so I mean. Opportunities were there and I mean. Look guilty to three points any day of the week yes could they have won by more should they have memoir probably absolutely probably. But ridiculously appoints any Damien especially with the the way you won the game as far as again possessing and that kind of stuff and playing Jordanian. And protecting your home field I'll take that all they need to so sporting Kansas City has for clean sheets in their last week's gains. That to me is really impressive the last six games that that was right after their 22 draw against Colorado. And since then they have just their defense has been stifling. Their defense is just the in this they've created this iron wall. In front of the goal teams just aren't scoring against them right now and Ol played a lot of that is just because teams are getting the ball in sporting defensive start for very long. Which even a lot of the possession time that Colorado with having. Within their own field. There were in their own half the field kicking a ball around trying to find an angle so they can push it up field. And it just wouldn't find it they they were trying to take a risk by pushing it into the midfield and trying to see if they could try to push it up and then. One of the guys in sport he's midfield or even on their back line would make a great play give possession of the ball and then they start their counterattack. And they begin to push bought puts the ball down into. The opponent's defensive third in his kind of been the story of the of of this season for the last six weeks this is then constantly. Attacking attacking attacking teams just don't get opportunities against them. And and we we thought that the defense would fix itself we were you would right itself after the first month of the season where it was awful. And I think now we're starting to see all of that come together. They just don't lose when they score a goal. And that's because they're constantly pushing the ball attacking and frankly I think that as long as they're putting themselves in that position. Even New York City. LB I I think they can beat New York City they've played a rematch the way to their plan right out right where they're playing right now though a New York City is you know NYSE. It is they're playing really well they're they're pretty Evian. There at their second place news the conference are now they are. I mean them in Atlanta are neck in neck yeah bigot game speed then go around the league now sporting gives city still number one in the Western Conference six wins. Two draws two losses forty points. First in the west obviously tied for second in the malice. The other team that's type the second is that currently are sensitive FC. They're plus nine goal differentials well but the team that was number one in the east and number one in nonetheless overall. Atlanta united FC big games or seven big game tomorrow yes yes seven wins one loss one point two points plus. Fourteen goal differential. They are really really good. Now that seemed that it added I'm surprised by is still in the palaces are. LA CL AFs mean I guess I can't be that surprised I'm so they they've spent a lot of money on that team they have but that's the first year of the yeah pulling him down in Major League soccer. Second in the west sixteen point. And there is another surprise Alexy. With the I'm time on their team has dropped from second when they before they played sporting. The now eighth in the west I don't get back into connecting to Minneapolis back into is just crazy how how much how much the the standings if shifted around death. Moved around LA AFC I am it's it's a surprise is really causing team like that there be able to find some success quick. Because united is is bashing and in sports. If you're not good early on it's hard to draw fans it's chairman and so although fan base it's good or they're able to build their fan base really quick it was like that was sporting as well. When they re branded and became sporting Kansas City after being can the city wizards for first thirteen years of their existence that. It was a really big thing for them because they were grew yes it really good constant Megan's YL a following they have not exactly. Because when you mean your constantly good fans will come around C don't wanna see bad sports especially when he leaves. The threes like right now royals are struggling to get he would go to the stadium. Because of the fact that right now fans don't wanna watch loosing now so it's awesome to see a team come in and have the kind of success that there had. So previewing this next matchup against the aforementioned it land. F.s yeah Atlantic united FC it'll be tomorrow night Wednesday may the ninth. At Mercedes-Benz stadium 6:30. We'll watch that on FS Casey plus. ESPN plus app as well it'll be on this is right now the battle of the top two teams in Major League soccer in their respective conferences. Atlanta is. Real really awesome and every us well knows what's important very well rounded team it Lannan 23 goals on the season number one. In soccer goals scored number two in Major League soccer is sporting Kansas City it's what you want. They're also two top ten defensive teams Atlanta is third in goals allowed attend sporting right now a seventeen goals allowed at twelve. And by the neck if it were not for that bad start up early on in the season I would be did sporting would be number one. They got to me are still the best defensive team in Major League soccer I would agree I wouldn't say I think that this still the best they just had a bad start. Right now the plainly. And so this is going to be interesting great offense and great defense this is by watching two premier college football programs go. Is it was like watch an Alabama Clemson these teams. Could very likely be competing for an MLS cup. Later on in the season this is going to be really really big time matchup could be over as an X 7677000. Fans. Packed into that stadium trying to watch soccer. Everything is going to be is to be really really huge match up. Really big statement for Lan if there it would be sporting but an even bigger statement for sporting I their little walk into hostile territory and get a win yet. Only one match out as happened between 211. Draw back on August 6 of last year. So not it's on a precedence obviously Atlanta and this was this is only the second season in Major League soccer. I think this games and in 11 draw. I think it's going to be pretty much a stalemate having Atlanta probably scores first it probably score early. And I think. Sporting probably gives up a couple of other opportunities. And you know the crowds really get into it easy on a crowds rockets and you know when you make a mistake in front of a raucous crowd that's against you he gets in your head. Pretty quick well that's a message. This is gonna be one of the few teams that sporting plays this year that has as. As good if not better of home field advantage of sparse crowd of following goes this sport is so. This is this going to be a really good measuring stick I think for sporting. You know I I think it's a wait if you come away with a draw and come more at some points that we have to wind that that is X. And just in general. You know that you wanna just the goal is always at least a more or some kind of points on the road but that's key to being a successful team in in them last. But I mean especially in this type of game again as a good a great measuring stick for both teams. I really wanna go with a 11 draw. But I am to go with just because of the home field day in Germany give it landed 21 win. Do you really just going back to 21 and that I'm gonna how many did his engine is that we salute you food items I got I have to just Damane. I like Atlanta's offense and I think. I I think term they're probably just going to be a bad matchup for sporting just because sporting been able to. The they've they've played some pretty offensively challenged teams and so their offense has been able to dominate games. I think because Atlanta's offense is so potent and their game is also based off of possession that. Sporting is not going to be able to control game that they the way they usually are. And again just that just the home field advantage after I have to give it to Atlanta yeah I think Atlanta scores early. I think they get a couple opportunities is going to be very very close maybe nearly has to make a couple of amazing saves death. I think in the second half fell. Prime about 7075. Minute or so I think sporting gets their goal they get that equalizer and then I think after that both teams really push they really press. They try to get something sporting kid they try to grind if they give it an early goal to Atlanta it's I think it's pretty much over they can't give an early goal I think I think they can cause of their defense I think they can't fine. And I think the they get that goal. Right around 7075 minute and and I think from there. The next you know 1520 point five minutes or so. Is is just going to be back and forth missed opportunities and I think is is going to be a 11 draw I think sporting walks out with a point. I think. This is the kind of match up where because of sporting his defense and because sporting experience. With the guys log these guys complaining of such a long time. That they know each other they know how to gonna have a gonna do things I think because of that they've got tons of opportunity to make a big push so. I'm gonna go with sporting Kansas City and will. Give a 11 draw against Atlanta. So. We are going to have. Aaron one. Subside digested so things are gonna have a game by tomorrow on offense Casey plus and then we're gonna be back to. Non breakdown this monumental match. In a world of snow last prime time now hopefully this morning is that he got when. I am about to return to school playing the new destiny. DLC I'm about to make that trip back to the southern polar. Ice caps on Mars and I am on the go try to save the universe and again so thank you Julio Sanchez takes time edit your day come up here. National preparedness. To do your job thanks to have this is taking time out of your data was not that I'm present a show this is Julio Sanchez. This is 610 has seen his on 610 sports dot com. This has been six NFC east with Chris zero war and don't you know Sanjay as good. The yeah. Yeah. O. It's. And and.